Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1962 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1962
Page 20
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^Twenty Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Give Your Hubby a Break-Try Looking Nice for Him • - It poses a problem when a.mar- ked woman wants to indulge in a "beauty routine and still wishes to look as attractive for her husband as possible as much of the time as 'possible. . . , Any good marriage can survive ieven though a woman does not ;.ibok her best .all'the time. It _ would be an awful chore to have _tto look like a clothes horse constantly, with every hair in place and make-up applied to perfec- — tion. If that were necessary, the '.•iHMiole thing would hardly seem ^worthwhile. ,'.'; However, when a woman feels >secure in a man's love, it. is easy I;;':', to impose on it. It's a fact that a 'Scold-creamed face does not invite ' ; ?'"a' kiss 'and that pin curls and roll- : v'ers are far from alluring. It is * also a fact that it gives a man a 'kick and the whole relationship a change of pace if his wife is a little dressed up when he returns home from woi'k. ':.'•' Something Different ;-' ..'Being' dressed'up may' mean ."only a simple, crisp cotton, with make-up on, and a triple strand of beads. It may mean attractive playclothes for cooking outdoors, but it always means something fresh and different from what she was wearing in the morning. She must be well-groomed and her make-up must be fresh. I re- ceive'many letters from .women saying that they feel they must remove all make-up at night for the good of their skin. I think they should put it on for the good of their marriage. '•', This does not mean heavy make-up. After cleansing the face and neck, a little powder can be used, and. lipstick can be applied. If you are fighting crow's feet, a light application of an eye cream ;or oil about the eyes almost disappears and leaves only a dewy look. : No matter how hectic the morn, •ing getaway is, a woman always :can take five minutes to replenish her lipstick, comb her hair and dab some face powder on— and it takes just as much time to put on a crumpled "something" as it does to put on an attractive housecoat. Powder Puff Handy I know one woman who has a tendency toward a shiny nose. She keeps a powder puff on her bed- Jobless Claims MDIANAPQLIS UPI) - More than 31,000 Hoosiers filed unem-' ployment benefit claims last week, about the same number as the week before. Lewis Nicolini, director of the Indiana Employment Security Division, said the weekly figure— 31,395—has stayed at practically the same level all this month. He said 1,131 persons filed for extended benefits, of which 241 were for final payments. Another 933 regular claims covered ending •weeks of eligibility. It will be worth Hie effort to be a little dressed up to greet your husband when he comes home from work. side table and beats her nose quickly with it even before she gets out of bed in the morning. The woman who is at home most of the day can put her hair up in pin curls and soak her face and neck in cold cream and then go about her household duties. Of course, she may scare the lauiv dry man and the delivery boy. So .what? For whom is she looking her best anyway? If you would like to have my leaflet, "Keeping Romance Alive," send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 63 to Josephine Lowmaa in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) ISIS THEATRE Winamae, Ind. THURS., THRU TUBS. "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" (color'l Elv!i Preiley ' COMING JULY 4th "THE FAR COUNTRY" (color) James Stawarl—Walter Brennan ANN LANDERS Hubby Says Wives Who Are 'Half-Dead'Prefer to Be Dear Ann Landers: My wife shoved one of your recent columns in my face and said "See, Ann agrees with me." It was the etter from the woman who knock-, ed herself out from 5:00 a.m. un- il midnight. She had two jobs, wo kids and I think two heads. -Ier signature was "Half Dead." My wife is usually "Half-Dead," oo — and I say it's her own 'ault. 'I've begged ier not to climb on the walls and ivash behind. the p ic.t u'res . I've Jeaded with her not to stand on ier head to polish he w o o d w o r k. 3ur garbage pails are so clean a doc- or could store his surgical equip- merit in them. Eva - y Sunday she las a ritual—polishing silver.. And do you know how often we use t? Only when the Duke and Vally come to visit us. After dinner she washes- and massages the dishes until- 11:30 ).m. Of course, by the time she jets to bed she's exhausted. I say hese crazy-clean nuts do this to themselves. Their husbands are not the villains at all.—SECOND SIDE Dear Second Side: Here is the Third Side: Experts in the field say that wives who knock them selves out after dinner (sterilizing the dishes, 'baking,'ironing, -.etc.) may actually be hiding from their husbands and at the same time providing themselves with a martyr-like .excuse to fall into bed exhausted. ' You should see a marriage counselor (together) and find out why—and what, to do about it. » • • Dear Ann Landers: I am a teenager Avho. needs,'help. I took my driving test last Week and 'flunked it. I cried for two solid hours and couldn't eat one bite of dinner. My sister wised off that I must be an imbecile. I think maybe she's right. She said every nut and his cousin drives a car — and here I'm so stupid I couldn't even pass the test. I've been practicing for months, Ann, and I really gm a good driver. I just didn't know the answers to some, of those questions. I'm so embarrassed over this I can't face people. And now I'm afraid to take, the test again because if I flunk it a second time I'll just have a nervous breakdown. Have you ever heard of a normal person flunking a driving lest? Please tell me what-to 'do. I'm-SHOOK ,<.; Dear Shook: -Cheer up, Chicken, you've got plenty of company. A ot of, bright people- flunk their iirst driving test. And what makes you think that everyone who passes is "normal?-" Have you ever seen Los Angeles,. or Chicago .drivers at £30 .p.m.? This is,"normal?" My advice is to bone up. Reread the manual and memorize the answers.- Then, as soon as possible, go, down and take the test again. There's no disgrace in fail, ing. The only disgrace 1 is not keeping at it until you make the grade. Dear Ann Landers: I've been a widow for two years.-.I'm .not a Spring chicken but I certainly am not old. I'm very selective about the company. I keep and I have gone out,with some fine gentlemen. The man I like best is a bachelor with whom I work. He has asked me out to lunch almost. ev : ery day for the past year. At first I thpught this meant that he was interested, but now I'm not sure. He always brings a newspaper or a .magazine along and • reads throughout the entire lunch. We hardly exchange a word. If the man isn't interested in me 'ay Boosts SKYLINE INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)- A sur- ey of. non-merit state jobs has esulted today in pay increases of 54 a month for 317 State Highway )epartment Engineers. State Budget' Director ' John [atchett, who announced the in- reases Tuesday, said they, .will ost the state about $120,000 a ear. Indiana'! Lor*«l frlvot«lr Ownxl '«»l«rl NDIANA EACH hy does he invite me to lunch very day? If he IS interested, hy doesn't he talk to me?, Shall -make an issue of it? If so, how? -MUTE COMPANION Dear Companion: You say noth- ng about dales in the evening or n weekends. Do you ever have meaj together other than'lunch? f so, does, he read then, too? If you are regularly separated a wall of paper, that wall might as well be 10 feet high and made of solid concrete. Tell him ;oodbye and happy reading.' WednesdEiy Evening, June 27. 1962. Food Galore for Thrifty Shoppers WASHINGTON (UPI)-A variety of attractive food buys awaits the weekend shopper. Fruits and vegetables are especially-abundant now and are perfect for summer appetites. Vegetable choices include green beans, cu- FREEDOM FOR 54 PRISONERS ' INDIANAPOLIS. (UPI) - Fifty. four State Prison inmates today are awaiting release to the outside world alter the Indiana Parql* Board Tuesday approved" parole for them. William F, Baskcrville. Noblesville, is the only Ions-term prisoner among the 54. He was convicted of second-degree murder in 194« in connection with a Nobes- ville tavern shooting. He will b« eligible for parole July 23. The board, which met for threa cabbaga, squash, sweet corn, cumbers and lettuce. Fresh fruits available are can- taloups, .grapes, peaches, and the all-American -favorite, wafermel-1 days last week at the prison, also on. Store several of these in your | continued 28 other cases but de- refrigerator'for refreshing snacks . n \^ 53 requests for parole, and dessert or salad combinations. Try cantaloup a la mode for''a warm weather refresher. Broiler-fryer chickens and turkeys, still top the list of poultry and meat buys. Broilers and; turkey halves are ideal for outdoor barbecues. Fish items still plentiful are fillets, scallops, canned tuna, fish sticks and portions. DR. BJIRKNER RE-ELECTED CLEVELAND, Ohio (UPI)-Dr. W. C. Birkner, Fort Wayne, Ind., was re-elected Saturday as secretary to.the board of directors of the Lutheran Church • Missouri Synod al; its 45th triennial convention here. He has held the post since 19!i8. To learn the booby-traps of teenage drinking, write for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Teenage Drink- ng," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed- stamped envelope. Copyright 1962, v Field Enterprises, Inc. Read the Want Ads! STATE STARTS TONITE SHOCKER! KIRK -n»*<*Trfwfe«* DOUGLAS TOWN WITHOUT pmr SHAFtR LAKE- MONT1OELLO Great Motion Picture WLSowtcx MMsmw MM MM ECOMMENM FOK ADULT! P(.US CO.HIT You'll Kve «*»nr wM wowterW minute of it "-- u " ALSO Cartoon "Foofle*" Picnic" Shows "Paris" 8:30 "Town" 10130 ONE NIGHT ONLY Friday, and his S arfigtilers Appearing hi the Ballroom 4 SHOWS »:4S-12:4S E.S.T. Admission J2.Z5 tax htd. TWISTING IN-LOUNGf Andy Andtrion ft his 4th DICK HALLEMAN Of.k. M.AYIMG NIGHTtY Coming Tuesday, Jnly 1 LES ELGART HI El Ml. « tv«. «ri TEEN TALENT NITE Every Thursday turn* COMCO t it MSCOVMM FREE! SKYDIVERS ACT SUN. AFT., JULY I DOORS OPEN 6:30 p. m. "Deep, Deep, and forever into some ordinary and nameless graveU Shown at 7:40 & 9:45 Plus-"Herman Katnip" and "Wonders Of Philadelphia." Now Showing The NEW...1 It* 6th prtitntalfon y$%r^p T^S^w-r 1 *'. W LOUIS BE NOCHEMC'NT'S •'' WINDJAMMER Product in CiiMrotxtt • Eitlmm Coltr PIKFCRMANCH AND mien MATIMIS <T« Inckifed) V/ED.SSHT. 2*OM«. 31.50 51.25 SUN. KHOLIDMS..Z£OI>M. 5120 }!.7S IVININCC suit. »:oor.«. *.» jus MOR.ThiuTHUK5.. ,1:15 Mi. &20 SI.75 mi.SAT.HOLIDAYS.»:IS KM, £.50 »M0 I INDIANA THIATin '•r i.. Zrt CMk» -Oikxk Oo.c. ..K.. pulcnntnc. low- MAIL ORDERS NOW BEING ACCEPTED' IN DIANA Theater Ihe ONLYj theater in INDIANA thai Calulr Will Show CINERAMA INDIANAPOLIS 4, INDIANA Let's talk plain facts! CHECK THE ADVANTAGES OF THE NATIONAL BANK AUTO PURCHASE PLAN Convenient ONE-STOP auto financing, right at your dealer's deskll : Group Life Insurance. A free and clear car in case of death. 4. Health and Accident Imurance. An added protection for you. Establishes^Bank Credit in case of future needs. .f» f GIANT SIZE WASTE BIN 97 Reg. copoci* He*yjr datf, pofyctfij-Iene pldKic. Ser«» n. waste bin, clothe* or diaper bunpee. Swine top alwtyi keeps conceno coveted, fat OfteC ycJlow. tui<quoi9c nod and-Uwood, Thurs,, fri., Sat. Oitty Girls' 8-14 Tank Style SWIM SUITS Savt 66-f A kit of tpnKtf * •Mel«iK»* Kretch nylon thtt keeps ia shape. .Eluric \c& openings. TwcntotK applique trim. »H«*f<«'» PttntCtrp, TM. CM MMM 2 M« ft»ys itow! ta S«l« fw 3 Bn< 0*rfrl ALSO Ask your dealer and INSIST on the National Bank Plan .... another service of the helpirigest bank in town! GIRLS' SUMMER SKIRTS BANK Broadway at Fourth Phone 4137 Member-F. D. I.'C. Sizes 7 te 14 Reg. $1.99 To $2.99 VALUES NOW 25% OFF GIRLS' SUMMER SPORTSWEAR A WIDE SELECTION-SiiBi 7 to 14 REDUCED 25 AGAIN THIS WEEK-END THOSE EVER-POPULAR SUBMARINE SANDWICHES 29ceach 4 f or S 1.00 422 East Broadvray Air Conditioned for your Shopping Comfort At Kresges —Thfs Weeks B/g Bays are Your Best B.uys

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