The Isle of Man Weekly Times from Douglas, Isle of Man, England on March 16, 1872 · 7
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The Isle of Man Weekly Times from Douglas, Isle of Man, England · 7

Douglas, Isle of Man, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1872
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Satttbpat, Miugh 16, 1872. "WITHOUT HEALTH ! HOW 8AD. If we will abandon prejudice, and be euided br Ugh t Of OHriM, thi KBMbJT. k! to WITH HEALTH, HOW BLESSED ! Bratdtttfa' FOli are the reliance, which eapel potsoa from the blood ; every time the j are seed its nm n auwly made arnaller j a feeling of greater life is experienced, beeaue wight of shad matter km hem rvmiioed, and the ways of circulation have loan eleanaed. Some learned men go ao far as to sasert that these oelebrmted pills contain a germ or globule identical with the blood globule, which becomes incorporated with the blood. Speculation is often time lost; but we do know that the first lose of Braitdrkth's Pnxs Hits a sensation of weight from the body, while the second, third, and fourth give ease, strength, elasticity, and comfort, with a feeling of safety and repose the repose of onfidence, r Dranaretta s fills are a tonio-purgatire perhaps the only one. As a domestic remedy, they dissipate mall bodily evils as the sun dissipates darkness. In confinement of the bowels, and in all headaches and bilious affections, they must be used to be appreciated. Sold ai Is. 1, at the principal office, By, Great Charlotte-street, Liverpool, and by all medicine vendors. Observe " B. Brandreth " on the Government stamp, without which they cannot be genuine. Agent for Castletown R. K. KERMODE, 65-84 Chemist. Mrs Newton, of Barnard Castle, the other day cooked some potatoes for dinner, which she had previously purchased in the market. Previous to tmfSag her dinner, she put her knife into one, and found, much to her astonishment and disgust, a mall frog embedded in the centre of it. Hexham Cowant. In Devon and other orchard cultivating counties agricultural labourers are compelled to take two quarts of cider or beer per diem in part payment of their wages, the price of the beverage being often 0 per cent of their nominal amount Even boys of ten or twelve years old are often partly paid in beer or cider. ' The Ketc York Standard describes as a fair specimen of cases of " fashion run mad " in that city, a full dress evening party of little girls, all dressed in tip-top style, glistening with diamonds and pearls, and lacking nothing but enamelled necks and faces. The mother of one little urchin of about seven years old, was fool enough first to spend 6000 dollars on her child's outfit, and then to boast of it. Heaven help papas and the future bouses! A Americas Housewife. Grace Greenwood, who has recently been on a tour in the far West of America, gives an account of the wife of a member of the Arizona Legislature, whose house, when her husband was absent on his legislative duties, was attacked by Indians. She shot six, and the next day wrote to her husband, " Dear John, The Apaches attacked the ranche. I have won the fight. Ton need not come yourself, but send some more ammunition." Mr Karslake having protested, in the Timet, against such a barbarism as "cablegram" for submarine telegraphic messages, and asserted that there is no Greek word for "cable" which will chime in properly with "gram" or "gramma;" a second correspondent says, that this is a mistake, seeing that "onos" is good Greek for rope or cable, and that onogram will be just the word wanted; whilst a third critic suggests that ' Calogram " or " Kalogram " will be " the Ticket" The New Abmtt Uniform. The Standard is Informed that, in the spring, a new experiment is to be made in the matter of military clothing. Twenty thousand men are to be clothed in scarlet tunics and blue trousers, instead of the brickdust tunics and Oxford grey trousers now in use, and the button is to be of one uniform pattern, bearing the Boyal arms upon it in the place of a regimental device. If the experiment is found to answer, the whole army will be clothed in a sjsjjysj manner. A Chignon on Firs. A correspondent of the Sherborne Journal sends the following account of a chignon on fire in a church : " Last Sunday evening, Miss Dolling, of Oliver Farm, was at church, at her devotions, kneeling. On rising to sit back in her pew her veil took fire from a candle. The network was speedily in a blase, and the structure itself began to frir and fume. The congregation, alarmed, rose in amazement, but before the parish engine could be fetched Mr Cousins sprang to her rescue, tore off the veil, and extinguished the fire." Cars of Horses' Feet. Few men who handle horses give proper attention to the feet and legs. Especially is this the case on forma. Much time Si spent of a morning in rubbing, brushing, end smoothing the hair on the sides and hips ; but at no time are the feet examined and properly cared for. Now, be it known, that the feet of a horse require more care than the body. They need ten times as much, for in one respect they are almost the entire horse. All the grooming that can be done won't avail anything if the horse is forced to stand where his feet will be filthy. In this ease the feet will become disordered, and then the legs will get badly out of fix ; end with bad feet and bad legs there is not much else of the horse fit fox anything. Fifteen Persons Poibojtkd. Fifteen persons were poisoned by some refreshments provided at the funeral of a Mrs Hutchinson, of Saxby, near Barton, Lincolnshire, a day or two since. They partook of a rice pudding, and when taking part in the funeral procession they were attacked with the symptoms of arsenical rxnaoning. Some of them fell down, some staggered in the procession, and otnsrs nan to be immediately put to bed. By the unremitting efforts of three surgeons, Messrs Eddie, Morley, and Siscons, all the sufferers eventually recovered. It appears that the late Mrs Hutchinson bad kept some white arsenic in a tin, and that this was substituted for ground rice in Saslrisjg the pudding which was eaten on the day of Mrs Hutchinson's funeral The Invasion Panic The two propositions on which I rely are simple. I believe they are true. First, that a maritime invasion in the face of s superior naval force is impossible. Second, that we have a naval force greatly superior to any that can, upon any reasonable calculation, he brought against us. As to the first point, I believe it is established beyond dispu 7 by the experience and reason of man-kind. As to the second, if it is doubted, let us piece it beyond doubt. I wish as much as anyone to make invasion, or the risk of invasion, impossible. But let us consider wherein impossibility really consists. I believe that in the strength (capable as it is of indefinite extension) of your Navy yen may keep up a cheap and absolutely effectual insurance. In the multiplication of your army you will incur an expenditure out of U proportion to the security it will afford. If the Germans can come here at all, it is not our army of 100,000 nor of 200,000 men which will stop them. Xt isjust as easy I should say just as impossible for them to bring one number as the other. Let os make it impossible that they can come here at all ; and that, I believe, must be done by sea, not by land. If we are to take the events of 1870 as the guide, we must reflect that it was not only the uw troops of Gambetta which failed ; they took Ar longer to qoer than a French army 2 Xf2 mf Are we to keep an army Z??lT,l000mm? And, if not, in what W Earcotrt m 21 P1 ?-Ltter of Mr M. P., in the Time. ending December 31, 1870 and 1871 -ItTvLT 1870, the number of ships which cleared outward, was 402, whilst during December lS2weS only 877, showing a decrease of 25. December; 1870, the value of the g exported to Aria and Africa amounted to 1,623,067, to Australia and New Zealand, 65,327; to the North of Europe tmd the Baltic, o,oov, so r ranee, South of Europe, Mediterranean, and the Western Isles, 1.627. 633; to North America and the West Tndiea. 406.461 ; to the United States, 2,057,082; mnA tn South America, 967,970 i making a total of 6 704.179. In December, 1871, the value of ih Mdi ahioDed to the United States was dto aai K9.0 to Asia and Africa, 1,240,236 : to Australia and New Zealand, 172,270 ; to North of Europe and the Baltic, 73,677 ; to rranee, ooum of Europe, and the Western Isles, L86.668 to North America and the West Indies, 688,588 ; nd to South America, 1,127,050 ; making s total of 6,690,405, which, when compared with 1870, hows a decrease of 18.776. Wbax wb Shwcld Dun. Uter this head, (be ttasilBii.isfsrrlni te the Cfceoolatos sad Ooeoas menu-taetursc by i. S. Fry Im, as " universally pro. ranrtl part. wholesome, and palatshU," speeuliy re. mmmmili their Car cm Ob sib, " a ansst delicious ana sesssUs BssWe. A peoket em pestly be obtained, as4 Ita dattcaw flavour and Am muifWiiri its adoption as a several tot far fcfst or wmmf$Ws THB ISLE STEAM COMMUNICATION CUNARD ROYAL MAIL STEAMER. FROM LIVERPOOL DIRECT TO NEW TORE AND BOSTON, PARTHIA. CALABRIA. TARIFA SCOTIA. CUBA. SAMARIA ALEPPO. PALMYRA. BATAVIA. SIBERIA. ALGERIA. RUSSIA. CHINA. ABYSSINIA. JAVA. HECLA. Malta. TRIPOLI. The Cchabd Royal Mail Stbambss sail every Toss. dat, l Bust dat, ana batdsdat, ana na superior accommodation for Cabin and Steerage Pwwpn. For ratei of freight or passage apply to D. C MAC IVEE, 1, Rum ford-street, Lirerpool w o WILLIAM BEREY, 62, North-qnay, Douglas. Tickets can be purchased from the Cuvakd Agents at as low a price as they can be obtained in Liverpool Ei " White Star - Line. 'K dML oceanic steam navigation ssssMI1bIs COMPANY (LOOTED). BCHIIIIIIINWH LIVERPOOL to and from NEW YORK. The new fall-powered Steamships Sail from LIVERPOOL on Thursdays, QUEENS-TOWN on Fbidats. Dat. Daw. BALTIC Maroh 21 REPUBLIC March 88 ADRIATIC ..Apr I 11. THESE Vessel! are all uniform, of the highest speed, and replete with modern convenience In erery department. Saloon and Cabins are amidships. Passengers booked through to all part of United States , British America, China, Japan, and Australia, Draft issued on New York free of charge. Saloon, 18 18s. and 16 16s. Return Ticket, 27 Quia ess; Steerage, 8 fie. For freight apply at the Company Office, 19, Broadway, New York m Queenstown, to James Boor and Co. i or to ISMAY, IMRIE, A Co., 10, Water-street, Liverpool ; and 7, East India-avenue, London; B.C. Agent ALEX. SUTHERLAND, J 10, MoHA-R&BAoa, Done las. "ALLAN" LINE. Under Contract with the Government of Canada for the Conveyance of the Halifax, Canadian, and United States Mails- THE STEAMERS ran in connection with the GRAND TRUNK and other Railways, forwarding Passenger on easy term to all Stations in Canada and toe CnltedlState of America. B.8. POLYNESIAN 8.8. PRUSSIAN S.8. PERUVIAN 8.8. NE8TORIAN 8.8. GERMANY 8.8. OTTA W A 8.B. EUROPEAN 8.8. 8 ARM ATI AN S.8. SCANDINAVIAN 8.8. N. AMERICAN 8.8. SAINT DAVID 8.8. SAINT PATRICK 8 8. SWEDEN S.8, CIRCASSIAN 8 A MORAVIAN 8.8. AUSTRIAN 8.8. CORINTHIAN 8.8. NOVA 8COTIAN 8.8. 8AINT ANDREW S3. NORWAY 8.8. HIBERNIAN 8.6. CASPIAN LIVERPOOL TO QUEBEC Every Tuesday and Tbobsdat, Calling at LONDONDERRY (Ireland) on the following day to take on board Passengers and Mail ; and from LIVERPOOL TO HALIFAX Every alternate Tuesday, Calling at QUEENSTOWN on the following day for Mails and Passenger. GLASGOW TO QUEBEC Every Tuesday, calling at DUBLIN to embark Passengers. Cams Fare From Liverpool by the Mall Line, 18 and 15 Guinea; and by the Glasgow Line, 13 Guineas. Cabin Fare include Provlaions but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board. Istkehxdiats Passage, 0 Goiskas, inolndiog beds, bedding, and all necessary' utensil. Steerage Passage a low as by any other first-claw Line, to either Quebec, Portland, Halifax, Boston, or New York, including a plentiful supply of cooked Provisions. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamship to the Railway Cars free of expense. LIVERPOOL TO NORFOLK AND BALTIMORE. Direct, every alternate Tuesday. fry Thit is the moit eligible Route to the Southern and Middle State. , Cabin Passage, 15 15s.; Intermediate, 9 9s.; Steerage, 8 6s. For further particulars apply to ALLAN BROTHERS A CO., 30-38 Alexandra Buildings, James street, Liverpool. MARCH, 1872. Liverpool to and from Douglas, Isle of Man. THREE TIMES WEEKLY. Liverpool to and from Ramsey, ONCM WEEKLY. Whitehaven to and from Ramsey, ONCB A FOR TNIOHT. Glasgow and Douglas, ONCB A MONTH. THE Isle ef Man Company Royal Mail Steamship KING ORRY (new steamer) TYNWALD, DOUGLAS, SNAJSFELL, MONA'8 QUEEN, or MONA'8 ISLE is appointed to leave at or after the hours a under, casual tie excepted and weather permitting : Average sea passage Five Hour. Good received at the Clabkbgb Basis every lawful day, From Liverpool. (Prince Landing Stage ) From Douglas. Saturday 2nd.... 9 morn Friday let 4 morn Tuesday 5tb...l2 noon Monday 4th... 6-30 mem Thursday 7tb...l2 noon P Wednesday 6th... 9 mom Saturday 9th... It noon Friday 8th. ..B morn Tuesday 12th.. .7 morn Monday I lib... 10 morn Thursday 14th 8 morn 'Wednesday 13th.. .3 morn Saturday I6th...9 -30 morn Friday I5tb...4 mora Tuesday 19th... 12 noon Monday 18th... 8 raorn Thursday 2 1st... 12 noon Wednesday 20th.. .9 morn Saturday 23rd.. .12 noon Friday 22nd. ..9 morn Tuesday 26th 12 noon Monday 2S ih . . .9-30 morn Thursday 28th 1 after' Wednesday 27th... 10 morn Saturday 30th. ..8-30 morn Friday 29th,.. 11 30 mern Cargo days Liverpool and Ramsey. From Liverpool. From Ramsey. Saturday 2nd...3 morn Saturday 9th,...9-30 morn Saturday 16th.. .3 morn Saturday 23rd... 9 mora Saturday 30th. ..2 morn Monday 4th.. .9 morn Monday Uth...2 after Monday 18th.. .9 morn Monday 25th. ..2 after Monday (lit April). ..8 morn Single Fares To or from Liverpool and Dougla oi Ramsey Cabin, 8s.; Steerage, 4a, Half Fare under 12. Return Ticket Saloon Cabin, 12s.; Fore Cabin, St. These Ticket are available for a Calendar Month, ex-elusive of the date of Issue; and no extension of time will be granted under any circumstance, or allowance made, if not used within the authorised time. Whitehaven and Ramsey. From Whitehaven. I From Ramsey. (With Cargo for Dottgla.) Wednesday 13th... 11 momlTuesday 12th... 11 mora Wednesday 27th.. .11 monJ Tuesday 2Stb...0 morn Single Fare -.Saloon Cabin, 6a.; Steerage, 3a. Return Ticket, available for a Calendar Month Saloon Cabin, 9.; Fore Cabin, 4a. 6d. Return Tickets Issued on the Whitehaven Station are available via Lirerpool, on payment of the difference of fare. Glasgow and Douglas. (From Greenock.) i (From Dougla.) Thursday, March 31, 9 nlghtjWednaaday 20th.. .6 morn (Waiting the arrival of 8 p.m. train from Bridge-street Station, Glasgow.) Single Fares -.Saloon Cabin, 16a ; Steerage, St. Return Tickets, available for return thus or following trip Saloon Cabin, 15s ; Steerage, 7 Sd. i3r Tbs Company hereby give Notice that they wfil not be responsible for the consequences of any irregularity that may take place In the sailing of the Steamer. With Ube'ty to tow and assist vessel In distress. t HoTioa The Company will not be accountable 5 J Nnry that Carriages, Hones, Cattle, Sheep, or oiret Shipping, en the. Voyage, or at Laud-ivJilf0 TT- IMP Luggage, unless booked at the rnT-.UL , ... BM for ! aot ' ny Package WTZ-.0 8W"MnS nle accompanied by a Shipping Sui Ttt.SL tb'0Qaca Good, of every desorhy-a?-!?-". htege, ., ed 155 Apparel ante oharaa ef the Ownaas tkare. AGENTS: tmVlZlaV0am,MB M4i Tower BuRd. insi South, a Water-street. GLASGOW-Lawia Penan St Co.. 7 Groat fftnto at ORENOCR-Jas. Lrm, ll32 I J. 0oU)Ml-c"w-- flkmla. 0 MA TIMES AND gBNBTtAT ADVERTISER. MMtQg UTS. STEAM COMMUNICATION ttlTWEEW 8ILLOTH, DOUGLAS, & DUBLIN la ee eetloB with the Jforth-BrttUb sad North. Eastern Railway Companies, conveying Passenger. Goods, and Cattle, at through rate, to all the ftedoat to the North of England and Real of Scotland, 'ling Noan-BaniaK (tVJoth) X fraAaAtaoK OoAna swift and splendid New Steamship NORT8 BRITISH, Captain Dowjlas, or other Steamer, I intended to aU at or after the undermentioned times (weather and other dreumstanoaa permitting), between Deaua And Snxfua, calling as untesneailwuod, at DOUGLAS, Isle of Maa, establishing, in connection with the North British and other Railways, direct, cheap, and expeditious communication between Deaua, Dowlas, Isle of Man, and all places in the South, Best, aad North of bootlasd, and Jtaaxa of Saatiar. 8ILLOTH TO DOUGLAS, Tuesday, March It, at.............. M IS night Tuesday, 28, at 11-30 p.m DOUGLAS TO DUBLIN. Wedneedsy. Maroh IS, at 7 a.m. Wednesday, 17, rt ffjo DUBLIN TO DOUGLAS. Thus Jay, March 14, at 9-30 p.m. Thursday,, DOUGLAS TO BILLOTH. Friday, March IS, at. M 6-30 a.m Friday, , at 2 a.m. In the event of the Weather being unfavourable for the landing of Passenger at Douglas, they amy In the option of the Captain (and weather permitting), be landed at Pest. Oa day marked thus. Steamer cells Into Harbour to Land and Embark Goods for Dublin, Silloth, and Carlisle. Cargo from Carlisle eta Dublin, and for Dahlia via SUloth. Nora, All the above-mentioned Sailings as regard Douglas and Whitehaven are Intended to be made (weather and other elreumstanocs, in the opinion ef the Captain of the Steamer permitting) to and from the Bay of Douglas, with and for passengers only. If the Nsw Passenger's Landing Pier at Douglas be available, the Steamer will go alongside it to land and embark her Passengers, rendering the as ef small boats unnecessary. At Silloth there are excellent Hotels, where Passenger will meet with every comfort and attention. Apply to Alias Nicboll, Llffy Buildings, 20, Eden Quay. Da Win, ; J. and J. Hodgson, King-street, Whitehaven ; R. Haroauaox and Sob, Belfast ; or to WILLIAM BEREY, 48, North Quay. Douglas. TICKETS can NOT be had on board the Steamer. Passengers going on board without tickets must pay the regular fare for sea passage. The Office will be cpen at time of sailing. .- The Nobth Bsitisb ha first. class accommodation for Passengers, Horaes, Carriage, Goods, and Cattle. 10 THOMAS M. PRITOHARD, Bottler of CLINCH'S Pale Ale and Stout, MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURER. PRICES. Per Dos. 2a 6d 2a 3d Pale Ale (Pints) Stout Subject toDiteomUor Cam. Ginger Beer Soda Water Lemonade la 2g 2s 6d 3d 3d Potass, Lithia, Seltzer, and other Mineral Waters. A liberal allowance to tbe trade. Offices and Bottling Stores 7, Quay. Mineral Water 1 Manufactory Shore, Ramsey. "JJNTTED STATES STANDARD PLASTER. ALLCOCirS POROUS STRENGTHENING PLASTER. HISTORY. ALL COCK"-8 POROUS PLASTERS are the results of studies and experiments of Dr. Schecut, of South Carolina, and other celebrated physicians ; also of Horses H. Dsy, the dis-tinguiehed manufacturer of rubber goods ; and of Thomas Alloock, chemist aad member of the Col. lege of Pharmacy of New York, now General ARcsok, Ac., Ac. Step by step thi commodity has attained Its unprecedented fame. Tbey are universally approved. They support, strengthen, and aid the growth ef muscles. Tbey appear to have a peculiar effect upon the nerves, allaying Irritability while supplying warmth. They seem to accumulate electricity, and aid tbe circulation of the Mood through the part where applied, by which healthy actions are Induced. Even In paralysis, where articulation was suspended, the use of the Porous Plasters to the spine restored the articulation, and materially reduced the paralysis. In fact, the patient could help herself, while before the Porous Plaster was applied ehe was as helpless as a baby. We refer to Mrs Sally Elliot, Springfield, Mass. Gainstown, Ala., November 27, 1398. felesars Thomas Allcock and Co. During as extensive practice ef ten years, I have been a frequent witness of tbe magical qualities of your Porous PlastMs. I can certify that they are all you claim for them. In fact, I have never known them to fail In giving relief in local pains, or to Impart rapport to the part where applied. Send use six dosen at once. Your, ROBERT E. CAMPBELL, M.D. From William Bostock, Wholesale Druggist, S41, 8tamford-treet, Henry D. Brandreth, Ashton.under-Lyns. 67, Great Charlotte-street, Liverpool. Dear Sir, I send you a few of the wonderful cures performed by AUeoek's Porous Plasters. Every one peaks in the highest praise of them. As a local applica tion they are unequalled. SEVERE COUGH. A gentleman residing In Wellington-road had a very bad cough all tbe winter, and all he tried did htm no good, when be heard of the celebrated Porous Plaster. He applied one to hi cheat with such marked effect that in two hours he was relieved, and in a few daya perfectly cured. TIGHTNESS OF CHEST. This gentleman recommended the Plaster to a friend who had tightness of the chest end a bad cough, and could scarce:? breaths. Thl party appllsd a Porous Plaster. Iq half an hour he was relieved, and In two days cured. LAMENESS. A young girl was not able to walk or set her foot to the ground. A Porou Plaster was appllsd at night. In tbe morning she was able to put her foot down, and in a few day went to school a thing she had not been able to do for a year or more. SEVERE PAIN IN THE KNEES. Mr Thomas Fielding, High Bank, Opensbaw, near Manchester, gives the following : " On returning from Russia, where I had been for some time, I was taken with very severe pains In the knees. For three weeks I suffered the moat excruciating pain, and was unable to move off tbe couch. Seeing one of your advertisements, I at once took some of Brandreth' Pills and applied one of AUcoek'a Porous Plasters to each knee, one on each foot, and one on the back. In two days I felt ao much better that I was able to walk about, and now it Is about a month since I applied the Plasters I feel perfectly restored to health, and am about to return to Russia to follow my usual occupation." PAIN IN SIDE. The husband of Mrs Benjamin Walnwrlght, 94, Gros-venor-ttreet, Ryecroft, says the had a severe pain In the side for six year. 8he bed been under different medical men in Aahton, Oldham, and Staleybridge, but they gave her ne permanent relief. At last, hearing of Alleook' Porous Plaster, ehe determined to try one, and having done to she felt relieved directly. He further assure ui that tbe 13d Plaster did her mors good than all the doe-tors, to whom ahe bad paid more than 20 altogether. He has just bad another of your Plasters, and hopes it will complete the euro Yours truly, Wojuaif Bostock. Aahton undsr.Lyne, July 10, 1871. A LLCOOK'B POROUS PLASTERS are sold by all Druggists, at la ld each, with full direction for use, or In any rise to ault. me yard Plaster Is specially recommended for families and physician. One yard equals 18 plasters. Price 14s per yard, 7e d per half yard, or 4 per quarter. PsiscirAL AeusoT sou Great Bmtah (Wholeeale and Retail) : S7, GREAT CHARLOTTE. STREET, LIVERPOOL. M.B. A Plaster sent to any part of the country for IS stamps. ALL ORDERS AND COMMUNICATIONS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED TO HENRY D. BRANDRETH, GENERAL MANAGER, ALLCOCK' S POROUS PLASTER COMPANY. (OF NEW YORK,) S7, GREAT CHARLOTTE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, AsHur roa Oaasrucowu R. K. KERMODE, SM42 Chemist. ROBERT KELLY Farm Stock Auctioneer &c, Po$U$ice, OROSBT, MAROWX, HOWLS COMMERCIALESE HOTEL, GUen, TKnrti-olas AccommodaUon for Commercial Gentlemen and Visitors. . ,CIAL 1 contrally situated and close to the Big WheeL Visitors will find every comfort and a uoeral and superior Table at strictly moderate charges. An ORDINARY Dairy, at 1-SO, p m. Ales. Wine and Spirit of the finest quality. GOOD STABLING. Coaches to sua froca Doogias and Ramaey twice a day from the Hotel. 15-14 3B! 5 h.ix. THE "FALCON'S NEST," Built upon the Margin of the Splendid Bay. IN weU-1 bLHT? L' 'T patronised, replete in every Department, may be found home comforts, . UUHUW vusrgee. xne TabU cTH6te at 2 o'doek. To Yisitors to the Isle of Man. " SrS"L0WI1 dw B1,an Vannin, with its green bills by the sea-" ffT fALCON'g NEST" and PORT ERIN X CASTLE HOTBL (under the careful management of the owner and proprietors, Mrs Cluqston and Mr Geary, the Utter for many years with Messrs. Pick, ford and Co., of Manchester), Manchester House, Port Erin, Isle of Man, replete with every home comfort and convenience, ample end generous provision, good cooking, perfect cleanliness, with economy. The Hotel, erected by Mr R. Cain, of Castletown, to the design of the late Mr Arthur Holme, of Liverpool, in 1659 60, contain S3 room, including 4 noble Dining-rooms, with bay widows, and spaciou Bedrooms, overlooking tbe beautiful Bay of Port Erin, 81 miles of Sea, aad the dlitant Hills of Ireland, a fine Promenade of Road along the broad Sea Beach, 8,000 feet by from 100 to 600 feet, as the tide is in or out, offering to Visitors the finest Sea Bathing in Mona'i clearest waters. Boating, Shooting, and Pishing Excursions along the grand and romantic scenery of 20 miles (north and south), of iron-bound, broken, rocky coast, ranging from 800 to 1,000 feet high the haunt of the falcon, heron, curlew, sea-hawk, cormorant, tea parrot, guillemots (various), razor bill, Norway crow, raven, Ac. to the Naturalist, marine and mountain botany, geological and antiquarian research near to the Calf (abounding with rabbits), to the Chasms, the Brad da, Glen Chasae, and Ballacorkiah mines various Druidical remains, Ancient Cairns, Cattle Rushen (built in 047), Ruahen Abbey, Ac. a short walk from Rushen Parish Church. Splendid Rifle Practice for Volunteers, at any range, among the rocks. Port Erin is 13 miles west of Douglas, 4 from Castletown and Bauasalla. Coaches and Cars to and fro twice, daily. Terms, for Board and Lodgings : 5a 6d per dey. 1 The Feather's Hotel, CLAYTON-SQUARE, & Ba ljiverpooi. m s Mrs. PILKINGTON, Proprietrrss, Late of the Mitre Hotbl, Ramsey. 1 WHEELER & WILSON SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED 1850, Since which time this celebrated pibm have made and Sold upwards of Sewing 3VCa,oliija.3s. Not one of all this number has ever been returned to the Company because it could not work well and not one is known to have been worn out. REDUCTION IN PRICE. Increased facilities enable the Company to produce Machines at a Cheaper rate, at the same time keeping up the character and Reputation they have so justly earned. Caution. Bewareof Spurious Machines, represented to be ours. The genuine have Whsbler & Wilson M'F'G Co., stamped on the Cloth Plato, and to be had in the Island ol our only Authorised Agents as below. Price Lists, and Samples sent post free. All Machines warranted. Instructions gratis. Chief Office 73, Bold-street, Liverpool. Ramsey Thomas Teare, Parliament-st Douglas Mr E. Mundey, Duke-street. Valentines! Valentines!! Valentines!!! IMMENSE AND VARIED STOCK. largest Stock to Select from. JOHN OWEN, Wholesale tot dealer, , shudbqill, manchester, overflowing stock op continental and british fancy oood8, noaaas, w valid eaaauea, vaaaarauLaToas, BABBeWI, AW SPADES, Novelties of every description in Workboxei, desks, Dressing Case, Tea Caddies, Cutlery, Jewellery, Hair Brushes, and Combs. OWEN'S COLLECTION OF GLASS ORNAMENTS, LBBTSJSS, V ASM, AKD SHAUKS, Is unequalled. WWCra, CBIOOT BATS, SAIXS, JAAOVt' CXOOtTBT, LAMUS OOMPASIOSI, &c. EVERT VARIETY IN PURSES, BAGS, ALBUMS, PERFUMERY, AND SOAPS. aosJB,a sjuu, dolls, dbuks, von, Bmxnojo aaioxs, ASS PCXXLKS 0 ALL KHDS. Cases of Goods always packed up to rait any Trade from t to h, and 410 to 416, weU assorted, of all kinds. Price List free on application. Note the Address: The Old-established Toy Warehouse, 49, Shuoksoll, OrroaiTB Thomas- stukxt, Masohsstib. S-S91 JOHN OWEN, Proprietor. . OFFICE-CLEN FALCON. g FIRST DOOR ABOVE BROADWAY. - This klanz Pale Ale, Manufactured by Patented Steam Apparatus, has for nearly TWENTY VEERS PROVED ITSELF EQUAL TO THE finest imported. It is supplied either in Wood or Bottle. May 1st, 1871. 19-18 MR JOSEPH JOHNSON, ATJCTIONEEB and VALUER. HAVING bad a varied experience, extending over Twenty Years, in tbe DISPOSAL and VALUATION of every description of PROPERTY, respectful ti offers his Professional Services to the Public. SALES conducted with the utmost care, and with the strictest economy commensurts with efficiency. Tbe probable amount of any Sale guaranteed by Bank Security, Including a settlement, if possible, within 14 hours after the sals. Advances made upon all description of goods eon-signed for Sale, from One Pound to Five Hundred Pounds. Agent for Life, Fire, and Accident Assurance Com. panles. Office; G. QBoaBs-sTumrr, two doors from Meters. Dumbell'e Bank; Residence 9, Stajrurr Dougla. New Pocxm Ural Vksta Box with Patbut Bran Cover Bryant and May have recently introduced a evry useful little Pocket Vesta Box with a most ingenious and ilmple spring cover ; It la a novelty in every way, and will soon come into very general use being of metal, Instead of card, and retailed, filled with vestas, at one penny. Any Tobacconist, Grooer, Chemist, or Chandler will supply St. Hslloway's Pills. Haftt Extstbscb. How few there are who realise to Its possible extent this desirable condition 1 Tbe bead, stomach, and nerves are constantly becoming disordered end bringing oorraspoadmg discomforts unless early measures be taken to reduoe the unruly aettene to order. Hollo way1 Puis aooopBsU thi purpose moat osrtalnry and Masfuetotvy. Ample printed dfaeettous an folded round each box fur the guidance of all Making eaee and health. Under the benign tulaouoo ef these purifytof PB order end regularity reign throughout the entire system, and every human function la wholesomely conducted. Mo mean advantage poaiimirl by Hollo way gentle yes potent Pills l their luoepabUUy of doing any barm. Tbey may be fearlessly aliiilulrterii In ehe most delicate lady and Isle of B4CirL uiaeet and beet conducted Hotbl in the South ol the Can and Boats for Hire as usual 11 Derby Hotel, CASTLB-ST., DOUGLAS, Isle of man. XCELLLBNT Accommodation for VISITORS. Choice Wines. Spirits, Ales, &c. The Hotel being en the Margin of the Bay, it commands an unequalled Sea View. Sea Bathing at the Door. Mrs GOLD, Proprietress. 1 Cored Pish Etabllanmeat etc., 39, STRASD-STREET, DOUGLAS. TH O H A 3 C BBLLIN, BEOS to Inform the Inhabitants of Douglas that he has continually In Stock (In season; every Description of DRIED FISH, Including Finn en Heddcok, Bloaters, Red and Kippered Herrings, Kippered and Flossed Salman, Ac A Fresh Supply of Dried Flah by every steaenee. Potatous of the Best Quality always in Stock. Coorauopu Don v Ouosns, i Oarda PAINTED AT AN HOUB'S NOTICE At Hi " Time Office, AthoUstreet. E. DARKE, AGRICULTURAL AHD COIOCEBCIAL Auctioneer and Accountant, BEG8 to announce that he Is prepared to CONDUCT SALES of every description on reasonable term. 32, Ovis nsuT, Dougla-. i Castletown Peel G. Bradabaw, Compton House. 1 THE " ISLE OF MAN TIMES," GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, GEORGES' HALL, ATHOL-STREET, DOUGLAS. THE Proprietors of the Isle of Man Times respectfully announce that their assortment of NEW, ELEGANT, and FANCY TYPE, enable them to execute ORDERS fo.- Printing in all its branches at the lowest remunerative prices. " Times " Office for Concert Placards. " Times " Office for Lecture Placards. M Times " Office for Auctioneers' Bills. M Times " Office for Tradesmen's announcements u Times " Officef or Posters of all kinds. M Tunes Office for Handbills. " Times " Office for Window Bills. " Times " Office for Pamphlets. " Times " Office for Programs. Times ' Times Office for Delivery Notes. Office for Check Books. " Times " Office for Invoices. Times " Office for Catalogues. Times Office for Circulars. " Times " Office for Bi!l Heads " Times " Office for Letter Headings. " Times " Office for Balance Sheets. " Times " Office for Prospectuses. " Times " Office for Business Cards. - Times " Office for Visiting Cards. " Times " Office for Lodging Cards. " Times Office for Concert Tickets. Times' Times' 1 Times Office for Mercantile Work. Office for Mining Companies' Work. Office for Societies' Rules. BY KEY DBSGBJPTIOsT OP LETTER-PRESS PRINTING EXECUTED IN THB NEATEST STYLE in WITH THE UTMOST PROMPTITUDE. NERVOUS DEBILITY. 1CB D 1 CINE versus GALVANISM. MEDICI 5TE8 ill ONLY WILL CURE. A Pamphlet (133 pages), on SELF-CURE, demonstrating the most effectual, rational, and simple medical treatment of NERVOUS DEBILITY, RHEUMATIC PAINS, INDIGESTION, LOSS OP MEMORY. DIMNESS OP SIGHT, EPILEPSY PROSTRATION, 8ELP-DI8TRUST, Ac., as realised eseras-ively by the iue of medicines. This Pamphlet impart th instruction by which many thousands of Dr. Smith patients have been restored, give tie f why" and "where, few" Medicine have peeved rBcacioo Iu esses where Electrical and Galvanic arraasemtuN have proved a failure. Dr. Sum invites invalids who have triad the misery called isiiieillee Galvanism, Ac, to tend a stamped directed envelope for his pamphlet, which will be seat free on return to any address. It oontolns Casus, Tbsti-KoaiAXS, Abvicb, aad Rats J Oubb of ell Die- Mtultmf rrom ua - me. leatsmsmsm. Address Dr. Sniru. , Bnrton-erBecaut, London, WC. IMPORTANTto country patients CONSULTATION by LETTER WITHOUT PEE Da. Smith wUL en receiving a written statrnytTit st the aajLV5!!2? ef enre J0TOANCE8 Kelly's Imperial Livery Stable. cEnARALAGRS, COACHES, -"S-v and mo,i. DOG GARTH Xossrwsnq Coaches aad Bmrtm Agasrt for the Norfolk ranuen Cattle rnmmm n, . Great Accommodation. New Coach from Peel to Doudaa. T"HE Nsw Coeca FAB L TRADER leaves Peal tan lag in the Afternoon. sMe terms. i a vsgrBSj a reel to St John's Jd Crosby........ gg Union Mills. ,d Douglas is Doogias to Union Crosby. St Jc Past . JOHN MOFPTTT, Proprietor. 1 Royal Hotel, fnej. Commercial & Temperance Hotel, Castle-street, Peal riOACHES leave the J Hotel three times - wu-im rive (ia tune ror tbe steemme Saw Liverpool and Barrow), and Nina a'itr Two In the aftoruoon ; September at half-past Six mors Ins;, returning from Dooalaa st r?nn nflAAW i fi i and on arrival of the steamer horn Liverpool. rumengers ana rarcei booked st the Office, Castle, street, Peel; sad st Mr T. Lmm 4, North Oney, Douglas, opposite the Osoohes. Open and Close Carriages, Cars, Gigs, Ao., for bars on the shortest notice. Funeral lupplled with Hearse and Mourning Coaohaa The House command Aim Haw .n. u - Ruins of Peel Castle. WILLIAM JOHNSON, Propriotaw. A Patent Weighing Machine on the Prreufim. Car and Posting Establishments Royal Hotel, Parade, And adjoining Tonne's and Mathbb's OARS aad VKHIPT J U"V uouI-.teadDriJel 3 1 JOHN L. KERMODE, Proprietor. Self Cure for Invalids. (Jfedicine Superseded.) NATURE'S CURATIVE. (ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM.) HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED (WlTHOVT MedICINS). Cure yourself by tbe newElectric end Magnetio Self- Adjustiag Curative. OUFFEBERS from Nervous Debility, PainftU Dreows. Mental and Phyncal Depression, Palpitation ym ffeorf, Noise in the Head and Bars. Indecision, Impaired! "l'' J Memory, Indigettion, Prostration, Lauttudm Depression of Spirits, Lou of Energg and Appetite, Pmsm in the Back and Limbs. Timidity, 3el. Distrust, Btmm nets. Love of Solitude, OroumLeu Fears, c, CAN NOW CORE THEMSELVES. By the only " Guaranteed Remedy' In Europe, protected and sanctioned hy the Faculty. Details free for Osse Stamp, by W. JENNER, Esq., Medical Electrician, PERCY HOUSE, BEDFORD-3Q LONDON, W.C. N.B. Medicine and Feee luperseded. In proof of the Wonderful Cure effected, Invalids can have the " ELECTRIC A MAGNETIC CURATIVE on TRIAL, with references to tbe Leading Physicians of the day. Established 1840 ae Medical Electrician, 4c. A TEST GRATIS SEND FOR DETAILS. CAUTION. N.B. This is the onlv aeknuwUrtn fnxii.L a as in use in the various Hospitals and recognised fry the a'H cy of area antam, and none are i unlets had direct from Dr. Walt J .,. e public against self. styled doctors imitating his wnet, ana copying porttont of this advertisement. Vide Prise Medal and Hospital reports. atvaa The Government have brought in a bill to provide that the waifes of workmen shall be paid in coin of the realm, without any deduction, and without any condition as to the spending thereof. A petition has been lodged at Dublin against the return of Mr B leaner haasett for Kerry county. The petition alleges undue influence, violence, and intimidation. The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland has ordered the grocers and publicans of Sells district to close at half-past eight in the evening under the Peace Preservation Act. The Overland China Mail gives currency to a report from Japan that 2,000 native converts to the Christian faith have been condemned to death at Nagaski, and that some of them had already been executed. The trustees of the Staly bridge Savings' Bank have voluntarily made good the deficiency of 6,200, caused by the defalcations of the lata manager, Mr Taylor; the loss of which would otherwise have fallen on the depositors, who am mostly operatives. Apoplbxy ob Druxesnnbss. It is certainly time that the Chief Commissioner of Police should take council with his medical advisers and giva strict instructions, baaed on their advice, to tk police, which shall prevent the sad and frequent confusion which now occurs in their treatment oi cases of apoplexy as if they were cases of drunkenness. Very great pain has recently been caused by such an error iu the case of a highly respected minister, fatally attacked in the street by apoplexy, and left to struggle through the'night in a cell, close to his own residence, under the impression thatit was a case of drunkenness, notwithstanding than every lineament of the insensible man betokened a gentleman, and abundant evidence could have been procured from papers on bis person as to his name and address. We British Medical Journal) may add that police-surgeons do not always seem so well informed as tbey should be as to the diagnosis of drunkenness from apoplexy and that they are chargeable with surprising error in cases which have been brought to our knowledge. In these days of excessive brain-work, this ia a subject of only too sad interest and importance; and the chief surgeon of the police might with advantage issue a careful memorandum on the subject, calling the attention of his colleagues to all the elements of the rather difficult diagnosis which has sometimes to be made, and the care which it requires. Long Rbigns op English Soverbkws. In tracing the rise and growth of the British Constitution, historians have not made so much as they might have done of the length of many of the reigns. This has admitted of steady if slow development, which might not have been the case with more frequent changes in the head of the Government. A change every four yeara, says the Leisure Hour, may suit the constitution of the tall American pine, but would not be so favourable for the broad British oak. The reigns of only ten Sovereigns covered more than fonr centuries, the aggregate of the following reigns being 403 years : Henry L, 36, Henry IL.35; Henry III., 66: Edward L, 35 ; Edward IIL, 60 ; Henry VL, 39; Henry VIII., 38 ; Elizabeth, 45 ; George IL, 34; George IIL, 60. Queen Victoria will have reigned thirty-five years at the next anniversary of her accession. Her reign already far exceeds that of the oldest sovereigns of Europe. The Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz dates from 1842 , the Duke of Saxe-Coburg from 1344; the Pope from 1846 ; the Emperor of Austria from 1848 ; and the Kings of Italy and of Holland from 1849. The reign of Victoria began in 1837. Buowa'a Baosauux Taooaaa, for tha cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Broncbitls, Asthma. Catarrh, ee any irritation or torenese of tbe throat, are now Imported ml old in thi country at is 1 Jd per box, put up in the form of a " loeeuge.' It is the most convenient, pleasant , mfs, ana sore rauvay ur mj ana Krengtbening the known iu the world. The Rev. Henry Ward Be say : I nave often recommended them to friends were poouc speakers, and in many cease they have i extremely tervteeaMe." The geouine have the crown tsroncoiai Troefcee on the Gov stamp around eacb box. Sold by ail medicine i Loudon Depot, t3 Oxford Streea. (44.tR None. Report of Dr Arthur Hill Hamuli, Analyst est the " Lancet " Sanitary Commission, author of " Poodsssat its Adulterations," ate., 4c, oa Mayer's flemnllna " I have oarsfolly tested, chemically aad microscopically, the nosslee ef Semolina em hy Messrs L. Maya A CaJ, Sk ark-laoe, London, B.C. I Sad them to he tsefsstlj genuine, of excellent quality, and r-tfj iiBiiltini They eeatain a very large percentage of nitrogenous master, chiefly Gluten, and are far mere nutritious than say ether food, such as Arrowroot, Tapioca, fate, Oesm Flour, Farinaceous Food, ordinary Wheel Flour, or tstf of the Cereals la nee as feed la this aoumtry. ) Abshdh htt.t, gfjBmen, MJD., London.' Hlgbiy i mended hy the Faomlty for Infants, Invalids. Ao. delicious Puddings, Costards, Slaaa Mamr. Ac a trial ae family wUl Sm wiiAeui tttavr - 3M

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