Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1957 · Page 39
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 39

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1957
Page 39
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17,1957 THE PHAHOS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN Gen. LeMay Proves U.S. Jets Can Go Anyplace WASHINGTON (UP)—Gen. Curtis E. LeMay completed a 5,204- mile trip -from Buenos Aires in 11 hours and 5 minutes Wednesday to establish a hard-to-beat speed mark for a non-stop jet flight. LeMay on Tuesday set a new long distance record of 6,300 miles Base, 8,100-mile flight from California to the Philippines by three B66 bombers of the U. S. Tactical Air' Com- jnand in another show of global strength. These planes were refueled enroute before landing in the Philippine?. The.' B66s are twin-jet medium bombers capable of carrying atomic weapons. LeMay's KC135 from Westover Air Force , Mass., to Buenos Aires. (tanker is designed for refueling LeMay Air Force vice chief pfL hydro S on bombers and is the mili- staff and former head of trie j f ary ver s™ of the Boeing 707 jet Strategic Air Command, made thsi"?" sc *edu!ed for use by U. S. two-way flight in a four-jet MC135 a1 ^™<j s next tanker plane. He said it proved LeMay's average 'speed on the that U. S. bombers can "go any i .^ rn . troi place you want" and will not be' J m ' les an hour ' Dot 1 uite as outmoded by missiles for a "long :good as ' the 490-miles-an-hour he time to come." .averaged on the 13 hour 2-minute The Buenos Aires-to-Washington' : d ' nner " to " breakfast trip to the flight established the first speed record for a non-stop jet flight between the two capitals. The Westover-to-Buenos Aires hop set a long distance record for jet planes without refueling. The feats coincided with The jaunty, cigar-smoking Air Force general scarcely had stepped from the plane at Washington National Airport .when he was awarded the Distinguished ! Flying Cross, an: Gen. Thomas — I Force chief of D. White, staff, made Air the FOOT RELIEF GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK If within 6 weeks wear you *r« nofr completely satisfied. Fof Mtn and Wamfn. 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Mr. and Mrs. William McLeland and daughter called on Mr. and Mrs. Larry McLeland at Logansport last week. .... Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brechbiel and Mickey were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brechbiel. Mrs. .Winifred Troxel called on Mrs. Fannie Buchanan Monday. Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brechbiel and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Charles McConnel of Lafayette, were Sunday .dinner guests 'of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young at Logansport. C. M. Mertz went to Monticello on business Thursday. Mrs. Don Heiny and .Miss Janice McLeland spent Monday in. Lo- 'gansport. James Maddock attended a father and son banquet at the Hickory Grove church. Wednesday. ftkf©fete£ True Life Adventures HELPING BEAKS. INJURED'. ANP UNA-BUE TO _Fuy/sNi? FISH HIMSELF. *W APUCT. SOOBV W1U- REVERT TO THE FUSCV3L.1NO T=OK. HIS T=OOP. It NA.TUKE TO RESPOND . OPEM MOUTH, KEEF. OH FEEOTNO HIM. Discover Knock-Knees Are Common in Youth jRead the Classified Ads NEW YORK flU-P) — A study, shows that knock-knees are fairly common in the very young but that knees as they grow older are very much inclined to stop knocking together. This conclusion was based on precise measurements of 1,000 pairs of knees ranging in age from 11 years down to infants who • had just learned to toddle around without help. Dr. A. J. M. Morley who recorded a "natural history" of knock-knees concluded that "toddlers' knock-knee can be allowed to join the growing group of developmental deviations which seldom need treatment." Studied Age Groups He. found that 26 per cent of the .'children he studied who were be- j tween 3 and 3% years old had. only a slight amount of knock-kneed- ness or none at all. But 22 per cent of the' children that age -had definite knock-knees. Among children 7 years old or older,-however,'only !• to '2. per cent had knock-knees of the same degree. Knees get closer together up to between 3 .and 3% years and then start iseparating into normal spac- ing as the leg bones lengthen through natural growth, he found, j His study was thorough enough to dispel some of the ages-old superstitions about knock-knees. For one thing, he found no relationship between knock-knees and flat feet. As a matter of fact, the feet of infants always look as. though they were flat due to normal "fat pads." " No Link To Walking Nor did he find any relationship between knock-knees and the age when the babe began walking, nor with how long'the babe fed at the breast nor with whether the child's diet had been supplemented with vitamins during the first 18 months of life. But there was an indicated relationship between knock - knees and weight, since the mean weights of children with the condition was greater than the mean weights of comparable children without it. 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See how the 10-Key Add-Mate helps you master payrolls, inventories, bank statements, daily totals, invoice checking, sales checks, journal and ledger balances, etc. underwood 168 5O Pin Tax masters your paperwork SEE THE NEW ADD-MATE—CALL 3842 LOGANSPORT HI ATI'S Next to Hie Logan Theatre DEFT. 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