Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1957 · Page 38
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 38

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1957
Page 38
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PAGE TfcN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, NOVEMBER IT, 1M Housemaids in Japan Getting "Democratic" TOKYO (UP)—No one can tell | unusually good wage.-'what the new age in Japan will | Miss ' X was glad . to be eventually turn out to be—democracy or authoritarianism, liberal- Ism or Communism. But one segment of the population has made up its mind. The housemaids are going 100 per cent democratic. They are getting more democratic—and more scarce — every year. The shortage of housemaids is now a nationwide phenomenon. Last year public employment offices in Tokyo handled 15,962 applications seeking housemaids. Against this, there were only 9,060 housemaids seeking jobs.' Housemaids. Getting Choosy And only about 40 per cent of the applicants took jobs as housemaids. The reason, unheard of in the Orient, is familiar to American families. The other 60 per cent could not find "suitable" families one month. ployed at a university professor's home for a good wage. But she had to get up at 6 a.m. and prepare breakfast by 7 a.m. She also had to do c 1 e a n : n g, sweeping, shopping, washing, and other sundry chores untij 11 p.m. , Provide Own Transportation When shopping, she bad to go to. stores where her boss said prices were reasonable, regardless of. how far these stores might he from home. She even paid bus fares out of her own pocket to go to these distant shops. The wife of the professor liked things to be very punctual. If the fnaid came home late, she w^s certain to get scolded. This was not out of the ordinary for a maid 10 or 20 years ago. But today, in modern Japau, this professor and his wife ara without a maid. Miss X quit after to work for. Japanese maids are now pick- Ing out the families they want to work for, not vice versa. Take the case of Miss X. Last 'spring she was employed in the home of a well-known university professor for 6,000 yen ($16.62). a month, plus room and'board —an Housemaids have 'become socially conscious, and they.like the example set by their "sisters" in the United States! It appears the short age-of housemaids will get worse before it gets better. They love the benefits of democratic life more and more every year. Dorothy M'alone—Just A Nice, Unspoiled Star HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Dorothy Jtalone, who makes a career of playing alcoholics and bad girls in movies, has the tinsel town •wolf pack confused. Off - screen, the blonde beauty's life reads like a chapter from "The Bobbsy Twins." The boys see Dorothy's picture, figure her for their kind of ijil, and then run into a glacial reception that would cool the ardor of an Eskimo. She's a bachelor girl who plans to stay that way for a while. The Academy Award - winning actress doesn't like her "goody- goody" reputation, but she's-stuck with it. No Party Girl "I'm not a party girl," Dorothy admits. "I don't drink nor smoke, and I haven't made any romantic headlines. If I have a reputation for being a 'nice girl,' I guess I should consider it flattering." The fact that she doesn't measure up to the usual glamor girl pattern of torrid love affairs and divorce court nip - ups seems to bother Dorothy a little. "It's a funny kind of reputation to have," she said, figiting with commissary "The men I date 412 E. Broadway Phone 4193 WARDS' pre- thanksgiving sale! 3 Days only Girls and misses new winter coats,** top styles and fabrics 15% OFF WARDS PRICE JUST $55-00 Regular Prices $12.98 to $69.98 Original Price Sale Price Original Price Sale Price $12.98 $9.68 $14.98 $10.68 $16.98 $12.68 $19.98 $15.88 $24.98 $18.68 $29.98 $2168 $35.00 $26,68 $3998 $30.00 $5998 $55.00 $6998 $55.00 • Zibeline fleeces, wool tweeds, meltons, Madrid wool chinchallas! • Fiare silhouettes, cardigan styles, new full styles! • Exciting back interest details, push-up sleeves, new pocket details ... some with dyed mouton processed lamb trims! • Al! the newest shades for misses' sizes 8 to 181 . ADOPTING CONSTITUTION — Little Theater members met Thursday evening at the Columbia school and adopted a constitution. Workshops for the next three meetings were announced and next week's meeting will be held Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Seated at the right are the group's officers. They are, left to right, Anna Marie Conroy, corresponding, secretary, Mrs. J. T. the city building. Madonnai, Cain, recording secretary _ Ronald Hunter, vice-president; Norman Harbour, treasurer. (Press Photo Engraving) Hillis, president; uation of fast time in some parts of the stale, notably in and around JFort Wayne. I Sample said there was .no dis- 'cussion of what steps might be taken if the variances are found to be actual violations- of the law. Income Tax Farored The convention also advocated county net income taxes be established . to buil'd and operate schools, leaving present property taxes to support county and other local governments. Other resolutions protested "fancy styles" in school construc- jtion and urged the Legislature to reduce the salaries of township trustees where consolidations have left them without school administration duties. Another resolution opposed any move to absorb the northern Indiana toll road into the free highway system. The convention also endorsed the support of Hassil E. Schenck, retiring president, for a plan to build a farmers' co-operative x>wer plant, in face of opposition :rom Gov. Handley and private pledged continued "strong interest and support" for farm, co-op ventures as means to "strengthen the family-type farm." An international trade resolution urged a stepping up of imports of foreign manufactured goods to provide dollars for foreign marketing of farm surpluses. The plan was - called a boon to both farm prosperity and world peace. Bef hlehem Farm Bureau Will Meet Wednesday Bethlehem farm bureau will meet Wednesday evening at 6:30 o'clock in the Metea school. During the meeting 4-H pins will be awarded. Each member is asked to bring a pie or salad and table service. know what kind of a girl I am before we go out ' Wolves .Still Circle "This doesn't make for dull dates by any means And it doesn't keep the wolves away Usually there is just one man in my life at a time" Dorothy is busy playing .the role of Diana Barrymore in "Too Much, Too Soon," a part she says is in keeping with her other portrayals of mixed-up girls. She recently completed "Tarnished Angels" 'at Universal - International, in which she plays another scar- High IQ Necessary for Girls in Hollywood Today let woman. "Playing Diana Barrymore is wonderful, but her life is so sad 1 feel terribly sorry for her. . "I suppose my acting knocks the Stanislavsky method for a loop," she laughed. "That's when an actress lives the role for a few months before playing it. "I'd really wreck my reputation and my life trying to keep up with my movie .parts. I just have to imagine how these women behave and play it by ear." Pears Add Spice * To lamb Chops HOW ELEGANT CAN A LAMB CHOP BE? Very, when you serve it with' a fresh Bartlett pear baked in a curry sauce, and accompany the meat and fruit with steamed rice, flaked coconut and salted peanuts. To add a last touch, make frills of white paper and foil to slip onto the end bones of rib chops, and you'll be ready for a party. But the combination' of food tastes delicious with or without the frills; you needn't bother with them if you don't enjoy this sort of fancywork. Both males and females liked this main dish when we offered it, so don't hesitate to serve it to four couples. It's also a fine dish for a "ladies only" luncheon. We prefaced the lamb and its accompaniments with chilled cream-style clam chowder — but this soup could be served hot. After the meat course came a salad of crisp greens—romair.e and chicory—plus paper-thin .red onion rings. The salad dressing was made of olive oil, white wine vinegar and Dijon mustard, salt, freshly-ground, pepper and paprika; you can add a suspicion of crushed garlic if you like. For dessert our choice was coffee ice cream, with chocolate sauce. All in all, this is a fairly easy dinner to prepare and'serve. CURRIED BAKED PEARS Ingredients: % cup sugar, >4 cup unsweetened pineapple juice, juice of Vz lemon (1 tablespoon), salt, 2 teaspoons curry powder, 4 ripe' Bartlett pears, 1 tablespoon, butter or margarine, 1 or 2 thin slices lemon. Method: Put sugar, pineapple juice, lemon juice, a few grains of salt' and curry powder in a small saucepan. Bring to simmering, stirring several times so curry powder won't be lumpy. Halve pears; remove skin. Remove seeds by scooping them out with a half-teaspoon, round- bow] measuring spoon; cut out stem structure with . small. sharp knife. Place pears in a shallow baking dish —' a heat-resistant glass dish (6 by 10 by 2V 2 inches) is fine. Pour curry mixture over pears. Put a dot of the butter in the cavity of each pear. .Bake in moderate (350 degrees) oven, basting several times, about 15 minutes. Cover (with foil if you like) and bake another 5 minutes or until pears tare tender but hold their shape. (These baking times are approximate because they will vary with -the ripeness of the pears; watch fruit and adjust time). Remove pears to serving platter or individual dinner plates; pour sauce into small bowl; float one or two thin lemon slices on top of sauce as a garnish. Makes 4 to 8 servings—one or two pear halves for each portion. CHOP FRILLS Fold a sheet of foil (4. inches wide and long enough to make as many small sections as you have chops),in half lengthwise; do the same with a sheet of white paper of identical size. Slip the folded foil over the folded white paper, and starting at the folded edge, make slashes with scissors (each VA inches long and Vt inch apart) through the double folds along the entire length of paper.. Carefully fold the white sheet inside out, holding so that the foil adheres to the inside. Cut your frilled sheets into sections wide enough to go around each chop bone; fold a frilled section around each bone and secure with cellophane tape. Fluff up the frill end so that the silver snows through. By ROBERT CUMMINGS Written for United Press HOLLYWOOD . (UP)^Now that I have this chance to do a guest column, I'll answer a question that has. been asked me by many people many times. Is beauty . of face and figure enough for a young girl to succeed in show business today? No, it is not. A pretty girl must have not only appeal in the eternally pertinent definition of sex appeal, but today she must have a reasonably high IQ. Without it, her chances for attention and opportunity in theatrical attainments are considerably lessened. In Train previous Bairy Star years, when the movie studios reigned alone in supplying fare for the entertainment appetites, it was the custom to develop, train and nurture the baby star with patience and repe- jtition. Considerable time and lots of money were spent to preen the movie queen. • If she didn't walk through a door just right and it was necessary to film the action in 20, 30, sometimes 50 takes, it was accepted as a matter of course by all—except .possibly, the producer —the man with the money in the front office living in hope and dying in despair. In this era. of electronic speed, television production just doesn't provide the time to shoot over and over because a player can't be alert and has to be coached again and again to do a scene right. This doesn't mean that a performer doesn't dare "blow a take" once in a while. Actors Need Know-How But, the same "bit" or "action" may be-shot from several angles which is time . consuming, and that's exactly • why production can't hold still for consistent errors in performance. Young players today have to develop know- how quickly and easily for the of speed and a budget far below motion picture appropriation. Since time immemorial, a-pretty girl has been a treat to the eye, but acceptance of the "beautiful, but dumb" is no find the more. the simpering vacant, blue- You won't beauty with eyed baby stare and the pouty, bee-stung lips. She went out with rolled stockings and the marathon dance. No, Betty Eoop doesn't work here anymore. FBToSee If Time Law Is Violated INDIANAPOLIS W) — Indiana Farm Bureau officials set out Saturday to find whether the new state time' law is actually being violated 1 in some parts of the state. "The law is apparently being violated," said a resolution adopted at the close of the bureau's three-day state convention. It asked "proper enforcement officers of state to see that the law is obeyed and that the violators are punished." "In event this is not done," the resolution instructed, "we request the Farm Bureau board and officers to take whatever steps are necessaiy -to accomplish enforcement of the'time law." Glenn W. Sample, Zionsville, newly elected first vice president, said delegates axpressed widespread discontent over the contin ORDERS CRACKDOWN INDIANAPOLIS OPI—Gov. Handley Friday ordered state police to start making, traffic radar arrests ending a four-month training period during which officers issued only warning tickets. PENN] ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY More for a Merrier Christmas Now at Penney 7 ! MORE to select now .. MORE time to pay. .. with Lay-Away! KIWAN1S TO BEAR MAYOR Wilmer A. McClintic, Monticel- to mayor, will speak to Kiwanis club Tuesday noon at the Shrine quarters on his experience as a witness to an atomic bomb blast in Nevada. tce're in business for your health We stand ready at all times to fill your physician's prescription* with precision from fresh stock* of pharmaceutical!. HOME ' MEDICIMC CABINET^ ta* D Ask. your phyiicia-n how to itock your medi* cine cabinet for "first aid" needt. We'll have everything he r«- commendt. CENTRAL DRUG CO. GEORGE KIMBHOUGH, R. Ph. Fourth at Broadway Phone 3131 Cozy-worm I Only at Penney's ... a value Full sized gold 'n silver printed nylon.D ron Fill stays fluffy through jillions of ine washinira. Won't mat or shift MATCHING PILLOWS PACKED A PLUMP 19 OUNCES FULL 2 for *7 Extra big! Extra full! Resilient, odorless, allergy free. Printed nylon ticking with cord edge. Carries Dupont Quality label. SHOP MONDAY 9:00 TO 5:00 REGULAR $69.95-TWIN SIZE ONLY . AT THIS UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICE OR TWO FOR. . , *95 IN MAPLE OR MAHOGANY FINISH The ensemble includes a gorgeous Salem Maple finish 4-poster bed, a quality Burton-Dixie innerspring mattress, and a sturdy link spring with cradle sagless construction. Here's your opportunity to buy a beautiful 4-poster bed ensemble that you'll be proud to have in your home... at a truly remarkable low, low price 3131-3 13 E. Broadway

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