Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 17, 1957 · Page 34
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 34

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1957
Page 34
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PAGE SIX THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY YOUR HOME Do It Yourself Luminescent Safety Marking Comes In A Spray-On Can BY MK. FIX . Distributed by NEA Service So new that it's started to glow- in only a few markets across the country, is a luminescent, paint- like product that" can be sprayed onto any suitable surface. It's just one member of a new family of safety marking materials designed for home or industrial use. • Among other items in the line: s tape, similar to an adhesive tape, that can be used to mark' danger areas with bands of glowing phosphorescence; a tamMer for bathroom or sickness use that gkws in the dark; ready- printed signs for posting at danger spots. Signs would seam, to be most suited for industrial or institutional use. • THE PHOSPHORESCENT ingredient that gives the material its ability to glow in the dark is iiontoxic and nonradioactive. So says the manufacturer. . The spray-on product is applied exactly as you would use any spray paint or other liquid packaged in aerosol-pressured spray cans. For best results, the manufacturer suggests that the spray be used on a white, or nearly white background. For that reason, a coat of white paint should be applied over darker surfaces to be SPRAY-ON LUMINESCENT FAINT IS SAFETY AID IN HOME Exposure to light TOT only a few minutes causes ».. new, spray- on, luminescent paint product to grlow for hours, says the manufacturer. ,«!„_«„„.•, oughly before the luminescent spray is used. Tliree or four coats of the material are applied to the surface to be marked, and each coat should 'be allowed to dry before sprayed and allowed to dry thor- the succeeding coaUis added, ^IB ^^ ^^ THEATRE Box office opens at 6:45 p. m. Week Days; 1:00 p. m. Saturdays, 'Sundays and Holidays. NOW THRU TUESDAY * JOHN McPARTLANO'S EXPLOSIVE NOVELTHAT TELL-TALES ON YOUNG MARRIED AMERICA! 2a trvvpi* ^PAYMENT MOOUCtD if JERRY VYALD DtfttCilBrr MARTIN .RITT JCKEEKPUT It PHILIP YOROAN Rod CAMERON Vera RALSTON RafCOLUNS-HiBa, BROOKE AS LITTLE AS five or 10 minutes exposure to sunlight or artificial light is sufficient to make the material glow for hours in dark areas, it is said. Uses for the product include: spray for risers oE- basement steps, around fuse box, light switches, on. low - overhanging beams, pipes and projections in basements, for. spotting near Valves, and' shut-offs on .piping, meters, and other home controls. •For the latter use, it is suggested that the spray be appb'ed to a cardboard, or panel that is hung near. 'the. piping; .sweating ,of pipes mi'ght impair its efficiency. . . . • MASK AREAS that you plan to spray. Like any sprayed, 'material, it will spatter surrounding surfaces .unless you take this precaution. The built-in party. possibilities of this product would seem to be numerous. Halloween- decorations are a "natural" use for it in effecting ghostly displays. Christmas ornaments made of cardboard or old, battered ornaments could be sprayed with the material. When lights of the tree are out, there will still be. a softly glowing beauty to the tree.' Caution: the paint is opaque. •Don't ;spray ornaments with it unless you want to wipe out their original color and design. ' MARKING DANGER spots outdoors on garage or other buildings of home or farm is also possible, if tie luminescent material is--used in a protected .or semi- protected area, and safe-guarded with a further coat of a special, clear spray. • Outdoor applications is said to last up to a year, if .properly applied and protected. Indoor applications is, said to last indefinitely. Enjoyable Pastime LL' 4NCE Today, Monday 2 Westerns - 3 Cartoons Open Daily 1 p.m. BE«snera« US the "Tall Man Riding with DOROTHY MALONB BMWT DENNIS MOHb MTY SULLIYAN-O'KEEFE-FREEKAK.JURADO WEUS MASSACRE HERE'S HOW... MAKE A OUN CASI A safe carrier protect* prize' gnus from injury. Two of each of the parts, except D, should be made if the.case is for two guns. For one gun, one of each part is made. Use 1 by 10-inch lumber for D and C. On each part C trace the outline of the gun, and cut out the shapes with a coping saw. Sand the pieces smooth and round the sharp edges of the cut-outs. Attach an 18-inch piano hinge, using 31-inch •crews, recessing the plate. Make the frames, B, mitering the corners and fastening them with glue and 4-penny finishing nails. Use picture •frame clamps until the glue has set; then chisel out a recess on one long edge to accommodate the hinge plate. The hardwood plywood pater face, part A, is attached with f lue and %-inch No. 16 brads, ink the brads and fill th« holes with wood putty. Join the two parti C to part D. one on each side, using wood glue and 1%-inch flathcad wood screws. Countersink the screw heads. When all glued p*rte hare set, fasten the hinges to the lids. Use four small hasps with twist staples to secure the lids. Add a Inggag*' handle, a* shown. finish tb« CM* by Tarnishing. Felt may be used for lining. Cut-outs may be made also for cleaning rods, aa oil can, etc. When you have friends in for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties, you can add to the holiday fiin and at the same time make your home more attractive with a few color- iil, easily made decorations. One of the handiest places to exercise your creative talents is on the living room floor or dining room mirror. According to June Cabot, home arts consultant for Libbey-Owens- Ford Glass Company.mirrar decorations are easy to do, and in their simplicity they have more appeal than complicated decora- ions which require a lot of time :o make. One popular method is a series of free-hand sketches on the glass surface with whipped soapsuds, either plain or mixed with food coloring.Stenciling of more exacting designs can be done witti pe- per patterns and a pressurized can CORNERS CRUDE BEGINNING In 1631, colonists at Salmon Falls River, Maine, built a dam and used water power to operate an up-and-down saw. It was the first power-driven sawmill in America. Today, giant sawmills in the.Doug- las fir region of the west are intricate, precise manufacturing plants operated 'by electricity and electronic controls. PRETTY HEAVY There are sixteen known species of wood native to the U.S. which even when oven dry, have a specific gravity .of over 1.0, which means they will not float in water Some butt logs of west coast hem look have so much-water in them they sink, but when dried, they make one of the ration's most at tractive and lighter weight lumber Summer-time cooking is an enjoyable paatime for this young housewife. -Instead of toiling over a hot 'stove, she's moved her kitchen to -the, patio and cooks on .her Arvin outdoor grill over a charcoal fire while enjoying a cooling breeze. While she's grilling steaks, potatoes and other vegetables wrapped in foil are baiting directly on the cools. lodgepole Pine is Easily Installed The Indians gave lodgepole pine its name by using young trees of the species as poles for their tepees. The lumber is ideal 'for the purpose because- it grows straight with.little taper. There aren't many tepees left these days, but lodgepole pine has many more important characteristics which are being utilized in modern homes. It has an important place in both 'the seen and unseen parts.. Take the case of a homeowner who likes knotty. pine but feels it would be overpowering small room .he has in in a mind. Knotty lodgepole pine, has a small, tight knot pattern, that makes it ideal for such a situation. Lodgepole pine is a top quality material for architectural woodwork and paneling. Available, in patterns and sizes to fit most stock and special- woodwork require- NOW THRU TUESDAY "Isn't this slightly'irregular, with Jack Lammon, Ernie Kovacs, rant (Sing's Wife), Mickey tRooney Pluto Cartoon FIX-UP FOR WINTER COMFORT TRUCKLOAD INSULATION SALE IOOSE MINERAL WOOt Jumbo Bag covers terge area efficiently. Save on fuel. Buy now at a saving. , Ofl PERflAO gULY TTC Cosh and Carry CEILING'TU Insulates os it decorates, beautiful finish*!, easily applied with staple gun we furnish. 12c Ju*t per sq.ft. PLASTERBOARD Easily painted or wall papered. Big easy-to-apply 4x8 sheet, % in. thick. $1.68 Per Sheet WINTER FUEL MONEY SAVERS '• Warps Window Materials • Rubber Weather Stripping • Caulking Compound • Door Felts . Special Door Insulation Kit, Only $2.29 SOUTH SIDE LBR. CO. 811 Burlington Ave. Phone 2319 ments, it can be worked readily by hand or machine tools, making installation comparatively easy. Its soft texture -permits smooth and accurate milling to detailed moulding patterns. Because of its excellent paint and stain hilding characteristics, any of the vast range of modern", finishes may be applied to pro-j duce any interior or exterior deco-j ration theme. Knot resins of the species do not bleed, so knots require no sealing before paint is applied. The wood is easily glued, and its nail-holding power is above average. Lodgepole pine has good insulation qualities and dimensional stability as well as the characteristics of stiffness and resistance to splitting which the Indians found so important in choosing the timber for the. tepee, poles. -These qualities have helped to popularize the wood in the parts of the home that don't show: sheathing,. sub-flooring, and roof deck-ing. . / The species is also a great favor- its for outdoor use because of its ability to take preservatives. A large part of the production goes into poles, mining timbers, fencing, and railroad "ties. In fact, the wood has been used for cross'ties ever since t-He first transcontinental railroad was built' across ! Hie Rocky Mountains.- ' Like the other woods of the western pine -region; • lodgepole pine wifl outlast the service life of the structure of which it is a part with reasonable care in installation and maintenance. COUNT THE RINGS The age of trees grown in:the temperate climate zones (most of the U. S.) can be determined by counting the number of annual rings from bark to pith. The ring growth gives lumber much of its beauty, for when saws cut across a Douglas fir log in a modern sawmill, an intricate pattern and texture of grain develop*. CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 Ironwork Offers B^JUlftw MQVfy Give your horn* a look of dfrifnetton wllh installation of practical, decorative kon- work. Many stylet to choose from. LooMisport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hoitno *. Did I13T Attractive Mirror Decorations Add Color To Holiday Parties of silver or gilt. If you prefer, colored sketches or pictures appropriate to the occasion caa be cut from magazines and pasted directly on the front surface of the mirror. These appealing decorations are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. A light rub with a damp cloth returns the mirror to its original lustre. SBOVEUNG WEATHOl This is good digging and shoveling weather. If you neglected to build that fence you needed last summer, tie West Coast Lumbermen's Association .suggests getting at it this winter. The ground works easier when it is wet and you can set your western red cedar posts and tamp them mor« firmly with heavy, wet earth. LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. with and work space •-... COMPUTE MATERIALS WITH PRE-COT FRAME for 'At tow A* $14.95 TWO EXTRA FEET M WTOTH GIVES YO9 UUS SPACS . pncc for ft room to store window There's space for these, your car and even more garages, only slightly larger than tbe *tanda*d plans for these and other garages . . Com.*. LOGANSPORT LUMBER CO. 719 Spencer St. Ptxme 3067 ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS BUILT and REPAIRED LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural limettone (High tetrtng in caUium mud magnesium.) CAM. US FOKPME ESTIMATE! ' STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVING CONTNACTOM R. K. 6 Phone 3-6358 ONLY WOLF GIVES YOU BLUE HEAT Premium Fuel Oil Additive •MR •MWW (MenWf Mvra offffldMit iMvtt *t eovtofi up •• J^w • , — PLUS — RED STAMPS ION CASH PURCHASES) Per the fame price at ordinary fuel eif. WOLF COAL & SUPPLY 314 Heath Phene 3*90

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