Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1962 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1962
Page 2
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Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune MIAMI COUNTY 'Cannonbair Now Contented Farmer PERU, Ind. (UP!) - William Wiedrich Wilno has been a farmer the last five years, but the 58- year-old German native still revels in the memories of the 30 years he lived as "The Great Wilno, the Human Cannonball." Nowadays he blends into the Miami County agricultural area just like any other dyed-in - the- wool Hoosier farmer. There's nothing about his appearance which gives a hint that he made 14,400 flights from the barrel of a cannon into a net 200 feet away, a total distance of about 550 miles. Battered and burned in a few accidents which marred his circus days, Wilno retired in 1957 to the safety of the countryside in the .area around Peru, known as the "Circus City" because circuses wintered here in their lush year. Wilno wa§ born in Dresden in 1903. He learned watchmaking but joined a circus when he failed to find a job at his trade. He performed in flying trapeze acts until 1928 when he perfected a cannonball show of his own and premiered with a circus tour of Vote Sunday In Algeria For Freedom ALGIERS (UPI) - French •rule of Algeria is in its last days. Algerians will vote Sunday in a referendum that will make the North African territory an independent nation after 132 years under the banner of France. If the highest hopes are realized, the voting will ring down the curtain on 7 l /i years of conflict which has bled France's economy of more than $15 billion and taken the lives of nearly 40C,- 000 persons. But if the Secret Army Organization (OAS) refuses to !cease its killing and bombing, the Wood-letting may go on for days, •weeks or even months. : With independence 'at hand, Algeria faces these questions: • Will the OAS join in the peaceful building of a new Algeria ; Or will the diehards fight on in a last-ditch struggle that could lurn the country 'into another Congo? Expected To Abstain Most of Algeria's Europeans, who numbered about one million before the recent mass exodus, are expected to abstain from the referendum that revolves around this question: "Do you want independence and continued cooperation with France?" But the great majority of the territory's nine million Moslems are considered certain to vote "yes." Still unknown is exactly what kind of government will eventually come into being in the new Algeria. The French hope it will continue to cooperate closely with France and look more to the West than to the Communist world. But experts believe it will be a "neutralist" regime like Mo- locco, Tunisia and the United Arab Republic with considerable ties to the Communist bloc as well as to the West. Looms As Strongman Mohammed Ben Bella, whose release from more than five years of French captivity was one of the Evian agreements agreements which led to the referendum, is expected to become the prime minister and "strong man" of the new government. The present premier of the gov. ernment - in - exile, Ben Youseff Khedda, probably will be steered into the largely honorary job of president. As soon as the'result of Sunday's voting is announced — possibly by late Monday — French rule here will cease. Sovereignty iand responsibility for law and order is to be handed over to the mixed Moslem - European provisional executive which has headquarters presently at Rocher Noir, 30 fliUes east of Algiers. Urban Renewal WASHINGTON. (UPD—The' Urban Renewal Administration announced today the division of community planning at Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind., will receive a $22,868 grant to aid two cities and a county in preparation of growth and development plans. The cities are Brazil and Mounl Vemon, and the county is Brown. The grant, plus $11,434 in local funds, will finance 18 months of work on base maps, studies ol physical resources, land use, eco nomic base, population, public utilities and thoroughfares. Europe. A booking agent signed him for a 17-week performance in • the Jnited Stales, and from then tm was a major attraction all around the country. When he retired, Wilno parked he cannon to gather dust on his 90-acre farm. Two years ago he sold it to Louis Munoz, now with he Clyde Beatty - Cole Brothers Hircus. Before the sale, however, Wilno's son, Harvey, 21, a trapeze artist in his own right, 'took one last trip from cannon barrel .b net for sentimental reasons. Wilno is a key figure'in Peru's annual' Festival Circus and twice weekly he spends a night in the ligh school gymnasium coaching youngsters in the art of trapeze and aerial work. Wilno had some narrow escapes as the human cannonball. Once, due to a pressure loss in .he mechanism propelling him rom barrelto net, he fell short of his goal and wound up with a dislocated shoulder and strained muscles. Another time, Wilno was burned seriously by a powder explosion during a shot. Wilno explained that powder is< not a necessary ingredient to a cannon shot, but it provides atmosphere for the spectators. "Without a loud boom and 'lames, the act is nothing," he said. "People expect it." POETIC LICENSE ASHFORD, Conn. (OPD— Dog Warden Andrew C. Seles, who believes in the friendly approach, uses this poetic reminder to pay pet license fees: "If you have a dog that is faithful and true, "Get him a license when it is due. "If you wait until after the time, "You all know you will pay a line." WALTON WOMAN GOES TO ALASKA WALTON — Mrs. Mary Conner has gone to Soldatna, Alaska, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee Conner and daughter. The Elmer Thomas family is visiting relatives in . Oklahoma. The Keith Walker family of Logansport visited Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walker recently. Mr. and Mrs, Obie' Chambers of Largo, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wiley of Kokomo and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shaffer were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Max Bruner Saturday evening. Mrs. Mae Reid attended a Cafeteria School at Purdue. Dr. and Mrs. Roscoe Fellers of Alma, Michigan visited relatives here. . '' • . Lewis "Dick" Babb is a surgical patient, at the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. '-. i Mr. and "Mrs. Coonie Turner accompanied Mrs. Goldie Turner to her home in Michigan. . ' Morris Layman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Layman was stung by bees at his home Sunday. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment and dismissed Monday. The Willing Workers Class of the Methodist Church will meet Friday, June 29, in the home of Mrs. Sarah Cook'. Co-hostess is Mrs. Minnie Knight. By United Press International Northern 3rd Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK: Temperatures will average near normal. Normal highs 82 to 87. Normal lows 60 to 65. Warmer Thursday and Friday with no important temperature changes remainder of period. Precipitation will average about three-fourths of an inch in scattered thundershowers beginning about Friday. Central & South Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK: Temperatures will average normal. Normal highs 84 to 88. Normal lows 63 to 67. Only minor day-to-day temperature changes. Precipitation will average around one-half inch in showers and scattered thundershowers mostly around the weekend. Szefc to Daniels PERU—Theodore George Szefc has told the Miami circuit court he is tired of spelling and pronouncing his name. Szefc is seeking to have his name, which is of Polish origin, changed to Anthony Daniels. NEVER BEFORE! HAVE FLANEGIN'S OFFERED A 13.2 CU. FT. G-E 2 DOOR REFRIGERATOR AT SUCH A LOW PRICE Model TB 304W Reg. $299.95 NOW ONLY $ 249 95 w. t. -LOOK AT THESE FEATURES- 3.1 cu .ft. zero-degree freezer holds up to 108 Ibs. Four cabinet shelves (1 slide-out) 2 porcelain vegetable drawers Butter compartment , • Removable rack Aluminum door.shelves (adjustable) SPECIAL COUPON OFFER AIR MATTRESS & •BEACH RAFT™' I NOW DURING THIS SALE LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY COUPON LIMITED TO ADULTS ONLY 5-Day Forecast Wednesday Evening, June 27, 1962, Health And Safety Tips For The 4th biggest picnic day of the year is approaching — July 4. There will be company picnics, church picnics, lodge picnics and just plain family-and-friend picnics. Parking and table space will be at a premium in every picnic spot in the United Stales. With the picnics will come bruises and cuts and scratches and strains and sunburn and sore muscles the next day. These are "occupational hazards" of July 4 picnics and usually aren't serious. WHAT MIGHT be more serious will be food poisoning. The weather is, hot on July 4 and foods spoil quickly. It a few of the staphylococcic bacteria that are the most common cause of food poisoning are present, only a few hours of time, combined with warm temperature are needed to cause real trouble. Food can be handled safely on picnics in warm weather if the family chef keeps in mind a few precautions. .LEAVE THE sandwich ingredients, including bread, in the original wrappers and containers and make up your picnic sandwiches on the spot, just before mealtime. Ham spoils quickly at warm temperatures and if you favor ham sandwiches, take the ham along in a can and open it just before serving. Potato salad is another favorite picnic food. It also spoils quickly. Take the hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and mayonnaise (in its sealed jar) and mix the salad-at the last minute. The picnic icebox, pro]>erly insulated, is an excellent food saver. It should have a tight lid and there should be plenty of ice. Items stored in the refrigerator should be well chilled before placing in the picnic box. BE CAREFUL about pies. Cream-filled bakery goods spoil quickly on a hot day. Take fresh fruits for dessert. Stick to can- nedVuffs and sealed jars and bottles than can be opened just lie- lore using. The July 4 picnic is one of America's great traditions, It is a time (if great fun for all. Don't overdo '!he strenuous games and sports in the July heat and safeguard your picnic foods. Don't let food poisoning spoil your outing. ASKED FOR SUSPENSION WASHINGTON (UPD- Maurice A. Hutcheson, president of lh« AFL-CIO Carpenters Union, has asked that his six-month jail sentence arid $500 fine for contempt of Congress be suspended. The lil-year-old labor leader's request for probation was filed in U.S. District Court Tuesday, the day after the Supreme Court refused to reconsider a decision upholding his conviction, Elmer's Gold Brick CANDY BARS 89 Bight RUKVK! to Limit Quontiliw THURSDAY, FRIADY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY Men., Toe*., Thurt., Sat., 8 a. m.-8 p. m. Wed., 8 o. m. 7 p. m. Friday 8 a. m.-9:30 p. m.- Sunday 9 a. m.-6 p. m. Phone 4417-RxDepr^3382 BROILER FOIL REG. 67' Cheflme 25-ft. roll; 1_8 w.de. REW ON ALCOHOL t »»"»"« Reg. 29c MAR-0-OIL SHAMPOO __. • —•—• REG. 1.69 SIMONIZ VINYL WAX FOR ALL FLOORS —-—•— SOCIETY BRAND BATHROOM TISSUE REG. 1.20 VALUE ORIGINAL SUPER FOAMY 14 ex. PLUS a FREE STA-SOFT SPONGE 10 Rolls Let Ms .Firice Your Next Prescription ... and then: IfCf WITH AN} **»-' JYSTt*, SMMIUIUIWIT, And ... hen. 1 you pay NO extras, NO "membership" costs, monthly carrying charges or dues. You don't have to waix and wonder when your medicine will arrive bj' mail or if it ca\v be sent by mail. Walgreen prescription service is prompt, complete, reliable —AND economical. SAVE WITS SAVE WITH COHfltlfHCf i... right at your nocrrby WALGREfNS > ROYAU WHITE A PETROLEUM JELLY ^ A 2.00 VALUE $1-37 - REG. 1.20 VALUE r c Petroleum Jelly White, Pounc! Jar. QQC 49''Royal' 00 Squibb Mineral Oi Pepto-Bismol 4-011 Reg. size, 59e BUFFERIH ;;ir' 0 tablet... 51*91 Fed. T« CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 10 I*. 69c CHARCOAL LITRE FLUID Reg. 49c Qt. Coin 44c Fly Old Glory on the FourtW 3x5' Flag i>mplete -with i-foot wooden - polein2sec- flod bracket mount. Safety Flares 7.Cup Electric PERCOLATOR 333 IUL approved I "Enterprise" Big Pock of 100 24*in. Pa|ler %? ««»-« "*"" dt"» •••« | 8-in.size AAr. I L ^,. ^m ••*•* GRILL 8-in. size _ China'white "Bondware". Grid adjusts up «*! down-, revolves. Has easy rolling wheels. $599 C66 quality. 2-jb. Kingsfe BAR-B-BftSE J For better grill fires. 89c —~ Solid insulation, all the ^ny through, hoWs cold longer. "Aretfc quality. SUPERIOR 62" x 28" Reg. AIR MATTRKS. 36 • Long drivel • True roll! Popular "PO-DO GOLF BALLS Compare 85c kind! •109 NOSE CLIP 5Oe quality. Keeps water out of nose—* 25e Ear Brvm 4 Qe B-^»«<-»nrs...»—~ * ** Protectors.. You sure will TAN, sure won't burn with SEA & SKI lets in more tanning rays-^• blocks out most burning rays —helps you get best of the sun! Cool-Rcfy Potoroid Sunglasses SKI Men's rag- *fl QQ ged frame T »7P or women's wraparound.. PLASTIC SQUEEZE BOTTLE 1 35 4oz. 25% More Absorbent! Pack 10 Pursettes Cdfnpana tampons. Pack 40 1.59 RUB-OFF RESISTANT Esquire LANOL WHITE For White Shoes : 3-ounce . Here's Your Best Buy! Save on 25 Cigars .Super-mild Tampa Smokers. Pliofilm keeps them fresh! REG. $ 1.19 KODAK BROWNIE Starmite Flash Outfit Compact camera with built-in flash; film, bulbs and batteries. Buy all the film that you think you'll need. Return unopened tolls for full cash refund! YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE at your *Wa&j*jzeK> Drue Store d|l purpose FILM 11ROILPAC! 1 FILM AT SAVINGS OPEN 4th OF JULY -9 A. M. TIL 6 P. M.

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