The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1931
Page 8
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SATURDAY, MAY 2. 1931 i ARK. I (.W! P.lfH NTWP Rugged Power In His Make-Up on Far niand 1:1 Foundry Gave Klein's Back 'and \Vi'is ; s Powsv Indians Are Beaten. P>p at I ouh; ui:'fl the Chionflfi C' 1 !) 1 - 'o In -lay. lu tl 'Inns I'i'l reliiii'd ll'p'" lo tin- Macks downed Hie Yanks Clto'w F.ani'haw h:><-k in form. Card hiirtor, jja*-e r\ s"ittcrrjrl hits while liirirhcd their blllltes (iff nnd 'IViichout for a C to a cii"iiph. Gi-.L'hy Harivlt of (lie iiins I'll 'i homer. Blunt of the • i"p>» fnr extra '{i'"lilp Crilz wielrlPd a ]>ol?nt I fur live hiu as the New York the Bu-(rm i. It wns L!:P Ci'ants' fourth .iliilit vlittnry. Grit?.' IMlliir; i'l- homev. Walker !.H. tlie Jostonlnm down with seven hits itonl Tim pMtvl'iiruh Pirates won over K- Cinc'imall Reds fi to 4 In cleat Pittsburgh. Carroll, fp"iyl !n Ihe winning i to- thi Corsairs. rl 'o Ilrooklvn beat, Ihe ;i"i"! K lo * ""ill old Joe Shautc "•»" Ihc Phi's r'ou'n in p-'sv ii'inn. Chunk Kp.H".'.« .,, pl . -•• |i,« r«!ison ™it 11"- Phils at a bascljall ninj- be gained fl•(>^l tliru-jgh. Chuck is pictured :lt llu- muthcr who lives at Southpurl, Ind tentacles Chuck wraps nroull'l \hc KIMTOK'S NOTi:: Till: last ri a s'rlri nf thve" ell tlie remarkable luscbill n-l- vrr.lurvs of Chink K!C'T I'V'a- delplila slue-'rr N V O iu years has dcvelo* 1 *'! from a li-isher lo en? nf th* n>'»sl valuable players in th? BY WH.MAJl 'BKAIICIHIilt NEA Service SjKrls- Kill lor NEW YOh"\.—S'juiCft'licrp aim-' the line In his four year*, of pr> f?f3lonal baseball. Clmtk Klfin was nicknamed "Ihc PowiM-hctiw." why nal? When the six-tool Chuck s liis 185 nmimls of sinow and iwisrle. conrentraU'd i" the lerrlfic "enl" of a as-omiT HI you ' get an Id;a of w!ll-illrcct"i' power like lhal exoressecl bv 111" whirring dynamo In an eleclrlc plant. Tlie Phllly slugger lakes th; bi' nt the end of the handle in a pair of husc hands that (trip like I'i' steel, he used to loll with. The handle disappears. i ."He swings with wrists and with a back that Is stronger than mb" Puth's." says h's niannsier. Hurl Ehotlen, "and I lhln<; he 1ms a 'I'iPfC^ halural battlne eye lhar. Hornsby." Chuok himself says he gol lhal haek pulling weeds on the farm an boy, and his hick airJ wrists \VP.~? developed during his four years of labor In th: s'.uol rii'ls. Tie has a fine sens'? of thu'in Kl in says himself that he wnnlf lo see the ball only during th? IT I 10 feet of its niilit IT -<i"rt hi' swing or lo pass il up. He swings ruicklv. nearly as quickly as a "char) hitter" and there is hardly nnv effort expressed in the movement. It looks easy. .Many of Klein's hoim "runs, ot course, are made in IV.e Phils' unrk \vh'ch has R short risrtil lie!:! fence Klein admits he alms, lib drives in tint direction. "Why nol?" he asked me rmc" "If I can hit 'cm over tint wall, I/ th?re any reason to try t-> hit Ir Izft'flcU? Besides I've midj pbntv of hems runs In the Gain's' Pi- mlif and Cubs' parks. In Philadelphia I made •a.MotWoI-t*o-his' hits one season lhat wiuM havr been any of those othe r parks. They hit the wall in Phlllv en a line, just as they wer- start- in? to get going. Tile drive air' carry would have meant l;o:n:rs ir any.of those other parks. "There's quite a lot of luck in n honier. I've hit singles that ha v just as much wood behind tlium a' n .home run. Homers are not miia 1 more than long flies, aft^r air. oiv them the lift and punch anU they ridj. Klein's batting style is not un- likr; that of Al Simmons, «-hr smacks his homers in Ihe other nhiladelphia ball park. Like Al Chuck often, has bjen accused o! "pulling his foot in- the buck™!"— Ihe trade term for drawinj bac'. th^ fool nearest the pitcher—Mr he has an explanation for'that, tor- "I swing clear around." hr: siW "and maybe it docs look as If I kick Ihe bucket with mv rl»ht loot Bui I do that In ' pulling toward right field. T hit a lot of inside bill- that way also lhat I woukl cilch on the handle if I stepped right cu! toward the pitcher." An IJea of thp terrific eut t'.ial "Powcrhousp" Chuck K!?ln takrs (he picture of the 1'hllly sluj-gtr at the rljlit, shuulnf his follow left picklny a suitcase for a rond trip, ami below, writing to his the. hanrts holdins th; bawling ball, at Ihe top, arc tlic same big cnj of a bat li»iv.!ls wh:u ho tro:s up to slam one oat of the parlt. as ^<? STARS y it- APT IvPRNZ What Is the surest way ot jcttlns oul nf bunkers? Tlic- average golfer neglects llil= department of play. A large percentage of players will practice wood and Iron shots and putting but rarely do you encounter 6:12 ,)ra:lic!ng bunker shots. Bobby Jones believes the suns'. way cf gcttiiK; dnt of a bunker Is lo rely entirely -0:1 t'nc explosion. THIS 15 JkW ACTION SKETCH OF WALTER HAGEN PLJWI«G AM EXPUX!C<J SHOT, HffiEM UVS HIS CWB WELL BACK , AWO HITS fflE / SAMO FlR 11 ^ ' A300T AW IU BACK OF.THE 1)H) YOU KNOW THAT— Race drivers who compete In the Indlanniiolis Memorial Day rnccs, pay S2fK) n day for $10,CCO worth of Insurance from Lloyds of England . . . but they need it only for n day .... The Lake Forest Country club of Cleveland offered Denny Shute »10,000 a year lo become Us pro . . . nnd Denny look it, with the modification In his contract that leaching wiis to be secondary to the development of his own game . . . Gen. Cllnnln, head of tile Illinois Athletic Commission, will be ready lo 'welcome Mickey Walker inlo the heavyweight picture Just as soon ns the Mick disposes of Maxie Rosenbloom. . . but Ihc Rosenuloom nnd Walker people arc nil good friends, yon see ... not that a WalUsr- Rcsenbloom bout would be the first lime good friends met I: a priz; rin-ji oh no, no. no! HOW THEY STAND Southern Like nearly every lett- handcdbatter, Klein has had trouble with southpaws nil his life When he came to the big leagues Burt Shotton almost despaired o' hh ability to hit bfl-handcrs Cruck seemed awkward againsi them. "I have done everything I could - tc> curs him," said Burt. "Even chance I got I drummer! into him Iho idea that lie cDuW hit southpaws Just as easily as he could comb th? rijht-handers. I have even gone out my way to give him a cHance lo face a left-hander. "Now he's got the confidence against southpaws that lie lacked when h.2 came up. He cuts Inti lhc:n wilh trc same Ireo anri eas; swing thai he us;s aja'.nsl right hinders." • • * I asked Burl about his fielding. "You see where he's playing on there, don't you?" was the replj (Klein was shifted from right ftc! to center this year.) "I woukin have him but there in the mlddl if he co-jldh't go get 'em. He wa only a lair fielder when he cam to the team, btu hs has learn: foster than anybody I ever piayc •or worked with." When Klein was purchased. In mmey that President Baker of U- P'lils ssnt lo Fort Wayne was re allzod from the sale of Hub Pruei When Baker told Shottori that I: was going to sell Pructl and u Ihe t6000' lo buy a Central Leagi ball pliyer, Shotton was horrified "I can take Pruett ond IrarJc hli for a good ball player rlghl in th league, and maybe two," Burl to Boss Baker. I aslted Burt about that, too 1 admitted It; "But I'm not bragging obo that," were, his last words. wnm Blni'livlinin . MtniDhis Atlanta Little Heck .. Nashville Mobil,-! New Orlennr, Chattanooca . National St. Lfuls Now York Chicago BoMon Pittsburgh Philadelphia ..'... Brooklyn Cinelnnnli To make [lie explosion shot, imbed the foot firmly In the smul. I Ihe face ot Ihc club well back prevent driving the hall cither io Ihe bunker or over the green. d take a comfortable swin':. hit- ig aboul (in Inch behind l!:e bnll isn't necessary lo lunije nl Ihc II or ID Inkc a Ion of sand. Play Buffaloes at Monette \VaEhInglon .8 Chicago 7 New York a Detroit • 0 Philadelphia fi and Pelicans Are'Ku b ":::::::::::::; I Virt'ms: Pnhs. ] nnkoilts, Chicks and Vols Idle. game and f <zame were: "•rru'iil of rain. Tim l^npi-,^ Irnrlint Barons dp- fnolorl M.~ MI.-U Or'^ns PellP.«ns 7 in •; ...|th Bnh iiisiv nltrhlni; tt«.i(lv bill to besl llirpe P«l l-"Tl- ! "f=. I,ncc hit a homer for New. Thp Mobile MnrliiPS werl 12 IH-.IP^ in dnfenl. the Al'anin | (••-""Irpr, •> to | Mr-Coll Of Mobile I in'I Morrl<p.n nrd Frnnck of lli« i "•""t hooked up In n twlrlin« duel. I Mrrricon was jerked when th« Mp-in"* sconxl a ri'n in the eighth t-. tip. th ft ponnl. The wlnnlnR run C-'IUP -nn two buses on ball, a single nnd a sacrifice fly. j nlrl tl"iF: form, warmed HIP. hearts f.,-u- bV ^ Y-'nkc^s to thr-n hil.< Hie A'c wnn 4 lo 0. s<= hurlp'l ppfxl bill ln'l nni rnat^-h Fnnisliaw. Ilno.s n'td ^rnro'-R for the Mackiuen. •i.n T>."-ln" p-'l Pis !•"•>! ..''•'ni-ton S'ii"tors h" 10 to -1. •v- Rns'cl! scillei-Pd t>v 10 hits hit Hie offerinss ot thn Washing- lr.'i lmrl"vs for U Wn^lPS- Indiana were - c bv R'llllvtin. DP'roil rfllof -Icr sta-ll'ii; Ills first came, wllii n 4 to 2 defeat. Harder hnth pitchcrl sor-d th» Tiner^ bimehed thrir seven M'.s u-llh i-'ettP'- luck. Sloi-,^ nf |l:c Tlq"rs stole home on a double "l?''l in l.lie sixth inning. Til" Brownies fot nine hits of Vic Frnzler but lliev v.-pre widely ^aitcr--l and thp Chicago Wliitc S*v wvn. fl lo 2. Tl'c Chtaicc -re- •--. crnil iH-sted Cnffnian of the Hrown 1 ;. The wi-i wns the fourth straMit for Chie.ico nnd the straight d:fcat tor St. Lculs. tlio barrier's dirk, fnrc? the prsc; al! the way. shake off chaUcnser air! tin '-:lpr un'isr wirp a v:inncr i^nrrl in t!i" i lilll" lint ^'Mfi&wn^ [t , ff I Kentucky pt through a bill in horses that run there. sh vo'.CD, 1312 banning the L-ojkinaker. The I w°nt. ii" '. Kunnsl found same second-'r.and I wil—anrl al! paii-inntucl machines in ville pawnshop. i:isl,ill:-J Churchill Uowni and rnc'r.l is i an ancient charter 'that leja'.i: 1 mutuel •-OH I "'''>' c ' 1 ' n French '" e;1 , with Maurice Clievaler. Lily language filiiis D.T- i iti anri ether stars, declf —.. — . . clar.^rt t.^-'-v ( ,\ must fttu ( ( i transla'-'--;. v r lhat European actors Hollywood's celluloid or onlv American actors would ftl- \ have film jobs in two years. He !s I or?ttni?.i-ig Enroiwan uctori T i> J - ' • To Race in State Meet CONWAY. Ark.—Omlifvl"7 two Prevented by rain from iilayini: .icir first game of the season al nir.->. 111. lasl Sunday, the Bly- licvilio Red Sox will meet the •-,n»t;,; Buffalccs nt Monette iunday. The recently organized local in- !=i>iMidont club will have a strong inc-up to send againsi the highly, "'en in the 100 and 220 yard dnsh»t -i led IJr.ffalocs according to ui' 1 " lh" shot rut. one in the -"n- Johti Smith, busii'css manager. A n'ni ,hich jnnn, lnnm"r, m'snK lumber of fans will probablv ac-•• * nf> l"v<!lin and two relnv cvrnl«. company tly? team to Monette. JLitllc Rock lilph school lookM hn«i The Sox will open their koine' to again cop the track and fi-i-l season here Friday wilh the Osce-jmrH °f the Arkansas Athletic ola Indians furnishing the oppo- ""Ifttion followln» rrellm'n^ries 1 Lat;ly he has had a political bit- lie on his hands in Kentucky, but at stalrr! nerir>-i=: w'i°n t 1 --- ^ m_' counted, the ol'kunnel is I wnvs first under lh-: wiie. from Chic.-igs ana till!'. Liiu-otn Fields, a racing - establls'im?.it \vltlioul peer in t^e world txlay. News Want A;)s r-. nvH v-l'h an lrls!i-lilt«r| mse and "ikllnir Irish eve. Hut. !ir> is r> n-r with a nshtitr^ heart. A tattler! i- Uo'ikies T"-"> nr^ttv fnir : formed from Ihe ^ o ni lo have nnt earlv wroks of th" n How dors strike " ".. KS H) .... Wilk"-. rf sinl'K. nr .. cmuhil^n li t^is col Almost sin^le-lnn-ric th" ' i ^rcim Pir-t th" <-rs» to i.he n-'ini of ull"r in thp end lip won lh •>-- ! -ir>i"n*. nf a in Kenti'-tv. for<-^rt the -'"kev Cln ; nnd. in 1107. '•lull with his fm-ii nr- iniT th: Ix>uisville nac- GAMES TODAY w m mm w^'m i n t in any language/ CO Wh?n the - Ai!;n<it admit. Jr-mrs Cherry & Railroad Phone 1 \ COllini-litir-M. Win-i n: ! th-? •"-ii? Wel - a<.kp-l nim-lio:-so n Tlntler callfvi Knnnel h»«t nlqht mr-n'hs Winn's li»ln. n rur- T at E-inirc City drawn from the lisU .I-:rk?v Cln' 1 approval — was - announced. . A turf 'vnr tlirpa*cn?fi in Orlrans. T.-.e Kmnel stopped it. Dnrk Days. Things looked ji-lc [or rar-in- i" horses from New York. Illinois t-vik 0 *;imllir notion. Tlie ppl?s nf thn fi:if?t r.icin^ nlanls in Ihe coun! r " wen- I)?:IIT closed bv dlsainrovai. Rv»n in KentirrkV' HIK s throatmcd. Colnnol \Vinn r.i'l'~.l Nashville at Memphis '2 games). Chattanooga ?t Utlic Reck. Aibvla nl Mobile-. niriuincham at New Orl.-nns. American SI. 1 mi Is at Ctiica'n. Clevelnn't nl. Detroit. >'"»• Yor': Wash, nt Tioston llv.o National League Biclon m New York. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Cincinnati nl Pitlsburgh. Chicago at St.. Ixilils. OIN'CINNATi, O. (UP)—A cessor to the lale "Uncle Jo^" Cannon. la!o .vieaker of Iho i?"i)'-»icnlatlvps who held Ihe till- I nf ti'p cl.-lrst living praduat- of lh' | Univcrslti- of Cincinnati .sought. Alumnal officials are sr-.iri.-h- ling 10.000 records to discover W'-P Is !!•>»• th>? oldest grad. Thus h> the most likely candidate Is Dr. \V Eberl" Thompson. Bethel. O., wli. titlcn. Osceola Indians Play At Dymburg Sunday OSCEOLA. Ark.—Tho O.ceoh fn- dinns will jouinjy into Tennessee Sunday to m?3t the fast Dye^sburg o'mT Memorial stadium her- vrc- i ^_ r te-dav afternoon. Finals will t . j 6\UERS,-S<*E stmzod todav. i J. T. Crate was the onlv o-.» of three Blythevllle truck Hirs ter the nrelimlnarlrs lhal p"abll"T him t^ f"iter the H th"! 440-vnrd dfsh in which nlnrpd i^r.nnrl In on A hiqt. Crn'?. shot law airt himm the second game of the series, the first resulting In a vlclory for Osceola. The Tribe has nol lost a garni 'his season but Is expecting some strong oip-jsltlcn from ihc Tcmias- seans Suday. Osceolo added a younj Brave this week. Richard Tale, property o[ Denver In the Weslern League refused U> report and was taken on by the Indians. He will get into the game Sunday. Ecaton or Foreman will twirl for Os:cola while Hy Fowlkcs is slated 19 hurl Cor Dy«r«burg. I. O. WcsthroDk, discus heaver ed lo qualify. With O'il« one man ninUlM i. -*" pvpnt Blvt^-^vilh Is cprt.v"i t •<: •riin'"' list vcar U. F. ri! r i*in Chlcknsaws lv as the )' ~int man of the meet. Rowp of FI Dorndo. LiPorec nt Llllle Rock and Gray of Conway loomed as sur<-«- srirs to Brogrion. who graduated last year. The world tolal of ships Is 20 718, having &),3<M,M« tonnage. » n -'. 55^"17 of th" second t":*!' ;>0 CC' 1 '-*'! Of th" 'r<il/> r-«ni"r - . ^->-n rholrei Tims. >r rt -vin O and Repairs FCRSALF, BY DAN M. DUNCAN At BRQM & BILLINGS, Old Locaticr Mexico and carried on nt .IiiT- 1 -. j so Uial trip snort mltM nnt b- lo=t : to America. He saved r.irinv fro'n ! _ ^vtnt hokfd like sure daath. Finn!- I "_ ly Juarez was n flop—bill the ni2n- j The Or Humid. in 1873 a kl-1 H years "I- 1 •ot a thrill he remembers li Ihi' <:ay. The kid was Colonel Malt J. Winti nnd Ihe Ihrill was Ihc flrsl HcnliiLky Dfrfcy ever nm. He saw ArUtldt'S tak« the lead at Ttitim Dishing Wont CLASSIFIED Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Del No. 2, @ 550.00 per ton l>c!f»s 911, @ S!f..OO per ton. Sml guaranteed pure and scrminalion test 98" . This Mis-Del is one year from breeding station. Staple 1 1-8 inch, thirds itself. The most satisfactory cotton I have ever grown. Prices F. 0. B. Gridi'r. Maj. F. P. Jacobs Crider, Ark. Chicago Mill ^ Lurnbc r Corporation '

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