The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland on July 20, 1949 · Page 1
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The Capital from Annapolis, Maryland · Page 1

Annapolis, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 20, 1949
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Evtning Capital od» bring results beccftist 95% of the tamiljm at Greater Annapolis read this newspaper. UN mm Fair and warm again ronight. Thursday con- finued warm and humid, s c a t t e r e d t showers. VOLLXX -- NO. 170. ANNAPOLIS, MD., WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1949 I'l HI I Ml K l M N I) \ \ I S . I M N « . K \ ( KIT v ( \ I - I T U I . I TV FIVE CENTS County Farms Display Soil Conservation Anne Arundel county fanners had a wealth of tributes ana oratory to mull ov^rtoday, as the second of the Southern Maryland coil conservation tours, moved off into Prince Georges county. Three show places in the county program were spread out before them yesterday, and a host of speakers hammered home all day long the virtues of good soil conservation. Governor Lane touched off a drainage dlteh blasting in the morning. An outdoor luncheon and bird dog field trials followed ·t noon. 2,000 Acres But the backdrop to all of this ceremony was the chief target of attention. Green contours of corn rolling around the hillside were offset by alfalfa and a deep blue July sky. From the vantage point of the Townshend farm. Soil Conservationist Marshall Augustine pointed out 2,000 acres within a two-mile radius all under the conservation program. · In a rapid fire patter he listed the various practices set up on each farm -- diversion terraces, strip cropping, pasture Improvement, and farm ponds. A veritable garden of crops was seen to have reolaced the old parallel rows of tobacco. King Tobacco County Agent Stanley E. Day pointed out "tobacco is still king," bat for the last 20 years the people have been slowly breaking away from the on? crop system. A basically good soil, a progressive and intelligent group of (Continued On H«ie Two) Take Statements Members Of Of Witnesses To Annexation Crabber Shooting Group Named /Capital S t u f f r i i i i l o i i y HUSK P u i i n v v n v ) SOU CONSERVATION WEEK opens under a blazing sun on the farm of Oscar Gri mesnearDavidsonville. Above, some of the 500 who braved the heat to hear Governor Lane and other speakers ion truck at rear) and see a drainage ditch blasted. Election Cost Questioned Council Names New Committees Dr. French Reappointed Health Officer Stop Streets In Eastport Named All Eastport streets running east and west, except Sixth street, were designated as boulevard streets by the board of County Commissioners yesterday. All other Eastpprt streets were designated, .secondary,'and will re- Mayor Roscoe C. Rowe was | named head of four City Council committees last night when the committee list for the new administration was approved by the · Aldermen. j The new committees follow: j Finance--Mayor, chairman; Al-1 deiSlen Harry R. England and i Arthur T. Elliott. Market House and Dock--Alder-; man Robert H. Campbell, chairman; Alderman Oliver W. H. McNeill and John J. Stehle. Street--Alderman Arthur G. Ellington, chairman; Aldermen Campbell and Stehle. Public Library and Insurance-- Dr. William J. French was reappointed City Health Officer for another year last night by the City Council after his services had been commended. It was pointed out that the city code only allows the appointment to be made for a year at a time. The original motion by Tldennan Arthur G. Ellington was that he be reappointed for a four-year term. The Council approved Alderman Ellington's motion that a letter be written Dr. French commending him upon the good services he has rendered the city. He said if the city had to pay the full cost of the services of Dr. French and hjs. Health Department it Council Creates New City Post A new city position--assistant to the City Clerk at $1.500 annually--was created last night by the City Council. Mrs. Katherine E. Linthicum, reappointed City Clerk for four years was absent on vacation las,t night and the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Mrtj. Mary Lucy Kerchner. Toward the end of the meeting Mayor Roscoe C. Rowe said there was need for an assistant to the City Clerk, and said that Mrs. Kerchner was an excellent stenographer and would be able to assist Mrs. Linthicum. ';.'· '-. aa Hwrry To Probe $1027 Bill Sent City Ordinance Would Change City Law On Fire Marshal Statement* of at leaM eight w i t nesses are expected to be on their w a v today to Governor Lane in a Maryland a t t e m p t to extradite a Virginia Coikseivation deputy on a murder charge. The statements are bein,- obtained by E. McMaster Duer.. Somerset county State's Attorney. "The more witnesses we have who say the murder was done in Maryland, the better is our chance of success," said Duer. The State will attempt to bring David Acree to Maryland to be tried on a charge of shooting and killing Earl Lee Nelson. 50-year- old Crisfleld crabber. The Maryland crabber was shot on his boat July 5. Duer has been obtaining statements of witnesses to support a ciaim that the shooting was on Maryland's side of Chesapeake Bay. He said the papers should reach Attorney General Hall Hammond today for forwarding to ' Lane. Virginia also has a murder war! rant against Acree and is p:e' paring to try the deputy in the Old Dominion. Virginia authon- ! ties claim they also have witnesses who place the shooting in Virginia waters. Acree had said Nelson was shot accidentally when the crabber grabbed for the deputys rifle. Acree boarded Nelsons boat from a Virginia Conservation plane. Predict Showers For Tomorrow Three proposed ordinances, one of which admittedly is designed A bill for $1,027.40 which the j to pave the way for the naming County Board of Election Super- of a successor to Fire Marsha! visors sent the City Board of | Jesse A. Fisher, were introduced Election Supervisors to cover costs j in the City Council last night of the city primary and general i anc j referred to th» By-Laws and elections, whicri has been paid, I ordinance Committee brought protest from some mem- ordlnances were presented Counselor Louis Strauss to in- Two appli ; * th vestigate and report back to t h e ) TM wmle the third would pro- Council · hlblt any officer or employe of the -. _ ._ ,, . . . city entering into a contract or Mayor Roscoe C. Rowe, pointmg merchan dise. services, labor, ?* that ^ _ had previously re- 1 material or insurance to the cit , Scattered showers tomorrow are expected to cool off the area temperatures slightly for a brief spell. . according to the five day weather '· forecast today. Thursday will be fair and slightly cooler, it predicts, but over the weekend warm weather with scattered showers or thunder storms are expected. | To the west across the Great · Lakes and Canada another cold front is reported, v/hioh will probably 3 account for the weekend showers, etc. Ti-p tour Annapolis members of ' the Annapolis Annexation Charter : .Commission were appointed today by Mayor Rusroe C. Rowe, acting under auliuriiaiioii by the C i t y Council. Those appomied are: Noah A. : HlKman. First W a r d . Capt. Charles ' C. Slayton. USN ' ret Second 1 Ward; Mrs. Henry M Robert. Jr., ' Third Ward, and Dr. Ans T. Allen. Fourth Ward. The Mayor called Mrs. Robert, who was executive director of the Annapohs Tercentenary Celebration, at Ocean City. Md. by telephone, and she' accepted the appointment. County Members The Board of Anne Arundel County Commissioners on Tuesday appo.nted the four member! who must come from the metropolitan area of Annnpolis. They i are Winston. U. Gott. Jr., East' p o r t ; M e i v i n Schlo.isman. Homewood: William Man in. Fairfax and Clarence E. Johnson. Cedar Part Under a State ia\v. which becam* effective June 1. these eight must meet and select a ninth member, who will be chairman of the com- mis.on. This member must ba a registered voter of Anne Arundel county who lives outside of Annapolis and the Annapoiis Metropolitan district. To Make Stud.v The Commission Ls directed to make a full study of the Annapolis :annexation situation, set up the i limits of territory to be annexed, lay out wards, study the financial 1 situations involved, and report its recommendations to tiie Mayor and Aldermen of Annapolis. The Com] mission a^so has the power to call | a special annexation election, and to provide for the election of ! Alderman in the election to represent the annexed area in th« City Council of the Greater An' napolis. I Edwards Asks State To Pay to stop^Wfore"tSatertag boulevards. The policy on the streets was lars. Alderman Bernstein i established at the request of Earl j chairman; Aldermen Stehle and i K. Barber, of the Greater Eastport Civic Association. .The County Manager was directed to have the appropriate signs placed at the intersections of the secondary streets. M'CORMACK TO FUNERAL SERVICES FOR MRS. TAYLOR HELD TODAY , BE BURIED WITH Water Board--Mayor, chairman: ! M I L I T A R Y Aldermen Campbell, Ellington, Me-' Neill and Bernstein. Finance and Auditing--Alderman England, chairman; Aldermen Ellington and Charles A Oliver. Fire Department--Alderman Ellington, chairman; Aldermen Campbell and Bernstein. Military honors will be accorded at the St. Anne's Cemetery tomorrow to James McCortnack, 73, who died last Thursday at the Hospital after i appoint an assistant to the City Clerk at a salary- of H28 monthly. There was no opposition. Mayor Rowe said he would appoint Mrs. Kerchner. He said Mrs. Addie R. Tongue, assistant to the Treasurer, -would be in the City Clerk's office while Mrs. Linthicum was on vacation. APRIL TERM GRAND JURY Funeral services were held today at 2 P. M. from the Taylor Funeral Chapel for Mrs. Caroline A. Taylor, 60, widow of John Tay- I chairman; Oliver. Aldermen Elliott and He was a veteran of both the Spanish American War and of World War I, and was a lor, of 109 Spa View avenue. The Rev.' Homer Koch officiated at the ceremonies, and interment was in the National Cemetery on West street, Pallbearers were Emil Fruend, Carl Hagelin, Albert Taylor, Herman Kraemer, Charles Martin. and George Tynes. Mrs. Taylor died suddenly last Saturday at the Naval Hospital. She was Martin's Church. Electric Light--Alderman El- ! club. The April term grand jury ad- Ensmeman 1st, class. USN. He was I journed yesterday until Aug-ust 15 I also a member of the Fleet Reserve after sitting for two days at the liott. chairman; Aldermen Stehle and Oliver. Merit Board--Mayor, chairman; Aldermen England and Oliver. Police -- Alderman Campbell, chairman; Aldermen Elliott and McNeill. Taxicab -- Alderman England, chairman; Aldermen Campbell, McNeill, Oliver and Bernstein. By-Laws and Ordinance--Mayor. a member of the St.' chairman; Aldermen Elliott and Evangelical Lutheran Funeral services are scheduled at 2 P. M. from the Taylor Funeral Chapel. Bridge Plans Protested By Countians Bay Bridge Bids Continue To Top Predicted Cost The State isn't getting anywhere in its effort to get work done on i BULLETIN The accidental death of Midshipman First Class Richard : Alfred Martinelli, on board the battleship Missouri at Gnant- j anamo Bay, Cuba, Monday was re- j ported today by the Navy. Mid-1 mismanaged his farm and the shipman Martinelli is the son of j crops raised there - and also failed Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Martinelli, | to split with him government in- of Wastmont, N. J. court house. Four presentments were handed down on Monday, three of which were announced later by Sheriff Joseph C. Alton. No hearing time has been sched^ed on the new docket, however, for the new presentments. Tomorrow the Circuit Court will take up a law suit for $10,000 filed by Maurice Ogle, of Arnold, against Arthur Jones, his former Ogle charges that Jones elections, had the Bill read 'to the ominctt:-MW^aa tfas 8 Kll for $1SO, also paid, submitted by pre- · vious City Counselor George B. i Woelfel, for legal services as attorney to the City Board of Election Supervisors in the case j heard In Westminister when the validity of Anthony Busto's certifl-! cate of nomination as an Independent candidate for Alderman from the First Ward was questioned. Legal Fee Commenting on the attorney's bill, Mayor Rowe said when he was City Counselor he represented the city in the W. B. fc A. railroad' tax case In the Federal District Court in Baltimore three times. ; before the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Asheville, N. C. : before the U. S. Supreme Court j in Washington, and was alloy e d ' a fee of $25. The details of the County Election Supervisors' bill to the city Included two voting machine custodians at $350 each for services on primary and general election days, clearing the machines, setting up and placinK the ballot on them, servicing and demonstrations; $40 to another person for setting up supplies. 'U'wuuB tmjiuju CIIH cny urer from paying a bill incurred in violation of the ordinance, and provides that each oflicer or em- ploye shall forfeit $20 for each and every offense, to be collected in the same manner as other fines and forfeitures. Firemen Residence Change Alderman Arthur G. Ellington said that he and Alderman England were interested in having an ordinance prohibiting city officers and employes from doing business with the city six years ago. He said he had been trying to get such an ordinance through ever since. The first proposed ordinance introduced would require all applicants for appointment to the Fire Department to live in Annapolis, or within the Annapolis Metropolitan Sewerage District. The present ordinance requires residence in Annapolis. Fire Marshal Ordinance The proposed ordinance dealing ( l / o n l l n u f d On Vagf Tour) iiuuiuium tures for the next five days are expected to run between 85 and 90. The minimum will run in the mid 60's. The forecast from Washington today is as follows; D. C. and Vicinity --- Partly cloudy with the liish about 90: tonight fair with the lowest about 73; Thursday cloudy with scattered showers likely. Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay - - Southwesterly winds 10 to 15 M.P.H.; fair weather except^ widely scattered showers in the afternoon or evening. The weather humidity at 8:30 iliis morn:ntc was 8.'i percent, witn the temperature standing at 78 degrees. W. L Burtis Dies Of Heart Attack A group of Anne Arundel county, the Chesapeake Bay bridge at a residents prepared today for a ; cos t close to the estimate of its State ' consulting engineer. The State Roads Commission yesterday opened bids on a fourth piece of substructure work. And j like. the other three, the offers were way ' above the estimate of last-ditch flght against a Roads Commission plan to build a new $6.000.000 bridge across the Severn River. At a hearing before the Commission yesterday, a delegation of protes.tants indicated Governor Lane would be petitioned to block construction of the span. The new bridge would be about two miles upstream from the two- lane structure which now links Annapolis with Governor Ritchie Hiehway. Commission chairman Robert M. Reindollar said the entire project, with approaches north of Parole, and from the highway, would cost about $12.000.000. One member of the delegation said yesterday the new 80-foot liieh structure would displace about 32 homes. Make Hardship (Continued On I'ncp T w o ) To Budgets Tonight Agency budgets for the I centive payments for four years. GIRL MISSING FROM HOME IN HARUNDALE 1949 New Wall First Stage Of Renovation ,!:For Hammond-Harwood House Garden I of Thomas G. Basil. ! The budgets cover the 1950 ' ' calendar ypar. and will govern t h e , total figure fixed for the EOS'. "' W a l t e r Fa I thorn of St. M a r _ , "* coming fall rnmpafiir.. caret's acting chairman of t h e ' Mpmber? of the budget r o m n n : - Ki-oup. said the span would Impose tee ceetin, tonight are Thomas (i "considerable hardship on the Basil, chairman: Harry N Ollrlrn people in that area." He also e x - 1 Henry Zerhusen. Jr.. David s. Jen- pressed concern for the fate of the k ' ns - Carl N Fuller. Thomas O screened tonight at a special meet- What remains of the once spa- | of its sections: That on tile Cuming called for 7 P. M. in the office clous Kirden reaching from the i berland Court side Is placed by the Hammond-Harwood House to Spa Creek now picturesquely enclosed by a handsome brick wall. The brick is of special manufacture, designed in color and texture to m a t c h as nearly as possible the venerable bricks of what has been called the foremost example of Georgian architecture Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland which assisted the Four Rivers Garden Club in erectina thi wall: and the plaque opposite. on the King George street u.iil. i shown above' is in memon of a Mrs. Wortflington. Shown at right by the sate of the Cumberland Court wall is Miss Tilghman. E. R. Morri.w,- t.l'.r Rev. Malcolm T,nnelev n n r l Frc-1 present bridge. R f i n d n H n r told the d J^ere apparantly existed some mis- | K u p t l w - . . - - . ^fr Basil's office is H I (onllni)*ri un l'Bf« fonr) 1 Qj ^ic_ In the nation. Completed late In | Anne Cheston, who has been a May. t.hp wall Is the first stage of .hostess at the Hammond-Harwood a garden renovation which will re- House for, eleven years, ever since sl/ir Colonial grace and charm lo ' It was opened to the public MKS the remaining grounds of t.lie once'Cheston. a West River resident, spax'ious estate .wears an a u t h r n t i r Quaker ens The wall bears a tablet on neb ' turn* that is very old. tJ'li ·.(·! by Mr*. Hirrj- A Anne Arudel police are searching i for 16-year-old Joan Hull, miss- ' :iig since last night from her home ! at Harundale. ; j Mr. and Mrs. Merle Zombro said ' their niece left t h e house, about .6 P. M.. saying she was going i swimming. i They notified i h e po.ico w h e n 1 | she did not return in several hours. The girl is still piissing today. · , I Haney Associates ! i Luncheon Guests ! Of Kiwanians · Personnel of t h e Charles A. | Hsney and Associates nrcaniza- j tion. which conducted the. e m i - l nently successful hospital cam-1 paitm here, were ciiests at ye.ste.r- , day's noon luncheon meeting o f ] the Annapolis K i w a n i s Club at i Ij Carvel Hall Dr. Haney. C'hari.'s A Honey, Jr.. and William A and W i l l i a m . R Haney, and Court.i«nri Cliandleei were present, alorii? «·;()'. t h r e e ' visitors from Oler. Rurnie. Charles ZeiEler. Irvin K l n h r and J o h n 1 Demyan. and Clyde Fnrmwnrt.h of Bristol. Tenn H.irrv T p r - M i i r r , : wn = [ b a c k in t i ir ( i . a i : a f : r : A t w o I veeks' absence H n r r v K l a w n n s reported on Ihe IjinVx N m h i p i c - ' to br h f i d n; Hr;r.i/.man's I Roach next Tuesday. rfi:innmi at 7 P.M. Seafood d ' . n n r t s u i i l be served. In a special coromnrv Mnrrts I Rl'.im ·,» a-. }:-"^-::'i-t: · : ' . - . a meetings. William Lee Burtis, 53. of 13 Locust avenue. Homewood. died unexpectedly of a heart attack yesterday, while working on his flshina boat at the Eastport docks, HP was pronounced dead at 5:15 P.M. by Dr. George Basil, one half hour a f t e r he was found in the boat by a neighbor. Tiie body has been removed to the Taylor funeral home on Glou- , ceste: p street. Services are scheduled P.-day at 2 P. M. from the Taylor funeral chapel. Mr. Burtis was a quarterman tree surgeon at t h e Naval Academy for more t h a n '29 years, and only last woek had filled out forms for his retirement. Hr served for nearly two y e a r - w i t h tiie Army in World War I. He wa-. bom at 13 Ijorust avenue, wi.f.'o he has always lived, on May 23. 1896. Surviving are h.s w i f e . Dorothea M. Bun:.', r*nc daughter. Mrs. Robert N' Corbet t. one son. Franc'.' E, Burn. 1 ;, and one grandson. Robert M'.chari Corbet; He was :ho son of t h e '.ate Ed- W r t i d and Ella Lee Burns Last Rites Read For Mrs. Hopkins Funeral services were hold today at l an P M from t h e Oriole Mnhnd.s-t Chiirct for Mrs. Neva P Hopkins of SOT Firs! M.ror;. East port \v;in died Si ^ ' l a y at t h e Empraen v Hospital of a hear;.' a' : a r k ! V . : I : P !.?-· :·..!;::' a; " 10 ;n ; ; : n H. . E \V H u l l an:! · , . . · O n i o i of For Appeal BALTIMORE. July 20 A P -Thomas Alexander Edwards ha» filed a .pauper's oath in order to have the State pay' for appeal of his conviction and death s-entence. The 23-vtar-old Ke^ro was convicted eari. r this year of the fatal shootings of Mary Klii'.o and John M.'hlan of Glen Burnir. He was j sentenced en June 27 to be hanged j :i;ter losi.ig a mot'oc for a new '. t r i a l . | Attorneys William J. McWil- |liams and Ridge'.y P. Meivin yes| terday filed in criminal court, an j oath that Edwards is "completely, I and utterly without funds" to carry his case to the Maryland 1 Court of Appeals. '. State law provides for payment ! of such costs in capital cases ! when the defendants prove they · are destitute. McWilliams and Meivin were [ appointed by the State to defend ; Edwards when he reported a lack of money. Edwards was conv'cted I of first degree murder in February, ! The bodies of 25-year-old Mah' Ian and 18-year-old Miss K!in« were found in a clearing in Anna · Arundel county last Sepl ember. , Two Rescued As Cruiser Burns In Bay A man f r o m the Washington s u b u r b of Berwyn. Md.. and brother from Now Jcr.-ey were rescued early today u h r n their cruiser burned in Chesapeake Bay, Frank Roberts and hi* brother Joseph, of Egs Harbor. N. .1 . said t h e y had aiven up hope when Navy p l a n r spotter! t h e burning cruiser arid ^P::: out ;i .'rash boat the N a v a l'Tnv Both men wore in t h e uater when r o . r u o r ^ a r r i v e d had h o f i i b u r n e d a b o but Fvnnk w:i.- ir'.i:v:\irod .I-ifpp':: «.v- a' Bfr'.iyn nr.i some .· r.ib:v,:u Fire P.V dei xir-d / ' i n Fr:ir.k .iUs Onl :o do ·; 50- .Ivl.r. ". ,;: N'.r. r ;tri. B'.inai ·* as at O r i n Mri r a'.'.'' a i .' f 'V5 u-cro C'arlis B u y - m . i i . (",.ii''':'..'o M-,:ir P r p s l i i n t j 1 * IT-:. · · S ; K » : - N - - i ) , i - Krr.'.'.v P a i k , u ;:.". .-i :.:'· ' h;i!-ko:,. '. ; M . g h : ' : : · luard .1 -' .. - :\ · : .-i :':i '^ a I or ·,,v.; ; , Rv mid- w a s A mass of ·on- f - i r r o d nvor- ibhrd A h f o pro- i ' . . ;i:lr: Of t;ie Hi 'mo Ul

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