The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio on April 24, 1934 · Page 12
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The Evening Independent from Massillon, Ohio · Page 12

Massillon, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1934
Page 12
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.TWELVE TH4i EVENING INDEPENDENT. .MASSIL.LON. QH1Q TUESDAY. APRIL YocMay PKone Your 'J&As, Call 'i,f, •*fe 3161 [^' C L A S S IF I ED ** A D V E RTIS I — ~~~~ Offers You The Opportunity Jo Get What You Want Or Sell What You Don t Want~~~~ A Classified Ad Doesn't Cost Much Try It Convict's Scientific Discovery t May Revolutionize Fuel Supply i Now Used In Home And Industry Forger Has .Process for Extracting Hydrogen Front Water That. Has Attracted Many Experts to Prison Laboratory .., , (By Central Press) SAN FRANCISCO, April 24.—From an improvised laboratory bshind the bars of California's "hard-boiled" penitentiary at Polsom, has come a convict's scientific discovery that some day may revolutionize the •world's supply of fuel- for home and industrial use. The inventor is James Fred Burke, though at Folsom he's known only by a number. He entered two years ago, a convicted forger. Yet scientists have taken Emerson literally— they have 'made a path to Burke'B ceil. Frankly they are puzzled by his claims. Bur, Burke is certain that he can prove the soundness and practicability of what he calls his "elec- trogen process"—a process for extracting hydrogen from water. What It Promises If that process can do what Convict Burke promises for it, here are a few things that it offers: A new liquid fuel, superior to gasoline, that can be manufactured at a cost of less than one-third of a cent a gallon— Production of sufficient hydrogen gas for seven cents to equal the heat provided by a ton of coal or four barrels of oil— Production of a liquid substitute for gasoline at one-third of a cent a gallon, affording more power and less carbon deposit than gasoline. Scientists years ago discovered the electrolytic medium for extracting hydrogen and oxygen Irom water. The process since has been used commercially to obtain oxygen for welding and similar purposes, but it is far too costly as. a means of obtaining hydrogen for general fuel purposes. Secret Formula But Burke now claims to have discovered a far cheaper way to taking the hydrogen out of water. He says he accomplishes this by means of a special compound of secret formula. One pound of this compound, he claims, win extract the, hydrogen from 425 gallons of water. And the cost of the new compound is less than live cents a pound! "On this basis," Burke says, "over 14,000 cubic leet 61 hydrogen and nearly 7,000 cubic leet of oxygen can be obtained for one cent. And there's another important economical factor involved in my process: Under present methods used in the electrolysis of water, it requires 99.3 watt hours of electric power, to produce one cubic foot of hydrogen. Under my watt hour is RADIO TODAY'S RADIO PROGRAM WTAM Cleveland P. M. 6:15'—Baseball Resume •" fi:M— Ralph Klrhery 6:15—Gill'* Orch. 7:00—Lew • Williams 7:15—Gene and Glenn 7:30—Johnny Russell 7: is—Goldberg$ ; 8:00—Relsman's Orch. 8:30—Serenade 9:00—Bernie's Orch. !):SO—Orchestra 10:00—Beautv Box 11:00—William Me'llert 11:15—Nesvs Service 11:20—Kins' of Ivories 11:30—GUI's Orch.' MIDNIGHT 12:00—Vallee's Orch. A. M. 12:30—Denny's Orch. '•• WGAfV Cleveland P.' M. . 6:0(1—To he announced, 6:05—Joe Baldi 6:15—Pirate's Club 6:30—Harmony Fingers 6:!0—Sports 6:45—Lowell Thpmas 7:00—Ariios 'n' Andy 7.-IS—Collegians 7 :SO—-Ensemble 7:45—High 'Singers , 8:00—Crime Clues . 8:30 —Hudson Vocalian* 9:00—Hymn Time ' .. 9:30—Duchln's Orch. 10:00—Palmer 10:30—Symphony Orch. 11:00—Vernon's Orch. 11.-IB—Poet Prince 11:30—News Servic* 11:35—Harris' Orch. MIDNIGHT 12:00—Masters' Orch. A. M. ' 12:30—Weather . ' WHK Cleveland P. M. ' 6:00—Buck Rogers 6:1S—Bohby Benson 6:30—Studio 6:45—Jimmy Allen 7:00—Myrt and Marge ' 7:15—Plain Bill • 7:35—Ensemble 7:15—Boake Carter, S:00—Little's Band S:!5—Experience . 8:30—Cal. Melodies 8:45—Parker Fulton 9:00—Commentator 9:15—Ruth Btting 0:30—Minneapolis Orch. 10:00—Gray's Band 10:30—Perkins Fellers 11:05—American Legion • 11:30—Barnett's Band RAMS :45 — Studio Music WADC Akron M. :00 — Ruck -Rogers • :15 — Recordings :30— Mischa Kaglnsky :45 — Morton Downey :00— Mj-rt .Marge :15— Herb Mcl.aughlin :33 — Thompson's Orch. :45 — Men and Maid :00— Jack Little : IS— Troopers :30— Stmljt. :45— Melodies : , :00 — .(ones & Har« :15' — Cathedral 'Hour :30— Minneapolis Sym. :00— Caravan :30— Conflict :45— Harlem Serenade :15— Evening News :20— Barnet's Orch. :45 — Lombardl'a Orch. WL'W Cincinnati - M. :00 — Jack 'Armstrong :15— Joe Emerson :30— Sportsman :15 — Melodies :30— Melody. Masters :45 — Dramatized Coins :05 — Pendarvis'' Band :15— Marc Williams :30— Bands and Musi? 11 .JAMES FRED_BURKE. into fuel for necessary uses. Factories can use that fuel for manufacturing. The hydrogen gas pro- iduced can be used in the place of. coal or .oil in present steam-power process less than one required." More Power The gasoline substitute, plants \vitJ- onlj' minor changes being : made in *-.he 'firebox 61 '• the boilers: . ; . ' : '• "One thing more." Burke declares, "undei- the electrogen process-.enough hydrogen gas can be produced for seven 'cents 10 equal the heat produced-by a ton,of coal or four barrels of oil." Many Impressed- •• For months delegations ol Industrial men, technicians and scientists have visited Burke, in.his.prison laboratory. They have watched him turn an electric current into .jars of water and have seen hydrogen appear in high ratio. . '•• . The precise use of his compound he conceals during his demonstrations, but many have teen' highly impresse '. by what he has accorh-' Burke says he can produce to revolutionize industry, is made by combining the hydrogen taken from the water with carbon monoxide and certain other elements. The liquid, he claims, will propel automobiles, trucks, motorboats and airplanes plisbod. | Before " his conviction Burke . de- which (voted much time and study to chemistry and upon •'entering ,prison pleaded for a chance to continue the experiments he had begun outside.^ Burke formerly resided in Michigan. There are more automobiles, in Los Angeles county than'in all' of MassiUon Markets with more power to the gallon than Germany according to the California soli Automobile association., "Factories, homes and business establishments," he declares, "can have their own cell units to convert water j ADMINISTRATOR'S WITH WILL I ANNEXED NOTICE \ Js'p. 25052 Admr. Doc. Z. Page 575 i Roy G. Collier of Canton. Ohio, has "been- "duly appointed and qualified as Administrator with will annexed of the Estate of -Jeremiah "W. Stoner. laie of Stark" 'County, Ohio. Dated April 6th 1934. ' Creditors must present their the above representative for allowancs within ' four months after the date of appointment. J. J. llcCAL/L. Probate Judge of Stark County, Ohio. Publish in The Evening Independent April 17. 21; May 1, 1034. WTAM Cleveland A. M. 6:30—Sun Up: 7:00—Health & Hygiene 7:15—Chief Red Bird 7:30—Matinee . . S:30—Cheerie S-.Ofl—Minstrel 8:15—Livestock Report fl:20—Health & Hygiene S:.1fl—Music 9:-IS—-Southernalres ' 10:00—Health & Home 10;!5—Clai-a, Lu, Em 10:30—News Service • : - 10:3S—Three Scamps 10:ln—Betty Crocker J1:00—Charles Howard 11:15—Melodies 11:30—Betty Moore 11:4S—Fields & -Hall NOON •• • I2:00—Gene Arnold P. M. 12:15—Hum and Strum 12:30—Chief Rerl Bird 1:00—Close Harmony 1:30—Zelle's Ensemble 2:00—Parish's Orch. 2:30—Seats in Balcony ' 3:00—Ma Perkins 3:15—Musical Cocktail :>:m —Radio Review 4:00—Pop Concert 4:30—Art'Tatem 4:45—Vender of Verse ii:00—Pic Plant Pete n:lS—Dick 'Steel 5:30—Frank MerriweJl ;>:30—Hum-and Strum S: In—Quartet B:00—Johnny Boyer fi:!5—Baseball Resume S:30—Ralph Kirherv G:4'n—Gill's Orch " 7:00—.Martha Meers 7:15—Gene and Glenn 7:3(1—Shirley Howard 7.•-IS—Goldberg's S:CO—.Tack Pearl S:30—Serenade fl:00—Hour. fit 'Smiles 10:00—Pipe Club 1(1:30—Picture EnpinBers 11:0i)—William .\Iellert 11 :|S—News Service . 11:20—Kins rvf Ivories' 11:30—Parish's Orch MIDNIGHT 12:Uil—.Masters' • Orch A. M. i ' "2:30—Lucas' Orch. WGAR Cleveland A. M. ' -. 7:;(0—C'lnou Get Up S:00—Meditation SMS—Don Hnll Trio S:.'l(l—Lew While !):flfl—Mystery Chef 3:15 —Veene "and V'erne Jl.-sn—B' Club ": 15^.1 ean --Ahbev 10 :nO—Lori-nine Trio I0:la—Ai-lists Trio 10:30—Today's Children 10;tn—News -Servicp 10:i10—Radio Kitchen 11 :fli"\—P.a ppy. .Kuril,': Zeke H:1S—OHd-lnalitips 11:30—RuJ.b Ml Wells TOMORROW'S RADIO PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Xo. 2612(1 Admr. Doc. 27, Page 9 Carl F. Klein of Canton, Ohio, has been duly appointed anfl qualified as Administrator of the Kstate of Serena Saunter, late of Stark County, Ohio. Dated -April llth 1»34. . Creditors must present their claims to the above representative Jnr allowance M'ithi'ft four months after ihe date of apnointment. J. J. McCATVL, Probate Judge of Stark County, Ohio. Buying Prices Fresh Eggs, doz. .'.' -. Butter, per Ib. ....Brick Cheese, per Ib. ...... Swiss Ghees',- -. ;.:..... 'Selling PJ-JCM'.T Produce " Fresh Eggs, doz. Print Creamery Butter,-Ib. Buttenne. !b. ... ..-.:.. Sweitzer Cheese, tt> ....".... Lard, per Ib •';'..... Sugar, 25-lb. sack .,.:'.... .:•;• Sugar, per Ib. ..........0'.:... I/eal Lettuce, Ib .".'...., Head Lettuce. Ir.ebere.-lb Cucumbers, hot house, each ; Cauliflower tb ..;.. Tomatoes, Southern, ib. " Tomatoes, 1 Ib , hot house . Carrots, bunch .., : . .'.".'.. 8c-2 Old Potatoes, peck. .'.'. New Potatoes .4 Jersey Sweet Potatoes; 4 :.-.. .He :23c-27c ;;.. 2ic „.'. 21c ...".. 18c .28C-36C .10C-13B 30c ;... lie ?1.30 ..... 60 ..... l.pc .... 15o :... 15c ...; v 15fl .".". ..30c ; for' 15c ..,V.40c Ibs.-25c Ibs. •; ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE No. 26125 Admr. Doc. 27. Page 7 Turnips, Ib. Beets, bunch for 193-1. Creditors must present their claims to the above representative for allowance within four months after the dale of appointment. JAMES F,. AVTLLISOX, Attorney. , J. J McCALL, Probate Judge of Stflrk County, Ohio. Publish in The Kvening Independent April 17. 24; May 1, 1934. _._. _,,*.-„ -if!,*, j^ir*.. _,. ififcc i wecjus, uuiicn ...... George. AV, Ziegler of Ma.ssilion, Ohio. | <?«;,,„«>, IK '' •••••' has been duly appointed and qualified I ~ j. r. ' ;•••• as Administrator of the Estate of Wil- ! Radishes, bunch ;,-.. liani Moyer, late of Stark County, Ohio, i Almonds, Ib 7 •» r, + «,1 i »-.».; i n * t% -i n i i .» •*•••••««• Pecans, large Ib; .• ...,., English Wahiuts, per rb .;.. Egg Plant, each :..' Watercress, 2 bunches Green Beans, 1 Ib. for Mangoes, each ..,.., California Fresh Peas, (Jarlic. ner ib Parsley, bunch . ..'.".' Fruits , Strawberries, pt. '.'] Lemons. 6 for Navel Oranges, doz. ...... 23c'to Bananas. !b ...:.."......;. Eating Apples, 5 Ibs : . ".. . Meat and Meat Product*'Wholesale Meats Calves,-dressed -... 10c-to Chickens, Ib. , 14c : to Spring Lamb, Ib. .'..: .:.',,. Retail Meat Prices Pork Chops, Ib 18c, Chickens, Ib. Sirloin Steak. tt>- .....v.'.i.V....'. Round Steak, rb , Smoked Ham,-Ib. ...,, " Veal Steak, Ib. -.'..„'.',..-.'. Veal Stew, Ib .;..... 12a to Veal Roast, per Ib. .';..;.. ,16c.'w. Bacon, in piece :...... I5f, Bacon, sliced, per Ib. .W..,24'c to Chuck Boast, Ib. ..,..:'.... 16o to Fresh : Sausage. Ib. ;.'.'......./.„. Prime Ribs Beet, ib. ."....'..'..... Leg of- Spring Lamb, Ib....'....';. Smoked Sausage, Jb Lamb,Chops, Ib. ......;.'.,. 25c to" Lamb Stew, per Ib.. izt- , t/» : Grain and Grain . Products Paying Prices ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Xo. 2611S Admr. Doc. 27. Page 2 '; Mary S toll eh of Massillon, Ohio, hns been duly .appointed and qualified as : Administratrix of the Estate of Zivan Stolich, late of Stark County, Ohio Dated April 7th 1934. Creditors must present their claims to the 1 , above representative for allowance -n-;thln four months after the date of appointment. .TAMES E,- -WTLLISOX. Attorney. StaVk.CouhtyfSfi RADIO Salts & Service *• ; All Makes Serviced by Experienced Men • ' - »•• • .* Leonard Refrigerators Washers :-: Cleaners The Community -Store • Lincoln Way, <NW. Ph<m« «3» Massillon, O. , .5c 1.9c .10c .-.5c 30o 35 o ,25c .lac 15c . 5c ,15c 35f Oc iloc 20c 39c 1c .25c 1.2c 16c I5c 25c 30c 15c 20c 20c 28c 18o 2dc 28C 25C 40C 18C -.MS—Army Band NOON 12:0(1—Eva Taylor - : P. M. 12:15—ilerry Tvlacs. ' 12:30—Farm and Home 1 ;30—Vic and Sade 1:15—Harvest of Song 2:00—Happy Days 2:30—Smackoiit 2:-(5—U'ords and Music 3:00—Joe White 3:15—Program 3:45—Platt. XJprman 1:00—Betty and' Bob 4:15—Alice Joy 4:45—Favorile.s V 5:00—Children's' Corner 5:30—SiiiRinn l.atiy SMS—Orphan Annie 6:00—To be announced 6:05—Drama 6:10—Meloclv G: IS—Pirate's Club B:30—Melody 8:3!—llrama . . • (i:3H—Si)orts CMS—Lowell Thomas .7:00—Amos 'n' Andy 7:15—To be announced 7:30—Koloisl 7 MS—Mnsemble S.'flft—Crime Clues 8:30— Paradise SMS—Babe Ruth fl.-00—Station 9:;iO—John Thomas 10:00—Alusical Cruiser 10:30—Tourists 11:00—Pickcn's Sisters 11:3<1— Vertvoti's Orch. 11:45—Xews Flash 11:50—Pollack's Orch. MIDNIGHT 12:00—Coleman's ,Orch. A. M. WHK Cleveland A. M. -• ' , 7:00—Morning--AfteV 7:SO—Mornlnij-,-' Melodies ,«:00—Alualcal Jigsaws SMS—Devotions S:;!0—llich SlHiiRs S:0n—Coffee UUIJK S:15—lillie! and Ben 10.-I5— Bill niul CiiiiRer I0:3n—Xe>vs .Service 10:;ln—Deiitsch'-s Orch. ' • 10:45— Pats Waller 11:00—Cooking-. . , ' 11:15—Osborne's Orch. 11:3(1—Comments. • 11:15—jlaglc Recipes NOON 12:00—Experience P. M. 12:15— Bni-theil 12':3(l—Kd McConnell 12:15—Trio 1:00—M.-in'e 1:13—Sr:reun Rlnr / l:Sfl —Msisv Aces • ' I Mo— PlHi'lioys 2:00—Dr. 1C.' H: di-Snnze 2:15—AKUC antl I-lnn'is •2:30—School of Air . :i:fl(l—Musicalc • • 3::i(l—Jade and Jnne 'itM5 11 -Johii Ij. Rice 4:1104:15- 4:3(1•1:15- 5:005:15- 5:25.5:30- 5:156:00- fi:i5- B:30- KM5- -.7:007:15- 7:307:45- S:00- S:15- S .-30- Li :00- fi:SO- 10:1H- II :0011 :.10- 11M5- A. M. n:oo- «:1H- P:3'l- 10:0010:15- 10:11010:35- 10 Moll :00! 1 :ln- 11 :,'!n- 11:1512:00- P. M. 12:15- -Manhattan Moods -Spanning World -Science Series -Merrymakers : -Skippy .' -Where lo Go -Jack Brooks -Jack Armstrong -Baseball Resume -Ruck lingers -Benson i-. .Mm ^Baseball Scores -Jimmy Allen -Myrt n ml' Marge -Plain Bill . -Comedy . Stars -Xeu-.s. .Fliishcs -Happy Bakers -Eehvin f. Hill -Albert Spalding -Xinn ilartini ^-AVhile O'.vl —Forgini? AJiead -Bsisehail li-insh -Little's Orch. —Dalle v's Orch. WADC Akron •"Eton Boys ^ladit-on Knsemblo •Parade In Gardens Studio MorniiiR News •Deulsch's Orch. Studio Cooking Orsan Melodies Jane Klltfon Hecordings Betty Bartliell Test Tour Memory ICnsemhle AVatchtower l^Quell:i Parsons Playboys: •- • ' • Call tl valors Sliullo . ' School or.'Air" ilusicnl Coluni hia Orch. ManlmtUiii Moods Aim Leaf . Merry makers Jimmy Winger XGWB Bulletins Ca-eorgonn..' Gordon Buck ' 1 :15 2:00 .2:15 2:30 3:on 3:30 •t:0» •1:30 I : l>"i n:ni) 5:20 5:30 5:35 5:IS fi:00 b:15 (5:30— TiiRlu'3 ,Orch. . 7:00 ; ^-Wyrt Marge 7:15^— Jack Colin • V T :33— Tfiompsnirs Orch. \S:00— 1-la.ppy- Biikei-H • SMS— Krtwin C. Mill 8:30— Hmijran'iin Orch. !I:(IO— Chesterfield !':30— Burns '>t^ Allen 10:00— noritn's Oreli. l[i : ;i()^-Reitc(ioii 10 ; (5 — Columbians • 1 ! :0»— .Vick I.iic.-i.s 1 1 :15 — Kvphlnp Xews 11:20— Jack -I.itlle . 11:15— DaleyM ,01-cli. Marian Martin Pattern YOU CAN SEW T|HIiS YOURSELF A MARIAN MARTIN FROCJC GOES IN FOR GIRLISH3S T ESS .Cpmjilete, Diagrammed ' ' Marian Martin Sew Chart Included PATTERN 9928 Make no mistake ^bout it — the girlish girl nev^r did. go out of style! Nor did the girlish looking woman! They trail the same retinue ot masculine admirers as. in !time gone by.. So^if that is your type;— dress : it to the hilt.. Here is a delightful way of doing it. See that collar — wouldn't it melt in your mouth! And the yoke—sort of follows the example of the col- Jar, doesn't it?- If you want sleeves, you can have them—the back view shows you. And just to make good matters better, there's -that yoke effect in the skirt!' Pattern 9928 may be ordered only in sizes 12, 14/16, 18, 20, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40. Size 16 requires 3-}J yards 36 inch fabric. Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins or stamps (coins preferred) for EACH MARIAN MARTIN pattern. B? sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS, the STYLE NUMBER and SIZE of each pattern. ORDER YOUR COPY OP THE MARIAN MARTIN PATTERN BOOK —a practical sewing guide, offering stunning models for all occasions 'for grown-ups, juniors and youngsters, and for the woman' who needs slenderizing lines. PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS, BOOK AND PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS/ . , . : Send your order to The Evening Independent .Pattern Department, ': 232 W. 18th st., New York, N. Y. Wheat, No. 1 bit. .... .......... Wheat, No..2.bu.'... ...... '.".. Oats,_pe'r' bij. i .;...' ........... Corn, per bu. ....'./.;;, ....... Wheat stra^ 1 , per ton . . Retail Feed, Delivered Oil Meal-'.. ..... .....'... ....... Cotton Seed Meal. ........ ... Corn and Oats chop'. ...... . ;. Scratch Feted, per 100 Ibs; .... Oats,, pe.iv t bii. .................. Shelled Corn, per bu. ' ...... ... .. 72c .. 71c .'. 'sac .! 3ac ;'..'. $8' •'''• $2,a5 $210 $150 $1.70 . ^GOc .. . 75c Beef Scraps, -per 100. Ibs. ....... Baled Straw, per 100 .Ibs. .. Dairy Feed, 24 percent,' per ' 100 , • Ibs. ..... .... :. . .'. . ..... . . . Daiyy: Feed; ;16 percent, per. lOO'lbs.'....... ....... -...'..... Wheat 'Screenings, per '100 Ibs. Cracked Corn, per. 100 Ibs. .'... Horse FeL'd,: per 100 Ibs. '. .. : .;. Bailed Hay, 'per 100 'Ibs. ...... Middlings, per IQOj Ibs. /. . .' ,v. .-. tj . per bushel '.'.'. ..;...... $2.60 70c $1.90 $1.55 '$1.00 $1.5: $1.80 $1.00 • $1.40 $1.05 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES . Figure on Baals of t Words .to » Line, 30 Words, S Lines ONE TIME ------- 40o THREE TIMES ------ 70e ONE WEEK ------ $j.30 O.VR MONTH J5.00 ON'E TEAR ------ J42;00 Extra Unei Over 30 Words 1 lime per line 7o 3 times per line !Qc 6 times per line 18c 1 month per line 70c 1 year per line SOo Card of Thanks 75c Display' advertising In Classified Column GOc per inch each insertion Subject to' Change Without Notice. 5?i Cash Discount. When Adv. is paid for in advance or at office within five (Jays, provided there is no past due Imliince. -Accounts paid collector are net, The Independent will not b* responsible for more than one incorrect Insertion of any Advertisement. CLOSING HOUR—Ads 'eceived up to 9:00 a. m. will o'» published tha eame dp.y. CLASSIFICATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Card of .Thanks 2—florists 'i —Funeral Directors 4—Lost and Found i>—Personals G—Professionals 7—Special Notices S—Wanted To Kuy 9—Wanted To Trade HI—Wanted To Kent II—Wanted .Miscellaneous EMPLOYMENT 20—Female Help Wanted 21—Alale Help 'Wanted 22—Male or Female Help 23—Agents—Salesmen 24—Help- Wanted 25—Educational 2fi—Situations Wanted 27—Boys \\anted BUSINESS SERVICE ' •40—Beauty, Aitls tl—Dress •• Making <2-Cleaning &• Pressing 41?— -Contractors It- Chattel Loans (5—Electrical . 4I>—Radios & Service •17—Financial 4S—PJunil>inp •IS—Heating & Plumbing 50—Painting & Pa pet-hanging SI—Moving—Trucking—Storage 52—Tinning & Sheet Metal 5M—Repairing Hi—Business Opportunltien 55—Miscellaneous FOR SALE 60—Bahy Clucks 61 —Birds—Cats—DOBS—Pets G2—Poultry and. Supplies 63—Produce 1 (M—Livestock For Sale fir>—Public Sales Bli—Flowers—Plants—Seeds G7—Coal. Coke & Fuel (IS—Office. Store Supplies M—Musical & Radio 70—Machinery For Sale 71—JlisceIJa neons For Sale 72—Household Goods RENTALS SO—Apartments SI—Board & Rooms S2—Cafes & r.unchea S'f—Rooms St—Furnished Rooms M—Farms For Rent SB—Housekeeping Rooms »7—-Furnisher! House SI—Houses For Rent SS—Garages For Rent PC—Store Rooms & Offices !>l—Miscellaneous- For Kent REAL ESTATE 100—HjylneEs Property 101—Farms—Lands For Sale U'2—For Sale or Rent I OS—Far SaU or Exchange KM—Houses For; Sale 105—Lots -For Sale 10l>—Wanted Refil Estate AUTOMOTIVE 120—Automobiles -For Sale 121—Accessories—Tires—Parts 122—Automobile Service 123—Motorcycles & Service ANNOUNCEMENTS ' BUSINESS SERVICE 8—WANTEP TO BUY WWS^^*W"*SXWWW»>^S OFFICE DESK. r>iiO 4443.' DISC HARROW — .State price. Must he in good condition. 'Address Box 23. tare Independent Co. SALE buysiall kinds of used clothing, open every day. 65 Erie st.. S. . -..-..' EMPLOYMENT 20—FEMALE HELP WANTED GIRL to do general-housework, foreign girl- preferred. Address Box 35, care The Independent Co. ' ; ?.3—AGENTS— SALESMEN 53—REPAIRING -••^**^^*/ws^XA-^X*s<s/v XOW IS THE TIME to - have your lawnmower sharpened, ' cleaned, oiled and adjusted, bicycles and locks repaired, keys made. We do all kinds of re'pairing. Bob's Repair Shop, ..45 3rd ; si., . SW. LAWXMOWERS' sharpened, repaired. Keys made for all locks and repaired. Work guaranteed. With ne«- equipment can give you good jobs. 25 years experience, diet Rugraff. 5S Federal SALESMEN'—To sell business necessi- ! lies, lithographing, advertising, sriles i , , j . XT AT'* Commissions average 30";'f. Only experienced local inan considered. Protected territory. Merchants Industries, 'Inc., Box 1028, Dayton, Ohio. . IT'S HERE—The tiine" to have your law.nmoxrer sharpened, repaired, adjusted . and oiled or broken parts weldeil. Think first of Smith's. .In Mass'illon since 1S93. 325 Lincoln Way, SALESMAN — Age 25 to 40, to • sell ^ales-boards ?.nd' premiums to factories.' stores and direct to ho'm'es. Opportunity for a hustler . to earn real money. Commission. No experience required. Paramount Mfg. Co., 207 E.'-mth yt.. Cleveland. O. OF Typewriters, Adding ,- Duplicators, Check Writers. Fountain Pens. etc.. at Yocuro's. on Federal, near P. 0. Phone 5335. UPHOLSTEKLVG repairing. refiiilsh- Ing., Quality first is our, mo'ttrv,'Jus* phono for a free estimate. We cr.ll .for and dftliver. . We also mako new furnitura to order. City Upholstering _'Co> : 42 Char'.eR ave SR Dial'6SS2 RENTALS 86—HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS TWO FURXISHED ROOMS for house- keeping'to adults. Garage if needed. Also -some household furniture • for sale including large and small gas range. Inquire 320 Glen pi.. SW. : • THREE -V-EWLY furnished rooms, 'til! modern conveniences. Garage If desired. Adults only.-41S Tremont aS'e', ' '' 88— HOUSES FOR RENT v COU-VTRY FIVE-ROOM HOUSE without bath and electricity, good mac), garden, three • miles from steel plant, cheap rent. Write Box 5, care The'ln- nt Co. STH ST., -\'E, close to Lincoln WajV'E, six rooms, modern, J30. . ; •• Lin'obln - Way;' E,'. five:'rooms, modern. ?25. ' - ' ; - • ' '• '• Perry ave., SW, six rooms, modern, $18. ' ' Tivo -'rqral homes, one ?S. one Oije five'room, will rent to people ?12.50. • . ' •Buy, sell and rent your real through George W. Zieglerl 211' Xtl! -St.. .SW.- Dial 3fl)3. '•'• • i 26— SITUATIONS WANTED KLDRRLY \VOMA.V desires position to assist with hotisework and care of i children. Prefer soo.d home to high i wages. Country preferred; Apply X. W. •(„'. A. between ; S:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. w» . . . .. Pi ASTFRivr ivn pi.-r>ATi»rvr < PASTURE, running water, ready about Oo^l-leRn iohat kw «-, n'SlwTi -"ay.'1st. Inquire 3?.< F. Jpn*s, T'^ r S' P He^ch. 3 °S46'Oarave!;'- S E P '"' 1 S SJ^ av... SW, ext. Bhona ' County BUSINESS SERVICE 47—FINANCIAL PAY ALL YOUR BILLS, we furnish tha money, you repay It in small semi-monthly or monthly, payments. As • long as 19 months. J50 to }300. Massillon Citizens Budget Co., First N'a-tional Bank Bldg-. A strictly local loan company. IAVJO :YOU A SPARE KEY? Keys i made, broken locks welded and re-' paired'. Think first of - Smith's. In Massillon since 1S03. 325 Lincoln Way, PIA.VO TU.N'I.VG—Complete) piano service, tuning and repairing. I'i. R. Coohenc.ur. 1732 Erie at. S.' ntal 775B-' ' , : ....--. FOR SALE 60—BABY CHICKS WE BUY. SELL. EXCHANGE any amount, anywhere. Building & Loan deposits. See us before buying.or selling. G B. Hoyt and Associates. 1306 First N'atlonal Bank B!dg\, Canton. O. Licensed Brokers. Call Mr. Strouse. Canton 539L or Mr. Blaumeissr, Mas- sillor. 72M ^^_^ 50—PAINTING & PAPERHANGING REMOVE WALL PAPER by steam. Ko injury to plaster or woodwork. Will figure your job. Xo obligation. Also old floors rcfinished: Will accept part transfers. "Dial 5542. E. R. Speck. j WALL PAPKR — Complete line .of 1934 patterns, prices moderate. Call for our experienced painters and. paperhangers, work guaranteed. 641 Lincoln. W, Finefock Bldg. . Fred Jahu- bick, Mgr., dial 4242-8442. WALLPAPER. .PAINT, varnish, .paperhanging,, painting, . work all guaranteed. Free estimates given. M. Oritzan. 55 Erie St., S.. Opera Bldg. I p'.al 1S60. 51—MOVING — TRUCKING STORAGE MOVLN'OJ—For expert movers Dial 4223. •T. G. -Snydfir. .321 2nd Ft., SW. - . "ent receipts 14 Vic. LIVE- POULTRY—(These are whole- side prices based . on actual sales -and are compiled by L. M. whose officft is in the quarters of the food ten-ulnal's general manager And are per liLilllld.) " "' ' • . Cnlpretl 1 heavy fowls 17c, colored me.- ilium' fowls 16c, heavy Leghorn fowls 15e, light Leghorn fowls 13c. fancy Rock broilers 26c. mixed colored broilers 23 1 to 27c. Leghorn broilers 22 to 23c. stags 13c. old roosters lOc, young-ducks J DC, old ducks 17c,: geese 12c. BABY CHICKS and commercial hatch- ins. Our chicks are from 2 year old >iens,- air been tested for B. W. D. Reactors removed. Custom hatching, done on separate days. Full : . line of poultry, feeds and supplies. Dr. Sal3- bury's remedies. Call Helline's Poultry Market. Dial 6064. Hatchery at W.or,cl!ana avp.. SE Dial 45S5. REAL ESTATE'. 101—HOUSES FOK SALE FIRST SAVINGS & LOAX certificates at par .will be accepted on the following properties: , S49 Walnut ave., SW, six rotirjis. g-arage. . •..:.; 417 . Euclid . st., SW, six" rooms, garage. ' " .•";•; Tno acres, seven room house, four be<lrooniE. paved road. SW. '.' f;' Two acres, six room house^ garage, chicken house, close to Canton-Mfs- sillon rd. ' s'^.i The Tuscarawas Realty Co. Dial MARIOX AVE., SE.. 59—6 rooms, double constructed, finished in oak down. All improvements, at sacrifice price. Call at" 230'9th st..-NE. , ;: '-'-\. 61—BIRDS—CATS—DOGS—PETS IRISH SETTERS—Very fine bred : pups ' of. good hunting stock. Inquire • 212 Oak ave:.-SK. or Dial 8302. PROPERTY ON. LINCOLN -WAY. W.— Large lot. house with all conveniences, large garage. Will accept a« or-part transfers. Dial 7885 or^see H- o/ivrohls.' •"",."•;.. ;:•"•":•''.'.:••- -i':.-.'- -^ ' 64—LIVESTOCK FOR . SALE SOW AX0 SEVEN PIGS. Will sell together or separately. Irvin Leifer, Et. 3. Xavarre. BIG BAHUAINS—2 houses. 3 »tal] rage. No reasonable ' offer EIGHT-SHOATS.' William F. Leighley, -Rt 3. Xavai-re. ' " , 66—FLOWERS— -PLANTS—SEEDS SEED .POTATOES — Certified Bliss triumphs. -TJ. : S.' 1 No.' 1. selected early Ohio's.and Irish Cobblers. xJIassillon Seed Store. 224 Lincoln Way. W. SPECIAL, PRICES, on .all evergreens, shrubs, fruit trees, azaleas, etc at ' I.ab's Nursery, Navarre, also at. our sales ground, next to Grand Theater. Massillon. . close estate, or dial 4311, Inqulr* 33S 1st »t SE 105—LOTS. FOR SALE WILL SACRIFICE an attractive desirable corner lot on Campbell circle Sippo Heights, for First Savings : ifc Loan transfers. C. S. Henrich, S10 Tjincoln AVay. W. , AUTOMOTIVE l>i TON DPOGE TRUCK, in good running condition, closed body. Inquire ."M Erie' St.. S. Kokinos Bros. 67—COAL,'COKE & FUEL ANNOUNCEMENTS 4—LOST AND FOUND s^%X/w\*sA^»w«^w*-wxx\xv •OST—Female fox- terrier, black with fail 'paws. Finder return to -127 1st St.. SE. • LOST—Bunch of Iceys. Dialr B14D. Re- \\-ard. ' . . • ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Xo. 26100 "AdimV'Do'c. ' X. Page S94 Robert Setterlin of Columbus, Ohio, has been duly .-.appointed . and qualified »K Administrator, of the F^tate of Catherine Selterlin.-late of Stark County. Ohio, paled'JIarch 31st 1934. Creditors niiist lU'esent their claims to Ihft above representative, for allowance within four ' months- after . the date, of appointment. J, J. McCALL. Probate Judge of Stark Bounty. Ohio. . . • Publish 'in The Evening' Independent April 17. 24. Jlay 1. 193-1. :EXECUTOR'S NOTICE Xo. 25991 Admr. Doc. . Z, .Page :.=>41 -n,. . ,. ,„„ ,, », „„ .lohn *L. Fro'mholtz 'and Charles- .1. Bian, per 100 Ibs .. $1.20 x c -lson of ".Massillon. Ohio, have been Flour ; duly appointed'and Qualified as Execu- Suring Patent, per 1-4 bbl. $1.90 ! . tol ' s of'the Will of," .^icliolas^Frqmholtz Winter Patent, per 1-4 bbl $1.75 ^K i°934 ^ " 5 '' P Winter Straight, per 1-4 bbl. .;. $1.60 . FARMYARD AND DAIRY: BjJTTER — Extras- 26iic a pound; ' standards 26"iic; 1-pound prints lit-, <S3<l',4c. • • . . EGGS—Extras,' white, 15c dozen; ciir- 1934:' Creditors must present their claims to I the .above- representatives for, allowance 1 within, four months after the date of appointment. '•'.'' J. J. McCALL. Probate; Judge of Stark^ County. Ohio. Publish in The Evening Independent April IT, ,24; May 1, '1934. ' . ' '•-.'• ADMINISTRATOR'S WITH -WILL ANNEXED NOTICE No. 26077 Admr. Doc. Z.. Page 5S3 D. A: Jluskoff of Navarre, Ohio, has icen duly appointed and qualified as EXECUTOR'S NOTICE ' No. 260S2'Admr. L Doc.. Z, Page 5S5 Kathryri E. Grayson of R. F. D. Xa- varre, Ohio, has been duly 'appointed and qualified as Executrix of 'the '-Will Aaministrator with will annexed of the | 0 C Luther AV. Grayson, lat*. of Stark tfi of Mary F. Bowers, late or Stark County. Ohio. Dated March 30th 1931. Creditors must present their claims to the above, representative for allowance within four months after the date of appoiritment. J. J.- McCALL, Stark County, Ohio.- Publish In- TJie Probate Judge of Publish In-TJie-Kvening Independent April 17 24; May J, 1934. '* ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE No. 26113 Admr. Doc. 27, Page 1 Mayme Smith of Massillon, Ohio, has been duly appointed and qualified as Uxccutrix of the Will' of Percival M. Smith. late of Stark County, Ohio. Dated April 6th 1834. Creditors must present their claims lo the above representative for allowance within four months after the date of appointment. NILES A. SPONSELLER, Attorney. ,r. J. AfcCALL. Probate Judge of Stark County, Ohio. Publish in The Evening Independent April 17, 24; May 3. 1034. County, Ohio. -Dated April 5th:lp34. Creditors muse present their claims to the above representative for 'allowance within four months after, the date of appointment. ' • • : ' ,T. J. MtCALL, Probate Judge of Stark County. Ohio. - ' Publish In The Evening Independent April 17,' "4; May 1, 1034. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE No. 25312 Admr. Doc. '/,. Page 500 Elmer Fuller of Navarre^/Ohio, has he-en duly appointed .and qualified as Executor of the .Will of .Edwin 'Stein, late of .Stark .County, Ohio. Dated April 5th, 1334. , - '• ' Creditors must present their claims to thp. above representative for .allowance within four, months after the date of appointment. • ELSON YVEFLER,' Attorney. • . ,r. .f. McCAEL. Probate Judge of Stark County. Ohio, . Publish' in The Evening Independent April 17, 21; May 1. 1D34. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE No. 26124 Admr. Doc. 27, Page fi • Emma M, Fox of Massillon, Ohio, has ,,., a „„been duly appointed and qualified as i as Exec Administratrix of the Estate of Rein-.'Pound" EXECUTOR'S NOTICE ' • No. 26014 Admr. Doc. Z. Page SB6 Harry E.- Pounds of . Massillon, Ohio. Ii:is_becn duly appointed and qualified utor 'of the Will of Henry Budd .,.,.,„, , — - ----- - ........ i- ". ..... ^. late of Stark Count}', 'Ohio. hart \\ • Books, late of Stark County. Dated April '5th 1M4. Ohio. Dated April n. 1 93-1. Creditors must present their claims to ' '"" ti'-esent their claims to the- above z-epi-esenlative for allnwnnce f,u,i. repres f. n tat ' Vft f01 ; allowance within four months after the date of four months after the dale of | appointment ' ' • appointment. si'J'rk J r' M , cCA nu1' Probat e Judge of! J. ,T. McCALL, Probate Judge "of v KI, ,P ty ' P M °- Slarlc County. Ohio. Piiolfsli in The i.^ ••-.» i — — T— j _.... »_ .. i , ... . •*• __ * April 17, 24; May J, HENRY W. PETZINGER. -Attorney. . . 'Dependent Pi-blish in The Evening Independent I April 17. 2,4;' May 1, 1934. NOTICE OF HEARING FOR PAROLE Mansfield, Ohio, April 23. 1531 2!t42fi. George Oher, a prisoner r.o\v confined in the Ohio Statn Reformatory, Mansfield, admitted from Stark County, convicted 10-fi-32 of the crime of Robbery and serving a sentence of 10-25. is eligible for a hearing before the BOARD OF PAROLE, on or after 0-10-34. The Board of Parole • ;•' By J.' J. FEENE"/, Parole and Record Clerk. . : , • ' Published In The Evening -Independent April 24, May I, 1931. NOTICE OF HEARING FOR PAROLE Mansfield, Ohio, April 23, 19,11 29427," Joe DePello. a prisoner now confined In .the Ohio State Iteforma- EXECUTOR'S NOTICE ' No. 26097 Admr. Doc. 7., Page 593 Venice 'Chartton of Massilloni Ohio, has been ;du!y appointed .and qualified as 'the • Executrix- of the' Will of John Bell, late of Stark County, Ohio. Dated April Rth 1931. . Creditors must present their claims to the above representative for allowance within four months after the"-dat« of appointment. - .. J.. J. McCALL, .Probate Judge of Stark .County, Ohio.- - ' ' - ; Publish in The Evening Independent 17, .24: May '1,"1934. ' -. : • . . tory, ' Mansfield, admitted 'from conviclfl 10 -"- 12 of EXECUTOR'S NOTICE , ' No. 261106 Admr. Do'c. '/., Page S47- Clara P. Miller'of Brew.ster. h'as;been duly appointed and qualified as, Exe«u- of Rohhcry. and serving a. sentence of llJ-1'5. Is eligible for a hearlnR before I lie BOARD OF.PAROLK. on or after 5-10-3-1. • .... ... The "Board of P,iroln • Ry. J.-.7. FREN.EY-, P.->ro}c>and Record Clerk'. -. . ' .'. • I'unlisted -In • The. Kveninr Independent; April-21,: May .1, 1031. . : Stark I trix of the Will: of William crime her, late of, Stark Coimly, Ohio.. Dated ' •• - April 6lh. 193-t. Creditors must present their claims to the.-above .representative^ foivalloxvancc within;, four ' months after the date : of appointment. '•.•.-•. -..,.."• ' .1." J.. .JfcCALL,: Probate Judge"of Stark County. Ohio. ',''..- •'•..-. 7-i Publish' IrrTlro: ISvenjng- 1 Independent April. 17, M; May l/'-lDS-L ' .'••• \ • "'•, .,•.••. -, GENUINE MASSILLOX, COAL—CIos^ ing mine.'. 1.000 tons'left. .Fill up'for next winter at'prevailing- prices. -Call your regular trucker or Dial 76S5. The haUon- Coal: Co: ' ' ' - - : FOR GOOD COAL from our own mine. call. William Mann. the coal man. Orders' C. O. D. Dial 5005.. 643 State \ ave.. N'E. ... , ' ILL SELL OR TRADE an Essex fi Sedan and- Chevrolet 4 Coach. Dial SO( fi. ' - ' : ' . - 121— ACCESSORIES— TIRES ' CASH PAID for automobiles. " wrecks' scrap iron, metals, junk of all klml. \\e sell used parts for air make car£. Dial 8716 City Auto Wrecking, a Scrap Co., .648 Erl^ gt.. S COAL-SPECIAL, -to introduce 'our .new mine. A good run of mine'coal"$2.SO, per .ton, single ton lots' 30c extra. Baker's strip mine. County 22F2. VON KAENE7, COAL CO., all. grades Goshen'. coal', ?2 ton and up. pay driver. Dial S119. ' . i OFftO'S ^BEST COAL. High' grade, Massillon or : Goshen. All grades sand and .gravel.- Driveway gravel : service complete. Dial 4877.. W. E. Crawford. 1529 1st St., NE. . ' -- : GOOD COAL —'No; 5.vein, clean slack and nut $2.50 ton, mine run and lump. There is no better coal. Building & Loan taken In part. Call 6714. D. D. Lewis, 506 3rd'St., SE; COAL—From • Piney Fork' is better—It is a' premium quality coal. Your hefit will .cost .you less. 'If vou use PINE1Y FORK The Shafer-Hammond : Lumber Co Dial 41«1: ••• • . 68—OFFICE, STORE SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS—All mkkes, sold, rented, exchanged, overhauled, rebuilt at Yncum'g.-- phone '5335. • -. 69—MUSIC : AND! RADIO HARDMAN PIANO, sma'll' size, dark mahogany. Bench to match. .Will sac- rjfice'foi-. j5Q cash. Dial: 4583. '•','• GRAND PIANO BARGAIN—Will sacrifice on very- moderate terms almost new Apartment Grand if sold at once. Will accept your old piano '.aj i.Urt payment. For • particulars addivs's Credit', Adjuster, Box 30,' care The Independent Co. •..-.. • • EDISON VICTROLA™ like new. 100 records, ?5;00. Inquire "janitor-at Gen- seiner's. • . ' . : MOTORCYCLE., Harley Davidson. 25. i I cu. in. Good; running-' condition. f01 " quick sale. Dial '5712. The WUUrd Thread Rubber Battery—Saves You Money CITY TIRE & REPAIR CO. 14« Charles Ave, SW. Make Us An Close-in Property 2 Houses, 3-Stall Gara Must be sold to settle estate. Dial 4318 or inquire at. 325 •• First St SE. REDUCE TrfE HEALTHY "WAY anrl improve your health. Battle Creek I tieatmentis with Battle Creek gra't]- ' uate'in charge. .Dial 3636 for appoint- ' me'nt. ' ..'• j X2XU FEET galvanizeed iron lank j $3.00. Also Bo^^•ser domestic gasoline' pump $4.00.-or -n-il! trade on oa'ts or j corn. Dr. F. M. Lose, 609 Ohio Mer-j chants .Bldp. . : ' "" I Ki-20 ..VeCO/UUCK tleerinK fractor, price |225'00. Two real pood two- horse cultivators. • Schalmo & Sons, L'anal Pulton. ... BABY BUGGY TIR10S. Br6ke n baby hi'RTSy .parts .wcldetl and repaired. Think first of Smith's. In Atassillon since 1893. 325 Lincoln Way. \V. Buy Quality FURNITURE : "It Is Cheaper-In ''- The Long Run" i '• C. O. FINE FROCK > GO. H 541 Lincoln Way, VV.—Dial 4242 ; FOR TOP SOIL, manure and lot plowing.-Dial 4229.'T.'G. Snyd'er. 321 2nd St.. SW. HUBB'KK STAMPS ni-fi now made in Masnillon. Phone 5335 or bring copy to Vncum'y 72—HOUSEHOLD GOODS CKOSLEY-SHELVADOR $S9.50 and -jp. Washers, gas ranges, Crosley and Bosch rartiOR. Terms to suit your requirement. Massillon Music Co. 119' Tremhnt ave., SW. Dial .3742. j RUGS! RUGS! RUGS! Large size only J3.00 up, throw rugs, only 25c up. hall runners .only SOc up. Three rooms, nicely furnished, only {19.50. Open evenings until S .o'cfnok. L. and 'L Furniture Co., 401 Market aVe.. S. Canton-.' O ' ' ' •' ' - RENTALS 81—BOARD AND ROOMS «^>.«^^^S^^N>^VS»^>x><V^^^O^^.^<'^>^^>y^ 8TH ST.,'NE, 226—Room 'and .board' fpr semi-Invalid, -convalescent or elderly lady. Best "personal car*' Also 'sleep-' injf . room for " one or two persons Dial 7-M!).... . . .. / 84—FDRNISHED ROOMS/ ." OXK : nice large, . front sleeping room, first-floor,^cjuiet .location. -145 South ave.,- KTO. ,."•'. , ' • I3R1K-ST;, S. 1712.—Sleeping room, and -IcHchcfi. -Dial '-1627; . " TKRER . FCJRN1SHKD. rooms, • e porch, garage, on 6th' St., SW. 1 $700 per -wefik. . ' .- ' • ' ^ '. —Slx"fortms,'"on'.' Sonera"'rt'.,">, T K " t'2()' Tusearawas .Realty Co, r Dial- «57. • '• ' " : '- '''" ' ''' ' ' AAAA to EEE ; 2</ 2 "1'0 10 ,;'V We Specialize in Extreme Sizes-I In Shoes for Women. If you are hard to fit, try us. ? SIFF'S SHOE CO. 20 LINCOLN WAY, E. Agents For "Selby Shoes" : Child's Pat. Straps . and Oxfords 1 • R«(f. '$f .29 . . , , Wednesday Only 98c Bloomberg Shoes

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