The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 26, 1932 · Page 17
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1932
Page 17
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a! II - 'Mil 1 1 ' ! t ' i3LL31f Vrrvn O. SNELSON Jr Theatrical Editor v mm COmilG TO THE ROOSEVELT AT THE GRAND NEXT WEEK - By AILEEN E. ECKSTEIN , Radio Editor ! - - J ' - - T7? I n FLOYD G. 5XrXJ502f ' Tbtrtt Editor - Si la Hell", is m. fiplniia. pie art! tb iUm whll - lt lra'pljw u on Brcadway a few week xot tieme 1' very tatrejtla that el wtUi love, devotion. jTjit Uu McKlnney wu especially tctei tor the cwt and. In .my way j jinking. he doM a mor prom - m nt role here when sne - . aftjfa ccpy Time Down SouUx" tbaft waa ia her lart ahowU. ' Dorothy JaIII and Clarence ilue art (tara In the picture - BADS Bh' rre ?Vutr focktaii :' Cnam CMckn Boup ' ntf Yomc Chicken, Country Style, or fcr(r Hcmaa Stea KtH Jf uairooma fHJUf Potitoe or Candiod. Taint Cream Early Jwna Pea S carta Lertvce icit Thousand Inland DreMnf Coffee, Tea or Buttvrmak - ipjtel P or lea Crant Special Family Dinner1 x CrMm o CAcfce Soup ' : lt$ved Chicken with Drop Dumpling i or - Tnderloin Steak Santa in Butter jticaaaee Chicken cit Ricm - talked Potato Cream .June Pea Coffee, Tea or JJuttermC ' .' Choice of Detsvrt Deat?Inc5 Rcctoui?.antt 2341 Wyll Avenue (Under New SXanafeawnt) Icrlnf the beat - of ftxxlr at the low - t roaaible prices with Coorteoua ud Efflclen. Servlc. Alwmy open. Tjq and your frienda are cordially, brtted to dine with vs. SchcBley 03O - 554 KS. 8ARAIX SC. brAklNO.VMrr. PALAGE - OF CT7GCSD; "aJprvou for Tbenier Pmrtie a't h - taU tomeetyotir frienda tre. Private Bootaa r I r sAXDvncnBS, sodas, ICE CREAM and H03LE - MADE CANDY . Chocolate Covered Frnlt and Nat EASTEB EGGS . 52c PER POUND NAME ON FREE Witch ttooeevelt Lobby tor oar 2ter Baakets on dlxplay, to. do riTfa away to holder Of lACky Stobe Saturday, March t, p ttu Roosevdt Theater Bldg. Top In before and after the Show CoggvgI1' EnGaC - De Mon., Scaoc, rJarcIi 20 - 29 it - ;.;' . i wis;. r;wawii. mxw iftDCTTA YOUNG Eastei? Featuring EDWARDS COLLEGIANS, Direct From Grey , Stone Ballroom Cincinia . ' vdL: FoVth Best Dressed ' 8:30 P. M.' 'Till 2 A. M. v AancoZpCC:d0C VJUlU a V.. .... - Safe Tn Heir la very Interesting mnragnoui ana x know you will like Will be on the acreea - Monday. March 28, at the Triangle Theater. Evelyn - Preer. recent atar of the Nero .. troupe, the Leo Anselee Lafayette Plavera. hu part In Paramounfj romantic drama or pruon we. - Ladlea of the B! Jiouje - m rupport of Sylvia. Sidney. oee n l - ueaaay, March 29. - . Six aaatstant dlrectora wm needed to handle the crowd la the limit aet ever .built, at Warner Brothere - yirrt. National etudloa, that for. - union uepocr wnich feature Dotur las Fair bank a. Jr, with Joan Blon - dell and . air all - etar east at ttt Triangle Theater this week. Almlfhty Dollar; - a phraae coined by Waahingnon Irvinf. and Intended as a satire oh the mad .race for wealth In the United State. What Price Glory? The play by that. name takes Its name .from the Enjllah colloquialism. "What PrlceT - used by the London cockney to mean - What Is the value?" - In the play the name means "What la the value of - Winning; Glory?" - The Georgia JtXbUee Singers, under the direction of Dan Travla, are rehearsing a new play entitled "What Hare You." which la destined to be a great hit. (FORttZZlLY TILE BURKE t Wylie and FaUerton St. FT CTVB.ES CI LANG ED DAILY ADHI53IOX Matlneea - Adolta 10c, Chlldred 6c Erenlng Adults 15c. ChUdrea 10c Saturday. March 26 2 Big Features 2 JOE BROWN in "Lottery Bride" and BOB STEELE in 'TUDINF00L" Moil, Tue, March 28 - 29 Tranlensteili, Wednesday and Thursday JOAN CRAWFORD In "POSSESSED" vrith CLARK GABLE Friday, April 1 ' RONALD COLMAN In "RAFFLES" Saturday, April 2 EDWARD G. ROBINSON In "FiveStarFinal" FoKnieBadle Dance, IUiW w :. ' r; - - fc - - aaassssaaaaw m n, t. TI ' - 1 l - Sineer's Midget Band, "world; 15 tiny midget musicians, singera aim ij imfnimpntn lsrcpr than themselves, ine troupe, which wiU play at the Thursday, rrlaay ana eaiuraay, loma - mighty gooa one atLnai. "I . VAVB By AILEEN E. ECKSTEIN, Radio Editor. WHEN THE Southernalres. fa mous Negro male quartet, appeared . a , - t J A 1 n rv on its regular ououa hroxteut of Southland Sketches over NBC - WEAF network at 10 a. nv, the singers had as their guest artist. Moses Allen. 106 - year - old Ne gro preacher. Moees. who says be can i reaa or write, but knows he was sold as a slave seven times, appeared In an impromptu role before tne micro phone. He appeared once before. two months ago, reciting and preacn - ingv and many listeners have requested that be be heard again. The aged Negro aays he was born on Christmas Day. - 1S25 in Macon county. Georgia. He still has his emancipation papers, given him In Texas. For many years he preached on plantations and sang hymns to Negro workers, and ssys he was hasten for It trr elan tat! on owners. He sUU bears scara of those attacks. THOMAS WALLER. C"Fats"J to von. celebrated clanlst and composer. playing bis own compositions, beaded the list or negro guests at tne uud Vilmir aver an NBC - WEAF net work Saturday' at 9:80 p. tn. His contribution to the program) included a medley of his hit of such popularity as "Ain't lsbehavin'" and ''Concen - tratin on You." The Southernalres quartet rendered a Southern medley Gotn uown aouuj ana .va i mylar, soloist sang that song which she made famous Tm Jnst Wild About Harry" and "Rhapsody In Rhythm." cnmoosltlon of Clarence Williams. This program celebrated the nrst anniversary of the Ciuh valspar on the air. and was it celebrated? Al . ONE OF the moat popular pro - A ,tV;:;."' America3 In And Hear Him Every Night, (I J I I the only midget band in the Grand Theater this coming . i grams on Station WBTM In Dan - ,nu v. m nroved bv the number m a - lea Kaa Tm Tt I sented by the. PlanUUon Singers. belter Known as ine rayiuwiii 1 tel. This group specializes in spir - Ituais ana aouiaern nniuit "" i ... . . ! sings wild genuine xeeuca thenUclty seldom neara over tqe lr - xt,e m.v b heard everv Thursday 1 evening at 8 p. m. Tune in i - I Al . - . uontacue AND his Kentucky 5irenadra' are now playing at one I of - the Bouth'e Cneat places.. Th Pink Gal Nlxht Club" and may be nrtlu mu , v. w ...... i Monday.over 8UUon WRR at 10:30 1 M , alaa fMPt Tei ll si el TJ Ksri I Ula UMOV.V has been aUtloned in me uone oiar siai au w.Uw:r " " headed back noma, any sua m note headed toward Dallas would do well to conmu2Uciw wua jwucii r. . . .rr " . .a I a .ui. r i opportunity await. It. Jo write in MDIIUMUC. IJ1V U1UICI. IVI care of the radio station menuonea A I I tup i - vip.iiTj nf Rhvlhm hillne from Chenute. Kansas, have accepted I - rxr. . - ". ' " ' ' i ' - ' - V I a five - weeks contract oroaacasung 95 p. m. Evereauy jUDiieo sing - over staUon KGGF at Coffeyvllle. ers Qver WMIL. The orchestra is composed of the fol - 9.43 p m. The Southland Singers lowing: VtrKlnia Weahtngton, plan - Quartel. over WFBE. Cincy. iai; lioui iBii. uuiujick, vv I lord, arums; viuora eerry. bw Ted Brooks ana - ,iomp ' eaiiey. ine orchestra is open for an oance en - gagements except on xnursaay nlghU which find them broadcasting from 6:30 to 7 p. m. IT. . MART caruweu. m waon ana ner quartet nn conauci a program the auartet era Mary Cardwell Daw son. first soprano: Gertrude Johnson, second soprano: Pearl Murphy, nrst alto; Mehetabel Cardwell. second alto. 1 AUanta man has perfected a self - sharpening lawn mower. What la needed Is h non - borrowing lawn mower, j T 'SI . - J PytMasi Temple, Easter - , Mpiaday,' MareM - 3Lg For week of Mar. 27 to Apr. S, IncL All Hating Eastern Standard Tim (Schedule subject to changes) SUNDAY, MARCH 27th .' v 8:45 a. m. The Bovs. from tie South, over WFOX, N. Y. , 9 a. ra. Eastern Star Quartette, over WMIX. M. Y. , ' 10 a. m. Clarenca A. Williams, over WPCH, N. Y. 10 a. m. Jean Store" Symphonic Choir, over WOV. N. Y. , .JLO a. m. Southland Sketohec Southernalres malea quartet; over WEAy. WTIC, WCSH. WFBR. WGI; . WTAM. WUAS. WWJ. WENR, WDAF, WAPL WSB. .. 10:43 a. m. May - Mill Harmony Crooners, over WPAP. N. Y. 12:30 n. m. Careleaa Love. Nesro dramatic sketch over WJZ. WGAR, WREN, KDKA, KTAK, KOA. I n. m. Jean Store Symphonic Choir, over WINS, K. Y. 2 n. m. Carolina Song Birds. Male quartet over KQV. local. 2:30 p. m. Lone tar quartet I Mixed voices, over KQV. locaL 6 p. m. ox irur i rap per, negro 7:45 d. m. The Ple - oneera tenor, over WHK, Cleveland. 9 p. m. Kiik University Chorus. SrviHtulA. From Nashville. Tina lover WABC. WOKO. WFBU WHEC. WGR, WLBZ, WEAN. WDRC. WNAC. WORC WHP. WJAS. WLBW. WMAL. WCAO. WTAR, I WDBJ. WWVA. WADC. WHK. WCAJL WKBN, WGST. WQAM. WDAE. WXYZ. WBCM. WSPD WLAP. WLAC WNOX. WBRC. WODX. WDSU. WISN. WGL. WFBU, WCCO. KSCJ. WJIT, KMOX. WIBW, KFNF, KTSA. WACO. KOH. WVOK. KOU KVI KEPT. KFRC KDYL, KLZ. CFRB r . fr em Da si e4 TH f a TtesVllJI AV. WIP - WTAN. PhilasielDlilL .f sm I'AWftPrl ThtT RaV - vue. ovtr WJSV. Washington. D. C xj nnaniixii 1' eiui singer and Al Waldons orcnestra; over nnA. wiru. Al ,,nVnv march 28th MONDAY, MAKCJI tn 11 a. ra. Algie uoae ana iiia vjr - cheatra: over WWNC. Asneviue. m c n - is . m. Crosscuts from the Los of the Day; Negro quartet over kt.a Sookane. Wash. - i .4X1 aw ia. - law iwun. w . - - wjtn Eva Taylor, alnger. over WEAF. s eV"e ... m. Alvin and Teddy Aus - .... OVl!r WWSW. locaL ol - x,hsin "JubUee Singers J, "Dr2 . pj c uii m w i - - ' a" Wm. Mill1 Brothers. "Teature - - ........ quanet; WWAW w r u i ... - .w, - - - - - llvrAtl W3XAU. WJAS. WM.. I - - r ....... . r. . - r. . - WCAU WAUL. X. l rvi .v - WXYi WSPD. WOWO. WGN KM ON KMBC 10: SO p. m. AJaga v.iog isjivy nu - rim, over WLW, Clncy n - Don Redman and. His r 0rebetra: over WABC - Z ..rx - , m ivnnf 'Koward Theater Re - . WJSV Washington. D. C. 11 - 45 n. m. Cab Calloway and .0" w',,.. dlrect from th, Cotton J. " " wvav iveel WJAR. WIBA, KFYR, WTDC WMAQ 12 t. m. Eddie Moore's orchestra. direct from the Grand Terrace Cafe; over WEAF. WRC WCFU WSD. WIBA. KFYR, WSG. WAPL 12 n ra. Trov Singers Orchestra and Entertainers; over WHK. Cleveland. O. 12:30 a. m. Noble Slssle and His Par! Central Orchestra; over WABC. WHP. WLBW, WMAI WK - tlU W2XE. WOKO, WFBU WKBW. WEAN. WNAC. WCAU. W3XAU. WKBN. WSPD. WLAP. WISN. WP.Y. WFBM. WMBD. WCCO. KSCJ. WMT. KMOX. KMBC KFAB. WIBW. KFJF. KTRH. WACO. KOIL KVOR, KYDL, KY2i. 12:30 a. m. Ben Smith and His Planters, over WIP. WFAN, Philadelphia. 1 a. m. Eddie Moore 's Orchestra; over WENR, Chicago. 1:00 a. tn. Claude tiopKins tvoae - tant Ballroom Orchestra: over WABC. WEAN. WNAC Al TUESDAY, MARCH 29th 10 a. m. John Ilawkina baritone, aver KOV. local. 11 a, m. Alaga Cane Syrup Pro - rnm over WLW. Clncy. 11:15 a. m. Crosscuts from the Log of the Day: Negro quait.t over KG . Spo - tane, Wash, H?20 m Marionettes Orches tra, with Eva Tsylor. over WEAF. N. Y 8:13 p. m. Plantation Days quar - Ut over WLW. Cincinnati. 1:43 p. m. Ola Wilkes Johnson. contralto, over WWSW. local. 6 p. m. Pto.ll Undsleya euaaies; 1 A. M., Roseland orchestra over W1LM. NaahvUla 6:30 p. m. - RmbIlng with Robert over WWSW, locaL 7 p. m. Jlnajnle Lunccforda Orchestra; llrecffrom Broadway Restaurant over W1BX. UUca, N. Y. 8 p. to. The TruiU Jubilee Slngera over WHP. Hanisburg. 8:45 p. m. Hariey Par ham Harlem Knigbu from Chicago, over WISN. WCCO. WMT. 10:50 p. m. Montague's Kentucky Serenaders over WRR, Dallas. . 10 H5 p. m. - Slow River a Negro quartet, assisted by Eva Taylor, over ViJZi, ii. x. 11 n. m. PcarJ Theater Bevue. over WLP. WFAN. Philadelphia. 11:30 o m. Elmer Calloway and his Club Prudhom Band, over WJSV. Waabinsrton. D. C 12:13 a. m. Songs of the South, featuriAs Netrro tenor, over KOA. Knoltinr Wash. 12:30 a. ox Noble Sla le ana tut Park Central .Orchestra, WABC W2XE. WOKO. WFBU WKBW. WEAN. WNAC WCAU. WSXAU. WLBW. WMAL. WKBN. WSPD. Wf.AP WISN. WGL WFBM. WMBD. WCCO. KSCJ. WMT. KMBC WIBW. KTRH. - KOH. KVOR, KGB. KFPY. 1CDYL KLZ. 1 p. m. Eddie Moores orcnestra. over WENR. Chicago. 1:30 a ni. Claude Hopains - nose - land Ballroom orchestra. WABC WEAN. WNAC Al WEDNESDAY. MARCH 50th 10:30 a. m. Algie Boss Minstrel of the Ivories WWNC Asbevllle. 11:15 a. m. Crosscuts fron the Log of the Day; Negro quartet over KOA. Spokane, wasn. 11:30 a. m. Marionettes Orcnestra, with Eva Taylor over WEAF, N. Y. 8 n. m. Harold B. Smith, pianist. over WDRC Hartford. Conn. 5 p. m. Southern bingera over WLW. Cincinnati. . 3 p. ni. The Dusky Twins, over WDKd Hartford. Conn. 10:30 d. m. AlaKa Cane Syrup Pro - 10:30 p. m. Montague's Kentucky Serenaders over WRR, Dallas, train, over WLW. Cincy. 11 - is m. The One Man Baud. over WRR. Dallas. Texas. 11:30 n. m. Eva Taylor, singer. over WPZ. N. Y. ll:SO n. m. Don Redman and Hla Connie's Inn Orchestra, over WABC W2XE. WLBZ, WDWi .VAJI - B WORC. WPG. WCAU, ' W3XAU. WCAO. WFAR. WDBJ. WBT. WGST. WTOC. W'AM. WDAE. WFIW. WREC. IV I.AC WNOX. WRRT. WDSU. 12 mldnlgbt - 1 ' : and His 1'lanters Orchci.. .vor WIP. vVFAN. PMladfrinl.iM. I a. m. Eddie ilowi f s orchestra. r WENR. Ch. u 1:00 a. m. Claude Hopkins Rose - tand Ballroom Orchestra. over WABC WEAN. WNAC Al THURSDAY. MARCH 31st 10 a. m. John Ilawkina, - baritone. KOV. locaL 11 a, m. Alaga Cane Syrup Pro - cram, over WLW. Cincy. 11:15 a. m. Crosscuts from tne Los of the Day Negro quartet over KG A Snokane. wui 11:30 a. m. iiarioneiies urenes - tra, with Eva Taylor, alnger, over WEAK. New xortu 6:45 o. m. Alvin and Teddy Aus tin, over WWSW. local. 8 p. m. Traynham Quartette over WBTM. Danville. Va. a tv m. Dixie Solritual . Slneere. Chorus from WRVA, Richmond to WJZ. WBAL WBZ. WBZa. wiiAU. KDKA, WCKY. WLS. KWK. WREN a - .tn n m The Hansboro Sinzers - finiHtuals. over WWNu Asnevme. 9 p. m. Mills tsroa, over vvadv. 10:30 o. m. Montague a Kentucky Kifnaders over WRR. Oallas. WOKO. WFBU WKBW. WEAN. WDRC. WNAC. WCAU. W3XAU, WJAS WMAL. WCAO, WADC, WirE WKRC WXYZ. WSPD WOlVtf. WGN. KMOX. KMBC 11 p. m. Don Redman and hla Connie's Inn . orchestra. WABC WAXE. WLBZ. WEAN. WDRC WBCM. 1 a. m. Noble Slssle and his Park Central orchestra, WABC WEAN. WNAC Al FRIDAY, APRIL 1st 11:15 a. m. Crosscuts from the Log of the Day; Negro quartet over KG A, Spokane, wasn. 1:45 p. m. Grand Central Red Cans, over WMCA. N. Y. 4 - .45 tv m. Sara McNeil, blues sinter, over WWSW. local 5 p. m. Southern Singers, orer WLW. Cincinnati. 10:30 p. m. Alaga Cane Syrup Pro gram, over WLW. Clncy. y 10:30 p. m. Montague's Kentucky Serenaders over WRR. Dallas. 10:45 p. m. Oriole Glee Club.. over WPG. AtlanUo City. 11:0c p. m. Jubilee Quartet over WRR. Dallas. Texas. 12 mldnlarht Cab Calloway and Pile Orchestra. NBC from Cotton Clnb Ballro oomV Npv y ' 7: 1 Sir ' no - i - a J - ... - t - - UJ IVIiil iiJ XUVlVUlt Oiii ....... . - m. - ' - , ...... ...... r . A. A A . T. - Ai - rv,a ve tod . a t - icitivrftTiR screen productions ever produced, with, an all - star cast of Negro pertormers. 11 wui come to me ivwacvDk owi.. to WEAF. ' WTIC. WJAK. wx. WRC WBEN. WCAE. WWJ. WENR WCKY. K3D. WOC VHO. 12 midnight Ben Smith and His Plantera Orchestra, - over WIP. WFAN. Philadelphia. 12 30 a. m. Noble Siale and Ills Park Central Orchestpa, over WABC W2XE. WOKO. WFBU WKBW. WEAN. WNAC. WCAU. WSXAU. WLBW. WMAU WKRC, WKBN. WSPD. WLAP. WISN. WGL WMBD. WCCO, KSCJ..WMT. KMBC. WNAX. WIBW. KOH. WVOR. KGB. KFBK. KFPY. KOIN. KDYL KLZ. 1 a. m. Claude Hopkins' Roeeiand Ballroomorchestra. WABC W2XE. WEAN. WNAC . Al SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd 9:30 a m. Kandy Kids Juveniles over KQV, local. ? 10 a. m. Algie Boss and Orchestra over WWNC Asbevllle. 11 a. m. Alaea Cane Syrup Pro - graro, over WLW, Clncy. . 11:15 .a. m. Crosscuts from the Log of the Day; Negro quartet over KOA Snokane. Y 1511. 7:15 p. ra Noble Sisslc and lus mzt a.? Friday. March 25 . Tuesday, March - 29 . . - 'J THE GREATEST OF A1X Another. Drama tin Smash freH - .i " tha American Tragedy Urt PA WON PI AYS SYLVIA SIDNEY, with Gena. v r AD JI 17X1 r Li J O Raymond and Wynna Gibson ia v rhotographed In Natural Colore - . ' - ". Schronlxod with BeanUful ats Qf Big H0tt& Mnslo Score - . - .r - i Every man. woman and child Free Dalso Linen, 6 p.m, to oJota" thould See this marvelous produo - ' p tion! i - - . - . . Wednesday, March 3 - ". - r Frre - Dalso Linen, 6 p.m. to clow i Renew all the thrills you've ever. w . ' . known . . , See the parts of Saturday, March - 8 you've missed! If yon onjy go tv Tne, Aoo of - Western Stars. BUCK plcturs. - you'ragotaj., IONES, In hla Latest Action Hit to see - V - i 'THE RANGE FEW)', '"WON DEP p Matinee Only Final Chapter of Something new tinder the. BattUng With Bnffalq Bni orlth DOUGLAS FAlBJLNKS ! ' and JOAN BLOXDSXt.".' - ; :; Monday. March 28 . ' Unspeakable! Terrific! DramaUc: Thnrsday, March 81 " . , , w k - : DOBOTirr MACKATLX. and Warner's Redheaded Wndri NINA MAE MrfCINNEY la - mat flz - - JAMES CAGNEY . 'SAFE 111 HEW I in His New MjJodramaUo Tlrf With Donald Cook, John Wray . 4m Mvn ; - - :r' . : - 1 AJLl - Also SLED GRANGE in . , '. - :: ' ' , . - 1 with LOKETT. TOtJKG - - " 'Tne Galloping Ghost and An ah star, cas: " York - is one 01 tne most. uuuww. - .v Park Central Orchestra over. VVfTAJS. - - - WDB.i. WBT WBio, wusf, wiw;;, - WF1W. WDOD. WNOX, WBRAC" WDSU. KDYL. - ; il( :15 ti. m. Neirro SDlrituale teftoi Charles Henry and accompanist, Ed - era - a a w - - a ? - - e win earrow, over waad, oww 9:50 p. m. DeFord Bailey, hormoovr' la wlz.ardf over WSM. Nashville. 10:15 p. m. JubUalres; cmmui4?rV spiritual singers over WFAA. DaXja,"?. 10:30 p. m. Montague s Kentacgjr, Serenadere over WRR, Dallaa. v' - " 11 p. m. 'Don - Redman and'HU: ' - i - Connie's Inn orchestra. WACwC W2XE. WLBZ. i WEAN, WTilU, - WBCM. On national hook - up after.; 11:15 - . L' - ' - i''i: 12 p. ra. DeFord. Bailey ovarii WSM. Nashville. 12 midnight Ben Smith and - - Ills i Planters Orchestra, over Wt?I - WF AN, Philadelphia. ' 1 a, m. Noble Slssle and his Park ; Central orchestra. WABC, W2XE.V. : WEAN. WNAC COMING ' : J , Tho Merry Milkmaids Operetta t With Oast of Flrty - ava ; Watch for Data and Planar - . - X 'y th .1 i i

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