The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England on October 23, 1809 · 1
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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England · 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1809
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'- U.I II HI "I, . . ILUJJp -TTT. rmlsSi II MONDAY, October 23, 1809. if t ie Lord Cl i am. '-' .' ;f the' House will be. anam- rH11'' jpn"J p-r S't. Mnrtiu's-in-thtfieldi). tL Pf H-wrfcet, ,OcC-25,"1809 In performe I u Vocal Patriotic MnGwt!il HopiTAL, Oct. 20, 1809. J li ."."NESU A Y next, the 25th it .bein, ttn-dov II ni Mum:,.. I : .. . . ... : rtO.OD for POINTER"? HOUNDS, &c A hich hi M ' ne zoni instant inemg tne day wmiiuiiy Of unverninemwin ainrra mm "iner dkvio, .ii- he perfoimed H s "aPy ueignj.Divme Service will! ,"ca, c-. on sale at Usmoud s, uom-tactor, oxr iieT nov to me pital- bv Ih If jvi d in me Mia pel or Shis Uos- "rar inn, nccaoiuy Ijeiiers, pnsi pain, mnv Hiirnoeii i nor 93 . VkU r'L " ,vr"-i nnptam lo the Karl of Rad- ... '-iiariiv. fr.ivi.rx 4 "-! , tillili.fcr wniieti n.v Joseph Kemp, Klete.i af.- rY. ,aJf" w negin at a quarter past b " ' . . , f4llcd 1,".J, i,iin aiid I). Corn, After which P,vi"e a'ce-the Governing hM a Co-Jrt.- I,-- 1,e Ojln Horse Livery Stables, Oxf.mUstreei, near J cuni'" . Section of Sou"-. Duets Trirw '.MUFriOi TVd 7.777., irV : I v cre-street, one for 54 guineas, tile other, a Grey fielding, T TV'Uly 2fy5!SaaS eVcT f '"ft T reonable, a good modern ? rfr- N a"d A" T lbroug'' ;'d"c"1' For particulars apply to Messrs. Burt and Swin- A ,0wn--uilt LANDAU. To he keen at Mr-i Giles's, Coacli- ff "NSLMfe B,,H f" Soicilors1.f,.Mffet, AmeriLsouarr maker, Oxford-street, where price ami further particulars urny r ' ' oe Known. PtlSs. Gallerv 2s. Dnuer nf Vouti)? Saundert, wh. is engagad for pO BAKERS A SALE, at the ("Irani! The Hi-fi's YKAST ;e SALE, at the Grand Junction Wharf. from inne to ten iiVWk jnH,n.c ... rilPrC PAVILION, Newcastle-street, ; A Magnificent PainUug, with appropriate d ILjrffeheJ to AtHh-Hlv, -4 Jr&Jyjbc -.llw, on a most etleos-ve scale, will illuminate th "lc . . Am. x4. taw nnc tixr rnwramma or hteoy tahtu tn in i. c be uitiful lLrlVA chieay laatn inmi te ue.iuttrul iC Jirf 11 rtrioripiil Characters, Htg, and Mrs. Astley, riW"- iimF.MAKSltir nv Hte LlouMe Coin. Kcichv youif Saundew, who will go through bis fcy,:' also his Perf-niianres m tlie Tight Itope. ritSi Also, the Antipodean Whirligig. To ttt..7T)EVIL BOTTLE.- Hnrlequin. Mr. li L.lf.DASt I CAPITAL CHAISE HORSE. To be SOLD, a BAY GKLDINO, six years old, 15 li:inds one iwh high, is an exceeding gnorl Horse in harness, or to ride; warranted sound anil free from vice, -r To be seen at Pelham's Siables. Grub- on a tliott rcliiK!t .;u :il..:-.. . r. ... I street, near Moot fields, with nhnin !'( nr! k IpCi nf rni I ivc n, c own . " 5 r ' " ilUoih in't "L"xaa wAaftuuuan, at Temple-bar, on j f fPERA JUBI LEE and SEASON To be SOLD, ! five -r a S L KK TICKET for the Jtibilee and the Mmlim So-.. ! is oerfectlv Quiet to ride or drie. t ic.ev s iUUSlC V are IOItat. irm rinnrc F.A.., Bau ' SOUfMI. ntitilv III n m'l . Dm Stah m nf race t neisea. DINNER at M R RQI I A NT T A i LOUS' iJALt,,. Those GeotleiTieii who iTjterfll lo dtiie at Mepthn'tt rai!o, Hail, on the 3ih inst; are iPdne-ted to direct tlwir GSmrhVw U setdtiwn w ith iheir horses' hed townrds hopsgTMein-et, m d llien go into that street nnd rjuiue on Hie sides ot it, t.u;ird th CHurrh ; and to take the Company up willi horse' head loard the PanK. . - W. MOI.IiKfC. AT a MKEMN(f of the. COMMli'lLE of MF.HCU AM S and B.ANKLRS, held this day, at tfatt City of London TaVern. uresent, Pli i lip Sanson), h?q. i dfi.ii id pursier, l'rl. Abraham fioldainul, EsfJ. Robert fluid er. Esq John PooVcy Keijdington, Esq John Haket iltcliards, Esq. James Daniell, Esq. Jfenry 1'iirniesier, Esq. George Grote, Esq. Sir liobert Wigrain, Bart. Edward Iee, Esq. rO be SOLD, the Property of a Gentleman, a VTi d f!' m very handsome BAY GELDING, 15 hands oneinch high. fioraafSfilS" mn irrji ui ivcu a ic niMi-j m Mnsie Harness, aim i,,ka Jin-c Fsn Price 65 gaiiiea. warranled Jtm Martw Raik'es. Esa Resolved, That the Merchants, Bankers, and Traders of (he Cily of London be invited, by public uavertiseineor, t meet at P. Isaac Sollv. Esa. John InctisK K q. Oeoree Siuitit, Esq. M P. Joseph Colton, hq. VI r. Ahlernian AtkinS. Wm. AsleiT, Esq. M. P. Charlel U-uit, Esq. M. P. Sir Jas. Slmw, Hiir. M. P. Willtaiu Maiming, Esq. M. Pi lrTami; aniCrown. Mr. Morman. C"ltl!" ,ti rifht. Euuestrian Tuition bv able llSM-p- -fr- KUIAUJUlilLLE BARRY and CO. 155, r JlO be Sold, the Properly of a Gentleman who ,he ,t,,,y ' lon r ".V" nexV at 12 tt! New Bond-street, opposite Clifford-street, beg leave to ul X may he referred to, n very handsome D Ait K" BROWN I ' g! A' f rm ot C"""iu a,l,nu, c':il,aJ,l fMr;,,Vl,e,,i,Uy an4 'UVic ihciT JUBILBE6H AT, CA?P HORSEfif.een haiwl, tlWe inc.L high, six years .Idfeqiial in n IZf'lK " f and DRESS are ready for insWlioi., which, for elegance and i 15 or 16 stone, rides well, and unite steadv iu Merle or dmilde "TO B ordef wf if e,.M.?v. .. nnul.. ....II I f.......i I V , . - J. I , - ...... . ' . C . ... Un. ZVI. J.3US. IV M . ui .ur.A. ee. narress. l rve norse is perfectly sound, and in enod condition : , , v - rb,7,,r.-R0VAL CIRCUS. "TTsr PSSf 2 Mr. MAKEKN, THtS EVEN- SCHOOLMISTRESS To be SOLD. Iffshicb Evtthgw1 be peudueed a Ballet of : most healthy oim desirable silnatton for a large, and i but In nreVent trouble, the lowest nrice is 65 enin:i4. To be s-eu a at Hodgkinson's Livery Stables, Uury-sirert. Great-Russel-Ureet. r- i . 1 : spectable SEMINARY, within a few miles of Hyde-park-t JB fcrsrappenratice in that character. After corner. Itiqqire of ,Mr. Hodgsnu, Stationer, Great Marylebone- j JL . years old, perfectly sound, and free from vice nnd blemish, street,, corner of Wimpole-street. ...A a iili nevi scenerv.'dresses'ind decorations. "BmadtiJe Section of a Ship of War, her weighing ! J I" ZLM the popular iVleio-iJimne, called LO V li s . ..jwri?-'"' .T,i: . .ti,.l,.' u: S4..U ; l-;,! -hat character. In Act III. aa appro: ' 30th of December next; the Box is situated ovfr ,he Orclu-s- rou X . I i'nut ir. tt laugouiii , oniioirerr, io. aoi, ncv 0 VENT-GARDEN THEATRE. A PRI VATE BOX to.nt LETT, for the alternate Weeks, till didl Reel by Mr. pod three Misses Girou: SsSHlP by Mr- Makeen, who will, for the first 5,1 -,,ri!! leiip thro!b- die body of a Hackney I IRLswSdNt futl 'peed. Aud perform his much 1 r ?mMV FROLIC Clown, Mr. Jjeffries. With i Wn p,.,imime. called The GOLDEN FAR- ' rTltarlfquiii Ploughboy. . Ilanleqoin, Mr. Ellnr Co- ! p iiwiiiruux; n4 Clown, ftr. Makcen. Doors open I r ftvr, and begin a quarter past six. fpO be SOLD, a BROWN GELDING, six j -- years old, perfectly sound, and free from vice nnd blemish, j quiet to ride, and has been constantly driven in single harness ; i "c nrci won in nuraini lunula, aim is partFo wun irom tne Gentleman to whom he. belongs having no farther occasion fur mm. Inquire at Mr. Moore s Livery Stables, Park-street, Grosvenor-square. Bond-street. WANTED, as FOOTMAN, in aSmall Family, ail active Young Man, of stout active Lad ; the strictest inqeirv win be made as' to Character, which must be undeniable. Inquire at Mr. Butter(idd,'s, Fruiterer, Poruigal-slreet, Linrnln's liin- fields. . lANTED, a LADY's FOOTMAN, a -Young- P h . L 1 , . i..-:..-! , , his business. Apply from three till four o'clock, at Mr. Ave- Wfe H be preached 1 UJ T n-Mirt Chap,-! on QiI Piccadilly, the corner of Albemarle-street. No LV.Y r"b ,na,.a", ,he. ftlf255 I Irishman need apply. ' i!.,.. rnlWfiam win bemade for aCharitv ca Ird i . EE s . , JW"1"141 . . i WT 1 VT'f'O I.'. . 1 . I I I-,, Ik.! 111 W,Aiiia a situation, as vaArvLia.yi rrx, or Gardener and Bailiff, n Steady Man, of extensive practice. He can have an Undeniable character from his last place, in which he served ten years. For further particulars, please to apply, at Eraser aud Son's Nursery, Sloane-square, Chelsea. m ANTED, as CLERK, a Young Man, who writes a good hand, and can enter and keep accounts neatly, to be employedln the receipt and pnyment of moliey and other mailers. A Pet -.on who bus been brought up under a I .and Steward would probably suit. No Person who cannot rind the. security usually required by Hankers from then; Clerks need ap-ply. .Apply to Messrs. Witherhv,Stationeis, Birchin lane. A NTS a Place, as GARDENER and BAI. LIFF.or either alone, a Sober Steady Man, thirty yeais of age, Who understands his business in all its brandies, and has a thorough knowledge of farming, buying, 'selling, and breeding of all kinds of Stock, &c. ; can have an undeniable character, and he recommended by Families of distinction whom he has iiad the honour of serviug. Direct, pnsv paid, to A. li. at Mr. Lorwell's, Post-office, Blackheath, Kent. c Aim I AGE. -An elegant Fashionable NEW Kis's Friend." instituted fir the purpose of visiting i m Sirk Poor of all denominations. To visit Mvtte mked, feed the hururrv, and relieve the dis- LgfOiW be the mosl appropriate manner of celebrating UjTu ay. -Service wilt begin at half-past Ten in tlie LWaiSi in 'be Evening. pfGTON SPAS. Tlie Public are respecl-Uh,mri. lhat a SALINE PURGATIVE SALT, &KMTUI) SALINE PURGATIVE SALT, pre-0,11 jrcurate analsis of lite two celebrated springs at Prwr., are Sold by i'aythcrus, Savory and Co. at Oti Bosd-aireel, Loudoa ; and at their Warehouse in TTEE of the ASYLUM, October I n'E0NESDA Y, tUe-25th inst. being the Aooiver-ii Lic.-iv's Accession to the Throne, there will be WLRV I CI. in this Chapel in the Morning. The Ser-itii will lie Preached by the Rev. ROBERT S.A. M. Alleruate Monuug Preaener, THOMAS WILSON, Chairman. puma iuviug any Claim or Demand on the lufcif N&THANiEL HOWELL, of Swallow-street, smiiI Middlesex. Draner and Man s-mercer, dei eased, ! i. artid the same to Mr. Thomas Willals, of Crip- kcknmat, 011 or tiefore the I7 day t November L'.iW excluded the keoelit of the Uividenii aoout Uwinffltestate's Estate and Effects. ' . it(-h, Croiby-square, Bishopspate Witbm, Solicitors tor the Adniiuisirators. m FIRE and LIFE OFFICE London, tottM-Notic is hereby given, that, y pursuanie rtKKifvulrinf nt, a General Court of Proprietors of the (sPm-sw Life libuiauce Company will be held at the hi New Bridge-Street, Bbtckfriars, onThurs-k October instant, at Twelve o'clock" at Non, for 'fceiving the Auditors Report, and tor tne eiec- PMsi Directors for the year ensuing. The ballot hiillopeu at one o'clock, aud will olose at three -u) order otibe Board, w ARN ER PHIPPS, Secretary. w r-flHEAI'RE ROYAL, m. HAY-MARKET. On On WEDN'ESDAY will he published, price One Sliillin;:, the SONGS, DUETS, and CHORUSES, &c. in the JUBILEE, to be performed at the Theatre Royal, 1 1 ay market, onthateven-ing. Wnitieii. by JOSEPH KEMP, Mus. Doc. Pubrished for the Author, and sold by Sherwood, Needly, and Jones, Paternoster-row, and Wm. Allasnn, 31, New-BondwseJU :MK sic, will ajjso shortly he published. . EV MUSIC- -Tho ROYAL JUB1LBE, a N I-Mr. WIG LEY, Proprietor of Mail- bkibitiiin Hud hlertianical Automatons. Royal Wpirtien., intending logive a BALL to bis Friends, J11""0. that will hold 500 Person, will present to rfis bkibitinns ou that day, aud the two prered-of free admission 10 celebrate the JUBILEE 'Ct.cuiiimcnri?i ;n Vi.-hi n't tock ureciselv : music. 'ic. If refrwhrnriiKar. renuitcd. there will be r" ruast and hoild tieef iu the Old Enelish style. rfossn, itcluding porter and ale. Extra liquors ' ,t iwWl1h...,ri Itnvnl Grave. Wws-rJJ "LT " T " ' J 7 ''lEE F0r Fnriffiuirc in Distress. Thn 'Kjeaerallj of opinion that the best mode of com -., ''-Will year of itje reign of our Gracious Swvereign 'l'"nrt!cence. ihf ninrinn nf i he Society of Friends P ''lUisire.s, naturally exclaimeil ' and shall not the Hariake ol the happy ettects tr tne aav 1 ihjly V'-y inform the Public, that at their w WLl,,-CTI OSS will take place for the Benefit wr.ljLSDAY next, ihe25lh imtani, in the """uerman i.ui irran 1 hnrrii. in ine novo . air 'IIs. CHARLES F. A. STEIN KOPFF. r, a,, "ra" language, when service will begin at half .--"itratier a Sermon in tuerencu language, fo -1? Cl:u,c'',inTbreadneedJe-streei, by the Hev. tl L A. Service to becinet Eleven o'clock Konir and Chorus, dedicated to the Public of Great Bri tain, written by A. H. h-q. composed hy tiesuaido Lanza, in celebration of 50h year nf the Reign of our beloved Soverign, iedrge the Third. London : Published for the Author, No. 8. Smith Crescent, Alfreu-pUce, Bedford-square; by Button aud W hi taker. No. 75, St. Paul' Ghurch-yard; by W. Power, Westmortoid-sireel, Dublin; aud all the Music-sellers in ihe United Kiugdow, t, .. , .. . ONE Y."--f he several Sums, of 500. 800. iTX 1800Z. SOW. and 5O00L are ready to advance l way of ANNUITY onierms tear I y equal to Mortgage)-, mi Freehold or Leasehold security, Marriage Settlements, Money in the Funds, or other certain Income for Life.Also, several Sums to be advanced on approved Personal Security. Applications from One to Four, or letters, post p:ud, to Mr. Wilson, 11, Crowtj-streel, Westminster, will meet with attention. Wanted to Pur-cliase Several large Estates. COALS, 74s. per Chaldron.-l he River ryneCom-pany having a large supply of NEWCASTLE COALS just atrived, most respectfully beg leave to offer them lothe Public at the above price, for ptompt payment, delivered lo any pari of town free of every expense, except shooting and metage. Orders sent bv post or otherwise, addressed lo the Proprietors, at Mr. March's, Fishing-Rodand Tackle Maker, No. 157i Fleet-street, and No. 24, Prince's-street, Cavendish-square, will he punctually attended to. Three acks ingrain with five cbaldrons. CH A RIOT for SALE, on an iinnroved orinciule ; 'ni lirhi. that it may be drawn by a pair of Curricle Horses; worthy of inspection,; warranted for twelve months. To be seen at ihe Owner's, Stevenson's Manufactory, No. 88, John-street, Goodge-slreei, Tolteiiham-eourtroad, Several new Lnndnus, Landau-lets, &c. ready for immediate use. THE JUBILEE. Mrs. DAVIS begs leave to inform her Friends and Ladies in general, that s be has now ou shew the JUBILEE. HAT and MANTLE, which she begs leave to say cannot fail meeting the approbation of those Ladies of tate and distinction that may honour her room with a visit, being perfectly novel and very d:fferent from any thing t hat has ever been introduced. 95j Charlotte-street, Rathbone plate. A POWERFUL STREAM of WATER to be LETTi within 20 miles of London, with sufficient land ad joining, for the purposes af a Mil! or other Manufactory. For particulars, apply to Mr. WaUei, Danford. The stream Is sufficiently pure lo manufacture paper of the firrt quality. F URN 1M ED LETT, until th. COn'AGli, ilornsev. -To be the first of May next, a SMALL HOUSE. beautifully fitted up in the cottage style, and genteelly furnished, logether with a garden, coach-hohe, stable, &c. ; It is iu every respect fit for the immediate reception of a mall respectable Famil-, and who may be let in on easy terms.' Particulars 10 be had ni 48, Neweate-street. WOODFORD, Essex. To be LE' L, Furnish, ed, for about two years and a half, a very commodious DWELLING-HO4JSB, with ciach.houe, statiles- and outbuildings, yards, gardens, lawn, pleasure ground-, and paddock, beautifully situate at Woodford, only eight miles from Londwn. To he viewed by tickets,, which, with particulars, may be had of Wfnstanley and Son, Pate mo3ter-row. TO be LETT on a LEASE of Fourteen'or Tweu-ty-one years, a MODERATE-SIZED HOUSE, in perfect repair, being extremely commodious, and replete with every convenience; is well worthy ihe attention of a genteel family. This House is most desirably situated at No. 2, Sloane-Terrace, where stages pass to, and from the Cily, four times a day,- and onlv one mil distant from St. James's and Hdc-park. TO be LETT, Furnished, in a very convenient pleasant situation, five miles from London, a verv genteel comfortable ROOMY HOUSE, containing seven or "more beds, with or without coach-house ami stable. Any family its want of temporary or pt-rmancut accommodalion, on moderate terms, would find it desirable. Letters addressed to N. at Mr. Tucker's, Confectioner, No. SS, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, will have attention. T a MEETING of the COMMITTEE of MEU ztL CHANTS and BANKERS, appointed lo conduct the ENTERTAINMENT to he given at Me. chant Tailor' Hall en the 23ih iiMant, held this day, 1 BEESTON LONG, Fsq. m the Choir, Rosolved, That since the ndvertisemeal pubiuhed by this Committee on Ihe 5th day or Septemlier last, various rommimia-lians having been made to thU Comm. t;ee wluth TJad ihemto imagine that a general iliumination will not be so acci-piable to tlie Public as was at first supposed, and wishing that the day may pass with perfect unanimity of proceeding 011 so luippy an occasion, this Committee no longer think it expedient lo recommend a geieral illumination. Resolved, That it appears to ibis Committee, lhat instead of such general illumination, it will be more desirable to --pen a SUBSCRIPTION for Ihe Relief f Persons confined for Small Debts, and lhat the sums colb rled h - paid over to tlie Treasurer of Ibe Society established for that purpdse. A Subscription was accordingly opened, nod the following sums were immediately subscribed: Amount of Subscriptions already received.. .U6a 9 Ilaytr and Co 5 5 Truman, tlacbuty,& Co. 10 10 Ruben Barclay, Esq.. ., . 5 5 J. H. Tritton, Esq 5 5 David Brvan, Esq 5 5 Isaac Miuet, Esq 5 5 G. Hibbert. Esq. M. P... 5 5 Turner, Whiteside, and Turner.. ...... 15 O Sir W. Fra-er, Bart 5 5 and Taylor, Httibury, & Co. 10 10 W. and K. LSorrlatle. . 10 10 , Kohi rt I.ivie, Eq T..l. r-.. - 17. m -. t C ! V .11. .,..1.1. ' Rainier, B-illard, Morgan W. Noble, Esq J. Dawes, Edmund Peel, Esq J. Downie, t'sqi Fletcher, Shaw, and Co.. T. Murdoch, Esq 5 UatHrd, Samps a, And Wwrp 10 10 Goilm Shtffiier. Esq...: . 5' 5 3 5 10 10 5 5 5 5 3- 5 5 5 5 John Cooper, E.q...... 5 Anthony Cibhs, Tisq. . . . 5 .Thomas Parkin, Esq... . 5 O.-wel! and Selby 5 Potts,' Cooke, and Potts. 5 J. N. Gandolfi,' Esq. . . . : 5 A. CiiatoVId, Esq 2 Goodftll and Turner. . . . . 5 rpOWN HOUSES To be SOLD, one Property, ft. FREEHOLD HOUSES, Furnished, iu Fitzroy-squarei Conduit-street, and GloucesieT-place ; also Leasehold Houses, Furnished, in Gloucester place, Someiset-street, Baker-slreet, Montague-square, nnd Park-street. Apnly, post paid, to Messrs. Browne ami Co. Agents for Selling aud Letting Estates, Farms, and Houses, No. 7, Buckingham-street, Adelphi. Houses lobe Lett, from Seven Guineas lo 1100. per annum. WINE MERCHANTS, Hotels, Sulwcripti houses, &c To be LETT, at the West end of tlie to ton- lown, a noble HOUSE, and most extensive Premises, admirably sui ed ton profession requiriug space ; terms particulai I v moderate. -Apply personal!) , from Eleven to Foiti,al the OtVice of Me!r. Browne and Co. Laud and House Atnts, No. 7, ttickingsaui-street, Adelphi. Houses lo be Lett, from Seven Guineas to 1100L per nuuum. I mT A NC HESTER-STREET, Manchesternqitare. 1 XvJL To be LETT on LEASE. LnfHruisiied, with iimneili- rielura of East -otili iujia Stuck. iTl US II NELL and RAVVSON- Proprietors of the Oxford Rhedhrinra, near Soho-squme, beg to say, they j have constantly a great variety of well-built modern CAR- j III AGES, of every description. Carriages flrrished to order .hi j the shortest notice, and Jobbed on reasonable terms to any pan j of the kingdom 1 the full value allowed f-v Carriages taken in j Exchange. Carriages Bought and Sold on Conimi-sion. For j nartirtilars. ukase apply at their Manufactory, No. 1, Ber- j ners-streel, Oxford-road. ! ate possession, a very convenient HOUSE, in good repair, enn- 5 Walkers, Maltb., & Co. 10 13 5 David Ricarrio, E-q 5 5 5 I Colnaghi and Co 5 : Hastetl Smith, Fsq 5 5 5 T. A -. S 8 5 1 O. H. H-xvper, Esq. .. . 5 5 2 j P. and H. Le Meurief 5 1 and Co 5 5 Subscriptions will be received hy M". Holdeu, No. -S3, New Cily Chumbers, Bishopsgjite-streel ; and at Lloyd's CofiVe-house. London, October' 13, ISt9. WM. HOLDEV, Sec. C'LAlIIAXJ, 18th Oct. IS09. At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Parish, held at the Vestry-room, ht pursuance of Public Notice, .- . THOMAS PUCKLE, Esq. in the Chair; Resolved, I. That U appears to this Mei-tinj ttr be the most suitable mode of tesiVfytng t'lir loyalty on the approaching Auni-very of bis Majesty's Accession to the Throi.e, when he will enter the 50t; year i f his rein (after ofl'ering ip our Uianksziving to Almifthty God in divine service), to assist our pimn-r ueigli-hours in parttiking of the general joy ou so hapov an occaaion. ! by providing them with 11 !:nm r in a inahuer dial may be com fortable t themselves and tiieir tamilies. 2. That f:T the above purpose, SobseTiptins he solicited in order to de!ra the expeuecs that may be incurred oh tins ncca- smn ; ami that a I ommsttee lie appoiuied leeeite (heaine. 3. That Lteujenam-Colonel Prescott fie r quested to mu-'er the Volunteer Corps of. this parish, 011 the nmrt ing of the .'Slh iiiit.itif, and afteruards to proceed to CbiHTh, i.i .tii rod divfne service, and that he be desired to entertain thqui w tils a diaoer out of the fund subscribed. -. 4. That tV t'hiid,ieii'Uf the Charity Schools k tri-nti'd with a dinner on that day, under the super mU'ndance uf the Mastet jind Mislrcss. ') " 5. That the Churcit wardens and Overseers of thH Pmi-h b requested to Supply the? Piiftr iu the Wm kloiise,and tlie rooai- aii joining, with soint additiertnl-cninf'nrts on that day. . -, 6. That it is the gVteral intfnito of this Mi eiing nm to illuI mimite their hai'isnu the evening of the 25th instant, aud they do earnestly rerntnmend to the initabifauls at largo to adopt tho same resolution. 7. That to give additional festivity to the day, bonfires ami fire, works be exhibited ou the Cornmuu iu li.e evening, under proper directions, instead of illuminations. 8. That a Committee of Gentlemen with the Officers of the Parish, be appointed 10 solicit and receive sulisc rip lions, audio carry the aforegoing resolutions into effect, and ihal the Committee have power to add to their number. 9. That tlie Rev. John Venn be requested to act as Treasurer. 10. That tlie Resolutions be printed and circulated thruugh tho Parish, aed the Committee are desired to wait upon each Householder, agreeably lo the Second Resolution. THOMAS rUC R.LIC, Chairman. ----- " i- V - t"h 7 it was arierwnras resoiven ntvsnimousty, sunt 1 hanks tie gLvea :'?', w....,-....nv., v....v, jothet.ha street, ' Berkelcy-Mjuare. ARK-STREET, near Park-lane. To be SOLD, the LEASE of a small convenient HOUSE, iir perfect re pair, together with the excellent Household Furniture, which is suited to tue Premises. About 13 years ot the lease are unex- frman for his great zeal and attention in promoting the object of this Meeting. WM. FRANKS, Jun. Vestry Clerk. A J" UBILEE. PRISONERS for DEB V in the Prison of the Marshaisea of his Majesty's Houbold. There are now confined in the above prison in the Borough com tlie satisfaction ot assurms ."' a,li tb- liberty of addressing you, and kf, lition f becoming a Candidate for the East 'ti k!"" next Vauu'cy, the success which I w-4i !'t',' far greater thau t could have presumed 1 -"cress has been accompanied with 1 1 V "! "I 'avouiabie opinion and of kindness to-' ,..f!""ul"i'i deserve the h.mour which 1 solicit if I V u , u"" iour po .v erful an J effectual supuurt wheo- Nfo-lUr' 1 cau assure you thut it shall then j ,:, uT 0 make the best reium in my power tr '? flnc"y dibiharging my duty, nufl ny pro-j"B ;"'' be aide to do so, the welfare of the EfrrURES on (he TEETH. 'Mr. MUUll, Surgeon-Dent ist to her Roval Htghness the Uurltess ot j WKVONSHl RE-PLACE. To THURSDAY , rtov. Y. ai even 111 me nt-uinx will commence a COURSE of Lr.CTURES on ,Be 8TR UC- -rrTut,- niSF.ASES of the TEETH, in which wul be shewn ' the voriousicatioiis requisite foethem, and the complete prac- . T '-s' .. STthe Dualist expiainetl. The Lectures will be delivered S twice a week-Further particulars may be known by applying fcle at hts House, No. b, Patsgrave-piace, inuF. . "IHE PRISONERS in his Majesty's gao! of New- j ; piren, ai ouiy u guinea per hiiuuui. rnruiuuiis uia jm mw seveutv-two persons (from the uge or 23 l it, leaving o'J wives Mr. .lames. Oenew. Auctioneer, ' iiaries-s(re't, am 11 e:e y-squarp. . and 2t'3 children,) for vari:' D be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, bv Mr. JAMES DEN EW, ex cellent subst wtial LEASEHOLD TO W N RESIDE N C E , Ih attached and detached ninces, coach-hnue, stahling, &i nuiid renl IS guineas per aeuiim. To be vie. ars had at the Auction Room, Charles-street, ley-squ; OORTLAND-PLACE. To be LETT, com- JL nletelv Furnished, either for a short period, or a term of , v5u:,,J v eniieinen. m .t'uurni0i respectful and obedient Servant, iijISL RICHARD TWINING. K Lf f, 7T-. .,r.-T.V-r.5Xrrr - sun living r UJJiSIl Dwr IU ftH'Al.r.V.Vu .. v : .: ;.. rwt.r 1 fW0 the 1 I lit II '- " lJulllf ! vi.s j JL gate humbly impitirc the charitable aim numane, now .is- ean a mtMra'e sized FAMILY HOUSE, Conlaining two sJstinc 10 promute ihe general joy at the projected Juhilee, 10 j j(.fty we proportioneil 100ms on each of the principal U -ms, : i miwfnkii Lnte or ine nec.ii"U3 ; 1 tree bed-rooms ami lour anus, witn convemeni oui.'es, n.iuote 1 Fl ION'S side and bv extending their bounty, ulready soHiher- , crtHe,.,,use,sfabIit!g, Str. Particulars may be had of Mr. James Uiu1rlUabiy-ed iu their sulLseriptions for DeltMrs, to the distressed Denew, Auc tioneer, Gliarles-strcel, Berkeley-square. of every description 'ZZ 7plROOk-STREE'r.--To be SOLD by KueT""lv very hm agreed t receive the donations, j J PRIVATE CONTRACT, by Mr. JAMES DEN EW, i whTi 'willl be distrihnied under their direction. a desirable TOWN RESIDENCE, situate in Upper Brook- 1 1 1 j ivi i iv ij. ukyf.VOLENT and reduced to inditjenl circumstances, oy ., i hand-ome auarlmeiits on tlie principal floors, four Ue?t bed-cham bers, and lour upper onto, wun anumiaps oinces, large gar.ien nii L r".. ;v.."I . .... J 0 . I . ... ' ,.f fiv.. rhi dren. is renueeo ny iwmnra . 1 . . soKlinii for six riorses, stathtliiK tor three em nazes. ' to OON I'RALr w.miP,n . nnd ien w.w, u .'" relief from the humane; i - ,ofts Ilier : held for sixtv-one years and a half, at a 1 :ieu r one or iiti n.i"t;"i"-i - .. ... .. .w .t . .' . . . - . . 1 1 - aiin ur U:i i bi'imi !fo , !Ui!i a- " 7 , . An-. . iT , , M;trt1 to nart Willi every ink """I'l"-" around leut. rarticuiars may we nau or mr. panics ueuew, Clk S oil1 ? M d lJ,,5s hce ! rfffiSt f death. Family delicacy ! WggZ Charles-street, Berkeley-square. ''in-, " i'Avou );i me tjt or rvnvcniuci. or 1111s sii ..", - .p. tr.i, e .i,- above cae may ; - n . ; : aCf v:ilKK) Oxen to be delivered at obliges her to couceul h-r nam'-, fhe trutl otlj e HIRUTON-S I REET, Uerketey -sniiure. l o bo '5 J Oxen lo be made on the Mill j be known by applyiUK to nuo v. ,)ru,ist fjo. 393, J3 LETT, Unfurnished, for. a term of five years a capita! SliCT delivery i the peri-d n- j ford reet, or of Mr. 1 Loar, l. j jmJgw,y received TOWN RESIDENCE, comprising ei.closcd entrance hall, grand . ;i''efw",,rt,era," the spot. The offal lo be (Jxford-sireel ; ihesmaiie.-io widow returns her sincere staircase and secondary ditto, parions dining piru.ur, library, i. Mii ? ?u' "r- if deemed unfit far Ibe troops, ! al eitlier of the abiive puces 1 re , Mlt.r.eMH,(i ;i ;, f lhrw elegant drawing. 'W. d ou liie certified.. f the Oilicer cum- i thanks (' the favours already cnnieirci u I r..r ..nn,;,,;,! hedclMimlieii and waier-cl.M-i. live allien. mSfr '0 n-.'"15' ur detachment, the Oliartcr- H. an "I'My, and the Commissary. TLe ' tea,,;. .Vnttiuon llii. i... ...i f.irnUh ihe u.:.T""iM.f. . ...:.T" :i. :: i ""litem 'oianssary. 1 wo weens sup- 1 h.,'" i!ir .' 4 rfsons lendcrinr will suecifv the Master, r;rr7' tit UN .KK MUSIC Just niiOlisnKl, .r;sWn ifTKI LEE DESCRJ PftyE &ONAI A, horses, well arranged olnces in t!;e basement, excellent stabling for seyen horses, double coach-house, &c To be viewed by tickets. w " " , ? w..Wh's and Dusseks most elegant "!- , wnicti, wun pariicnmra in., "-a i .i. orDcw, auc- coirtaing tetttJtuatim mid useful Work for the piano- j i0eer, Charlcwireet, Berkejey-sqn-tre. meots, vc ' ,, i, . ,irrMtrA us a Rondo, t.; lif L us debts, from 7 guineas ir.i to 140i The. total amount of (he w hole sum is 2,092?. mtny of whom are in great distress and objects of c harily, every way worthy the notice f a generous and reeling public, whi are. interest ing ihem-serves hi the cause of suffering humanity again-t t!ie approaching Jubilee. It is, therefore, in contemplation f: raise a sufficient sum, for Ihe purpose of enJeavouring to eff-rt their release, by offering rninposiiiims to tbeir respective 1 reditors iry the follow ing proportions; viz. 10s. in Ihe pound for every debt not exceeding idl. ; above that um, and nut exceeding ML tliV sum of 7s. S I. and al-ovc 50'. the sum of 5s. in the pound, in full fur debt and cmisTR. Subscriptions', for the above laudable purpose, will be received by W. Gntchley, Esq. 14, John-street, Bedford-row, imd Messrs. Mftrsh, Sibhald, Stracey, Fanntleroy,aud Stew.ivt, Bankers, Berners-sireet, with whoin are left lists, eoat.iining'ttie ntmes of ihe unfortunate Persons immured within the Prison, and other particulars respecting them, for the nispeClimi of sqqli l.'ersons a mav he desirous of promonng s.) benevolent an undertakiiig The names of the present and future Subscriber, 'and of the due ap plication of Ihe Funds, will he published Oct- 20", 130i. PARISH of ST. MARYLEBONE; 21st. Octol ber, 1809. At a Meeting of the Vestrymen of this Parish, Captain DARBY iu the Chair, Resolved, That it be earnejlly recommended to the nhahitanls not to illuminate their Houses on the approaching Anniversary of his Majesty's Accession to the Throne, as it will not only nfca-sion a consrderabie wate of a neci-ssiiry and expensive article, bui probably (end to riot and disorder. Resolved, That ihe Directors and Guardians of the Poor he respectfully requested to make a liberal addition on that d.iy t ( tie ordiu ry allowance of the poor anduged peo'd dndr'tlieir care, that, as well as uniting in thanksgiving to Almighty (m for extending the rein of onr good and gracious King to so long a period, iheir hearts may pariicipate in Ihergenevul cheertHl-ness upot' thai joyful occasion. Resolved, l hat a Subscription he 'opened flir the purpm-e of forming a Fuiirf,r Ihe henelit of pie ponr Pa i iih lotM-r- who do not receive parochial rejier, to he disirttiuie'i by the ftnfgtati -an . ,ut jrurii'i' U . Ir f P, ........ . '-rthe Beef uer BOHiid.tciihe Com- torte,3s.; ine rTJiV.Ts' i Kaltlo of Prazue, a work m w ... . V.. J7 L 7,7, ... ...r;.:,T,;. ? ' a,' tmarniiuA ; PgCToef n tne course ot tne ensuing wimfcc rbu iZ?1' erv cxoire of c.nvevaiice as Battle of Talavera, iu mc - , . TU Rnsoali J"- 1 auiu ny rtvi v .1 1 r, vw,v 1, Dy Mr. , sirrh manner sCtll appear to them most proper, accntdiiu 'f tl" convetaiU i SterwUy admired, VX ltw.l"lorgio..a, I JAMES DEN EW, the LEASE ..f a smuU cleguut HOUSI to the of .lie season. '1 mmJtStSMm Dmice.arrtmnsaRiuf fitted op wit!, mrtm.e larte, and partlcu- That SftKscripl ong-be received by Mr. Jones, he Ytyry ,a"d the T&S SSSLSXS of i bv ditto, Is. 6d. Ac-Puhlshe by faggS 4,a Bo..kf I larly suitable for the receplmu of a Single Lady, or . emu man of Clerk, at ihe Court-llouse, in Oxford-streel , by tt " 'nude at this Offire rlieniift miftn Strand. On te w" V" ' J ' ,! muur4 for tlie BtSUUi- ! raswoni aooui .).. iuC ,ci... ...c u..c..., .,1 . vvi y 1 pussm, arwi innjos-, nanaers, m uroaa-srreei.; and By "iScJJoflUe l il rtt cd' hraied Selectuin of S&Ti wlwZ U.-deraie rent , .unl the purdmse will ihclud the ee;ud ond fa- Mrs. Marsh, Banker, in Bvrm'r',-,ire,. J fr VVdo' Senior recently e- I shion-ible HtMsehold Furniture, valuoWe, Future,, pICIMf(, Reived. That the above be adv-,:i,etl hi Ihe Pi, uic;;tni r'" Othcer of the Cmnrus- Vew iiaiw-f,utw, pfcfjjfSfeJ aud iu hu : Drawings, nuu other Effecis, ct.w on the. Premivs lo In- vie-v- I Morning Port, Chnmiele. Tim-,, Henxld, and AlartiMur A.ltev- Stt'rm itoTrlZ ,ytul 1 itSBrtS! SrBiS flt iedl., with tt n,ybt Imdat lite ,irt Klthai Cop.rt ,mW, be.prm.e.K and pil HuS fmlgm St"VjSSffitS AttCtlB K9WB' V ke.e,,qurc mi. 9m5 hm, l, order, JOHN JfiE Clerk. L IsW

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