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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England • 3

The Morning Posti
London, Greater London, England
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THEATRE, STATEMENT OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF TUT NAVAL OKCL. os a i The Rovai. F.t.tii.y last night visited this elegant edifice, to see The Hero if the Korth, and The Devil to Ptiy. On entering, the King was received with the post enthusiastic applause; sstiSi 'tfafSam the Kirg was played with the usual testimonies of joy. Several passages alluding to love for the Kino, were seized, in (he course of the play by the audience, aini marked with three or four distinct OPERA HOUSE.

rfrt a new Opera, calltd FadixarJ in was hroeght forward for the benefit of jjuiSCTON! The double attraction of a oi-C i a ncit ior an alniived per. ,1 conceived would have produced an over-', hoJ l'1 however, WL are sorry to i di nppoimed. The house was by no we expected. 7 he company might heen dravn away by the circumstance rv going (o Drury.hne Theatre. i uh the time of the first aC, the private jjjjj-cd a better appearance than they did at of them being at length filled with the House could not be said to be a ''-4 ricd of the evening.

With Opera, it is not lounded on l.wiis TonwsiiLXDS ball. On Wednesday evening the two eldest daughters of the Larl of LfctCF-STtK gave a grand Ball and Supper at the noble family mansion, in Gros-venor-squure. Itwasbyfar, both with respect to preparations, expencc, and company, the most splendid thing of the kind seen in the fashionable circles this season. The House is one of the best adaptel to give eclat to such entertainments, being very extensive. The ball-room is 40 feet by 26, and it was on the above night uncommonly brilliant.

The chandelier in the center of the room was magnificent. The chalked floor was more than usually beautiful the centre piece represented an i i' I 3 i i 1-2 I 23 3 I 20 43 V7 1 a ai 10 31 ,5 .6 6 2t Wj oi fa 6 i. 1 1 3 4 I 8 I I 5 I 6 91 15 35 -I 1 0 1 0 1 1 6 11 21 is 40 1 1 it 1 5 1 1 1 1 i l6 9 I 4 7 A 5i 83 5 I U. 2v'-i 1 I I 4 196 25 217 218 I ib In Port and r. with sdaled -In the ar.d Irish Channels On the Downs Norrh-Sea it.i- ticiii At the West-India Islands, and on the Fjssago On.

the Jamaica Sta'ion American and Newfoundland rations Capo of Good Hope, Indies, and on tire I'asiuge Coait pt" At'rka Portugal and Gibraltar Mediterranean, and cn Hospital and Prisori Slaps TOTAL IN COMMISSION Receiving Ships -Serviceable ana repairing lor Service In Ordinary Building TOTALS I it is merely a vehicle lor .1. a i Hi mr! was encored two of them. plaudits each. At the conclusion, instead of the usual Chorus, gW fc the Ktrrg was played, and afterwar Is sung. Rule Britannia followed, each received with rapture.

The Rovat. Family were highly delighted with Mrs. Jordan and Bans istkk in The to Ray; they both acted admirably. After the Entertainment Cod Sarve ike King wa's sung with stiil more zeal, the Qrr, fn and pRiNCf.sKs ardently joining in the choius. The King was dressed in regimcntak the Oi ff.s in white and silver, with lilac satin robe; headdress the same as when last at the play.

The Princesses Ar sta, Elizabeth, Sophia, and Mary, were all in white and silver, with white feathers and diamonds in their head-dresses. The Marquis of Salisbury, Earls Harcourt ar.d Morton, were in attendance. The House was crouded, and never were Their Majesties more heartily welcomed in a Theatre. b- House was not such as she ig ij i to -eil s'ie nevertheless went through spirit, and displayed her great i vtV. nv.

Imperial crown, with the Admirals or England under, incircled by a mantle composed of red and white rosesj the thistle, and the shamrock. Other fan. cilul devices were introeluccd, among which were the PiiiNt t's feathers, at the four corners of the room. The whole had the appearance of crayon painting, and did great credit to Mr. Calton.

The company began to assemble at ten o'clock and about half an hour after the ball was opened with Sir Dii-iJ Hunter ELir, by Captain Me hay, and Lady II. Town sue xd next followed, Ruv.m. will remove Ladv C. Paret, Lord Binning, Lord Dublin, Duke of Orleans Lord Alex. Gordon, Lord Primrose, K.j rl of Aboync, Lord Viliiers, Mr.

Paul Methuen Lord Graves, Lord Henry Somerset Captain Sullivan, Lady C. Jenkincon, Lady S. Fane, Lady M. Thynne, Miis Montague Burgoyne, I.acty A. M.

Stanhope, Miss Cornewall, Lady G. Cecil, Aliss Eden, Miss Smith, Miss Grimstnne. T' in unR i ji rc is expected, they niiaf'terthe Kattex holMap. 'r flh and the Duke attended by (1wnn', i to Kew. Her Royal High.

-cis Mary, attended by Lady Chan-. airing round and Kemington. attended at the Or 's house, ipers before His Majj vesterdav. the Protestant Di renting Ministers, in waited on His MajesTY at the with an Address, congratulating liie 'Scape, which was most graciously i reat number of persons were con-- t' l.crd isialiop of London, at St. Ooasr with his tutor, and Mr.

sscnger, sailed from Dover for day afternoon. Portsmouth, March 30. Arrived the Heeler. 74 guns, Capt. Skipsey, from Malta, last from Gibraltar.

Slieis under quarantine. Sailed cf 36 guns, Capt. Wotff, for jerey. Went out of harbotlr the Dreadnought, of gCn. Capt.

Bovf. v. The Neptuve, Capt. ani the Venerable, Capt. have made the iignaj for saillrr0 -r Plymouth.

The Pigmy cutter, 'Lieut. Whitk, dropped down to St. to examine all the merchant vessels, and press suvh hands have to proteffion. The Am'pkim, of 36 guns, 1'. Hakdv, is ordered to Jersev.

The Russell, 7 gun-s, Capt. Williams, will go cut of harbour to-morrow. Arrived the Calcutta East Indiam.m from the Dowps. Falmouth, March 28. Arrived he Waimghm, packet, and Pt lot of Wales packet, with from Or the 14th La 'E'rtmis.

French frigate, having on board the French General Lasn' arrived at Lisbon, and on the the frigite saikd again for France; on the 17th instant, the Duhe sf Y-r packet, with the Mail from England, arrived at Lisbon: on which day sailed the Dutch brig Ajax, of 18 gurs, for the Mediterranean. ISeajL hlircb 30. Wind S. W. SaiLd thi-.

moniitij the i'n. East India Company's ihljis Castle, Gardner and Union, Captain tbr the 4st fiidiej. kefu.m. in the Downs His Majesty's ihios as pet last with' seyKral outward-bound ships.

P. S. and sailed the River, the WiiLarn, irom Sc iile. Arrived and remains His Majesty's ship Port, i.outh. l-jr-iiV 1 st EoMwn K.

Lacon, Esq. of -eas elected a Fellow of the Ar.tiqua- Hrcssrls looitts are so actively employed tied rehti ad chenstecs for Madame Bo-. think Sir Smith might Chip Co ssi-1. with a laced 'jacket irom i or jcn ihi, The Bruiser, his been standing for ft ai.aked modt 1 for the Students at the who fBade both drawings from his, which, they say, is p'tf et aiad ma: either for or j-astnets of proportion, they ever in tu. kt had ore of the aid routs that FASHIONS FOR AERIE.

"ii -sed tins season. In to-morrow': ll1 present a list of the com; any. r. It ous of being informed of the The second dance was Parhot's Hornpipe, and at the conclusion of the third, vS7- Charles Douglas. The company who danced amounted to about five couple.

About the rime of the Prince's arrival (soon after twelve o'clock), the crowd was so great, that although the music continued, the dancing was put a stop to, and the harmony of the whole scene would have been destroyed, had not the noble Earl of Alio a with his spirited partner, made an opening, by dancing down the centre, to the great discomposure of Opera hats and fans. At hah alter one supper was announced, which was in every respect elegant. In the grand supper room, the library, anil the supper was laid for two hundred, in consequence of the company being more numerous than was expecled, additional tables were set out for 100 more these not "being sufficient, several of the tables were replenished, was near three before the company returned to the ball-room. The dancing recommenced with. 67.

Kilh's Reel, introduced for the first time as a country -drmce reels, and Strathspeys, followed, until a quarter after six, when the music ceased, and the company retired to the lower rooms, where tea, coffee, and chocolate, were served out. It was nearly half after seven before the whole of the com-nany had retired. The party amounted to above four hundred, and the crowd was so great that the Prince of Wales could not get to the upper end of the balLroom. The great pressure made the room excessively warm, many Ladits nearly fainted, and it was not without great diculty they could get out of the apartment. After supper a part of thj company retiring to their carriages gave room for the rest to pass the evening to the purposes for which it was destined.

It was remarked that the Ladies were all extremely well is well as richly dressed. The Marchioness ot Salisbury was attired in white satin, with a headdress composed of the Paradise a diamond crescent and star in the front, and a diamond star behind the sleeves of her Ladyship's dress were festooned up by rubies and diamonds. The Countess of Ci.oNv.Ft.L wore a white embroidered dress; her head-dress was by far the most brilliant, being com. posed of a bandeau of black velvet, enriched by nir.nerous diamond stars around the head in the front, her Ladyship wore the thistle and shamrock, wholly composed of diamonds. Gold and silver muslin dresses were much worn.

Among the company were The Prince of Wales. Orleans, and St. Alban's. jf itfom of the common saying of April F. VKXI.Nf; I) P.

F. 1. An evening dress of blue'inililin the baek msd? piai-i and very low the fronts formed of a hair iqr.arftof tlia -arne rnuslir), which i- fattened cn each-mciidc-r, drrwn ili temsi the bosom, and tied in a bow bcxre a full the under it. The si rcves full, an.t dr Up in the with or puHed jicboje the traa ar.i trimmed round the boctotn with tha came r. the Jctei tr.e iieadcmuixntcd with a silver 1 Lt, tae wp to iJaut the is lif'gc cutlis Wi.Jhoes.

2. A vl ite crape dress ever a sarmet ciip, mtde very lo over the bas.r. a l.lce tuAa slesves inw- wUh s'cel, ar.d roui.d the sottoin wit.t i.jl and itsA the bottom ct ine train trimmed with :t.e s-icjc as th" sleees. The hair in the moct manner, and ornarnei.ted with a gold bat.d. 1.

Hat of whitL hiee over pink satin the hatmrcrii it front to shew a pink pe tip vnder it. ot plain 5. A h.r cap ever white satin. Handkerciiiei oi vwric -d cr iimshn. 3.

Dress oi plain inuin, with the manner of pLctng handkerchief behind. The head ornaments! with a irAu muslin, fastened cn the 1:1 ht side, one end failing ovr the ihoulJer. ring to the Old Jtsram-nt, in the Juti. and 6th verse, will there find i xpbr.auon. i', -'ur account of the who attended Ma -r.

rv's Levee on Wednesday, we omitted nation the name of Mr. Ki M. P. for New. pn, Fhats, and Captain of the raid Island Yeo.

iv, county of Antrim, Ireland. rtefiMl Consi i. had never more reason, than nraent, to deprecate the liberty of the press, temti at. which at first threatened to be sen SUSSEX AOlZES, March 30. THE K.INC DARLY.

Mr. Garrow stated, that this was an indictment against Hill Darly, Esq. a gentleman very well known to one part of the world, in consequence of his having assaulted a Mr. E.mbdkn the cause of that assault arising out of a quarrel about money won at a game or play called Over Seven or under Seven. The indictment was founded on a particular statute, which enacted, That if any person assaulted, or challenged, or insulted another, in consequence of any gambling transaction, or by reason of any quarrel concerning money won ar play, the party convicted thereof should be sentenced to imprisonment for two years." He should prove that Hill Darly, Esq.

had violated every one of the enactments of the statute. He had insulted the prosecutor he had assaulted him he had challenged him he had kicked him he had threatened to break his neck, and wa? about to throw him out of the window be.t the prosecutor very wisely, instead of waiting the completion of the ceremony, retreated down stairs. He lamented much, that the vice of gambling was so very prevalent, as every day's experience proved what mischiefs it produced in society. It was not very easy for him to state the minutm of the play, for he was so impenetrably stupid, thai he nevr could learn to comprehend any one game of chance. But so it happened, that Mr.

Hill Darly had a sum of money last summer, at Brighton, to Mr. Embdf.n, the prosecutor but having lost it, he refused to pay it, and insisted the prosecutor should go on playing and he alleged this curious reason for not paying, that he had made such arrangements, it was impossible he could have lost the money he had been chearei. In phiin English, said. Mr. Garrow, it amounted to this; that he had laid such a scheme for cheating the prosecutor, that he must have won, unless he had been outchated by him.

They met, however, the next evening, when the prosecutor insisted on having his money but, instead of getting it, he received the challenging, kicking, and drubbing, for which this prosecution was instituted. Mr. Charles Embdes said, he was at Brigh'on in August last summer; on the 10th, he met Mr. Darly, at the Subscription House, and played Hazard with him. He lost some money at this game.

They then played at under seven and over seven. He had never played this game before but Mr. Darly told him, it was the most fair cf all possible games. At first, he lost 30 or 40I. at guinea stakes.

He then increased his stakes to 5I. and won upwards of 50I. He called for his money, and declined playing any more. Darly said, he must give him his revenge. After some altercation they agreed to meet the next night, which they did, at the New Ship.

The prosecutor agreed to make the 50L tool, and that they should throw 100 stakes at 5I. each. Darly agreed, but would r.ot put down the 50I. th. prosecutor had won.

He told him if he did not pay, he knew the way to make him do it. Darly said, he would know how that was to be done. The other said, he could not male him tell that. Darly said, he would force it out of him, and then he proceeded to assault him. The assault being also proved by another witness, and no defence made, the defendant was found- Cuilty.

Mr. Garrow afterwards sat in the Crown Court and tried several prisoners. Ve understand an English sloop, hired for the purpose of conveying the materials and stores of the French brig stranded a short time ago near Shoreham, reached Dover Roads on -Sunday, on her way to a French port, and was detained by the Commander of an English gun-vessel, but on what account we are not informed. A few days ago, Mr. Hodges, of Dover, set out from the Royal Oak Inn, to run fo the Star, in Canterbury, in the space of twu hours and a half, being the distance of sixteen miles; the first eight miles (although the worst part of the roa.i, he accomplished in one hour arid seven minute, and performed the whole of this extraordinary fear, within the limited time, by one minute, notwithstanding he experienced a fall just before the termination of his journey.

A Sermon will be preached at. the Gaol, in 4. vt-rdng dress of peach coloured ta; whiii- sarin, with full epaulets ths same up sr rimmed with white ribbon. tr.c z. sirt s.

drawn r. Satin, ot- i r-unately proved of a v. ry -light nature, the Comtess of Avtk iNi'tm Thursday rrs of her Ladyship's turban caught tb limes were imtantly extinguished, had slightly scorched her neck. igh -it tm a little ahrmed, ib a "T.ii nmenteJ with blue feathers fastened or. th: ie falling over the right.

Of NEPAL OBSERVATIONS. The most fashionable colours are hi ve, ink rrevn. Felices arc fur tip, or vt of aricis with uroW coming general. of gold, uniYcrsail weir, in foP' cr---. te are Ctii-'i Cfkge, is appointed -her, at His Ma: x's Chapel fired v.

ith the success of Mr. On Monday next the State- Lot it ivdl Drawing. The Tickets and Shares are on ss-e at the old office of Swift an I Co. in the Poultry, where a great proponton of capital Prizes have been sold in the late Lotteries. ivt the subli'nc prn- i he to be reure.

iieautort, Bolton, St.Alban s. N' 1 iiuis of Abercorn. li JJ tr.e em to th 1 jiian ili. rfom -r. hrb A 1 'b 'ft CREDITOR Mftt ar, Tomorrow.

J. Corbett, Milic-strtet, warehouse man J. Boycs, laic of WeUelose-sqaare, wiae inerkr. ait L. Wapptn, I.

Le Sonet'. Great W'inchtster-streer. 3 10 Uatl), Salisbury, Townshcnd, Downshirc, and Hertford. ir ri ewater, Clonmell, Westmoreland, Talbot, for- tUo pars "Ukt, by a ii a Oinir ons; by Mr K. froin whofc to con- i.t ijallet ailed Sr.

Vu 3 fialh a Mascneraile on a to he given i.cxf iBonth rsf tl Duchesses of Ih.vo.v A i arriv.d at 1 altar the 'Saf- off I if Harrington. ( Uxbridc, Westmoreland, Rothes, Perth, Sef-' Kortcscue, Cardian, Waldegrave, Liverpool, Bridge- Mount Ldtcumbe, Clonmell, Harrington, A.M.. Stan-hojie, Cai vstort, Eusron, Cafhaiupton, Cranthaan, Kenmare, and Mansfield, Dowagers us ton and Fortescue. Ciranley, Sydney, Hsrbertort, Falmouth, Went-vvorth, Castkreagli, and Hinehinbroke. I'iscountesscs- -Sydney, Harbenon, Wentworih.Castlereagh, and Dudley and Ward.

LcrA Viliiers, Haynin, II. Paulet, F. Beauelcrk, Primrose, Binning, Somerville, Brownlow, Broome, Grimstone, Lcwisham, G. L. Gower, St.

Helen's, Forbes, H. Bentinefc, Graves, Percy, Gosford, Arden, Cole, Hare-wood, A. Gordon. tjtdirs Bayning, Affleck, C. Grcville, H.

Leslie, Shellv, two Pagets, Murray, F. Fortesetie, F. Stynerset, H. Waldeerave, F. Heauclerk, Stephens, C.

Jenkinson, M. Primrose, F. Compton, Auckland, two Thynne, Huntin-field, Cawdor, M. Townshtmd, Ca(rinston, Cornwall, Cecil, Metcalt'f, He Clifford, Wynne, L. Broome, L.

Manners, iltonn, M. Taylor, S. Fane, M. Parker, F. Percy, M.

Bentinck, Arden, Grevilk, Caendish, Ha-gcrstbne, H. Sullivan, M. Fifzroy, Brownlow. Shs G. Ali'eck, P.

Stephens, C. Bishop, VV. Milntr, W. Kier, II. Daciiwood.

General Loftus. Colonels Cooper, Atcheson, Stopford, Anson, Fav.Kener. Giftains Llovd, Paer, Pjerreponr, O'N'eil, Doyle, termor, Stopford, Cotton, Woodford, Sullivan, Paget, Murray, Shi dev. Count Boniolais. i Maftoreili, late of ITeet-street, merciuuit la T.

Hunt, Leather-fane, hardw arcman a tt r. Brown, ji.11. WiniorC-strfet, Middlesex, baker 2 10 C. J. A.

Witke, Ccleman-street. London, merclfant 2 to 15. Atotks Red I. ion-street, co d-inerciiant 1 J. Abrahaul, Honndsdttth, iQ W.

Kpps and J. hpps, ripsoin, innkeepers j- W. TriitK. Kingston, Surrey, torn-cciler Ja DiviDKMis. M.iciunura, London, merchant 10 S.

tklerton and J. Piper, Godalmin, Surrey R. Carter, Witham, Kssex, linen draper JO A. W. Deves, Hartovcr-sa.

portrait painter X. Oppenive'in, Troley-street, rocer ta Ci riFic vrib. A Avery, N'ew Brentford, Lnen-draper. R. Hindley, Salforrf, Lancashire, wine R.

Wilkinson and ti. D.mic',, W. Brume, Mellbrd, stay-maker. Sittclirte, York, ciiymist. Markland, Lanc-ifs.

cfifcn-rsT if. -On tiit instant, in iiou- ir, the Lady of Henry Buwue, Eq. Hih SlieiiJ r.x a Haughter. t)n the ie 7 1 1 1 of at the Leasowes, Sale the of C. II to.

of a Haiiihttr. MARIlif l) -On hty by special liconc-. bv rhe' the hi hop at St bav. the i. H-m.

Lord Mont.c.o'aer.t to the Right Hon. Ladj On' at Mary-Ia-bonnc Chi'rch, Capt. Fdw if the Rovai Kvy, to Miss Cox, daul.t-r tl.e late o'i v're! heiiijta Ct.t. La t'c, Gurney. of Cartlett't-bi'iliifif.

Htdbom, Uj ha lcuhani, daughter of Mr. Avery hi ir-io id. On tPe jd cf March, at Lis'; -n, where went the borerit ji his health, Hurt Sitwell, in the (ft. v. ot his ace, ycvuHv.t brother to Sitwell, Esq the count) ot Derby On fuesday, the 2.l M.iroh, at hi lodeings, Xo R.

Mackenzie, Leq. much Lm bv his tn'inerous is. tr.c of the Wallet, -J tour.d up the River, from the "'i'm. Mr' returned last week from his k. at 0n- Hi i N' one of i tur trough of Harwich, that Corporation, in the W.

rave an elceant other Ladies pre. r. Methuen, R. Waipole, Capcl, lugot, Wynne, i. iastiwoou, I'oton.

St. Cr. CaulJicld, CaJcer, rawjtener, l.a.ii L. Hatxvky, I'-tet, Stewart, Kinnaird, Picrrepont, B-irnard, Dull, Montague, Sheridan, Cavendish, Milnes, Dorrien, W. w'vnnp.

Cmsans. Rowe. l.atojche, Campbell, Lascgles, O'Byrnc, Clitliero, Jenkmson, Cooper, 1 rcvor, rayne, Collier, S. Smith, Neville, Davenport, CtKt, II. Cust, mi lev, Douglas, Cawdor, Penn, Baker, Calvert, Bur- 1 Cnfll Arr'InrT SYKF.S, IT5 Pnr.itred to go on to 8 K0 toiped and examined at govni, UIXOII, r.tien, vjimistui.c, Stanhope, Clement, C.

urevuit, 1 oroes, oyi.g, j. runh, iiorsemongcr-Iane, on bunday morning nert, at ten o'clock, the produce of which will Ls for the benefit of poor distressed prisoners in the said Gaol. Charles Ccnnall and William Eions, for maliciously burning a barn stocked with pease, Mer-sham James Kelly Joseph Rcie, and for burglaries George Wdhnth.m, alias Cecrge htnes, for horse-stealing, and returning from transportation John Either, for foot-fad robbery ar.d Mac Cornell, for forgery. The said eight prisoner; attend at Chapel cn the Sunday morning, and are to be executed at the top of the Gaol the flowing PRICK Ol OCKS, 31. nrr Ct.

Cci f2l tii 1 if Uiw.urn 10 i.onctf Ticket; is. Con. tor act. GaJ b4 ce per Cent. iy y( 97 yti pel Cent.

Imp. Li.ttu vr.n. 2 years ie Muirrsm-WeAMl, Bankes, Montague, Fitzherberf, Z. Smith, Baker, Harcourt, Calvert, burgoyne, Anson, Ilaye, Arthur Stanhope, Dorrien, Freemantle, flicker. two Smitlis, Manners, two Milncrs, Folkes, two Townsheuds, Beresfords, Dashwuod, two Bets, H.

Rttsnont, Boscawen, Pee.n, Vanneck, Loftus, M. Bur-eovne, two Edens, W'vnne, two Gtiinstonci, Anson, 6te-fKem, Staiitepe, Harvey, Haye, Shelly, Byng, Croake. HORNStiY and Co. Stock-brokers. Old 1 t.rre Lctten rf-ce, Or: n.

AUmlral an.V'.M'rV HIGH WA i AT BOX hKlUGB. rVlofiiig ij ait 9 A at. noon tt. 9. morning 1.

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