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The Morning Posti
London, Greater London, England
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ice of stocks. ri. OLD BAILEY, It, if. tfkiik Stac Sf A5'3r'fc 11 for Frt TOlrifortflPr -It Mbucs T'CiTi-t-, At pacwa ai.omust riazza, mimjuw. la.

mini wf Oiiinium 4 34 4 3 Lotterv Tt'-Kets m. 17s. India 2134 14 3 per Cent. Red. 7 1 3 perCt.Cons.

4 per Cent. Cons. fc? 88 5 per Cent: Navy loiiJ OCT t. 177 10 lil' A ALDAfil.E UU1.1 ivOiaON coWwisirar iou I plate, in a grfat variety oi niodsra usstuiaruclet 1) 1 fdiamord rings, and pir.s exeelleril gold repcanjig, aMn n'k-brokrs, 11 OR NHY an Old State Lottery ItK HIGH WATER at LOXDON.Btt TiflS DAY Morn. 41 min.

after 11. Morn, min. aft. 12. eiiajneiieti gom nur.tms watcnes, elent ulared articJes, jewellery, fire-arms, 3 bm laent of w-arintc apparel, in prirne soruiitiou 4 tuie ai.d common Irish, hosiery, fine table anil jj ui siiperfcne silk amt cortan note, tine anbUn mode, lat and edging bxi twrnkure, bud, 1 oi! 30.

at the BLACK MLK UONHIOS By 77-- l-At their Rrwirts, Puzta. Goveataw.t togttfc before he coram ted the robbery The Jnry foufti him Jrifrpr ut recommended him tofrcK oil account orhis youth. TbomrMuny as indided for robbing Pouxe a Swede, on the highway, on the nth of January, and taking from kim a quantity df lace, some silk-stockings, and other articles, which be had bought to carry to his own country. The prosecutor deposed, that being accosted by die prisoner, whfr is a Vufer, in Whitechapel, he went with him into a back the Seven Stars, and purchased some cambric, for which he paid him kL wlien Ae proiecutor returned home, he found on examining the cambric it was wot worth 30S1 The proseeutor then stated, that en the following day he went into Cheapside to purchase some lace, and tome stockings, and afterwards went to the place wheft he had met with the prisoner, to prevail on him to take back his cambric. When he came to Whitechapel, he was cccosted by another of the same tribe, whqrent with him to the Seven Stars.

The prisoner came in soon after. They endeavoured to persuade him purchase some of their commodities but, use his own phrase, he wis not to be cheated a second time." The prisoner and his companion were a good deal attracled by the prosecutor's bundle, which they prevailed on him to open, hey Offered to purchase the contents of it, and produced a draft for 21I. 17s. which-tliey requested him to change. The prosecutor resisted tfceir appli To be 50T.D by PRIVA TK CONTRACT By Mr.

TATTERSALL, UPWARDS oi' Seven ty Carriages of different sorts amongst Which are several exceedingly pood Coaches-, a variety of very elegant CJunot and Post Chaises, nearly as go3tl as new several hih i-w Phaetons, a number of very hadsone Curricies, and Smglf-horie Chaises likewise, a variety vefy handsjiiie Chair, Whiskeys, GigSf most of ImcIi are perfectly new. Also, a great m.wy Lot ot Pair and Plau-d Harness. To be viewed Da, at Twelve o'clock, without rv FIFTY lihek and Colotftei SILK OOV the remaining toe erf a re-tiring from business, and to be submitted without n' 1 Maybe viewed and had at the Hatmah bollard was indicled for privately steaL ing, in the shop of Samuel Benford, on ho 2 9th January last, a remnant of lace, containing ram value 22. Elizabeth Harming stated, that Mr. Ben-ford was a haberdasher, and lived at No.

99, in Oxford-street. On the 29th Tan. the prisoner came to the shop, about five o'clock, and looked at some lace. She staid in the shop about half an hour, but did not 'buy any thing. The witness observed an end of lace hanging out of the prisoner's pocket, with Mr.

Benford's private mark on it. She infornf ed him of this circumstance, and on her accusing the prisoner, after some hesitation, she pulled the lace from her pocket. Jackson, one of the officers at Marlborough-street, produced the lace, which was identified by the prosecutor. The prisoner made no deience; but called several vitnesses to hef character. She was indulged with a chair during her being in an advanced state of pregnane v.

The Jury found her guilty of stealing to the value of therebydoing away the capital part of the charge. The prisoner was then tried for a sirmlar offence On the same day, in the shop of Mr. Matiif.w, in Oxford-street but the witnesses not being able to identify the property to the satisfaction of the Jury, she was acquitted. Anthony- fanquay iid Rd. Gale vere capitally in.

RENTER' SHARE, I HEATRE-k'j aT J.AN'h.-liv Messi. 1A Jio sAi by Avcnotf. Mr. TA I on Mom da next, li' Hie Property of a (ienthJnian, T-lVHc i clever BavChar'iot tyf Phahton ld. which Jiave bceA constantly driven four in hand At their spaciou Ruoms, Piazza, t'oveat-Kfnui, the iiith uit.

at Fwclve o'Cloi 'a AN Origiil I II I) Tor -iSUBSCRIPl iON SHARE, which mS'u 'rhillings and S.Tpjnee t-ver IVight of Perfi.rutu, a a free Admission tor the Proprietor lu any jjurt ot beJore the Curtain rtiie uir.atc excepted. an 'unexpired teim at iii.cxy-two year Uum cl.r,.', Particulars riay be hzd at Garra way's andot bins, rt UPERIUR FINV OI. I i'OKL (. nt l.KM'l RS Mf ROIil.X.S, are in high conctitiois ist trotters; nd go perfectly quiet in Also a ifay Gelding, six yea's old, fescape, out of a thorough -bred mare. By Mr.

TATTERSALL, on Mojar.5 ncxr, The property Ot a (eirtleina, SIX capital Bay Char 101 iu. im.s, irr very liigli condition, remarkably good figures, very tast trotters, an-Jo p.rtecUy steady aiui qiiiei in harness. Also, a Bay Marc, tive years old, a good hack, and fail rrotter. cations, and rook Ins leave. 1 lie prisoner, wun.

ats At their spacious Rooms, Pia.a. event. followed him, and the former snatched row, eoxuai) 14, si ii.n'ji.;,ls IF lr i Loze ot hue rMlii i of East India Madeira. dtizaa jf rith ..1 dictd tor a burglary in the dwelling-house: of John Fitch, at Lamb-street, Spiral -fields, and stealing rVrefrom 1 quiifity of bed furniture, on the rrth 5 7- away the bundle and conveyed it to the Otner, wlio decamped. When he chargwl the prisoner with the Lisbon, -l dozen of nat fclinK hamoaene ir(! theft, he boasted he was the captain ot.

a ship, and dv dozai oi N'uyau, RiiiirsL-r rtw. By Mr. TAT t-n Monp-av next, THE two following valuable IVxouu Marcs, -1 -r of November last. The prosecutor stated, that the I furniture Was Wfr in the one tuir room bv the person ft pfoid Port, five years if Dbttics. Saiubteto- I hat his property was worth When he A -out of Wren; bv lTood- haJ.00 Gar apprehended, he first denied any knowledge of at ra way's'; and 0 Robim, in CevenG' pecker, erand-duni Sir Hetei's dam, bv 2.

A Brown Ditto, hy Flying Jib, dam by Highflyer, erand-dani by Snap, out of a sister to Maiden, Sec. by Match 'em. By Mr. TATTERSALL, on Mosa next, Tlie property of a Gentleman, abroad, LEASEHOLD HOVSt and SHOP, SiKNj By R-OBlNlS, At their spacious oca is, Pia.a, (i. der of the Executors of Mr.

William Buf o.s dfcA 7 To-mohhow, the ujth inst. A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK. HOUSk, stories high, two rooms ami closets oneivi. modious shop, with behind, most for No, j8, two doors trom SoMthai.igKiB-ijia strand, in the occupation ot Mr. Vrfght, held under ids Grace the Duke of Bedford tor -a a WO well-bred Huktkrs, master of ereat Weisht, and warranted sound Chcsnut Gelding, six years old Bay Geidin six ears old.

By Mr. ATTE RSA L'L .011 Monday nexc, The property of a Gentleman, going Abroad, A RAY Gelding, six years old, by Grog, dam Lai. 10s. May be viewed with leav'e or tJi; unT'. bv Sweetbriar: a mod hunter, and has bscn used as I Sale, when Darticulars mav be had sLant by Swcetbriar a mod hunter, and has bscn used as Sale, when oartieulur-.

mav be had nt who was employed to make it, about nine o'clock on the njht laid in the indictment but that he misted it On going up to bed about eleven o'clock the write night. On the of January one of the officers of the To1iceiof5ce Worship-5 tiect, called and informed him some: property had been found in the houe of one oC the prisoners in consequence of which he went to Jkayawy'r and identified the bed-krniture, which, was gnging up in his room. The Biisonf called Margaxkt Shori.y to prove she fad been employed to make the furniture, that a3! the materials were furnished by the prisoner's wife. The prcseeOter could satisfy the minds of the Jury as to the identity of the pattern in consequence of wkieh, they acquitted the prisoners. They were the tripd on another indictment, ebatging them with having committed a burglary irt the house of Thomas, on the icHh of January, and stealing some bed and va.

jfieus artieles of wearing apparel. Wm. Thomas stated, he was a journeyman plais-tftrer, living at No. 21, St. George's Terrace, St.

George's in the East. Between the hours of seven the business, but afterwards produced a duplicate which led to the recovery of the articles which, on being produced by the pawn-broker, were identified by the prosecutor. Th: Jury found the prisoner guilty but the capital" part of the indictment was done away, because no violence or threats were used at the time of the robbery the offence therefore only amounted to larceny. Robtrt Matthew was indicled fr stealing a bay mare, the property ef Thomas Keates. The prosecutor deposed, that he keeps the Swan Livery-stables, at Moorgate, On the 8th of Feb.

the prisoner came and hired a mare of him, saying that he was a Captain Thompson, and that he lived at No. t6, in the Minories. He said that he was not going far, and should return in about an hour. He agreed to pay 5s. for the hire of the mare.

The prisoner not returning, the prosecutor went the next da)- to the Police-ofiice, and had handbills printed, describing his mare. A few days after, he was informed that his mare was at the Red Lion Liverv-stables, in Caekspur-street. He went Solicitors, Newport-street at Gjrraway Curfer-fiV' and in Co vent-garden. A Bay Gelding, six ditto, by Foxhunter a good hunter, and has been used asa charger. Theabovcarc warranted sound, and have never been in a dealer's hands.

L'NK DEEMED. PROPER IV oy Mbt, itOta: At their Spacious Rooms, Piazza, Covcvit next, at Twelve o'clock, A Tafcabte Collection of Genuine "'MR; By Mr. TATTERSALL, on Mondav next, HE following Foi'u Wei r. Biud Hunters, IX. DEEMED PRO PERI coin isi r.g excellent vat silver, aud metal warches, hy Citcemed ir.ak'.r a Curricle Harness, the Vtn of a Gentleman Acmon, a Chesmit llorie, seven years old, got by He- area ounces ot plate, a v.iriety ot ueti cieSvtti tn 1 r.ngs, pins, jeweuer extensive c-l tl! gasus, Ins clam by gianu-oain, ry 00c i there and found his mare, and took the prisoner.

end ten o'clock, on the oth of January, the win cfrw of his bed -room was forced open, and the fur pecker; great granU-tlaiii, Lauri. hy Arc. 2. Poll Tecsdale, a Bay Mare, seven years old, got by Young Jalap, a most imeonii.ionly hbrh leaper, and well known in Mr: CorbctT's hunt. 3.

A Brown Mare, eight year-, old, got by Sir Peter Teazle, out of Fame, Pantaloon. 4. A Bay Gelding, seven years old, ha been and driven in a currr-le. 5. A most excellent Curriele and Harness, very little worse tEdi, bviit: by r.tessr.

Codsal, Baxtet, and with traveliiiif trunks, patent "yxletrees, Sec. To be viewed-. of wearing apparel, in g.iod conuiti of Irish, muslia, cambric, silk nd cot fius ral linen, superfine cloth, satin, mode, Jac-aad-, turnitures, beds, and other valuable property, ph-Jf-i iu -r to and tn the months from September 1800, to Septets vith M-mX'S. RochfortjTof Jermyn-strcst. May be and Catalogues bad at the FR NCH PEARS an-i APPlEs, and BO i.

7 i. PRESERVED FP.L'M consigned ft 0111 Pans By Messrs. ROB IM.S, At then Spacious Rooms, Piazza, c-a Tnns-'hay next, at Twelve o'Clpek, A BOUT Ten Thousand vcrr fine MACHINE HORSES, Ac By ALDRI DGE, At his Repositorv, in t. Marttn's-lane, at it, UPWARDS of Fikty -known Capda! icn taicen Kent Road: most tit rhem tre roiuig, br-ving been recently purchased at Innh prices. Also, four very giod Coaches, nearly new, and about Tvventv Sets of etc ecifinIv gooil J.

JL APPLES and PEARS, and tVte Hunamt foxa retrurkably fine Preserved Fruits, be; -aie-ent consiiil! wnt from Pans, v.iU be subrr.ifteJ at lots, SH table urivite f-niilies. Ma be raited on tlK- morning oi hk Crj-loues had -r Garraway's Coffee-house and ut Mewt. It hiiis, Covenf-garden. James Goodwin, the hostler at the Red Lien Livery Stables, in Cockspur-street, deposed, that he bought the mare sworn to by the prosecutor, of the prisoner, for 61. On the Friday following, the prisoner wanted to sell him a gelding which made him suspett that this and the mare were stolen.

Having appointed to meet the prisoner, he took with him a constable, and secured him. James Blich, a constable, deposed, that he apprehended the prisoner, at the desire of the last witness the description of the mare given by exactly agreed with that of the prosecutor. The prisoner said, that he was a that being distressed he had sold the mare, but intended to repay the prosecutor the value of her, if his next voyage was prosperous. He had no intention of. selling the mare when he hired her.

A person who had been a voyage with the prisoner gave him a good character, as did likewise another witness. The difference in the accounts the prisoner had given of himself, seemed to convince the Jury that his original intentions were to sell the mare. They therefore found the prisoner Guihj. Superb and Valuable JOCK of a PRE N'CH 1LLI Peremptorily by Messrs. ROBIN'S, At the-r Spacious Pinzzs, avent-Garden.

Tiid.w, the 3th 01 March, at Twelve o'Cn u. que STOCK PART of the Elegant and Unit a FRENCH MIL Nf.R; cjAdx By Mr. hi. LANG HORN, At the City P.eoesitorv, in Barbican, This Day, at 12, UPWARDS of Skvfs-o Lots of Horses, kKri asks, and K'ARstn emongst the carriages are four rca: slass coat two chariot several modern round badiei chairs, and harccis, carts, some pairs, and single, seasoned co-h, aud chariot horses several clever roadsters, hacknies, soirie useful horses for single harness some stout, honey eiraft hories several handsome iuilow jivs, and r.ies iilo many useful, honey geldings, anil fcr general purposes. To be viewed.

of Brussels point lace, Spanish ditto of elegant writ 1 black point lace, rich and black, deep Lucvcih, lace caps, pelisses richly ornamented with beautiful India muslin cloaks, trimmed vrfth jvitahie spencers, cloaks of various fashions, trimmed with white and black lace, rccian lacttl cipj and sleeves, teaus, curricle black and while has, IUu r.v- bt Ke. he whole may be viewed oa Yttureay aw xuiw preceding the 3le; and Catalogues had in oiture, whLh was lying on a shelf, and many ar-tiks of wearing apparel, enumerated ie the arifPf 00t taken out of a trunk in the room. 1fhf robbery was not discovered till near ten 'clock, when he went up stair, accompanied by his vriSt, to pot the child to bed. On Friday the 21st, he went to the Police-office, inconsequence ot a notice, and saw several articles of his property. He was asked if he had ever seen the prisoner, Jonquay, before He replied, yes, about six weeks before he.

had seen the prisoner lurking near his window. On the sill of the parlour window underneath, the room which was broken into, there were marks of a person's feet. Mary Thomas was called to prove the things Contained in the trunk, previous to its being stripped. Vickery, otic of the officers at Worship-street, said, that in consequence of some information, he apprehended Gale, Jbnquay, Jalousen, and his wife that on searching the house of Jonquay, they found a bag behind the bed, containing several articles of stolen property. They then went to Gale's lodgings, and found, at the bottom of a trunk, a piece of cotton, corresponding with a pattern shewn by the prosecutor.

They afterwards searched the house of Jalousen, in Angel.alley, Bishopsgate-street, where they found the bed-furniture laid ia the indictment together with several other articles. On the third examination of the prisoners, Jalousen and his wife prayed to be admitted evidences for the Crown. Peter Mason, another officer, stated, that after one of the examinations, he happened to be in a place adjoining the room where the prisoners were confined, when he overheard Gale say to Jonquay, This is a pretty piece of business what a bl dy rogue Jalousen has turned out He then asked, whether they had not better desire to go to New-gate at once When the other replied, It would be of no use; there were so many things against them they must come up again." StrAKVA Tai.ouskn was then called she said DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, with IMMF.DlATh Pi -SESSION, I'PPER PH ILL! MORE-PL ACE, K.E SING ION Bv Messrs. ROBiN'S, At their spacious Rooms, Piazz.t, Covcnt-Ca'tirr, TO a 0a if, March M. at vveiveo iot.

and verv Jeirabie LtA-' A VALUABLE HOLD EST A' TE a wbstanrul Kniit Ruirv nu'i-i 1 iv' uHtb thtee stories B. and two excellent rooms on ea.h liccr tog RUSSELL COFFEE-HOUSE, SOUTHAMPTON-ROW, RUSSELL-SQUARE, Bl.OOMSBURY. PIER LASS PR 1 I I P. RS, A By Mr ASH WELL, At Russell Southampton-row, Russell-square, Blooinsbury, This Da, at Twelve o'Clock, without reserve, THE elegant, new, and madern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Table and Bed Linen, Carpets, of Mr. Dawson, Upholsterer-( for the Benefit of his Creditors), comprising loftv four-post and field bedsteads, with elegant chintz cotton furniture, and suitable bedding, Brussels and other carpets (one by pieces ofBrussels and other carpeting, mahogany double and single chests of drawers, low secretaires, secretary, bookcase and wardrobe, sideboards with cellarets, writing desks, inlaid card and Pembroke tables, sets of drawing-room and parlour chairs, with satin horsehair, pier, chimney, and other glasses and mirrors, elegantly framed, with a variety of other artieles.

May be viewed the morning of sale Catalogues may be had at Garraway's and SomersTown Coflee-houses anil at the Place of Sale. sirably situate, No. 3, Upper ton. The house is in excellent repair, ami held 'J-' upwards of 80 years, at a very trifling WrfvS 11 be viewed sixdavs prior to the Sale and panscalar3 P. CREDITORS meet at Guil.iball, Tinmmvat.

M. S. Turner, jun. Laytonstone, Essx, farmer 3 R. Davies, Lamb-street, Spitaltields, cheesemonger 3 E.

Fellows, Camberwell, Surrey, haberdasher 3 Kemp, Mark-lane, wine-merchant 3 1. Neale, Brick-lane, Spitalfields, salesman 3 T. Wright, Horsley, Gloucestershire, clothier 3 F. Jackson, Basingnull-street, factor 2 Garwood, Royston, Hertfordshire, victualler V. Allen, late of Pall-mall, milliner 2 L.

Wtckens, St. Clement's Church-yard, haberdasher 2 I. Colman, late of Fetter-lane, painter 2 J. Jackson, Oxford-street, linen-draper 2 "Wagner, late of Wallington, Surroy, eallico-printer 2 Hughes, Mourning-lane, Hackney, milkman 2 J. G.

Williams, Marshall-street, London-road, merch.2 W. Collyer, late of Pullox-hill, Bedfordshire, horse-d. 1 T. Donriison, Prescott-street, merchant a T. Bright, Inner Temple-lane, stationer 4 W.

Huirtfrys, sen. and jun. Old Fish-street, grocers W. Lund.Virginia-street, St. George's East, builder W.

Hambly, Great Bell-alley, Coleman-strer, nierch. Taylor, Worcester, draper Dividends. S. Beaton, Yeovil, Somerset, haberdasher W. Blinkhorn and Musraye, Fostcr-lana, merchants me rremiscs; at tne fact Horse, I urnnain house, Hammersmith and of Messrs.

Kobln-A 1 A -R A 11 UY -L A By Mesrs. At their Spacious Rooms, Covent-rardcn, on the tith March, at Twelve o'cU'k, A PROPRIETOR'S SHARE ot THOUSA PO DS, secured apwi iep' Royal, Drury-lane, and which share entitles w. Twenty Shillings for everv nisht of rxrforrnant--, J. Grant, Lawrence rountney-iane, merchant persons to am part of lb: hmwe betbr the illy excepted and also a tra.isferj.e ooxes on her husband sold elothes at Rosemary-lane On thfrJ Gardner, late of Great St. n's, underwriter 10 of Certificates.

R. King Thomas, Evesham, mercer. mm- aumissron ot one person in tn P.irtH- fur a term oi uowardi of ninetv v.ars. LONDON DOCKS, WAPPING. Building Materials of two Houses, a Carpenter's Shop, four hundred thousand of Cleaned Hrieks, House and shop Fixtures, fifty Four-pannel and Six-pannel poors, nearly new a Mahogany Top Counter, two Shop Fronts, and a variety of neat Fittings and Finishings.

liv Mr. P. BIGGS, On the Premises, N'os. 57 and Old Gravel-lane, Rat-chrPe-highway, To-moxrow, at Twelve o'Clock, by Order of the Directors of the 1 ondon Dock Company, THE whole of the MATERIALS of'the above Premises: comprising sound brick-work, pantiles, rafters, joist, quarters, girders, breasorncrs, rloorine-boards, wainscoting, sash frames, and sashes; stairs, marble and other chimney-pieces; weather-boarding, stone paving, kitchen ranges, pantheon snives, copper, and useful fixtures lead sink, gutters, May be viewed fliisilav; when Catalogues may be had at the London Dock Office, Old Gravel-lane Golden Lion, Fore-street and of the Broker, Gloucester-terrace, New Road, Sr. George's in the East.

hatl ten days prior to the sale, at Garraay garden. ORIGIXAL GRAND JUNC ITON' sil" Mr. Robins, Garraway's Excha.e-a-H-'V Ihlksday next, the inst. at 1 1, J. lenner Jordan, Gloucester, grocer.

J. Stanbury, late of Charlotte-street, Blackfriars-road, baker. vV. Marsden, Manchesttr, merchant. V.

Hornby, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, woollen-draper. J. Allen, St. Mary Axe, London, merchant E. Graydon, of Sunderland, spirit-merchadrr.

C. Stockwell, Shelf, Yorkshire, scribbling-miller. C. Hemingway, Leeds, presser. J.

Haigh, of Shelf, fanner. S. stockwell, of Halifax, yeoman. HakerandJ. Leeds, dyer.

Ji. Baxter, iddle Temple, London, merchant. M. Curtis and J. H.

A. Scott, Watling-strect, wine-mer. Gillham, Holywell-street, Strand, tavern-keeper. T. WigielL, Bowhng-green-lane, Middlesex, carpenter.

sharks, etj Fori dred 1 Pounds eneh. the GRANT) riv PADDINGTON CANAL. For Partit 'A i.arrawav to ir. Knoms. 1 vb HOUSEHOLD I UR ITlJRE.

Pntaiiise Wr l( Pictures. Prints. Books. c- By vlr 1 i 1 th of January she saw the prisoners, at eleven o'clock in the morning, at Jonquay'? house she bought four gowns, five petticoats, the bed -furniture, arid several other things, corresponding with those mentioned in the indictment, for which he paid them 3I. 1 5s.

She enquired if there was any danger in the purchase They replied, none part of the things she hid disposed of a part was pledged, and the remainder was found at his where they were apprehended. Mr. You shopman to Mr. Davidson, the pawnbroker, in B'siiopsgate-street, produced the articles pledged, and remrrobercd the last witness eoming with them on the 13th of January. They were pawned for 16s, Mrs.

Thomas identified the different articles which were produced, and swore positively to their being in. the trunk previous to the robbery. The priscuiers made no defence, nor called any witnesses. The Jury pronounced them both Gvil'y Death. Mwi Solomon-, a lad of 13 year? of age, was in-dirled for a burglary in the house of Joskph Wh it- At hi Spacious No.

i o. Loiis-a-''. Fi.h. at ATT .1... 1 ...1 ritDfnpiliii- ..1 If PERPETUAL ADVOWSON, SOMERSETSHIRE.

Bv Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Corfee-house, in 'Change-allev, Cornhill, on Wkdnksdav, March 2, at Twelve o'Clock, THE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON of the RECTORY of HAWKRIDGE and I THY. POOLE, situate in a beautiful parr of the County of Somerset, about five miles from Dulvcntaii, ten from the seaport town i "Mine-head, eight from South Molton, seventeen from Tiverton, thirty-one from Exeter, and one hundred ani seventy from Lonuon ot a eood Parona.kre-fiouse, and near four hundred Acres Glebe-land, part in hand, anJ the residue on leases to several triants for single lives anJ the Rectorial Tythes of all the re-t of the Laud-, in tlie Parishes of HawKride- and Wirhj potle. estimated altogether worth upwards of Pour Hundred Pounds per annum together with the Manor of Mu exr-emting into both the aid Parishes, and al.Kiindinvc wiri, i-ium tlie picc-ni Incumbent tventy-cven years ot age. Premlsts may be vtcrvvtiu by -mm rfKiMivHa, ui.u-.y and Co.

Pictures, Print, awn.Jl LibumS) moved from NorthiMBberland-strcet f. ur-post and other bedstes, with cotton -tures, ditto window curtains, jppwd beds 9C mahogany chests of drawer, bureau, sidi--'-V glasses, carpets, dining, card, and Pembroke tui rcouisites. And other i-tfMs To be viewed OB BIRTH. On Wednesday morniug, the Lady of Henry Alexander Barrv, Esa. of Gower-street, of a son.

MARRIED. On Thursday, at Windsor, Matthew Buckle, Esq. of Sheet, in Hampshire, to Miss Buckle, daughter ot the late Admiral Buckle. On Tuesday last, at St. Martin's Church, Coney-street, York, by the Rev.

Mosley Atkinson, of Catterkk, Sir John Lawson, Bart, of Brough-hall, in that county, to Miss Staple-ton, eldest daughter of Miles Stapleton, Esq. DIED. At Marseilles, on the 31st ult. John Dunnage, Esq. On Mondav last, at his house in Guernsey, in the year of his age, Thomas Le Marchant, Esq.

a gentleman universally respected for his charitable and benevolent disposition, leaving issue one only daughter, Lady Saunurez, the wife of Admiral Sir James Saumarez. Tuesday evening, at her house in Putney, Mrs. Warner. when will be delivered at the Roc lii vvirluii! In h- ilm. Fi XCiER.

ORlLAN, A CAPITAL jine nudu-'a. inv w.f. min pcu, Ax ht for a Chapel ut':' qv.aat'tyof muiicul and rr.u.c 1 which 'are. ahrwe book; ot onr.fJtl On Sunday last, at Hadley-gjten, Mrs. Fatio, widow of 'Amours, T.jlian harps, Spar.ishiir;:r.

tamhoriries, Ir'ish music aciks, applying to Brown eitfh, in xul-vcrton, of whom, may be hail Particulars mv also Le had of Beavis nod, V. c-. at Tivcrtoa of Mc.r Trewman and Son, at F.xrer of M--rs. Gcadby and Co. Sherborn at the White Hurt, s'alisb and Bath Am'i 1, at Oxford Rase, tt Cambridge of Messrs.

Scott and Howard, No. Great Blwmdnirt at Garraway's and the Bapfst jd e-honsci and ot Mr. Willock, No. J5, Goldti- uat'-. LunJvn where a Pkn ut the Landi mav be ei, worth, ro.

me, on tne 20m or ja-noary, and stealing therein a silk handkerchief, and two muslin ones. The prisoner ws detected in the act by a Police-officer, whcV'saw him sfrip off the sleeve of his coat tuck np his shirt, and thrust his hand through the glas. He had whistled several of his acsomplices Mr. John David. Fat 10.

Oil Sunday evening, Mr. James Wisher, druggist, Cannon-street. Friday last, at Clapton, aged 70, Miss D'Augilar, daughter of Diego D'Augilar, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire. On Friday last, at Bath, John Buchanan, Esq. of Devon-shirc-strectj PuxUand-pUcc.

when Litaiii'Ors wi oe I i'a-J'' Pr tt bv U. TV j. NWTJ, Nc.

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