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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England • 1

The Morning Posti
London, Greater London, England
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tile otittrt FRIDAY, February 18, 1803. BEFORE T) C. W. is not Inquired to leave her 4il STATE TR1.ALS AT I.AttGE, WITH THE LIFE OF COLON'EL This day is published. DriceOMa.SiiiA.iiXv.

in octavo. luRUl ne fit. will be eivcii a rTnO be SOLD, at Xivery Srabk. CASHIER, a thorough-bred horse, by Inquire for J. Robinson.

LT MASQtPlltM A NTH t.O with I The Building will be su- andof Music. fur ReoL and Coun- be SOLD, rhe property of" a -c -w. am simpty to ooimout some Mode ot Correspondent by which they may know more of each othj before they meet. MR. and Mrs.

PEICHAND, natives of Paris, wish to give LESSONS in the French Language and Geography, to young Ladies and Gentlemen, abroad or at home, reside at No. 33, George-street, Portman-squarc. a Military Band, and a Band of Savoyards, will THE TRIALS- sd Golanel. aJ the- other STATE PRISONERS, a CHARGE of HIGH. TREASON containing the itfstgut Counsel, the.

Evidence o-boih' side: hkewwe an Account of tifcr Life of the -Colonel, let wnicft uii luium uLMSiuii mi 11, an cucceuinKiy good, id fashionable, weB-buih CURRICLE, rtith Col-hnge's-patent axle-trees, and head, complete for ohe of two horses, and fit fnr the whoM ot Lord Elknborough's eloquent Cluxge. toaie intermission, the whole of the Evening. Tick- JV Emission, half a guinea each. For the accommodation company, choosing tosup, all ANDSOME SUPPER at 7. 6d.

each person ''Wines exclusive. No ill be admitted unless dressed in character, or in a -crsen frson attend with Ureases aiul Masks, for person "a vauic nwii v. i j. in Kay i uc srcii at Tvuson ana lurreu'C.

Chappie, No. 66, P'aH Mail, and No. Southampton-row, Russell-so uare n4 at the. T'O be SOLD, a SECOND-HAND CHA. AT the WEST END of the TOWN.

To be DISPOSED OF, and immediate possession had, a genteel, established Business, in the MILLINERY and DRESS LINE. For further information apply to Mr. Fetter, the corner of Bedford-treet Covent-gaMcn. JL RIOT, in camtal condit ot office, No. 2V, Tfcreadllly, lie House.

Uooi to oe opencu at i cnox iock, ana cfempass perch, whip springs, c. The above is the pro! pertyota Gentleman, will be sold reasonable, and maybe KODTOS ill 1 ICKCIS III llC IUH ill I IK: 1U110 This Day is- published, by Co. Hardne, PahsmaU; JOdCo. ecu ai maiKs ana iievenson'S, New-road, opposite iitzroy- XA.MKM rif 1'KTAT GDJ.ITIOUK MI. T7 (.

jyunan' Oxford-street Croft's, Strand 'I nresber's, Hay market Ne'v port-street Rnbotham, Oxford-street Tho-5 Uljld-ttect iUM at tue a'lthCOH WAITER. WANTS a Situation, a young Man, as WAITER, in a Cotfet -bouse or Tavern, who can have a good recommendation from his iast Direct to F. G. No. 21, Hanover-square.

Hi I A vfr -fcr rxi -ejo'ST'f tX Ait nice be SOLD, a Very Handsome BROWN MARE, fifteen hands hi eh, warranted sound, and free l'EUROFE, pr rapport a la Fratice. rar ivvuxeur ae uc ruoucatuw emituice, r.npire i-fma- mque recturt en i vflMISSlON of rhe Marquis of SALIS Ul, THE AIR ROY A 1., A JL k'UH Mr. "t- ufluiri-ss. will lit- ncii trom any sort oi vice she is a tfood walker and trotter, very rleet, and light galloper, and leaps particularly sate, and well has been hunted this eason she is perfe'cllv adapted for road or field. To be seen at Hornbv's Liverv Stables.

This Day is published, todicated to hart Mi-1R" WANTS a Place, as SERVANT to a single Gentleman or Lady or in a small Family, a Person, who understands his business, whose only cause for -reaving his place, the family breaking up house-keeping the can be well recommended. Direct to R. S. No. 7, Qreat 1 urnstile, Holborn.

REMARKS, ON IMPRISONMENT FOR. DEB on the recent Progress of the Ljw, and increase St. Mart'm's-lane, Charine-cross. V11 1 vjukeseare's i El. i.W with the Farce CHIEVES.

In the course of the Bv ydre-k bv Mrs. Lee, and a variety of Entexn an lenain- of Lawyers. Sold by Burton, Kj, Fetter-lane. expressed in the bills of the Day. Tickets oi lee, Shepheid-strcer, Oxford- Where also may be had, aherust Ten unpers ot B.bneai Researches, at ba.

or is. each. A TRAVELLING CRANE NECKED COACH. To be SOLD, an Fkyantlv fitted up TRAVELLING CRANE-NECKED COACH, with outside elbows, round roof, new lined with blue cloth, ami Mo Mr. Bent's, Coventry-street, Haynflirfcet, WANTED, in a Gentleman's framily, a good FOOTMAN, where a carriage is kept.

Apply at No. Si, Sioaae-street, oft the itfih, soth, and zist, Iroineloeu o'clock utii six, each day. rocco leather squabs, Venetian blinds, plated moukkngs, This day is published, in three vols, duodecimo, price is. in buarUb, two parts ma volume, an tne original'wgriv, a No7eI; Translated from the rench of Madame De Jftael-Holstein. A nun should bv capaoie of braving- the opimon Of the world a woinarr-moit suonut to il' Stm? PtHdnai Lonrtan: Printed for G.

and J. Robinson, Patcrnguitet wr. jouus, anu coniinouc nanuies, lamps, tne carriage witn hind and fore platforms, and a German driving box. AtMessrs. Waller's, No, I4n-acre.

WANTED, TWO APPRENTICES to a Gort and FantydTcss-maker, in a respectable house, at the West.eni oi the town. A premium, ts cx-pechStk Apply at Mr. Barrage', Limeo-nraper, No. 20, Old Bond-street. TO be SOLD, the real property of a Gentleman, a very handsome DARK DAPPLED GREY ARE, shews a deal of hi- od, fifteen hands hich, rising six vears old.

warrauted perfectly sound, uoeonimonly gentle, has earned a -hNTRlLOOUIT. By Mr. F1TZ. A.MES. THIS present EVENING, Mr.

VO- will, at the particular desired" several persons of iri i first distinction, read HARLEOT' IN Er.ipertur dsuw la i LINE et le DFSESVOl RE OCR IS I-. Likewise, bv ne, ill he perfennetl Sol' the HUMAN ViMCE (such a it is described iulhc Abbe lie La Chapille's Vurk; ami Le de Visage, 'an knitatU ice, called j.Weiiiblec dc ame re in which Mr. 1 itzjanies will -act and imitate twenty diiicrent voices. The performance conclude with Le Pari dii Frere la jo, in which v. )i shew tat' EM diiicrent caricature, sue!) as crying on one side, and Imiehing on the other, Arc.

fHlid oddities and wuticidrus. The Reading Room will be kept quite warm every Monday, Wednesday, and rridavV--- Adr.u'.txnce To begin at Eight o'clock, at Sir Uulau'a Library, No. 1, Carlislc-stree, Soho-squarc. it Messrs. ritziuues, Volanee, and Madame Et'AIL HATTERS.

WANTED, an ac-tive Persia, as a PARTNER, to take the managing naOT- a rAnrt-r in 1 1 II. m.H tr livf rvn rile Lady, and never shies at any thing, has been used to town, and is very safe in the streets likewise, a very good saddle, bridle, and cloths. For particulars inquire at Robarts's Liverv Snables, Charles-street, Manchester-square. Tliis Dav is published, ptke is. 6d.

A SHORT-ACCOUNT of the late PROVIDENTIAL DELIVERANCE of Mr. DANIEL WILLIAMS, Pilot, of Rotuerlutbc, Surwy in a Letter, addressed to EH. oue of the El4t Brethren of the Trin.ty flUP God ia the Lord TJflipil we se-pe ienthu'-- raslm Lwiit o. London Printed for Faritder, Bond-street. luist-o; cr the whole to be disp9sed ot, ith or without the vataaie ieasc.

oaress isrter! to i vv at Mr. uart nail's, St. MartigWqltirt, St. Martrn's-laiK. CARRIAGES.

To be SOLD, verv reason- ANlED, to Breed from, several la rm. huht rrey, or MARES: thev must shew V- able, TWO CHARIOTS, the one with" a barouche seat, the other with a Salisbury box. A Curricle, and Gig, each with a head besides several light Chairs, with Harness, if desired. The above carriages are modern, and elegant, and composed of as good materials and workmanship, as can be: they will warranted bv the builder. W.

FELTON. have somt olood, and be rree from any natural defect. Lameness, or blemish from accident, will not be objected to. Inquire at Mr. Sturges's.

at the General Wole Stables, opposite mitar i i wilKufase with private parties, desirous to i'Vr -o perforin at their owi houses Proverbs, and I Apply So. Panron-sipiare, Cover.tfy-s treet. Leather-lane. Author of the Treatise on Carriages, and Pa sl'NDA MORNING next, the 20th of tentee or tne carnage warming Move. Mkjbi a a ci nr taree years certain, the sum of at five percent.

A CAPITAL WELCH HORSE. To be OLD, a handsome, compact DARK CHESNUT on ample security of Fcehold and In Via tttofttty in the counties of Middlesex and Surrey. For saniculars apply to Mr. Moy Thoma, Solicitor, Tli iiliinlWijbiW. Mansion- Feor KUMON will be preached in the Church ofsT DU-VslA N'in the West, Fleet-street, by the Rev.

ULRKARD ANDREWS, Rector of St. James's, West. rn'ivstcTj and Miekleham, in Surrey, for the Bciierit of tlie Chanty'Schools belonging to the said Parish. Prayers to fee-i'ii Ekveii o'clock precisely. GELDING, rising six years old, fourteen hands and a half NEW MUSIC.

Published by CLEM EN "IT and Co. No. 2b, Cheapside. VOCAL ML'SIC The Maid of Lodi, Ut. Mrs.

Jordan's iu.ig in tne Comedy of Hear both Sides, is. Mrs.lI.'.tdor:s's Soag ui tno Comedy of Delays and Blunder is.txt.; Mr. IiitfodunS two popular Songs in the Operfe of Family yuarrcL, each is. t. VIOLIN MUSIC Viotti's Duets, op.S,8s.; Ditto Frio op.

17, Ditto, op. lb, 8s. PI A O-t OR I Clertientt Sonatas, op. 40, bk. 1st, Himmell Sonatas, 8s.

Stcibelt's Sonatas, op. 51, Ditto, Le Re-tour de Zephir, op. 5a, 6s. fl ASQUERADE WAREHOUSE, No. 10, iVJL Old Lisle-street, Leicester-square.

Mrs. LLOYD respectfully informs NobiHty and Gentry, that haa a great variety of Characters, of every description, anu Donu-nos and, on tlie most reasonable terms. FROM FIVE HUNDRED to ONE TilO.L -SAND POUNDS, will be presented to any L1? v.r Gentleman, liaving iuterest to procure ttie Advertiser a' respectable permanent SI TUATION, aiteijiiate thereto ths strictest honour and secresy may be relied 6a, Audrey, post- nouse, i.qncoB. YoRsfrsH ire. 4vr Anted toitENT, i in JL thisootinty, a goxxl substantial HOUSE, with a gar high, master of fourteen stone he i a pleasant horse both to ride and drive, a fast walker, trots with ease thirty miles in three hours, wants no whip, so tractable and safej that the tvtost timid person may either ridetr drive him, in ooJ condition, warranted sound, free from vice or blemish: atrial allowed.

Price Twenty-six Guineas. To be seen at the Bull's Head-yard, Tottenham-court-road. den, and a tew acres ot land, fat tor the reception of a Gentleman with a Family and hve servants. It will be preferred ii oe near ro tyme or rooie, ana rrurre will Oe no objec tion to take a laose. Apply to Vizard, No: 4, Grav's inn-square; or Mr.

Pruen, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. WANTED, by a Gentlewoman and her Daugh -ter, who have a house, six miles from A MOST Capital SEASONED HORSE to be SOLD, to ride, and draw; he is, without as tight, and as well mad; a horse as possiily can be, to' draw a gig, and occasionally to carry forrrteen or fifteen stone, both of which he has been accustomed to, and great satisfaction to his present owner near, two years he is remarkably pleasant in alt his paces, in harness, or saddle, and the most timid Gentleman or 'Lady may drive warranted in every respect sound, free from vice or blemish, six years old, his colour a dark grey price Thirty Guineas. To be seen at No. 1, Howlaud Mews, West Howland-sueet, age trje, to Mr. R.

J. Collett, Crarraway's Colter-usMsC town, a CHILD, trom two to hva years of age: great attention will be paid to its health, and instruction given in reading, or a Young Person who is dieted, and wishes a situation where attention and country air are requisite. Address tetters, posupaia, to m. a. General rost-omce, Hayea court, Soho, where verbal inquiries will be answered.

TO LETT, a NEAT HOUSE, well FwmstetL. with Coach-house and Stables twoparljurs, twodrau-inf-rooms, thrte best bed-rooms, attics lit proportion, a garden, ar.d for servant-' No. 18, niore-jtreer, Cavendish-square. For further ParticaLtrs aply to Mr. Bull, No.

ix Welbeck-atrecr, Cavendish-sqn. 7" AN TED to RENT, for one year certain, from Lady-day next, or earlier, in the environs of Guildford, in Surrey, a small, neat COTTAGE, ready Furnished, or similar Accommodations in a respectable rarin-nouse, tu consist 01 a uining anu a sitiing-pariour, two best bed-rooms, and three servants' beds and if a LOWER GROSVENQR-S 1 REE1 To' hi SOLD, a very excellent FAMILY HOUSE, with Otiiees attached and detached, coach-house, for si horses, The house has lately been thoroughly repaired, and is fh for immediate reception. For particulars, apply to Cottage, with convenient out-offices, and a small garden if a paaaoc k. aU)ouung can oe nau sumcaent to Keep a cow, it will be rhe more convenient. Any person having such to 77NGLISH STATE LOTTERY begins draw.

XI ia.w rJic 4th of Apri i8oj. The capital Prizes in this trcrv'are not fixed to be drawn upon any particular day, jjthc lowest Prizes are aol. each. SCHEME. Xe.

of Prizes. Value of each. Total value. 4 of,ooo is .80,000 10,000 30,000 0,000 1,000 2 i 000 6,000 And other Prizes, from 1000I. to 20I.

The: Tickets, Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenth Shares, stamped pursuant to Act of Parliament, are selling bath- lowest terms, by Mr. NICHOLSON, at his State Oiike, No. ib, Cornhill, London, where last year tat, No. in sixteen Shares 1a one Quarter, two Eighths, apd eight Mu.res No. in a whole Ticket jeol.

in two (uajters, two Eighths, and four iSW in the late Lotteries, rive of ra i.o,ooi. each; and seven of besides 3 id and ijool. each. fW DAR'stASt INDIA CURRY POW. 1 -The Proprietor, knowinR the Cooks in England Uuinot prepare the diftcrent ingredients on a curry-stone, 15 tiic) do in I ndia, lus reduced a proper proportion of tlie Drienta) Articles ro a fine powder, and by it according as receipt given with the cannister, any nerson may make Rtt Curr.

equally as good, as if made by a Native of India. Priue Two shillincs the Cannister. Also. CHUBDAR's ASI ATIC FURNITURE CAKE. The most essential in, in tins cake were comtnunicated to the Proprietor residence in India; and he can with confidence assure tiis public, that on trial, they will give general 1, torn their great superiority in every respect to those and gnasv preparations now generally used in England.

Price One Shuliug the Cake, with directions. From the great denand fur the above- articles, they arc attempted to be coiiefcneiid. I'he Proprietor, therefore, cautions the Pub-iatainst purchasing am but what have (upon the Receipt aw Dired.ons; the signature S. Turner, theonlv ap-Kvmed Wholesale at No. 1, Wilderness-row.

Go. Sold Retail, bv Mr. Wilks, No. 57, Cornhil! Rcvnokts, K(, 'ewgate-street Hunier, Unib CttrKjun-street Mrs. M'Fayden, No.t4, High Hol-SSS 'r P2' Mr.

Bcrger, No. 85, "tr No. 14, Tavi stock-row, Cevent-gar. TO be SOLD, the property of a Gentleman, a remarkably handsome DAPPLE GREY I six years old, fifteen hands high, has uncommonly good action, shews blood, and temperate enough to carry-a Lady, or a very timid Gentleman, master of fourteen stone, warranted perfectly sound, and without a blemish he is parted with for no reason whatever, but the Gentleman is going to keen a carriage. And, the property of same Gentleman, a vcryMiandsome Galloway, thirteen hands three inches high, Dark Brown, six years old, and master of fifteen stone, as good a walker as any in England, and remarkably fest in all Ins paces; he is perfectly sound, and free from blemish.

Inquire at No. 5, Upper rosvenor-street, Grosvenor-square. A fair trial allo wed. ar. jemg, 34, yai- mm 'O PARENTS Gl'ARDlANS Lett, will aoaress a line to A.

a. XNo. 40, Lpper Berkeley-street, Portman-square, with the particular description of the premises, situation, and terms. JL WANTED, a YOUTH, ot I 111' addes as an APPRENTICE to a Grocer and 'ljjMlrr 1 respectability: he must write a good hand, sr.d have onie knov. -ledge of accounts.

His disposition must beattabie and agreeable', as he will be treated, in all respects, a one of the family. Inquire at Messrs. Russell and Letts, Stationers Royal Excnange. Also, an active Younjr Man, as Poorer. THE ROY AT PATENT WATERPROOF CLOTH WAREHOUSE is removed from No.

2, Haymarket, No. 17, Old Bond-street. Every kind of Cloth pfepnred by the celebrated Process of Ackermann, Suardy, and Co. is on Sale, as well as an extensive Stock of Superfine Cloths and Cassimeres, not Waterproof aU of which liave been manufactured by the mosi eminent Clothiers of England. TO be SOLD, a beautiful BAY GELDING, seven years old, fifteen hands one inch high, walks remarkably well, and very fast in his gallop he is a very high leaner, both standing and flying, in high condition, fit tor the field immediately.

And, a very handsome Chesntit Hcrse, five years old, fourteen hands high, got by Woodpecker, master of twelve stone, can walk five miles an hour, and very he is a very pleasant canterer, and well calculated tV a Lady, being so very temperate and steady these horses ate the property of a Gentleman, are warranted sound, and free from vice. Maybe seen by applung at the first stable in Bcrner's Mews, leading from Charles-street, Middlesex Hospital, where the iJWest pries is left. A reasonable trial allowed. PAUL'S MINERAL WATERS. The following Species of A rtiiicial Mineral Waters are sold by N.

Paul (of Genera) and Co. at their Manufactory, No. 7, Villicrs-street, Strand, viz. strong and mild Seltzer, strong and weak Spa, Gaseous Alkaline Soda, and Potash Water, Secdlitz, Oxygenated, Hydrocarbinated, Hydrosulphurated, Pyrniont, and Passy Waters. A YOUNG LADY genteeily eduuttea, wishes a Situation as PREPARATORY UOV ERNESiof COMPANION to One pr Tw Young LAX1ES; she understands French, can teach English grammatically, Writing, and all kinds of NeccUc-worJt.

It wdl be her study to make herself useful and agjeeable. Envy satisfaction relative to character will be-'gtven. Address A. A. at Bern's Toy Warehouse, Charles-street, rosvenor-square.

A YOUNG MANj of respectable cOnaectiuTiS, and whose character will bear th? strictest inqun, wishes for a SITUATION in a Merchant or broker's Counting-house he is pertectiy acquainted with Bookkeeping, under standi the French language, and has, tor the last four years, been engagsd in the customs, at one of the principal outsorts. The most ample security and reference will be give'h. Letters addressed to W. J. No.

1, re-man's-court, Cornhill, will meet immediate attention. TO be SOLD, in Parcels, all the property of a Gentleman, sundry FREEHOLD HOUSES, and other PREMISES, in and near Red Lion-square, and in and near Leicester-square and Kensington-square, whereof some are lett to tenants at will, and others on short remainders of leases, at ground-rents affording an eligible opportunity for investment in imp rwablc Freehold Property in tnj county of Middlesex. For particulars inquire at Mr. Cockerell's Oflice, No. 8, Old Jiurlington-street.

fsj, New Bond-street Mr. Hepburn, t0-i Ot'RCi Mr. Jackson, No. 50, corner of teuaont-atrect, Wtynwjr tystrcet TO the of the FACULTY, A the PRESIDENT and MEMBERS of the VETE- FROM FIVE to SIX THOU SAN POUN DS, with additional AN NUITT, if requisite, will be riven to any one, who will procure for the Advertiser, an OFFICE, or SITUATION of adequate permanent profit, which a Gentleman may hokl with credit, and for which a general acquaintance with antient and modern Languages, and Literature, and with the Institutes of Common Law, may be a sufficient qualification. Letters, addressed to I.

S. to be left at the Baptist's Head Coffee-house, Chancery-lane, will be duly noticed. No attention will be paid to applications from Keepers of Public Agency Offices. Hi 1 1. BOARD and LODGING, in or within Eight Miles of Town ASINCLE E.M A vvhoso object is society only) wishes to be accommodated with BOARD and LODGING, in a private taniiiy, for whijli he would willingly pay an annual premium of soi.

He has a Servant, and a Pair of Horses, the former of which he would wish to be accommodated. Lodgjjtg'aiid Boarding Houses need not apply. Letters, post paid, to be addressed A.M. Chapter Cotree-house, Pateriroster-row. 'y1 1 A IM RU the BIT-NOBEN or FETITJ oi the HINDUS, commonly known in HlNI)US- 1 hu VU A A I 3 I Hill- HIS.

llJJ.Ii Ji .1 -lit VdlreM "1 n- nun mfn'n i.n TO BUILDERS and Others. FREEHOLD LAND, EDMONTON, six miles from London A FIELD, of two acres, fronting the High Road from London to Ware, 351 feet in front, 1449 in depth, TO BE LETT, on lease for 90 years, situate nearly (or not far from opposite the First-Bell. Eight more acre's adjoin, and may be had. There is good brick earth. The great safety and convenience arising from this road, being lighted, watcfied, and watered, render it the most eligible of any in the vicinity of the Metropolis for building.

The Land may be viewed and particulars had, and proposals sent to A. B. Ifto. 59, Upper Berkeley-streety Portnian-square. etiam neotenco, sed quid sit non ausim de tma in nostris r.unquam invenitur, scium in nostras regjpres adfertur ejusquc eWmcim in Medicaraeatis rceinitur.

N.B. ne sali fossilis (aciunt alii qui non ed Sacchaium, Sails cb sirrtilitudinem a 1 o.neiidunt, quibus subscribo. Restar tau, Vi "olvam cieitas ainicis nostris, qaoram fuimus in coiwinnadi hiic Materiae TOtgi'i''0 fnere viri chrissimi nt.ntm Supe-rj Prtsconntm exquisitu Rei naturalis tn Ban Tancredus Robinson, M. D. A.

M. Plmikcnet. M. D.M. Lister.

UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS to LET, in a retired part of Whitehall, in a private Family, where there are so other lodgers or children, consisting ot a SUITE OF ROOMS, on ti First Floor, viz. Breakfast, and Drawing and two Bed Rooms on the second tioor, with the use of a kitchen, cellars, and other conveniences, which will be sufficient to accommodate a Family of about three in number, with a servant. The apartments may be seen by applying to Mr. Taylor, Linen-draper, nearly facing the Horse Guards. Rent will be Forty Guineas perann.

PHIZES PAID i.N FULL. HODGES and Co. Stock-Brokers, are now paying the Prizes of the last, and former Lotteries in tull, at their Licensed Oihccs, No. hj, Oxford-street; and No. 41, St.

James 's-street where the Tickets and shares of the present Lottery arv cn Sale in great variety, and at the lowest nrices. The Lotted will commence drawing the 4th of April next, the Prizes of which will be paid on demand. LAWESliXVER HATS. T. BREACH, Hatter to Her Majesty and the Princesses, No.

46, New Bond-street, respectfully observes, that he has constantly ready tor sale, an extensive Variety of LADIES BEAVER HATS and BONNETS, made of tholinestand richest ma TO SINGLE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. A Private Family, who have a Hobo centrally situated, and verv elegantly furnished, propose to ac-ommodate a society of Lathes and Gentlemen, with BOARD and LODGING, in a very liberal stle'wine excepted), with a drawing-room to reure'to after 'dinner, Sec. and a house provided at some wateriug-plaee every summer for two or three months. A most respectable character baa already proposed himself as. one.

The terms from icl. to 150I. a year. Apply at Mrs. Vollaai's Oil Shop, No 11 Wardour-street.

3 Wv." L. L. D. D. Krcig, M.

D. S. Arises 'pt ct D. Finch. Pharmacopei I.ondj- es VL "'ce' vvnich has oeen in the highest refutation Eastern Physicians, as may in Mcssue, and other Oriental Writers, Si4U Mwced in the Philopliical Magatisie, for S'iAlif in now very rcsiR-eifuilv presented to the t- ''Seueral.

t. PRIVATE TUITION in English, French, ad Latin. Young Gentlemen are well grounded the above languages, the writing of Exercises and Themes? Latin Classics and Versification, Writing and Arithmetic Reading, English (i ranimar. Geography, and the use of tlie Globes, oy aGeiineman who cau refer to the patents of several young Gentlemen who have made the most satistacfo'-v improvement under his instructions. Young Ladies also at tended.

Direct to B. D. at Mr. Ridgw4sfioek3eUej. York-btreet, St.

Jaiues's-square. GGRIFFINHOOFE's NEW INVENTED GIRTH, to prevent the Saddle riding forward, or pressing on the horse's withers. The Inventor begs leave most respectfully to inform the Nobility and Gentry, the approbation he is daily receiving from Gentlemen who have favoured him with their custom, and have used the above new invented Girth, is a strong proof of its utility. It is found very useful in hunting, as it keeps the saddle perfectly steady, and is upon a very sate principle. A large choice, made by the neatest hands in London, may a I ways be had of the Inventor, at his Gold and Silver Lace Shop, No.

ao, Southainpton-trcct, Cpvent-garden FEMALE AGENCY, No. 29, Golden-square. FAMILIES are provided with GOVERNESSES, Ladies with Companions, and Ladies Boarding Schools with Teachers and Hal -boarders. Ladies, properly qualified, recommended to tlie most eligible situations. Houses of Business, in the Dress-making, Millinery, Sec.

suited with Firat Hands, Assistants, and Apprentices and Young LadiM, wishing for Situations, recommended to Houses of the first m.rJ ar. article which, tiicrcis every reason to be- jjjv P.eKhl useful to the community, as a Mt- 1, aiKl 'sea In India, from whence it '-iiih-. 1 11 torutdcrcd as specific Obstruc. Pai Spteenj and it is held in hi -h estima-. Dijorners, tor diiicrent Cutaneous, Attec- A YOUNG CLERGYMAN, most respeflafcl employed 111 his profession, who is also a Fellow of College, would like to receive under hi CareOXE ot TWO PU PI LS, at a price that would enable him, with rhe ajdu son of iii own income, ta taku a 1.

ra ''eumatiMiis, Indigestion, and Want "TOttrt 1. 38 a for Cattle of ever? descrip- of the ii? Certain that this mode of appiieaticn is not always iIntvuw sfnij. PVtcnstvc ue; ana is particularly and aj.j ned to the destruction of Worms and Botrs, -itd there are much troubLd. It may be ii e''u l1 Ia- processes and machinery hitherto A. Pparation of Artificial Sulphurated ln mvvt.

lurt able to commanicate to respectability in Town and Country. Families, eoiftg 'to India, can be immediately suited with Governesses and Tom V. Miuec il iw-v dc tounu sw py those Parents or Guardians who wish to piace their cljfcdreri wards under Tutor who will corcicntiously cuit their welfare and improvement. Address A. B.

C. at Mr panions. Mrs. Burne attends herself every day from ten id! he at her bouse, No. 29, Golden-square Letters (pottt paid).

terials. The great improvement in. tke manufacture of Ladies Beavers, liaving rendered them very fashionable, induces Mr. Breach to keep a cnutinual succession of new patterns. Gentlemen's Hunting and Military Hats, Children's and Livery Hats, Ac.

A large assortment of Bear Muits and Tippers. A CLERGYMAN of exemplary condudt," died in December, 1801, bequeathing to the Providence of God, and Voluntary Benevolence -of the Public, THREE DAUGHTERS and FIVE SONS, for whose support the smallest Donations will be thankfully received in the Bank of Messrs. Ransom and Co. Pall-mall. This Family have heretofore gratefully acknowledged in the total 291 1.

ijs. and, in addition thereto, return their humble thanks to Unknown, for il. to W. B. tor 5I to J.

L. forl- to Myra, tor tl. trr J. S. for tl.

to J. M. for 3L 3s. to A. B.

for tLj and to a Lady, for il. is. Gentleman of Family, lately returned from abroad, with a large tortuae, would be happy to present a Ladv, of equal respectability, possessing a very extensive and varied acquaintance, with the sum ot ONE 'I H)L-SAND GUINEAS, were slic inclined to serve him a manner that would require the most consummate secrecy, equally on both sides. This proposal can only suit a woman of grjat sense and long knowledge of the wdrld, who in her turn will have frxxplaioed how a Gentleman, enjoying mauy and respectable frteoJs, can find bis'aecount this mode ot transaction. As the Adverise4as not wanted Jor opport.

nirie, of beconthif acquaimcd with the world, proper steps hajreheen taken to reiidcr any apphcattons, from motives of impertinence, utterly-abortive. Address to Z. M. B. care thcoennpjst-otfic No.

19, Meumenz. av.irmiua, 5, warnennp-streer, strand. PLEASURE and ECONOMY unirml h.r ,1 uujy acikiiowieugcu. HE NOBILITY and GENTRY uithocA-fully informed, that MATHER and Co. MaUtnera.

li'umn' ot Sulphurated Gas, water Will only dissolve a certain quan- lutC but the 'X no, tluMl fSH municate ton a quantity "i t0 what ts oUn'1 111 the strongest suh 'nproporuonjo the quanthv of sab; ways desirable, though seldom attained, the attcnto of the Nooihty, CJ entry, c. is tespedfuilv lequesiod to tim Article or SILK llOSS, vith Cotton Feet, in it be found in the mil extent, as n.ey are much warcser, u( twice the durability, and at leait One Guinea in Jiute Hair-dressers, and Perfumers, No. iSf Edward-street, Port-man-square, are returned from Palis, with a varierv of ele gant ARTICLES for DRESS. Tlie upper part of their nouse is appropriated tor the Millinery. They have engaged 1 rench work AVomen.

with other Assistants, of the first iC' lvj; 'J bot instead of cohl water Mt ot communicates at die abilities; and having settled a correspondence in Par for receiving a constant supply of novelties. Ladies mav be certain of seeing a variety of NeVr and Fashionable Articles, i ho late woaiycir, oegs oeraaisswn to acquaint iheni, that nc lizs jus received, from his Manufactory, an extensive assortmsiit of tli ove Article. Ladies, ad Gentlemen's China White ilk, ts. Cd. or three pair for -a Guinea, to ts.

od. Stout blak dtfw, 6d. or ireepr.r asu N. B. An elegant assortment of rich Stifc Hosr, for Drese, with every otucr artswlw ot Hosiery, cn tne ami No.

nuluy, dt hHmSZwam Cheapside to the JUnRwi JRfland. I "IV vi ii'i'sv Hirers, vr rhi sah published uf ttf h'dof Mr. Messrs Bulkcley and and Ware-Rooms contain, as usuai, a large stoefc or Foreign and English Perfumery, in the highest perfection. Ladies Hair Cut and Dressed at ham and abroad, in the titu style of Stthifan..

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