The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 14, 1931 · Page 1
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1931
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J : ' i - j it i. - - - i - - : - ' - : - r - 0 Wy - TOASTiOF THE COAST Covering the CoczbyUkeaTenf' Tav a i A J4. LlVfi - - t 'A i r ! iMiwpoinr - goto ,lR).i;:r?r'i - v I m 1 i J I i i! IV: I! I li a - - . . - - y - . "J - AMERICA'S gg7SWuft BEST v I If ill . m ... : i i r - ' - ! : 5, 1 A D A f : k Vi - - j lira Fattarts, Uttet sm LeflJn7n Aiotr&Sng, Gradation end Hews - . - ,L i xy ir xw : : VoL XXnXo. 45 . .PITTSBUBGII, PA SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1V1931 ' - i PRICE TEN CENTS : .cooKsisoiERiTrn v n nnrp.vp n rn ? n'n rFTi n n F3; Q . US ft V X. Biff Sfl - Il'XV - T 111. ' ' I 1 I I ' M MM lit I MONTEREY, CaL, Nov. 12 Shot by crazed cook. Corp. TttO, cnurcn of th Z3tTith CaTalrywa oeaa br today. i ' , - i ' 1 Ml Ualser CJIIIed lil; - 4 Sfice Man Named io - . HospUal Position CINCINNATI. O, Hor. 12 - for hat ia said to b tha first a acnior assistant pharmfc Ukr. nt the General City Hospl - U1 will b Spotawood N. Grtena.'j (o:oted. - . . I .. Or a was aoDOlnted Sat - iuday by ' :ty Marnier Dykstra ifrom an eligible list of which fee was at the "top. following an j (aminatiorv by the city, civil fiirvice commission., Greene had J j ar credit, - J - iorces ihser llini, Says j VASmNGTON. Nov. ll - Cbarging ui and force 'In procuring her : mem uj a marriage, sirs. uum Logan Wallace. 1323 R - street jwthweat 4s sulog Wales K. Wal - Oregon avenue northwest. k aaauimeat of their marriage. I S her bill of complaint, filed In P District Supreme Court last Frt - IT. she alleges she went through jimrrUge ceremony with him be - 51; Rbf was nrftHn tn rfk - nnnili Blm hiring the marriage ceremony r - Villa Leltaro Was : to Go to Organization After Death - of AXelia Walker Will Get $5,000. ; - : : NEW YORK. NnT. Nov; 12 When tha will of . Madam C. J. Walter was probated. it revealed that the Vlll LeWaro was .left to the N. A. A. C P, after the death of her daughter. ALeli Waiker. who had a life intecrst In There was. however, the provision that tha Association must to doing good wor'. satisfactory to the trustees of the Walker Company. - TVn th deatli of ALe:ia. - 't was found that the company had tever been able, to set aside a maintenance fun n&med In Madam Walker wiu . nA that xDensea amountinir to LS65J0OO. Including a $15,000 mortirage vm.A x - rrtiM mralnrt taa Vina. . tvi - ' Wiilktr Estate therefore offer ed. tb Association 5.000 to give it a quit - claim title to the vnia. agree ing to giva It any sum over nm in - j.hi.. tnd; this J5.000 that the 7;ii m!2ht brinff tn a side - It offer ed as an alternative tnat ma assw lafinn tnlrn flr .thft : Villa OD P&y ment of the debWt owed tha Walker estate. The Association. It was learned, accepted taa orrer or the same paid, when the villa i ' .n.1 ' aerecd on such condi tion 'io give a quit - claim title, it be ing "Ainderatood tnat any aurpiua rtV.inohtelneas and . the $3,000 should coma to the Association. - - Barns Fatal to Woman CtLrrim Crawford, aire 48. of 112 Watt Lane was' latauy , in . ner home - Wednesday . when her clothes . . Tf la Ka. tn - ing the marriage ceremony . ignneo ;rem a. - vt. .r l!raed and she belle - - he would! liaved that jeha fell asleep and that iiaui suicide if she . did itth with i. not golburoinir newspapers were the cause of thsBames which burned her, ' 13AY flSifeCOK TO OlSTT, cB!H!CJ j ASiilXGTON. Nov.12 The ( - m ousz ur. Moraecai w. jonn - president of Howard Univer - likely to be transferred from ;4oferd of trustees of the nniver - M to Congress when that body 'WBects of Dr. Johnsoa are with the trustees as a result action recently la . dismlsa - r. Arnold Donaws, who was .'fHSio from suspension aa dean Cental College by the com - 'Me oa th Medical School of tha cf Trustees. pciEt ayit t51 Individually 5!cr"ty of the nembera of the of Trustees express disaatis - I Pin .1 if AN CAR0RTERS HIT BY DEPRESSION tbtm are aald to have per - - - jw mm. . tutj 6e has failed as aa admlnlstra - ' 8d has woved himself to ba But eollectwery ' they him and vota Jo carry out rryjag tha . fight n'sninst Tit. NEW YORK. Nov. 12 (By CNS) A survey by .the uroaernooo Sleenlnz - Car Porters , inada public here recently reveals that Fuulmani Car Porteraliava been hard alt by tha present depression. Tip, which heretofore hava been used . to care for tha personal eapenaaa of tha .Asr'han fallen off so much that It 1s becoming difficult for many ox M,.jt . servanta to car for their families. A readjustment of wages row paid ny the Pullman r,M - v is txms ; aouzht by tha WV f V. .T . - Brotherhood. , . Johnson to Congrasa. they believ they will be aol to Bring infiaenc - e to bear t force tha Board of ' Truptaes to request ru reaigu t . f r Payne, George and Bandy Re - elected In Cleveland, Ohio ClVIXAND. O, Nov. 13 Attorney Lawrence O. Payne, former police prosecutor; ur. L - re - v N. Bundv and Attorney Clay borne George were all reelected to tha council of the city of Cleveland In tha recent election by substantial margins. The re - election of this trio marks a definite atep In one of tha moat famous political com bines in America. These three councUmen, however, have made political history in tha Middle West. - rXivoW Pioto, Jo Angelea) , MISS QUANTTA JONES Loveiv' choline in ' the ritzy Club Alabam In Los Angeles. &ne is a i - imj - nl exnonenfc - of! the charm. sunshine, cleverness and pep which tvnlHea California atage celeba. Miss Jonea baa been tutorea py nh nrt as Carolvn Snowden, AirrAM nreeiev and Mildred Wash ington. Qulntard Miller flirecta ma ilihum rhrtr - UA. OX Wnicn Miss Jones Is an alluring member. SAVES LIFE OF GIRL 3LFIRE Rushing to the aid of an Imprison ed and burning woman, Mrs. Lucille Hammond playid a heroic rola on Saturday night when aha succeeded in saving the Ufa of - Trudy West - brooks, age 20. Miss Westbrooks' clothes had Ignited from a gas beater In the I huthronm. Upon hearing screams. Mrs. Hammond rushed upstairs, extinguished the blaze and administered first aid. Miss Westbrooks was removed to th Pasa.vsjnt Hosnltal where her condition was said to be not serious. HUB BY POT ALLY 'LOTElr 1N? - 0R 0VT! owe ra IQtaLpdi (Special to Flttabnrgh, Courier) RTRKITNGHAM - Ala.. Nov. 12 Wrath, turmoil and an other suggestion of "white su - 52 . a 1 a1 a nremacv" Drousni aeata to Professor L. R. Boaz of Chattanooga, Term., instructor in faiinrincr tad assisiant coaca 01 wi - hali L Alabama A. & M. College and placed Headcoach B. C Green rl.ina rnndiHon aa a moo OX wom hv!inmi ransred them here Satur day following an auto accident. Messrs. Boas ana ureen naa arrived In Birmingham Just ten mln - nt nriar to tha trouble to attend h xrnrris Brown - Alabama State game. While drtTlng through a aec - tiAn nf Ttirmins - ham known aa "Five Points." a white truck driver hack ed into the 'car being anven oy riron hdlv dsmaxinK it. r twn nutiu lnTOtved la the accident, parked on the aide of the street ana were aiscussiag: siblllry of a settlement, wnen a aec - r in wtJcb fire white men were riding drove up and Inquired what waa up. upon nnaing mai u Tmiia were trrisx to affect, a aet - ti.rn.nt from the white trick driver. one of the whites In tha second car exclaimed, "this la a wniu man s country, you cant talk to 1. white mn ilka mat." tnen auaaeair an - fv,.. nf tfee five whites struck Boas a crashing blow beside Ut jaw wnicn sent him reeling to me grouno. GAINESVILLE. Tex Nov. 12 In dictments against 10 Grayson county citizens in connection with the riot and burning of the Grayson county courmouse . at smerman on aiay s. 19?" when Georee Huzhes. accused of attacking a white woman, was lynched, were dismissed Uist wees. County Attorney Wllllum G. Cuip said the e - ldenc - was Insufficient. As the result of a fight her Mon day night, Walter Collins, Wt of 2171 Center avenue, la dead wnd Roecoe Ralney. who is charged with doing the fatally cutting ia being held by local police. Collins waa rushed to the Passavant Hospital where he MmA shnrUv after arrivlnsT there. . Accord in r to testimony. - it Is al leged that Ralney. who resides. In NewTork'CSty. cam ttfTlltsbuTgh; to investigate a rumor max wuim had been oavlnr attention to his wife. It was further alleged thaf upon arriving at the Collins home. Mrs. Collins answered the door, but refused to admit Ralney. In tha argument which resulted. Collins who waa sick in bed. got up and joined in the discussion. A fight then ensued In which Ralney aavere - ly cut Collins. PROMINENT CHICAGO MATRON DIES HERE Mrs. Josephine Smith, vile of Mr. Ellis Smith of Rhodes avenue, Chi cago, who was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Alex Maney of Filbert street, this city, was stricken with a heart attack Saturday. November 7th. and died shortly after medical aid had been administered. She had just returned from a walk with her hostess, and expressed ill - nesa. She waa aided to her room and the doctor waa summoned, who arrived a few minutes before she died. She was a prominent member of the Eastern Star, and active In the Berean Baptist Church of Chicago. She la survived by her husband. Ellis Smith of the same city, and an aunt. Mrs. Katie Johnson of Pittsburgh. ' Services were held at Berean Baptist Church, Wednesday. November 11th. REFUSE 0 1 FIRST, All BY 1 i HOSPITAL OFFICIALS. m - 'GEORGIA - TOOT - FRANlt V. B. HALL Whose election aa a member of the City Council in ; Cincinnati. Ohio, hangs in the balance. T.eirii7;isirs., few alius fiH Mm - 0 srac rt tfiA laur TarhfA intn thf vice - ridden 11121 district again Thursday morning and August J. 'Tittle Augie" lfanfrolA nrViifa nfttnrintU linf?TWOrld CTlfl7B.CA PTZ Jtmn V Bates, Albert Terry and Oscar Terry, all alleged henchmen cf Aiuerman vcrona, were eacn sentencea 10 - uxvu jrcii uuiuxi..' JiiCiAL tLLkUT UCXUg 1UUUU kUALjr Ui vyL aii0 fci ( - . common ramblers. Tne decision oz iu cour cumu - LABORER FALLS OFF '. WHARF AND DROWNS CHARLESTON, 8. C Nov.Hp - (CNS)James lalttheTUUwwi drowned here last Wednesday, when he fell off a wharf .while waiting far a boat, . Those around the man became confused and as a rtsttft there was delay in going to his aid. When the man's body was retrieves twenty minutes later. - Coast Guards pronounced him dead. Dim. at xm REPLACES) ROOKI - RE17 STER lUALLiS m YUH5TE! incr TCnvmrwr 9. the entire crew and AMWA4J AW. - W 4 - ; - . iwinro vraitort r WpfistfT Hall. Fifth ftvenue. were l.QJtfl HI wa WiVi wve vw aw v - w m " unexpectedly and surprisingly informed by the watchman and the head waiter IDOUl wxutej. toat we coioreu waatcra wao lu 1. - i 1 v.,, rViUa nro if oT - a tVio ootinn trt ffilrA jjta sr. once. The notice which the watchman and the head waiter received from the management reaaa a ioi - w lows: '. ?Coflwue on Pag Four) Vrin?c t irr m v a ? w lllVLJUriilil ' 1 EFFORT TO SAVE DOG ROCITY MOUNTAIN. N. . Nov. 12 A man's devoUon to his bound dog resulted in the loss of both their itia - "Erneet Bram well's dog became caught in a rrilroad bridge over the Tmr ritfr. K ram we Li tnea to save the dog from aa oncoming freight fcr&Jn. The locomotive knocked B ram - well to his dth ia - the river and killed. tha dog. y Miss Juliette Derricotte and" Nina Johnson, Senior At ' School, Victims ot Automobile lrajedf. - 1. ; 1 i (Special to The Courier by Capital News Service) CHATTANOOGA. Term.. Nov. 12 Sentiments of sym pathy and remorse over the untimely death of Miss Juliette Derricotte, brilliant dean of women at Fisk University, who was killed in an auto accident near Dalton, Ga., Friday,! were mingled with bitterness when it was learned here that hospital authorities at Dalton are alleged to have refused to administer medical treatment to Miss Derricotte and MUa Nina Mae Johnson, a Fisk Watchman: Do wot aUoio colored toaUert to ewtev tKe Dining Room. White waiter are coming in, Check ' ciO be ready xAis A. sf. ' Th. whtr HaU Hoetl dining - room was officially opened for the Inspection of the punuc on u. . 1928. At that time Peter A. Miller. r n.f rnit and Plttaburxh. was president cf the Webstar Hall Cor poration 01 America, wnicn corporation operated hotels in Detroit and Pittsburgh: R. L. Moaena. manager; Mr. Doughlaa; Matter T) Hotel: George Butler, heedwelter; (aU white) and Mr. Slater, captain. The dlnlnz room - crew at that time comprised two breakfast waiters, five all - day waiters and ten dinner waiters; one busman captain, four aU - day busmen and two dinner busmen. . .During the two and a half years which this crew worked la the Webstar Hall dining room, with a f.w thistM in the nersonnel of the waiters and the ouaman; me oimng - . 1 ...A K. room BUIUW w mm mw profits so enormous that the man' agement saw fit to publish an article, in th dinv nioen re'tativs to the exceptional and tremendous business of the dining room wperuneni ox the Webster HaU Hotel of Pitts burgh. The service .and courtesy or tne waiters and busmen, ' who manned this crew precipitated much favor able comment' from the numerous MAN AND CHILD ARE BURNED BY FLAMES While dresslne for school earlv Friday morning, Dorothy Turner. 10, of 2802 Webster avenue, was burned nmlntullv from an on en cas heater. Her father. Bishop Turner, who put out the - names, was suso severely burned about the wrists and hands. I no - e. trial which, attracted snread attention, was handed down by Judge William H. McNacgher Criminal ceurt Tnursnay morcmr. Usras the third time that ISmtrt . had. bea fined aad paroled ty.? - . In hi' pleiulis J" guilty to cpatatU; iottaties. - - " - ' ' The sentence decreed thst M - fredo sheuld paythe csts of cour; ard erT three years in th Aiit - theny county Jail, with the proaiUe of m parole at the end of alx months provided the terms for a parole had been fulfilled. Jimmy Bates three - year term carried a parole after - four months, and Albert Terrv and Oscai Terry's sentences of the same length earriea a two monma ana an iimn dlete parole, respecUvely, if the con; ditlons were met. . - 1 The arrest and resulting conviction of these men was the aftermath - ot an affidavit filed by Louis Tate and tha Rev. A. McClaJn, - who - tesUfied that Manf redo.. Bates and . the two Terrys operated a gambling room 13 the basement of 1400 Wylie avenue. The statement filed charged that the rendezvous was In operation July 3 and Is said to have been the aftermath of a fight which occurred i.V the iiace. . ' . ' Y.RLCA. SecY Resisns " j vTo Accept Pojt A7 lLh r 7 Insurance Comply - A ' FrirNT. Mich - Nov. 12 E. CL Rob inson, executive secretary of the V M. a. nere, restgnea ma positic 3 to accept one as district manager fcr the Supreme Liberty Life I&sursTi.ce Company of Chicago.. Mr. Robinson has served a execuUve secretary cf the T. M. C A - for IS ye rs tj.Dfs Moines. Ia.; little Rock.. Ark, anl this c!ty. and goes into his new wcrH highly reccnxmezided. . CLOSES HOTEL senior, who also died from Injuries HMimd. alias Marian Price and Ed ward Davie, both students, the latter th - driver of the car. were also in - jukd. Tfi accident occurred Friday afternoon when another machine driven by a white motorist, crowded the car In which the Derricotte party was riding, off tha highway. The party nf Fisk - students . and Dean Derri cotte wary motoring on the highway between Chattanooga, lenn, ana Dalton. Ga, enroute to Athena, Ca. and were planning on stopping at Atlanta to discharge Miss Price, who resided there. Acconlin tn Ulu Vivien Raid.' a relative nf Mica Price. Miss DerTV cotte, who was driving, swerved her machine sharply near the three - foot embankment which skirted the high way in order to avoid bitting me whlta drlvpr'a rr The ear with the Fisk group suddenly left the road, and turned completely over, hurling Miss Johnson, who was riding tn the rumble seat, to the savemeat. The fCoaXlaaed on Peg four) r ( Continued on Pays Fix) Just Addresses ; . ", I, cf Perm. Group ! WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 - Dr. rniMt E. Just, head of the de portment of xoclogy at Howard University, delivered an address on "Fertilization' last Thursday before the staff and graduate etudents of the VnJveKity of Pennsylvania. ' - - ' - X .FRANK SUTTON Who. closed the doors of hia'hotil . recently after - 1 yeara,. . . Famous Ilciidezvous cf Lo - r rr Wylie. Avenue Is Iioro Hotised ilany Notables, r Frank Sutton, known all over tLi - eountry as a prominent figure la tic boxing and fraternal wcild, - 1. - closed the doors ot hie f axnoaa u .. located down town. Mr. Sutton cicaad his doors Uv weV. Cue to the declica la husln.t and thus the oldest hotel man in the a" own town "section ot any r - has gnal succumbed to tha i of Father Time. - Sutton'a HotaL renderveve cf : greas and the nsar - r&et f or x years, has. housed scaa cf lVl standing 'men and - worrn : raea. Including Jack JcCn&, I beavywelrht champlan; Xha T".o" MU:s. Jcsephlne Baxr, :'. and Lyles, Siss'e and D:ii as as . tuberous ' jshlta - men v. neaae ware fcy - worde la tie r of sport. And as S&Uon - a ITciil r"' ' oilmen " one's t - .'z ! v ; r.J - - j 11 emery Lne, rt " fore the war and prch.: .'.icn. recalls - that j Button's, ia w " ' eld days, was the inert p - v - i - dervous ia txe city - ' - ' i 1 - - - fCj - . ' - at t c - lr? T: - ; Till

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