Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 16, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD lThe world admires tfc" perfect Hani Not *»nr»ge, dignity, ornm«cul»r development »1one, but that »btl« and wonderful force known u SEXUAL VITALITY CURRENT STYLES. irhich lithe (lory of manhood— the prldti o both old and yonug, but there are thcmsundg of me •uttering the mental tortures of a w ihaitercd nerves, and . , »cj««l poorer who can be cured by oar Magical Treatment vhleh m»f bo taken at borne under our direction! or we will p»7 B. R. fare and hotel bills for tho« who -wish to ccme here, If wo fall to cure. Weo»v no free prescriptions, free euro or C.O.D. fake. hare 1250,000 capital and guarantee to cure eve emse -we treat or refund evory dollar you pay us, o fee may be deposited lu aay bink to be paid u when a cure IB effected, 'Write for full particular •TAXI: MEDICAL Co., omaha, >ei». LDDD P01SDH A SPECIAL!Y B . e Uary BLOOO TOISON pera.anentl cure(Slnl5to3Sdavs. You can bo treated a homcforeume price under same ftuarau ty. If you prefer to coaie hero wo wlilcon tract topa;rrailrouclfarearjd hotel billa.am nochanre. If we fall to cure. If you have mkea mc-r «nry, iodide potash, and still have aches aim pains. Mucous Patches In mouth, Sore Throat, Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on «rny part of thisbody, Hair or Kyebrow» fallint. out, it li tblii Secondary BLOOD I'OISO> we jraarantva to cure. We solicit tho most obsti nate CR.HCH end challenge the \vori:il for i cane we cannot cure. Tula disease IHUI nl», yi bafiled the K.kill of the most emincn t physi- Clung. S500.00O capital behind our uncondi til (maranty. Absolute proofs sent, sealed OQ in. Address COOK REMKDY CO— Temple, CHICAGO,, ILL, FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These ire the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AND IRREGULAR PERIODS regnrdless o cause Emerson Drug Co., Importers and Agente for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St Logansport, Ind. EXCURSIONS To Indianapoli Nov. 14 16 and 18, via Pennsylvania Lines. Ifor I. 0, O. F. State;MeetlDgs (Grand En •anpment, Nov 16th—Grand Lodge, Nov.l'th and 18th), low rate excursion tickets will be Mid to Indianapolis, November 15th and lath Irom ticket stations on Pennsylvania Lines in Indiana, and November 17th from stations no exceeding 100 mlleg from Indianapolis Beturn tickeig valid Prlcay, November 19th. Sinsylvanialdn Tralnc Bun by CeutriM Tlmt AH rOLLOWH. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. LC4T6 for ChlC8sro'8:15 a m;*5:30 a m;*!:•» p m *2:00p m; *4:SO p m. Arrive from Chicago "1:00 a m;«12:30 p m,*l:00 p m; *1:40 p m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COHJMBCB. Leate for Bradford '1:15 B m: 77:40 am; '1:45 pm- t4:30p m. Arrive from Bradford *S:OOam: +10:20 am: •1:20 pm; t4:15p m. ' ErFNKR DIVISION. Leave for Effner +8:00 a m; +9:08 a m- +8:05 p m 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner ->7:35 a m; +1:08 p m; <2 pm; 8:30am Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond +1:20 a m: +5:30 a m; •! :10 pm:+2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond *2:55 a m: +11:00 a m *l:50pm;+ll:30pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOUISVILLE. Leave for Louisville *12:55 a m; *1:05 p m. Arrive from Louisville *S:OB a m: *l:So p m. J. A. MoCULLOUGH, Agent, Logansport, Ind. LOQAK8PORT KO. BA8T BOUKD. 2 Fastora Express dully (I Mail »nd ExproBi dally :.. 4 Atlantic Express dally 10 Fort Wayne A ceo Ex Sunday— 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday 1TBRI BOUND. 5 Western Express daily 1 Fast Mail Daily ~ Mall»nd Kxpressdally * rnolflo Express daily 11 Decntur Acco Kx-Sundav — 7* Local Freight Ex-Sunday .»L WTIB DITHIOH, WlBISIDl, LOO1VKPOBT AMD OHTLI. W1SI »OCHD. KO. »_ ,.._.....Arrlvei—.. Ho. 87— -..Arrlvei- BAST IOT/KD. Mo. M Leave*. _.. Ho. M m ..Lo»Tix S:3S » m 9:** ft « , 4:18 p m 6:IS p m 4:18 p m 10:S4 p m S:1S p m 2:40 p m ,11:33 a m 7:Sfi a m , 7:35 a m BIYWUK 8:30 a. n ,.8:30 p. u J>:06 a. ic .1:46 p. tt VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. 28, 1897. .Leave lv«r*M»p«rt, India** FOR THE NORTH No. t! _____ „ .................. - ............. __ 10:38 R. m, No. I! ....... __ ................. -- ........... -. S:3G p. m. FOR THE SOUTH. No. 21 ............................. ----- ......... 7:05 a. m. Ko. S .......................... - ................ S :25 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving all cralni *nd stations, and for full Information as to Mtet, through oars, etc.. address J. 0. XDOIWORTH. agent, Logansport. or I 4.. FORD, General Passenger Agent, St. Lou<J. Mo. . K. & W. Time I able, Peru, Ind. Solid trains between Peorifc and Sandusky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connections to and from all points In tue United itatw and Canada. AJUUVB SOUTH BODNli DtPAKT No SI Indianapolis Kip dally 7:10 a m 11:11 *m No SI " Mail * Rrp_ll:38 a m Klal'.y except Sundar) No» Indpl's Kxp ex Him,.- 8:26 p MI •:ll p m No *> Passenger except Sun No ISl RochMtar local arrive :*5 » m except Sundar, ttORTB BOUKD. **•• m Wo»> Mail *Kx»te8uu. ..J»:ltarm \ «:«pm - Bon... 6:15 am •Dos* not rum north o "> P*rn on Bandar. fat tlak** r».t«« and*4*neral Information call J. Kktantr, tiek»l afeat. L. M. * W. . or a P. Diib/,. (Muni ---- WHAT TO WEAR AND MAKE IT. HOW TO Figured Blue and White Challi* Combined With Talencl«nne» Lace and In»«rtlon— Promenade Co«tnme of Caltor Colored \Vool— A. TJiefal Little Garment. A. Beautifnl Combination. Figured blue and white challie and white surah are here daintly combined ind decorated with narrow Valencien- oes lace and insertion. A smooth short body lining shaped with shoulder ind under arm seams is the founda- aon over which the full portion of n-hite surah is arranged in round yoke >har>e. The full straight skirt is deeply hemmed and has a single band of Insertion above. The top Is gathered and joined to the lower edge of the lull yoke, a ban-d of insertion concealing Lhe joining. The n«ck flcisies with a band and frill of lace. T'he two- seamed sleeves are of elbow length a.nd are decorated by deep ruffles and bands of insertion. Pretty frill epaulettes extend over the sleeves finishing with shoulder straps of insertion and lac::. The pattern provides for a shallow square yoke, to be used when the garment is to be worn with a guimpe, aa shown in back view of illustration. Charming little frocks can be made ,n various combinations or all of one material in organdy, nainsook, lawu, figured or plain taffeta. To make this dress for a girl of six years will require three yards of :hirty-six-inch material. Promenade Costume, Promenade costume of Castor colored wool, showing lines of a deeper ;one. The full fronts are composed of soft silk and the free edges of the sque are triramed with black velvet ribbon. The stylish hat lias a soft puffed crown of velvet, with aigrettes rising at the left. The basque, which s a decided change from the round waists of last season, has the fanciful fronts arranged upon a. fitted lining .l.at closes in the centre-front. The rest of silk is gathered at the neck and aid at the waist lire in plaits; a tiny pointed girdle finishes the lower edge. The closing is effected through the centre-front, but m^3 - be made on the eft side, if preferred. The fronts that open widely over the vest are uiii- q.ue!y shaped. The back i* fitted with he usual number of seams, and ful- ess forming flutes are cut in each earn as an extension below the waist ine. The crush collar extends round he front of the throat and meets the landing portion which is seamed to he back, the closing being at the left ide. The two-seam-ed sleeves are cut vith alight fulcese at the top. The nodel is entirely correct in fit and nish, and is adapted to all manner f fabrics, including ziebeline. canvas- loth, whipcord, broadcloth or camel'a- air. To make this basque for a ladv in he medium size will require three ::rds of forty-f.our-ir.cli material. SODT* »TT Caprices, The little straight up and down mat- nees that hang full from the yoke are ffective and easily made for morning •ear, being alike becoming to both, .ender and stout figures. The jackets in delicate shades of ink, blue and cream white, made very mply with feather-si! tched hems or avishly trimmed with lace, are alto- ether charming for morning wear at ome and are especially dainty when worn with Hjtt oclorad or white dress kirts. Tafl«>t& silts are f«y smart Indeed or framing gowns, and those of black are mad* into all sorts of fancifully rimsned gklrts, to be worn with iraista f the asvm« tone or differsnt coloring. his skirt, •with a low-cut bodice of lack chiffon, or &>y color on* may k«oM, ™»ke» am i4«ej dreM for «T«t- 1 A QUEER INTRODUCTION. They Spoke to Each Other and ShooV Hands iU They Fell. "Speaking of introductions," said th» much-traveled m.in in the smoker, "reminds me of the queerest one I ever saw or heard of and in which I was one of the principals. I was crossing j from Nova Scotia to Boston on a I schooner loaded with plaster, a chance f that came to me in a country port DECORATIVE WORK. SOME PRETTY EFFECTS WITH BRASS HEADED TACKS. Effective Decoration Obtained by Cn- tkilled Worker* With Little Eipemt*. An Old Idea Successfully Revived—Hovr Effective Results Are Easily Obtained. The use of rhe brass head tack for i where I was staying for my health. A? I the ornajnemanou of boxes, stools, the boat saved me sixty miles of stage tables, screens mid chairs is one of the coach riding to the town of Halifax, j Qew '. where the nearest steamer travel was to be found, I took passage and for ten days was tossed about on a sea voy: age that by steamer consumes thirty: six hours. i "There was another passenger—a ! tourist like myself—and the captain j made several desperate efforts to get us acquainted, he knowing us both, but at each attempt before he could pronounce our names he was either called on deck or the ship gave a lurch and the introduction did not take place. O f the "handy woman GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER around the hor.se." Like many of the so called "new fads," this ;s an old idea revived. New or old. there is no denying that very pretty arid effective riil'i'V DESIGN FOli ;t::i:EN'. results may be thus obtained. Following are some directions froic the New But one day, when it was so rough York Herald which may prove of as- outsid-e that we stayed in our bunks '• cjstauce to readers desirous of attempt- In the captain's cabin, and the wind | j a g ^j^ work; was blowing great guns, the skipper, , ^ ma i..j jl ,, a design to be carried out who had come below for something, | in bra; . s beuded ^^ , r is obvious that stopped to sa y- simple patterns are alone appropriate. You two gentlemen ought to oe r u i j r i A, " . ?„.„,, -,,,, c™;rh Mr and those having curved lines are the Largest package—greatest economy. Made only by THE N. K. FAiRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. Su Louis. New York. Boston. Philadelphia, made acquainted. Mr. Smith, Mr. Brown; Mr. Brown, Mr. Smith." That is the down-east method of in troducing people, and as our names most to be commended. Highly conventional or purely ornamental patterns, too, should be chosen, tor it would be were mentioned we turned in our i absurd to draw a naturalesque form in bunks to salute the other, the bunks : t> rass nails. You had better draw QUO being on exactly opposite sides of the ^ j, our p atterns OE t hin paper, and then transfer them to the wood by rubbing over the back with white chalk, follow- cabin. But at that moment each one of us 7= "~~^ riTTiT ' i 11'i ,'th i <• ,-Z^^i ~i '-•^fS5? V.NITED WORKMEN. ing the design with a, hard point. A at that high rate of s"p"ee7 we caught ' pattern which is continuous, like the each other's hand and shook it with a scroll on the poppy design suggested will and -just had time to acknowledge for a screen, has therefore to be repeat- the captain's politeness by saying as ed many times. You could draw just a we flew past: "Glad to know you, Mr. Smith. "Dslighted to meet you, Mr. Brown." —Chicago Times Herald. His Dream Came True. portion on thick tracing paper and then prick the design with a thick needle, and so make a "pounce" of it. By rubbing over the design with some powdered chalk tied tip in muslin you will get an impression on the wood, as the .' | chalk will pass through the pricked holes. Yonr design will consist of lines. lars. He had great faith In dreams, -which you will fasten with the nails, and' he communicated this one to his ' putting each nail point on the Una and wife, who, in turn, told it to her neigh- driving the nail straight home with n bors. well directed tap. Your difficulty at It got to the ears of two practical nrst wi ji be to ge: t j^ e na ji s to f asteu on jokers about town, who placed a dozen even i yi an( j co judge the distance each dollars in such a receptacle as the old . c should be from the lilst nail| man's dream had pictured, and buried ' c it beneath "a dead oak tree." Then, one night, when the old man went to digging around the dead trees in the vicinity they secreted themselves, and wa.tched him at his work. Finally he to the tree where the though this could be overcome by measuring. Thus, if a nail is half an inch in width, with a pair of dividers or a rule you marl; off half inch spaces along your lines, or if you make a border of alter____ dollars' were, and presently unearthed j nate large and small nails, say five- them, and at the sight of the silver he j eighths of an inch and three-eighths of fell on his kr.ces and returned thanks ^ j ]lc b j n diameter, theu yon have only to Heaven. Then the young men presented ihe-mselves, had a good laugh and explained matters. They had had ttsir fun out of the old man and now they wanted their money. -Dat's all right, gen'Jmen," he said, "ter cocae heah en claim whut de Lawd send, bi't. 1 dreamed it. en I digged it, en blame er I ain't gwine ter hoi' it!' He was in earnest. He squared himself, spit on his hands and swung his axe in a threatening manner. "You can't fool me—none er you! 1 dream de dream. 1 tell you. en I dig- ged like de debbil fer de money. Go 'long en wuk fer yo' livin'!" The young men are just $12 out. The old man is dreaming with that much under bis ho:id.—Atlanta Constitution. Keeping \VVTUI in Alaska. The Esquimau* of the Yukon region have mastered the art of keeping warm with little or no fire. They can live when the thermometer is at 60 degrees beiow zero with no other heat than that given by a single lamp, reinforced by that of their own bodies. The lamp is lighted and set in the middle of a hut so low that no one can stand upright in it. Around the sld-e of the hut is a shelf, of frozen snow, and with furs. On this shelf the Indians lie in their sleeping bags, crowded together as closely as they can be packed. The entrance to the hut is through a sort of a tunnel, so con- coustructed that the outer air will be entirely excluded. The hut is thus almost wholly without ventilation, and when the lamp is lighted its heat, with that of perhaps a dozen human bodies, makes it possible for any one to live- through the winter in the hut, provided he can stand the unspeakabl< tuuluess of its atmosphere. to mark off these spaces on the line, and no difficulty ught to present itself. A good deal of the effect would be obtained by using different sized nails. The cen- Grand Master Workman of Pennsylvania. Chips From the Workshop. Bro. William T. Powell of Pittsburg, who was elected grand master workman of Pennsylvania Ancient Order of United Workmen ac the reoent session of the grand lodge, is a well known contractor and builder, and is a master workman in fact as well as by election. He has been identified with the order for a number of years, and has demonstrated in subordinate po- DES1GX FOB TOP OF TABLE. ter part of a line, for instance, in a leaf might be of five-eighth inch nails, then three-eighth inch, ending with quarter inch. Then different patterns would be combined, for there are a great many different shapes and sizes in these nails, varying from small, round headed nails at 8 cents per dozen to larger and more ornamental ones at 0 cents. It would be worth while buying a sample sot and keeping it by you, so that you can design to suit the different, nails. This sort of decoration is most permanent, as nothing short of pulling the nails out- will destroy it. The design for a tea table top is so simple that a child might try it with success, using for the ornamentations ordinary fiac headed brass tacks. Cost of » Kaclns Stable. Tt Is perfectly safe to say that the owner who maintains a completely appointed stock farm, another where the yeariings are handled from June until October, acd which becomes the winter quarters as soon as the racing season is closed, and a stable of horses in training beside* must win each BC«son J75.000 to Jl 00,000 before he has made a profit. Of course, he has his fun and the enjoyment of seeing his homebred horses beat those of other breeders, but most man like a substantial profit as well as some compensation for the risk they have assumed. If no crack jockey is retained, but chances are taken on securing the services of the free-lance jockeys, of course a material saving is effected. Most owners take these chances because of the uncertainty of the true racing form of their two-year-olds, for nothing is so galling as to see your jockey getting his $10,000 or 5120,000' a year standing on the ground, with no horse:, you can give him a mount on. Simple Cure For Wart*. Some one, whom the journals call Professor Shnesof, is willing to stand in his naked feet- and aver that the juice j of the common garden euphorbium will remove warts. Meehau's Monthly says: "This is not a popular delusion. The professor may resnme his shoes, for nothing is better known than this fact. In the old 'grandmother's gardens' there was generally a patch of Euphor- bia cyparissias, or milkweed, grown especially for the purpose. In his boyhood the hands of the writer were cleared of warts by rhe juice of a broken branch clacsd on tliera." CaDinun't Co»tly StrlJo. London's unsuccessful oab strike cost th« trades unions $100,000, of whicc $55.000 was subscribed by cab- A Practical Solution. The best way to avoid the worry of in love is to marry the Kaw Tork Ertning Sun. Baron Krupp, tha great German ir«m~in*aUr, uac* for visiting tbJi shMta of rolled iron. WILLIAM T. POWELL. Bltions that he is well qualified for the office to which he has been elevated: Reports of grand officers show that the introduction of the classified pl;in h.is infused new life into the order, and a substantial increase in membership is assured for nest year. A handsome lithographed past muster workman's certificate has been prepared by the grand lodge of California. It is hoped to inaugurate the system among lodges of presenting each retiring master workman with a certificate of this kind signed by the grand lodge officers. Every time a man pays an assessment he should feel an inch or two higher, for he has another good deed Co his credit. His money goes to relieve the sufferings of those who are left upon the charity of strangers. No wonder somo lodges have poor attendance. Members become tired of attending meetings and simply going through the old routine and then adjourn. Manitoba and Northwest Territories have put new canvassers out among the available timber in their forests. Quaker City lodge of Philadelphia recently initiated SO members at a single sitting. Between the ages of 18 and 24 inclusive it costs but $1-1.40 per year for 42,000 insurance. Sick benefits are paid by the subordinate lodges as provided by the bylaws. Tho entire matter is left with each lodge to arrange as the members of the lodge desire. ROYAL ARCANUM. CARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE PosittTely cored by these Little Pills. They also reBe're Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and loo Hearty Haling, A per- feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowrf. nen, BadTasfeintheMcKitk,CcatodToOfaB Pain in the Side, TORPID UVER. They Regulate the Bowel*. Pnrcry Vegetable •mai PHI. Small In Regard to the Payment of As»e«»- menti^—Council Clippings. The recent decision made by the supreme regent in regard to the payment of assessments for members by the collector and his inability to suspend him if the next assessment is paid by said member is timely. Too niiiny councils at the present lame are las in regard to this law, and serious trouble will come to the order unless more attention is pai,d to the proper collection of moneys. Even when a member becomes indebted to his council for one assessment he cannot be suspended on the nest assessment for failure to pay the previous one and the customary fee exacted for the use of the loan fund. Tender of payment by such member of the next assessment must bo accepted by the collector whether he cancels his previous indebtedness or not. —Eoyal Arcanum Guide. The salary of Supreme Secretary Robson is $6,000 per annum. General Putnam and Gilbert councils of Brooklyn are in considerable demand to produce the Dorchester ritual in New York and New Jersey councils, it being the Strong card of these TWO Brooklyn councils, as it also proves to be wherever in use. All other rituals pale before it, being, as a rule, too dependent on red /Ire effects not consistent with our order- Philadelphia council of Philadelphia Is the pioneer council ic thac city and has a membership of-500. The Royal Araiiram has never been as prosperous as it is at present. It has the lowest death rate and the lowest expense rate of any similar- organization, which epeaks volumes for its management, and with its healthy growth continued its fa- ture success promises to excel even its past Grand Regent Harris of North Carolina it determined that every effort In his power shall be put forth for the advancement of the Royal Arcanum in bia jurisdiction during the winter .months. M.i>ccabe«>. Old members who were in the prohibited or hazardous occupations before the laws were changed are not affected, but if they change from their present occupation to ft nrahibixed or hazardous on* the new law S.-11! apply to tnen: the same as to new applicants. Apollo tent. No. Gc',. is one of the most progressive tents in Chicii.uo. It has now u membership of nenrly 400. If a member whose occupation has been made hazardous under the new law becomes suspended and docs not reinstate uui:; after t-ci: days and before six months, he is it-rated tho s;i.me as any other suspended member, but does not take tha hazardous rate. The board of truswes Is compelled to invest all surplus funds of the order m government bond= only. There is not a certificate issued by any- other association that, can equal the one issued at present by the supreme tent of Knights of the Maccabees. Red Men. Cohocksink tribe of Philadelphia has nearly 10. OUO fathoms in its wampum belt. The degrees of the Red Men are both beautiful aud instructive. The total membership of the order in Kansas is 1,094, and is steadily increasing. Bro. B. B. Campbell is now great sacheni of Indiana and Bro. T. G. Burrison great chief of records. THR First National Bank, Locuaport, Indiana. CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PRESIDENT. W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. F. BROOKMEYER, AB8T. D1HECTOH8: A. J . Murdock, W . H. Brlnghurtt, Denoli CTh , B. 8. Rice, B. P. YantlB. i M. a»rwood, W, T. Wilson. Banking- In all its Department* promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and utookholderi sought tor. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained. The Central Passenger Association IGOu Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is for sale at principal Ticket Office! o The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored one year from date of iiale, for Exchange 'i Icktte over cither of the following namedLuies: Ann Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chlcngo A: Eastern Illinois, Chicago &;weat Michigan, Cincinnati & Musklngum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton A Dayton, Cleveland & Marieita, Cleveland, Canton & Souihern, Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago 4 »t L Cleveland, Loraln & Wheeling. Cleveland Term in d & Valley, Columbus, HocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking, Detroit;& Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand Rapids & Weftern. Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & rituburg. Evansville & Indianapoli*. Evonsyihe & Terre Haute. Find'iny. Fort Wiyne & Western. Flint i Pere Marquette, Grand Kapi-'s It Indiana, Indiana. Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern. Louigville & Na»hvi!le. Between Louisville * Cincinnati and between St. L and Bvantrtile LouiBvil.e, EvanevUle & St Louia, LouJigvllle, Hendereon & St Louis, Michigan Central. New York. Chicago & St Louis, Ohio Centra] Lines, Pennsylvania Lines West of Pltttbarj, Peoria, Decatur 4 Kvansvllle, Pitteburg & Lake Erie, Pitt*burg: & Western, Pitteburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Loals i Kama* at]', Vandalia Line, Wahaeh Railroad, Zanesville i Ohio river. The price of th< ge tickets are Thirty Dollar* each. They are not transferable If the ticket (B used in itt enrlret} and exclusively by the original purchaser, a rebate of Ten Dollars 1s paid by the Commissioner of the Central Passenger Association, K. A Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. PitiBburg. Pa Sept 30,18t7 remfcdr for Gonoi i ln«a» OUeet, Spermatorrhoea. l,Ll*< B*», «» "«J •* II • tion, irril»tk>n or nicer*- tion of mncom •«!»- bruu*. Ifoa-vtrincnat. (i m9ff ^ by expnM, prapiid, M 11.00, or J bottlM. |».7V CSj-t:«l»r MBt o* n*w*t Anyone who suffer* from thil terrible pligoe, Itching PI1«, wlU ip- proclate the imiuedUte relief ftad permBnent cure tbst coma* tlUongh the UM of Doan't Ointinwtt. It neTer f »Ui.

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