The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin on December 31, 1954 · 13
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The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin · 13

Appleton, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1954
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Friday, December?!, 1954 Applefon Post-Crescent IS i 5 I J MM i M r 1 t. f L 7 (a V POSyCRESCENT tlEw&ll of the Approval Seven March of Dimes Committee chairmen "met at the Valley Inn Thursday night to set strategy for the anti-polio fund drive in the. Twin Cities. Mrs. Ray J. Fink, seated center, shows the way residents are expected to fill the dime display cards. Seated, left to right, are Richard Lemke, publicity chairman, and Mrs. Fink and Mrs. Willard B. Bellack, co-chairmen of the Mothers' March. Standing, left to right, are Charles Madsen, hiisinpss and industry- Amhrnsp. Owen, treasurer: Dick Garizer and Bob Forstner. Trades and Labor representatives along with John Goodwin, not shown.. Also not present when T'y the picture was taken were Carl Webel, bchool campaign chairman ana fcamuna Arpin,w f Clubs and organizations. FCC Of TV Station Merger WNAM-TV to Suspend Operations Sunday; Wirth to Manage New WFRV-TV 1955 County Road Projects EstimatedatNearly $3Million Injuries Fatal To Menashan At Vest Bend Gustav Kelbert, 67, Dies After Crash On New Highway 41 Menasha Gustav Kelbert, Hy. 47 North of Menasha; Hy. 110 to be Resurfaced Post-Crescent Oshkosb Bureau!- t - Oshkosh Highway Droiects timated cos for m work ' totaling about $3 million are $85,000 and it will Include wid ening the road from a 66-foot to an 80-foot right-of-way and a cold mix blacktop over a foot lift. The grading and blacktopping will be done next Washington, D. C, was asked jsion park building south today to ap-Keenah on Jan. 26 of this 4 1 n 'it; -J . : ' r s 7 r I L.Xif Wirth prove the mer ger of the Nee-! contemplated for next year in Winnebago county, Leon Mor-rissey, county highway commissioner, reported today. This work does not include the completion of the Highway 41 bridge project and connec- year, and the seal will he action from its present terminus 'plied in 1956. This is being done points at Highway 21 and High-j with federal aid to secondary way HO on opposite sides of road funds. -Lake Butte des Morts, I Two . projects are scheduled Qnm of th mninr nrnWt u for the city of Oshkosh. One is 67, route 2,Menasha, died at the complete reconstruction of tne building of a new bridge a west Bend hospital at l:55,Hi7hwnv 47 from Cnuntv Trunk! connecting Oregon street and of this morning of injuries receiv- P to the citv limits of Men- ca in an auiomoDiie accident! actu tv,u nmwt u ccHmst. munications commission at from ' ew radio 811(1 televi-a West Bend hospital at 1:55, Highway 47 from County Trunk h M.nhiilwitn- ABCTV network and driven by his son. Horst 21. t t I i ''jiuau put lave vu ictv niui a , , - , . . , . B r o adcast-:n occasion telecast programs which was involved in an ac-;curb and cutter the same tvne snkosn funds, each contribut- ing company,""' noa nu uu mom. uutm wmi a car anven Dy 0( urban construction compleH"' "'J"" ' . : and the Val-! ' is with regret that we Carl Schenk, 40, route lVanie(i two years ago on the High-! Plans for ihe bidge froject ley Telecasts sign off WNAM-TV, but we are .Dyne, Fond du Lac county.w8y 47 portion just south of are exPected to ready ear-inc company happy to assure our viewerslThe accident happened at 8:30i AnniVtnn ily in .April for contract letting of Grepn Bav.that a new and better service; Monday morning on new Hi eh-1 v..- ...j in spring. .. t . . . .i. A, j..w ti!i rjans. are . oeing awaiicui At uie same lu w tuusirucieuv, in uieir.woj' suuiu ui mgiiwHy o. in Washington county Monday. ed to cost $309,000. It will involve widening the road surface to 48 feet with a Jackson drive to replace the present bridge, which is deteriorating. This project will cost over 1 million and is being paid for by state, county and are-. being from the state highway office Oshkosh Main Street time, Don C-.teiiaU, the company announc- The Washington county sher- at Green Bav so the necessary' "P058101 wsnsosn Wirth. viceed. "VHF channel 5 will give'ifr, department quotel Hont!rih3 IZf S m.r-iPrl ,e ",!ri,IIg rt . uvino th th.! -r wain su-eei; m wie ousiness ais- nrpsident of WNAM-TV. an-, us a coverage 01 more man 75 Kelbert as savine that the nounced the UHF Channel 42'miles from our transmitter on schenk car was in the wrong station will suspend operations ocraym nui near ureen Bay, (lane of traffic. Kelbert Highway 110 Project A second major project Is trict The city of Oshkosh had requested resurfacing for two 70,000 in 1955 tleed Help From March of Dimes Hope Strong for Success of New - Anti-Polio Vaccine Neenah Al Ktarok rn. rh,im.nith p Kh television stations. Valley Tele-iV":"' r....J!.r, Bora In Germany plied over the entire surface wi , I I I ..1FM, UUL W1UI LJ1C lOSL UCVriUU"! V -11 . l..J ilI Jn . ,1 , . . . a the Twin City March of Dimes i"" "1" ment of the art. we believe ttU,uL"J tZrVL-Z Le ".01. Li!? timate has been made of thi. consirut-iiuu pcjunt w uuuu, . --om, . k uotuuc, ui oiu vuiivus-.ea Hi ouu,uuu ana ine county campaign, said after returning the Channel 5 outlet at Green: PfT0"" lm. -i .!slon. fractured leg and ribs'board has allocated its state irom a recent Statewide meet-1 Rav nrm last March. cr' ' " and minor lacpratinna anrl cnnninlinn ullntmont fnr two bruises. He was unconscious Wf&S 4h MillAnitiM ani4 ai-iiitfnntn rt ' t 0 m sundav ni?ht in order while the UHF channel 42 sta- headed north and srhenk V 5 blocks from Washington boule- fiiifai thA h.iiHin.. of the tion was able to alve only a irnin mith nf h rfphr,.1.' i A 'l V, " L , 71. ""ivard north to Parkway w v.vv. a . . - w " irofTi uie usnKosn ciiv iimiia lu Channel 5 outlet. WFRV-TV. at 25 to 30 mile coverage. Green Bay. I Equipped for Color irom me Crasn was in tne nnint near the Waimnca northbound lane and the point; county line. The road will be 1 ..... J . . . : VUUilVJ A UC XJ The applicaUon, filed today,! v" - Oi impact seemea 10 De cioseiwidened to 22 feet with a - asks the FCC to give its Hmtvffirt.l; ea.s.t e?e of ,? road' foot shoulder on each side, proval to the merger of the two!,le.vls'0D' Wlr aid- ' N the sheriffs office said. . A hot asphalt pad will be ap- The state, however, is suggesting that the resurfacing be carried all the way to New York avenue where Main street nears County Trunk AA at a 8-way corner near the Soo Line railroad crossing. No es- ing of the group in Milwaukee that "patient care is still our big job in the polio fight." - He quoted Basil O Conner, president of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, that 1955 would begin with UTBV.TV olranstt, hoc laaceH , WieCaSUng.. the faciliUes of the Green Bay' Z0" E'ing, 'president of,(op sev;ral days Dut seemed to PressGazette's defunct FMr""f ZZl?Jl ,A " J !b improving, the sheriff of-station, WJPG-FM. These fa-lf" fJ. jfic. said. ysx i I. won uviu vail. 1887, in Germany and came He liv- cilities Include a tower and building on Scray's hill, east of ic2stlncompany, have appoint-! n PP The iransmitfpr nH "". eiun ui ule 70.000 natients still in need ff ' .v : ...ill t. latter financial aid. "Even if the Salk i in imanager of the Green Bay TV Even if the Salk in this Dlant. vaccine proves effective." will have innono company as genera I d with a station, to be effective upon ap- i ncnr-ii win nave iuviUU".,i u- nMnnM 1i O Conner said, "we wiU have watts of power, Wirth said. This jp,rval of the merger appUca on Wirth, a veteran of 18 years many cases of polio in 1955 the maximum allowed and for some vear in rnnw" n.....i c vnr " v.i.'.iu ivi u uiiucA 11 cavriiti i vv. , . , , . ... . But "we have every reason'rules. This is the same poweri lcu tr. heiiev that th. voina v.. .v. dustry, has been general man- ... ---iiiuw ucu ujr u.c piesciu uieeu .--- . WM AM rHin and Survivors include the widow, two daughters, Edith and Gertrude, both of route 2, three sons, Arnold, Neenah, Irving, with the United States army in Missouri and Horst, route 2, three brothers and three si veloped by Dr. Jonah E. SalkiBav station. WBAY-TV. it was a?.V. ' . w,"Afl?L raaio ana iters in Germany and 10 erand I will he effective. W wm.ld he ' "WAia-iv smce me company .. - 4 T ' - " fLTllltCU UUb - Top Level Strategy for the Twin Citv March of Dimes! derelict, indeed, if we put all campaign was set Thursday night at the Valley Inn byj0" scientific eggs in one bas-Roy Kuehn, left, and Al Starck,;both seated, general 1 ie dfkX whl'rtSe" Twin City co-chairmen, and Carl Biederman, Oshkosh, !Saik vaccine nrevents naraiv- a J' 1 2 m A. X A i . . . standing, county cnatrman. irost-rescent rnotos; Sets Mooting ForDairymen Farmers to Gather At Central School Wednesday Night Winneconne A meeting for farmers of the town of Winhe-j fenced to serve a 30 day term conne in the county-wide educa- on a disorderly conduct charge Uonal program on brucellosis Dec. 21 John W. Perkins Dies in Jail of Heart Attack Post-Crescent Oshkosh Bureau I was formed ln 1946. He came Wirth stated TV set owners rm. wi.. J , , , , W V1 JL TT 11 V1V1VO MV1I1 II l- neea not maKe any cnanges injconsln Rapids where he was ex-their present Green Bay anten- uy, vlce president and man na in order to receive WFRV-I TV since the tower is located network, in uie same area as wmi-i TV. , Keep Neenah Studio The present studios of WNAM-TV will, be utilized for loc al program originations of in aging director of the Wisconsin tic polio. We are very hopeful. but we will have no evidence until the evaluation of the report is made next spring." Meanwhile, he listed two "bold steps" for protection of the public: "We have contract-jterest to viewers in the lower ed to buy sufficient vaccine to 'section of the Fox River Val-immunize 9,000,000 individuals! ley. including Fond du Lac. tsau&uau DUlf ou I. l: A . . . .. . . ' rv,tw tu nr nvi. I"- aiuii.c is ucciiacu ucAi usnxosn. weenan. Mena s n a. 69, 345 Broad street died ai1! ,"55. 1 ChiltOll Youth Found 6:30 this morning at the coun-i " . , , " iu,e jreen Da suiaios wm nan- . i.,- k .er scientific investigators en- die nroeram orieinations of in- v . i L. . mmc t.C lldu urrii acil . . , - " leres ro ureen eay, Manneue.if . throughout the country." Shawano, Menominee, Stur-iur,vm9 WT r,ne me Aiarcn of uimes years toward the project. . Several parts of the road will be relocated to eliminate bad curves. Most major relocation will be to route the highway to the rear of the; Arthur Drews Viking tavern near the County Trunk KK intersection. This will be a half-mile re location and will eliminate three curves in the town of Winchester. Another town ' of Menasha children. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Westgor Funeral home, Neenah. Burial will be in Oak Hill cemetery. Friends may call at the Westgor Funeral home after 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. .,. , . u Tr- topping 6f County Trunk S He previously had been an announcer in Madison, Milwaukee and Marinette and started Li i i : i i-1 st ills rauio wur wuue a uijju . .. .1 school student In home town ofjWin City DlllnS Sheboygan. Wirth is married to). Neenah Theda Clark hostile former Mary Voge of Green! pital today reported the follow- VUJ A '-J i aUMA VaUlUl VMj way 41 west to Highway 45, a distance of four miles. Es two girls and two boys. Guilty of Reckless will be held at 8 o'clock Wed nesday evening in the agricul ture room of the Central school $64,000,000 in 1955, Starck said. Neenah Man Denie Jail personnel said that Perkins had been "up and around" at 6 o'clock this morn- t, William DiVall, high school ing and when he did not ap- Parkiest Drivina agriculture Instructor, will bejpear for breakfast at 6:30 hej ' 8 in charge of the Winneconne: was found dead in his cell. I MeBaha Arthur Chris-meetina. A state veterinarian rr Itiansen, 36, 422i W. North will be present at the meeting coroner, said the death wasjWater street, Neenah, pleaded to answer questions. caused by a heart attack. -The innocent to a charge of reck- Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hoger ixniy i8 at the Fiss and Bills lless driving this morning be-will hold open house Saturdayj Funeral home temporarily un-fore PoUc Justice Arthur J. on uieir iweniy-iuui weuaiug til j. claimed for burial fAies wuu urueicu ucaiun iui needs geont Bay and other northern Post-Crescent Oshkosb Bureau Wisconsin communities. Oshkosh Leo J. Schneid- In announcing the suspen-er, 21, Chilton, received fines sion of VHF operations at Nee-; and costs totaling $127.60 or 60 nah Sunday night, Wirth said, days in the county Jail after "we have advised the FCC to- he was found guilty of reckless day of our intention to sus- driving by Judge S. J. Luch pend the operations of WNAM- singer in municipal court TV at Neenah in order that; Thursday. He had pleaded in- our full time and effort can be nocent. 7zramiiversaryrThenpen- houser Will be held from 2 a'clock to and then returned to Fort 5 o'clock in the afternoon and Sheridan, 111., where he receiv-alter 7 o'clock in the evening.! ed his honorable discharge Vera Cole, who has owned from the armed forces. 9U3 next :Friday morning. expended on planning the VHF channel 5 operation." "Federal c o m m u nications Schneider was arrested - at 1:45 last Sunday morning by Deputy Sheriffs Herbert rules prohibit the operation of jKrause and Greg Vorobey aft- Christiansen was arrested in two TV stations, owned by the er a chase from a town of connection with an accident at! same company, from operating and operated the Midtown Loy att-also i a -paratrooperf John E Flynn, 27, Eden, for-scided to suspend our UHF op- lanch for six years, has an-! stationed at Fort Campbell, nounced Its sale to Mrs. Nita Ky. He returned from Korea the city square at 10:45 Tues day morning. feited $6 bail when he failed to answer a charge of jumping the within the service area of each other. As a result, we have de- erations to . that every effort Kleiber and sons, Jan and Jon,; four weeks ago where he spent; arterial at Third and De Pere of Oshkosh, effective Saturday. 11 months and is now home on 'streets at 12:20 Tuesday after-Mrs. Cole will continue to op-a furlough. I noon, crate Cole's Ice Cream com-; pany, west of Omro. I Martin Williams, postmaster, announced that the post office will be closed New Year's day. Two Servicemen Visit Winchester Porents Winchester Two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Christian, route 1, Larsen, ,are spending the holiday season with their Barents. They are Jerry - and Loyall Christian. j . Jerry Is stationed with the paratroopers at Fort Campbell, Ky., and has Just spent the last 11 months in Japan. He was home for Christmas lurppniiRD For Delivery Dial 2-5113 cnaiSTOPii 623 Manitowoc St. Menasha J I I ) I Good fortune j ill (U y , in "55 . -I A- y I " h. chipper, cheerful ; ' . I New Year is our sin- .- . friends and patrons, f I y I ) " N Maf wt continue to ' I aJJt 1 serve you to 1953! ' 0 tl lMCharchBt. can be made to get our chan nel S operation under way at the earliest possible InomenC, WNAM-TV began telecasting Menasha ballroom to, a point near Sherwood. His car was forced into the ditchona gravel road off Highway 55. He was clocked at 92 miles per hour on Highways 10 and 114. Schneider has had four previous moving traffic violations. ing births Twin sons to: Mr. and Mrs Vernon Boyer, 647 Konemac street, Menasha; Daughters to: Mr. and Mrs. La Vera Raehl, 505 Second street, Menasha; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lund- mark, 663 S. Park avenue, Neenah; a Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson, 120 Mi Broad street, Men asha; .. Mr, and Mrs James Bun- nell, 735 Chapman avenue, Neenah; Sons to: Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Donaldson, 910 Betty avenue, Neenah; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sauer, 700 Vi Main atreeLJieenah. St Elizabeth hospital, Apple- ton, today reported the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. . Mark Lowell, 745 Carver lane. Men asha, and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent tialassie, 627 Paris street, Menasha. . cost. County trunk work set up for next year includes 41.77 miles of seal -coating. 30.79 miles of blacktop mix application and 11 miles of grading. Estimated cost for this work i $433,488. j The grading is the first step in a 3-year program for the county trunks, followed by the blacktop in the second year and the seal coat, in the third year. Scheduled for next year are a seal coat on County Trunk BB and the black- S. e county. Already' contemplated for 1956 are the widening and re surfacing of County Trunk A, the lakeshore road, between Neenah and Oshkosh. Parts of the road will be straightened and a hot asphalt mix applied. , Highway 44 soutnwesi or Oshkosh also will be Improved, with relocation of parts of the road and a widening from 13 to 22 feet with a 6-foot should er. This also will be resurfaced. il We hope, too, that we may play some part m helping you to male it prosperous one. Bank of Menasha Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Warren P. Knowles, Lieu tenant Governor-elect of Wisconsin, will be the principal speaker Thursday night, Jan. 27, at the annual dinner of the Neenah-Menasha Junior Chamber of Commerce at which the distinguished serv ice award will be presented The dinner will be held at the Neepih Menaslja .-.Elks club. for real holiday cheer m If INSTALL A NEW BATTERY NOW! 3 m SURETY or xzvict CUAJUNTfl Whaii U somes H tromandovt power thol liMpt you "going nvarrwenr l8Silhfe 'iteming like the New Sktlly Blue Bolt Battery! let in shew yaw why it offers 21 more power thon ordinary batteries why H con never leak or corrode why It's guaranteed not for Wtt 12, It er 24, atonths but for m full 3 yeortl Drive in today for New $ke!!y Blwt Bolt Botferyt m 77 TfTHn SXl D 1st & Rscine It Mtnstha SHELLY simuior ' rhon2-C512 Available VAertcheret Br'wrtt In ?tf.jias,h by filter Bros, rrrw inf C.

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