Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1895
Page 5
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F New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTEHIand FURNISHER. There Is Reason For It! » We have told you about receiving our new Spring Goods, bat wo want you to know what others say about them. If you will drop in a few minutes perhaps you won't blame us for "harpinpr" on this subject. Most people say: "More beautiful than ever," and a sreat many say; "Not expensive either." We are receiving a great many orders for suits to be made up. for Easter and would like to put your order down. \ TUCKER &YOUNG, g Tf 0$$S^$$& THE, STRBET TfULORS, TO LOAN Personal, Real Estate or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Time. E. B. Ovcrshliicr, 327 Fourth Street, Sealed Proposals, To furnish supplies for tUe . Northern Indiana Hospital Tor Insane, For me Month ol April, 1895, Will be received by the Boiird of Trustees, nt th» hospital, until 12 o'clock M., on Tucsilny, iluicli mil, WJ5. See Specillcattons la State National Bank. By order ot Hie Board. Long Cliff, Logan-sport, InU., Mtircu 1st 18ft>. J, G. ROGERS, Medical Supt DAILY JOURNAL A SEUIOC3 CHARGE MiDE SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH. 2. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Dressed chlckeus at Roihermel'ti. Adfliiionai Local on Fourth Page. Broken down wonaea need ^-Jft Phora. LoUuce.splnach radlab.es and onions, nt Ruthorin^l's. Who ever heard of Schwab & Co's |4 men'e ehooa belliog for $ 1 98 before? Eohoanswers, '-who?"—Boston Sam« pie Shoo Co , 322 Fourth street, east side. Insurance and Loans—A few hun- red dollars of local funds; also Eastern money in any amount, to loan on mortgage security—S. M. Closson, No. 319 Pearl street. The trade is taking advantage of the low prices on veiling! and corsets bought at 11 cents on the dollar. Go with the crowd to the Trade Palace. Veilings 5 cents a yard. The mite society of the Broadway M. E church held an old fashioned spellln? school at the home of W. W. Reynolds on Tenth street last night. It proved to be a most enjoyable affair, and was well attended. Fine trimmings and laces bought at bankrupt prices 10 conts to fl 50 to close out »t 5 oaots i yard Hundreds of yards sold yesterday at the Trade Palace. See those bargains in cut prices In silks and dress goods. Sheet- Ings 4 cent* ft yard. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream (..'Tartar Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alum o. sny other adulterant , 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, Jock IVrlglit, Formerly of l.«icai»port—Horse Stealing: Is the I'l«ln Xante For It, Jack Wright, who was for sometime connected with various livery stables In the city, but who had not been seen here for more than a year, was In Lo gansport last week, coming from Craw< fordsvllle to the city. At that time word had not been received here that a warrant was out for Wright, and that James P. Grlmea, marshal ol Crawfordsville, wished to serve the document on him. Now that the local authorities have been notified of the desire of Crawfordsvllle offloiali to put their hands on Wright, that pet- son Is not in sight. It is alleged that Wright mlsappro prlated a horse, and he will be ex pectad to answer the charge when he lg found. Fuiir Ul» Snccoisen. Havlop the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs and oolda, each bottlo guaranteed—Electric Bltlere, the great remedy for liver, stomach and kidneys—Buckieo's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's New Life Pills, which are a perfect pill. All theae remedies are guaranteed to do just what is claimed forthem and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold at B. F. Keesllng's drug store. A. ChftUEO of Judges. A change of judges has been esked and granted in the case of Lewis Porr ter and Joseph Stumbaugh, who are charged with larceny by John 0 Tyner. Si&umbaugh is still In jail. The case of the State vs. Porter, who is now under $500 bond, has been set for Tuesday next. One of the members of ihe local bar will probably be appointed to hear the case. Attorneys Fitzar, Jenklnea and Gamble will defend Porter. lEGiSLATITE-SOTES. The Hon«e Sltll Genet at 4ppr»prU«!M|< BUI. IXBULSAPOLIS, Ind., Macpb. 1.— Tha bill 'for the reorgWnization^MptJie stafc militia and appropriaUng^5pW^i)asse< the senate Thursday "and now await: the action of the stead bil o 18 . putl gives . to militia officers sheriffs the Tiffntr' ' •when to fire, .and .. a . J5 the trials of militiamen in hands of military" instead" of civi courts. The Ellison- AHKmge L biU and Gifford's' compulsory-* ednca tion hill also passed. ••'.:TJ*» latter measure requires all childrtgvibalyveei 6 and U years to attend : (school', bu' does not state that they n^sV attend the public schools. Senate*?' N«!wby'- bill requiring instruction! -tn ;< tb schools on the effect of -'alcohol was also passed. •?". ._. ; The caucus hill fixing the.salarjes of the state and county officers was'intro- duced in the house and was' -passec •under a suspension of the rules. The bill fixes the following- salaries for state officers: Governor, J5.000 and JOOO for house rent; secretary of state, $6,500; auditor, ot state. $7,500 treasurer of state, 86.500; attorney tfcnern! 87.500; superlntecdect of public ituurmcion S',',500; clerk of tUe supreme 'and uppelluti courts. $5.0 iO; reporter of the supremo court What is the Work 'of the Kidney* t To remove from tha blood its im • purities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if 'these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, ' San Jafc. is the indicated blood remedy. E/ery person having nervous debility. organic weakness, or filling memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should hare ex. tended medical aid such as It found i» Sold by Beta Fiibar, druggist. jMdcment for U«e Urfr.n&mut. Judgment was yesterday rendered! for the defendant on the jury'i verolol in the case of Mary Wright T«. John Bur nhart. The suit was for damages, alleged by plaintiff to have been done her fence by the defendant's runaway bones. . $4.000: ssute statistician. SS.OOO: state Klst, $2.500; supremo court juUsiis, $4, MX); pellate court judges, J3.300 The state officers are to receive the salaries designated after January 1 1S90. The house also passed lulls de pri-ving the attorney general of the i: per cent, paid for collection of unex ponded school balanees and creating- a board of state house commissioners, to be composed of the governor, secretary of ,?tate and the auditor of state. The bill providing that statues of William Henry Harrison and Oliver P. Morion be placed in the statuary hall of the Capitol at Washington passed the house today. There was but one vote against the hill, that ol Representative Blue (Democrat). The bill appropriate! $10,000 with which to carry out its provisions. Lew Wai lace and Dan M Ransdell are appointed commissioners to purchase and place the statues. V 41 The bill to appropriate t*0,OOQ. for the purpose of erecting monuments to show the movements of the Indiana troops on the battlefield ofChiokamauga passed the House. A motion to reconsider was debated, and the matter, was supposed to be disposed of when the House adjourned. At the night BBS. slon a motion for the clerk to hold the bill until further instructed was passed. * The House in committee of the whole worked last-night and this morning on the general, appropriation hill. A number of changes on the line of economy were made. * * The Senate today passed the bill orovidlnj* for the relief and support of Union ex-soldiors and sailors in Indigent circumstances. ¥ * * * The bill to establish an Industrial Homo for the Blind was defeated for lack of a constitutional majority. Ti,;( Modern InTtlM Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable ' in form, purely wholebonie in composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; If constipated he uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. Be*t n to 1>e Oedlcmtcd. The plot of ground purchased' by the B. P. 0 Elks of this city some months ago at Mt Pleasant cemetery, will be iormally dedicated as .an •'F.lks'Best," Sunday March lOih. A monument will be erected on the ground next summer. An OrphanBfte Boy Adopted. Percy Low, 9 years of age, has been adopted by a lady at Tolona, 111., and left yesterday for his new home. The boy has been an inmate of the Orphans' Home since he was six years old. Vandalla Line ExenrBlon*. On February 12, March 5, April 2 and 30, 1895, home seekers excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap •atea to various points in the South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover privilges, etc , apply to J. C. EDGBWORTH, Agt. Logansport,-.led. The suit ot D. P Baldwin v». Sheriff Hombu^-g to enjoin the payment of a bank check given by plaintiff ipr the Conn farm recently bought n by the plaintiff at sheriffs Bale, until an old judgment for $900 hat teen paid, will be called in the circuit court today. ' ' . Andrew Jacksou wa» allowed ;lo go on promising to "brace up." He had beec bnughl before the Mayor on a charge of intoxication against which he was unable to defend himself. "STirCfN'TTS INFANCY! («•) REVISED PRICE LISTT ' The Mammoth Sample J SHOE SALE! In th^Suriday Journal a week ago, Otto Kraus announced the- fonowfe&tMonday as special Ladies Day. Through somebody^ fault the^advertisement appeared all bungled up, beyond anybody s understanding. We needed more time to get ready for the sate which we now set for ;j; MONDAY, MARCH 4th. "™; THEREFORE MADE NO CORRECTION! Infanta kid-biiitbn samples «ize 35, lOc worth 50c Childs kid sprfn£fb eels, 5-8, 43o worth ?5c Childs grain button heel, 6-8, 45o worth $1 Obilds kid b'titton spring heel, square toe, 8-11, f >So worth ?1 Childs kid button spring heel, square toe, turn S-ti, 75c worth $1.35 Ladies kid button, patent tip, all. sizes, GOc worth $1 Ladies kid button, patent tip, all sizes, 7Sc worth $1.25 Bovs sample laee and congress, 3- s , Oijo worth $1.75 Youths calf bntton.spring heel, 12-3, OSc worth fl.50 Yoaths calf, button a~nci lace. 13-3. O'c worth $1,50 Ladies kid, sprint: heel, tip 13-3, SIS is worth $3 Boys calf, laee and aoa^re^s, ijt.lu worth $2 Old ladies lace and congress, all styles $1.10 worth $2 Uens calf, congress and lace, all styles, $1 worth $2 Choice of all mens fine shoes, $3.4$ worth $0 to £7 Ladies Dongola Oxfords, samples, 69c worth $ 1,50 Ladies floe Orforde, 1-3, all styles, $1 worth $3 Boys split boot, solid leather, $1 worth |2 Jlens split boots, solid leather, OSc worth $3 Mens rubber boots, all size?, !?1.7o worth $3 Boys-rubber boots, all sizes, $1.50'worth $2.25 Hens plow shoes, solid leather, 75c worth $1 Lidies Peerless Suiters, small sizes, $1.25 worth $5 Ladies kid button, patent tip, all si7.es, $1.35 worth $2' Ladies kid button, patent tips, all stvles, $1.48 worth §2 50 to $3 Ladies kid bu'ton and lace, patent tips, all styles,. $1.75 worth A3 to $4 Choice of all small sizes, ladies shoe*, plain toes, $1 Ladies patent trimmed lace. $1.35 worth $2 50 Misses Dongola, spring heels, ?5e worth $1.50 Metis fine calf, congress and lace, spring styles $1.98 The Sample Shoe Sale is still in its Infancy! We are constantly receiving New Samples; a:so our new regular spring stock. We sent offers to all our regular manufacturers, who supply us from their Agents' Samples.We are receiving acceptances daily. Therefore if we couldn't fit you yesterday, we can today. . OTTO KRf\US. SUCCESS ATTENDS THEM. The " Committee Mailing Fund* for the Home i\ir the Jfrlendleei) la AlmoMt Done. The work of the business men who lave been busy soliciting funds for the sing of 'the indebtedness on the Home for the Friendless, reported resterday that $570 bad been secured, enough to pay off the chief debts that lave BO long bung over the devoted heads of the lady managers of the jharitaole institution. There will be additional expenoes to meet, however, and those who asked he gentlemen to call a second time, or those who were missed uninten- lonally, by the committee, will please orward their subscriptions to the reaaurer of the Home Messrs. John !. Barnos and Solomon Wise wore the ;entlemen who so energetically pur.. ued the canvass for money, and to hem are the thanke of the ladles and he inmates of the Institution.eztended. HorieM AlnuoKt Human, Professor George Bartholomew, at he Eaymarket theater, last night llustrated to an immense audience the tower which the educated human mind can exercise over the brute crea- ion, as well as. the degree to which he latter can be trained and educated. 'he horse, which is naturally an Intel- igent beast, seeme to have been educa- ed by him, until it is endowed with almost human faculties and precep- Ions. Toe .only requisite Birtholo- mew's horses luck is the power of peech. They are capable of doing almost anything, and understand every word of command, and go through heir ieveral parts with willingness .nd apparent enjoyment. The animals how the greatest proficiency in play ng a tune with bells and In perform- ng a military drill and battle. All he features are pleasing and excite ,pplause and admiration. — Chicago Times. Don't miss seeing the wonderful loraea at the opera house thU after- toon and evening. Tonight 1 * performance closes the engagement. •Now, Gen'ral, you're posted; come. give us your ^iews. n a. brush at the front what's the powder to use?" le winked at a star as he puffed his ADDITIONAL LOCAL. ind'slowly replied, "in a brush at the front never use powder, but — Soz JDOXT." A reception at llie pleasant home of he Missed Nellie and Alice Eizel- urner last mght.was a mi>st eojoya- le event to the many young people were , present. Raf eshments wererWved. " \ Read Otto's now advertisement. Delicate girla made strong by Zoa Fbora. Natural gas bill for March now due and payable. New sample eale price list. See Otto's space. Go see the educated horses this afternoon or tonight. , What Zoa Phora won't do for ailing women, no medicine will, To Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hlldebrandt of Jefferson township, aeon. We are showing all the latest styles in spring hats—Harry Frank. Eouth'a market will be opened Saturday morning. 512 Broadway. We never misrepresent goods and the people know it—Harry Frank. If Otto couldn't nJ you yesterday be can today, as new samples jjst receiv* ed. Harry Frank will save you money on clothing, because he la his own maker. Otto's sample line of shoes is increasing. The sale is . assuming mammoth proportions. Lidies,be Sure aad coma to our grand opening Saturday March 2d, and get a box of fine candles free.— BJSIOD Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth 'street, east side. . There will be more fun at the opera house, Monday night, than has been seen there in a long time. Boxing contests by amateurs, to be concluded by an eight round contest between Pilzlia and Staley for points only. The Tennessee Warblers have kindly offered to sing at the Sunday afternoon services of the railroad Y M. C. A- The Rev. J C. Kauffman will deliver the address, on "The True Strength of Manhood." A psdro party was given by Miss .Blanche Moriartty at her home on the North Side Thursday night, Mias Effld BrODSon and Soott Crawford were given the prizes. Refreshments were served. Our method of doing business is aucb that will win the admiration of every fair minded person. No flim- flaming and your money back if you •rant it.—Boston Simple Shoe Co , 322 Fourth street, east sice. H. A. Brown ha* resigned bis posi lion .ta chief ranger of Court Noble, I. O. F , and his place Is now filled fey the former vica-cataf ranger, Wm. Burgees. Le*ia SOurie baa been ODO- i^n to occupy the offlje of vice-chief ranger. A heavy water spout at the rear of the KayatOae block wa* blown do-ra yesterday morning-, striking in the street, and narrowly missing a carriage driven by a lady. The horse- started to run, but was caught by the- bystanders. See our 50 cent ribbed undorwoar- we are now selling at 25 cents—3arry Frank. Slightly soiled, If half value. Theso hard times make Otto's earn pie lale- such a great success. Oito's greatest sample sale of shoes-. is still in its Infancy. New agents* sample lines arriving daily. The marriage of Will Deweeee and MUs Sallie Hamboth baa been announced for March 12th. Both the- young people live In Logansport. William Sanders, who was recently burled at Peru, formerly operated & ealoon here, removing to Peru, md later to Santa Fe, Miami county, whera he died.. It was last night stated that the oon*~ dltlon of Col. Robert Kreuzborger, on whom an operation .was performed Thursday, wa« such as to warrant strong hopes for hi» recovery. ThB Sabbath school* of Tlpton town> ship, in convention assembled, recent* • ly passed resolution's asking Cast' county's Repreeentatlvee and Senator tO> vote for the Nicholson bill. OLAIV'S «»PB«A HOUSE S, B. Patterson, Manager. D Thursday, Friday and Saturday, FEB.28.andMARCai, 2. and Saturday Matinee. EQUINE PARADOX! Famous and Uneqnaled 24 Educated Horses 24 Do eventblnu bat talk. Refined. I Interest n*, amusing £n]o;xd and prii»ed by over one mll'ion persons. The oi!r »nt«rtalm- mfnt patronized by nil clta»««. and tuat tuf- never Dad au unfavorable ci Itlclsm. EveMnB"pric»s 25, J5 and 50<v Matinee 25c C&Jldron 15c. • Seats on sale at Johnston 'i Drag Stoie. -TkOLtNW OPKRA MOC*E. \J & B. PATT4B8ON, HUIAOBIL Monday, M.rch 4ttL Athletic ExHiBitiont Gives bj the pupils ot Prof. P. J. Pitzlin A DM1 In Bag Punching, Clob Swln^nt md; Calistbealc Enrctsas ToOoKlode with An 8 Round Co^testl For polntsoaly between j'ruL V- J. EJtzlln &Di FtoL Staler ot ChlCMO. Advance iile now open.' •J"' ' ', :;1.V.,

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