Jackson's Oxford Journal from Oxford, Oxfordshire, England on August 31, 1799 · 3
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Jackson's Oxford Journal from Oxford, Oxfordshire, England · 3

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1799
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A B MUFF WANTBD. iXfAN sEJ, at Michaelmas, A single Y V MAN sot Ckuractrr, Cap.tue if managiog fn ndTith i in a Common Pieid, .witMn; tvv;We Mit Oafd 1 he must persectly umlerftand all Kind if Stock vä be are o kc?ej AcoUiir. Encuire of Mra. Jone, by Letter, Post paid, ac the Prlpting vicc. Hig1 Street, Oxford. r7"' POINTERS FOR SALE. TO bc SOLD, A Brace of POINTERS, A D g ad B.tch, two Yeara old j also an cxceeding nod Pointer Bitch, t Year oid, with live Whclps, ot" Jv Russu'i Kind For Patticular enquire ot Mr. Tho. W-Ha, thf G'1'' n Bai!, Witney, Oxon, ML'i-HUUüKio be LTT. ac Wooburn n the Cchi it of Bucks, fiiumd in (he Bank of (he River Thanie, am) may be enlered on ac Michaclmas nexti wül Wn tor,y Q"'1' r Barley per Weck five Miki from Wycwbe, Im fr m, Beaconsncld, four Ironi M low, and four from Maide:head, Beriet. For fttither Psrticulars e iiquire ot Thomas Robinson, V riir","'ha,f- "" k IpLING l'ON. f TFHEREAS many unaualficd Vtrfont have VV rrudea Prait .;. Of fportii.g On Kidi itun Fietd, gml Incrnforc for some Yert past, VorV ir rWriy given, Thal 11 such Person fou d tu l'paffing ihn n thi, Sensen, v'Ul he frotYcarrd iccording to Law And qualified Gcn-tktmmmt paricularly d Tired to desist from ih-oung until the Cat i cut so to prevent iny 1 jury tu the Farmers. BMfaVtHstt JiTTV 'glQg WrcOMBE, BUCKS. i KIRTLAND, HAT MAN Dr ACTURER, BEGS Utveto inform the Nobility, Geqtrv, ant the Pu'Uc i g-ncral, that he ha opened the ifcwe Warehoofe, and Ituiubly scliclts the F .vour ot" their Suppott. HewiiUtall Tim s ituJy to merit theil Favours iMkinl'bit Goods,! the best Quality, and selling them to tfce m st icatortabk Termn WhoiiTale and Äetad. I ' Y Hatt cAwitri W ch? ; tbt tuattß Mariner. Saturdafs Pnfj. By Express. f ROM THE FHÜNCH PAPBRS. ' , V. Kopenhagen. Aug. 10. THE reports wltich luve been circulated here, X that our Government was to be fctreed to Job theCoalition, begin rodie away. It is cer-tein that Ruflia ntak.es every efiurt to indtice ottr Court todetiarc in its favour, btit it ix not be-lieved that means ot' force will be enipluyed for that purpose. The Baron De Kreudner, the F nlTian Bnvoy, has had bis last audience. He is to return by Lübeck. Haguc, Aug. 18. Tbe Bataviart Directory, he Minillt-rs uf War and of the Maiine, and Ccneral ßmn, the comnunder in chief of the forces, have been for l'ome days cunten inp on the means of detending our t'rontiers. Every llüng now wears a warlike aspect. Tbe park of rtilTery is here. Unifurms and arms ist be Jistribttted to-morrow to the National Guards, v hielt have been organiced in the Department f Delft. Our land forces now atnotint to 50,000 fegular troops, and asntany in National Guards. Ceiioa, August M. Tbe fort qf Serravalle eng defeitued by a very weak gart i so n, was obligcd to surrender on the 6b inll. 1 be JLigü-rian Directory has iiTucd a Proclamation, by jvhich every Citizen bas been called upon to arm for the defence of rhe Republic. Thule who jefuse to join the troops, are toaffign their rea-uns, and if thele are aecepted, they are to pay a heavy contribution. Those who eoneeal or ab. seilt themselves, are to be conlidered as knii-grants, and their goods to be forfeited. Scbaßbausen, August 15. Yesterday arrived in thil place tbe firft divifion of Rtilfian Auitiliaries. Lome of them were lodged" in tlio town, and tber eneamped in tjie enviions. Another dtvision is expected tbis day, and tbe reit in Course. When the fix divisions are united, iltcy vill reeeive the order 0 lor their ulteriur destina-lion. The general opinion is, that thele troops Will reniatn vvitji the Anny.of Switzerland, and that the Archduke Charles will tat eh towatds the f.bwer Rhine with the troops linder bis im-tnediate coinmand. Tbe greater pari ot the Rtidian Cavalry remains behiitd, except the ColTacks, as they canuot, from the tiature of the ground, act in Switzerland with advantage. VetortOy Aug. 3. The King of Naples has had the l'atisfaction to find that the Freuest did not seize 011 the t rea füre of St. Jamiarius. rl bey had not so lar gaincd uver tlte people a tö rlaie to touch tbe trealuies f their Pation Saints. . O N D O iV, August 30. Bya dilbatch v. hielt yas rcceivcd on Monday, 5y a Pilot ve'Ü'el a, , ",vet at Dal stom tbe 'kxpe. ditto,, oft' the Texei, ve are informed ilwt no veht of any nnportanoe lud at that time'taken .pl.icc. nor bild the .Rüftins. jiincd. It Is to be Olpecied, bovyever, that as foonas tbe rcinforce-tnent.ara iv.es, a eeral ack ,11 be made. 'I he .event U tl.e moie .inxio.ufly esi.ectcd, as vve fear the reports ol tbe ready lurrender of tue Dutth fleet are wlmlly unauthorized. Great ptepara-ton$ have been made, and great precautions taken by the l'rench and Dmcb Governntenta, in order to oppole bicccbitully the attaelc with hieb they are Hircatened. Autong the latter jt is not the least, that a very general cbange has been made almost thfdugböttt tbe hole of tbe Dutch officers in both services. Some of the Fi ench papcis rcrcived vesterday fty, that the Englifh and tho Tmkiili forefs have taken poU'ellion ol Rosetta, a city of (ome Muportance in Etfy.pt, heing ; litiiaicd ' at the prin-ipl inouth of the Nilr, " . rt, üpwardsosthiee h und red Frencli Priefli wfVe transported from France to Guiana,' im Jhc nwnth of August of las! ycar, one half of wbora have since fallen sacrifices to he clitnate. ' The Frencli, at Acre, werecomidetely beaten ih their own weapons. Colonel Phillipeaux, whocomrnamlcd the fortress, was a Kreuch man j the artillery with w hieb it was det'endcd were Frencli, and Sir Sidney Smith's own tltip the Tigrt,, which annoyed thetn luring the liege, was taken from the Frencli by Loid Bridnort. TheCountd'Artois vilhed tlie Bankon Wcd-esday', nd sie, ards elegantly entertained by the Dffectors. The Pope is still at Valcnce. Tbe phyficians ho aecompanied bim Ironi ßriancon have de. hwedthathii health wotild not penuit bis being rmwved any für 1 her. hßfffjtöfgi ,4. The oldrft persim can scaredy att a ttirrenlof tarn and wind so lang, 'mcelsint, and oiÄaiWil, ai that on S uurday la,V. The lsses hillained J'on the Merscy ai ai pn?'ent iocalcultbli. -not bridgi , no that rlvcr tfrtsjtinifti. wit.i tue Tmne, out presenti, Vholy antl mulilaied sp- dacle. Many mitls with tWrtaiuable mathinery, Ir fwejn away 5 and fcvcia. ta .Wei have in a mment, as'lt wire, been fnrttd from the SWjW f If'e, m foh the bitter brad of tiunce and ,d-Wifity. Our old liver exhibited, Saturday nißht, a errifick stenc ; many hundr-d piecea of manufactuied tdi were dfti, kt upon tSe lurtacc of the water ono aaluni ha, Ist n atly üoo. fow'licat 7. iwi, 10 i4s. od. per quarter. Barley ooä. cd. to 001. I Bram ZZ. od. to 5 ja. od. Oata J4s. od. to 40. od. I Peas 44. to 00. kb" STOCKS. AUGUST . J ZTt V Ü . . I w S per 8 i 99 6. I ' r vi. i.eu. t) Alt t t t Look A.-i. lg 11 16 r1 v,i. 7 i Cu 1711 lwCtCan.il 1 I Pt Cu Au. 9 97 ' C. Shnrt Ai'p. 6 j Imp. An. im,, 3 per fr. 46 Onmlum i,t'( h The Corporation of Dublin, once so violent againlt tlie tiueilion of the Union, ketns now 10 luve lo lar veeied abottt as to be eager for the coinpleiion of the mealure. Tbere are, how-ever, other inltarxeaon record of fimilar violence, and that followed by a like return of compla-cency. When tbe non-iniportation agreement was fet on tiwt in Ireland, in order to enforce her Claim of a free irade, the fatne Corporation very coolly vored, that every commodity import-ed front England fliould be burntexerpt couls!" Extrafl ofa Utttrfnm AJgien, June 30. P Last week two rieh Jew had their t.cadi struck off by ord r ot the 0 y, a d their boiies burnt to athea the crime for which they luffered was far treasonable e, pressuna at a coff e-houfe in favour of the Freacli ; thry w- rs imm diate.y seiaed, and their hahitati.. sarhed, when tnm; papera and leiten were lound amongft the former waa an eiact tec unt of the numberof (hips fitting out in the port, describing the name and force of eachi all their goods and rieh merchandixe were cooflsca.ed to the ule of Owernmen , and a large fum of ruone? which wai found in a ehest was d stributed amongst the sallori. A itrong fleet is tettingready, supputed to bedestincd against the French, and other powers who faour them j some ol thele are line vetleis, and mount from 18 'to 30 guni, they are aul manned with numeroucrews t desperate ruffians, who fear no daner, ad will fight to the last extremity j it It notcertal nly known wh will have the chtef eommand, but many think it wjil be given t Hagi Bec, a fellow of invmcible courag-, ery resolute, botd, and darin. Thil man hat won l'urprislng ba.tlei at fea, and i tnuch beloved by the people. No landmen are perntitted to enter on btard thil fleet, nor will any others be accepted bot such as have been in actual scrvice, and well known to be ofthe rnost desperate inclinations. Bec and his crewa always fight under the bloody flag, and are sworn never 10 acwpt of quartera fr'-rn any force. " S. Yesterday a large French fliip, arrned tn Jutt, was brwght in here by die Sultane Igerine frigate, which (be took off Alicant, astet a l'evere and bloody action of 40 rninate,, in which a great nurnber were killed on both lide. The Captain and creW, with a nurnber of rnilitary offlceis and troop which were on board, are all fent into flavery. TKc En. Ib are in great esteern here,. and the populär cry is, Lang live Admiral Neßn." OXFORD, August zt. Readinos at the Rächet Court. Tbe fafhion and brilliancy aftendant on the Readin"s tbis week bave rnuch exceeded tbe former z and we learn, the Capital piecc of Blue Beard is preparlng for repreientation.and will be brought forward in a few days, in a nianner tbe niust splendid and fuperb. TheRev. Mr. Wbite, A. B.of Oriel College, in tbis Univeriity, was lall week elec ted a Pcllow of Qneen's College, on Mr. Michd'sioundation. Saturday last died Mrs. Eldndge, of Abing-don, Berks, universallv lantented. On Wednefday last die i at Foreflhill, in this county, alter a long and pain.,,1 dlness, which he bore with tbe grenteß fortitude, Mr. William Whiie, a confiderable fartner of that place, but had lately retired from buiincss. At Buiford races 011 Wednefday last for bis Majelly's Plate of 100 Guineas, for five ytars old hbrftta carrying 9IL three-mile beats, Mr. HcatbLOte'srariTWalkcdovei the'course. Mr. L01 d's Jack Andre ws bad entered but was drawn. On Tburiday 50I. tor all ages, tbur-mile beats, was won by Lord Oxf.rd'b b. m. Lilfy, 1 1 t Mr. LorU'a 'Jack Andreiot, l t Mr. Haouy'a b. g 3 dlf. Jack Andrews the favourite. Tbree excellent beats, cach of them won by only half a neck. Bath, Aug. ,8. Tburiday that illustrions naval cbaracler, the Earl of St. Vincent, arrived in tbis city, w Itei e we fincerely bope bc will foon regain. that heattb, which in long, anxious, and gldi iotis service, lias been inipaired in the caule of bis counrry; Mark 110. At Merrion Square, Dublin, John Paine Garne, Esq. of Aren Hall, county Math, to Mit, Maria Cope. Mr. J, Rr.ffey, of Edward Street, Cavendilh Square, to M.feDownward, ot Wincheiler Thi Rev. Wm. Gwy, of Oakingham, Berkt, to Mls Oiiborne, of B ik-rStret, P irtman Sqnare Mr. Pat. Fle schaun, to Mit Elira Wiklay At strichen House, J ..hn Morrison, Eiq. of Auehintoul, to Mis Fiafrr, ol Strichen At Whhcluven, the Ro. G. Add ion. Rector of Oreat Bickhill, Berksliirc, to Mis. O-Wah Prags, voungMt daughter of the lace Mr. Wm. l'.rayg. of Waitehaven At Hastings, in Sussex, John H nry Haltmga, Eiq. of the Nmth Qloufpstet. Miida, to M s Eiixabet 1 Caroline Lltchfteldj .clJest dauiit-r of Vincepi Litibfieid, Esq. of the Coüocil üjrk'-, Wnitth-iH At Aix-rdscn, LleU. Bnrioii, ot the KutMud Liht Oiagoona, to.Mik Elisa l'aton daugnttr of John Pat.a,. Eöj. if G.ai.ahome At St. Mary1 CUrch, thj R . Mr. Tow.iley, fön of the late Colond Townley, of Uelfield, to Misa Johnson, eldcst daughter cf Rtciiard Johnson, ! iq. of Lancastar 1 1 GarJintr's Paläcc, Dublin, Willian Uptun Gladstanu, El, tb Mm Aylmer, oniy uau of tVl p. Aybner, of the Kildare Miii la.The Rey. Mr. Moore, ot Cor-nakill, county of Cavan, to tha Widow M'Cleaiy, of Monhagm. At Wallingham, in Surrey, Edward Bond, Esq. of Keniisti Town, to Mis Clajrke, of Ludatr Hill. Georg Daubeny, juo. Esq of Rediand, Cloucesterftire, to Miss Mauhcwi, of Bulcot, Berkt. At Winfley, near Bradford, Mr. William Hart, Cktthh-r, of London, to Mis, M. Scort-, daughter of Mr. William acore, oCharlihch, Somerset. Mr. Lee,, of .Fairford, near Manchester, to Miss Lwd ;r, daughter of John Lowder, Esq. Banker, af Bath. Mr. Thorn, of Frampton, Dorkt, ti Mr,. LewU, of Bath, alter 23 ycars' couitsliip. Mr. Wm. Goode, of Birmingham, to Mila Sharpe, daughter of the late Mr. Sharpe, farmerly an eminent Bookscller of Wanvick. , Dien. Mrs. Marianna Baglhaw, wjfeof Mr. Baglhaw, jun. Soiicitor, Campden l'iacc Ac the honfe of Mr,. Fit,ger,.,Id, at trefeent, Marino, near Clontarf, Mit, France, Vaughan : her death waa occalioned by the seve-ritics slie fuffered in the late rebeliion. Bt Broadlee, near Haiiyh of tfiri in Gallaway, agvd 100, Margaret Nitä. She Rtained he. 'ftnftsto the last, and w ,bl to vaik twomilci in ehe hour eight day b- ton her death. in Hampton Court Palace, Mastrr Pecheil, eldest sr.n of Mljof Peche, aged stfteen yea. At Edinburgh, Mr. Henry Donda, Hun r Blair, yourtgest Ion of the ute Sir James Huntcr Blair, Bart At Clapham, Mrs. Martha Npnmir, aged 8z At Ballikinrain, Scodanjl, fuddenly, ofthe gout in hi, stomach, Robert Dunmore, Esq At Hcxham, Gilben Ycung, Bookblnder, a native of Edinburgh, well known in hl profesüon in many pari of England. H was fimout, a few ycars agp, for dancing, kaping, and fencing j at , standing ieap he mlfed the pant citiern at Hexham marki 1, 7 feet 9 inche wide, and the parapet, z fett 3 inche, high. J. Loufarf, Esq. of tbe firm of MeiT. B rrow, Lonfatl, Sun and Co. Mcrchants At Bath, CdOnel T. Baitour, of the North Lowland Fencible Cava!ry.At Lambeth, Mr. Pouneey, En-gravet At St. ThOBJKS, West Indiea, T, Hendry, son n. W. Hfliulry, Colcmau Sticct. At Grahamstown, near Falkitk, Mr. Edward Mackie, late tf hii Majelly's Dock Yard, Harwich. At Hdy Island, Dorothy, the Lady of Henry CollingWiMiil, Cfj. f Lllburn Tower. At Vork, g.'d 72., Mri. Bird, ,eüÄ of the late Mr. ob Bird, of Lnndun, Malt Dillilier At La,, v ister, Ms. Worl'wick, Bank Mr. J. Ba(kei vil!e, of Biihopsgtte, aged 66 At vWford, Miss .Sarah Neve, one of the daughter of thf late Elward Neve, Esq. and Aster to tbe Lady of Cornelius Drnne, Eiq At her houfe in Brompton, Mr. Phillips, widnw of N. Phillip, Esq. late Master Ship-Wright of Chatham Dock Yard At PouJton, Mr. M. Picks ird, one nf tho mnst extensive proprittors of the carrying bullncsa in the !: in.loni.--At Sandgatr, affr a long and painful illncsi, John Thompson, Esq. of Cantrrbury.-u Mr. M. Moote, brother f Jarne, Moore, Ksq. the present Mayoros Lancastcr. Master Grithn, fecond Ion toCapt. GritTin, uf Balorlggen. In Beide Siri't t, Dublin, the Rev. Mr. Fawcett Mary Elennor Gaittkell. daughter of Thomas Gaitlkell, Esq. of Bl.rmondsey.Aged 6t, T. Holt, Eiq. nf Redgrave, SurTalfc he waa the only for vlving brother ofthe late Rowland Holt, Esq. many yen repr.lentaiive in Padiament for the countv of Suff 4k, and freat atohew to die cclrbra.nl Lord Chiel Jwilicr Halt Mr. J. Mannlng, jun. os C tu ltr. Agd ta, Mm Boydell, wlfoof Mi. I. Boydell,,.f UfConiptnm UtflalWd, aad dauhter f T. Jun,, vi Wnum A estry was lately called In the Pjrlft ot AbSngton, Camondgzstzire, in cnOqtn oc of the bigb piiae of pro-vilioni, when It waa agiead to advanc each labourrt's waget one tbilling a week, and to fopply their faanUit, with wheat at 7. the bufbel. At Hiackley Fair, on Monday, tbere waa tolcrabie shew of fat beafts, and monv purchasert 5 they fold readily at 5 t,i. to 6d. linking the offal The show of (heep waa neither sogwd nor so numerous, a generally produced tbere, and were duli fat, not many lots bring fold kill late in th day, when the greater pari went offat zjd. to near 6J. per Ib. The growins Wheat in this n-ithtMmrh,Mid ii a tolerable crop, and only wann a Unle fine weather to ripen it. Üat, upon the light land,, are very good z but aey, in general, 1, out very nditti-reut. Thuisday Thomas Pal Mansell, Clerk to Messrs. BeneouKn and Palmer. ot Bristol, wn hail absunulpd with bill, to a large amount, a, stnted in our last, was, in cun- tequence ot an mtercepted letter, apprehended in London, and sceured z and 111SI. 1. ot the property which be had stolen from hi, emoltwers. befides the wateh whleh h- harf purebafed in Bath, reeovered. LAUNTON K STATE. VTOTICfe is hereby given, That the Estati, at Launton, ad vertifed in rr Smd Pagt to be Sold by Auction, i, difpofed of by Private Contra. GRAND JUNCTION CANAL Loan es 150,000. tofinijb and eompUu tbe Jam, and tbe Brandt to Paddiugttm. IS order to prevent Trouble to Persoiw defirons of sobseribing tu this Loan in making Application to thi Office to become Sublcriber, thereto, Nöthe is bettbj given, That alt the Money wanted bath been fubfcribed, ind that no further Subfcription thereto can now be ad mitted. By Order of the Committee, E. O. GRAY, X Clerk to tbe ACTON CHAPLIN, J Company. Fludycr Strttt, zid Auvust fion. Aianors of Great tiajely, Latcbford, Lobb, Great Milton, Ltttlc Mtlton, Astcott, and Kingston Blount, in tbe County of Oxford. THE GAME on the b.ve Manors having been much destroyed, qualified Person are rcqnested not to sport thereon witbout Permiftlun of John Blackall, Eiq. the Owner thereof j and, Nöthe ii hereby givent That all unqualified Person who are found TrefpaBing thereon will be piosocuted a, the Law directs. JOHN HOLUER, Steward. Thame, ctb August, 1790. BERRbHIRb CLEtuCAL FUND. THE Trealurer of the Society for the Relief of the Wid IW, and Orphan, ol Clergymen within the County ol Berits, requ.st the tewaid, and other Contributor, to that Charity, to meet him at the Gt.oae !. NEWBUKY, n Tmfday the ro.h Day ol Se. tember, ut Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, to ( ttle the Accounts of the preceding Year, and to recelve t.ie Application of those Person who will, to reeeive aBistance from that Charity. y -- n Vnye, Aug. aa, ,790. ..irNo of .li'.'Et ÜN, BERKS. XATHLkEAS feveral Poachers and unqna- - - neu rt-nons, nave ior many Yeais pn trespalle l nn th Manor f Apleton afbrelaiü, a d killed and destroyed the Game there, Nöthe is beitby given, That Game Keeper is legally appointed, ad tha. all unqualified Person, who thall prefome hereafter t kill or deftroy any Game, or Ihao be detecttd in fix rting on the laid Manor, will be prosecuted to the otmost Rigour of the Law ROBERT SOUTHBY. FREEHOLD CL0SE5, &c. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. ANNS, Unlef, difpofed of by Private Contract, of which tituely Notice wit. be guen, 3 Wcdi sday the 41h of Septemoer, 1719, at Three o'Clock in tbe Aftcrnoon, at tbt King r d Qoecn In.i, in Highworth, Wilt, fubject to fiichCon-ditiotr of Saae as (h 1 , be th n produced,-- Lotl Two FRLiiHOLD CLuSES of P ASTURE LAND, containlng upward of 6 Acre, with a guod Bat i on the faid Piemiile. The above Clofe, are very defireable, and capable of mach topruvernent, fituate, lyng, and orfng in tbe Patislie of Sranton and Highworth, in the Cou ty of Wilt, now in &elc,pat,on of Mr. Jone, 01 Hrgnwrrth. Lot 11. 1 well built DWELL1NG HOUSE, con-taining a go d Under-Ground Cellar, a Parlour, K.tchen. fantry. Br.-w-Houfe, a large Shop anu Wfce-Hnuso on the Ground Floor; a Ditüng Roorn, five Bctl Charnbet, and Two Warc-Houfe on tue fecond Floor, with scverat CarreU over thetii likewife a very good large Stahle and Hay Lift. Tbe above Prernifle are fituate, lying, and being in tbe Market Place, in the Town of Highworth, in the County ot' Wilts, a defiiaole Situation, and well adapted for Trade, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Jomki, of wborn Part'cular, rnav be had. (JUEN1N0T0N AND FAIRFORD, OLOCBSTERSHiaS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION. By. WILLIAM JBFFERIES, At tbe Bull Irrn, In Faiifjrd, on Tburiday next the cth ot September, 1799, sul)ject to such Condition, of Sah as will be tben and there produced, the following FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PREM1SSES, the Prope.ty of Mr. Chablk, Bisnop, via. k. Lot I A Freehold Mefliiage, dlvided int two Tene-rnen, with the large Garden, to tbe tarne aHoining and belonging, fituate at Qoeninglon aforesaid, now in the Occupauon os Na, Widow, and Iamss Scrivrn. a, Tenant ai Will. -fi.-i flZ jjFl' 1L A dcsirable Meffuage or Tenement, with every convenient Üut-Building, fit for the Reception of asmall genteel Family, to' ther svith the large Garden and valuaole Piece of Paslure Ground adjo',, ing the said Mesfoage, cootaining, by Estimation, feven Acres, be tlse fame morc or lefs , ,, ., Lot III A defirable Pkce of Arakle Land, In the höhest State of Ciiitivatlon. .di nninr rhi - , r - vi,,n,nvu Premisa, eontainmg, by Estimation, eight Acre,, be tbe tarne more or lest. N. B. A HIece of Land called the Cburcb Acre, held fer the Remainder of a Term of at Year, will be in cluded in thi Lot. Tbe Preroisfci comprised in the td and Zd Lot, except the Cburcb Atre, are held by Lease fet tbe Remainder of a Term of 1000 Year, 700 of which, and upward, are unexpired, and are now in the Occupation of ehe said Mr. Bxtuor. Poffession of which roay be bad immtdiately. Lot IV The Absolute Rcversion of 1013I. n. 6d. Stock, in the z per Cent Rcduced, and 137I. 10,. Stock, In tbe New South Sea Annuitiet, expeeHant upon the Decease of Mr. Mabv Bishof, of Faifotd aforesaid, Widow, aged 71 Year and upward;. Lot V The Absolute Reversion (expectant at aforesaid) os a Molety of all that Capital Mesfoage or Tenement, with the large Garden to tbe same adjoining and belonging, fituate in Fahsord aforesaid, now in the Occupation of the faid Mr, Buitop, and held for the Re-mainder ot a very long Term. For a View of tbe Houfe end Land, apply to the Pirtie In PolTession, and for surf her Partie ulars to Mr. William,, Currier, or Mr. Joseph Clifford Whailey, Attorney, Fairford ; or Mr. Vavld Wbatley, Attorney, Ciirncester. Glocesterstilr. GLOUCEHTEHSIURS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION. By WM. JEFFER1ES, At the New Inn, Bourton on tb Water, on Saturday the yth Day of September, 1799, fobject to such Condition, of Säle at sliaU be tben and there produced, a. , p. All those Thrre Plece of MEADOW r P ASTURE GROUND, fituate in Bourton aforesaid, called Rifbtm MeadKO, contalning, by Estimation, be the fame more or lest, 495 Lnvrr Mwt, Ditto, 6 2 t Utfer Moore, Ditto, 7 , g Tha Prernilfe, are now in th Occtioation of Mr. Wm, Hol, ord, aa Tenant at Will z k& heb) by Lease, for the Live absolute, all os whom are now Iking, UBdrr the Dean and Chapter os Christ Cburcb, Oxford, et the annual resorved Rent os 9I For View es tb PremlilV apply tn tbe Tenant, and for fo.tlier Pmk Mr. John Urg, os WkÄrM , Mr. Joseph Cllflerd Wbttlty. Attotmy at Law, Fairford f w Mr DwM Wkrttajf, Anotitt) & ClrfriMnrr. CXvjrW Cmrf Kwvtftft'm. NOTICE if hereby given, That a Dividend Will be paid 10 the severai Proprieioia ot tbe Oxford Canti Navigation, on Munday the ac i September nexU By Order of the Committee, j. DUNSFORD, Clerk, Oxford Ctnal Offue, iitb Auf. ifnf. clcJ ABiNGDON KACiVd, 1799, WILL bc on Tuesday and Weunesday the loch and nthpaysot SerTCMlxa. Earl of AB1NGÜON, i LurdCRAVEN, Zwam,. Tbe Horses, &c. to start each Day at Twelve o'Clock. Stetken. Cburcb, Wbtatley, Begbroke, and ltip, TURN PIKE RüADS. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Truste cf the above Turnpikcs will be holden atthe TW Has.!., in theClty rf Oxford, THIS DAY, Saturday the zist of August, at which Meeting tbe Toll, arifiitRBt the Wheitley Gatc, and also the Toll arising at tbc Iflip Gate, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best Bidder, between the Hours of Twelve and Two In the Afternoon, in the Mannerdirected by an Act pafted in the rzth Year of hi present Majesty's Rcign, " for rcguiating the Turnpike Rnad,," whieb Toll of the Wheatley Gatc were lett lad Year at d 5urn of 1,70!. and the Toil,of the lllip Gate produced the last Year, ending tbe iSth Day of June, 1799, the Surn of 150I. above tbe Expcnce uf collecting them, and will be put up at the aforekid Surn, feparately, or at such Surn a the Trtistee, present Ihalldircct. Whoever happen, to be the best Bidder must pay down one Month's Rent In Advance, and give decurity, wich sufficient Sureties, for the Payment of the Remailider, at such Time at tbe Truste, flull dirett. JU I JOHN HQLLIER, . ,, 1 t H. J. NORTH, 5 tle"-' . INCOME TAX. 0XF0RDSH1RE. THE Commissionen of Appeal give Notice, that they intend to meet at Mr. Morrell's Office, Oxford, on Saturday the 28dl of September next, for the Purpose of bearing those Appeals of which due Notice inab have been given j and ths Clerk to the Commissionen of the severai Division, are requestcd to frni to the Commiflionere of Appeal, or their Clerk, Oopie, of the Ailesfmentk.a, required by the fizd Srction ofthe ist Act. ROBERT MORRELL, Clerk. Oxford, August x8,ö, ,799. LOST, on Wednefday last, between ßeacons-fit ld and Witney, a frnail TELESCOPE, by Doliand, in a black Shagreen Cafe, Whoever will biing it to Thomas Whhe, All Soul, College, (hall reeeive ONE GUINEA R"ward. 1 ".-K W lih.ixtZ.AS tl CiAiVlii. in the ;viaiu.rs 01 Toot Balbon and Lawrence Bald k, In the Countv of Oxford, has been much destroyed by Poachers and other unqualified Person,, Notice is bireby given, That the Provost and Scholar f (jueen's Colkge, in the Uni vetfity of Oxford, Lord ofthe ,aid Manor, have appointed William Cardhkx, of Toot Baidon, their Game-Keeper, with stritt Order, ta lay an Information against Peisons sound Trefpasling on any Part of the faid Manor. Sfueen's Cdlegt, Oxfords Aug. 30, 1799. game-keepeL WANTS a Place as Game-Keeper, a Person wbo underuands breaking Dog to either Gun or Net, and nderstand the Managsm nt of Oeer. He 1 e good Shot, and wiibe, to make himsvlf ufelul m any Thing that may be requiml of him. He can also be w II recommendcd. Apply by Letter, Post faid, to Tho. Bobby, Middleton Ston V, 0f rlb!re A CLERK. WANTS a Situation as an Aflistant in the Office of an .TTORNEY, a YOUNG GENTLEMAN who ha, served a re; ular Clerksoip in an Office of great Refpectabillty, and is admitted an Attorney. For Particulais apply to Mr. Cooper, Attomev at Law, or Mr. Norton. Printer, Henley. .i'lf.'i. SM ALL iOX. " '.. ' Utility, August 23, 1799. WE, whose Nantes are under-written, do hereby certify, that, to the b st of out Knowkdge and Belief, this Town is now free from the Small Pox. THOMAS WILLIAMSON ROUTH, M. D. L. COULSON, 1 RICHARD POPE, Auotbecarlet. 1AMES BROOKS. WILLIAM HICKMAN, 1 . . , GEORGE NORTON, Z Churchvvardeni. WILLIAM HOBBS, T )AMES ATK1NS, f , AM ES ROOMES, f OHN FLrTCHFR, f 1 Overfccrs. SA HESS by AUC110N. A CAPITAL FARM, W'tib itmediate Poßtßnu, at Tyfier mdtr Eigt HiU, IN THE COVNTV Of W'ARWICK. Tj,0 be' SOLD bv AUCTION, Bv R. PARRV. Bcsore the naajor Part uf the Commissioner, naraed in a s-ommiiiionor nankruptey agamlt John Juncr.a Baolt-rupt, atthe Bell Inn, in Sbipston upon Stowcr, on Monda next the ad Dav uf SeDtember at Three o'Clnrlt ., isel. in Lot,, All the severai ESTATES ofthe faid Bankruptz confinlngof one Capital Farm Houfe, and severai other nouics, witn jRMens; a good Malt Hmiie, various Out-Buildlng, and near 190 Acre Of Very exci llent Feeding and Corn Land, latelv inclosrd : some fine Orchardin. -nH other defirable Convenienciea. fituate at Middlc and Low-r Tysoe fbfa!d, in Poffession of the said Bamkrupt, of mn. wilcox, Mr. R.1K0, and others. Thi, Errate !, Freehold. and TIthe Free. smmedlite Posse ffion.mav be had of almoll tlte Whole thereof. and Part of the Purchafe Mon-y may rernain on Security of rjiior ine rrcmiuc 11 reqtureil. For further Partikular, apply to Mr. Finden, Attorney, or ine Aucnonecr, at anipiton torclald. TO be SOLD by AUCTION. ü Bv Mr. Hawtvm. On Monday and Tuesday next the zi and zd f September, :yyt un so i-rcmiiics or jomh UoDwinTon Iorth, Esq. at Kinff's Slltton. in the Cöiintu or Nnrfhamnfnn near Banbuty, Oon, under an Exccution, and by Order rrom tnc nign biKutt tot the County ol Nonhampcon, All the STANDING CROPS upon the Farm, and also the Tythe Corn, on Rick of Hay, three Horses, one Milch Cw, one Bull, one Boar, Turkey and Fowl, neat sour-Wheeled Phaeion, one Waggnn, Jrge Qaniity of Manure, some Mahogatry Furniture, BreWing and Walbing Copper, seasoncd iron-bound Caik, large Col-lection of Tta and Table China, Capital f rinti, Pbte, Mahogany and Shagreen Cafe, with Ivory and Silver Handle Knive, and Fork, Fire Arm,, Chamber Clock in Ebony Cafe, Chili' Rlding Horse, upwtrd, of 400 Vo lumea of Book in proper Lot, aa will be exprelsoH In printed Cttalogue, which may be had at the Place of Sale and of the Auctioncer, in ßanbury. Straw and Hay may be taken from the Premiise. Corn may be vlewed tUl tbe Time of Sale ; Furniture, Booka, Äre. on the Morning of the Sale Days till Trn o'Clock, at which T!m the Auction will commence, and to begin wirb the growing Crop. FREEHOLD FARM, near WANTAi1e7 FRI1B FROM LAN TAX. nfQ be SOLD by AUCTION, X at the Alfred' Head Inn, in Wantagr, 011 Sa turday tbc 14dl Day of September next, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, An Igikle FARM, fituate in the Parilb of Orovr, in the Cunty of Berk,j consistinj; of good Farm Houfe, with Barn, Stabhs, Ca.i Honfe, nd other nsoful Bnilding,, in comj.lete Rcpairi and severai Piece or Parcel of rieb Inclosed Meadow and Paltu Ground, lylng In convenient Plese, nd con Uininp, by Meaforr, 41 A. oR. 35P, r threahou, nd also 59 A. ,R. tiP. by Meafore, ot Arahle Land, in good State ot Cuitivation, with the Comtnor th r tö belojjgiog, Tbe Wh.de in tbe 0upa,.,n of Mr. Win. Sh:rw)nd, wbo U Tenant et Will, atrhe yea.ly Rent of I5l. l od. Orov I, fitiuto one Milr trorn War., tan. near Turnuik H jad. srv-n iki..,i -j.l. - - -- r , .w.iuuuii, avani rutn Faringdon, and twove smm Oafwd. 1 wm ufinvt rmtUMum, an to irert by private Contract af p'y V Mr. Murland, Annnty t Law, AbinHdu. PARM1KG TÖC15, fcf, TO be .OLi bv AUCTION. .. 9f Mr. -CHuAcHiL,, -iaV' Un Frtday neat tbe ,.t , of Septt iniur, iy , .1 ;h Du Cow, Nortbleig l, in to. tvtf.ity ö' Oxford Tltre sto .t D.aught Mait ,, ad m Cvlding, Harnes for four fr-tarle, nea ly n, w, two v-r.- z d na row.wbeled "Vagg,, .wo ditto Deng Carr,, w.th i'lough, H,rrow, Roll, ' dies, a d otner Faiming Implcmcnt, J(o a Qunrtty 0 Oak and Aroele 'Ümber lhe Saie lolxgin at l'wo 01. ck in the Afternoon Catalogue ma be bad at tbe Ion, In Wlm y; pi, of Sal z an I 'he Aucti".ier, in W U , 1 1 rpc be SOLD uy A It 1 l o 1, X By MeiTr. CRJPl'S and COLÄ, m , On the PremilTc, in Abingdon, Berkt, on VV-dnefdry next tbe ati, Day of Septrmhrr, and followifg' Day, All the neat and genuine HO US HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE of Job BtPWltL, Eiq. d casedi cornprifing Mahogany Chelh upon Chest, Cbrstt of Drawer, a very elegant Book Cafe, Dinlng, Pornofokc, and other Table ; Mah gany Chaira, Pier and Swing Glaste j Tea and Cpffee Urn with Stand; M.,h,xmy Four Post and other B dlread, and Furnitttn ; ood se foaed Fcather Bed, Bold u, Uc. bandsome Carpet, an exceeding good Eighr-Vay Clock, Lhimney Oii,a,e!,, China, Glal,, sueen', and other Vatez Cuatlty vf Pewter in DiffirtTPIat, tc. a Lady'tSaddie an. Biidle, all Sons or Kitchen Requisites ; a valoable Library of Book,, confisting of Mortirnei', History of England, Stackhonse' Histnry of the Bible, Johnson' and Millar' Dictionarica, Milton, Work,, Harvey't Meditations, a Collectlon of Poem in fix Volume, Pop,', Wnikt, Spectator, Sterile' Sermon, Swift', W rk, !j VoIj. Clarendon' History ofthe Ribelllon, Dodd' New Testa- menf with Nrtc,, Echird'i Roman Hiiiory. aad many other starre and valuablr Book. - ' Catalogues will be rcirly in dtie Time, and may be hd at the Wheatlbeaf, Oxfod j Lamb, Wallingfoidj and of the Auctionecr's, Abingdon. 1 ' ' 1" May b yicwed the Day before, and Morning of Sal till Ten o'Clock, at which Time ehe Auction will begin. Tbe Auctioneers will go a i'ar into the Catalogue the firft Day aa may bc ereeaölc to the Company. N. B. At E ght o'Clock in the Evrning of the firft Day Sale, will be seid by Auction, t the Crown and Thittlr, one Eighth Share in a Capital l,m, known by tb Sijjt- nf tV ,Whif tt.arr. tifcvCU'u 0) A.L C l i O'iV. A By JOSEPH DUDLEY and SON, On Saturday th? ,410 Day of September, 1799, at tbt Cobham Arm Inn in Buckingham, b'tween the Hourt of Two and Five In the Afterno n, subject tn such Con-ditions of Sal- as will be then produced, A very defirable and improveable FREEHOLD and TYT51E-FREE EäTATE, fituate in the Parifit of Ansroe, In the' Coonry of Bock, comprifi g a fobtlantial Brick-built Farm House," Farm Yard, with large tritt nd the, requisite Out-Office,. Garden, Orchard, and Home Clofe adjoining, containing, by Admeaforcmrnt, SA, a. 34P, with a Nurnber of Timber I rre growing thereon Also n6A. R. i3P. of Nw Ikclojuü ARABLE. MEADOW, and P ASTURE LAND, lying in the faklPanft, and whereon i, erected a new Twelte-Sull Cuw.Hcose. For a View of the Estate apply to Mr. RobertCorbett, at Adstock, who Hl ffiew tbc Promiffe aad for further Particulars to the Auctionee,,, at Winslowj or Mr. Miller, Attorni y, Bückingham. TU be ö tn.ii. w A u v l'l o N, By W. HANDY , On Wednefday the ,8th Day of September, the three following Days, nd Monday tbe ,zd, All the entit Capital LIVE and DE AD STOCK onthe FARM, Stc. af the Right Hon. the EARLof PLYMGUTH, deceasid, at Hewell Orange, within four Mile, Jf Bromsgiuve, in the County of Worcester; coroprifing twelve Waggon Mare and Gcldin, Pair of seasoned Coach G.ldinaa, five Hackney ditto, three AlTr in Foil, one Covering ditto, fix Cow and Caive, ten Milch Cuw,. five In üaivog ditto, ane Cow with rearir.g BultCalf, ditto with two Cow Calve, four farOxen, one d.tto Heifr, 8,e Ycarlmg ditto, f ür one Yen old Steer, one high brtd Bull, ten valuable Rams, about $00 Sheep nd Lambt, severai Fancy Sheep, fixiern Pig, one nine.ineh wheeled Wagpn, two fix.lnch wheeled ditto, three arrow wheeled a,,te, one Trolley, nioe fix-inch wheelrd Carl, one Imail d';o, Sheep Cart, Water ditto, fil teen Sutt ol long and Filier Gear, Spike Roll.Cuok' Patent Scurilfr, duto beraphim one double Plough, severai single ditto, and Ha, row, two' Cast-iron Rolls, one I irge ditt with broad cast Wlutl, Grafs Cart, severai Hundred Paik and Field Huidlc, up-wards of One Hundred Thousand Bl icks, feveral Thon fand Drainlng ditto and Tile, Six Tbousand Hop Pulet., Srven P icket, and thtee Rumps of Hop,, about Two Hundied BuhVl nf Malt, feveral Sid , of Bacm, Qijantity ..r urt-thrcsliod Oats, upward of One Hnndred Tonal of well ertded Hay and Clover, Quamity uf seasonf d Oak, Elro, Poplar, and Fir Bnard, and Plan,, B.ack Pole, Tim vt in the Round and Square, severai Cw:. of Cold Tr in Caik,, the growing Crop r Rieb uf Lent Grain, n at two wheeled Chair with plated Harnes,, som fratoned fron b ,u ,d C ,ik, about Twrlve Hnndred well stlected Green-Hotife Plant,, many of th?m ne 0,ange nd Lemon, In füll bearing, sev -ra, Hundred Brace of fine meated Pike, Carp, Tench, 5cc. l.kewife severai Doxe of fine AavOured old Pott, kc. atwill be er,,ress-d in Cataltgoe, hich rnty be had in due Timt. at the principal Inn, i Stourbridge, Wolverhampton. Kldder rninsti-r, Bromfgrove, Warwick, Stratlond, Alcetser, and Droitwich z of the Printer, of th Oxf td, Coventy, Chu-erster, and Hereford Papera , at the Place'nf Sale'j and at the Auctioneers Foregate Streck, Worcester. The Sale to begin pre. Isely atfeti o'Clock each Mnrn ing, 1 d will concinue without IntermiflLn till each Day' Sale i, over. N. B. The Cuw, Sheep, and Pig Stock ar re rn ,rk-ably well bred, the Cow being of the lo, g-horned RolL rigbt Brecd, and the Sheep of th true Ltictster Kind, and will be seid in accnniodating Lot,. rfÜThcPsÖL D byAUC T I ON. JL on Satur.!ay the 8th of September, 1799, tg ther or in Lot, unlef previouflv seid ly privite Contract, An exceeding good DWELLING-HOUSE, with a !, table, Wood Houfe, Kirchen Gard n, w,Iled in and planted.witb choice Fru t Tree,, an Orchatd in soll bearing, and Clofe cd rieh Pasture diolning z cont,ining fit Acre,, fituate at Marston, two Mile from Oxford. A Cofftg-, Barn, Stahle, and Garden next to the above. A Melluage and Clofe of Pasture, conttin-ng one Acre and three Ooarter, at Marston aforefakl, and two Clofe- of rieh Parturr, wiihln one Mile of Oxford. The above are Copyhld of Inheriunce, held of the Manor of Headington, fohjcdt only to 1 imall Quit Rent, and Fine or Alienation. Also two DWELL1NG H0USES oppoöie the Mulle Roorn, In Holywell, Oxford, with the great Dancing Roorn adjoining, lately used sor Theatrical. Fr luither Particular, or to treat for the Purchafe, apply t-, Mr. Mcysey, Attorney, f'.n'vwi'', Oas-i'd. ' iU 1 i ." I, i. ... ELIOIBLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, CROWN and CUSH10N lÜH, at VX BRIDGE, MBADOW LAND, and TENEMENTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's Corfee Houfe, 'Cha ge Alley. CornhiÜ. on TUESDAY the istnf October, uTwa,, o'Clock in fix Lots, A Capital FREEHOLD ES l A I E. corn' prising the Crown and Ctalblnn Inn, fituate In th, et ntr of the Town of Uxbr!de, fiftecn Mile, seom Lond.in, at.d f(cqunnvd f .r mai.y Year by the first Familie, in Kiiid un. The principal Pattot the Heul-, Offices, fcc hale been lately ettctrd at a confiderable Eapence, Jnd contaln handsomt Apartment so the Accornrn dation f Com. anv t upward, .:f thlitv B-el Chamh.rt. . .1. ...... Ball Roorn and Orchtltra, C,rd and Waiti ,g Rooms a IpKioU Bar nd Kooni. adUoin: the r) venient, a d judidoufly arrang-dj 1 Tap Roorn, twp Vards, lorrounded by eicrllent Stabling for upwa,ds 0f i0 Ho.l'ev, enclosed: and ooen Coa b. M,,.,s. 1,1 ... Roomt, Blackfmith' Shop, See. an exc ll. nt Kitchea Garden walleu mund. finr M :.,w nf a. paled round, and tvfenty naw-bnüt Tmemcnt. wiib Gard n, to each. ' Mv be viewrd bv nolfint on the Pr -nlir... Panieular may be hadf and tlbe l.loy, Wt ml; iiiar. 1 1- . -- 11.- .u , . 7 "r ""R- u'""t "r nn, vfH.innrj tut in;-, Avl'lliuryj of Mr. Hil), AtMtn y, at UabrHtjpi hu, Woifhaou At tjinty, Casllr M-tt, Hol .,.1.1 at Glriawa' Crfs - Hllul'l -., jf Ml, Kob r. Clianc tv.. Wilk Stnvt, Ovldin kytet.

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