Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1962
Page 8
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune (tkr £>fsite^ True Life Adventures TOOTHY © 1062 Walt Disney PrnducUotif World Rights tteiorved HE SOUTH AMERICAN PIRANHAS ARE •R3LJR TO TEN INCHES ANTP HAWK GUPINS TOO NEAT? THE. SURfiNOS •WITH. H>S WINNER IN HIS TAL.ONS.... j-UOKV HE V-v">;. .•DOESN'T LOSE i-$ HIS ANN LANDERS 'Patients' Think Church is Office-Doctors Stay Home Dear Ann Landers: The letter signed "No Doctor In The House" burned me up. So the church was packed, was it, and when someone in the crowd fainted not a single doctor was present to administer aid to the stricken. The writer facetiously suggested it was safer for a person with a weak heart to go to the country club and play golf on Sunday than to attend church services, .since the country club was where all the doctors could be found. My husband is a physician. He •would love to 'attend church but he had to give it up. When we moved to this community several years ago we started out by. attending church services regularly. And then it be' gan — the line-up on the church steps and in the vestibule. People moved into our pew, they collared him on the way out and waited at the curb beside our car. "It's my shoulder, Doctor. I can hardly move my arm. Do you think it's bursitis or did I pull a ligament when I painted the garage?" "I hate to bother you, Doctor, but this little mole on Edgar's cheek seems to be getting bigger. Does it look like anything serious?" "Doc, I don't want to take your time in the office but I've had this dry cough for months. Can you suggest a cough syrup that -will help?" The final straw came when, during the singing of a hymn, a woman moved next to my husband with her child and asked him ,to look in the girl's throat and decide if she should have her tonsils removed. That was six- years ago and he' hasn't been back to church since. —IN SYMPATHY * * * Dear Ann Landers: This is the first time I've been moved to write to a newspaper. That letter signed "No Doctor In The House" did it. May I respectfully suggest that there may have been a dozen doctors in the house but they may •have been too smart to make i their presence known? There have been many cases where physicians have rushed to the aid of someone who had fainted or been injured. Then what happened? The patient died and the family sued the well-meaning physician for malpractice, A plumber would not hazard a guess concerning which- faucet is .leaking simply by standing outside the house. So why should a physician be expected to make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment ' when, if he is wrong, it could mean the end of his practice?— DALLAS READEB * * * '. Dear Ann Landers: I'm an R.N. who is married to a physician, May I give your readers an inside story? ' Sunday my husband came home from church disgusted. He said JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Swimming's Fine Way to Figure Beauty The gentle but effective exercise of swimming makes it the best figure molding activity for you. "I'm through attending church services. This morning the minister was interrupted twice to call me to the telephone. Last Sunday I was called out, and the Sunday before that I hadn't even sat down j before an usher handed me an emergency message." Would you like to know the nature of the last "emergency?" A woman was passing through town and her doctor in Houston asked her to phone to say hello. The "emergency" before that involved a woman who had a headache, She wanted to know whether to take a sleeping pill or a pain-killer. Now he says he is through with Sunday services. Do you blame him?-INSIDE STORY * * * Dear Ann Landers: I am 10 years old. My daddy is a doctor. He has- to get out of bed almost every night to take care of some sick person. The only time he can catch up on his sleep is Sunday morning. My daddy is a good man and he needs his rest. Mom says God knows everything, so he will surely forgive my daddy for not going to church on Sunday morning. -ELLEN Swimming is a Number One xjautifier of the figure. It works off fatty deposits, and creates curves without building lumpy muscles. Yet it is a mild exercise unless you go in for racing. This .5 true because the body weight is supported by water. The breast stroke is a great one for round shoulders and the thighs, 'and the overarm or crawl will build the bust measurement and slim the hips and abdomen. Water Exercises There also are exercises you can lake in the water which are magic for figure control and for flabbiness. For instance, hang onto a float or raft, the side of a pool.or .the end of a rowboat and do the following (which is corrective to inner thigh flabbiness and the bulge at the outside of the thighline): Separate the legs,, with stiff Are your parents loo strict? You can benefit from the experiences of thousands of teenagers if you write for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "How To Live With Your Parents," enclosing wilh your request 20 cents ill coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. 1 Ann Landers will be glad lo help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. Juvenile Hits Parked Car; Flees Scene A fifteen-year-old ..boy was charged with driving' without a driver's license and leaving the scene of a property damage accident after a crash at 631 High St. shortly before 5:30 a.m. Sunday. The automobile struck the park, ed sedan of James Pasquale and wlice found the red sedan aban- loned later. The boy will appear in juvenile court Wednesday. Three automobiles, driven by out-of-town drivers, collided at Fourth and Market Streets at 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Vehicles driven by James Ho- [er, 18, of Anderson, and William Droke, 30, of Kokomo, were stopped at the stop light when another car driven by Lowell Chenowelh, 18, of Centerville, struck the Drake automobile pushing it into the Hofer car. The front of the Chenoweth automobile, the front and rear of the Droke car, and the rear of the Hofer automobile were dam- There were no arrests nor injuries. Read the Want Ads! knees. Pull the legs together. Continue separating the legs and bringing them together, stiff knees throughout the exercise. This is especially effective because you move your legs against the pressure of the water. This exercise is good for the abdomen. Stand w.ith your back toward the edge of a pool or a rowboat. Lean back 'and grasp the edge with your hands. Move your legs up and down with Ihe scissors kick. Keep the knees stiff. Kick Again If you know how to float on your.back, do so, but keep yourself toward the top of the water with a little movement of your hands (out at your sides), Scissor kick-with your legs. Again ,hang onlo the edge of something. Bend your knees up close to your 'abdomen. Straighten, your legs. Continue. You can lake these exercises with great benefit, and you don't have to be a good swimmer to do them. But, if you are not a good swimmer, why not add zest to your swimming days 'by .learning a new stroke? You'd have fun! « * * If you would like lo have beginning inslrudions, or more advanced ones, you will find Ihem in my leaflet, "Learn To Swim." This will help you lo begin leaching your children to swim at home. If you would like to have this leaflet, send a stamped, self- addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 22 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newswaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1982) Food For Americans Today's Homes CHICAGO (UPI)-The proper padding increases carpet, durability and cuts noise, home furnishing experts say. If the cushioning is porous, it's easier for the vacuum to suck up hidden dirt. The most expensive carpet padding, foam rubber, is the most buoyant material known to man. It is moth-proof, vermin-proof, mildew-proof and porous. It stores neither dampness or dirt. Sponge rubber padding, though j slightly less expensive than foam rubber, doesn't have foam rubber's natural air conditioning. It isn't porous. Felted pads are available in all price ranges. Most expensive is Felted cattle hair. Hard to find, it is more durable than the felled pads of jute, which are at the lowest end of the price scale. Jute underlays tear easily and sometimes lend to bunch up under the rug. Under normal conditions, a 40- TEEN-AGER practices preparation of "Firecracker" burgers ounce pad will be serviceable. But and canned vegetable vinaigrette for the Fourth of July. it is better to get it in a waffle or tread pattern so air pockels will form between the rugs and the padding, making vacuuming easier. Foam rubber underlays can be purchased with a smooth surface because they have built in air pockets. A pad of one-quarter inch or slightly more will provide enough springiness if the underlay is genuine foam rubber. If the heels sink in too much, it can be dangerous — especially on stairways. Man Wounded RICHMOND, Ind. (DPI) - Ora Riley, 57, Richmond, was in fair condition today in a hospital here from shotgun wounds police said were inflicted by his wife during an argument. Authorities said Riley's wife, Alice, 47, told her husband to "stand up and take it like a man" when she leveled the weapon at him'as he sat in their home Saturday night. Police said four persons in the house with the Rileys at the time said Riley was shot in the abdomen"! when he stood as his wife had ordered. GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Hamburger, of course, is as American as the Fourth of July. But we.know some teenagers who have invented "Firecracker" burgers as something special for Independence Day. They are cylindrically-shaped. The less you handle the meat, the belter. Cook first in a skillet for crisp outer crust. Then 'a barbeque sauce is added. "FIRECRACKER" BURGERS (Yield: 8 servings) 2 pounds ground beef I 2 teaspoons inonosodiiun glutn- mate l'/a teaspoons suit 'A teaspoon pepper % cup prepared* mustard % cup unsulphured molasses V* cup vinegar 1 can (8-ounces) tomato sauce 1 tablespoon instant minced onion • ' 2 teaspoons celery seed (optional) Sprinkle beef with monosodium glutamate, salt and, pepper; toss lightly to .distribute i ingredients. Divide meat into 8 portions. -Form into cylindrical shape to fit frankfurter rolls. Brown quickly on all sides in skillet. Blend together prepared mustard and molasses. Stir in remaining ingredients. Add to skillet. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer 5 to 10 minutes. If desired, serve with scallions, CANNED VEGETABLE VINAIGRETTE (Yield: 8 servings) 1 can (20-ounces) chick pens 1 can (6-oimccs) whole mushrooms 1 can (1-pbund) artichoke hearts 2/3 cup French dressing 2 tablespoons very finely chopped green pepper 2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley 2 tablespoons finely chopped chives 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh dill '/i teaspoon salt Drain vegetables.. Reserve liquids to use in sauces, gravies, and soups. 1 Combine remaining ingredients. Pour over vegetables in cans; let stand several hours or overnight. To serve, /arrange vegetables on mixed greens in salad bowl. Pour marinade over vegetables and greens. FREE HEARING TESTS Good Books United Press International The Prize, by .Irving Wallace (Simon and Schuster $5.95): As a cast of characters for (his novel Wallace has assembled the craziest, most mixed-up group of Nobel prize winners that ever troubled a loyal Swede's dreams. He imagines a Nobel lineup including: Drs. Claude and Denise Marceau, French husband-and-wife team who qualify jointly for the chemistry prize and who are industriously unfaithful to each other whenever there is no professional challenge in sight; Dr. John Garret!, who lias a paranoid hale for Dr. Carlo Farelli, the Italian with whom he must share the medical .'prize; Emily' Stratman, beautiful niece of the physics winner, who has been so crippled emotionally by concen I ration camp horrors in Nazi Germany that she is extremely frigid.' To these Wallace adds Andrew Craig, the alcoholic literature prize winner. Their high jinks take place against a carefully reproduced background of Nobel week, an auspicious annual -event in the Swedish calendar. It's lucky the Swedes aren't a warlike people. * # * The Yorkist Age, by Paul Murray Kendall (Norton $6.50): Fifteenth-century England during (he Wars of the Roses, has come to be regarded as a dark and bloody land. Kendall of Ohio University, who has done some intensive research on the period, begs to differ. In this book he argues that the 15th century was in fact a period of prosperity and progress during which the wars were only incidental. He says people who talk about "Merrie Eng land" are actualy referring to the latter half of the 15th century, whether they know it or not. Kendall advances imposing evidence lo support his theory. #. * * Ding's Half Century, by ..I. N. Darling, edited by John M. Henry (Duell, Sloan and Pearce $3.95): Darling was 'probably the most influential American cartoonist of the first half of Hie 20th century. His drawings, published in daily newspapers Ihroughout the coun- Iry, commented succinctly on political campaigns, Presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Eisenhower, dictators from the Kaiser to Stalin, wars, depressions, taxes and national foibles. "Ding," as he signed his cartoons, for the most part relied on gentle spoofing rather than bitter satire to make his points. The cartoons, arranged chronologically have captions and commentaries by John Henry. * * * The Science Mylh, by Magnus Pkye (Macmillan $4): Our Synthetic Environment, by Lewis Herber (Knopf $4.95): Civilization is not an unmixed blessing. It subjects modern man ^o hazards that were unknown jwhen life was simpler and. of course, shorter. Pyke's modern man is 'a conformist who has been cut to a size and shape to fit the industrial age. Of course the cutting and fitting play havoc with the well-being of those who are inclined to be out-size or undersize and Fyke points out these discomfitures with wry humor. Herber's modern man suffers from his artificial environment and the synthetics with which he feeds, doses and poisons himself Monday Evening, June 25, 1952. CROSSWORD PUZZLE An " ACROSS 1-Black . 6-Former Russian ruler fl-Emmet l--liisi£nlficant 13-KljiB ot the Huns U-Pedal digit ' L6-Proi»ou» !6-J]-eland IS-Con junction 20-SymboI for tantalum 22-Male deer 24-i1.occaslns 27-Posaesslvo pronoun ZS-Piumlike fruit 3]-Decay 32-.Mime of jjopiry 34-Secure 3G-CompRss point XT-Short. 39-l.Rbor hard 41-Sun sod 42-Brewer'a yeast 44-Took one's nivrt 4S-Crafly 47-Placed •O-WolKht of India, (pi.) liO-Verve 62-En treaty 54 -Conjunction Sfi-lhifooked fi7-Path M-Pm position Cl-BalfRT-'s product 63-Dnnish measura 6fi-S1ave 67-PoHHfiRpIVe pronoun 68-l.onff, slender fish (pi.) M-Tardy DOWN 1-Sle.nder finlal 2-Fal. chubby pp.rRon R-Prepositlon 4-Brood of pheasanls 6-Fruit cakes 6-T'akea unlawfully 7-Man'n 'nick mime S-Bone or body 9-Essence - 10-NeBRliva 11-Symlinl for tellurium ]7-Exlsts Jfl-Afoove 21-Sandarac Irne 2S-Tlbelnn KaXClles 25-Fully Informed- 26-SptrltPd horses 27-Funeral car 2S-Stumn of tree 30-Xeu'lK 3o-Somi- prpclous sum* 35-*Joddp«s of discord 3S-Snnri> 40-Menlal !m afire 43-Klmi ot moth S8-l<amuif.v officials S3 -A con Uncut (ahbr. nrticlf; 56-Move from side to Hi do mound fil-Prcfix: twice 62-Guido's low note 64-A xlato (abbr.) GG-A continent (nbbr.) 68 i 69 ro 11 Dlitr, by United F««turt iiyndicatc, Inc. ZS 60 Local Couple Hosts For National Meet Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Roberson, 227 Riverview St., city, served as official host and hostess for the convention of the National Concrete Burial Vault Associalion held during (.lie past week at the French Lick hotel. Roberson is president of (he Indiana Burial Vault Association. Approximately 200 vault manufacturers from the UnitediSlales and Canada attended. Small Flora Truck Damaged by Fire City firemen extinguished a fire in an unoccupied half-Ion truck at 2:08 a.m. Monday. The truck, parked at 1710 Woodlawn Ave., was believed lo have been owned by James Craft, of Flora. The fire was confined lo the seal cushion and back of the cab. Bigamy Charges ROME tUPI) - Italian magistrates today ordered Sophia Loren and her husband Carlo Ponti lo stand trial on charges of bigamy. A dale for Ihe Irial was not set immediately. The charges stem from the couple's Mexican proxy marriage of Sept. 27, 1957, which they have been trying to annul just to escape the bigamy action. Under Ilalian law, Ponti still is married to his first wife, Guiliana Fiastra, daughter of an Italian general. Local Students Enrolled at Indiana State TERRE HAUTE, Ind.-Enrollment for Ihe first five-week summer session at Indiana Stale College has increased 8 per cent over the corresponding period last summer, 'fhe figure now standing at 3021 students is expecled lo go higher wh.;n registrations for several more workshops arc completed. Among ihe local area students enrolled for study during (he cur- rest five-wi>ek session are: LOGAN.'!PORT: James A. Hipsher, 514 Heath: Rulh Ann Hipsher, 514 Heath; John David Houk, 311 Hxtecnth St.; Jerry Lee Keener, i:t07 High; Donald J. Logan, 2!l-)l High St.; James Hamm Muss, rural route !>; Ron 0. Nazerine, 731 Seventeenth. WALTOIv-Linda Rae McCoy, rural routd 2; Janet Ann Reep, rural rout<! 2. SKYLINE TONITE! 2 New Hits At 10:15 KNIGHT- DUGGAg At 8:30 GEMW mown -wear MM • zim MMM Fireworks July 3 5^wT»v&m flfwjyjjjj; * ,m HEARING TESTS ' IN THE * snwiet a" SSf STATE'S LARGEST MOBILE HEARING TEST LABORATORY IN LOGANSPORT AGAIN ONE DAY ONLY-TUESDAY,JUNE 26-10a.m.to5p.m. ON BROADWAY IN FRONT OF CITY BUILDING lATE Doors Open 1 p .m. WALT DISNEY "BigRed"atT:15;4;7;9;45 "Dessert" ot 2:55; 5:45; 8:40 Children 35c -ALSO- TECHNICOUr -PLUS PLUTO CARTOON Have You Entered BIG RED coloring contest? for Details Sea "SPORTLAND" —in foods, medicines and atmosphere. This is a serious treatise, with much supporting data to show that modern man is being eroded mentally and physically by the products of his own cleverness. 5-Day Forecast By United- Press Intcrnatio-nal Northern 3rd Indiana 54)AY OUTLOOK: Temperatures will .average 2 to 4 degrees below normal. Normal highs 82 (o 87. Normal lows 59 lo 64. Cooler Tuesday nnd Tuesday night, Ihen warmer Idle in (he week. Precipitation will total about one-fourth inch norlh to one-half inch or more soulh occurring mainly late in the W'?ek although chnnce of some showers southern sections about Wednesday. Ccntnil & Soulh Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK: Tempera- lures will -iverage 3 degrees below normal. Normal highs 84 to 88. Normal Inws 62 to 66. Turning cooler Tuesday night and a little warmer Jriday and Saturday. Precipitation will total around one-half inch as showers and thunderslinwers mostly Tuesday and Wednesday. ,• J LADIES . . . ! You can get a Hair Cut, Shampoo. Permanent Wave I and Set for just pennies more Ihan a home job. * '* Think it over. WEDEKIND BEAUTY COLLEGE 523 Market St. Phone 3572 SALE ENDS SATURDAY * PANTS * SKIRTS (Plain) * SWEATERS * BLOUSES * SPORT SHIRTS YOU MUST GARMENTS OR MORE DRAPES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED AND PRESSED 25 % OFF 06 CLEANERS 705 NORTH THIRD STRICT

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