Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 14, 1957 · Page 39
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 39

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 39
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Thursday Evening, November 14, 1957. DELPHI MEETING Bronson Says County Soil Needs More Lime About 81.8 per cent of the soil in Cass county is in need of additional application of lime, according to Roy Bronson of the Purdue University agricultural depart-! partment. Bronson told 82 persons at a district fertilizer and lime school in Delphi Wednesday that an aver- 'age of two tons per acre should be applied each year to realize the best production. Cass county was one of four counties ir which soil tests were made. The lime haulers and fertilizer dealers' were told that sifting the lime through a fine mesh sieve before applying would cause it to dissolve more quickly and benefit the soil to a greater extent. By sifting 40 per cent or more of the lime through a 60 mesh fieve, it will dissolve over a three year period. If sifted through a sieve of less than sixty mesh, only two-thirds of the lime will c'issoive. and if sifted through a sieve of less than 20 mesh, only one-third will dissolve. 1C the lime is not sifted at all, it will last for years and will not benefit the soil. Other talks at the session were given by Stan Barber and Paul Robbins, both of Purdue. Barber spoke on "Features of Relationship of Lime With Other Plant Food Elements." Robbins talked on "Economical Use of Fertilizer." Eight persons .from Cass county attended the meeting. They were: Cliff Nice, Don Gordon and Ernest Homburg, lime haulers; Frank Lind, and George Metz, fertilizer dealers; Max Brandt, Soil Conservation Service official; Gus W. Thias, county agricultural agent; and Earl James, Better Farming and Better Living agent. Spook Urges Cooperation In NATO PARIS (UP)—Paul-Henri Spaak, NATO secretary general, warned the l;l-nation organization today "we niMst have both washing machines and Sputniks or all of us together will become second rati: powers." The only way the alliance can manage both, he said, is to coop- crate in the sharing of scientific | information. ' Spaak, former foreign minister ; of Belgium, said, "the Sputnik has been a powerful ally and I am grateful to the Russians. The democratic nations have to be pinched awake now and then." "Russian science has reached a very high level," Spaak told the NATO parliamentary conference;. "However it has not been said often enough that this has been achieved to the detriment of, their standards of living. "Despite our military efforts in the West, our standards of living have not fallen." He said that if the West is to have both advanced weapons and high living standards "we can only do it together." NOTJCK STATE OF INDIANA ) ) SS: COl:N'TV OF CASS . J NOTICE TO ALL PERSON'S IN"- TEliESTliD IN THE. .ESTATE OF Jlart,-uret A. Fitzer. In the Circuit Court of O.'iss County, November, Torin. 1957. CAUSK XUMBKR 137DS In the mjtttor of the Kn:a*.e of MAI'iGAHKT A. FITKEK. deceased. Notice is hereby £lwri that RUBY A. MOOKR. iis Adminlstra- trlx of the jibove named estate, has presented and filed ht;r account in final settlement oc said estate, and that the same will cnme up for the examination and action of saitl Circuit Court, on the 3rd. day of December, 11*57, at u-hich time all persons interested In said estate are required to appear in said court and show cause, if any there lie, why said account should Tint he approved. And the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are also required to.M»- pear and make proof of their heir- ship or claim to any part of said estate. RUBY A, MOOR15 Personal Representative O'Neill & O'Neill Attorneys For Estate 7-14 Logansport Serviceman Stationed in Germany Pfc. Merrill G. Neal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neal, 31 Eel River avenue, is'stationecl at Gonsenheim, Germany, following completion of schooling at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Ata. Neal is an electronics repairman. HLs address is Pfc. Merrill Nenl, US 55583821, 39th Ord. Det., A£'0 185, New York, N. Y. A-BOMBS ANYTIME — Lt. Gen. Thomas S. Power (above) told a NATO meeting in Paris that a button can be pressed in the U. .S. Strategic Air Command headquarters at Omaha, Neb., which will have atom bombers in the air within 15 minutes from 70 bases all over the world; He said some combat- loaded SAC bombers are in the air "every minute of the day and night," and every crew has specific target. (International^ Sleepy Woman Driver Killed on Toll Road ANGOLA (UP)—Mrs. Lucile M. McGuian, 53, Toledo, Ohio, was killed Wednesday when she apparently fell asleep, and her car went out of control along the Northern Indiana Toll Road east of here. State police said the vehicle skidded on the wet pavement, hurled down an embankment and crashed into a culvert. Mrs. Mc- Guian died a short time later in an Angola hospital. A state police trooper had checked Mrs. McGuian and found her asleep when he noticed her car pulled off the road 21 miles west of the scene of the accident. She told him she was resting before continuing her trip. Check Caiuse OH-Year-Old Girl's Ailment INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—A 4-year- old girl was treated in General Hospital for "first and second- degree burns" over her entire body Wednesday, but there were conflicting reports whether the injuries were caused by "torture" or cold sores. . Hospital 'authorities said Ella j Faye Adams, daughter of. Allia Adams Willis, 24, Springfield, Mo., sustained burns and i.lso had a badly bruised body. Mrs. Willis, who later took her daughter from the hospital and left for Springfield, said she left Ella Faye at the"hom<! of an in- law at • Martinsville two months ( ago" while she went to Missouri to j look for a house and work as aj (waitress. She told authorities she 1 morning to get the Child and found Ella Faye shut in a pantry, her body covered with bruises and burns. "I just died when I saw her Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fifteen • Nikita Jabs at West for Losing Big Rocket Race there," Mrs. Willis said, "I just die whenever I think about it." She said she asked the child what happened and Ella Faye replied, "'Auntie' did it to me when I cried." Mrs. Willis said the rela- her "Ella had cold live told sores." iviuiodii VAJUIH.J untLiii • I*,I.UL ^voucned lor uic lamny cuiu acuu Young said he talked to the rela-jthey knew of nothing the couple tiun ahnut the incident. r r tr i in iVio crirl Morgan County Sheriff Victor BANK ROBBER AT 15—Arkansas State Trooper Forrest Booth removes handcuffs from 15-year-old Robert Somnltz as Baxter Hall, 34:, sits by after the pair's arrest in .robbery of a bank in Kensett, Ark. They were picked up in_ DCS 'Are, 20 miles from Kensett. f International Soundjihoto I By HENKY SHAPIRO United Press Staff Correspondent MOSCOW (UP) — .Communist .'arty chief Nikita S. Khrushchev took his wife out for one of her rare public appearances Wednesday night and spent the evening making jibes at the West. He said it would be a long .time before the West ever caught up on rocket development. While Mrs. Khrushchev stayed on the sidelines at an Egyptian embassy reception, a grinning -nd ;acular Khrushchev twitted Western reporters about the United States lagging in the missile field [out on what plans the government " had for Marshal Georgi Zhukor ,who was ousted from the PresI-• jdium, the Central Committee and • his post as defense minister but he did say Zhukov now is in Moscow "although he can go any-; where he likes." ^ He said the -Soviet Union would always give Zhukov credit for his ; military prowess -but "he didn't • make out so well as a political; figure." : Asked whether he would like fo . visit the United States, Khi-ush-; chev replied: "I have been asked • a million she wrote a letter to Mrs. 'Willis telling her to come and get the child. "She walked in Wednesday morning with a man I had never seen and left with Ella Faye," Young quoted her. Young said several neighbors vouched for the family and said tive about the incident. "She denied she did anything," Young said. He said she told him the child suffered from cold sores about the face and over the entire body. She told Young the child was constantly irritating the sores and she had to treat them with medication. Young said the relative bold him did to Mrs. .Willis .said before leaving for Springfield that she did not intend to file charges because "my husband's mother has 'been having a series of heart attacks and" this would just kill her." Eisenhower to Golf in Georgia AUGUSTA, Ga'. (UP) —.President Eisenhower is expected to' arrive here Friday for a long) weekend of golf and relaxation. The President flew back to Washington Wednesday night after his "future security" speech in [Oklahoma City. Before leaving he ' inrlinntnft nnHltnff rinH ariQPTl t'fl 111- Read the Classified Ads terfere with his for a trip to the vacatioa White House, and a definite announcement was expected today. Friday morning Eisenhower is to confer with cabinet members in Washington and is expected to fly here after that meeting. Minister of War Maj. Gen. Abdel Hakim Amer but Khrushchev was the_life of the parly. Says Russia is Ahead Khrushchev glibly told newsmen that the Soviet. Union is well in advance, of the United States in rocket development but he said Russia would be willing to agree with the United Slates that all the rockets of both countries "be sunk in the sea." He was particularly playful with British reporters and told them "Britain doesn't have an independent foreign policy any more." "In the Soviet Union we have Sputniks and in the West you have satellites," he said. Asked whether he meant Britain was a satellite of the United States, Khrushchev replied: "Do you-dobut it? Does Macmillan visit Eisenhower or does Eisenhower visit Macmillan?" Mum On Zhukov Future •Khrushchev refused to be drawn But he said Russia would be glad to receive President Eisenhower and Secrelary of Stale John Foster Dulles as "dear friends.' Suffers Severe Leg Injuries; Hit By Car on Highway RICHMOND (UP)-Charles H. Norman, 36, a Richmond garage mechanic, was in serious condition in Reid Hospital here today following an auto accident which severed his right fool and badly mangled his left leg Wednesday. Authorities said Norman and Robert C. Wallace, 40, also a', mechanic, were working on a stalled car in the rain along U.S.35 northwest of here when a car driven by Gerald M. Adams, 47, Anderson, went out of control on the wet road and smashed into the .two men. Wallace was in "fair" condition with a broken leg. Jesvel's Reward, 2-year-old colt, won his fourth stakes race of 1957 when he won the Champagne Stakes at Belmont Park. Mrs. Elizabeth Graham bought the colt for $3,500. By winning the Cham- j pagne he ran his earnings to $234,295. PUBLIC SALE Of Real Estate and Personal Property SATURDAY, NOV. 16—11:00 A. M. Farm to sell at 1:00 p.m. (Prompt). Located I'/z miles south and % mile west Camden; 3% miles north and % mile west Flora. FARM—57 acres in Carroll county of well-improved all tillable, level farm land with 7-room modern farm dwelling, having 4 rooms down, with bath; furnace on main floor; 3 rooms up; modern kitchen built-in cabinets; new gas furnace with 1000-gal. tank; new bathroom; small basement, all'cemented; good garage and outbuildings; 2 poultry houses, one 10x20, excellent condition, one 10x28, fair condition; barn 60x24 with 12' shed on south end; all buildings in good condition; corn crib capacity of 1000 bushel; granary capacity o£ 300 bushel; fair to good fences. This is one of the nicest clean farm homes of this community; 2 good driven wells; water to barn, poultry house. TERMS OF SALE—Purchaser will have two options to buy this real estate. First option: Buyer shall pay 30% in cash the day of sale and the balance any time on or before February 1, 1958, upon receipt of deed of general warranty and abstract showing insurable title. Option Two: Buyer can purchase real estate on contract, shall pay not to exceed 30% down, balance to be payable in ten equal installments, first payment to be made at a time agreed upon in 1958; balance of installments same tim e each year thereafter. Unpaid balance of contract to draw interest at the rate of 5% per annum, payable semi-annually on unpaid principal balances. Buyer can pay contract off at any time after five years. Warranty deed and abstract showing insurable title to be given at time -of final payment under contract. Contract to contain usual and customary clauses where real estate is sold on contract to protect both seller and buyer. Seller will pay taxes for 1957 payable in 1958. Buyer to assume all taxes thereafter, under either plan. POSSESSION—Buildings Dec. 1. 1957; Land, Jan. 1, 1958. Interested buyers of real estate can talk with Bishop & Bishop, attorneys, or the auctioneer or realtor, if they are interested in purchasing real estate under contract prior to sale. PERSONAL PROPERTY NOTE—House trailer previously advertised will not be sold. AUTOMOBILE—1956 "210" two-door Chevrolet, green, with Power Glide, only 5000 miles. Anyone wanting to finance this car or house- trailer contact owner or auctioneer before day. of sale. CORN—800 bushels, more or less, new yellow corn. CLOVER SEED—6 bushels certified Little Red clover seed. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ETC.—1 biue living room suite; 2 platform rockers and hassock; 3 rocking chairs; 11 cane-bottom straight chairs; 3 kitchen chairs; 1 double drop-leaf extension table; 1 drop-leaf table; 1 nine-foot Servel gas refrigerator, with freezing compartment; one 36-inch Magic Chef gas range, both li'xe new; 1 floor lamp; 1 roL'iaway bed and mattress; 2 old-fashionea bureaus; 1 clothes rack; 1 Bissell hand sweeper; bedside stands;, one 54-inch wood bed with good as new springs and new innerspring mattress; three 48-inch wood beds with springs; 2 cotton mattresses; 2 good innerspring mattresses; 1 large home-made wooden wardrobe; 1 end-table; several mirrors; 1 chest of drawers; 1 dresser, with mirror; odd strips of carpet; 4 strips good 36-inch rag carpet, 14 feet and 5 inches long; 16 yards new 38'A-inch wide cotton rag carpet; 1 featherbed and other bedding; 1 wash boiler; 1 zinc table-top cabinet; canned fruit; disnes and cooking utensils; 1 high-chair; empty cans and stone jars; 2 large electric brooder stoves; 2 lawn chairs; chicken feeders and fountains; 2 step-ladders; 2 electric lawn mowers; garden plows and tools; double laundry tubs; 1 Maytag washer; 1 single wash-tub and stand; butchering tools: home-made soap; 1 thirty-gallon feed cooker; 1 jron kettle: some grain sacks; 1 drop-leal table with three boards; 1 Easy Spin-Dry washer, in good shape; 4, plastic-covered kitchen chairs; 1 floor lamp; 1 child's high-chair: about 60 ft. 28" wide copper screen wire; some carpenter tools; 1 hand mower; 1 small platform scales; 1 good post-hole digger; 1 steel post driver; garden hose; 1 pump- jack; electric motor; one 28-foot extension ladder; one 12-foot farm gate- 1 lawn roller; 2 wooden wheelbarrows; about 140 feet of inch rope; about 35 steel posts; almost full roll of barbed wire; Sears pressure pump, and many other articles not herein listed. TERMS—CASH. The seller will not be responsible for any accidents. Lunch will be served by Lower Deer Creek Ladies. MRS. PERRY MILLER, Seller Camden, Indiana Ralph Rinehart, Auct., Phone 11, Flora. Morris Wagoner Clerk. • John H. Flora, Realtor ^Jo neduce? 'Do gain weight? 'Do gain discuss tliis mlAacafipusCu diqd-pnoteih . , -j -^j « b/teati Mtk you/i ciocto/t today. ontou Only 47.4 calories per 18 gram slice! •taut ounces d Contour uii supply 45.5% d tie daily Z) « \ \ *j allowances d p/ioteiti |oit on uctoe 'worn. 25 yeans oj age. Compared with other foods as you buy them, Contour Special Formula Bread gives you generous quantities of balanced protein. Contour Bread contains as rruch protein in one pound (one loaf) as 3 pints of whole milk, or 8 fresrreggs, or 2'/2 pork chops. The following table lists the percentages by weight or amounts of the food substances in Contour Special Formula Bread essential to body tissue growth and repair.- Proteins - 11.0% ' Minerals-2.1% .Calcium-0.08% Vitamin Bi— , 2.0 MGS./LB. Niacin — Lactalbumin —3.1 % Vitamin 82 — 1.3 MGS./LB. 18.8 MGS./LB. Iron-14.8 MGS./LB. Contour Special Formula Bread has been fortified with Lactalbumin, a milk protein containing lysine an essential amino acid that provides nitrogen balance. Whot does this mean in terms of nutrition to a person on a diet? Simply this. These food substances added to bread enable the body to convert 100% of the protein intake from bread for its use. Bread wifhout lysine, only 80 /o of the protein can be converted, and from bread without milk solids and Lactalbumin only 20 /o of the protein can be converted for body use. Thus, Contour with these added food substances not- only is high in prorein but provides a nitrogen balance so necessary, for body tissue growth ond repair. Combines animal! and ce/tead p/toteins If you are one of the millions who are calorie conscious, remember this. When low quality proteins alone are consumed the human body utilizes them mainly as heat and energy. This causes greater surpluses of fat and carbohydrates to be stored resulting in a need for additional protein and subsequently more calories. But the proteins in'Contour are balanced, complete proteins, 100% usable for tissue building, so essential to both sexes of all ages. So be sure to eat foods that are high in balanced proteins. Buy Contour Special Formula Bread Today. Contoa/t tastes qood-toasts good, too! . ^-s . j ^ With all the special benefits of Contour you also get a real bonus in flavor because Contour is not only good for you, but it tastes good. For a real treat try Contour toasted. Toasting bongs out all the fine, fresh flavor of auality ingredients and makes eating Contour a genu.ne pleasure. SPECIAL FORMllA BREAD \ot BY THE BAKERS OF COLONIAL BREAD PUBLIC UBRMW

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