Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call and get a sample bottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at .MONEY TO LOAN, n any sum at the LOWEST rates. Private t-un only. Money alvojE In baod. So red tape or daisy. Interest, and principal payable ID Logons port. Speolnl arrangements as to payment o principal and Interest,'mudo to suit the wishes o Oorrowor. For further partloolarB apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. Cl-1 Fonrt! street, opposite Court House. MONEY, . General Insurance and Louis. All kinds ot In- •nranoo plooad In nrst claas oompanlea. Endow- msut policies pnrottu>ed. Bonds of mretyai.. written (or parties holding poelttens of trnn where a bond la reqnlred. 319 PEAKt ST. S. M. C loss on Pianos Timed, $1.50 For the purpose of Introducing HIT work to the musical people ol LoRnnsport I have reduced my price lor tuning Pianos, $2.50 to SI.50. I also keep on hand a Iiill supplj ot repairing material. Pianos repollshed, restrung, new namraers, tone Tegulated, action rewalted, the touch changed heavy or light. First-class work. 33 years experience- Orders by mall or left at Allen Richardson^, 411 Fourth Street- Organs as above, rnarlldSm W. D. C.VPKON. FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street . Welcome to All. THE Planchette, Tlie Most Wonderful Gamt Out. Tobeliaclat Tlie Grand Bazaar, Don't £Wait lUntii they are all Sold, but Come at Once. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Saturday, March 14th Otto'* New IWare. Otto A. Kraus returned yesterday from Cambridge City where he attended Lackey's combination horse sale. Otto comes back with a new driver to take the place of his late lamented "Brewster." The new 'boss" is a beauty and is described as follows iu the catalogue: .MISS .I'UTXAJr. Brown mare; foaled 18S7. Bred by Mr. McGee, Rusbville Ind., and owned by 0. E. Crowe, Milton, Ind. Sired by General Putnam, jr., by General Putnam 9078 (sire of Major, 2 : 243; Victor 98783, sire of Lady Willington, 2;2o}), by Rolla, son of Black Hawk 5. 1st dam—Dollie, by Farmers' Friend. 2d dam—Fannie, by Pete Guffin, sire of the dams of Chance. 2-.-2Q\; Otto K., 2:24.]; Lona Guffin. 2:2;U. • Miss Putnam is a nice, rangy, brown mare. 1G hands high, is a splendid driver, has no tricks; is perfectly gentle in and out of harness: was driven by a lady all last summer; is sold for no fault. From the above it would appear that OLIO has got hold of a nice little mare; that is if pedignie counts anything, and it is popularly supposed so to do. The consideration is not stated. • RAPID TRANSPORTATION. Lieutenant CIui.se'H Elcvivtetl Eloctrio Ciililp Koad Sj-Ktcm, Lieut. G. N. Chase. U. S. A., has discovered a system of rapid transportation which, says the New York Telegram, may revolutionize all other systems and in time be of almost inestimable value to commerce. The project is not in its infancy, having been twice tested, the most flattering success attending eiieli trial. Lieut. Cluisc terms his scheme "the electric elevated." It consists of an elevated electric eiiblewuy, mounted on rigid uprights. The cable will be used to guide the car. which is partly a balloon. The motive power will be electricity, and to the top of each car will be attached a reservoir charged with hydrogen gas. These reservoirs will be built of the strongest material, stiffened The Fireman's Ward COMPANY. PRICES •23, SO. 75 cent* Seats on sale at Keesling's drug store. Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 14. Logansport Brewing C o Genuine Old and Ripe Bock be on the Market Next SATURDAY, March 14th. Spring jackets—Golden Rule. Standard quality, always.—Golden Rule. It looks like the French market at Orleans this morning, at Foley's. Miss Carrie Thompson, of Indianapolis, is in the city, the guest of Mrs.D. W. Tomlinson. MajorMcFadin is visiting old friends atDvvight, Illinois. The Major has been absent a week or more. Mrs. C. B. Stuart, of Lafayette, and Miss Clarke, of Brooklyn, are the guests of Mrs. S. T. McConnell. "Why, Maud, how your complexion has improved." "Yes, I took B. F. Keesling's advice, and use the famous 'Blush of Roses. ll; 11— Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence, sexual weakness,' pimples cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling's. (6) Ferguson & Mack's most laughable of all farce comedies, "McCarty's Mishaps," is billed for Dolan's next Wednesday night. This play is an old favorite here. The Bartenders Mutual Aid Asso ciation held an interesting meeting at their hall last evening. An enjoyable feature of the session was an elegant supper which Frank Beamer sent up to the boys. In the Circuit court yesterday Judge McConnell sentenced Henry Whipple, Andy Martin, Henry Sbiers and Frank Fouls to the reform school. The lads were arrested for stealing from Pan Handle cabooses and in the yards. Wm. McDonald, sr., hag volunteered his services to aid in the soli- tation of funds for the park plan'and will head the list which he will circu- ,ate with bis personal subscription for &100. Mr. McDonald is deeply in- u erested in the park scheme and firmly believes in its successful issue. He as .veil as other leading citizens on High itreet see what a, vast benefit the es- ablishment of the park would prove o their prosperity. The above great. sensational com- dy to be presented at Dolan's to- light is new to Logansport theater [•oers, but the press of the country peak in the highest terms of the play .nd the charming little soubrette, Miss Ollie Rodpath whose work places er in a distinctive position on the American comedy stage. The plot is imple and pleasing yet contains suf- cient of the sensational and intro- uces climaxes so thrilling that the udienceis held .enrapt throughout, esides the fire scene and the thrill-, ng work of the fire department, there s enough other sensational matter to make/the play go with a whirl. John IV. McQuiddy Capt. John W. McQuiddy, the grand instructor of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, is dying at his home in Indianapolis. Through his . many- years of service in the order Mr. McQuiddy was known in almost every lodge of Odd Fellows in the United States. It is said of him that he could take by !,ho hand and call by name more than half of the members of the order in Indiana. To Mr. McQuiddy, perhaps, more than any other single person, is due the wonderful growth and prosperity of the order in Indiana. The best years of his life were devoted, exclusively to the building up of the order. Capt. McQuiddy has freqnent- ly spoken before gatherings of Odd Fellows in this city, and is known personally and warmly admired by nearly every Odd Fellow in the city. The news of his dangerous illness will be received with universal regret, e;- pecially among Odd Fellovvs. Charming people, these exceptional people! Here's a medicine—Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for instance, and it's cured hundreds, thousands that"re known, thousands that're unknown, and yet yours is an exceptional case! Do you think that bit of human nature which you call ••I" is diffrent from the other parcels of human nature? "But you don't know my case.'' Good friend, in ninety-nine cases, the causes are the same, impure blood—and that's why "Golden Medical Discovery" cures ninety-nine out of every hundred. You may be the exception. And you may not. But would you rather be well? If you're the exception it costs you nothing, you get your money - back—but suppose it cures you? Let tho "Golden Medical Discovery" take the risk. 1C Vour Hniiso Is 1111 Fire You put water on the burning timbers not on the smoke. Aad if you have catarrah you should attack the disease in the blood, not in your nose. Remove the impure causc, ( and the local effect subsides. To do this, take Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great blood purifier, which radically and permanently cures catarrh. It also strengthens the nerves. Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla. 3 A pleasant progressive hearts party was given by Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. Wilson last evening at their Beautiful residence on Eel River avenue. The following guests from a distance were present: Mrs. C. B. Stuart, Lafayette. Mi*s Carrie Thompson, Indianapolis; Miss White, London, Eng.; Miss Clark, Brooklyn; Mrs. Mag-ill, Chicag*; Mrs. Maish, Cincinnati, O., Miss Hopkins, Illinois. Slie Suffered lor Fifteen TCanrn. My wife has suffered for fifteen years from congestion and painful menstruation. After using three bottles of Bradfleld's Female Regulator she is now able to do her house work and go where she pleases J". W. DAVIS, Moravian Falls N. C. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. tola HOW A TRAIN WILL LuOK. by a system of aluminium rods and made impervious to gas. The gas will lift the lo;id to so great an extent that there will be but little dead weight compared to the two and a half tons which the ordinary -railway is forced to carry for every two hundred pounds load. The g'as reservoirs will also be used to assist on up grades, and can be attached and detached at will by arrangement of machinery already perfected. The cars will be kept on the track by a mechanical arrangement which practically makes derailment impossible. The supporting- cables, four in number, will be of one and one-quarter inch steel cable, with a tension of 10,000 pounds to the square inch. The cables will be supported upon movable brackets xtpon the inside of laced iron posts, sot two and two, about '200 feet apart. When a double track is needed three tracks will be required. There !w;ill be no surface grading. ' Lieut. Chase estimates that the cost of his system will be about the same as that of-the average railway. A puzzling feature which marred the perfection of the lieutenant's scheme for some time, was the jar which was encountered in passing the joints. 'But he has recently discovered that by following the catenary curves of the suspended cables this disagreeable motion may be avoided. The bracket which, carries the cable and the car arc also constructed with a view of obtaining the easiest possible motion. A plan is cm foot to construct a twenty mile experimental track out of either Chicago or St. Louis in the direction of the other city. Efforts will be made to complete the experimental road in time for the world's fair. . In a recent interview Lieutenant Chase says: "I will make a prediction, and if it be not fulfilled you may write me down as a visionary or worse. By the end of the present decade the trunk line railroads will have little use "for their passenger equipment in its present shape. The 'Electric Elevated' will carry, besides passengers, the mail and express and certain classes of freight. We will place California fruit in the eastern markets from thirty-six to forty-eight hours after it is picked. We will be able to give this service for less money and with equal if not greater comfort and safety." The system lias been indorsed by several prominent military engineers. STRUNG UP f'6~A~TREE. HEY, THERE! I want You to Wait for Our EASTER . NOVELTIES In Neck Dressings from 2Se. to $1,SO New Styles, Colors and Shapes from a New Firm Catering Exclusively for the Fine Trade Our Popular 50c. Line for 25c. Puff, Teck, 4-in-Hand and Beau Brummel Bows. See window. OTTO A. KRAUS. OF COURSE. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST! I buy the Purest Drugs, the Finest Perfumes and Toilet Articles and sell at LOWEST PRICES .coDsistent with the quality of the goods. ', Full line of Squibb's preparations for use in perscription work. Yours., H, C. PUECBLL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. NOTES OF THE DAY. ItN Excellent commend to public approval the California liquid fruit, remedy Syrup of Figs. It is pleasing to the eye, and to the taste, and by gently acting on the kidneys, liver and bowels, it cleanses the system effectually, thereby- promoting the health and comfort of all who use it. . Pfollce. There will be an election of five trustees for Market Street ^M. E. Church, at said, church, on Monday evening, March 23, 1891, according to the forms prescribed- by the Methodist Episcopal Church. , W. S. BOWON. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod*w A Tennessee Mob Waited Till Their Victim Got: Well Before IlanainRT Him. MrLAy. Tenn., March.. 13.—The sequence of a fearful crime took place Wednesday night about four miles north of Lavmia, Carroll county. -Last Christmas Miss Angie 1! el ton, a 1U- year-old-girl, v.'as dragged from her horse and criminally assaulted by a neighbor named Henry Sanders, aged 20. A posse was organized to lynch Sanders, but he escaped to Texas, where he remained till a few clays ago. lie was taken sick while in Texas and came home last week in order that he might receive the care of his family. The relatives of the girl waited until he haii recovered from his illness, and on Wednesday night a mob went, to his home, drag-ged him from his bed, and, heedless of the screams of his mother and sisters, hanged him to the limb of a tree within 200 yards of his house. Only Tl'u-bo Were"Saved. LO.VDO.V, March 13.—The unknown steamship wrecked oS Start point Monday'was the Miranda, from Liverpool. Tlie crew attempted to reach shore in two boats, but both were swamped and only four reached land, one of whom died cxf exhaustion soon afterward. Storms in Spain. MAD-RIP. March 14.—Severe storms and floods have been experienced throughout.the provinces ancl at Plaser.- eia., in the province ot Caceres, a cy« clone has done enormous damage: The bridge over the')'iver Ccrte at Plaseneiu has be.cn -.vasli'Tl away. Freezing wea ther in Texas is believed to have materially damaged fruit trees. Severe weather aJso prevails in Arkansas, August licit/. & Co., merchants of LaGrange. Tex., assigned Thursday, with liabilities of £100.000 and assets unknown. John Wilder, a noted desperado and illicit whisky dealer, VIES killed by a United States marshal's posse at Cumberland Gap. Tenn. The division headquarters of the Lake Shore it Michigan Southern road will be removed from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids. Mich.. Monday. It is reported that people at Bonavista, Xewfoiradland, are starving, owing to the failure of the shore fishery. Diphtheria also prevails there. The furniture manufacturers of the United States will hold an exposition of their products at the American institute. New York, July G to August S. . The Ellis ,t Lessig iron works of Pottstown, Pa., are to be moved .to Salem. Ya., which town gives the company 8100,000 and forty acres of land. Experiments at the Wisconsin agricultural station show that from two to three and one-half tons of sugar per acre can be produced from sugar beets. Eighty-nine Japanese swords from the Brayton Ivcs collection were fcought Thursday at New York by a syndicate for tlie Metropolitan Mnseuin for 815,000. Ted Prituhard. the English champion middle-weight, and Jack Burke, fought in the Albany club at London Thursday night for tlie ITolloway stakes of SO.000. Burke was kuocked ont in the third round. •iTjcy Died Toset)ier,T DAVEXI-OIIT, la., March 13.—Dr. J. J. Tomson, one of the oldest physicians in.this city and widely known throughout the state, died Wednesday night of pneumonia. Two hours later the wife of the deceased, who had been an invalid for several years, expired. The double funeral will be held Sunday next. '3| '« The members of the - Democratic 1 , Committee met at the Council Cham- "'° ber last evening- to take.- steps 'or the ^ opening of the city campaig-n. Chair'- ''i) man Hanawalt called the meeting' to>'3 order and made a brief speech advis- y ing the committee of the importance of ' an early convention and the selection '<• of candidates from the Tanks of those'' who had [worked for .the party As far as he was concerned he stated'' that he had dusted off his plug hat ; and was willing to wear it from now until election day if necessary for the i party's success. Some discussion, fol- , lowed-On the subject of the saloon j and anti-saloon factions of j,he party, Ai and it was the general opinion that, , the candidates should not attempt to „ carry water on both shoulders, but" rather beez 1 on one shoulder and, water^ on the other. The date of the primaries and also of the city convention was fixed, and an official call ordered, and the meeting adjourned Fitn?K Tor the Hebrews. YORK. March 13.— Banker Jes.,e Seligman drew by cable Thursday on Baron I-lirsch, of Paris, for the !•„>.. 000.000 francs, or 53,400,000, which comprises the fund the income of which is to be vised to assist poor Hebrew immigrants in America. The draft was immediately honored. Now Try Thin. . It will cost you nothing and will surely do you good,. if. you. have, a Cough, Cold or any trouble with Tbroat, Chest or Lungs. Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption Coughs and Colds is guarranteed to give relief, or money will be paid back. Sufferers from La Grippe found it just the thing and under its use had a speedy a,nd perfect recovery. Try a sample bottle at our expense and learn for yourself,just how good a thing it is. Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesling's Drug Store. Large size 50c. and §1.00, 3 The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. &N JOY® Both the method and results Syrop of Figs is taken; it is pleasarl and refreshing to tlie taste, and act! gently yet promptly'on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, -cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, lead- aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Pigs is tl» only remedy of its kind ever pro duced, pleasing to the taste asd ac~ ceptable ,to the stomach, prompt jn- its action and truly beneficial m its, effects, prepared oniy from the mo^lT healthy and agreeable substances, its' many excellent qualities, commend it to all and have made it the most' popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for'sale In 50c and $1 bottles, by-all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- 0 cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it- Do not accept any' ^ substitute. " rrt CALIFORNIA FiG SYRUP CG • " SAN FSANQISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE. KY. ' NEW. YORK, t/.l For sale 6yB. ;PV Kfwsltng ind all Ladies $500 Reward. Dr. Andersonrs 'English Feinalo Hegnlatlng Pills are tSesHfeBtanu most rdlnblc. Give them a trial aim Lecoiivi 'ced At Drug ,-toie or bj- mall, post-paid per box $1.00, s boxes lor $3,60. .11 oka *!Hedlci«i«tCo., Toledo, O: Slention paper.

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