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Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
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Jackson's OXFORD Journal. SATURDAY, June 1775, Number rrzz. Tbis Journal, tbough publisted on Saturday Morning, will always contain the mofl material Articles of Intelligence inferted in other Country Paper on tbe Monday following. TUE DAY's POST- of et lelttr from Gibraltar, dated Mav i. RE is much room for specu- FwW ludm jj lation here at present: Our bours, the Scaniards, have almost siS' kr' reat'y t'1cr armament.

It is wl jb! to aflernhle at Carthagena in a JjHT a few days; fince the Armada, ml fjy II aceounts, it is the most coufiderable that Spain ever fitted TAMES CLARKE, Waitef to Mr. Praseey, 3 and upon his declining businefs to Mr. March, jun. at the Red-Lion, Henley-upou-Tharnes, has taken the Falcon Innat Theale, in tbe county Of Berits, late in the of Mrs. Jane Fewtrell, and has entirely ew fid cornpleatly fitted up the tarne whtrefore he Jiurnbly solicits the continuance of its fbrrncr and the countenance of the publick in generai, them that he will endeavour to aecornrnodate them in the molt fatisfacTtory manner, and (hall always retain a grate! ua senfe of the favours conserred on Tbeir most obedient humble seivatat, JAMES CLARKE.

N. B. Neat post-chaises, ALL Persons indebted the Estate of Henry Walls, late of Stratford-upon-Avod, in tbe county of Warwiek, Gentleman, deceased, are -desired to pay their refpective Debts toMr. Thomas Tonfekd, of Strat ford-upon-Avon aforefaii, AttorAef at Law, (who is pro perly authorized to reeeive the same) otherwise they i'l be sued without further notice. And all Persons wlo have any just Dcmands on the faid Eftatet, or dtber cf them, are desired to send in their Aceounts to the seid Mr.

Thomas Townfend. Morton-ln-MarlK Gloucesterlbire TH Creditors of Mr. John Rogers, late of the Wbite-Hart Inn in Morton aforefud, are desired ly themselves or agents, to meet at the faid Inn, on Wtc Hesday the 7th dav of Tune bist, to reeeive their first divk OXFORD, May 27, 1775, THB, Anniversar Ivleetiog of the Governors of tlw Radclilit nfirmary will be boiden on Wednes-Uy the jth os Jiily ntxt when Scrsnon will Iw preached in the Mornijig, ut St. Mary's Ckufch, by Jic Kcv. Dr, WethercU, Dean of llcrefurd, 3nd Malter of Univcrsity College, iu the Service will he introdueed the Deuten Te Deum, and an Anthun.

The Govetnors, See. are desired to mc et at tlic Radcliife Library at Half an Honr after Ten Service will begin ex-ictly at Eleven. After the Sermon a Colkc-ttoa will be made for the Benefit of the knfirmary. In the Aftrnoon of the same ill bc pciformed, iti tbe Theatire, for the Benvfit of tbe Infirmary, the Oratorio of JUDAS MAG GAB fet to Muiic by Mr. Handel.

On Thuritlay tlie 6tli of Jidy, in tbe Morning, will be celebrated the annual Cbmmerouration of Founders and to this UnSveriity. And iu the Asternoon wilibepersormed, in theTheatre, thcDIXIT DOMINUS of Lko with a Miscelianeous Act of Select Pikces, as the Choral Music for the Term. On Friday the yth of July will be performed, in the 'iTiMtre, a MI COMCERT of Select ixtcE8 of Music, Vocal and Instrumental. The principid Vocal Parts by tbe celebrated Signora Darie Inglesma, Miss Mahon, and Messrs. Norris, Mathews, and the Choms-Singers fhm Worcester, Glou-cester, Salifbury, Bath, The Instrumental by Messrs.

Giardini, Fischer, Cefvetti, jnn. Borghi, Malj, chair, Agus, fen. Maz-inchi, Love, Lates, Alhley, Fostei Pasqvali, and Messrs. Giardini, Fistlier, an 1 Gtrvett! will oblige the Ce-mpany ith sevcral seiest Pieces on their refpective In-' struments each Day. Paiticular Tickets for each Dav to be had at Mr.

Jackson's, Printer; at Mr. MathiwVs Music Shop; and of Mr. Hawting, in Holiwell; at Fivc Shillings each. No Money to be taken at the Eoor. Subfcribers, and Ladies with SuLitriber's Tickets, will be admittcd the two lall Days on Choral Terms.

Ladies with Subicriber's Tickets are desired to exchange their Tickets at Mr. ltawting's, paying as. Cd. as usual; and Gentlemen Subsctibsrs are desired ta send for Tickets, specially provitted for the two la(t Nichts, to Ms: Stritford. An at tbe Town-Hall on Wedncsday at Two o'Clock.

Tbe Right Hon. the Earl of Aeincuon, Lir luiisIkiinfiiOBi (stcwards- of the faid John Rogers's tstate and essects; but if uny of the faid creditors cannot attend, they are Cook, Ebeitezer Goldtbwait, George Sautbmri, Benjamin Do-land, Jot harn Webb, and Perky Putnam, of Danvers. Mr. Meiijumin Peircc, of Satan. Wounded.

Meff. John Robbins, John Tidd, Sohmon Piene, Tffomas Wwjbip, tfathaniel Fanner, Joseph Commcr, tAenezer Mum-oe, Francs Biovu, and Prince a Man) es Lexlhgton. Mr. Hemmcmoay, of Fra-mhghwu Mr. John Lane, of Bedford.

Mr. G. fteei, and Mr. J. ofWoborn.

Mr. William Poltj, of Medford. Mr Feit, and Mr. Timotb, Mmune, of Lynn. Atr.

Nathu Peihm, and Mr. Denn Watts, of Danvers. Mr. Is, athme! Cteves, of Beverley. Missing.

Mr. Samuel Frost, and Mr. Selb Fnfel, of Monotomy, Those distinguifhed with this mark were killed hy the first fire of the enemy. We bave seen an aecount of the lofs of the enemy, faid to have come from an Ossicer of one of the men war by which it appeared that 6z of the Rcguiars, and 49 Marines were killed, and 10z of both wounded: In all aif. Lieut.

Oouli, of the 4th rtgiment, who in wounded, and Lieut. Potter of tbe Marineu, and about 11 Soldiers. are prisoners. Mr. James Howard, and one of the Regulars disoharged their pieecs at the same instant, and each killed the other.

Our late Brethren of Danvers, who feil fightiog for their country, were interred with great solem-nity and respect on Friday last. The Publick molt sineerely iympathize with the fnends and relations of our deeeafcd Brethren, who glorioufly sacrificed their live in fighting for the Libertiea of their Country. By their noble in-trepid conduct, they have eudeared their memories to the present generation. who will transmit tbeir names to posterity with the highest honour. The above is the best aecount we have been able to obtain, We can only add, that the town of Boston is now invested by a vast army of our brave Countrymen, who have flown to our afllstance from all quarters.

Marblehead harbour is blocked up by the Lively man of war. The following is the fubstance of the account'of the ntioned affair, which is handed about at Lloyd's and Garraway's. Gn. Gage having heard that the Insurgents were drawing some cannon a few miles from Boston, he dispatched an Ossicer with some Troops, to de mand them to be delivered up, which the Insurgents refused to comply with A. fecond message was scnt, when the Oflicer informed them, that he rauft obey bis Orders, which were, in case of a refufal to surrender the cannon, that he muft fire on those that snrrounded them, but which he hoped they would prevent, by immediately relinquistiing tzhem.

This they absolutely refused to do on which the Troops fired, and killed about 60. On this the country rose, and tbe Insurgents toload the cannon, and directly fired upon General Gage's Troops, which did great execution, near 100 being killed, and 60 wounded. The noist of the cannon' alarmed General Gage, who immediately sent Lord Pcrcy with a larger party, to enquire into the matter. When his Lordfhtp came to the place, he heard the OfRcers aecount of thedispute, and then returned back with the Troops to General Gage's intrenchments, as he did not sind any authority he bad to proceed further in it." In addition to the above aceonnfa wlatiirp tn iena an autnonty in the Interim for the receiving of tbeir relpectiv dividends, to Mr. John Phillips, Attorncy in Erestiam, Worcester lbire, who will take care of the fattie WARWIt5KSIRE, A the General Quartes To wit.

2 Seffions of the Peacc of oat Lord tht King, holden at Warwiek, in and for the seid county, on Tuesday in the first weck hext after the cloft of Laster, that is to sey, the twenty-fifth day of April, in the sifteenth year of the reign of our Sovereigh LorJ George the Third, King over and so fbrth, and in tbe year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred and feven ty-five, and from thence continued by adjoum went until the twenty-feventh day of May in the year, and then holden at Watwkk foreseid, in and for the County aforeikid, before Arthur Gregory, John Mordaun' John Ingram, Barnakas Horftman, Eftjuircs, and othsn Keepers of the Peace of our seid Lord the King, and'abo Justlcel of the faid King, ap-powtcd to hear and determine divers ntlonics, trefpasie and other mifdemeanors, done and committed in the seid couoty, and of the Quorum, and so forth. it appears to the Court, at this present ad journed Seffions, that nev and Sre eftective Rejulations are aow under theeonsideration of Parliameht, lefpecting the aflke and maldng of Bread, and also the dUe makinf of Flour of Wheat; and that a Rillor Bill for such pur poses are now prcparuisr. JAMES CLARKE, Mercer, 0. in-Law, and one of the Executors Mr. Alderman Wdt AUSTIN, deceased.

THINKS it his Duty to take fhe earliest op-ponunity of acquainting the Alderrnan's Friends and Cullorncrs, That be purposes to continue his Father's in all its bratiches, and hnrnbly solicits a conti-nuation of those Favourz forrneily conserred on Mr. Austin: He also bfgs leave to assure such Ladies and Gentlemen as honour him with their comtmnds, that they may rely on being constantly seryed, a hereto-fore, with Goods of the best manitfacture, and upon the very lowest terms, by Tbeir most bumbk aud obedient Servant, JAMES Jt is thskefore bt tnis Court. That the and other Reguhtions cor.tained in tbe Order made at the faid General Quarter Session held for thu County, the twenty-fifth day of April. last, bc, and the same i and are hereby Revoked, and further ordered by this Court, That tbtz present Order of Rcvocation be forthwith publilhed in the several News-papers in which tbe seid Order of Prohibition wa By the Court, fi I T. out.

The destination rtmains a profound stcret; for any of the piratical States, exeept indeed Algiers, it is much too considerable. In this place we are taking all the necessary precautions. In ly opinion they had bette lct us alone." LONDON, May 30. From tbe Essex Gazette, printed at Salem, in New-England. Sahn, April ,5.

Last Wedneiilay, the roth of April, the Troopsof bis Britaunick Majefty eom-menced hoftilities upon the people of this Pwluce, attended with circumstancas of cruelty not lels brutal than what our vernrable aneestors received from the vilest Savages of the wildernese. The particulars relative to tbis interesting event, by which we are involved in all the horrons of a Civil War, we bave endeavoured to collect as well as the present confufed state of affairs will admit. On Tuesday evening a detatchment from the army, confisting, it is faid, of 800 or 900 men, eommanded by Lieut. Col. Smith, embarked at the bottom of the Common in Boston, on board a number of boats, and landed at Farm, a little way up Charles River, from whence they pro-ceeded with filence and expedition, on their way to Concord, abotit 18 miles from Boston.

The people were soon alarmed, and began to aflernblc in sevcral towns before day-Iight, in order to watch the motion of the Troops. At Lexington, fix miles below Concord, a Company of Militia of about 100 men, muftered near the Meeting-housc the troops came in liht of them just before sun-rife; and ruirning within a few rods of them, the com-xnanding Ossicer aecosted the Militia in words to this effect: Disperse you Rebeln Damn you, tfirow down your Arms and disperse:" which the Troops huzza'd-, and immcdiately one or two Officersdifcharged their pistols, which were in stau taneoufly followed by the firing of or five of the Soldiers, and tben there scemed tobe ageneral difcharge from the whole body. Light of our men vere Killed, and nine wounded. In a few Minute after tbis action the enemy renewed their march for Concord; at which place they destroyed sevcral carriages, carriage-wheels, and about ao barreis of fiour, all belonging to the Province. Here about ijo men going towards a bridge, of which the enemy were in poslefiion, the latter fired, and killed two of our men, who then returned the fire, and obliged the enemy to retreat back to Lexington, where they naet Lord Percy with a large rein-forcement, and two pieces of cannon.

The enemy now baving a body of about 1800 men, made a halt, picked up many of their dcad, and took care of tbeir wounded. At Monotomy, a few of our men attacked a party of 12 of the enemy carrying storea and to the Troops) killed one of them, wounded several, made the rest prisoners, and- took posleflion of all their arm, ftores, and provifions, without any lofs on 011 The enemy having halted one or two hours at Lexington, found it necessary to make a fecond retreat, carrying with them many of their dead and wounded, whom they put into chaifes and on Korse that they found standing on the road. They continued their retreat from Lexington to Charles-Town with great precipitation and notwithstand-ing their field pieces our people continued the pursuit, firing at them till they got to Charles-Town Neck, which they reached a little after fun-fet, over which the enemy passed, proceeded up Bunker's Ilill, and foon afterwatda went into the town, under the protection of the Somerset man of war of 64 guns. In Lexington the enemy fet fire to Dcacon Joseph Loeing's house and Barn, Mrs. Mulliken's house and shop, and Joshua Bond's house and shop, Which were all consumed.

They also fet fire to several other house, but our people extinguished tbe flames. They pillaged almost every house they passed by, breaking and destroying doors, Windows, glasses, and carrying off cloathing and other valuable effects. It appeared to be their detign to burn and destroy all before them; and nothing but our vigorous pursiut prevented their infernal pur-poses from being put in execution. But the favage oarbarity exercifcd upon the bodies of our unfor-tunatc brethren who sei), is almost incredible not content with ihooting down the unarmed, aged, and infirm, they disregarded the cries of the wounded, killing them without merey, and mangling their bodies in the most ihocking manner. We have the pleasure to say, that notwithstand-mg the higbest provocationa given by the enemy, not one instance of cruelty, that we have hcaid of, was committed by our victorious Militia; but, listening to the merciful dictates of the Christian Religion, they breathed higher Sentiments of Humanity." The Consternation of the people of Charles-Town, when our enemies were entering the town, is inexpressiblc; tbe Troops however behaved to-lerably civil, and the people have fince nearly all lest the town.

Tbe following is tbe of the Provinciah wbo "wert killed and -wounded. Killed. Mfs. Mert Monroe, Jenas Parker, Samuel Hadley, "Jonatban Harrington, CoJeb Harmigton, Ifaac Muzzy, Jokn Brown, John Raymond, Natb'anitl Wyman, and Jedidiah Munrot, of Lexington. Meff.

Jafon Kttffel, Ja-bez Wyman, and of Monotomy. Deacon Haynts, and Mr. Retd, of Sudbury. Capt. James Miles, of Concord.

C'apt. Jonotban JVilfin, of Bedford. Capt. Davis, tiLr. Htrfmcr, and Mr.

James Howard, of Aftoit. Mr. Azael Porter, and Mr. Daniel Thompson, of Woher n. Mr.

James Miller, and Capt. William Barber's Son, aged 14, of Charfc-Town. Ijaac Gardner, Efq; of Brothlhie. Mr. John Wcks, of Cambridge.

Mr. Henry Putnem, of Medford. Meff Abednego Ramfdet, Daniel Townfend, William Flint, and Thomas liadley, of Ljmt, Meff. Henry Jacobs, Samuel TO be SOLD of LETT, and entered upon iMpediately, at Headington, within two miliS of Oxford, and half a mile the turnpike road, on a healthy, dry, sandy soil, A stone-built safhed Housb, confisting of two parlonrs, a light clofet, a large and con-venient kitchen, pantry, and scullery, on the first floor; three good a drefiing-room, and light doset, on the fecond floor; with good garrets, and two stair-cases; a very good ccllar, wash-house, and laundry; a stable for two borfes an extansive garden, well pianted; and evcfjr other convenience, fit for a genteel family. Likewise adjoining to it a cottage, dose, coach-houft, stable, and bar, with some lasid in the field.

The whole to be fold together. Enquire of Mr. Fletcher, In the Turle, Oxford. In the Counties of Radnor and Hereford. TO be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr.

WAY and SON, In three Its, at two o'clock on Wedncsday the jth of My I77J atthe Royal Oak Inn, at PYesteigne, in Rad-norstiire (by order of the Truste) Tbe following Free hold, inciosed, and improvable Estates, late the property of Mr. Edward Price, deceased; iz. Lot A Farm Honse and Convetiiences, with ri8 a. I r. 16 p.

of arable mcadow and palture land, called Coblank, intlia parill, of Bringwyn, Radnoribire; and common without stint, for all manner of cattle, in Land beder, Paincastle, and Bringwyn; now greatly under let to Mr. John FrofTer, at 40 1. per annum, under an agre ment, which expires at Lady Day next. Lot II. An Estate, called Tt t)v, in the paristies of Cafcobb and Presteigne, in the counties of Radnor and Hereford; confisting of a good Farm House and oonvc niencts, and 145 a.

r. 5 p. of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, with right of common without stint thyreto belonging greatly under let to Mr. John Williams, at 80 1. per annum, under an agreement for a leafe, of which four ycars will remain unexpired at Lady Day neat.

Lot 111. Auother Estate, called Cwm, in the several parisoes of Presteigne, Kinglham, and Byton, being a good Farm House and conveniences, with 188 a. Ar. aap, of arable, mcadow, pasture, and wood land, and right of common without stint bn Cwm's Moor also greatly under let to Mr. Joseph Dale, at 77 1.

per annum, exclusive of the wood land in band. The land-tax and all other taXeS are very moderate and the estates abound with great plenty of game and fiih. The several Farm will be ihewn any time before the Sale, by the refpective Tenantc and printed Particulars may bc bad of Mr. D. Jenkins, Attorney, at Presteigne aforesaid; at Mr.

Raven's, Hofier, the corner of St. Cle ment'sChurch-yard, in the Strand, London; and of Mr. Way and Son, at Thame, in Oxfordlhlre. An accurat Plan of the Estates will be produced at the Sale. 1 I ON Wednesday in tbe Whitsun-week will be suttg for, at tlie Crown Inn in Thame, in the county of Oxford, A S1LVER CUP of fotir pounds value, the gift of George Stevens, master of the seid inn Each CLARKE and CASTLE, Mercers and Drapkrs, upon the New Parade in the High-Street, Oxford, HAVING laid in, for the Spring Trade, a very large of Silks, plain, striped and flower-ed a vast variety of printed Cottons, Lawns, Muflins, and Callicoes with great choice of most articles in the Mereery as well as Drapery Business; they thus beg leave to inform their FrientU and the Publick, that they are refolvcd to feil as cheap as in London.

TO be SOLD by A 1 By Mr. I On Tuesday, Wedncsday, and Thurfday, the izth, I4th, and 15 tb of June, The houihold furniture and otlier essects of Bilham Farm-honfe, in the county of Bei ks, late tbe property of John Jackson, Efq; deceased. The whole muy be viewed on Saturday and Monday before the sale, which will begin each day at ten o'clock. Gatalogu will be delivered in due time at the several inns in the neigh-bourhoiid and may also be had of Mr. Medwin, at Great Marlow who has a large and a fmall house to lett, cither of which may be entcred on immediately.

ButL-AND-MouTH Ina, Bull-and-Mouth-Street, near Alderfgate, London. SAMUEL MANN1NG, retums his Hncere Thanks to tbe friends of his late Father, for the fa-vours which they have heretofore conserred on bim, and begs leave to acquaint them and the Public, That he In tends to carry on the busmess of the above Inn, as nsual, and humbly solicits a coutiuuance of their favonrs, assuring them, that nothing in hU powef Iball be wanting in Order to der a temporaiy i cfidence in London cpnvenient and agreeable to those who please to honour him with tbeir Company. I'SAAC CO BURN, late Waiter to Mr. Barke, at the Marlborougb Arms, in Woodstock, having entered upon the STAPLE HALL INN, in Witney. in Oxfordlhlre, late in tbe Okkupation of Mr.

Townfend, intendt to fit up the same in the neatest Manner, and with the utmost Expedition; he here fort begs Lave to folicit a Continuanre of the Commands of the Nobility, Gentry, and other Friends of Mr. Townfend, as well as the Favonrs of the Public in generai, and his own Friends in par-ticular, assuring them, that he will at all Times be pro-vided with the best of all Kinds of Accommodations, which, with a conlhnt Endeavour to please, he hopes will cntitle bim to their Enconragement to whom he is Tbeir most obedient Servant, ISAAC COBURN. N. 3. Neat Pofl-Chaifes.

8cc. WHERE AS the Work-sttop of John Lock, of Woolvcrcot, near Oxford-, Whcclwtight, was on Saturday night the 7th of May kroke open, and robbed of a Steel Bar, some Axes, and many other Wheelwright's Tools, by some person or persons at present unknown; And whereas at the same time one John Hanibm, a Servant to the faid John Lock, absented himscls from bis Master's fervice, and has not since been heard of The faid John Hansom is hereby required by his faid Master to return immediately to his fervice, in order to remove any fufpi-cions that may othcrwile prcvail to his prejudice. ALL Persons who bave any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Eslests of Mr. John Allen late of Ghipping-Gamdcn, in the County of Glouccster, Tal low-Cbandler and Grocer, deceased, are desired to send an Account thereof to Mr. Richard Allen, of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the County of Warwiek, Grocer, in order to their being fausfied for the same.

late skirmilh between the King's Troops and tbe Americans, it may not be improper to lay before our Readers, the further reports concerning it. According to which, the King's Troops began the affray, wbile the provincial Militia were exercifing; and who, thongh byt ill-prepared for their recep-tion, yet pofted themselves so well on the defensive, and poured in their fire so successfully, as to oblige the King's Troops to retreat with the utmost precipitation, and feek for fhelter under sie gun of one of the men of war, by cover of which, and the re-enforcement brought up under the command of Lord Pcrcy. they were at last enabled to make good their retreat to Boston. In this rencounterit is remarked that the Araeri-cans behaved with the most fteady bravery, tho' their Leader is faid to have been killed at the first onfet. Yesterday morning stocks feil one and a half per cent.

on aecount of the news from America. A letter from Portsmouth, dated May 28, saya, Yesterday an express arrived with orders for the two frigates, the Pox and Tryton, of twenty-eight guns each, to be put in Commission." We are informed, that the aecount ip some of the papers of a fupposed rupture between tbis Court and that of Den mark, is entirely void of foundation. We are assured from the best autkority, that the Prencb have tbis minute no lefs than twenty-two battalions of infautry, and twelve fquadrons of borfe, amoimting in the whole to 17,000 men, within a day's march to Dunkirk. The Spanilh sliips of force now rcady to proceed to fea, or fitting out, amo'unt to 34, 7 of which are of the line, befiden 30 frigate. On Saturday evening about eigbt o'clock, a duel was fought in Hyde Park, between Col.

and Mr. when Mr. G. who was to fire first, missed bis antagonist; then Col R. fired and ihot Mr.

in the mtddlc his thigh but Mr. G. infisting 01, discharginf the content of the fecond pistol. tbrough the of a chair (not being able to stand) fired again, and lodged the contents in Col. 's knee-pan tbe Colonel still being defirous of firing again.

would, had it not been through the persijalion of Mess. H. and T. Colonel R's Surgeoas, who told him what great danger he was in The Colonel declining, the matter ended. It is feared Col R.

will lose his leg. Tuesday sc'nnight a servant-maid, at the Roe-Buck, at Lewisham, in Kent, got up from her dinner, went into a adjoining the house, and delivered herseif of a male child, which slie immediately killed on the spot, by beatin? out its brains either with a stick or the heel of her slioe, and having concealed it returned to her dinner: But on opening the matter to her svveetheart, and desiring him to bury the infant, be went to proper persons and discovered the whole affair, whereupon the woman taken up and comraittcd to gaol. Sulc to fing three Songs In two or three parti, and one Catdi or Glee; and each Side to bring an uinpire to decide dilputes. Not lese than three Sides will be allowed to fing. A nor will any be permitted to park.

Those who Intead to fing for this prize, must give uMUZ their namei before twelve o'clock, and dlne at tho fit TfSffiNfrj inn, where an ordinary wU be provlded at one. ,1 No Choristin will allowed to sing..

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