Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1962 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1962
Page 5
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Monday Evening, June 25, 1962. Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune '02ZZ&2ZS NEW JERSEY BEAUTIES—The weekend was an important one for young beauties in New Jersey as they vied for crowns and trophies in two contests. The more important of the two, the selection of New Jersey's representative in the Miss America pageant in September, found Miss Georgia Malick, 18, left, the sui-prised winner. Miss Malick, a blonde, blue-eyed beauty, was crowned by a former Miss America, Marilyn VanDerbur. The contest took place at Wildwood, New Jersey, while at the'right is Mary Melissa Harp, 18, of Ocean City, who was crowned South Jersey's 1962 Hydrangea Queen in festivities-at Atlantic City, scene of the Miss America contest this fall. (UPI Unifax.) MINISTER FETED BY BROADWAY WSCS; CIRCLES ELECT OFFICERS Members of the day WSCS circles of the Broadway Methodist church held a covered dish dinner Wednesday at the church dining room in honor of the new minister, Rev. Frank Little, and his wife. The chairmen and vice-chairmen of the circles served as hostesses. They were: Mrs. . Earl Moore, Mrs. Asa Smith, Mrs. Roy Thomas, Mrs. Arthur Woods, Mrs. Claude Ballinger and Mrs. Denzil Hollingsworth. Grace prior to the meal was offered by Rev. Little. Garden flowers flanked the tables. • Mrs, Roy Thomas opened the business meeting when devotions and prayer were given by Mrs. Gerald Spahr, who used the topic, "Words and Prayer." Mrs. Raymond Gust, president, explained the need of the mygrant workers and a collection was taken for the Mygrant Fund, sponsored by the United Council of Church Women. Mrs. Jay Thompson discussed the forgotten patient sponsored by the circles during the past year. Each circle was asked to discuss the matter of continuation of this project. Brief talks were given by Rev, and Mrs. Little. Mrs. James Brown, secretary of literature, reported the total number of reading, points with the Gusta Robinett circle having the most points. Mrs, Arthur Woods discussed the School of Mission to be held at Lake Webster next week. She urged all members to attend if possible. Mrs. Albert Slrantz introduced her guest, Mrs. Wells, of Fort Wayne, and told of the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Biggs to be observed on June 26. Mrs. Biggs is a former member. The three day circles then con- ver.ed for their first individual business sessions of Ihe new year as follows: BARBARA BEECHER Seventeen members of the Barbara Beecher circle met in the Builders classroom with Mrs. Earl Moore, chairman, opening with the prayer calendar. Mrs. Moore read a list of the members of the circle and the other new officers for the coming year. They include: vice - chairman, Mrs. Asa Smith; secretary, Mrs. Oris Keener; treasurer, Mrs. John Bradfield; suns hine secretary, Mrs. Will Cappel; secretary of missionary education, Mrs, Nellie Hand; secretary of Christian social, relations, Mrs. Jay Thompson; secretary of local church activity, Miss Laura Brandt; secretary of supply work, Miss Georgia Trumbul; secretary of literature, Mrs. Clark Young; secretary of spiritual life, Mrs, Gerald Spahr, membership secretary, Mr r s. Charles'Fair-man; 'telephone callers, Mrs. Ervin Grove, Mrs. Walter Hunlsinzer and Mrs. John Kirtz. The next circle meeting will be in September with Mrs. John Bradfield, 1430 North street. MAXINE COLEMAN Seventeen members of the Maxine Coleman circle convened in the dining room with Mrs. :Roy Thomas, chairman, in charge. She read the list of circle members and other officers for. the coming year as follows: vice- chairman, Mrs. Arthur Woods; secretary, Miss Frankie Kinne- man; treasurer, Mrs. George Welch; sunshine secretary, Mrs. /era Pierce; secretary of mission- ry education, Mrs. Lloyd Pinney; ecretary of social relations, Mrs. J. Hunt; secretary of local Aurch activity, Mrs. J. 0. Timmons; secretary of supply, Mrs. Jasil Barber; literature secretary, fcs. Thomas Kearns; secretary of piritual life, Mrs. John Julian; membership secretary, Mrs. Clyde -,eedy; telephone callers, Mrs. 3asil Barber, Mrs. Ruby Clark nd Mrs. Parker Beall. > Mrs. Woods gave a biograph- cal sketch of an Indiana born missionary, Maxine Coleman, of whom the circle was named. She s now, serving in Bombay, India. The next meeting will be in September at the home of Mrs. iharles Weser, 317 Ninth street. VICTORIA LANG Mrs. Claude Ballinger, chairman, of the Victoria Lang circle announced the officers for Ihe coming year during its session leld al the church lounge atlend- ed by 12 members. The new officers are: chairman, Urs. Ballinger; vice - chairman, flrs, Denzil Hollingsworth; sec- •etary, Mrs. John Dooley; treasurer, Mrs. Chester McMillen; sunshine secretary, Mrs. George Tahnstock; missionary education secretary, Mrs. Herbert Canfield; secretary of social relations, Mrs. Jlenn Crist; supply secretary, Urs. Floyd Hyres; literature, Vfrs. James Brown; spiritual life, tfiss Lelah Stephens; membership, Mrs. Guy Woolperl; tele- jhone callers, Mrs. Floyd Hyres tfrs. Chesler McMillen and Mrs. eorge Fahnstock, Mrs. Hollingsworlh gave a biographical- sketch of the missionary Vicioria Lang, of whom the circle was named. Mrs. Hyres, of 1125 E. Market, will be hostess at the September meeting. 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They were introduced by County Chair- nan Charles Halleck. L. Eugene Moncel, young Re- mblican from Beaver township, •eported on the State Republican :onvention held last week in Indianapolis. Mr. Moncel, who will be 21 in October, was the youngest delegate in the Pulaski Coun- group. Mrs. Mable Zellers, vice-president of the Pulaski County-club, gave a short report on the biennial convention of the Stale Federation of Womens' Republican !lubs held in Indianapolis on June 7, The club president, Mrs. 3ernice Halleck, along with Mrs. tfabel Zellers, Mrs. Analou Ras- lorshek, Mrs. Iris Malchow and Mrs. Elvira Morgan attended the convention as delegates from the club. A social hour followed the meet- ng and refreshments were serv- PLANS JULY PICNIC The L. S. to B. of L. F. and E. convened Wednesday evening al Memorial Home when it was announced that the penny club will convene July 3rd at Dykeman >ark for a 'covared dish dinner. ,A discussion was held on the state meeting set for October ( when the Peru and Logansport 'odges wilt hold balloting. During a social hour conlesl prizes were won by Vivian Vance Lilly Ferguson, Mary Granger ami Merle Crowe. The door prize wenl ':o Betty Turnpaugh. The next meeting is July 18. DR.O.L.BRAUN Rag, Podiatrist Foot Spocialist FOOT AILMENTS • Office 314 North St. LOGANSPORT, PHONE 3330 Wednesday i—Fridays 9-4:30 $ 25 to $500 on just your own signature or security. Phone 6116 FREE BUDGET CONSU1ING SERVICE LOCAL FINMCE 318 4th St. Logansport, tnd. Social Calendar MONDAY :30 p.m.—Tri Kappa, Mrs. M. L. Butler, 2704 East Broadway. .. p.m.—Fulton chapter 376, OES, honor fathers, hold initiation. Carroll 'Federation Organizes Nevy Club Mrs. Charles Harter entertained at .a tea at her home in Flora in honor of Mrs. Marion Gibson, president of the Carroll county Federation of Clubs. Others guests were Mrs. John Oaks, Mrs.. Charles Raber, Mrs. Ray Quinn, Mrs. Carlyle Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Gerald Sieber, Mrs, Mary Wise and Mrs. L. H, Smith, all'past president of the Carroll Federation, i The group voted to organize a Past presidents club and to at filiate with the Indiana Federa tion of Clubs. The group elected Mrs. L. H Smith, president, and Mrs. C. C iCirkpatrick, treasurer. Mrs Charles Raber was appointed to compile by-laws lo be submitte< .0 the recording secretary of the Slale Federation of Clubs. Since severad past presidents were unable to attend, member ship be open for a few weeks The club will convene four times a year. The hostess assisted by Mrs Gibson served refreshments from a table flanked with a rose am baby breath centerpiece. Awards Made To Local.Unit At VFW State Convention .Local members attending the recent y.F.W. convention,. Department ' of Indiana, in Evansville were Commander - and .Mrs. David Bair, Mr. and Mrs. Al Weimer, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Roach, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lynas, Ann Hayworth, Marr Rhody, Lillian Webster and Eddie Burkett. President, Sue Weimer, accepted the following awards for the local auxiliary: for being the largest Auxiliary in the State and the first to reach 100 percent, in the membership campaign for 1962, large trophy was awarded; a -ophy was also given for the best mior Girls Unit program and est reports 'with Logansport be- ng the only Auxiliary in the Stale aving two units;, a check and ci lion were awarded for the best listory book and the press book eceived third place; citations for utstanding achievements, were iven for Buddy Poppy, Cancer, omnumity Service, Hospital'pro- ram and for making all quotas or the Department star projects. Elected as Department Chaplain as Ann Hayworth and Marr Ihody was reappointed as Musi- ian. Lillian Webster was install d as Second District President long with all new Departmeni Officers. Margaret Roach servec s Page for Past Department Con- .uclress, Ann Hayworth. • John Ensley, Department V.F.W Community Service .^ chairman, resented Ann Hayworth, Depart ment Auxiliary Community Ser ice chairman,: with a National ci ation. Mrs. llayworth then pre sented Past Departmeni Presi dent, Maxine Holycross, with i Vational citation for having a 91 ercent Department on Ihis pro ect. National Auxiliary President Beulah Adamson, was welcomed at Ihe airport Friday evening by a delegalion of members and wa officially introduced to the assem >ly at the Sunday Morning meet ng. Followed by impressive me morial services for the deceaset members of 1961-62. The newly elected Departmen Officers are: President, Mar Maurer, of Wabash, Senior Vic President, Grace Kross, of Salem Junior Vice President, Nora John ed by a committee composed Mi;s. Rasborshek, Mrs, Ruth Eac ret, Mrs. Olga Manning, Mrs. An Wellzin and Mrs. Betly Lou Pul Uns of While Post township. Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes »«wTurk, N. Y. (Special)—The asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private patients is now available to asthma lufTorors without prescription. Medical tests proved this formula stops asthma attacks in minutes and Ifivos hours of freedom from recurrence of painful asthma spasms. This formula is BO effective that II is the physician's leading asthma prescription—so safe when used as directed that now it can be sold— without prescription in most states Relief L^sts for Hours! —in tiny tablets called Primate-no®. These Primatene Tablets open bronchial tubes, loosen congestion, relieve taut nervoua tension. All without painful injections. The secret is—Primatene combine* 3 medicines (in full prescription strength) found most effective in combination for asthma d .strew. Each performs a speciaLpurposc. So look forward to sleep at nightf and 'freedom from asthma spasms. Primatene — 9Btf, at any drugstore. "If you want to see a missile leave a-launching pad just suggest that we skip our regular 'saving plan at The F & M Bank thin week!"' ion, of Indianapolis, Treasure! Mary Martha Hahn, Indianapo is, Chaplain, Ann Hayworth, o Logansport, Conductress, Violc Wampler, Elkhart and Guard, V ola Kaban, of Lowell. FLETCHERS WSCS The Fletchers Lake WSCS me recently at the home of Mrs. Ad Miller, Kewanna. Mrs. Annabelle Alber, the nev president, conducted the session Mrs. Mary Price led singing an Mrs. Alber offered devotions. Mr Price , presented the missionai lesson. Refreshments were serve to IB members. SOCIETY Royal Neighbors of America ill meet Wednesday afternoon at SO o'clock at t.;ie home of Marie nderson for an important busi- ess meeting. -•&The Dorcas class of the Main reel'Methodist church will meet ednesday noon for a - covered ish dinner al the church base- lent, Members are asked to bring ible service. Husbands are in- il'ed. —h- Washington township Cass coun- ' HD club will meet with Mary radfield, route 2, Thursday after, oon at 1:30 o'clock. The Golden Age Bible class of le Helm street Church of God ill meet for a picnic at Fair- iew park Tuesday evening at 6 'clock. Members are to bring 'ell-filled picnic baskets and table ervice. , The Ladies aid of McNeely hurch will meet Thursday with rredah Gardner at Camden. Mem- •ei's will leave from the church t 10 a.m. A covered dish dinner jiil be served. The Miami.-.Baptist.,, Missionary ociety will meet Wednesday morning at, 11 o'clock at the hurch lor a covered dish dinner ollowed by an Hawaiian program. The'Good "Will class of'the Miami Baptist Sunday school will lold a covered dish dinner Friday evening at 6:30 o'clock at the church. —6- VFW Auxiliary will meet Tues- ay evening at 8 o'clock at the post home. Clinton township HD club will convene Wednesday afternoon Hi 1:00 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Dorothy Shanks. MISS AUSTIN GRADUATES Miss Helen Lee Austin, dauglv ter of Mr. and Mrs. Lislon L. Austin, of route 4, city, was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in commencemenl exercises held at Mexico City college, Mexico City, on June 15. Her major field of study was Spanish. A 1958 graduate of the local high school, Miss Austin previously attended'Indiana University. Miss Verna Raikes, Formerly of Here, Married In Rites Mr. and Mrs. William H. Phillips are residing in Indianapolis following their return from a wedding trip to Ohio. The couple was married June 2 at the Crestview Christian church in Indianapolis. The bride is the former Miss Verna Marie Raikes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Raikes, formerly of this city, now of Lancaster, Ohio. The groom's parents are Air. and Mrs, Howard D. Phillips, of Indianapolis. Mrs. James Jeffries, of Lancaster, atlended her sister as matron of-honor and bridesmaids were Susi'n Buchanan, of Frankfort, and Miss Janis Preiser, cousin of the bride, of Walton. Pamela Phillips, niece of the groom, was flower girl. The groom's attendants included: Howard D. Phillips, Jr., his irother, best man; Bill May <rantz, Tom Maykranlz and Mike Steadham, all of Indianapolis, ushers. A reception was held for IOC guests following the ceremony. The bride, a 1958 graduate o: the local high school, was graduated this month from Indiana University with a B.S. degree in nursing. The groom was gradual ed (his month with a B.A. degree in philosophy from Purdue Uni versity. He will attend graduate school at Brown University, Pro vidence, R.I., this fall. Read the Want Ads! vVayns Club Shows ; vVedcling Pictures • Each member displayed her vedding ficlure in answer to roll all at Ibs recent meeting of lii<! Vaync Friendly club at the home f 'Mrs. Gladys Richards with Irs. Ted Miller assisting. Mrs. Oren St. Clair acwmpan- ed group singing after which Irs. Ira Nickels, president, coiv lucted the short business meel- ng. Mrs. Joe Burns read reports and the fbwer fund was collected. Mrs. Dim Schnapf, county vice- iresidenl, reported on the tabula- ions reliilive to next year's lessons aflt 1 )' which an auction was icld. Mrs. Floyd VanMeter was auctioned:. Refreshments were served and he door prize went to Mrs. Roger Fields. Mrs. Dorothy Richter was a guest. Bridge Clubs The Women's Duplicate Bridge club met al the YWCA recently wilh the following winners: Mrs. ':•:. H. Shallow and Mrs. Hill Leavitt, first; Mrs. Sam He!- ?ie and Mrs, Chester Lesh. second; Mrs. Russell Boyer and Mrs. Stewart Buchanan, third. The ni! id meeting is July 5. Additional Society, On Page 1 2 PLEASANT HILL GREENHOUSE 101« Pleasant Hill Phone 5U4 TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS (roadway al Penrl . . En«tgat» Plaxq Branch Ends Bleach Damage Jintfrota MAYTAG SOMATIC irith Imr-rlLTCR AGITATOR ^^^xm^^vmM\w&'^'&--xwx & BLEACH DISPENSER MAYTAG LINT FILTER AGITATOR Worki undifwottr whtn t 1 * tint It filler*. b«t. Fit hri during both w«Ji and rirtw cyclfti, Eoty to elton, fimr Ifi1»ri*f« wilh loading or unloading of watberv MAYTAG Automatic BLEACH DISPENSER Jtnt pour In bltotfi, tht rtit it ouiomolie. aleoch It diluted lh»n oddtd gradually (hiring the woih period In jitit the right woy or [nt tht right ihnt. •PUSHBUTTON CONTROLS •AUTOMATIC WATER LIJVEL CONTROL •TWO-SPEED ACTION •HOT'fc COLD WATEB WASH •SAFETY 1IDBINTERIORIIBHT •FLUSH TO WALL INSTALLATION •UNBALANCE SWITCH BDELIOATE FABRIC CYCLE •RINSE CONDITIONER , Buy the thrifty, big Capacity automatic MAYTAG Highlander for only • All-aulomtlict •• Fully fltxlblil • Sulf-desnins lint fllttr tubl • Swirl- «w«y drain fluihtl tub «fttr tach wajhl , Model A-200 ' WITH TRACK THE DRESS THAT GOES EVERYWHERE ... 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