Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 14, 1957 · Page 35
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 35

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 35
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Thursday Evening, November 14, 1957. QUOTES FROM NEWS (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) OKLAHOMA CITY - President Eisenhower said the American people would demand increased expenditures to meet the costs of security: "They will not sacrifice security worshipping a balanced budget." NEW YORK - Former President Truman on the administration's seeking of Democratic consultation on foreign policy: ^"The administration inherited a bipartisan policy and then threw it out the window. It's a little late to start now." WASHINGTON — Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney (D-Wyo.), cautioning that domestic spending cannot be cut too drastically to meet an increased defense budget: "If we continue to be so concerned about saving, we could wind up being the richest satellite of Russia." MOSCOW - Soviet Communist Party chief Nikita S. Khrushchev, commenting on his recently deposed defense minister, said Georgi Zhukoy: "Didn't make out so well as a political figure, but was a remarkable military man." LONDON — I n g r i d Bergman, asked why she still wore a wedding ring and a large diamond and emerald ring given her by her estranged husband, Roberto Rossellini: "It was one of the first presents my husband gave me and I shall go on wearing it. My finger would be cold without it." Public Forum To Pharos Tribune Open letter to Humane Society NEW FLAO FOR OLD SOLD1ER--U. S. Army Secretary Wilb'er Brueker(rig-ht)presents new official Army flag to General of the Armies Douglas Mao Arthur at a ceremony on Governors Island, N. Y. Looking on is former President Herbert Hoover. The new flag was adopted officially In June 1956. It has been nueeested MacArthur be named "missile czar." (International) Personal Loans Total $12 Billion This Year NEW YORK (UP)—Small loan i borrower feel more comfortable. companies have found that respeo lability rubs off. Borrowing suddenly became One psychologist recently found that, "A large majority of Americans consider banks as distant, more fashionable in 1928, when i cold, formal institutions. They the First National City Bank ol! i long for a more personal, a war- New York opened a personal loac fare relationship." Warm And Friendly Small loan companies promote the "friendly and warm" angle to I the limit. loan companies, in- one firm, General Finance, urges ra'dio listeners to call a lo- department, leading the way for other banks. This year, banks will dole out $12,300,000,000 in personal, loans. The .small stead of being hurt by this competition, find themselves better than ever. doing This year, our 10,745 small loan. Last Tuesday afternoon, (Nov. 5) 'offices will make about 16 million around one o'clock, your truck; loans at a volume of 5^-billion stopped in our block. First, your; dollars, Ten years'ago, i* was 10 employee went to a house across j million loans at a $1,400,000,000 the street and gave the people a volume, paper issued by the Humane Society about dogs and explained to cal number and let good old "Bob Adams" arrange a quick loan. This firm has about 200 em- ployes answering calls for Adams. "We picked 'Bob Adams' because it's a typical American name," said Richard Trenfcmann, | company vice president. Even though interest rates are Some finance companies in the about double when compared to early 1940s began to realize that them about keeping a tag on their j bank rates, one family in six is a get - tough policy toward delin- dog and that dogs must be kept la sma u i oan company customer, quents was bad business and bad tied up. Then the employee walk-' • — ed across the street and came into our neighbor's yard, where their dog and our dog were playing. He picked them up, after making friends with them, and took them away. I noticed Chat our dog was missing around three thirty but thought some school children must have carried him home. Around five o'clock, a neighibor informed us (hat foe Humane Society had taken both puppies away. They were in their own yards and both puppies •were under six months old. • As soon as we were informed what had happened, our neighbor, whose dog was taken away, called your Humane Society. He had offered to pay extra if he could come out immediately and claim both dogs. He was told that the pound was closed at Jive o'clock and he could not possibly claim them that night. He was told that the pound would be opened the next morning at eight o'clock and that there would be a boarding fee. Mjf little boy wanted to know if his dog had a •good place to sleep and 1 told him that his puppy would have good care. The next m-arning, our neighbor went to the Humane Society to claim the dogs only to find that they were not there. They had Charge More Interest Small loan companies charge more interest than banks because they have higher operating costs and take greater risks. They deal mostly with skilled or semi-skilled workers while banks lend mostly to the white collar worker; Why do some people who can get a bank loan borrow from a small loan company instead? Here are some reasons; — Small loan offices are open at more convenient hours and may be closer to home. —Small loan offices are more willing to lend small amounts. —Their employes "speak the same language" and make the puuuc reiauons. iney repossess only in rare cases these days The danger of repossession is a a minimum because of such cush ions as credit life, health and accident Insurance, unemployment insurance and pensions. A $500 20-month loan can cost you from $104 to $161 in interest depending on the state law the small loan company works under. The bank's charge would put the same loan cost about $71. On a S300 loan, payable over 18 months, the bank cost comes to about $3{ while the small loan company would charge at least $68. Read the Classified Ads UCWIMWIfftcWMrwctffWffwif tfwwufwwMNffurMwmrwMrtffwwwMrwwwwwwifMtf been put to sleep within hours after the puppies were picked up. I had always thought, when the Humane Society picked up dogs, that they were kept for at least a day or two. I thought they gave the owners' a chance to claim them. When I was told that the Humane Society had picked up our puppy, I thought he was safe for the night. I knew he hadn't been stolen or carried home by some child, wish now that he had been. I know now that there is no law or rule that says you have to keep thorn any length of time. To me, it only seems human to keep them at least twenty four hours or longer, if possible. W« tried to claim our dogs within five hours and received no satisfaction. You also informed us that you pick up dogs only where a complaint has been made. In that case, we should have been warned at least one time so we could have tied up our dogs even tho they were in their own yards. I don't think you could have possibly picked up so many dogs on com,plaint, that they had to be destroyed within a few hours on that day. Please don't tell us to put our' selves in your position. K we were in your position, .we would keep all dogs -for at least twenty four hours or longer. We would give the dogs and owners a chance. Our dog was only a puppy -and he didn't have a tag. Does that mean he should have been put to sleep so soon? Both puppies stayed •within a few feet of our homes and •we didn't need a tag to tell us to whom they belonged. Even if he had been straying away from home, which he wasn't, when he was picked up, was it human to put him to sleep without a chance? Mrs. C. E Brewer TRAVEL STUDY TO BE MADE WASHINGTON (UP) — The White House announced Wednesday it has directed the Departments of State and Commerce to conduct a study of barriers to international travel. Clarence B. Randall, special assistant to the President, will conduct the study. DON'T WAIT ... SHOP NOW FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS ... to be imprinted with your name You'll find the most beautiful cards in the world in these albums 25 for $195 and up Place your order now. Pay later when you pick them up. ORDER YOUR PERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS CARDS NOW! 40 Books Now on Display to Choose From Timberlake's Gift Shop j "Your Christmas Card Headquarters" NOTICE.... Pharos-Tribune & Press DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: HALF-PAGE APS OR LARGER-NOON TWO PAYS BEFORE PUBUOATtON All Other Ads-36 Hours Before Publication. SUNDAY DEADLINE: Quarter-page ads or larger- Noon Friday; all other ads—5 p.m. Friday. COLOR: 4 Days In Advance Your cooperation and assistance in adhering let these deadlines will help us give YOUR ad the expert workmanship it deserves. Women Play Big Role in Toy Designs NEW YORK (UP) — Playthings for small fry represent a realistic payoff for many women. It turns out that the world of toys increasingly is woman's world. Women have had a hand in the design, manufacture, or the sale of a goodly chunk of the Vk billion dollars worth of toys which will be sold this year. The toy manufacturers of the U.S.A. said the figure will set^a record. Jt listed several dozen women in top jobs in the field—as designers, president or other executive in some of the largest companies. These included Mme. B. Alexander, .boss of a New York'firm which specializes in dolls fit for a "10 best dressed" list; Mrs. Ha- z.elle H. Rollins, partner with her husband in a Kansas City company making marionettes; Mrs. Jennie Graves, president of a Medford, Mass., firm specializing in dolls and costumes; Mrs. W.W. 'Rushton, president of an Atlanta company which turns out 10,000 stuffed animals a day; and Mary Bauer, vice president and designer for Ideal Toy, world's largest doll manufacturer. "But it is in the field of invention where the ladies are beginning to shine," said Alice Nichols. Miss Nichols and her partner, Felicia Parker, started out three years ago selling a new word game called "Bali" and have expanded into a new rale—acting as agents for toy and game inventors generally. "About a third of the ideas which come in here are from women," said Miss Nichols. "One of. the things most toy inventors —man or woman—have in common is parenthood. A mother trying to think of a new way to keep junior from underfoot produces a new idea in toys." Doubts Threat- of Strike to Snarl Satellite launching WASHINGTON ttJPO—A federal mediator said today there is no immediate danger of a threatened strike at the. Cape Canaveral, Fla., missile center will prevent the government from launching a test satellite next month. The mediator who preferred to remain anonymous, told a reporter the Railway Labor Act forbids a strike while the National Mediation Board is handling a labor dispute. He said the board intends to retain jurisdiction in hopes of settling the controversy between Pan American Airways and the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks. Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Eleven Read the Classified Ads SIAMESE TWINS ARE 4—-These pretty little girls, 4-year-old Siamese twins FolKJe (left) and Tjitske De Vries, mark their birthday in Friesland, the Netherlands. They were separated surgically three years ago. (International Soundphotosj WARDS for quality and value 412 E. 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