Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1962 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1962
Page 24
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THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1962 Cliff Patients Enjoy Recreation Program There should be no age barrier on recreation..and this is exactly the sentiment of the recreation staff at the Logansport State Hospital. Men and women of all ages participate in some form of physical endeavor from long walks and picnics to Softball. Recreation Director Carl Luebbert and his staff have a tough problem in getting some of the patients' to take part, but have succeeded in a vast- majority of cases. LUEBBERT HAS Sid Sitter as Recreation Superintendent -and three recreation leaders in Rosalie Brown, Guy Mills and Frank Smith. Frank Thomas, Doug Lake, Ann Smith, and LaVern Parme- tor are recreation aids, Sue Jargstorf is the clerk librarian and Jack Lane is an institutional work. eiv Helping in the department during the summer are several college students; Jim Cox, Sue Hively, Ken Isles, Lawrence Vander- weiler and two life guards at-the hospital's swimming pool,'Ed Fitzgerald and Eugene Harkin. Almost any day ,of the week a visitor can find the patients earnestly competing on the miniature golf course, playing Softball or swimming in the hospital's beau-, tiful outdoor pool. THE MINIATURE course was built several years ago by the patients themselves and it is usually filled to capacity. Luebbert has the recreation program divided into three groups —Games and Sports; Social Rec- reation; and Special Activities and Events. The first undertakes the softball program, basketball in the winter, andi many, sports and games. many other The hospital has its own intramural program for the patients and Longcliff also has a 'softball team, made up of patients and employes, that plays the best softball teams in the area. -LAST SUMMER the hospital had its own invitational, tournament in which teams from Lafayette, Kokomo, Peru and Logansport took part. The hospital team was good enough to finish second. The social recreation provides dances, picnics, etc. There is a rathskeller in the middle of the grounds where patients can play cards, dance and in general relax and enjoy themselves without supervision. . In the special activities department the patients have a big Fourth of July celebration for which there is a parade and floats. The 'floats are made by the patients themselves and ideas for the parade are gathered by the supervisors. This year a group of amateur circus performers from Peru will be the headliners on the program. IN AUGUST the hospital holds its annual carnival. For this, each department at Longcliff has a booth where the patients dunk for apples, throw darts, etc. An almost countless list of other activities are available to the patients. There are garden clubs, nature clubs, flower clubs and the hospital newspaper. The BOXBORO Model T307S Elegant Danish Modern console In genuine voneors and select hardwood solids. Big 9" x 6" speaker, Super Target Turret Tuner, 22,000 volts of picture power. and.Spotlite Control Panel. A SENSATION AT As LOW AS- 00 With Trade Never get up to tuna TV! Relax... enjoy comp/olo remote TV tuning from your easy chair: turn TV "on," change channels to right or left, adjust volume or turn TV completely "off" with silent sound. NO WIRES! NO CORDS1 NO DATTERICS! America's # Quality TV HANDCRAFTED CHASSIS No printed circuits., .no production shortcuts for feworserviceheadaches, greater operating dependability. Every chas> sis connection is handwired, hand soldered. New Zenith Individual Channel "PERMA-SET" FINE TUNING Lets you "fine tune" each channel for best picture. Once set, channels stay fine tuned, ASK TO SEE MODEL J2735 ZENITH TV $ 238 °° Best Quality—Lowest Price—As low as with trade TODD'S "The Store That Service Built" 301 E. Market Phone 3300 The latter is supervised by hos- ital personnel, but.the patients all the make-up, writing and diting. A vehicle referred to as the doodle bug" makes regular trips iroughout,the college-like cam- us. It can hold some 25 patients nd is open air with a canopy cov- ring the top. The "doodle bug" a big favorite of the .patients nd many of them would seldom ome outside into the fresh air if were not for the opportunity take a ride : on this .• original mode of transportation. PATIENTS RANGE in age from e very young to. the' very old nd there's plenty of recreation vailable for all..Luebbert and his :aff are adding new items each ay- The , recreation director , is a ormer high school basketball oach and was once a minor eague ball player for' the . old rooklyn Dodgers. He knows 'his eld well and really enjoys the rork. He states, "I was in the caching field before coming to ongcliff and I've never been sor- y. It's really interesting work." The patients at Longcliff are lad, too, that Luebbert made the witch. Vacation your Dog in a real Home WHERE LOVE and PETTING are ASSURED Boarding $1 Day Bathing $2,00 Clip and Bath ... .$5.00 GLADYS O. MONEY, LOGANSPORT 3516 Hiway 24 Fast Phone 3639 ythian Sisters To Hold Contest Supper ROYAL CENTER—The Pythian ister contest supper will be held Monday evening June 25. The super will be served ait 6:30 p.m. nd the regular busniess meeting wll start at 8 p.m. Mrs. Dorathea Morehead enter- .ined the Past Chiefs Association : her home Tuesday with 15 nembers being present. The July leeting will be the annual picnic t Rea Park with Pythian Sisters md families and K of P and imilics invited to attend. There all be no August meeting and Mrs. Iva Beauchamp will be osless for Sept. meeting. , Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lou have eturned to their home at Houson, Texas after several days isit with relatives. Mrs. Mabel Boma, of Pipe City, I., spent the weekend with her mother Mrs. Bertha McKee. Rev. and Mrs. Emmett Hall, f Oregon, are visiting Mr. and firs. Ed Shafer. Rev. Don Touslcy and Family, f Noblesville, were Wednesday upper guests of Mrs. Mayme Meman. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hunter visit- d Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hoth 'uesday. Ed Wisley, Ott Kennell and larold Coleman are spending everal days in Wis. fishing. Pearl Pugh and Jim and Mr. ,nd Mrs. Fred Swisher visited Hr. and Mrs. Don Pugh and amily at Logansport recently. In Loving Memory if Cecil Dean Slusser who left us ix years ago today. —The family. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Y " terda >"' Puiz " ACROSS 1-Obstruct 4-Beef animal S-Base 12-The soli 13-Iione Ranger's pal H-Reverence 16-Pantry 17-Knockod 19-Scottish cap 20-Underworld - 21-WIre nail 23-Greek letter 24-Wlnter vehicles 27-Paddie 28iSmaU factory SO-Klnd of cheese 31-Chinese mile 32-Soothlng 34-A state (abbr.) 35rA continent 37-AfCectlon > 38-Soak. . - 39-Dlspatches 41-Symbol for . . cerium 42-Mlne vein 43-Herd 46-Dlne •46-Country of Europe 4S-Muslcal Instrument* 51-Ventilate 52-Is cognizant of 64-Afternoon party SB-Genus of cattle lifi-Gravestone 67-Newt DOWN 1-A state (abbr.) 2-Mqliam- medan commander 3-Bulldlnj? , material 4-Stalk 6-Rocky hill 6-Prlnter's measure 7-Glrl's name 8-Hlghways ' 3-Fell Into disuse 10-Be in debt 11-Marry 16-Parent (colloq.) 18-Man?s name 20-Small hill 21-MlssIle weapon 22-I/ift 28-Pellet as-Challenged 28-Strlke JS-Greek letter 29-Animated 32-Large spoon 33-Compasa point 36-Indicates 38rSpln 40-Footwear da-Fall behind 44-Coln 46-Gaelio 46-IdIe chatter 47-Spanish for ,' river 48-Blrd 49-Ship's clock EQ-Posed for portrait E3-Farpe Islands whirlwind . 31 39 35, 36 43 13 Si, 20 41 33 42 10 II 34 Dlitr. by United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 132Receive Diplomas InCass Reading Program One hundred thirty-two County Library readers have reported on the required number ot books and have thus earned a Reading Diploma in • the Summer Reading Program of the County Library. Twenty-seven of the one hundred- thirty, two readers have earned a gold star by reading twice the required number of books, five have earned a blue star by reading thirty'books and three have red stars for reading forty books. The standing of the Schools according to points earned is as follows: Noble Twp. 43, Deacon 30, Washington Twp. 23, Lucerne 21, Lake Cicolt 15, South Caston 14, New Waverly 8, Galveston 3, and Clymers 2. Those who have read thirty books are Paula Sue Herd of Lucerne and Tommy Rearick of South Caston. Those who have read forty books are, Danny Henhy of Deacon, Bonnie Herd of Lucerne, David Bjick of Noble Twp. Those who have reported this week are: Clymers-Susan Heckard, Deacon-Patrick Wayne DeMoss, Cathy Jump, Michael Jump, Mrs. Dorothy Moore. Lake Cicott* James Kesser, "Terri Bolinger, "Mrs. Mary Bolinger, Lucerne- Garry Dee Roberson, Janice Carter, Kay Porter, Connie Lynn Porter, Debbie Stevens, Janet Stevens, Joy Frushour, Judy Baker. New Waverly-Bebbie Baughman, Sondra Baughman, "Kent Bowman. Noble Twp.-Marla Sue Kingery, Joy Batten, Patty Kin- gary, Julie Hatten, Linda Simons, Christy McKaig, Wanda Binney. Washington., Twp.-Sharon Short, Jarry Dishon, Sally Dishon, "Ronald Miller, *Mrs. John White, "Mrs. Evelyn Benoit. The Golden Years $92 A Month At Age 62- How To Retire And Live By THOMAS COLLINS Here is the financial story of a man who wants to retire at age 62 on an income of $92 a month. He can do it, if he is smart, because he has a couple of extra resources and a 59-year-old wife who approves, "We have .savings of $21,000," the wife says, "and we have two small houses fully paid for. We would live in,one house and rent out the other, planning to use the rent to take, care of taxes, insurance and upkeep on both houses and the heat bill in the house .we occupy. "My husband's retirement income will be $92. In three years I will be eligible for Social Security of $74 a month. We have a new car that is paid for, paid-up life insurance, and a paid- up cemetery plot. "The house -we will occupy is not in a our cost fashionable, section of living . will not clothing and we need. "Therefore, heavy. I have figured that $50 a week ' will take care of food, what other things if we take $110 a month from our savings until my own Social Security starts, we can do fine for three years. At that point, with our two incomes totaling $166 a month, we will see what is best to do. "Is our financing sound? Can we make it?" The answer to this couple is that they can make it. Bui; their financing is not too sound, and their 'arithmetic is weak, as it often is with people now approaching retirement. The couple ,as a matter of fact, is quite wealthy. There are several ways they could manage a safe retirement. One way would be this: Take '$17,000 of the $21,000 savings, and invest it at 4% per cent (through a reputable investment broker or in a savings and loan association). This would return $765 a year or about $6'* a month. When added to the husband's $92, it would give $155 a month. The wife says they can live on $50 a week. That means $2,600 a year or $217 a month—$62 a month more than the $155 income. So, out of the $4,000 they have left over from the savings, they should draw $62 a month, which would total $744 a year or $2,232 in the three years before the wife's Social Security starts. Meanwhile, there would be over $1,700 left put of the $4,000 for emergencies. When the wife's Social Security starts, (hat $74 a month plus the $92,, plus the $063 should make everything lovely . . . with no more withdrawals from the savings. There could come a day of re- figuring on this plan. An expensive illness by either the husband or wife could wreck everything. To avoid that, the couple should take out some type of disaster medical insurance, maybe a policy with a deductible clause for minor illness. Some form of Government medical care for people in their 60's seems on the way, but is-not here yet. The death of the husband ,and the loss of.his $92 income also could bring problems. The wife would have left only the $63 from investments and her $74 Social Security, for a total of $137 a month—hardly-enough even with two houses. The husband can help [his situation by going to his life insurance company and arranging for his policy to pay his widow an annuity for life. The size of the annuity would depend on the face value of lh« policy, but even $20 or $25 a month from this source would see her through. Coming down to essentials in retirement, as this couple is prepared to do, usually proves to be a happier Ife than most people think it could ever be. Material possessions Jnd luxuries are nice. So are the simpler (lungs when you get to 'oiow them. (COPYRIGHT 1962, GENERAL FEATURES CORP.) Ever season cooked beets with a dash of tarragon vinegar? 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