The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1925 · Page 13
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1925
Page 13
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U U it ' . Wa at ' - v re lr.' mmm JliiiiLIIJ) ii'Jii lib' . i iijiioiiilt 1?. t i m li diesiToBat 1 501; hi lii! ictis Nebraska RedsMx Jloixi :A Qajiiy Tjl - gregatioii ffit - I? ting Stride, Promises Real Thriller in Weekly Battle, r y; - ' - , te t i. average of nine victories in every ten ffames spells in i letters the wonderful game which the Homestead Grays 5 been playing this season; Sixty vctorjes, eight defeats 7wo tic games was the record held by the Grays at the end dgame with the Sharon Elks club last Sunday, r Bat since then they have added some more and they are , to endeavor to increase - the margin they hold over the SDe dub when the crack North Borough's aggregation is T .. J V. nt a mHe. S .ii i V loui ''"""" 7 - r r.ti K ieia aiamona on SiThe tame evening the Gray Ttfjtl to Braddock for a game a. a. Ruddock Elks. ; w before going: against Belle - , tt Grays irill be seen on the "M FieM diamond against an - wfoe the Nebraska Indians - - string the country and have - Wthii section, the Grays and sBiw Falls Eiks being - the teams in the Pittsburgh dual iw to procure them. The win meet them on Thursday itat tte pure wo auiri bi. i tv Vebraska team is composed y peine Eedskins and they play Vt$ cuu Dranu oi unseuau as nrord for the season will at "Cbier Whitehorn or Jean r ill twirl against the Grays !i tt chances are that Lefty 5rfr will do the throwing for !apt PMejrs cIud. I IJ ,4iU " I i V ...... ....J. the series with the Beaver Eks at Forbes Field . last ssrky are more elated than ever jiwy ire of the impression that thotslevkn are going to put sStf notch in their gun when the unt cine is tackled on Satur - t thin; that should not be adht cf in this particular fray, )fc manner in which Bellevue la faitr. The tpm i n crn in - nlav. tie baseball it did last summer 91 a won the senes from the ,irft isd Ln addition, run through iwtu or Z8 consecutive games nt a defeat islme was slow starting but ' tie team fell into its stride it wsjed topplinjr the opposition ? pad - fashion. Teams to fall be - Bdlenje daring the past two r aomestead (irays who beaten in the third game, the .43 1 tavin? captured the other asaoTAl Tube of McKeesport, 9 Fills Elks, Xorthside Board paa and Woodlawn. Beating tuna in a row nrovea tht rf i is iroing to be more dan - w ior the L - rays on Saturday ' er llme ttU3 year. 'L , are n expecting to see 'vSf7 A" Williams toe the slab It Cyi and Manager Posey .ips&abty work hw nitchers in aimer as to have Joe avail - wthu game. He holds one WwwBellevne and the Home - &Ur?e arn' of followers Cla.t Jo, can send Bel - kLTT fcSme on the small end hkv I0r the second time. iSr uncertain who will i ffgaaf for Belle rue. Their ac 2b1 ?wey s c!ub this yar. V Lmu0r' over th Grays 'L? ,by a P'tcher named .Vfc.r??." 3 believed that UiC - . utl0"s name - Humor i S 1 'JIloto". the Pitts - who did the ',rtt - no,att?mPt ws made 'Sehh tCr ofricia!3 of the jJPdfcb cen!e( ir. :r?n?;tr burled for 4fciT. ln,J National Tube like'v";1 name Md !fiTi rJ tr'e fase wben Eothlr - ? definite is forth - Swr' we 'Jravs. The ti. !L0 ofuit3weak spots - 'th the acquisition of strongest until last vlr esb. u?Te.T of th Scott - ?BtjW indole and i.d h the Mi(1dle - Atlantic ,r"u'1 lnn" defense eld t , ie(tr,Valry that be S &n,s iievue will .r: : - Bellevne ost to the 1.33 crona fighting and this sterling character will be shown on Saturday. Belle - vue is - known to have one of the most aggressive and colorful teams in semi - pro baseball circles. Sinee - the team has recovered from its slump the fans have again rallied to its support and they are turning cut stronger than ever so that a goodly number of North Borough residents will be in the stands at Forbes Field. The first game between the Grays and Belle - vu9 wa3 staged in the eve ring and this helped to cut the attendance, but different circumstance will prevail on Saturday and the' largest crowd that has attended a sand - lot battle on that field this season will be on hand. The Beilevue - Horaestead Gray series is the peer - of sandlot tussles. The teams appear to be keyed to a high pitch when engaged against each other and this is reflected in the article of baseball which is forthcoming when they meet. The Grays' followers, enthusiastic over the brilliant record which the Poseymen are making will be out in bigger numbers than ever. The Beilevne fracas attracts fans that do not attend other games. This battle can easily .be termed the blue ribbon event of independent baseball in Western Pennsylvania because it is between the two teams which are recognized as being superior to any of the others. For two years Bel - levue has been labeled "independent champions' by the semi - pro critics and as the Grays have been beating them all in the last six years. Believe e - Gray games tako on the appearance of being somewhat better than the others. The fans recognize this tilt as the banner event of the season and the attendance will come pretty close to looking like a major league crowd. Harrisburg Giants Check Bacharachs HARRISBURG, Pa., July 16 The Harrisburg Giants scored an impressive victory over the Bacharach Giants here last week, winning 6 - 4 Harrisburg got away to an early start, scoring two runs in the sec ond and one in the fourth. In the fifth, Gisentaner weakened and the Bacharachs scored three runs to tie the count. Harrisburg again pulled ahead in their half of the fifth and clinched the victory by scoring one in the eighth. Bacharach rallied in the ninth, but fell one short of evening the count. The score: KBS. T. ABJL EL O. A. SACH. ATS. AB.SU. B. O. A. DISOMf ... Chari'af.. Caa dr.M.. TjU.l.. Jor4ui.e... Jack Mm. lb. OU't'nar.p. Loui.p.... Tot ls. 4 1 tWaojf.. 4 1 1 411 eikmwU.Sk 41111 414 Cua' 1 1 4 111 'Lan&.n - 4 S 1 S 1 S 11 SfUor4.SM 4 t 1 1 a a s tiMd.r.M a i l till lILWSrtJf 4 1 8 111 Bttaeau... 4 1 t 1 1 t till 1 I ltHcn'f'a.p. S JaDUW4.. 1444 S ST isj Mmta. ST 4 15 4 11 SttUdl tm We4 la Baeftaracb Otaatf Hmtarf Glints tat i4 at ii l timi Clingy. T fm a. CuudT. bockfetft. IHaMX Bom raw MarartL SMkn Lion L. Daobla plan L unity (ra - ClMcfcteta. Tutor, nd TtfUt. faMHUUd). Ifl OB Mum EUirWiars . BHun t. Bm m tn Off Leokftart 1. Htndmna 1. Lmm 1 - Btrw. wit trr otitaim S. Lwkkait S. MtuOmmm . Blta Off Ivackban ta 4: Ot far I L SH T ttutm Ca1amr4. W1M IN ARY fur? iV" dttaatto. Js?r - Oft. i . M ,' ,r. Ouchar... ... N - . IV.. H. "UN . mU T... lSAS CITY xr SJ. b?,J.,0, All STWST7 "I" Try" h! Brown's Stars Win Three Games In Row YOUNGSTOWN, O., July 16. Brown's Stars ef Yocngrtown, Ohio, add three more games to their string of victories by defeating the East Side Civics, Gty champions, of Youngstown, 6 to 0. The Wheatland, Pa. club 10 to 9, and last Sunday defeated the NUes Independents 3 to 2. On next Sunday the Stars will play the Mineral Ridge Indians at Avon Park. Mineral Ridge is one of the two clubs that defeated the Stars this season. ; - ' ' JU West New York ' Indianapolis, Ind - - jniy e, 1925. ' Mr. W. Rollo Wilson, Pittsburgh Courier, Pittsburgh, Pa. Dear Sir:. I am - a constant reader of your valuable paper and, have been for a number of years. ' I have noticed recently there seems to be a large number of complaints from the different managers of the Eastern Colored League on the efficiency of the colored umpires. Give us a chance. Is all we ask, and we will make good. Some of the National and American League umpires have been umpiring from 5 to 25 years and they make mistakes, ' and will do the same in the future. It is human nature to err. There was 6nly one perfect Man on earth and they crucified Him. No doubt you know that there are three necessary qualities of umpiring, namely t Knowing the rules, giving the decisions as you see them, and giving them quickly. There seems . to be entirely too much kicking on the part of the different managers in regards to the decisions of the umpires, and to make matters worse your paper puts the different complaints before the eyes of the general public, which will eventually have a tendency to lower the standard of the colored umpires. Two very plain facts about the press are as follows: First, it is the function of a newspaper to handle news, not to convert itself into a preaching agency in behalf of even the best cause. Second, a newspaper and the press in general is a business institution, with a legitimate desire to show a handsome profit at the end of the year. The average baseball fan, who buys your valuable paper and makes it a profitable property, do so primarily because they want the news. They are after an unprejudiced and nncolored history of the colored basebaU happenings. They seek facts and not a lot of propaganda. They look for what is interesting to - tbem, n4 most of them are able to make their deductions. If the press is to do moro towards interpreting the baseball news to the general public, the primary responsibility for bringing the happy event about will rest in the practical working out of things, not with the press, but with the league. If the league wants more matter about baseball in the press, the league must do more things that have legitimate news value in the minds of the editors. The newspapers very generally are not only willing, but anxious to "interpret the league to the public" by giving to the people a clear view of what the league is doing and trying to do. That is true of your valuable paper in its attitude towards other activities. And any time anyone does something of general interest he may rely on your paper to do its part. But, as I stated before, it is not the function of any newspaper to convert itself into an agency for every cause that comes along regardless of merit. The only hope of success lies in peace, wito justice between tne league and the Pittsburgh Courier. Ta. i 1 J a. it is useiui ana even necessary 10 have criticism of conditions. Through it, when wise, comes progress, but personal jealousies sometimes figure in criticism of certain conditions. Kindly publish the rbove in your valuable paper in the interest of the colored umpires in the Eastern Colored and the Negro National Leagues. Respectfully yours in the interest of colored umpires in general, ' Bert E. Gholstok, James McCary, Umpires, Negro National League. Dizzy9 s Club Halts Cubans MEMPHIS. Tenn July 16 Sin gles by Williams and Glass, sandwiched with a three - base hit by Russ in the first inning, accounted for two runs, which proved enough for Memphis to defeat the Cubans in the third game of the series here Mon day, the final score being 3 - 1. Glass struck out nine of the Cubans, be sides holding them to six hits and getting three huts himself. The score : R. H. E. Cubans 000 000 1001 6 0 Memphis 200 001 00 3 9 4 EckeLson and Abrou; Glass and Ross. DonLty. Le&rler of Hrrri - . i burg Clab.lSbLnds Second in Home Ran Drive : C4tiiia4dx First V Apparently the managerial duties are resting. lightly upon the shoulders of Oscar Charleston, manager of the Harrisburg Giants, who at the present time are topping the list in the Eastern circuit. Aside from keeping his club up in the running, the doughty field leader of Colonel Strothers Law Makers, has clouted the combined offerings of the league hurlers for - a 455 mark that stands out like a beacon light for the rest of the players to shoot at; In addition hustling Oscar has drove out six home runs and is only topped by his team mate, Walter Cannady. who Is showing the way in distance hitting, with eight homers to his credit. Charleston is also second in base thefts, having stolen nine sacks, running closely behind George Carr of the Hilldale team, who has stolen 14 bases. Another material aid to the fast traveling Harrisburg team is Jack Shackelford, the sensational . young third baseman, who hails from Wiley College, Texas. Shackelford has horned into the select class of .400 hitters and has hit safely ta all but two games since joining the Harrisburg team. Gistentaner, of Harrisburg, with five wins and no defeats, is the leading - pitcher. Corbett of Harrisburg and Rector and Hubbard of the Roy al Giants, also have clean slates with three, four and two respective .vio - tones. CASTCRN COLOREO ICA4UE INDIVIDUAL AVCftAStS All pUrm wte kara trorad is ar Lea ding; the Eas t Ptayar and Claa O. A a. B. Ckarlcrtoo, Uba. Olt 13 Tl 11 WIImb. Balta. B. a HUM J. Jabaaoo. BlQdal S3 1M tt Baaarman. Bklym. W. Gu.. 14 44 14 SbarkaJford. Hbc Ou.... IT as la B. Taylor. Bbc. Ou IS 41 1 Bacftwim. BaMa. B. .... II H N WU. rataauaa.... XT (I M &llMia... A .U4, a H. JTotIm. Bate. B. a.. Jl IS Daaclaaa, BIkya. ft. Ota.. IS SS 11 M .4U aa .4r as Art IS J ,aa as sa si S4 S .a Carr Hits Two Home Runs As Baltimore Loses To Hilldale NORRISTOWN. Pa - July 18 cuuaaie won a nard - mtuns rune irozn tne .Baltimore BiacK Box iiere todav. 11 to 8. Four home runs were made dur ing the game, George Carr hit two, a nomas one ana Becrwiui one. Washington had thr aino - 1it mm1 a ooooie to nia credit, score: HILLDALE a, H. O. A.X. BLACK SOX B.H.O. A. . Brian jf.. 1 1 Waa'laavtb. S 4 s S J - Tan.s.. S S Thia.i.lf.. 1 1 OJ - aaa.a.. 1 Lwli.. ... i Kab'aoa.M.. 1 Captxll.B. 4 Lm.p i i Tooh... 11 14 tiBat - aa - p. 4a)o. !HJ'laa.S. tCtarka.. 4 H11U - 1... VDy.r.. StJJi.r - a - 1 1 a s i s s i i s us 14 It l Total., t IS tl S Blaekaai BUldala SS 4 14 a S 1 4 1 1 4 u Akron Athletics Win From Yellow Cabbies ron AKRON, O.. July 16. The Ak - Athletics won their eighth straight game Sunday at Imperial Park, defeating the Yellow Cab by a score of 5 - 2. The visitors were unable to solve the puzzling slants of "Max" Leonard, who held them to five hits and sent 12 men back to the bench with the lumber on their shoulders. Leonard, besides pitching masterly ball, rapped out to two triples. I H0WAKDWEEEITOrIJlhliI Elliott Eagles Win The Elliott Eagles, aided and abetted by the pitching of A. Harris, beat the strong Rich Valley club of the Triple Link League on the Southern grounds, 4 - 1. Mason and A. Lee hit for four bases, while Coleman's fieldins in left field bor. dered on the sensational. j 4 1 1 t ! I S : i ! i f i I i I i . , i ' T - I t - ' SI - ,.1 I . 1 4T - i a . Oscar Charleston Fiery manager of the H arris btirr Giants, who, in addition to the burden of keeping his club at the top of the heap, finds" time to lead the league in hitting, .with a grand av erage ox .455, is second in hitting homers with a errand total of six and is also second in the fine art of thievery, being topped only by George Carr. A.B.C.'s Drop Third Game to St Louis, 4 - 2 INDIANAPOLIS. InL. July 16 The A's dropped their third straight game to the St. Louis Stars Mon day afternoon, when they suffered a 4 - 2 defeat. The visitors made two runs in the second and added another brace in the fourth, which ended their run getting for the afternoon. However, they had enough to win. Roberson and EwelL catcher, re - contly secured from the Dayton club, led their mates at the bat with two each, while Creacy for the vis itors was the star, with two singles and a triple out of four trips to the plate. Score: R.H.E. St. Louis 020 200 0004 6 0 A. B. C's 000 000 0202 10 1 George C&rr HeacY B&se SteJers - Ttesbaer cf ' HaiTODtaTjr Leads Pitcl en of Circuit " . v at n at 14 S mfmm ZS TS ' SS a Oaa. Uat. Ou.nlMM, 11 4 S amlaa. Ma. Ou.. 4)444S U It II f at 1 X S4 4S S ft 4 '94 a ' it tea part .'IS Its It. TS T IS 1 tl . s a i 4 4 S tt St 11 its a tt it 4S . r is a i . - ii It . 14 ia 4 Day. BaBav B. S.....I '. ktr. a. a... Sfina. BaJaa. B. Brut. BaBa. B. tu., StV Sjl ara4M WkMa, wu fw a ar B. t)aa. lia. Ota......MM IT laTtf. Bbf. Ots.. ...... 11 Baluiw Bktym. B Ota.... tl lata. Urn. Ota. ......... tt r,, BUHtM ..Mw....S m. ST .. . S4 ff ... T .M 11 ... 1 ... 1 n it as tt 4 . T ST 14 S4 S4 IT ft tl at ST tt S4 ' tt at tt it tt it it BrlaaV HlUdala . Bly B. BataL B. Wartait. SUOAata Saataaa. Bkc a OMV....... rattin. rnnna ........ Hal Baiym. B. Ota... Barm. Btt Ota....... Olaia. Baa. IT ltt tl Ota..... miuaa. Caaa Btan ..... Biillta4. WU. raaaa.M kUraaO, Urn. A Baca. Ota. Baaawta. Lis. Ou....... Daaa. La. Ota. ......... Oaaa. Cakaa Kara ....... 1 1 ia ut . it M It 11 IT 14 IT tt N TT tl at I ta Taaaa. Baam. LJa. Ota. Baltovar. Batia. B. a.... Bara. Cabaa Bur ....... Bat. Ota.. ...... tea. Ou WU rataaata.. OaS) a a a 4 Ckaaa. Bfetra. ...... K. Waaktsataa. BUkaJa.. It A. WUttaaa. Ua. Ou..... Oaliaaal BaaK Ota. It OUlaapta. Km, a Ua. Ot. a DaBar4. WB. Fataaaaa.... tt o. run. EM. Ota T Wlaiaia. BlllHala It Wataaa. Bktya. B.' Ou.... tl Mi wa. Ua. Ou. tt r - tl BUtaaw ......... It nOmti, Bklym B. Ota., IS W. Can. WlL Fanam... 11 wu. niiaiia - . tt ' it 4 IT Tt IS 4 tt TS IS M 11 tl 4 t 44 t ta t u r IS 1 at 4 IS t I 4T tl t t t T T 4 IT It 1 n a s a s a i . - - JH t Tl U ' JHt tt JtU a jat as it JUt 4 Jti i JUt 14 JUT at jttt tt jut tt Mt M JUt at jut n jut .aaa T - MS S 03t f JUt It JUt It JKH ' .81 ar tt 4 .814 M 'an 14. ait tr. aa tt JUt M aa . S JUt a .sit ltott M JM at on as .i it at tr. atr t jm t att n au rt at rr at tt - aa at ott tr ot ti . it art tt an it OTT it art tt an ii art or a . a ot 14 044 01 14 as i - aT 14 . at as JUt t . ' ' "JUST ' &GIITY - SSYZK "PER - CEStiloi. LYES ia tie": Leerua reatiad sn et tae feiery BiH SUea, la say tewn, ttsed to t : Noak aad the aaiaiall la (he ark. Aecortiiag to ZUU. the ark U - rest ea Ararat's sauamit and the iriakiax water hadbeea exLau. : eld taartner cast aa srrraiatag eye ever Ua pxtxtxzn ari t - latadi Tae csUest stiazl in here has te carry sea water." - Mister Hotkey, abeat whoa aa saach fame is being saade in beraa ta eraU ta &lstiaa accents lew. - "Speak Yidiiah,' said Nci - . tell aa wkata Litia yak." ; - ' . Tare aiat a tltag wroag with zat j all I gat ta aay is I a' - - - : to earrx aa water." - - ' - ... .. " ; ' . . - ; Wkeaever the Calami geseraliMS aboat athktea each f thr c even per ceat tliaka 1 am alaavsaiag Idaw A week er two t. Harriabcrg players taek exceptiaaa e a stataaa - al wkick was net t ; tq them at aB. Others kara dose pas aasaa thiax. ; . v t . . - " What's tae aaswerT : - I'm tkraagli explifafwr la anyaee that I t&d aet mean Ida. trr 1 fi, when 1 typed a particular paragraph. . . - , .r - y ; Victory 0 ver Royals makes It 1Z Straight For Baltimore Sox 4JlalAiaUV4 w aaay aa w Black Sox defeated the Royal Giants a . aja . AL Here last wees in a aingie game, uw second game being called on account of darkness. ' A heavy rain delayed the first game. ' The JSox nave won me iasx rweive straight league games and are now crowding tne leaders, score SLACK tOX a. a. r. a. a.! OTAL flIAMTS a. h. p. a. a T - Jrri - a.t - Baatnrtia.. HJ - tnaJ. WUaaa.M RoJoJ..... HaU.t..M. Day.4..... fcafsmat a Tatala. 1 S Z lIMU.N 1 1 1 S 1 ItWataavt. S a a a aJaai.. i s a lllll tla - ULS.... 1 Sit tlWanii.t.. 1144 111 - aaaa.1,, 4 1 1.1 1 tlBaMartO. I 1 8 S S Waaaar.. 1 1 t t 1 1 WRolUad.1. 1 1 fBadlaa. It tT It a TiUU.. I IN I B.U - 4 far Hal I aad la ika alaU. aa 1 t as Boral OUatt 1 St 1 Taa baaa blta 4. Jaffrtaa. Baa alia. BaUatm. Jiaaa Tjaabla BatMU ta Car. Strack ao B Straa K try Ballaad B. Cleveland Athletics Stop Willonghby A A. CLEVELAND. O. July lv The WLUoughby A. A. defeated the Cleveland Athletics In a hard - fought battle here last week, win ning 4 - Z. Fast fielding on the part of the Cleveland inner defense saved the day and held the obdo - sitioa to a low score. The dub is sow under new man agement and have a few open dates at home. Clubs ia Pennsylvania, Ohio or West Vircinia are urt - ed to get In touch with C M. Morris, manager, 2405 E. Fourth . street. CI rr aland. O. MMn4i 1 '2J BBVaaaraetaaaaVaaBaaa ffaf aBaMaBBWaBBl WSffa. "X V tatjaaaaaatia OaWHJP XUt ila.yjWY l!" A - H In the West HOW THEY STAND In the East N. N. League Standing W. L. Pet. St. Louis Kansas City American Giants .... Cubans Birmingham Memphis Detroit Indianapolis 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 2 3 8 1.000 .150 .667 .667 .533 .353 .250 MO Eastern Leajrae Standing W . v. r' Harrisburg Giants.". - . 20 6 .768 xxuMaue .... Z7 9 ' .750 Balrimora Blark Ko . - 1 a ir m Bacharach Giants.... 15 14 J17 Brooklyn Royal Giants 10 14 ak Cuban Stars......... 9 15 '75 WilmmrtAB "Pntomaa. ft 1 a fo Lincoln Giants... t...i ; 3 23 Alt Including games played July 12. Baltimore Black Sox Take 3 From Lincolns BALTIMORE. Md July 18 The Baltimore Black Sox won three straight games from the Lincoln Giants here Friday and Saturday. copDin the first encounter 7 - 5 and swinging through both ends of the Saturday double bill in commanding rashJon, winning 7 - 4 and o - i. Holland Is Hit Hard; Hilldale Wins First PHILADELPHIA, Pa, July 9 Nip Winters hung up another victory for the fast go tag Hilldale dub. bumping the Royal Oianta 10 to 6. But not until the big left bander had been subjected . to a severe ladnsr and forced to retire in favor of Carrie ln the fifth inning, did the verdict swing toward the Hilldale team and Winters. u CATAW II cuaaa Toira UXALTH li ru. lar CVaaiaa i ii Unnatoral and xnuccaa dls - duLrgea can be avoided by do - troyin the gems of infectious fiiscsa. tuzo at ta drrrr1 - . THE AFFABLE 1TR. - : ITTTJ semetlmes known to fame zjs : Tete," bands in m. few Aggers. They are the batting averages r , Black; Sox. Pete, himself, leads the dub with t3 grand perccrt 1X00. However, its was at bat bst once, so we find the real leader is . sow WHson, triggertefflperad first bsaemaa. Re' spcrta .S95. - Htrn, Jeff, follows him with .93. Gxrge Britt. Jack ef all positioca, 1 - : j Heavy Johnson upholds the traditions ef the. name with a lusty .21. 1 comes. Manager John B. Beckwith with JtlS. Crush - Hollowav. - r - ; gardener, is oo Beck's heels - with. JS1Z. - T: Strong doses the - 500 li t U come Day, 95: HalL 90; Bobo LeenaruV - 25; Rojo, U79J Clark, .1. MeClure, 50; Fores and liuagin .000. Jim Jeffries made 2 tL - .;:. 4 times up for .600. . t :. - - . - r - A hurried gianoe at those records wCl show that most of thf'Sk'x i "way off in their sticking and that tells what's wrong with Balticcre. - .i q i , - - - BARN CM WAS - ABSOLUTELY BIGHT; Tl American subtle T ' it and bow THE Y are going la ask the public te esppert a Dempsev - ! den match en Laber Dav, THEY said that Wills had shown. soi., : entiila - alm te a fight with the champ. THEY said he would "be tut i blta far tha - faaler af Maaaaaa. ' :v'. New, baddies, last what kas Maddea daaa ta grab off a tittle cf Um tw tor vuyvaiii ama4 . a mm wauj uauuawia anuia; a. tan uta w : out is that be has asver beea ssyeed. He luts.fallea a vktira ta te rrt eas of Grab, Cibbo&av Waiscrt, Wills aad Benaslt. Is that the e.uaLl:z: which flu a zaaa far a boat with Maaa DempaeyT .. THEY potat with pride to tae ring hiatory ef the Denpsey, Izt t ting down to bedrock, what rttlass flrhtlrig nan did fas ever wLip ? Is pretty gejerallx. believed that Wlllard waa glrea the works." ? 11' waa auvpta( a at raauat waa wua. aawua varyfBHtr, uia tnKTN.3, r a war - wrecked veteraa. . Flrpe waa a btdld - ap, pare and simple C simple) ef friend Ike. A c ain, paratheticaHy, gaab, what a press c t. . . t.t m - in j - t. j i m .v - . l . tut naa ivbbj uuwtu taoa. a, Lacjta mrrnna ua - iwwnMU.. champion for fifteen enervatiag reuads. Of sack staff is our chanplor. - tin - tiDiint,ai mriaAnrfmn:Mifi a - it. . aiiw - QAnn oaao aa uimouji vaoa sm uia ennv ucr. player in the Eastern Laagu this season, particoiariy in his - fielding 1 two years the Big Fellow could sot seem to get adjusted hare in the c: , t TT A t . fc. 1 . II 1. I . 4. j . ti .1 a . v . niui uib nieaia ni.Aurn un wrnvr iirr waa aenmuty eue inr tr r of first baseman with Clan Darbie. - Many a dubious head was shaken t many an xmrecorded comment was made. But the Nativa Son fooled ti alL He works on the bag as If to the manner bora and leaves absol:: ....VI.. . J. - 4a 1.1 . auV I a - j V. 1.. - - uvwuui aw any ununi au au aca iinwjMC - aub urn naa Ktu iuuii( ui. 00 au year. - - . - . ' For all things there Is a reason, - just aa a cause precedes every efTv In George's case there are three reaaons the wife - and two sons, 1.5 & right here on Powelton avsnua, PhUly with, him - Instead of spcir lonesome summer on the west coast. - Atta stuff, fgmtlyt - r ;:r. HURRAH I THE SIMPLE SENOALESE waa a VSattle ta Ktv lc vn a - iHu wtiui Ajuxum raau wac a ajsv way am as rurrru 13 Champs Elyseea, cuffed Chief Hsifbraa, aa Oklakoma Islzn bci:r the resin la the third pararrapk ef a ached sled twelve - round Csi. ti lifting Lo'a acalp with asstniss aztd dasyatch. " v - . - - - MISFORTUNE CONTINUES.TO SNAP at tie ieela of Alex Per ; and his Cuban Stars. Pedro Sam, lrurier from Saa Domingo! Its I: refused entry to this land of tha shave and home ef the flea. - The f - gration quota from his larea and penates had been exhausted; . And e the brilliant Oscar, one oi tha best sharpshooters who ever toed the i " ' had to go and get himself a mess of chicken - pox. - Strains and tr.:. have affected the playing of other athletes. In one game against Hill I: tha ancient and honorable " ahortaton. was forev! i - ntn tK rT - 1 ivrynrpo nron nw rrj c n i v. Li j .a ... .t"rt. . v . ...... ummv kjk iiu a Aoii hu WT aracott si BJB tuv At: has been having more taasr aia share ef the teagh breaks this season. ton haa ranrn the Vidlpl af kta irfluntmr - nanHHa lima afta it haa kept him idle mast af the year. Bat ever and anon, the Li' I af the Loae Star Rangers blasts the hopes of soma careless heaver' v W . M.a a..a I . v. . i . . aaa an atfl wtl Mall TOOgrBBB. - PWV ST1TP ATTTT V."l'l f rTWrVfTO OTrtXT ti. . A M - x " .. w . a - m w ami noivrt nrfr utbctru AuMy JL CC. pact with tha Nutmeg State solans whereby each will enforr the rt: decisions in casea of all wrestlers and boxers. The Triumvirate, White and Bovle. decided this at their weakly martin o lat Wvn., - r - A TnnTi w Kat.h . ...t . maJ .4 - . At - - m 4 . j 1 Chick Suggs, who had been set down by New. York. No local core - '.: were submitted for the first time since - the inception xf the body. - . T'HaWT'mi lmm VaAiSm JH - TriMSmtA a mr4 - m.m tSABrsamAf aV 4? m.. TaVt ' " aw - a - 41 ZVAVtW - f SJB 4SmW eB mmm Sj 4BVUV W AU7 mU j M I i 5 i.J Ji pital here and Richard Curiey, vulrariy known as Dick, is the Ur. .. battle betwtMTl Hamr Wtlla arwt P.wia RfW TV. ..1 J v - on September 21st. , . ... ... ; .: i - w; . O - . . - - Tfi TTTAT wnn sniVB rnr "nrr t nn itjtno l - . , hennery motor it weald seem that the avertaatad Athletics are suecex'f seeking their, tree level, which Is decidedly NOT the upper strata f American League. . . - . - : CUMMTNGS, OF THE ITCHING FOOT. BEEAK IN AGAIN. natai RirhiHli 'xt " - j .v. .... - , . .. " . - .. wutu wmi. uuiaimrg u 141a ninw LaS(. wnan h. ita jmmB . V . - .J . - . 1 . ... safe for Rats Henderson. . . ' - ' Here ta' atMthaa MrVrnan vtutu 'nlmrm Vi r ... t . J t t - . ence of his family. 'Mrs. Oimmings is up here with - her warrior hV apoieon w.'s play reflects tha beneficent effect of her eompaxior. Skipping back to an earlier paragraph for your reference I t Mrs. Cummin pa and Mn. Htrr laa f tSa mU . - .v. - - - , " - - m.w y iiiiw.. uirakac;3 t.. seaboard loop. . . ; . : . . - , - THE TJVCftT.V nTAVTisi Tttti? - an - trvarrrw av.ii" r eaa be used te fatten the arceatag sUndlsgs ef the teams wiich t "2.!? pLa l the sna. Four straight frem tha Ere - . - fiu tUdat help Claa DarUa any more than a hot breakfast tm a cc.J r 'nwk'P haagry farmer who has last earns ta from doing the t . daylight charts. . . t ... 0 . , . - . - - a boucraet of bay for hie work isBstlhe dan Darbie Friday tU - bt, hi (T Tlthai1ar. aylu aMnlt k 4a .V.. V. I 1 1 j. . . lawed pitch with him, was rumr better and let EoMea's rang ?ov, I V laa ami W . 1 HU . aa . a a . X?. ? ?a.uko auu vao ma. in aocunoa ua CI UtI3 creZd. Of thft t' lT MtTT V W1 victim and George Johnson went dowi Jf first twos rnissed. . Then the amps tttissed tha third pitch sr i : TTTR PfYmVf A rtt 1 TlV IW TrtV rirttnnmto , 1 . , , ga his majtagerlal career with eit4 rtraJ;M wins but now ti.e'r a acj waj, jia in icara cxa t s;ra 10 win games. - - Try aa hard aa tm aHi? H.ra i - .f . v, - . t - " Of B arenas far Caarra ItjmiL k la m t v. ....... i maa ia tha ra aaa.. If evar a tnaA doervai tie smilea of Diss i is .the geaiaThest af Uaa itosaida, ; , ; ; T v T wrthoct - rwfw: tt. h; iTu f rt and backs op his mechaalczi atiity with trzii. lie cjls f. - "' : bases with the best of theta. r i V - ' . : . Another amy arV Vm. .rv. - . . 't. ror this season is llfrviarthe Eed, ben a Trr - . : had an kinds cf luck trrwpt the tra4 Uii i i - as hard and as earnest! as h trer HI fct Is jt t " 'SEND IN.YOrm .it y - rirrr r . ,1". score ef tesrt 1 ;t t - i r! - 1 b - r r - - ' f ..! .1 f . .

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