Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 14, 1957 · Page 29
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 29

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 29
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Thursday Evening, November 14, 1957. June Allyson Jittery About Sunday TV Show By WILLIAM EWALD ! "They had given me some song United Press Staff Correspondent j and dance stuff to do and I just NEW YORK (UP)—A TV debut!knew it wouldn't come off. is something like an unsolicited "I like the material I'm going kiss. If it's inevitable, it's better'to do this Sunday—about six min- to relax and enjoy it. jutes from 'Our Town.' Aside from June Allyson, who was sched-'that, I figure it's time I got my uled to make her TV bow last feet wet—I can't put it off for- month, but never quite made it, : ever. And I figure r might as ( Is ticketed for her second debut 1 well get them real wet on a live; this Sunday. Along with a car- 1 TV show. • ! load of other performers, Miss! "It's such a big show. ,They've Ailyson will romp on "50th Anni-; go t everybody in it. And I've got. versary Show," a two-hour NBC- lsuc h a small part I figure I car TV venture. 'learn something and at the same The prospect fills Miss Allyson time not shoulder too much re- With dread. I sponsibi'.ity. As I said before, I'm "I'm terrified, really terrified," j terrified of this medium." the said in her satin-croak. | Scorns "Cuddly Cute" Roles She smiled a terrified • type; The Hollywood fantasy factories smile. "TV really terrifies mo and 1 molded Miss Allyson's public im- live TV terrifies me especially. I age along "cuddly cute" lines, but "I suppose the movies have at the age of 33, she admitted she spoiled so many of us. If you're'had just about had it v/ith that doing a movie and make a mis- bit. take, why, you just do it over | "Cuddly cute? That's an awful again. But TV. One chance and j way to be thought of." She said that's ^it. That's why it's so fright-; it with a shudder. "But yes, it's ening." , true. And I have been trying to Fifteen Years In Movies get away from that 'kind of role. Miss Allyson, an actress of I'm going to do a picture after small but structurally sound con- this, 'And Ride A Tiger,' that will struction, sports 15 years worth of' put me in a more mature role. Hollywood hash stripes. Her pic-'I'll play a widow, ttires include "The Glenn Miller: "Then there were a couple of Story," "The Shrike" and the cur-• pictures, 'The Shrike' and 'Inter- rent "My Man Godfrey." I hide,' in which I think 1 got away Earlier this season, NBC - TV!from cute types. And there's this listed her in the cast of a Stand- 1 TV show. ard Oil of New Jersey spectacu-i "After all, I am grown up. And. lar, a bomb that went off on Oct. jit's kind of sad in a way that : 13. but Miss Allyson never showed, i anyone might still think of me as NBC-TV attributed it to "illness" j the girl in'pigtails. You see — I: at the time. I don't wear pigtails anymore," she! Miss Allyson confessed she had said. And she grabbed a fistful of simply withdrawn. "I just didn't her short blonde hair and looked like the material," she s a i d. i terrified again. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer *° Ye " epda y ACROSS 1—Cut of meat 4—Bucket S—Wenkon 11—Room in hkrcm 12—Be borno 13— Hold on property 15—Kiunmco J7—Beam 15—Negative 20—The mainstay 21—Parent (colloq.) 22—dm pen u 23—.Soliir clisl: 2"i— Stroke 2G—Distance measuro 57—Soak- US—Possesses 2!)—Goal HO—Physician (ahbr.) 31—Hurrlca :j;i—Proocefl 1£i—Bushy clump SC—Period of lima 37—Young boy 38—I,ct it stand 40—Klist 41—3 J ;irtner 42—Chicken 43—Race of It^Uuco 44.—Jl all's nickname 45—EabyJonian deity 4G—Swiss river 47— Shrivel no—Dclfnoate 5-—Chinese pntfodas 54—Guide's high noto £5—Sodium chloride BC—Handlo 57—^ranwgresslo DOWN 1—J'.nnp 3—Huying ancl Sl!i]iM£ emporium 4—Supplicate 5—BL> ill Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Five go QHBQ raa M**. to MM P 6—Oyprinoiu* fish 7—Kuropcah dormouse 8—Cindy 3—Three-toed sloth 10— Pcminlns to punishment !•(—Memorandum in—'Nun-.bor IS—Tart of "to be" 21—Kxpertfl "'-!— Pror.oun' 2:1—Limb -•1—tiprt-'ad 'or ilrylnR 2fi—Dancu step 211—]?!•<! llx: wronff 28—Possessed 23—Collection of facts •t—a'orricl 32—Before .1::—Ship channel IM—Poem .'ITi—Number 37— Woodworking machines "S— l,nan-to II a—Hips •10—chief artery 41—Small nil? 43—Symbol for calcium •H—City In Italy 4fi—DJortnB tool 47—Existed 4S—Plan's nam. •19—Hurried 51-—Coolecf lava 63—liHlelir.lte article 18S2 Flcnegin's Diamond Jubilee 1957 SELL-A-BRATION ACCIDENTAL FIND CAIRO (UP)— Workmen clearing the western desert of minefields daling from World War II , have accidentally discovered ai tomb of the Hellenic era containing ancient statues and coffins, it was reported today. The nesvspa- Deaths in News By UNITED PRESS WESTWOOD, N.J. — Martin T. Lacey, long one of New York's most powerful labor leaders, died in his sleep early Wednesday. Lacey, as president of the Central Trades and Labor Council, had been working on a merger of the AFL and CIO in New York. He was known as a foe of racketeering in unionism. BRONXVIIAE, N.Y. — William Eowell Putnam. 81. retired director of Ebasco Services, Inc., died Tuesday at his home here after a long illness. Born and educated in Minnesota, Putnam served as a general consultant for many years to Ebasco, consultant in engineering and construction 'to business and governments. CANAAN, Conn. (UP)—E. Alexander Powell,. 78, author, explorer and lecturer, died Wednesday of a coronary thrombosis at his home . here. A veteran globe trotter, he I wrote a number of books about his adventures as a war correspondent, diplomat and soldier. Postman Bitten By a Woman • NEW YORK (UP) — Dog bites postman is pretty common these days but postman Leroy Hunter made the news with a new twis:. He got bitten on his appointed rounds by an indignant woman. Hunter charged in felony court Wednesday that Mrs. Gloria Rohan, 21, put the bite on his wrist in a tussle for her relief check. He had maintained the regulations required he put the check in her mailbox. Despite defense attorney Benjamin Schmier's contention that Mrs. Rohan's false choppers were "so poorly constructed thoy couldn't bite anyone," Magistrate Neal P. Bottiglieri ordered nor held in $500 bail for trial on third degree assault charges. BABY EXPECTED CARDIFF, Wales (UP)_MarIon Brando's mother-in-law said todny she was "very happy" the actor and his wife are going to have a baby. per AI Missa said the workmen were digging between the famed Alamein battlefield and the village of Elihamman west 'of Alexandria when they found the tomb in a cavernous pit. 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P<J!<- tbl, Chicago, Illinois aro consignor and ronsi^TT'C, to-\vit • 3 U-Selcct Coin Operated Candv MOTOR SEIiVICK COfU'. 1 4 -IS VOTICR TO . TA XPA VI-',H S O I'' ailA^SJ'^R.H A.V» ,%I>U*T1O.\AJ/ A1>I*UOPKIATJU\S Notice Is hereby glv«n to tho taxpayers of Deer Creelc township, Cuss County, .Indiana, that the proper legal off Leers of said municipality at tneir regular meeting place, at T:.'Jfl o'clock I'.M. (O.S.T.). on the 2nd day oL' December, iyf»7, will consider the following; transfers and additional appropriations which said off i- cT.rs uuiiMlder necessary to me ft the extraordinary emergency existing at 1 h J H t J ni £-. Township Fund Transfer from -I. itooka. Stationery, Printing; and Advertising to 1. Township Trus- ttie's Salary. Office l";ent and Clerical Help a. Trustec'H Salary $ 120.00 Special School Fund Trnnxffir from 12. Repair of .BuildinpH and Care of liroumls ID 34, School Furniture awl Other llqiilpment, except School BHSSCH $ 500.00 Trans fur from 16. Janitor Supplies to M. School Furniture and Other Equipment, except School Husses $ 7,'i.UU Tnin.--.ffr from 27A. Compensation Summer Kducation Work to ]-l. School Kurniturt; and Other K<)uipment except School Uu.s.sos X 1 00.00 Transfer from ?.S. Hepair of Equipment. e:icept Sehoo! Bussex to IS. lioau.s. Interest and Insurance $ f>0.00 Transfer from 20. Per Diem Teachers, Attending Teacher's Meet!UK'S to IS. Loanii, Interest and Insurance ? -10.00 Transfer from 2^. Transportation of Children to 24. Water. 3jiK"Ju am! Power IJ 50.00 Transfer from SJ3. Transportation of Children to 15, Scheel Supplies other than Janitor Supplies S 100.00 Township Poor TtelieC Fund Additional appropriation B. Direct "Relief S 800.00 Taxpayers appear in p at such tnoetlns 1 shall have a right to bo heard thereon. The additional ap- . preprintlon.s and transfers as finally made will be automatically referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners, which Board will hold a further hearing within nineteen days at the Countv Auditor's Office of Ca«ii County, Indiana, or at such other plane as may he designated. At such hearing, taxpayers objecting to any such transfers and/or ' additional appropriations ntny be heard a/id intfrt-sted it ax pay era may Inquire of the County Auditor when ' and where *uch hearings will be held. DON" K. BI3CK, Trustee of Deer Creek Township KANXA ft SMALL Attorneys for Deer Creek Town- Scotties TV Joins With Flunegins In Their Diamond Jubilee SELL-A-BRATION FREE RADIO Register in Scotties TV Section For the free clock radio to be given away this Saturday. Everyone is eligible-to register for this prize. No obligation—Nothing to buy. You need not be present to win. WfTH THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIAL GENERAL ELECTRIC LOW BOY T.Y. 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