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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Friday, December 27, 1811
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ships, a'1 ,ni tbIi P mi 3P05tcJ A?rAMrr tfthtp - a mi ration of the officer . ..! wit. wfww .i. f commander 1 maAcr. - ' I sunji - on 16 niidb'P,nen ' x purse C .urjreon's ttates ' 1 boat111 , ' .1 gunner . . , 1 tail RitUr ... . 1 carpenter . i master's mates . , j eapltin' det k : 4 boatswsiii's matee . q boatswain's yeomen. 2 gunner's yeomen J carpenter'! yeomen j Sail maker's mate U quartet gunners - I chaplain - " ' 12 (toartcP mMers - 3 .onienofguarec - m 1 eexrwafo " . ... i copper ' . 1 stewsrd . 1 armourer 8 masters at arm . 1 cook 92 ; ' J 80 able seamen Aeiount ot pa 123 ration! ... $3 estimated in provision ijuv 8 40 2400 15 . .... 40 480 2 SO ' 630 2 19 5648 16 40 480 3 30 1089 6 20 240 2 '20 240 20 240 2 20 240 2 SO 720 6 25 300 1 19 912 . 4 19 913 4 19 456 2 19 455 2 19 456 9 19 456 ' 2 19 3338 18 40 4S0 2 ' It 5595 ' 12 18 432 2 13 216 1 18 216 1 18 216 1 hi 216 1 ' . IS 432 - 2 18 216 1 24,420 123 12 4,320 ft .10 27.S60 , 92.700 , 92,700 Tl ratio 4 - - 9 rations per day, 11315 pet annum, at 0 cents. 2,262 14,963 Amount ef pay and rations swavTSttVSS for 60 WEN. e Ml ftounds bread. M 00 M 10470 70 432 bMs. beef , aoTdo. P' . 17V Aa. floor ' - 16,SM lbcef srr, 14,12 4Uiar pints. ..528 Stisbcksj ot peas . 12.671 pounds of dkteat ' tt,8U0 do. ' " rice 1 4v225 do. - butter . 3,115 fallens sf molasses 2,113 do. of tinegat 14 50 18 00 - so , 90 1 00 IS s 20 75 2i 584 9,126 1J00 3.3W 13,345 438 281 50 1.690 645 2.584 75 588 25 Pay of a dvtaEhmcftS of marines - Cuhrr. tic I R53,$72 20 5,675 2.J0O ucaritcianox St oi.ieaAi. xstikat ?dj and sUbaittcDcc of wvy officers and .,. teamen , Taf awl ekaitfnjof adclasUmentof ma TnwiswrtS Xcditinrt and hospital stores . (' . ftepansnd contingencies 94.965 8,175 5J,973 5.000 40,000 6iWMletpncora74 ' . 2M.11C '. d. 1 kwitif the nmober of Gun Boats in com - ' biuiua, ami in ordinary j l)tir station fcc P hre f.atioood. 1 35 14 2 4 11 1) I 2 4 20 10 155 Kr - Orkans , Korfola. . awston s c StJLir)' Vaaiiinton . PurtUnd Cocton . Com. k B UUnd nUadetlUia BaltiBMirt sit. 3 3 9 3 t M i 7 19 6 2 4. : . ,.n i ; 5 ' ; - 10 62 9& r. ' KcnuHrt B v iks last report tlte put. boats iii towrrserrlly were in a state of pirsamtioii, a Utoie ti cummisaion are m jrowi conunion. FRIDAY, Dr.CEMT.F.R St. tsa, MB Tt Kmr - rott ivt.tivo Mst. A lew remarks on the rr rushing beails of V.r WUtin's rtpvn wilt dose tbrw numbrra. Ylie Wnant fcetinp wlikh e then birth, tray wtdrawB raora sne expirations "tomewhat diTer oi front tl tell and county (trains to whirb hh on bivt beta acoustomril. But I trust that in Prt of them is to bo found a single prrvcfsK n f th truth. The fifth article of the ninth section sfthe constitution contains lite fnlkinf pruvi rfirrt " that no til or duties shall be laid articles eipnned from any stale' second "ibut pirfcrtnee shall be Jiren," by any regulation of ornmrc crrerrntw, to the ports of one atate o - v those of another sod third " rAal n retrh fcimrf tr Jrm n ittr, thaU he WftJ K tn - clear tr ptj dutit i onrtA Let m, now too to Mr. Calla'an. M In relation to cotmg It is proposal, firsl, that they it "Sfra tt tLterant clear, thougfc ntiHg bound teorn in the tcne, or an mitjuttnt tiait; Ainf only the proper eleeptivn in farorof Pack - of rcstels employed solely within the same." hat wrd can convey ntore perfect eontradic Sir, intlie TerJT face of hioi solemn Sir. Gatlatm b4reommended to the Con - A rs of the American people, a ilatin ' term Via constitution mhicb is the sole security fu 'nbrrtlej, and hica they also hare swern tc :??ort ; and that Congress hare referred to the drraiionofacbmmiUee, the wpedxncr and ?ity of gjv'mj tbe aanction to the deed I To - multiply rords on this subject would be idle. If the simple knowledge of the fact, thus solemnly pressed on their conicwnccs, lead not to its punishment, it is in rain to talk The record of it will forever remain a foul blot upon the history of these states. Perhaps it may find' oar children groaning under the oppression of a tyrant, and rill serve to shew Ihcni bow tlcir 111 i ties were lot. ' - . ' The appointment of Commissioner to overlook the tlifTtrent Collector, to ensui - e their fidelity and vigilance, and report annually to the Trentmy, is also to me a aubjoct of alarm. I see in it an im ¬ mense addition to the already tver - ptveriny mfiu - ence of the Treatury, and anticipate from it no advantage to my country. There are about forty dis tricts in the United States : Appoiut in each of these, four men of the greatest political weight and influence ; give to them a respectable salary, and let them be dependant for ks continuance up on the will of a SecreUry of the Treasury, and your country may not long have cause to thank yea for the money you bare saved l er. Tlte servile imitation of Prench frippery, is ano ther feature in this report, to which I would call the Serious attention of my countrymen. It is not, however, on account of any mischievous effects im nvdiately to be apprehended fcomi it The cer tificate of origin, connected wttb the new mode of trial recommended by Mr. Gallatin, is incapable of doing either good or harm. His not intended to influence the tptom of the extminm nor is it in any way calculated to afford security to the Mer Chants. It gives them no other promise than the liberty of an entry, and the difference is not very material whether their property be torn from them before or after that formality, , The introduction ofltcencfs is anotlier hopeful plant from tlie same soil ; a mere empty compliment to the ropcror of France and King of Italy " our good and great ally." I confess sir, when I consider the present stale of our country, taking her last look at the tail fields of peace and happi. oess wbkh she Las so lone; considered as' her home I about to enter upon a new and untried secne, a dreary waste covered with dark and gloomy cloud, with guides, weak and ignorant at best, perhaps treacherous, and a friend, strung and powerful, but deeeKful, perfidious and wkked, toy hops sre overborne by the weight of my apprehensions. But we have one certain resource still left us t Oral Almighty Being who rides in the whirlwind and directs the alarm, in whose presence and befre whose power all the nations of the earth arc as the small dust of the balance, can accomplish her deliverance, He alone can d H. Let all bis peoplejom in imploring but merciful . terposition and unite their exertions with those of every well disposed citiaen to remove the causes bicb have brought his judgements upon the land. AX. AMERICAN. FROM OUR COUBESPOXDKAT. '' . H'atangttn,lhuMtfJtrprfentaiivtt,'y Mvtditjft Dtciniirr 23. 3 Mr. Pitch, tins inomuuf. offrcda resolution, tailing on tlw Secretary of the Treasury for a statement of the several banks in which the public monies are deposited, the amoent in cash, be. since the 4th of March last 1 what sums were in the several banks on the 3Kh of Septr. last, on what terms, nndar wlut authority, and upon what security tney arc oeposiieu. no taw navmg oecn passed on the subject, it was proper, Mr. 1'iikiii said, to make enquiry, as perhaps it would be necessary for Confess 10 interfere, to prevent losses, or for the 0. States to derive some profit from ilic deposit of mot ks in the banks, which received great profit trvm sucu etrosns. Toe anution wmi carried. He alto offered seerul othef resolutions, calling on the Secretary of the Treasury for a full exposition of the duties, amount of drawback, importation, exportalkios, tot.nnge, and rvery thing rela - .ing 10 die shipping and revenue of the stairs separately, since the adoption of the constitution. Hi object, he s - dd, was to obuia a full view of the progress of commerce and revenue, from Mitrcli 4th, 1739. to the clone ot the year 1C10. Tl resolutions Were laid on the.tible. 'ut iibit aiidiiig the great haste In preparing iur war, neitLi rine navy bill nor 25,001 additional standing army bill have been ailed op to day. I anderstcvd that the committee of foreign relations Ktrc to sit on Saturday evening lust, to deliberate on the bill for raising the 23,001 troops what hey have done I know not. Mr. Randolph, one ofiVjatCwraTnittce, is on a visit to Baltimore, bat probkbly the commiitee would rather dispense with hts anistance tha not Most ot ihinday has been nrctqiied in debmi g on an amendrnmi to the rules of the house, oiler - ed on Sjiturda) last b) Mr. Xtlson. The commit. tc , 01 uliich nr. Usurt is chairman, to unurn wlrd upon 'wind, grains of bens and buslielf of I Beach, and bilged id) iands ia'red. Hiere are ciian, msca w ine annoyance or me nouse, ano four gjp, Ch ster - BaV and a great nam iiadbeen: buttbts abuse oiliie prnileee of de - l ; , - - . - - . - - o uate wiu not justify the majority in their attempts I uy, wholly to preclude it when they please. Every member has a right to speak to every question, and mm majoritr nave no constiturioual power to tin prive him of this pririlege. It is an inherent right not depending on the will of any majority. If the majority can at any time debar debate, they can at all times, and whenever thev fear the artnimenU or proofs of the minority, they have only to interpose the previous question. The attempt to deprive a member 01 nis right to speak, at least once, ta totally incompatible with the constitution. & with every correct idea of civil is int reaching on the relation to " one fair stranger from the south.".. nguts 01 tue member, or Uiro tlie member, ot his constituents There is seldrm occasion for night sittings, 11 tne house order its own bumnens proper ly.. In the English Parliament it is try frequent 1.. t...r. 1. 1 : j .... 17 nimiiigiii. uciurc mucu nusinrss is aone. cut the majority perhaps cannot afford to lose their night haunt, Is such feather bed patriotism to govern us, if night debate is absolutely necessary 1 The previous question is very seldom neces sary He had never known it more so than a fw tlays since, when a gentleman from Georgia, Troup threatened to ctdl it, beeause he per ceived there was very little fighting matter in tlie nouse, and ne was afraid that what little there was referred for revision the subject of the stand' ing rules and orders of the - house, made some Uuhb'.e amendments : one of which was, that the r)pvker, w hen prrning tceiii'tfi called liim from the chair, should have a right to substitute anv mcmbtr, eirrafy not spiritually 3 The a - mendment offered by Mr. Nelson, provides that after the pretiritt question is called, any member, who has not spoken to tlie vu'i question, shall hare tlit privilege of speaking oh the niain question. . Widgery said that he understood the omernl - men to be, that when the hou"C agreed, bv the orerious que stion. to put an tend feHd to debate, (he house miglit tlien begin to go the rounds of debate. For Mm part be could not Miulentand it. Mr. Gold m - ie some observations Jr favor of the amendment, proving the riftht of every member to deliver bis opinion on any subject before the bouse. . Smilie observed that without the call for the previous question, which question should be taken without dt'hate, it would sometimes be impossible to obtain the main question, if the minority were obstinately bent on speaking to prevent it it be - dine a question of physical strength, where tlie minority strove to worry out the majority by midnight speeches Such was the case - , - he said, last inter, when the non - importation bill wl before the lamse, which could not have been carried, were it not for .the previous question. As it was, the majority had to sit up night after night till almost matting. The responsibility was with the majority, and if Uiey abused it, they would suffer with the people. ' - Mr. StanUlbrd spoke some time in favor of the amendment, and Mr. Wright against it Mr. Qiiincv acknou led'red that the right of de bate was sometimes abused 1 speech fon speech. Mr. L. is informed that the Sir. B , alluded lo is not the person ha supposes. . A Sbettnttr giving an account "of the first city Assembly for the season is received, but the wri - ter is not sufUpicnlly versed Its Chesterfield to manage the difficult topic of hat'ery ; his praise is toe brofcd 1 not enough" disguised 1 especially In Heport of Interments in this City and at Potter's t irld, from the 14th to the 2lt day ot incum ber. 1811. DISEASES. Apoplexy I, Caries t, Casualt 2, Consumption 14, Convulsions 6, Debility 1, De cay 3, Dropsy 2, Dropsy in tlie liewl 1, Fevtr, pu trid 1, Fever, typhus 3, Hives 3, Old age l, neu - risy 2 i Small pox Z, hull born 1, sudden ueatn 1, syphilis 1, teething 1, w hooping rotign lO' tal48. J.MOKTOM, Vtty.lmpector. . was, instead at being kept tor acttvt, would ooze out of their mouths in debate. There was a check to needless debate in the chair ; we have urm a speaker of great intelligence, discernment and im partiality, who can keep members from wandering from tlie point. Mr.Brigham suidhe was not, nor expected to be, much of a speaker in the hrnnc. but he should not be willing to give up his right to express his fT . 1 opinion, oner an argument, or propose an amrnu menu on any ereat question that intent come be fore tlte house t for instance one of peace or war. the Constitution had secured the freedom ot tie - bate, and the oath of God was upon members to preserve that Constitution. Mr. Kelson acquired much honor by a short, but cogent and independent speech. Tlie plea of us, the majority, is necessity it is sometimes ne cessary it is His tvrant s old plea, and it is con venient When right and convenience are in oppo sition, there - is no choice ; right has tlie supremacy. Freedom ef speech is secured to us Is it on. Iv out of doors .' V lien we enter tbis nail ot li berty, are we to be precluded from debase f You may restrict and regulate debate, but it is domina tion, he had almost said tyranny, to lay the axe to the root 1 to cut off' the minority at once from all debate. You have as much constitutional right to forbid their voting, or at once to turn them out of the halt Uy this convrmency culprits must hang, that jurvmenmay dine. It is out of tlie scope ef our power thus to stop debate. Mr.UarsettpoKeafainstthe amendment : Mr. Phkin fully and forcibly in favor. It was lost - yeas 36, noet 76, and yet some ef these very ma jority folks scold about a sedition law, aad a gag law. To what arc we coming if such doctrines and tnch laws are from Uie bit tiler ot the freedom ol speech f On motion 01 II. K. William, instead ot five members, a fctth ol tlie members present are ne cessary to ci.U tlie previous uneHinn. Thepetiuons of W. Kuwrs, sundry .nanufacturers of bar. imn, CArtinx, pails, fcc. John lleuiht'oteVand William Currier, were seve rally referred to tlie committee or Commerce and Manufactures. ' v 1 Mr. Porter presented the petition of the" com missioners of the state of New - York appointed to promote the 0; ening" A canal navigation between the great lake and Hudson's River, ' pmymgthe co - operation ot Congress therein twhirn was reier - red to the same committee as the petition of the President and Directors of the L'uion Com pany ot I'eiinsyivaHia, appointed oa tae 7u in stant. The foUowinr message was received from the President of tlie United Slates by Mr. Coles his Secretary. tt to Matt ami Hon tf llrprtuntattvtt tftht ' United Statoi. I communicate to Congress copies of an act of the Legislature of Xew - Ynrk relating to a canal from tlie Great Lakes to Hudson river. In ma king tbc communication I consult the respect due to that stale 111 whose behalf tl commissioners MppoinUd by tlie act have placed it in my hands lor the purpose. The utility of Canal Navigation is universally admitted. It is not less certain 'hat scarcely any country offers more' extensive opportunities for that branch of improvements than the U. Slates 1 and none, perhaps, inducements equally perstu - site, to make the mot of them. The particular undertaking contemplated by the slate of N. York, which marks an nonorumc spirit of enterprize. ami comprises objects of national as well as more limited importance, will recol the attention of con gress to the signal a Ivan, ages to be derived to the U. Mates. rom a general s stem of internal com - mimirution and conveyance 1 and suggest to their consideration, whatever steps may be proper on iht - ir pait towards its introduction and accomplishment. As some of those advantatrx - s have an ml e connection with arrangements and exer - tkms fir the general security, it is at a period cal ling for these that the merits of such a system will be seen in the strongest lights. JAMES MADISON. tfathiujttn, Dee. 23, 1811. - Xxw - OaLCADS, Nov. 22. Col. Too sard and family are passengers on hoard of the Neptune t the Col. is appointed consul for tlie French government, for this port. The Spanish polacre in the river a pri - to Gun Vessel No. 126, was taken by one of those pirates that invest our coast, and carried into the Day of Uaratana, with the intention of smuggling the car. tfu into this citv. Lieut Gregory, of 126, discover ed them, and on his approaching the privateer or pirate schooner, and her prir.e, those freebooters set (ire to their schooner, and we believe attempt ed to hre the poljcre, ami escaped in open boat. EFEJflJYG TOST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. ' Liverpool 8 Hauiaway k Co. Dublin Sliip Lydia, 7it7gerald, Triton, Sherrj', Brig Abeona, WaUon, Schr. Unity, Merserrcau, T Carberry St. Croix Lewis Wicox Yorkown Captain Torktown Coaster, Van - Nante, '. Jtvrivcd tince Qtirlatt. Sloop Sallv. Evans. 4 day s from Philadelphia, and 28 hours trom Rcedy - Iland, with tallow, tips teas, whiskey, ringer & flaxseed, to Todd, Duffie and Todd, owners, Smith 6c Colgate, Peter H. Schenck, W. h 3. Robinson, John 1. Robinson, T. II. Smith & Sons and Isaac Hej er. The ship Franklin, of Portland, outward bound from Phi ladelphia, was driven ashore in the late gale at Reedy - Island. A brig Was ashore on Joe - i logger, and another bnr ashore inside ot tr - isimnn 1 schr. near Cohanny's Creek 1 a scbr. and a sloop on Cape May 1 and 20 or 30 small vessels ashore in the Delaware - Bay. On Wednesday, Capt. E - vans saw a schr. siandmir into the Delaware. Sloop Eagle, Chapman, trom Fredericksburg, with w heat and flour, to Ward & Brynes - ' The Eaglcrotlr out the late rale, in the Bay, within the Hook.' In tbc Horse Shoe, saw a schr. and a sloop ashore. - - During the late rcra storm a net; ship was dri ven ashore in tlie Sound, near Martinecock 'a Point It is feared alie bas bilged. A new brig from CUatnam, and ten sloops, were driven ashore ner Kicker Island, but we under stand titey have not received any material damage By tlie pilot - boat Tcazer. which came up trom the I look hist evenintr, we learn, that a sloop was aslime on the lligUlaads 1 and a small schr. loaded with bay, on the point ol the Hook. THEATRE. ON FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 27. (riaST tims iy Aueeica) ,4 comedy culled, Tlte GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY., . Written by J. G. Holm as, Esq and now per forming in London with great applause. Lord de Mallory, Mr. Simpson, Sir Henry Aspen, . . Darley, . Doctor Suitali. - lluson, Julia, . Mi - s. Darley, . Miss Alford, Claude, Mrs. Leech, Oldmixon with thbosako PANTOMIME or DON JUAN. Don Juan, ' Mr. Simpson, Don Guzman, Darley, BaJor, flVtih a Seng) MTFarland, risher - Women, J a duett cuuT" On Saturday, JNsvts O Juliet, thi SpoiTd Cuild. . CLINTON LODGE. Cy Will celebra'e the Festival of St John the Evangelist, on Friday live 27th inst. at tlie Lodge itoom, union xutei, oa vtuiiam - street - . . . IX. Dinner on the - table at 4 P. M. Dec. 27 lt ' v OS M"enday the 61b day of Jamwry nrtC, 111 TickeU in the UNION COLLEGE LOT TERY NoJlr wiU advance to E1CUT DOLLAfi, until which tin they may be obtained in any quantity at - ' " : - ' y. . 3 l,UI IbSI VtriUCto - ' No. 33 Maiden - Iane, 1 At the ptvrc - M price of Seven dollars and a half. Good nromissorv Notes Eastern and Southern Bank Notes,' and prize Tickets in the Wadiingtori Monument Lottery taken in payment 1 ickets. ' elec - 27.. . ' . Uj Mr. AKSAX'ti fuiilt Jtall, ill take place on Tuesday Evening, Dec 31st at Mr. Benjamin smith's, near Uie terry, in ttrooklvn. Mt. A. will dance a New Hornpipe, Gavote, See. Pour excellent Musicians are provided. . Tickets may be had at Mr. Smith's, in Brook. lyn, and of Mr. Arnal, No. 21 Warren - street, N. York. Dec 27 4t UNION COLLEGE LOTTERY NO - IIL - r - x Will positively commence drawing in this city in - , April next. .... ; HIGHEST PRIZES. 30,000 POLLA1S. . 25,000 soLLAJia, 20,000 DOtLARS. ' '. 'v; 10,000 DOLLASS. . .., ! '.. . ... , And but little more than one Clank hi a Prli'ei . Tickets, Halves, Quarters and Eighths, In a variety of nurtbers. . ' Forsaleat . - .rr VAN BRUNT 81 NEVILLE'S. . State Lottery U P.xchang Offu, corner t) Mai - den - Lane and Jtrtathocy: Present price of Tickets is but Seven Dollar and a Half, for which an adventurer may ruin thsv Capital Prize of '. THIRTY TlUUSJiJYIi DUJULAKS. . . Eastern and Southern Bank Notes discounted at the lowest premium. dee. 27 rUULlt) SALES. . BY DAVID DUNHAM, '. Jifanday. .. ai nan past w o ciocs:, at nis auction room, a rr.neral assortment of drv roods. , : ' Consist ng of 2 bales London sunerf. and second quality broad cloths, assorted rolos, blues, blocks, mixtures, drabs, olives, browns, bottle . green and scarlets 1 1 case very handsome assort . cd funcv trimming 1 1 do. toweling t 1 trwnk cotton hmc, very handsome, assorted t 1 trunk English black sewing silk 1 1 do. assorted colors 1 2 cases nun's thread, assorted, from 10 to 48 1 1 do. cotton balls, in paper boxes ; 1 trunk Cantbrte pocket hdkfs, 1 de beaver and Wood? folk gloves 1 ' 1 40. - scry elegant fancy robes t 1 case of ivory, oombs 1 lball carpeting 1 1 trunk, containing a very eiegani assortment 01 rrencn lutestring ana . s - tttin ribbons 1 1 trunk, containing lace veils, silk sleeres, do. hose snd gloves, &c. ' Part of the above goods will be sold for appror - Also, the stock in trade of a gentle nun declining business, consisting of twill'd calicoes, ging - KafTiti drAffmA ro CSiKfia - savKitaw littasttttn m t vsAsa w wwiuiw tastwwi iv vvsiaisa i - eii s va i . do, Welsh flannels 1 twill'd long aud China shawls," diapers, velvets, cambric dimities. Canton crape, white sarsnet, blk. bombazines and bombazets, fancy' musVas, thread laces, suspenders, silk stockings, China ribbons, damasks, mull, India muslins, he. BOARDING Two or thiee gentlemen may be genteelly accommodated with board and lodging 1 or a small family can havea rjom and bedroom on the second floor,' .with board Enquire at No. 207 Pearl - sirreL Dec 23 lw For S,irAWAU. ., f ; . (To soil on Sunday, 2th inst.) Tbe Packet briir HESPER. HoldreK, rmurteiv . - .j ... - ' I 6' . apply on board, or to . . r POTT tc M'KINXFv Dec. 27 51 Smth - iitrret. riltiU ItAlSlNS. landed iicn'aav to - morrow, at 11 o'clock in front the T. C. H. by dee 26 WETMORB fc JACKSON. JUS! received by the ship Canton and ibr sale by JOHN MURRAY h SONS. TenCeroonaef Mezerian Root Dec 26 LOST, a bunch of KEYS, consisting of about six keys of different sizes attached to a ail. Ring, snd has as s label a Sixpenny niece with the name of KLit a engraved on itWhoever will re. turn the same ti No. 275 Pearl - street shall be . publicly rewarded. Dee, 27 2t . NINETY boxes Malaga Raisins just Is . from the ship Union, will be sold at Ait bl AJ JUJiAHr. Uc. R JOHNSTON has for sale at his Stationary Store and Lottery Office, No. 33 Maiden - lane, A general assortment of Stationary, School and Children Books, fcc. consisting of t nt - ng and Wrapping Taper, Penknives, Pencil Cases, Playing and Visiting Cards, Blank Books, Demy, Medium and Super Royal Drawing Taper, Waters, Scaling Wax, Press Papers of a superior quality, . . . Pocket Hooks, Red and Black Ink Powder, Lead Pencils, Copy Slips, Ink Stands, . Slates, QuilU, Water Odors. Japan Ink, Drawing Book, Lo. fcc. Also a few copies of Taylors Short Hand Wri ting, being a standard for an universal system of stenography, price two dollars. liec. - J7 SHAW'S. cevEatiex ojstmknt roa the cvbc or ' THE ITCU, fl sues Uihir. ) . rYTlII3 Ointment i ioCuiUlv iimerior to n nth. ' - - - - . 1 1 , IK . J 1 - The polacre his a rich cargo ofbrandv and dry I Jt er medicine heretofore made public, for tlie cure 01 me most inveterate Itch, and is goods origitudly intended for La Vera Cruz mar ket. Thei arc dueat the Post Office in this city three Boston mails, one front Washington and one from Philadelphia. We are apprehensive tlie late snow .storm has been uncommonly severe at the eastward & whrrrthe mails arrive we shall hear of ma ny disasters from that quarter. Vault Ashore Th9 new ship , Childs, from East - IIaddam for New - York, to Messrs. N. L. andG. Criswold, i ashore on Red Spring Point with the loss of her tr.ain mast by the deck, and the miienop - mast and her starboard - side all stove in. Capt C. and one or two of the Lands were badly frozen. The wbleoftbercw swam a ihore from the ship, and it was near three quar - lused on tlie most delicate person without the least r - l ir.. j: j t .t . 1, liniury. .. . - .... u - t wtr uc.urc .nj oxy oauia, wmo oe t - ,'n((u, ... - ,. . . . procured for them. ; : ln boxes wkh printed directiona, at three nuarteT A ' schoonsf froA Iladdam for New - York. lof lollf each, and sold by appointment, at the xeuicine ana rami store no. lta Crcadeay, dec 27. : m every respect pleasant, safe and expeditioMS in removing ttus loatnsome oitoraer. . . ; SYMPTOMS, It generally sppears in the form of small watery pimples first, about the wrists er between the fingers, afterwards it effects the arm, legs, thighs, (tc inesepimpu - t ai e. attended by an intolerable itching especially when the patient is warm in bed or sits by the fire, sometimes indeed the skin i co'fered with large blotches or scales, and at oth. er times with a whne scurf or scaly eruption. Tbis last is me ury itcn.ana isthe most difficult to cure Much mischief is often done by the use of mercury in this disease 1 the application of mercurials fthe basts of most remedies tor (his distemper,) and I T 1. . 1 ' . . umi - r icniicMnuruuc3, nave oeen severely leu by thousands, but as a seennty sgamst this evil. the proprietor matetnoatn that this Ointment doth not contain sny mctruriulorpernici - xi ingredient, and is so uioocent m it tUects, that it may be loadad with prw ikiont, is asTwre 00 Qakeck - 6 cases containing 20 muskets and bayonets, Tower b'lls . 2 cases lowlmg pieces and Holster and peoket Pistols - , . .;' - ' 2 do Sabres gilt and plated mountings. ' 1 do Cut and thrust Swords da do. - , 1 do princei metal Cavalry furniture complete for 45 men, consisting of Swords, Pistols, Belts, Stirrup Irons Ice. fcc. .... 3 do assorted plated Ware , . ,. .. 1 trunk white and yellow tinsel Cord - - 1 case cut flint Glass, consisting of qt. & pt do' canter. Tumblers, Wines, Finger glasses,, dishes Ice. fcc 60 doz. English Calf Skins 1 case supei tor cjigiwn 10 post paper 1 do do QuilU 1 bale fine Broad Cloths . .,. 1 case gilt and plated coat Buttons 1 do Cotton balls and Adelphia Thread ' 1 do Cotton Laces . 1 1.. T. Tl - - .1 ITntC . r.4 n...(. . 1. . J r - 1 - 1 ' 't dec. 25 lm JOIIX DOWXES. - No. 55 Pine - street. A WHITE MAN. that honnt. aoh3iU ii - ly. one producing a character. Will hear ef v"iw"i ttupij uj via; ai m oince. 1 A maineu man with ins woe would be preferred. ; uec. PICKED up in tlie East Kver opMMHte W burgh Ferry, a one bere Sleigh, r Pung, the owner by proving properly can have it again by li inu envies t. oy appiyuig si oievenger s uin. WliiiamsDurgti Lang uuntl, . Williamsburgh Ferrv,Dcc 26 b 1811. Dec 26 '' - 2t . WRITING. " MR. TOWXE respectfully gives notice that he will We ready to bngin with new classes in the instruction of the art of writing, at hi writing Academy, City Library, oa Friday next Dec. 27 Bv tbe use of 20 exercises, 2 hours at each, per sons of a proper age and common capacity may acquire a fair regular hand writing, and by suitable practice may acquire a babit of writing with ease anddispaicn. - N. B. Specimen of an entire change sf character jn the hand and styles produced by his pupil in a course of 20 exercises, are to be seen at 1I19 Ton. tine Coffee House, where gentlemen sre requested to call and examine tor their own satisfaction.' - Dec 26 3t S. PA. Mall uAMit.iUE. . . ,V SCABPETT offers bis services a a H. f R. J. If A. Teacher of the Spanish Language - - A Una left with the Prin'eraduressed to him, will recti v immalUte attention. - Dee. 19 lw NEW RUJL 33 hhds. just received and for sale by - FOST Is MiXTURN. dec 24 fx

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