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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Saturday, September 28, 1811
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' Defendants Thi tnt an action brought to recover from the Defendant a aum of upward of 30 0001. The circumstances which appeared on the trial were nearly aa follows I'm month of May, 1809, tlie Plaintifl arrived from New - York, with a cargo of flaxseed, and other commodities, and having reprtscnti d the seed a the very best which eould come frem New - Yoik s in consequence of this strong - representation, he induced ihe Defendants, Hugh Kamill and Co. to sell it for him on commission. Tae high character of Uie Defendants' house (aa from tbe n jiirsentation of the. Plaintiff, and ike Officer ofthc Linen Board having branded it sound, they gave certificates) produced an iinft.edi.ite sale i ami the whole car - Ip snd ship product d net about 17 thousand five ' Hundred pounds. In a few 'weeks numerous com - ulaints began to be msde to Defendants, of its basroess snd non - growth. Mr. M'Anally immediately ent down to the counting where it was sown, . and inspected the, crops, and wrote to Messrs. IL&Co. that the complaints were well founded and said, he had inspected the Crops of the Industry's seed, and acquainted them it had all missed and informed them he could ik expect l - 8th of a crop. On his return to Dublin, numerous lawsuit were immediately commenced against Messrs. Hamill & Company, ami their house daily beset with the complaints of those, who purchased and sowed the seed. Mr. Mc Annalty at thri period desired them to dc - fend those suits their then Attorney (Mr. furlong) - i: i i l n.. ia il'.rm. It iinnmr. edon evry enquiry and examination from the i u..,u.u1Ja XlmriutpatM - anil (.f - n. pm MO mwi iv'i'" " - "rt - - - - - twmen oi w mwwh eed universally failed, and did not produce any crop whatever, and was bad awl unfit for .lowing. On obtaining all those informations, and it appear - ing tlie claim against Messrs. Hamill & Co. and l. Annaiy amounted to ear Fifty thousand pounds i they coasulted Counsel of the first eminence, and conaultations were frequently had, at which it appeared Mac Annally always, attended t and at length in full coruulUtion. Couitsel advised 1 that aU the actions ami complaints ahuuld be compromicd and settled. To this advice it appeared M'Annallv fully assenteiL It sppcar - ed Mcasrs. Hamill and Co. then employed Mr. , m r w tie and adjust those numerous law suit a and claims. They bad frequent conferences with Mr. llcasly, respecting arranging ai:d sett ling tlie manner, tumle and extent of such compromises at w hich meet - ;,..r.a.l rnnfbrrnepa Mr. M'Annallv Was alwuVS present and assisting in. In fact it clearly appeared M'Annallv received even information from defendants, and was consulted in every aten taken, and bad daily access to aU their books and papers, .. which related to the talc of the property he had rtut into their hands i and that Messrs. Hamill & Co. acted in every way according to his instmc - ' twos. It appeared at two several meetings in the month of April, 1810, between Messrs. liamill & Co. Mr.M'Anatlv and Mr, llcasly their Agent, that it v as . fulfy determined, Mr. llcasly, accompanied by Mr. Grogin, (one of tlie firm of Messrs. Hugh Hamill and Co.) should im. ' mediately proceed to . the . several Nortliern .' f counties, , where the persons who purchased ' the seed, and who had commenced actions ami suits, were, and there settle and compromise with them on the best terms possioie. It appeared Air. Mac Annally here fully assented, and himself ar ranged tlie manner oi compromises, ana instructed Mr. Deasley to compromise, and settle upon the best terms he could obtain. It appeared in tv - ' idence, that Mr. Beasley and Mr. Crogan then proceeded to the several counties of Cavan, Lei - trim, and Lomrforsl, awl there faade the strictest . aaa mon accurate eiamuuumn mio tnese claims. and individually examined several hundreds of - 1 persons who purchased lus seed t end after the most minute investigation! found them fully ven lied. It appeared in evidence, that those gentlemen madegreat and laprious exertions for several weeks through those counties, and that Mr. Iteasley, aud Mr. Crogan settled and compromi - - sed near two hundred law suits, snd by such exertion, deduct" d and got abated off those claims, above ten thousand pounds rf the actual losses sustained by tlie purchasers of the seed. It also appeared in evidence that if lltoac actiona wore allowed to proceed, the costs alone would he above thirty thousand pounds. In fact, tliat the claims for damages and casts, if not then settled, would have amounted to upwards of six y thousand pounds, and by the active exertion of their agents, Mr. Beasley, and Mr. Grogan, those enormous claims and suits were compromised and aettled for about eighteen thousand six hundred pounds. It also came out, that Messrs. Hamill and Co. had more than expended the amount of the ship nd cargo, and that M'Anallr, even at the present dale, owes them a considerable balance. . But there was a fact in evidence on this trial, which opened a new and strong case. It was by most respectable evidence proved, that this very - cargo of flaxseed actually lay on board a ship at New - York, Closely stored for above 15 months, by which it was deprived of its vegetable or growing - quality ; snd that it was publicly known and ofTer - - ed foe sale as a damaged cargo j and that M'Anally bought this cargo, and brought it here rep. resented ibe cargw aj of the very best quality, and under which representation and imprtssion, and relyingon Mr. M'AnahVs veracity (having known him a long tune before), they sold at. Frsm all the evidence, it Was evident Utat the conduct of Messrs Mnmill and Company throughout this arduous and trying business, was highly honourable and creditable as factors and merchants. A A. a . k jvuer a most aiear ami perspicuous charge from the Judge who presided, in which the law of factor and principal was most ably laid down, the Jury, without Waving the box, returned a verdict i vforUie defendants, Messrs. Htidi Hamill and Co. I Uilh costs. , w , ' Botxox, Sept. 2& MhrTifCigru. On Monday an election waa held in Middlesex district, for member of Congn ss. The democrats started t wo candidatca, , ttie llun. Dr. Spnr, ,d Hon. Mr Tuttle, the Fedmhsts voted for Mr. BaUwin. We have heard from a few towns i and it is possible a ebwee has not been mada this trial. We are infoimed by a gfntJeman Just returned irom ermont, and the upper part nf New - Hamp - jmre , tliat tlie appearance of the Comet is ascri - bed, by tlie Democrats, to British agency. A Turnip Secret The first morning use j our common qnsntity of well burnt coffee, and ha - mg poured from the pot in which His made as 'nmcli as will run fine, leave in the boiler what yau cj.11 the grounds next morning add to these rounds two thirds of the quantity of fresh cof - and reserving your grounds in like manner, d on the third morning - , only one half your first quantity of coftte and In like manner on the fourth morning add one half the qitanthy by this means not will one third of your Cofll. - e be aved, but your Coffee will en crease both in ha atrength and flavour for four days at least, both in summer and winter. And you will, thus, not on. lylire cheaper but you will also live better. This Is a secret worth, knowing in hard times. l'BOBATCM. . DIED, Yesterday afternoon, Mr. James Pattasjox, a native of Scotland. Ilia friends aud acquaintance are invited to at tend his funeral Oils afternoon, at 4 o'clock P. M. from his kte residence, corner of Chamber aad Greenwich - strcets. (At Morristown, li I. Miss Lavikia Ron., s tone, a very agreeable young Lulv, aped tw. - nty, killed by lightning. The death of Miss Itoui stone affords an interestingcaution to the ladies. Sim had been in the practice of wearing those deatb - in. vkers, fashionably called ronete'tt, braced with steel, which attracted the lightning, and was scattered in all directions, mangling1 her body in a most shocking manner A few remarks here may not be improper. Cortelett, when ustd to cxMn - press the botly, are at best absurd and ridiculous, if not scamtalous their deleterious effecta are easily to be seen in who ue them. Every person the least acquainted with the human frame, will read - ily confess that ruinous consequences to health must follow from wearing these squeezing shape formers, even composed with, whalebone; hut when steet is called in to aid the destruction of health ur.d life, it is truly reprchciuiblci and after the fair sex shall have learned this recent, grievous catastrophe, it is hoped that they will lay aside their corteleti, and permit good sense and natural shape to take the lead in preserving their health, lives and usefulness and in doing which they may depend upon raising increased esteem from every taanof aente and feeling. EYEXWG POST MAItLVE LIST. Schr. Venus, Parker, Fredericksburg 10 Schr. Union, Ltttlefield, 1 St. Darts 19 Schr. Mary, Johnsan, St. Mary's 10 Eetsy, Endicot, . Richmond 4 ' Concern, Urcynard Richmond 4 Traffic, Wallace, . Fredericksburg 10 Carlton, Johnston, Richmond 3 Sloop Sally, Evans, Philadelphia CLEARED. Ship Charles, Gardner, . Savannah Howard, Pbelpa & Co. Brig Betsey, Johnson, , Petersburgh . Captain. Rockland, Tray, Richmond A. Shepherd. BrigAstrea, Wardwell, Gibraltar Goodhue & Sweet . , Taber, Baker, Jamaica J. Patrick. Schr. Consolation, Greenwood, Baltimore Wm. Holmes. Eagle, Van Bueren, . Baltimore W. Van Bueren. vWiuioTn, Crowell, Boston Captain. Susan, Lewis, Trinadadm Cuba P Harmony Sloop Atlantic, Regtis, ' Boston Captain Schr. Venus, has wheat and fiour to Kelso and Cramp. Schr. Traffic, lias w heat and flour to Kelso and Crump. - i Schr. Carlton, with flour to Walsh & Gallagher J. H. Jackson, T. Irvine & Co. Fountain & Coffin, GorJen.Trokes, Lcich It Co. Mr. Campbell and W. Finney, on board. Yesterday, off the High - lands, saw the U.S. Frigates President, Rodger i United Stales, Decatur, snd sloop of war Wasp, Jones, standing to the Southward. ' ' icht. molasses and rum, toW.tT Wickham. Lefts great number of American vessels, name unknown. A Spanish schr". had just arrived from M York. September 10, ht 23f SO, Ion. 66, SO, was boarded by tha French nation al brig Adventure, TO days from France and treat, ed politely. The captain informed that he had been on the American Coast and had a pilot on board, but was chased off by a British cruizer. Capt Littlcfield states that he heard of no French fleet being in the West Indies, it was very sickly at St. Bails. Schr. Sally, has leather & ballast to Wm.Ca bonne. Schr. Betsey, hss eosl, to W. Vantaasel . Schr. Concern, has coal to the Captain. . Sloop Sully, has gin and sundries, to Todd, Duf fie tk Todd and tlie master. The schr. Atlantic, sailed 12 hours before for NYork. ' " . Below, Ssclirs. ' rrtPJ.i!ade'pr,ia, Sfpt. 27. Yesterday arrived, ship Atlas, Douovau, from Calcutta, left the Sandheads, on the 17ih May, at tlie time of her departure there remained at Calcutta, brig South Carolina, Crifhn, for Phi - lad. just arrived ; ship Ganges, of Boston, do. do. j ship Triton, Goodwin, for New.York, to sail 1.5th June t Frances, I hiakill, Salem, do. soon ; brig Leader. Amort, lWrn, uncertain i ship Union, Os good, 8alem, left her pilot about the 2jiU April, and tbe Gulliver of Boston a month previous Iwig Vancouver, had arrived at Madras from Boston i ami brig Rein Deer, Sulger, of Philadelphia from London. Owing to the prevalence of ifie contrary monsoons, the Atlas had a very tedious passage down tlie Bar, and was long detained off the Ci - pc of Good Hope bv unfavorable weather. Sept. 15, lat 27, 54, K. long. 62. 30. W. spoke brig Caroline, Johnson, out 19 day from Keabrrn, North - Carolina bound to Jamaica, all well. 1'utt flialtiMW, Srpt. 25. Arrived, schr. Friendship, Venry. 20 days from SL B irts. lft there 3l inst. no llaltmnre trssels. Lat. 19. was boarxled bvan EnjHish sloop of war. detained S Itours, and examined very strictly. Also, sctir. federal (corge, Alcorn, tram Ha vans, via. Norfolk JSSTZE OF nnE.ti) FOR THE ENSUING AVERK. Super. Flour Inected, TOs. pr. Lbl. 41 ox. for Is. Do. do. iJ 1 2 os. 6d Do. mixtwitli Fine Indian 42 os. Is. Do. do. . 21 oa. 6d Do. raixt with Rye Flour, 54 os. Is Do. "do. .27 oa. fid Rre Flour 37 pr. bbL62 ox Is. Do. do. SI - ex. 6d sept. 28 W. FISH, City Treasurer. (rT" Tlw Manain - rs of the Concert eiven at the Tnion Hotel, on Thursd - y Evening, the 26:h inst. take this method of expressing their public acknowledgments to the performers for their volun tary services on the cccisioiCand fur tlieir extraordinary exertions in givinjr that gratification, of which an entertainment of that nature is susceptible as also to the proprietor of lite room for bis kind liberal support toil a advancement. sept, ltOAIMllNT. PF.RSOXI desirous of comfortable board have sn opportunity of obtaining such on moderate terms, in a small respectable Familv; a few only can be accommodated. Iiquirc at iso. S3 Veaev . . ww mi st at street, near u rauis Lourcb ira. , cp - i3 4taw4w fXy Thi CHRISTIAN OBSERVER, fur May 1811, this day re - published from tlie Laiuhn ttiU lion, by WHITING it WATSOX, , sept. 38 . yo. 96 Broadway." j ,ii.ii.uu,u tuieu uu ouircis iresi JLL Mour, (i f the Columbian Mills lirand)just received per the schr Carhon, and for sale by' NATII : LAWRENCE, ' .. .' . - 27 Old - Slip. Jlho f'r tale, 10 kegs manufactured Tobacco, and A few tons Block Tin. sept. 28 4t H PRIEST respectfully informs his friends and the public, that his YOUNG LADIES' ACADEMY will open on Monday, October 7th. Sept 28 : 4t TO LET. ,4l VERY commodious two story House in Lilier. 1. ty - street, in excellent order, rent 550 iym Or it would be exchanged for a good house in any of the cross streets running from Broadway to the North river, not higher up than the Hospital, at a rent of from S400 to g500, Apply at No. 96 Broadway. ; . - sept' 29 lw TO LET. THE three story brick h'Hisc, Xo. 13 Robinson, street, ready furnished, and possession given immediately. Apply on the premises. Sept - 28 NOWDRTwiNCi trASHLVGTOXMOAUMEjn' LOTTERY. hichxst raizes, lcf550,000 lofg30,000 1 of 220,000 2 of 810,000 . 3 of S5.000 TICKETS & SHARES, In a great arietv of numbers may be bad at 'JAXSEN'5 LoTTtav - OrncE & Book stobe, '. 15 Lhiithtim - ttrtct: Also, Tickets in the Snsq - ithnnna Canal Littery, now di - awjng in Baltimore, warranted undrawn. Check Books kept for tlie examination of all tickets gratis. sept 28 . H YASH 'IJVUTOJTMUAVMEAT LOTTERY Fourth day's drawing is this lay received at G. & H. WAlTE'i NO. S3 & 64 MAIDXSr - LAKK. WHERE adventurers may examine their Tickets, and have every account relative thereto. CAPITAL tMtxe IN THIS LOTTXBV. 1 prize of 50000 is ,50000 1 30000 80000 1 ' 2000 2U0O0 2 1000 ,2000 s 3 500 1500 - The above Lottery draw only once a week for the present, to be completed in 70 drawing days. SUSQUEHANNA CANAL LOTTERY, Draws three times a week till the whole are drawn, to be completed in 40 drawing dav 14 of which are over,, and the following Capita) prizes are in the wheel, viz. .. . ' i. 1 of 820,000 1 of 10,000 1 of 5,000.. i 1 of 2,500 Besides a Unre proportion of inferior ones. The other Capital Prizes in this Lottery of 20,000, was sent from G. & It. Wane's Office in Baltimore to this city, about a fortnight previous to its beinr drawn i and tins is. not the only m stance of capital prize being lent from Waite' Office in Baltimore to New - York. - Who knows but what the 50,000 prize in Washington Mono ment Loiter) may be sent here also i THE UNION COLLEGE LOTTERY NO, m, Merint Drawing in April next. " Is the Lottery whiab G. & R. Waites particularly rqeuest adventures to direct their attention to. - For respectability, faithfulness in drawing and of payment of prizes, none surpasses it. The Legis lature or the Mate always truaranteeimr the par mcut of all prizes. The Scheme comprizes the following numerous nca prizes, and the tickets are only beven Dollars and a bait each. 1 prize of 1530,000 1 of . 25,000 1 of 20,000 . . 1 Of 10,000 1 of 5,000 3 of 3.000 &c. 8ic Good Promissory notes taken far Tickets in this iiottery.. Adventurers will please to take notics, that G.& R. Waite will pay all prizes from their Offices, ss well in Baltimore as inKsw - York. All the prises in each Lottery yet draw and sold they hare al - ready paid. - , , sept 23 T OST last evening at tlie fire in Dusne or Cross - M.M streets, a Black Morocco Pockct - Book, with a clasp on the cdge,lcontaiiunganumber of papers and accounts. Also Dank notices and paid no'es, and three scrips for Shares in Tammany Society and twenty dollars in bills of tbe following Ranks ; glO on the Mechanic's, JS5 on the Union and 5 on the Merchant's Rank. Also two Lottery Tickets in the Susquehanna Lottery, Nos. 18933 and 18932. The finder will be entitled to the cash by returning the book and paper i hrotigh the Post Officr, or otherwise to RLLE1F COXOVF.R, Sept. 25 St 118 Broadway. O CliAli, RICE, BEES - WAX, &c 17 hlid O Muscovado Sugar, first 'lality 1 19 barrels Rice . 11 barrels and 7 tierces Bees - wax Just deceived and for sale by JONES k MF.GRATH, JidyO 83 Smith - street. 1" I LOCK TU. 5000 lbs. of Ulock Tin. For I sale by HALL, HULL & CO. Jnne 21 . Ko. 85 South - street. " WANTED, A WOMAN to do the work of a small family good recommendations will be required." Ap - pl v at 102 Greenwich - street. Sept 27 Qij 'i'HE C - partiiership of Hubert ,Hathew (S t'. is this day dissolved - by mutual consent. All persons indebted to said Co partnership axe re - quested to make payment to Julia Clarke, No. 203 William - street, one of the concern, who is alone authorised to receive the same i and all those who have demands against said copartnership, are re - quested to hand in their accounts for settlement. TOll r. MATHEWS. : J LLI.V CLARKE. sept. 27 ' OllCE. The creditors of Burling 8c Swan are requested to meet William Swan on Tuesday evening, the 1st of October, at 7 o'clock at the Ton - line Coffee House, upon business of importance, sept 27 WM. SWAN. BOARDING. TWO or three Gentlemen can be accommodated with Beard and Lodging" in a private family, in a pleasant part of Broadway Apply, at this oHicc. sept. 24 JL'SV si U RIVED it FOR SALE, A HANDSOME African COLGAB, or PAX. TUER, upwards of eight feet in length, and high in proportion, is in perfect good health, and about to years old, in full prime, is very tame and docile. For farther particulars, and of price fur this handsome living acimal, enquire of , JOHN SCCDDER, Prtpriettr tf the Aranican Muteuat, JVa. 21 Cluilinm - tuvct, New - York, sept. SS lw Tor Savannah, - il&m The new brig HESPEIf, Iloldrcgc. lister, will positively sail on Tuesday next, the fust of October For freight or passage apply on board at Governeurs - whart', or to POTT & jriilXNE, sept. 27 4t 51 Sottth - Htreet. 1 KCLTSIl'GOODS. Six bale Broad Cloths - i choice colors. . , - 1 do Cassimeres do do 1 case 3 - 4 Tabby Velvets, assorted colour 1 do Hunters Cords , 1 do Ginghams, well assorted . 1 do 4 - 4 Gotten Shirtings ' 1 do Book Muslin ". 1 do plated aud guilt Coat and Vest Buttons 1 do cotton Umbrellas With an assortment of open goods For side very low by DANIEL BOARDMAN, P - 27 252 Pearl street. GREEN TREE PORTER HOUSE, Vo. 87 Fuir - street. J FRANK acquaints (he Publio in general that, with a view to hi own emolument and their comfort, he has commenced Ur - rv as a PUBLICAN, in the above well - known and long establish - ed Inn, where will constantly be provided the best LIQUORS .. PORTER, LE, fcc. - Also, BF.EF8TEAKS,OYSTERS,CIHCKENS,Small Relishes, &c Stc at the shortest notice. Pasties St Companies accommodated with convenient Rooms, and provided with Dis.nehs, SurrEus, he. with dispacli. . Choke DUBLIN PORTER will be on Draught in a few cbiA s. S - Pt - 27 ' .6t " FOR SALE" Or will be exchanged fir properly in the cit ef A'cv - Yofk. TUZ Dwelling House, Barn, Store and Wharf, with about twenty acres of land, pleasantly situated at Coxsackie landing, on the North River, the residence of the late Koliert Rnrrell, and for sometime pu3t has been occupied by Messrs. Archibald and James M'Vickar the dwelling house is convenient to the stores and w half, and the lat - ter are well calculated for the reception and ship, ping of country produce on as extensive a plan as any other sitnation on the River. Tlie Turn - pike which leads from New.York to Albany passe through this property, snd a Turnpike runs directly from this landing through the village of Coxsackie to the Western Country. Having these advantages, it is not presuming to much to say that few places on the river ean be found more eligible for a Commercial Establishment. As it is presumeu none will purchase, without viewing the premises a further description is deemed unnecessary. For terms and other particulars apply - to US. MOORE, Newton, Loup - Island, or V WM. STEWART, No. 2 Burling - slin. eptS7 P&Hlm LOJVDOA' MlEmx FUIB OFFICE. THIS Office insure Houses Buildings, ( Stores, and Manufactories in general ulso, Goods, Wares, snd Merchan dize, of any description, from ' loss or damage by fire, likewise that incurred by Lightning. i Dwelling - Houses in the Coun - I try, Bams and Stables, Live and Dead Stock, are insured at very moderate rates. Premiums vary according to thecircum - st ances of tlw property, and are inall cases proportioned to the real risk, and as low and moderate aa possible. 4 ' (Tj Sufit'sers by Fire will always experience a prompt an honorable adjustment of their losses. For the information of the public in general, and particularly those effecting assurances with this Company, the subscriber, ii authorised by the Board of Directors in London, to slate that what - ever may be the political situation of the United States wish Great Britain, no event arising there, from will be allowed to operate to the disadvantage of sufferers, who will, as heretofore, receive at Tint 0c a full aad satisfactory indemnity for their loiv ' ' ' THOS. W. SATTERTH WAITE Agent OTcr, Xo. 26 Wall - itreet, opposite theY Jlerckantt Haw, jMevr - lorH. y August 24 ' P daily & II 2aw 6m FORTr DOLLARS REWARD. I OST or STOLEN, on Saturday evening last, A at tlie Cirrus, a Red Morocco Pocket Book, whh a silver clasp, containing 140 in Bank notes a check of Mr. Wm. Henderson's, dated 19th September, S - 0 25 cts. in favour of D. Havens, a note drawn by David Lydig for about S616 in fa - vorof Selali Havens; a note drawn by Jno. Bliss fargl7 in favor of D Havens i a note drawn by - Silas Aldrich for S3 in favor of do. and a great number of Bills and accounts, of grcaty benefit to the awner. Any person finding the same, and re - tnrning thorn to the store of David Lydig, corner of Doverand South - streets, shall receive! a reward of S 40, and for all except tbe Bank notes g 1 5, and no questions asked them. ' ' . . DAVID HAVENS, sept. 24 , " - i eodtf 50 DOLLARS KEWAKIa , STOP'fJE.SWLYDLEJt OX the 12th inst a man by the name of Thomas Wilson, about 5 feet 9 inches high, stout built, rather dark complexion; a native of England, hired a horse and gig of tbe subscriber for six davs. As lie has not returned, there is no doubt he haa endeavoured to make his escape. Tie had on a blue coat ana white hat With a black crape on it He took with him a woman, about 40 years of age, dark complexion, by the name of Mooney. 1 he horse is a bay colour, about 15 hands high, stout built, but tliin in flesh, one of his hind fret while, and one side railed, with a square tail. The gig carriage is red striped with black, plated hub bands - : th body of the ffiff is a chocolate colour i tlie back and arms are covered with red morocco, and the cushion is uced in front with the same, the seat lined with blue cloth. tlie harness plated, with an English collar. Th ton of the trig is light coloured casaimere, tlie joints plated at each end and in the mid'lie. Tha gig bus dash, frame in front, with plated handles and mouldings on tlie front pillars. The above reward and all reasonable charges will be paid for apprehending tlie said Swindler, and delivering the horse and gig at No. 9 Dov - t. New.York, to R. DAWSON. Sept. 26 PSJIlw THI? DAY 13 PUBLISHED, (price 50 cents) and for sale at Van Hrunt & Neville's,, corner of Broadway and Maiden - Lane, and at most of the Bookstores ZOLOCI AN JURISPRUDENCE, . ' oa s . BEASTS AT LAW. a rsix, SATIRICAL, ALLEGORICAL, AXD MORAL, In three cantos, with notes and additions. Trarulattd frtm the Arctic ef SamUut FUilt Erin, X. Y. Z. WLose Fables Iffre made so much noire in tbe East, and whose fame has eclipsed that of Fop. BY SAMUEL WOODWORTH. Sept. 1 . - AT AUCTION. 0009 ' '. BY HONES M'OWX. Chixa Silks. . - , , On Tuesday 1st Oct. at their Auction Boom., - 106 cases of China Silks, comprising aneldgaiit assortment , , ' HV MCARTY, STOUTENBLRG & CO. THIS EVENING. , At 7 o'clock at their Auction Room, 28 Wall - sf. an assortment of Books & Stationary. l - Among1 which are (to close a concern,) sovcral setts of Travel in China, with a fullo voluirte containing 90 elegant plates of tlie views and customs in that country. . BY WETMOPP. 1 irvtnt.T VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY.' : - UQntlay, Vet. 1st. - At I o'clock in, the T. (;. U, (if not prcvwitaly disposed ofat private sale,) that very valuable lot extending from Bcekman to Ann streets, with the buildings thereon, consisting of three dwellings. The house fronting Bcekman st reet, is considered as one of the best stands for business in tlie Grocery line, in this city, and is completely fiited for an extensive lown For further particulars, enquire of Mr. Johnson Palton, No. 24 Bcelman - street, or at the auction room. BY POWER & PAXTOX. . MAHOGANY PLANK. '.' . ' . V j To be sold by Auction, on Monday nextr 30tfjl inst. ut 4 oVlock P. M. at Crosdy - etrcet,' n ;a tot opposite tlie old distillery, near Spring - Street, a quantity of seasoned ST. DOMINGO PLANK, " of various thicknesn good grain and quidity csl cuiaied for Cabinet Makers and Rudders. BY DAVID DURHAM, : V Monday.. At half past 9 o'clock, at his auction room, Inn fist art rwr.t ' Hm. a""' .1 To close - a consignment, will be offered, 3 ca' scs fine book muslin hdkfs, 2 cases C - 7 and C - 4 el - cgant fancy shawls, 4 canes stricd and plated gingham j 2 do. nuns threads assorted i 2 doA black and col'd camkrics ; 2 do. brown cotton pla - tillas 5 do. brown hollands i 2 do Madrass hdkfs i 1 do superf. do. 2 do. fancy muslins i 2 do mull mull seeding) 1 do. cotton ailclphia thread In boxes 1 2 do. cotton thread in skein and 2 cases 4 4 fine book muslin. And at the same time will be continued the sale of 8 bales of superf. and 2d broad cloths, handsomely assorted colors 4 do. BSMirira cumunemi i tin. iifrnni an.i f'Anikn. .cords 1 2 do. low priced saved list blue cords i l uo. sssorted coiojs j 2 cases twilled verve teens, Genoa and constitution cord Irish liiia ens, cambric muslins. cotton shirting t sew'mg. siiks, worstetl hose, cc. The alwve goods will be sold for appraved endorsed notes at 3 and 4 months. ( - Turiday, 6th Ort,' , '"''. On the 2d floor of his auction room, 40 cases 7 - 8 snd 4 - 4 Irish lipen, handsomely assorted, some of which are fay handsome, 4 do 7 - 8, V'. and C - 4, diapers. The above goods will be sold by tlie.' package, for approved endorsed notes at 6 months . J ivtr tiuitUrtits .am. OTOLEN fmm alnnir uiil nf thn Purtnmiiuai KJ brig St. Antonio Diligen'e, laying nt Cheese - man's ship yard, a LONG BOAT, Portuguese uuiti, vim an anwuur ui twin a twi, i lie SOovq reward will be paid on recovery of the boat and anchor, bv applying to - ' " ' JOHN HEFTRUNAX", , Sept. 26 ""lw"' ' ... 84Ernnl nimi.l - VALUABLE REAL ESTATE . FOR SALE. A FARM in Claverack, in the County of Colum bin, and State of New - York, containing 114 acres of Land, a good stand for a Country Stoiv hood, 13 mites from ifuiison on it are a large and . . i . commotuuus two story uweuing nousc, a ary good and grocery store adjoining, two large and convenient horse sheds, barn, granary, alanghter , and packing house, sawmill, potash works, cooper's shop, and two Convenient sniallc dwelling houses, at prese nt possessed by Alberuis Eckert and Co. aud their tenants. ... Also, 50 acres of Land, 1 mile distant from (ha above, withapriit mill and carding machine, in good order tlie former calculated tor two run of stones, one now in full operation ; tlie water and cogwheels, shaft, &e. tor the other ready to be put up. Also, a Farm at Grcrn River, in Hillsdale; con - taining about 120 acres, with a new dwelling - boutc, store, saw mill, potash and horso shed, two small but comfortable dwelling . houses, and an old grist mill, a hich may conveniently be converted into a fulling mill or carding machine. Th Dmrtrtv is well situated for business on the Hills dale and Chatham Turnpike Road. . Also, several valuable improved Farms, m tha town of Hillsdale, all of which possession may be ' liad the ensuing Ml'ring. Also, the rents and reversion of several Farms in tlie County of Columbia, some leased in fee. others lor lite, ana several small traot ot wood land. ... ALSO, for' sale, or rent ftf a term tt year ort good approved security, the property occupied by the subscriber, alt together or in seperate par eels, comprising about 500 acres of superior Land - in Claverack. 5 miles from Hudson, on the Colum bia Turnpike Road. On this property are a largo modern built two story brick bouse, 60 by 50 feet a turof. 5 tttnrv frml hauw. tvu uthrt tnilrtiiirr " D J . - for farm and mill honscs, a large grist mill, with three run of stones, and machinery for manufacto ring i a plaistcr mill at which at least 500 tons of plaister have been ground and sold withiu the last year; a large and arlijpble situated distillery, all tlie machinery of which is moved by water; a new and well built saw miil, three large bams, cowhouses, carriage - house, corn - bouae, ice - house, and a grcivt variety of choke fruit Tbe prices far all this property will be moderate, the credit liberal ; two thirds - may remain on mortgage, interest payable annually, from 5 to 15 years, and the title nidi; ;:utab!e. Or for the Litter property, nearly twa thirds of tlie price will be taken in real csUte in New - York cr Albany, or in wild lands. For amort particular description, apply to DAVID I. GREENE, 132 Front - st New - York, or on the last described property to the owner. J. RUTSEN VAN RENSSELAER, Aug. 51 dim. Isw3m P4H . DR. HARVEV ... AXTi rEJfERE.iL PILLS, i V CERTAIN snd true remedy in every stage cf the Venereal Disease in tlie worst of rases, without mercury, snd the least confinement at any season of the year, restraint of diet, or hindrance of business, when all ether methods havo failed, and even without the knowledge of the patient's bed - fellow, thess cause removing pills have effected a cure. - - These inestimable pills have gained an established reputation all over Ergland and Ireland for their superior qualities as a mild ail efRcacioos remedy lir tbe cure of the Venereal Disease. In boxes at SI earn, - and larfe ones containing equal to 5, at five dollars with d irections, , The shore valuable Medicine are for sals only at the Medicinal and Feint Store, No. 148 Broad wav, the comer Of Literty - strcet ' . ' Sept. 27 ' .

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