The Evening Post from New York, New York on October 8, 1830 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1830
Page 3
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0. o I; brig ce, for elk, M. from rr VOSK MUSEUM, corner of Broad wily and (Anthony i. - OrmDd Mniicl Olio, on Friday evt t& 8 - Th public it respectfully Informed, that. I"' .l. .ro.t mtronan bestowed anon th Grand I for i night. Mas - ihe comic infant prodigy, late of the Tr I tm. (Luton, who will make make hi first appear - l m ti - - . ... Ztt tlii evening Mm. Singleton, Mm J. Turnbull, Sfs ingleton. and Mr Hill, will aUo appeer - This Smim. win b pfj f .8on!' K " L . Itup.lutiiuu. The whole to con - ;j cum o sertoiu imqiwhuiw - wtow " Stowiih the Yank ato'T o! " Donty'. via.t to Buf iT - k - m. Hill This Museum contain large col Donty'a vUit to Buf - Kon ol tpMimeni of Natural Hi - iory, and a treat liber of Antique, from all countries j all of w hich I : ... an.) U(Vnf itV S. g araneu m i Admittance 25 cent. n3 rt u x vm: MKftislTOliY. ho. UCnainocrsst. II Out Mtnnering ; Rob Roy; Marriigo of Figaro; tai' 0ra; Iijvilto Psy; anda gonarai aw.rt. ml ofOpjim. Tragidios, Comedies, tnrt - on, &e. in, ftJinz Cumberland's Briti - h Theatre. For sale by " ' p n rf.AYTON. No. 9 Chsmbers st. Jehool and Juvenile fl'ks and Stationery at the liWMt rate. Tue WW puoiicwiuiis lor nsio, ur mi 0111'aa shove Dcgersndo on Self Education: Hiiwry nf Scotland, by Sir Waller Scott ; Ilitrv of fliiland, by Sir James Mackintosh, vol. 1 j History of frsncs. hyRnnnliaw; ntsiory i isapoienn, ny uo. siihq attoiis ni1 kv; Tvtlars Elements of History , uvlolov's Comnend ol Hinlory, with questions, Sic. Injt Diivlih"d The D.inouived, by the author of Tulri by the O'llura Family, ror lalt), or Irt out for (tiding. 08 T DST. lliia nifiriiiiic bbtwern 7 and 8 u'clot.'k. and Ji between 100 Willow itrnet, Brooklyn, and llmad iu,vt. New York, a Hoc gold lreve link, each buiion bivmi; an opal mono, lurrounaea oy cniuoa ((oio. w n. vtt hue f lund the enmo, and will reiurn H to GCO. rlIACb. ft r.irnanga piacp, mill ne Mutably rn - tirdnl. anil ri - ceivslhs thank oftheenner. oM 3l .1KE.CH LANGUAGE. Mr. F. Tamer Unvnvs P taken the home, No. 42 Beach at. lately occupied . Mr. Chat. Oondct, i now organ. zing an evening (jut for the French Luignnie, t lie opvnnl on Tiipm - Jf. the I9th ofOctoiier. Air. T. hn been learhr in urjjof the fimt intitmiiint in tint city, nnd hi ctpc - , nn(v nitiilf him tooO'erhia rervices to iimiituiiunt isd young iHtlirtH reminarien Lidiesoinl genilvmunat. itsded at their own residence. Teroia raodurnte, nod nvJe known nnappliPBtion a u'Kive. r.S lw C'lORJC CU ITING. J. Aiule tnn. No. JiM Wmer Fireet, hivine ilcclined btikines. tukei thit oupor. I.'iity of aincerely thiinking hi niimcMii frien'lt tor 1 iy literal aupoort thnv hve given him during (he nunr lr he ha ervnl them, and at the mint lime bogi to retimmond to their notice tit phi n A'ii? if Co. Lit 'JC - toiiora, a every way worthy their patroiugc. STEPHEN KINO & CO. beg to Infirm the public, vl.nt they hive lucceedrd in the hnitiem which Mr. J. Ariilemm ha declinrd ; and that they ahull Icel tmppv f.irt mntiiiuaiion ol that Datmnace nbicii wa o litirr - gllj bmiowed on their predecetior. They beg to nh - Dcrvethut they ihall mauufaciura (he very bevt nric!e, and icrva it at the IntveH poMible price ; and that no ex ertion ol ineir. hull te wanting to dtworve the patron' ne which thev ant anxloua to ohtain. AnHenon requeati all thoae ind'hted to Mm to rll at the niova and nettle their accoiinu nn - mrdiatfly, and thuso whom he owca to tend in their bii!. i - S lm pT(J I ICE 'I'tie ubcnhernvail liinneffof ltiisot I it porturiity to return hie unfeigned thttiKi for the li he ml support that he hai heretofore eiprieued from a liberal nnd discerninj, public IIx n w liopea that the lime kindnxei will Hill bnextcniied to him. as ho hat rotned an entahhthnwnt at i JS Uowery, oppomte r'rtnce utret. iot above hit former residence. He aim l.m a tore ai the norihi st curner of Grnnd and CroV.v it. br the nale of Bread. 4e. Wll. It. HUMBERT. Mr. H. reauettt llmw families and erocen who w re I mppliod by him to call as ahuve, and We their name lud rnideiice, and they shall Lpj at;endid to as toon at pibe. oo J - 7T0RSE WUEEL WANTED Iron roirrant am. ahout 9 feet diameter : lavinz thuli. and one wooil mmtnt. would d j, il they are good. A p!y at No. Si) Mau tlrtut. oSlw . JACKSON & CO. tn U J RV1S. Cordial liiiiil - r, rol irnn ln lriL - i.i L and rMitnm"r. lliat he will hcenalilol to ritmnc hit hmincM (tvhich h been iiiterniptnl by the lute fin ) ea Mondny tlm Kuh liitoU stand No. 213 IlDiver)', arid olici't a cijnlinnance nt that patron - ige wnicii he haa heretofore received. From thoie imtelml to him, ho request that p lyaivnt may be maJe as toon ti pomihle, to enalile him to serve th. m w ith hit usual proni 'iitud I despatch. 8TR - YE 0 from tb'ahove premirpt. on the J.I int., a brindle duv, with one of her liornt pointing down, and very long lioofn. Fur the ifitum tf vvhi 'li, a nit ahle rewird will be gi'en. .?J.wl w (7M. FHAZEE'S MARBLE ESTABLISH - MKNT. N.w. 13 4 li Amiuratreet. eve urk. Marble Chimnny Pieces of new and elreant psttrna. rpsnulactiirad from lh oot lrih Mac, yptian tnnt Vein, and Ilolian Marbles, all ol whirl, will be sold at reduced prices, and on the m i libenil terms. On hand. q'ltntitr of vVhito Marble Flagging of excellent quality. Alto. White Mvble lor the euerior of public or private buiMinga, eieeuted to any order required. This marhle m fonsiJered by roinrMtent jodnea to he the bet build - in materiel which com - a to this nnrket, trim the ICatt Cbeitsr urauy other white marble quarries in this roi:n try. " mJ Mll.Ll KHa fountain (( Ahjtot have rectfv. JL ed hvtlie Edward Uucsnel. Irom llaore, rich fio'd and plaid, tntin nnd tallcta Ribbons, of the neweit and ni'jat fiialiionable description. Alio, a enrv of elegant Dls:d and atrintd I'liithM. an rmirely new una (ulnon - aMe article samples of which, mny he steri at ihcir atore, furrier of Maiden j.ane and William st. o3 FtlH MALE, the lontory brick lloiiau No. ( - if t ; 13 Thomas street. $3,000 can remain on ,bond and morteage. Apply to r8 tin JACKSON At t.O. No. W Hawaii sr. a WEEKLY EPISCOPAL PAPEK. Proposii's il. for publishing id the city of New York a weekly rtoiwious Newspaper, to ne enniica i tic nn.t i.n - DAY HF.RALD, io be edited by members of the Pro - tseUnt Episcopal Church, ore jjeued from No. 26 Greenwich street. , The necessity of a weekly paper on lha pian contem - fhtted is ppfenL It is what many of our communion Uv long looked and prayed for. Th following ft. tract from lb prospectus will giv th outline of the plan. "To afford a theoretical, and especially a practical application ol lha scriptures of truth to advocate th cause of missions, and other benevolent operations of th church, particularly those relating to our own coun - try to communicate through its columns all such intelligence as shall tend to lurthcr the interests of Iheie, thereby promoting the ettenaion of the Redeemer' kingdom. nd aiding the temporal and spiritual welfare of the church and to furnish for the use of every fami - It a truly useful religious paper. thee and other design are mors fully "illustrated in the circulsr that ae - tumpanie the proapecrti. (to which we earnestly re - rj l the attention of all who love our church.) " It is proper to state that such arrangements have bspen made, in regard to the editorial department, as Will insure it being conducted in strict conlormity with the principle of tb church whoso cause it is to advo cate, and ol course in acenrdanro wiin ine evangeucai doctrine of the Bible, and alto in such a manner, in regard to ability, at, It is believed, will insure its favor - Me reception and approbation by all. It may be well to state, of Mm time. thai, in regard to theclerieal auper - viiion of ihf editorial department, the arrangement recommended by our late lamented Bihop have been effected." Torms of subscription are two dollar fifty cnta per staum, if paid in advance, or thru dollar at th end of rt year. Subscriptions will be received by N. B. Holmes. No. 2Ci Greenwich street, to whom all communications aust he addressed. o83t fKENCil WJKK blAMJKn 1 "PA French Burr Blocks, on board ship Fdwd. lOUU Qucsncl.ol'suuerior quality. Thosa blocks rre selected at the anarries in France, by W'm Eaur - tw, who ha had twenty years experience in the busi - Btu, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by PETER MOilRIS. 261 Front tt. Who has constantly on hand a large supply, w hich he "H sell on t he - most reasnnahUi terms. "a t w ELEGANT Psturus spinfield lid'kfr. 1 pi superior quolitv ; also, 30 pirco tuper Flagg it. fot sslelow at 62 Maiden Lone, corner of William el. o84t BROWN & TITUS. IIGUTlElJ SWISS MUSLINS. 30 pieces ligurrd 6wiss Muslins, some of whicnare very fine, recei - M ind lor sale low at 65 Maiden lane, corner ol" Wil - Wfflsitort, by E P. CLARK it CU. f 'ASHMKUE SfOClilNGS. Jnt received a v imall esse extra sup blk Cahmer Hoe& s Hose, aittperior articl for fall and winter wear; they are laeornmonly heavy and made in the best minm - r, for fa - - rtiilT usa. Also. lama asMartmcnt nlsin and ribbed " rrioltiir, RMrino, vignnia and thibet wool Iloso and half Hoe, logatbr wiQi an exttMtv assortment of children jntst and buy fall and winter hoe and holf Hose, for ule low, at wholesale or retail, by R. dt A. LANE, N. U A 18 Maiden lane, near Arcade. "S LUiSCY CHAVa'1.6U dozen iww style plaid md flgartd silk and cotton fancy Cmvau, received " motnitif and for sale by BROWN A TITUS. Jj9 3t fig Maiden lane, comer of William at. f ACE at itlUoU.X HALF UDKF6r - 'J'hi mrn i iog recaived and flir ssla bv RALPH KELLOGG. ' 671 Maiden Ian, (A MERINO CLOTHS 4 rase super Saxony and French Thibet Merino Cloths, of tb most fashi - nsbl colon and best quality, fur 1 by lb pic or "ail, at 40 Maiden lano. 8 E. J.' MOORE & CO. tLGARS Wbua and. Brawn Havauat, of prim quality, f,ft by DUDLEY sTTjyVSSANT, 90 South it. F BUENOS AYRESRerular TaAti. The fatt sailing eopon fastened and poods. led briar BUENOS AYRES. Adam, muter. will toil on 20th init. For freight or naaaaia. having xcellent accommodations, apply oa board, at Steven wharf, or to - Lo8 PR FOREST A RON, 83 SWh at. For FUHl AU FKINVEi Th frow tailing , conoered brii BUNKER . HILL. Dnlv. mailer, will hsvaauick deeoatch For freight or passage, apply to o8 DEFOREST SON. 89 South at. Ts. For SAVANNAH. new andelecant ahipMARTHA,J.L. 3sSS Wilion, matter, will be djipetched aoon. For ImiHhi or paiM?o, iiavinst handinme furniahed accom - rooJiitioni, apply on bnird. nt pier 27 E. R nr to 08 JOHN II. HOW LAND. 153 South m. 5 Fur S A VA NNAtr - F - ttabliihtd Lint. Sails on Sunday. ISZX. J horeiularnicr.ctsriipl L.UUIAN, T. Har rison, umter, to will sail as above can yet take a few I light goods, and handsomely aecommodale several pas - 1 tonjerj. Apply on hoard, at Murray s wliart, or to r8 SCOTT ft SHAPI'BR. 7i South st. For S A VaNNAHH dir. Line. The fine fust sailing packet schr EXACT, ichols. master: will nunitivcly sail on Sun - 1 il'iy. (or freiiiht or Passat, having good accommoda - t'ons, apply on hoard, end rlymarketwhart, nr to n8 liOWLAND (fr CORNWALL. I3f. Front at. LINE of PACKETS for SAVANNAH. . - rjs. The: proprietors of this Line, with the view irxTF0' ol,ennS 10 the putilic still greater tacilitie 3iAZin the intercourte between New York and Sa - vaniinli, hav added to the line one more ahip, which will onable thorn to tail oneevery sixth day (biuiaay elusive.) The Ships composing the lino, are - Ship MACON, Daniel L. Porter, master. EMPEROR, J. II. Bennett, master. HENRY, Geo. Moore, master, FLORIAN, F. HarrtHon, master. 8TATIRA, Thos. Wood, master. Ti'BEE. fnew) Denison Wood, master. Those ships were all built in this city, and at of the lirst class, their accommodations tor passenger are ex - tenire and ivr!1 funiiihod i thev sail verv fast, and tlieircommanders are man ofropauility and experience. Goods iiinvardod to the subscribers will be shipped free of commitsiun. roriurtiierparticuiat.appiy to 1,3 8COTT k SII APTER. 74 Kmth at. . ls Por CllAHLEHTONPadut Ship Jab. 12 b instant. .4t The fmt sailins coppered ship NIAGARA, 8. Jtiwiier matter, hat the principal part of her cargo engng. - d, and will sail as above. For freight or pas. age, hoving extensive accommodations, apply on hoard, east aide Burling slip, or to utu. null u.s, 1.8 ISI Front st. cnr. Burling slip. For CHAlil.tHTOM Union Lint. hails Saturday, 9,h iust. The fast asilini bhc CORAL, Macy. mas ter, hsa :vo thirds of her freight engaiied. and will ssil ns shove For freight or pasMura, having very superior accommodations, apply on buatd, east. two Euriing slip, ur In n. DUDLEY STUY VESArJT, 90 South e. U'4JVTFI. S 4 CUah , CLuinM nruh.,nff M fiA f AfflB hnrtl.en, to go to the loetanenHe lor a return Jiti'itiire ol S. B. ANDREWS. No 74 Liberty st. . jtt tat rKLhiH I ur CHAHTEK. Thefinecopp - redbriKPRlNCE EDWARD. yjiNii kerson. master. 127 tons or 900 ble. is now iu h - aduiess to receive eareo. Applv to ofl FISH. GRINNF.LL A CO. 134 Front st. J - or Hit lull l ur CHAHTtR. Ths tnrior eonnpred fastened and CODner. Wfld hriir S A II A H. L. Merchant, master burthen ) 0 uiln. io readiness to receive cargo; lie at pier 26, E. K. Apply to 08 JOHN TT. HOWT.AND. 1.13 Sntith st. DEM' A L bll IttiEit Y A. C C'asie. Surgeon Den - tif, (from Lond" n, whero he studied six year un - Jer the ceUbMb - d Mr. Bell.) respectfully solicits the attention of the public t - i that vtlua'da and iiiMiimubie mineral tunttance lor fillir.g decayed teeth, the quality of which in whilti it rcliove the atony of the tooth ache, and prevents the. ncctssiiy of extraction, arrests the lurthar progress of decay, and idenlifiea itself with tlin baity of the tooth, in the form of a hard and durable enamel; it will not decompose with the heat of the sto mach, and completely renist theehYctsot acids.atmos - phericair, tc. Thaop - 'ration is performed in a few se - conds', without pain or inconvenience to the patient. ; Mr. A. C. C. nets artificial, natural, human, metallic. and imilniion Human mrorruptMttrrtk, which will not rhansa color, cause bad brrath or diseased gums, from a sinele Imuh las whole set. and whim fixed in the nioiiihl are guhrantwd to answer all the advantages of the grnuinn ones lu mastication, articulation, ore. ive. and cannot, irt pppcaraiice, he distinguished from the nricinals bv the mil scruiiiiitinf eye. Operations nn Ihe mouth or teeth pertormed. in all the branches nt the profession, in the most nsrfect manner Teeth and Ihe tumps of teeth, extracted nn the most approved piio - ci plea, with the least possible pain. Mr. A. C. C. fastens loose teeih, whether arising from aee, neglect, mercury, or disea - a of the gums; and Io tlin latter, he will give a tone of elasticity and firmness, as in the m;ti henlthy person. Families and schools attended hy the Vaar. II ours of attendance from 7 o'clock in themorning to 7 in the evening. at his office - SOI Broadway, nsxtdoor ntho Washington Ifotel. Attificiri! Rj jf or Palate replaced with the greatest nicety. ; o8 Splendid porcelain cards, from lon. i3 DON. The subscriber is in receipt of a new parcel ol these splendid and admired Girds, embracing a variety of new borders. They are espcciall recommended to those w ho wish an article of the highest finish an t elegance. Also received an additional supply of thoie admired Invitation Cards, printed in Gold, &c. viz : " At Home." " Request Ihe pleasure of company," "Con. veomione. request the pleasure nfcompany ." " request thenleisiire of company t a quadrille party on ," " Keauest Ihe pleasure of company to dance on ," " Request the honor of company to cards," drc. &c. Also, a further supply of the Invitation Cards in blank, suitable for writing or printing, for prirato or public dinner panics, soirees, concerts, &e the border being tuittd to those and i ther use, hy the r emblematic design. The whole for sale hy BOURNE, 359 Broadway, who imports direct from London and Pari and sells cheap, quality taken into consideration, a he determined that that his shop shall be as celebrated for the superior quality of its contents ss for its very low price. Elegant engraved Music, it ii we.l known is old cheaper by BtlURNE than any oilier dealer. 08 T 1ST No. 6 Fmo ngravimrs, recently imported J Irom l - ondon and lor sale by vv.n A CULM A.N, Psrk place House, up stairs, at moderate price for ready muncv. The Marriage of St. Catherine, painted by Cor reggio, engraved hy Buy, 194 hy 13, print 15s sterling; ihe Madonna De S 8isio, by RafTacI, engraved by the same, companion m the above, tame size and price; Jrge tcriplum Prints, colored from the original paintings of West, Westall, Singleton, ic. Jjc. of various size, from one guinea each to ten guinea the pair; Christ blessing liitlr children; Christ entering .I rusalem ; Jacob and Rachaal;th Hand Writing; Tribute Money; Ruth and lloaz; Ruth and her Mother, pair, Ac. Ac are all very beautiful prints, which were formerly sold at V10U the pair, may be had here at about.$30 now. A vast collection of Drawings and Prints, for sale at such pricos as most nleasn. To enumerate all the prints in tho Literary Emporium, Park Place House, would require sevetal hundred page. 08 aOHAIRS FOR SHIPPING JmiiHiiiui Ruwwi - d. . V Maple, Painted v Lano Seats, Mahogany & Ms - ' pie Chair. Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, &c. for sale on com - mission.nt 1 1 John at. opposite Arcane. oS COLUMBIAN GREEN PAINT. This paint ts particularly recommended to painters, coach build - irs, iir. for ihe brilliancy nf its color; warranted riot to fade i one of lh most elegant greens ever produced ; and is challenged to be far superior to any other matin facttired in America. It onlv needs one trial to prove its excellence. For Venetian Blinds or Garden Railings, it will he totmd the cheapest and most durable Paint ever used. Jl msy also be reduced with while Iesd. without any detriment of colour ; and its ami corrosive properties render it a very desirable article Jbc - paiating in situations mat aiemurn exposeu tome wcattier. N. B. Painters am invited to call end obtain samples, which msy be hsd gratis. Manufactured at CHAPMAN'S Chemical Labora tory, Baltimore. For sale in New - York, onlv by o8 W. L. RUSHTON. DniTgist. 81 William at. new ni'YLE Fashion a ule Fall ruixis. ONE cos rich striped Si fig'd, entire new style; 2 do dark Chintz; 1 do light do, just ree'd and lor tile, wholessle & retail, at 62 Maiden laua, corner ol William street, ' BROWN ot TITUS. i,8 M it tlt AlALAttA tVKAPfca UAlM.. Z5I JL large tars frrh Grapes, in perleet order ; 100 whole. half, and quarter buxea Ruisin. in bunches, just landed I and for aala by a. iu.m.m. tt bu.i. tH ' 141 Broadway, near utty Motel. 1 1 aLPH KELLOGG hsslhis morning received 1 A V box rich worked Muslin Capes, tot sal low a 57 Maiden lane. i8 REAL THIBET WOOL SHAWLS 1 carton 5 - 4 real Thiiwt Wool Shawl, with Harlequin border, just received and for sale at 571 Maiden Ian. 8 RALPH KELLOGG. V ACE VEILS. 1 hoi rich blnck Lace Veil, just Li received aud lor sale law at oi maioen lane 08 . RALPH KELLOGG. w - wrEHSTER SPELLING BOOK, from n W plates A (ew cases are just ree'd and for sal I by H. WILKES, 26 Exchang place. o PlAiSO COVERS. Just received per late arrivals, on bale fine to extra superfine Piano & Tabl Co ver, for ssle on moderate terms, ny o8 6t 8U YD AM A BOYD, 187 Broadway. CUT A AILS - 000 casks assorted, lor sal by . 08 CrBRA dt CUMING, 106 Pearl at. carg i. n4 NORTH RIVER 8TEf D BOAT LIN For aJ. bwiy. from the new itiam boat j ?w toot oi Barclay a. 2tr?.'JSi.b'r..nifht Tb praaanro ateam boat DE WITT CLINTON. Capt 8herman, travea Iba fool of Barclay at thw afternoon, at 9 b'clock. ni KtauLat payb oriTASTtna air, for Albany, for AVm York, monriay, Wttluewlay, Friday. Ttiaday, ThuriiHay, 1 Rittiirday. Thmophbynilit - .Tli NEW PHILADELPHIA, Cat. O. E. Rcvmoiir. tnmormlw ftr.rnnnniit AnVliV'k Through br'day light. The NORTH AMERICA, Cant. James Benson, to - morrow morning at 7 o'clock. Through by day light. The ALBANY, Capt. Jar kins, on Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. S N. B. The evening boats belonging In the North River Lino, will in future start from Albany at half!1 IRSI SI O ClOCK. tlr For ptusge, apply on bonrd, oratthaoiHco.foot of Barrlay street 08 I I IjIMJ. KlVfcK Mtniu JLX Boat Line, for Albany, fc: iu r 4 - . . . iinu v. i iiv luw lirrwi'm' iimui 1 .1 - . I T'l.. I raLrJS&ga boat CONSTITUTION, will Icove the fimt ol Coiirtlandl st. this afternoon at S o'clock. The OHIO, nn Saturdays 5 o'clock. The CONSTELLATION, on Sundav at 10 o'clock &T For births apjdy on board, nr at the olRcc loot of Courtlandt st. Baggage left at the - ollice will be tanen in cnarye. oH BUll ALBaNi' ii TROY. A - The low nressum steam I boat CHIEF JUSTICE MAR - i SHALL. Cam. Ira Ford, will leave th foot ol Courtlandt street, north side of the. ferry, to - motrow aiternoon, at a o cloclt. in a in out m day op ntf aktiikx At Fr"m Nttn York, From Albany and Troy, I uesdnys, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 4 P. jMondays. Wednesday, and M. rridaya. For passage apply nn board 08 T?R HARTFORD Kroro JL Fulton market slip, foot of I I Beekman street. Fare 1 dollar. 2 - 1 nnd found. The elegant low km, . , a 1..... u cTiinv rAn,;n i enves Fulton market slip, font of Beekman street, for Hartford, on Satuniuv aiternoon, Oct. 6, it 4 o'clock. in. Rttci'LAft days or starting tut for nartfirra For New - York Wednesdays ind Tuesday and oaturdsy, rndays. at 4 o clock, f. SI. at li o'clock, P. M. Light freight, such as bote and bales, will be taken at the lowest rate, if delivered by one o'clock on the day ol' sailing. NB. A line of atsi;os it connected with lhi boat, to run from Lymo to New London and Norwich, which leaves immediately nn the arrival nt the boat at Lymo. Applyon board, or at theotfica.No. 114 Southatrcet. oS i:UlR PR VIDENCE AN U V BOSTON, xia N. LON - i DON & NORWICH. For to I Prmdtnct 95. The steam boat FANNY. Cant. Da viaun, will leave the font of Beekman it. on Mondsy afternoon at three o'clock, for New London and Norwich. Fare $3, meals extra. Stages will be in readiness to convey nijsengera to Worcester, throuch romt'ret, Brooklyn, Ac. Freights taken as usual. For further information enuuiro at tb storo of JACOB C0RL1ES 4 HONS. o3 'MA Pearl sreett. ifEW.H A.VKN 6TEA.1I fir BOAT LINE, DAILY. I Fare Kcihictdtuii. The iteam fahoai HUDSON. Capt. Satiford. w ill leave the loot of Miideri lane at 8 o'clock to - morrow morning. The PROVIDENCE, Captain Beecher, will leave at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Itom the same place and hour. Post 4onche will be in readiness on the arrival of lljr fkikt to convey passenger to Providence oi.d Bos - ttiu via Hartford. oS 1 J ACOB CORLIES. 2S3 Pearl t. ASH'lNGTON AND WARREN CERTIFICATES wanted at the highest rate at oS SYLVESTER'S, 30 Broadway. sH OOH AGAIN. iVjrrr, lt Broadway, official "VJ rtrawiniol the iew VorK ixjltcry, r.xira Class zu, for 1S30 - J 5619 24 3G 11 3 44 1 I hav sold many nf the Capitals, although not the! 25.O0O. Last week I told in a whole ticket JO.t OU. beforo I told and paid $10,000. On Wednesday next, a most brilliant scheme, f 25 000, 320,000, 910,000, S5.00U. 50 ol SlOnO. G5 of 9590. cVc. 4c. Tickets only 9 10, hre in proportion. Please l particular otid look for name and number. 1 have no I connection with the offices on each rude nf mime. o7 SYLVESTER. 130 Broadway. 1 1LLH WANTED AT THElfiCH EST RATE. I J Broken lisnk Monev fir sale. 6000 dolls. Jxrspy 3000 dolls. Wash & War. 1000 " Franklin Bank, 5000 3500 50(1 500 Treiitoi Franklin Bank Plitttsborg Jersey Mon'ftg Jacob Barker's Belcherrown Jersey City 1000 dolls. Niagara 500 " Monmouth 10U0 " Doiby 200 500 Andlrto SYLVLSTER. 130 Broadway Kr Broken Money bought at ihe highest rato. oH nOINC, THE ROUNDS ANOTHER REVO - VJT I.UTION ! The present year will certninly be rerortiud in history, as one ol the most memoraoio that has ever passed. We have had such stirring matters to keep conversation agog, and printers and politicians at work, that the pressures of th times have scarcely been (ell, save when indeed some poor devil has gone home and found soma half dozon suuslling brats bawl ing iitlily"for their dinner and none lo give them. We have turned aundrv matters lo our account - Steamboat eiiilosions difflster of vinous kinds pleasant occurrence the French Revolution, and now the account of the Kevolulion in trie netherianus, comes most opropos, to enable us to introduce lo our friends, tho unusually brilliant scheme of th next Lottery, to be drawn nn Wednesday next, in this our goodly city s prizd of 25.00O. 1 of 520.000. 1 of 8lO.OOO - 95.OC0, 83.000. and 50 of f 1.000. Never was there such a glorious chance for adventurer, and though it is true that our last shot miss'd fire, "twist us into a cuck'd hat" if w don't bit th tnsrk this lime. That ther mav be no mistake about th matter, let it be undsr - food that SE1XAS givea th above information, and that the onzea ar lor ial at the Lucay cpot, ita Broadway. "8 Nth OLE WUMK'D CAPO. A lew dozen infants Caps, nobly wrought, this day ree'd from auotion nd for sale low, at 65 Maiden lane, comer of William street, hy E. P. CLARK & CO. u8 "lOL'D HOKSKaKlM GLOVES - aO dozen col d W kid and hmaeakin Glove, ree d UM maiden lane, corner of William St., by . 08 E.P.CLARK A CO COPPERPLATE E.GKaVEKS' PAPER, Mi - dium size, of the most elegaut kind, auitable for weiving th embelliskmenta to the annuals, isjust received and for sale by HORATIO WILKES, 08 26 Exchange plac. IJLAVI.NGCAKUs. imperial. Eogies.Harry VIII, Merry Andrews, and Highlanders; also. French and Spanish Playing Cards, and No. 1 dt 2 Blank. Cards, cut to the usual iz. These articles ircfrorn the most respectable mmulactories.and w ill he sold in qoantttusi .... t. ii.n iirtA lVtl lt'C at me lowest pric oy iiu - .au.' "iludo, o7 3t 21, Exchange place. AMERICAN GOO W.J. P. t J. Ntimith, u. 75 Pine stnt. otfer for tul by the ntcksge 3.0 bole 4 - 4. 9 - 8 dt 5 - 4 heavy brown Sheetings 30 do !M inch Herkimer A other brown Shirting 75 du Waltham brown Si bUched Cotton 2R5 cases hlMnhsd Goods, various widths dt qualities 25 bales Gillord M.dt M.Co '. superinr 7 - 3 Tickings 40 do Warp Yarn, Noa. 5lo 12 S 30 to io 1:) do superior Candlesticks, in small package 10 esse Cloths & Satinets, browns 4 blues 12 do country knit woollen Socks A Drawer 20 dj double h single glazed Pehse Wadding 100 bale Cotton Ball. 20 boxes Sowing Cotton 0 csar warranted cast steel Axe & Hammers o8islw QHOE THREAD. A full ssortintil ol bleschsd, v - nail co boiled, and common ami gowu w, i, buh - stantly for sale in package or open, by , 08 CEBUA 4 CUMING. W Pearl st. LAX 10,000 los. siussuk Flax, ut superior quality, X for sale by o8 PETER REMSEN A CO. 109 Pearl at. At 'U0UE sPEKIU OIL SO has and Uerces, lauduig. V and for tale hy 08 FISH. GRINNELL A CO. 131 Front st. MAV'AMa SUGaK. 335 boxes white. 331 boiea brown, landing this inorniug from brig Lucy, at pier y, t. lur sale hy 08 PETER REMSEN A CO. TInnoversquare. XT ALTHAM COTTONS, for sale by the package, IT by J. P. J. jsESiTilln, o8 I wis 75 Pine street. HERKIMER SHIKTlJiGS. 14 bale. 27 inch heavy brown Shirting, this day received and for ale by 8 J.P. AJ.NESMITH, 75 Pine street. XK0WN SHEETINGS. 6 bale extra stout 38 X3 inoh, this dsy received and for ssle by u8 J, P. Si J. N ESMITH. 75 Pine t. 117HITE GLOVES A lewduz. while horsoskin Glove, slid lor sal low, by oS RALPH KELLOGG. BEXVER 1000 lbs. very superior Beaver, juel re ceived and for sal st 27 Broad at. by 25 HY. 4 GEO. BARCLAi VAOMLLA 2 cistss prim Vagmlia. for aal by i30 DEFOREST A SON. 82 South st. T ICH BLACKLAC& VEILS Thia rooming re - ib ceived and fir ial at 67 Jlsidsn lane, by . o5 RALPH KELL03G. t22h y,.Tyi - '.r P BALE'S MUSEUM A Gallery of tbe Tim Alt. Broadway, oppoaito th FtrkTbt public are respectfully Informed that arrangemenu are mad to hav for a short time, ths) vary interesting and intelligent boy. Matter Stmdford K. Q. NtOit, of Johnstown, Montgomery Co. New York, who wu bora without arms, yet he can, with perfect ease to himself, writ, draw, cut various art ic tea of tauie with tit acissort, shoot with the bow and arrow, open and wind watch, play on the trianule. taka ud the smallest article from the (round. to.t. all with hit toaa. which be lias the same nso of, a others hava of their fingers. He is 13 ysnra of age, and is a fin healthy boy, of good spirits and amiable disposition, being perfectly agrseable In hia manner and not In the least disagreeable in his appearance. II dance end sings with greet cheerful' nee and taste, without hetna lntriictcd by master II will go through lb above foals during th day and evening. The Museum contain the most extensive and vnlu able collection of Quadrupeds. Birds, Reptiles, Insects Fossils, Shells. Minerals. Indian curiosities, Ac, bo' sides a valuable and extensive Gallery of Fainting, well worthy the attention ol strangers. Various amusements take place iotha Lecture Room of the Miaeum during the evening, such as I ha I'hen - tusinogoria or Mafic Lantern. Ac. Ac. Admittance to see the whole, 26 cents children half nrico. The large Painting of BeMitizars Feast will remain lor a tew duye longer. OPaMMI LSUVAOf..Charltt,Uabidun res pnctfully informs hi friends and the public that he i about to fotm evening classes Tor gentlemen. In which he will loach the Spanish lsniusse. after lha hiehlv so - proved and successful niolhud of John Maneaca. tinder which the students are free from th drudgery incidental to the old system, and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of a living language without resorting to th unnatural and disgusiing task of learning lesions hy rot. Apply to C. Raoadan, 65 Fulton at. and to J. Mr,. Iiosc. 22 Reed st. s20eod2w DANCING SCHOOL. Mr. Chamberlain respect, fully inform hi frienda and the public that Mr Wholo, professor of lha) polite accomplishment nf Dancing, will commence his School at the spacious rooms corner of Bleeckcr street and Broadway, on Tuesday the 6th inst. Day of instruction for th present, Tuesday and Friday. Hour, from 3 to 5 P. M. for ladie from 7 to 9 in the evening for gentlemen. Mr. C. Halters himself, from lb high testimonial he has of Mr. Whale's character as gentleman, of his su - potior talent and great success a a teacher in lha principal cities in Great Britain and America, that parent titid guardians w ho honor him with their patronage will be fully satisfied with hit mode of teaching, and theim prnvcmi.nt of the pupils entrusted to his car , in the vs. rioua stylet uf Dancing, Quadrille, Waltzes, Spanish Dance, &c Ladies and gentlemen who wish to avail themselves of Mr. Whale's instruction, will phrase make seasonable applicsfion nt hi Academy, No. 17 lay atreer.orln Mr. C. No 73 Bleecker st. nt I wend NO IICE I he linn ul Knapp A Wesks, llioi and Shoe makers, being dissolved by th death uf Wil lilm M. Knapp, all persons indebted to laid firm are i eq nested to make immediate payment of th amount of turn indebtedness to the subscriber, who 1 legally an - thorised In receive the same; and thos persona who have any claims nr demands upon said firm are likewise re quoted to present the lime to him without delay for settlement and adjustment. Dated New York, Octooer 5th. 1330. GABRIEL WEARS. Snrvivini! partner of the firm of Knapp & Weak. N B. GABRIEL WEAKS beg leave to inform his friends and the public that he will continue the Boot A Shoe making business on his own account, at the old tend under tb Franklin House, l'J5 Broadway, utid be 'respectfully tolicit a continuance of the patronage so Jiierally extended bv thorn to the late Iirm nt Knapp & Wesks. n6 3inw2,s UNItJ.N COURSE LONG ISLAND. IttT The Fall Race over the Union Course will lie held un the I2ih, 13th, 19lh. 20th, Sfith and 27th of October, being Tuesday and Wednesday of th 2d, Sd and 4th weeks of that month. For particular see handbills and odveriisement in tho Courier Jt F.nauirer. . N.B. At the requesiof several proprietors of horses, tho silver piste, advertised to be run for on th 19ih Oc tober, four mile heats, and made changeable, will be withdrawn, and purse of gjOO awarded in the usual manner. aV DAl3w BOAT RACE From the Tflaned Houje Garden, Jersey City, nn Friday next the 8ib of October, for a nurse ol 825 the lint host, and t10 for the second The row boat rn start precisely at half past three oVIocI:. The following boats are entered: Grecian. Whitehall ; Sally Ann, do. do.; Victory, East River ; INortli America, Jersey Lily ; Jersey iilue, do, do. Immediately after the rowing, a sailing .oatch will inks placs, f. r a por of $25. The following boats are entered : Lott, hitelisll ; dart, Ifrooklm ; Alelamo W Esst River ; Planet, do do. 7 aVOU SALE The hiemn X1 Boat PENNSYLVANIA, will be so Id at a very low price, if immediate spphcalinn be made. 1 ha Boat is now hauled up for repairs, on Vaugh - on's Wharf, iu Kensington, where she can be fully examined. She can be repaired at a trifling expanse, ha good and strong engine on board, of 40 horse power, made by Rush It Muhlenberg, in good order, and fit for present operation. ' Inquire at the Office of the llngh Coal Navigalion Comiany, No 64 Soulh Front street, Philadelphia. o7 6t rsSSI. TsOK NEW KOUHEI.LK.V JT MOSQUETOCOVE.LI. I Tho iteam boat FLUSHING. - ri '. - irrrr. - .ia I a nt Peck, will leave Fu ton IHarhet ihp every day at 2 o clock P. M., Sundays ex cepted. Returning leave Mosquetn Cuve at 7 o'clock A. AI.. rvew KochelleatS, and Whltestane at 9 landing pa&sengera at Weitchoster, Hallell' Cove, and all the usual landing place. Siege will be in readiness t Wbitestone to convey passengers to Flushing. For further information inquire at the store of olm J.CoRLIE8dtRON,283Per1st. l EW VOKK St BOSTON L STEAM BOAT LINE, Ihv way nf Nawnort anil I'rnvi Cadence Only forty mile land carriage, r are lo Providence 95. meals extra. Armncemrnl for (Mobtr. 1830 The BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Cant. E. S.Runker. leave New York, Oct. 1. 6, Vi, 16. 21, 25, 29, at 4, P. M. - Lnvu Providence Oct. 4, 8, 14, 19. S3, 27. at 12, m. Th CHANCELLOR LIVINGSTON. Capt. Cog. geahall leave New York, Oct' 2. 7, 11, 15, 20, "6. 30, nt 4, P M. Leave Providence, Oct, 5, 9, 13, 18, 22, 28. at 12. M. Th PRES1 DENT. Capt. R. 8. Bunker, leaves Nw York. Oct. 4. 8. 14. 19. x3. 27. at 4. P. M. Leaves Providence, Oct. I, 6. 12: 16. 21, 25, 29. at 12 M. The WASHINGTON. Captain Comstocky leaves Now York. Oct. 5. 9 13. 18. 22. 24. at 4, P.M. Lsav Providence. Oct. 2. 7. II. 15. 20. 26. 30. at 12. H. No freight taken on board alter two o'clock on days nf (ailing. The Chancellor Livingston, Presidnit. and Benjamin Franklin, start from the foot of Courtlandt at. n.K. The Washington Irom rultoutt. E K. ti t I roi i ILMWOOD HILL JUVENILE INSTITUTE. U near New York. This seminary has firil object the moral and literary education of a limited number of auch pupils only a may enter the lamilv or the principal as boarders w hen very yuuntr, vis : imm six m irn years of age. Thecoursaof instructionembrscesall th most important branches of an English education, with a urc tictil knowledge of th French de Spanish languages, Ac or a regular and thorough preparation for acoursol Drofesional nr collegiate studies. There ere two vaca tions in the year of two weeks each, one in October and the olhor at Christmas. Terms per annum, including board, tuition and washing, according to ihe eg St advancement of the pupil, overage $100. The present patrons, to whom relerencc will be given, at numerous St highly respectable. Circular it particular information reapeciing ihe (ohnnl cm bs obtained by calling at th tore of Mr. A.T. Stewart. 257 Bruadwiy. 93iasvlfins JAMES G. RUSSELL, Principal. TIW MUSIC ENGRAVERS. Warned uumediste - X ly. one or two Musin Engravers. To good workmen, liberal wages and cnnsinnt employment will he given Apply to BOURN E, Mus.c Publisher, Ac. Broadway. o7 TV EW MUSIC Uoume. 35S Broadway, is con - la stonily publishing either new music or lliemost standard and noDUlar urotluctiona. w hich are " got up" in n style not surpassed by any other publisher in th world, either as regard the engraving, printing, or fine texture uf lb paper ; and as he sell much cheaper lhn any other dealer, he respectfully solicits a largo share of ine pui'iic patmnago nv 1 I AKPEK'0 FAMILY LlHKAliY. INo. 1 J XI 4 - Harper, 82 Cliff - !, will deliver to tho Trade, iu a few duvs : LIFE OF LORD BYRON. By John Gait, Eq. in i voium. lmo. To form IVo. 9 ol " Harper ram ily Library. o7 l EW CARICATURES. fvitrns, 36a Umadway, ii has received a Isrg tmrcl of new English Csrica tures, which he tell at lh very low price of (Art (AUUSg. no CsOCtiMfcAL. 3 cerooiw bltck. lor sal by n7 lE FOREST 4 SON, 82 Boat h at. nankin crape shawls i caw, tin morning received and for sale low. bv BROWN A TITUS. 6'J Maiden lane, comer of William si. 06 LACK CANTON CRAPES. Part ufa caa of AJ tint article, imported four yean siuce, and better man inree quarters ol ine rvankin tliat ts now nrougnt out, received and for sale hy the subscriber, it 61 Mai aeoiane. oo OAIMIEL. L. KArLLirv Is LEGANT DRAPERY MUSHN. - JmiIm Enrle, Jk 22 MaiuVn lane, ha juat reotived 1 case of splon - did 6 4 Book Drapery Muslin, to Which the attention of housekeepers is invitrd ; also, a lew pieces cbangsbi pi in. nor to pe snrpssaen rn quality or beauty. oo WINTER OIL 3400 gall, of sup'r quality, sal by HOW LAND 4 CORNWALL, lor 06 1S4 Front suset. fl - - x - rv JV MATAMORIS: ' fP ThHlioosPEARUCrjt.mrtoii,m Z. Ilear about th ISth October ha kpnt no coioniodation. For pn only, ipplr to 810t WM.URAitU No. Cedar t ra?Ssjs" PUBLIC SALES BY HAGGKRTV; AUHTIN CO, Mtor 167 Pearl street. Wdneday, Package Salt. At 9 o'clock, at their auction loom, pacaoge Brinsn Amencsn Dry Ooods. N. HARISON Ai A.LEVY, Store 128 iHvaaway Monday evening ia Enrrw''i At half put o'clock, privel collection of engraving, consisting of line and mezte. IlliKi. and by the first masters, they will b exhibited with catalogue on Monday until th tim of sale. Sal positive. , .. Thursday. ooi - ndu forma - . - At a 1 1 o'clock, a collection of Ho..... ors, part in rich rrames, among which Is a large splendid painting by Devouge. which cost 3000 franca, t - atalognea ready and paintings may be on on Toes - Friday, 15th October. ery "lunl!, Keal F.att - At 12 o'clock,' at lha Merchants Evchange, tho Country Seat of the late Mr. Rnyna Mote, 3 mile from th City Hall. between the 8ih and 10th avenues, adjoining tho property of Dr. Waikine end Mr. Go. Rspsly. consisting of a most delightful dwelling house, renter with a vnrv nonvMii. ence. t large stone kitchen near tlui hoo a ..,.ln.,'. dwelling, barn, ic house, &c. with M lots nf land, ofl w men mere am iu one ion iroming lli tigtuu avenue. It lot on th Ninth avenue, 64 lots on 84th street, 100 wide. Th locsl situation of the property for health ita vicinity to the Hudson river to the city - th fseili. line of passing In and from it by th 1st great imorove. menu of lias avenues and neighborhood, renders it a rare and most tempting opportunity for thos desiring to in vest capital to ascertain great advantage, or as a place of residence. Ths w hole will be sold mgaiher or separately in parcel to suit purohsses. Th sal will be positive terms accommodating. Th preinisesflisy h viewed at any lima, and every necessary inlonnauon urnisned, Dy applying to M. LAD MOSES. 49 Well st BY W. F. PELL & CO Saturday. Martrilln Madtira.M 11 o'clock, In front of their store, m qr cask superior JHarills Madeira Wine, in bond. Monday. JVriAOfany. 3 P. M. at Judd'a wharf, E R. 817 logs very Urge sue St. Domingo mshogany, Cargo of Ihe brig Rising Slate. Tuesday. Oct. 19. Vm'tur. 10 o'clock, at No. 26 Lalght at. Hudson qnare, Jarga collection of elegant & fashionable household furniture. Particular hereafter. Catalouge are ready for delivery. PRIVATE 8ALE Csrsncss Indigo, Trieste Rsgs, Madeira Wine, of foe quality; Ingham's best Sicily Madeira, in pip, hhd 4 qr casks ; 'fenerifle do. 67 blocks Irish Marble. (Iron bound) Marseilles Madeira Win, entitled tod bonture. Iidigo.ii ecrnons Caraccas indigo, finest quality, milled to a lull drawback. A lot of ground aituat on north aid of Fourth st. between 1st dt 2d avenue. 25 hy 100. BY WO0LSEY, WARD A BEACH. Store No 171 Poarl attevt. Wednesday. 9 o'clock, at their auction room, general sasortmtnt oi nrttisn s American UryiiiKXls. s CORLIES, MABbE IT cV CO. blur. Ao. 157 MJ rearlstreet. Monday. PACKAGE SALE. At 10 o'clock, at their auction room, 150 packagee of uruiin ana American ury ijooai Thursday, At 9 o'clock, at their auction room a general assort men t of Dry Goods. Catalogue and sample early nn K nurday morning At rneausuit. cases superline Knuucsimers; uu piece green at whit mosquito netting. TVTOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to th direction A. 01 the Chancellor ol the sis te ul now York, thai dividend will be paid lo tho stockholders of the Meche nic Fire Insurance Company of th city of New York. or their legal representative, of eleven dollars pershare on each of the shares of the did Csmpany, in the hands of the stockholders thereof, on the first day of November next, at ten o'clock in lb forenoon ot thai day. at the oltiosol Uh t rustees ot thesatd company, IVo. 46 tvall street, in the city of New Yoih. Dstcd New York, October lh 5ih, 1830. HUBERT VAN WAGENEN, J EUPHAI.ET WICXIitJ, f - LIHU TOW?iSE,ND, THOMAS II. MILLS, CHARLES F. MOULTON, o63tiw2wdrdlv Trust. NOTIC E. A payment of six dollars upon esch share ofths capital siock of tha Mohawk and Hudson Kail Road Company, is hereby required to be mode to the Treasurer, Lynda Call in, Esq. at the Merchants' Bank, in lha city of Nsw York, on or before me thirteenth day of November, on penalty of forfeiture of all previous payment tbereon New York, 6th October, lb30. o7iOi3 JA3. REN WICK, Secretary. P EKD1NG ai blEMAM, No. 33 Cedar street, beg vji iae lo stnle, that they have just recelvau an ls - gant and splendid assortmetil of plain, horizontal, upright and harp - shaped Leipzig Piano Fort, of superior tune and workmanship, for sale losv, r7 3ti LOST, on Friday, 1st, a Bead Purs, silver clasp owner name engraved on it, containing a small sum nf money. The finder will bs rewarded by leaving it at 119 Fulmn at, or 707 Broadway. ut IKEMCH M 1 LLEN EH Y Airs. L. A. Utynvn. 13d William street, has just received two etwee of fall Millenery, which is now open. 4lf WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a lew btockroa - kem. lo whom constant employment wilt be given. Apply to sxR ittf MOKANGE 4 DAVIS. 105 Wil, ism st. WANTED, by a young Englishman, a (iluatiopaa Coachman, in a private lamily, either in the city or country. First rate recommendation esn b given A line addressed to W. 8. and Uft at thi offic or 265 Motl at. will be etlended to. 06 3t ORGANS. The subscriber offers for ssle a superior 8wtll Organ of eight suips, in a gothic case, suitable for a small church t also, an elegant Cabinet Organ. suitable for a drawing room. Church and Chamlier Organ of every clas, built at th shorten nolle and opou Ui moat reasuntbl terms. HENRY ERREN. (6 Centre at. o7 3i East end Canal street. SECOND HAND UNIFORM FOR SALE. A complete auit of uniform, a the present law directs, Consisting nf th following article, for ial Cheap, il applied lor soon : Cbspeau, which has been worn hut twiii; Wina, Coal. Sword and Belt; an excellent Sash, and a Military Bridle. Enquire of R. & A. Ismt, ji jo Wriirien in no 07 ot JSWFCH HHIahhY. THREE puncheons old Scotch Whiskey. 4th proof, genuine a imported, for sal at No. 176 Front at npatiirs, hy (4 lw) CYKEN1US BEERS COTTON BAGGING - 3W)puTww.and H.uip at luw, tut aie ny PATTISON A DUNCAN, nfilwi 147 Watertt. t A.UOGANY CH AIRS, lirst rate, very lo. At 1TX so a general assortment of Cabinet Furniture, for sal hy JOHN BUDD, at 107 Fulton street, adjoining tne norm uutcn i.nurrn. vet ti IOK SALE, 60,000 superior old Havana Sugar JL Apply to o2 8. B. ANDREWS, No. 74 Liberty at lOREIGN PRESERVES Esst India Preserve J consitiing nf Canton Ginger, Citron, Oranges, Vc. Also, West India, among which are Limes, Citron, Ginger Orange, Pine Apple, Guar Jelly, Selicacas, Plums, 4c. Just received, lor sale by RICHARD WILLIAMSON. o7 19 Msiden isne, 3d door below Arcsde. CUYDAM 4 BOYD, 187 Broadway, have juat re - O ceived 2 cnsessiiierior 10 4 A 12 - 4 London Sliest - ings, for sale on moderate term, by th piece or yard o7 6t a( 1HANGEAULK 4 PLAlli SILKS. A lew pes rich Chaugeahle and flsid Miss, lor ssle tty o7 SUYDAM St BOYD. 187 Broadway. SiLEsiA TOWfcLU.W. 3 - 4 Silesia iovslling O a variety of hsndsom psttema, heavy good goods. Tor sat by the subscriber, at 61 maiden lane. o7 DANIEL L RAPELYF. JUST received, for aaln and circulation at Quod - it nek i Bookstore 4 Circulating Library, 124 Broad wav, THE DENOUNCED, by th author of" Tale by the O'Hiry family." in 2 vols. 12mo. bright o'er the flood Of her tear and her blood Let the rainbow ol bop b her Wellington' name. 06 Moons:. HAL SlLEsI A TaKLE CLOTHS Some verv IV superior good of thi description, among which ar a number ol 18 - 4 long by 10 - 4 wid, for tal at 61 Alaiden lan, ny 06 DANIEL 8. RAPE LYE, JET BLACK BOM BAZ1NE CLOAKS Tb tub - scriharhason hand a few iot blk bombat in Cloaks: also, col'd Saun. jet and blue blk nro da NsnUs. douhU wadded, and mod on th moat laafeionable styla, for eawoy JOiLn l. fsIKKKELL, o" 30 Maiden lane. D ICH NEW STYLE LONDON PRINTS - Artwai Xsvj iiius have received this dy 1 nas elegant small I Dgurto dart chlnti Prints, for aaka,low, wbolsaml and retau, ai w mwtn lan, corner wuiiim it ' o7 4 A - ' fslamayi ; ' ' ' " - " - iV Tothf SaUj - kx 10 o'clock st tlssir laetios roosn, , 200 package Br lish and American Dry Goods. Cs: lugutst and satnpUs the da Iwfor the sal M A!! 15 ',hM - ,n! 7 V fts Rrvsj In. dla Madeira in. Imporud hut Msreh in th Wander - or, from Madeira and Calcmts, by Moasrs. llaieh w4 .. Bensoo.smJ has remained inboodaTariirK Alff. 10 pip, 15 nnd. and 80Mask old L. P. Msdsir wia. frsads 7ooi ptr Edward Qttttnti At Wirpsja) 9 o'clock, at their net ion room. 80 ess, con prising trary trity of stapl and fancy foods, recivd byihEdw Quesnel; from Havre. - Tuesday, v - Frmck IVlnes and Liavnrt nf itadtira irtnr. At . 1 1 o'clock, atih auction room, 600 cum choice FrtnciL Wine and Uquon.tfeupenorqoelity.iinoprted by Mr. Francis Kenetier, direct from his bonse, H. Dalocb , Co. Tain, Hermitnge, and consisting of whit, red, and straw Hermitage, Chateau Grill, Muscat d Rises)!, Muscat de Frontignnc, red tai whit Cot Roti. Burgundy de Richhonrff, Crot. Com. St. Joseph, 8f. . George, Absynllie, from thedi'tillery of Dubied Fitbef and Son, at Couver, Canton Neulchatel, SwIiMrland, Kirscheuwasser, Nectar d Waihington. Nectar dm - America Is, Hull de Bhum, Aniaetl d BordeaoJI, Creme d Moko, Nrclar du ( 'oraraarce, llaill d K scheuw ssser, Nectar de la Marine. Nectar dea Mesicains, ' Cram de Mouth, Nectar d Libert, Curiosa tW Holland, Elixir de Brave, Lagait Francaite. Crenv la GriHe, la Vslenreute, Ean d' Argent, Huile d'Orang. Crem d Framboise, Vetpeiro, Eau de Bleltsse, Ea d Coin. Mirasquin, Huile de Cmelle. Ilnil d Vt)B. Crem d Flour d'Orange, Plsiser de Dam, Amotw sna fin, Vanille, Cremede Rose, Crem de Taasia, ' Ac. Also, )4 pipe and hhd. old Madeira Win, frossj British gomnroant bonded warehoua, and Import!, lost January in th ahip Napoleon, from which Umtnf hv remttned under custom houe lock. Catalog in wil h ready, and all th abov amitgtsl for evsminatlon In their lolls nn Monday. V WILLS, BKO TUBUS It COhur csMtrer of Pearl and Well streets. Saturday, At half past 8 o clock, st their auation room, a gart. ral assortment of British A Amerioeu Dry Good. Hirmo SkanU. At 1 1 o'clock, 8 esse whita, black A cartel shawls, and long du, of Meawa. F. Couillard . dt Co.' best style 4 fahrje. Aim, 5 box thread lice, lac JmrJnn and nlaln black bobhinet lore. Also, under Inspection of ihe wardens of th Port for a(Wuntofunderritr;lMrerttndnbboM,dintad on Ihsvoysgs of importation. . rnonosy,' ; . AUfpo Scawraoay At llo'cfciok, in front of their auction stun. 8 drum Alrpoo Scammonr. antitlsd so dsbentur. Wdndy,' ' Fmck Goods. At 84 o'clock, at ihelraoctlori roosa' 70 cases French Goods, comprising an aiirnaiv k gatM - rsl assortment fancy 4 staple srtirl, pet Edw. Quatsvsi at 6 monlhs. ,. , Thursday, Pacing Salt. 10 o'clock, at ihelr suction room, IM packages British A Amaricsn Dry Goods, Irish Linen, comprising i. valoabl 4 choic assortment maopahl article. Catalogue A sampltsi ihe day previon. VALE Or OLD WINES Monday, 6tkOct. To be sold at the Callers of th Bank Cuff Hon , several lots of very choic old Mideira win from It I 37 year old, lctd from private stock in Boeton, Philapalphia, Charleston, E. St W. Indies, and In N. Yoik, among which are, Tort A Sherry Wine, Mlsxx d In ths London dock ; also om Very choic and delicate Claret, some of about a quarter of a too of Chateau Martaux. srs nf Mr. D. Lynch' last importation, which is allowed by Connoitwura to b th beat ssia imparted into this country. i Also, a few lots nf fine old Chonlsh win, a mall . lot of Kauterne, imported by Mr. Lynch. Also, in wood, 3 pipe of Madeira, of th Tling and Lacoek brand, nought of Oilleapi IV UcLead In 1)21, then 7 year old, since which l bey hav had lh edvru. tag of two voyages lo th East Indie in th hie Washington and Superior. Th Tailing win to M Mvn at Ihe (tore of Air. John Nob!, and th sample of Lck to be n at No. 90 From street. Aim, sow lots of vry old brandy, gin and mm in noiLea and demijohn. The samples of lh different lot will b hewn at 9 o'clock on tb morning of tb sal, and all th lot sold will b warranted lo correspond with tha sample. i JJY. SAMUEL PHILLIPS Sior No. 12d Broad way. . , Tuesday, Elegant Furnilurt. 10 o'clock, at No. 85 Lanran street, near Spring strait, lha whole of I h elegant Curat. tun, hod, bedding. Ac. of a family li - aving ihe city, consisting of I pair pier tables, 1 centre tabl and 1 side . board, Ihe w hole with lisliao rnsrblesltbe, mahogany card, lea, toilet St work table, mahogany chairs, aofe. French A post bedstead, foaiherbed. mania M and bedding, Brussels, ingrain dt vnelao carpeting, mahogany wash eiandi, pierglaase, handsome alabirfont and mantel ornaments, French Vase, oil palming, cut ' gists, china, cutlery and plated ware. Also, f i aov rwd horizontal piano, mad hy Gieb. Also, good as - soitment of kitchen furniture, with which lh sal will commence. . N. B. Thbnus has been furnished throtrghotrtahx lb first of May. and lhrnclereinxcJlcuoidr, AT PRIVATE SALE. On elegant grand upright Piano Fort, mad for I. F.tbin by Tho. Brow mug. It heath xtr ket,6 octave, i wo pedal, equal tension, and coal lb prwtnt owner 9600. Will b sold low, and may be exasnlosd at lh auction mum. SMITH AimiAiSCt swt A. lsr4 - wsy. Tuesday, 12ih inst, Our fourth fall catalogue tale will take plac at 91 Broadway, Dp stairs. In this sal there will b a large assortment ol elegant cabinet furniture.wilh a fw pNrce of lh superb eastern furniture, which has been 0 much admired and (ought after. Also a number of an lets of superior workmanship, manufactured by Mr. Monde, ride, to order. Cabilogue w ill b ready and tlie arts, cUsi arranged for inspection on Wednesday morning, . giving persons wanting eilber for ohipping or private use full tim for examination. Also wi I h told a f rat ratIMidonmadorgsn. Alaoaaupttiot uptiblplaM fort, mad by Bradwood, London. N B. Cabinet mikwaiidnt bora hvlrartieU4is. pose of without limitation for tb sale must hav the In Tnesdsy evening. . , . ' Y H(MMS. fefAMPtiON 4 THOMPSON, Stotsj JL 1ft Pearl street. - Tussdsy, At 9 o'clock, atthireutionra,agtsMlaeen ment offreshimportedDry Good. s Y SHOT WELL. FOX Co. Dior 171 Feat ilreet Tuesday., At 9 o'clock, at their aitciivl room, for approved ' paper, a large 4 general assortment of sousonabl Dry Goods Wi. tmmmum 1 , , i ,' "Utl rV0 THE LADIES. Juat arrived per last ship . X from Havre, xvcrel rase sorwrwr mwaret fashion fsll lists, which will be exhibited for sale on Saturday and Monday next, at No. 457 Bruadway, Sd story. , oB at T - THE DENOUNCED. A Novel. In t vote. By the author of ' Tales by th O'Har Family. - . Published this day and fortalaby JAMES E. BETTf. 214 Broadway, directly opprwita St. Paula' Charth, where all th new work are received and tor isoea as published. ' 06 tt Ofl Ann DOLLARS, in one sera, a 910,000 rvll.UU U each, to loan on bond dt mortgage, at9 percent. .. A. ma Ai u. A. AAA mm A AAA A. A AA . m Also, 9ow. oouv. eiuuu, eiz,w, - s,ow,uYaff ct. Apply at Jso. W0 Isattau at it JACKSOIfoYCO. 4t?ft lJOLLAR8.5COO.tlO,0004 915.000M .OUU loan on bond and mortgage, at 6 pay mm, AppplyatSO Nasssnst. m'il JAUIVSOPI ju. MTANTED To PURCHASE A Steam Engine, If ol about two horse power. Apply to sl JACKSON CO.80NesaK CsOMMUNICATlON. The capital prize nf 926 . 000. drawn yesterday in thia city, we understand w as old at W AITE'S ; one quarter lo a person in thia Ctv. i7M kJ ALE OF r UR 4 HAlst KaL SKINS. cargtj of i3 brig Sea Nymptb, at Jersey City, Oct. 6th, by P. C. DUMMER. Fur Wigs. Clspmaicbee, ' Clapmstchea Hair, 94 15 to 93 75 3 25 1 12 - fo7 BLEACHED SHEETINGS 4 SHIRTINGS. 40 rase 7 - 8, 4 4 4 6 - 4 bleached, iivki diffrr,t t0 - turiea, for sal by ; - c5 P. REMSEN A CO. 109 PH at ' 17"EbSlER'S SPELLING BOOK From V V plates. A few eases are lust received for ial by o7 . tiEtchang place. MERINO CLOTHS Ju.trec.ived 1 cas EnsjUsh Merino, aviperior quality and beautiful colore, fat aalehy . , BROWN 4 TITU8, o7 62 Maiden lane, corner William et. RICtt HAT KlbbONS 3 carton rich Hal gibbon. No. 12 to 80, this dsy received snd fog sal cheap, at 65 Maiden Un, comer wnimm n dj o7 K. P. CLARK A tO. tSURNITURE CHINTZ - A pWtylid rtn I .. ...i. p Ckinia. ilraaaad and CXI - al naa at t Lav PupnitllHI Chilli 1. dreed, for safe br E.J.MoORE ACO, 7 46 Maidao ksnsv; BLACK ITALIAN LUSTRLG. - 1 heet qirality. Mitieoni manufacture, jnst w - iMi alw. ? do tor - V. a.S M corn - g jjf - hi f lit i. i i f I" ! n y i) SA - t ,. - i i ' : : r iff . .. ii! ? iff. v . - i ii HIT

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