The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England on December 25, 1866 · 8
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The Morning Post from London, Greater London, England · 8

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 25, 1866
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5 v eP 0 c- Ntc W iff J. 1 xjS vV 8 THE MORNING POST, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1866. MONEY MARKET AND CITY NEWS. LONDON S FT ARB MARKET. Railways. Monday Evening. TVwW ms heen a holiday at the Stock Ex- 8hare- change. Stock. Bristol aad Exeter. Toe Paris Bourse has been firm, and the 3 per stock. (Caledonian n x i : ULa .,lltr 1 rw,- .f Stock Cambrian villus, uave av-B.ui xuijjiv, g f u i 60 Cork and Bandon. . ORDINARY SHAKES AND STOCKS. closing at 69.50 money, 69.47 account; 4 per Cents., 98.10 ; Bank Shares, 3,630. 92,000 in bar gold were taken into the Bank to-day, and 10,000 in sovereigns withdrawn for i stock. Alexandria There has been a fair demand for discount, but I stock! rates remain unaltered. j f The Bolivar has brought 2,000 in sovereigns1 g-l from the West Indies. j stock. The Council of India will receive tenders on the I za proximo ior Dim on inaia to tne extent or 360,000, of which not more than 150,000 will be drawn on the Government of Bombay. Our friends are requested to notice that our City office is now at 3, Birchin-lane, Cornhill, where all communications for our City correspondent should be forwarded. Subjoined are the Continental quotations : Amsterdam, Dec 22. Four Cent. Dutch, 87; 2J per Cent, do., 55 1-16; 3 per Cent. Spanish Interior, 31J ; 3 per Cent. Mexican, 16 5-16; do. (1864), 10. ; 3 per Cent. Portuguese (New), 41 j ; 5 per Cent. Austrian Metalliques, 43 5-16 ; do. New Load (1866), 40 5-16 ; 5 per Cent. Italian, 49 ; 4$ per Cent. Russian (1860), 80 ; 2 per Cent. Venezuelan, 10 ; 4 per Cent. Brazilian Bond (1863), 60.J ; do. (1865), 68g ; Turkiah CouBolides, 30 : 5-20 United States Bonds, 75 15-16 ; 5 per Cent, do., 71 ; 6 per Cent, do., 76$. FBA.NKFORT, Dec. 22. Five per Cent. Austrian Metal. T.ques, ; do. National Loan, 49J; Austrian Lottery Loan (1860), G2j ; do. (1864), 65$ ; Austrian Loan (1859), 58 ; 5-20 1 United States Bonds, 76g ; Exchange on London, 119 ; do. Vienna, 89. Berlin, Dec. 22. Five per Cent. Austrian Metalliques, 44 ; do. National Loan, 51 ; Austrian Lottery Loan, 62J ; Italian Rente, 54j ; Lombard Shares, 2 ; 5 per Cent. Russian (1822), 84; do. (1862), 85; 4 per Cent. Prussian, 98 ; 5-20 United State Bonds, 77 ; Dutch Bailway Shares, 1044 ; Exchange on London, three months, 6.21J; do. Paris, two n:onths, 80j ; do. Hamburg, do., 150 ; do. Amsterdam, do., 142.j; do. Vienna, do., 76 ; do. St. Petersburg, three months, 85. HAHBUBO, Dec 22. Five per Cent. Russian (1862), Austrian Lottery Loan (18(50), 61; 5-20 United States Bonds, 60 ; Exchange ou London, three months, 13.4j ; do. Amsterdam, 35.66; do. Paris, 89jJ. Vienna, Dec. 22. Five per Cent. Metalliques, 61.10; National Loan, 67.00 ; New Silver Loan (1864), 75.25 ; Lottery Loan (1854), 75.50 ; do. (1858), 129.00; do. (1860), 81.2-3; do. (1864), 73.10; Credit Mobilier, 151.90; Lem-berg-Czernowitz, ISO. 00; Bank Shares, 713 ; Austro-Frencb. Railway, 206.80; Northern Railway, 154.00; New Lom-bardian, 201.00; Exchange on London, 132.25; do. Hamburg, 98.25 ; do. Paris, 52.45 ; Anglo-Austrian Bank, 83.50. The half-yearly dividend of the London aad Greenwich Railway, to be declared on the 8th January, will be at the rate of 1 17s. 6d. per cent., or 5j. GJ. per share, free of income tax, for the half year. The traffic returns of the Great Western Railway of Canada for the week ending the 7th inst. were 10,530, Against 13,025 for the corresponding week of last year, showing a deciease of 2.494. On the liilwaukie line the traffic earnings for ths week ending the 6th inst. were 6,127, against 6,711 for the corresponding period of last year, being a deerease of 581. The directors of the Commercial Bank of Canada have declared a dividend at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum. A sale of 1,437 tons of copper ore from Devon Great Consols Mine has been effected, and realised 6,432 lis.; and 20 tons from "Wheal Edward Mine, 35 10. A meeting of the shareholders in Great Wheal Fortune Mine has been held ; the accounts presented showed a loss od the quarter of 632. It was agreed to make a call of 7s. per share. The old Corn Exchange was closed to-day, but the new market was open. There was, however, scarcely anything doing, and prices nominally the same as last week. Messrs. Neill Brothers' cotton circular, dated New York, Dec. 11, says : " Atdate of our last we reported a slightly better feeling in this market, based upon a private telegram repotting an improvement in the L'verpool market, with Mid-dlirg Uplands at 14d. This not beiisg confirmed, the market relapsed into dulness, and it had a downward tendency throughout the week till yesterday, when, in consequence mainly of the better Liverpool accounts, an improved demand set in, and Middling Uplands, which had been at 33c, advanced c. To-day the demand was again active at a further advance, the quotation being again raised to 34c. The sales till Saturday night were only 6,000 bales. For the past two days, Monday and Tuesday, they are estimated at 8,000 bales. By the latest telegrams received from Southern ports, the week's receipts to appear in cur next are shown to amount to about 60,000 bales, making the total since 1st September, so far as yet known, 520,000, while the weekly exports to Great Britain are 20,000 bales, with 1,000 to the Continent. These are the figures which we telegraphed on .Saturday, per Atlantic Cable." 20 Cornwall 8tock. . Dublin and Belfast June Stock. ' Dun.. Pcrth.&Aber. June. E. London Scrip Certi. . Glasgow A South West en Stock.) Great Eastern, Ord. Stock Stock. Stock. Stock Stock. Stock. Mock, stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock. Stock 10 10 Stock. 20 10 Mock 9 Stock. Stock. Wocc Mock 86 Stock. Stock, ttock. 25 26 25 Stock. 10 10 Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock 20 Stock. 10 Stock Stock. Paid. Closing. Buxaee done Do. E. Ansrlian fctk. No v Great North of Scottanc Great Northern Do. A Stk J A no dir. tillb Do. B Stk 1 receives 6 p.c Do. Ord. Def . Dividend Stk Gt.Southn.dt Wstn. (Lrld. Great Western Original Do. Stour.v.Rai!.,Una Do. South Wales. West Midland Oxford.. IV. Kewpor' Lancashire & Yorkshire Lon., Brighton, 49. Coast Lond.. ChathauA-Dovei Do. Metro. Ex. A Louuon fc North Westen. Loudon A South-Weneir llanchr., SheL, ALincolu Metropolitan Do. .New Do. Extension Metropolitan District... Do. do. ao Metro, ik St. John's-wood Midland Do. 9 Share Do. Birmingham Derby North British Do. Edin., Perth, ft Dun. North-Eastem Berwick Do. do. G.N.K. Purchase t)o. Leeds . . Do. York .. Do. Carlisle Do. Stock, ft Darlington Do. do. (1865-58).. Do. New (1860-01) . . North London Do. 1864-6 Do. isea North Staffordshire North ft Sou. W. Junctlor Scottish Central . . . Scottish N.E. Abtx.Stocl Shropshire Union . South Devon iouth-Eastern Staines, Woking., ft Wok Tan vale Do. (C) Vale of Neath. West Cornwall 118 128 49i 12-4 35 35 44 4G 66 67 m n 150 153 3 ft pm ai7 iej 128J 7, 511 i 3 1271 7 i 119 181 191 kf 9 6i as 5J m i 122 i 100 90 PREFERENCE SHARKS. Stock. Grt. Northern 5 p.c j Stock. !Gt. West. Mid. Oifd.lstguaStk 110 115 Stock.lLon.&N.W.,8hrwsbyftWlchpol' ManchterSbelridftLincln...i J dis pm N-Estru Stockt.&DarLB6p.c 3tj 31 i SouthEastern Fixed p. cent Stock. Stock. Stock. LINES LEASED AT FIXED RENTALS. Birkenhead LN.W..GW 100 Buckinghamshire LomAN. W. 109 Caester and Holyhead Lon.AN.W. 100 D j. &i per cent Do 100 lb. a percent. Do 100 Clydesdale GuranteeJ Caledonian..; 100 E Lincolnshire,K-6p.c. G. Northernl 100 E.TJnlon, Hwch. 4 p c. I Grt. Eastern 100 G.West.W Md.Herf. Gt. Western 100 Luc and Carlisle. ... 'L. ft N. W.) 1M London ft Black wall. Grt. Eastern, 100 L ft Chat. 44 per ct. .Lon. ft Chat. 100 Do.Com.FuidSk5p.c 100 London ft Greenwich South-Eaat..j 100 Do. Preference.... Do I 100 Ln.,Tilb.,ftSouthend Peto ft Co. . 100 Mn.,Bixton&Matlk.LftNW.ftMl all Mid.Bradfd.Pref. Stk. Midland 100 Northn&Eatn.5p. c.i Grt. Eastern! all N.-V'est., A per. pref. Midland M0 Not. ft Granth.R.ftC.G. Northern; 100 Preston and Wyre. . . . L. ft N. W.. all ttystrn,Hit,4Shep.G. Northern 100 6arswsburyftHerefd.lL. ft N. W.; 100 Do. do I ft G.W. .. 8 Vlc.SUtion&PimlicoGt.Weat.&c.' 100 Wilts and Sanieraet. . Gt. Western! 100 Wunbl'dn ft Croydon LA Brighten I all 61 (3 88 90 47 51 109 111 90 92 41 43 126 128 125 128 1 2 pm 170 175 8A A9 80 BRITISH POSSESSIONS. THE MARKETS. Yesterday. CORN EXCHANGE. fFrom the " Mark-lane Express.") We have had hirse foreign arrivals of wheat and oats at Friday's market. The supplies of wheat were 320 qrs. English, and . 5,30 foreign. AN ith but a small exhibition from Kent and Essex, though the attendance was small, great firmness was evineed, and sales made readily at Monday's rates. The foreign trade was not active, but full prices were demanded for all iiualities. The receipts of country flour were 1,250 sacks, foreign 0,740 sacks. The value of NorfoJks was not changed, it was the same with foreign of all qualities, and the rates of town-made, Of British barley the supply was 1,590 qrs., that from abroad 4,850 qrs. : malting sorts wero steady, and there was rather more inquiry for foreign grinding. The malt trade was inactive, with prices unchanged. Of oats there were in all 45,770 qrs., viz , 10 qrs. English, and 45,760 qrs. foreign. Notwithstanding the closing of Monday's market, the inquiry was limited, and prices scarcely sustained. There was a fair show of Indian corn, which sold slowly at the previous currency. Linseed remained in short supply. Seed was firm, and cakes a ready sale. Peas and beaus were eihibited only in moderate quantities, but the demand was less than of late, at former prices. The seed trade was very film, though, with Christmas so neur, little was doing. CTBRKNT PRICES OF BRITISH OR.V1ST AND FLOUR. Wheat, Essex and Kent, white old . . Gis to Hi . . new 52s to 66s n red u 60s to 67s 11 51s to 6s Norfolk, Lincoln, and York, red 60s to 64s Barley, new, malting 34s to 37s. .Chevalier . 41s to 52s Grinding 31s to 34s. .Distilluig MAiT, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk Kingston, Ware, and town-made Brown 20 204 10 100 1 Stock. ock. Hock, ttock. eo ttock. 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 :oo 100 Sock. 20 20 SMCk. Stk. j 100 100 le 108 AtlanticandSt. Lawrence Stock. !Bm.,B' da, C.india,g.6p.c. Do. snares Buffalo and Lake Huron Do. Preference Buffalo, Brant, Godrch. 6 p. c. 1872-3-4 Calcutta ft C. TownaniDock6p.c.g. Eastern Bengal, gu. 6 o.c. East Indian, gu. 6 p. c. . Do. L Shares Grand Trunk of Canada. F o. Eon i n. M . Bonds, 6p. c. I o. 1st preference Bonds Co. do. deierrea Do. 2d preference Stock. Do. do. deferred Do. ftd preference -toe Do. do. deierrea Do. 4th preference Stock Do. do. deferred Gt. Indian Peninsula Do. do. gu.5p.c. Do. New, gun. 6 u. cent. Gt. Sn. of India g.5p.c. Do. 4j per cent. .... Do. do. Gt. W. of Canada Shares Do. New Do. 6 p. c. payable in '73 De. 5 do. do. '77- 78. ... t . j i -DAk T I H,l ihii flWlUl I J I 1 1 1 I I . Siock. Madras, gua. 5 per cent. stock. Do. do.4 percent Stock. Do. 4 d. cent 60 LMelborne ftHobson'sBay IN . Kill of CanadaCp.c. 1st stock. Scmde 1 tit 1 Do. Delhi 20 1 Do. do VS? Stock. Do. Punjaub I ?-p 3tock.lOo. Indus St. Hot. j Rye Oats, English, feed . . . Scotch, feed Irish, feed, white Ditto, black Beaks, Mazagan. Harrow Peas, white, boilers Ditto. 39s to 44s 72s to 70s 72s. to 76s 58s to 65s 3-2s to 38s 28s to 36s 30s to S6s 26s to 31s '27s to 3'is 37s to 40j 44s to 48s nts to 40a 37s to 33s 52s to 57s 47s to 50s 24s to 31s.. Potato 24s to 31s.. 11 22s to 26s Fine 21s to 25s. ..Potato .. 37s to 403. .Ticks 41s to 45s . . Pigeon .... 40s to 42s . . Maple . . . s to s . . Grey new FLOUR, per sack of 2801b., Town, households Country', on shore 43s to 463. .Households ... Norfolk and Suffolk, on shore 438 to 45s rORKiGK Grain. WHEAT, Dantzic, mixed 61s to 65s ..Extra C6s to 73s Konigsberg 60s to 64s . . n 66s to 68s Rostock 57s to 63s . . Fine . 66s to 6Ss 50s to C2s ..White 603 to 67s Pomeran., Meck'burg, ft Uckerniark, red. . . 69s to 65 j Russian, hard, 51b to 5Cs. P'burg ft Riga . f5s to 60s Danish and Holsteln, red 54s to 60s French, none Rhine & Bel?. . . 59j to 61s American, red winter, s to s spring to BARLEY, grinding 29s to 313 ..Distilling 34s to 39s Oats, Dutch, brew, and Polands . . 22s to 32s Feed.. 2ls to i'73 Danish and Swedish, feed... ?4s to 30s. .Strals'd 24s to 20s Riga, 24s to 27s. .Archangel, 23s to 26s..P'burg 24s to i9s Tares, Spring, perqr. small to large to Beaks, Friesland aud Holstein 3Ss to 4Ss Konigsberg 40s to 43s. .Egyptian 40s to 42s PEAS, feeding and Maple. 37s to 39s. .Fine boilers. 33s to 40s Indiajj CORN, white 35s to i'9s. .Yellow 35s to 3Ss Flock, per sk. .French, 44s. to 50b. Spanish per sk. 45s to 50s American, per brl. .27s to 30s. .Extra & dbl. . SOs to 33s COAL MARKET. BRITISH MINES. IChiverton 1 8 Clifford Amalgamated . . j 30 De ron G. Consols , Tarts. 1 iDrakewalls S.1.0 East Bassett(IUogan) . . 29 tEastCaradon ,2.14.6 (East Cam Brea 3 iEaat Grenville S.4.0 3.9.0 11.2.6 all 0.14.6 40 9.0.6 8.10.0 6.10.6 1S.17.61 4.10.6 n Buddie's West Hartley. 17s 9d Cowpem Hartley 17i 9d Davison's West Hartley 17s 9d Walisend. Gosforth 17s 9d Harton 17s 9d Haswell 20s 6d Hetton 20s 6d Hetton Lyons 17s d Tunstall 17s 9d Cassop 19s 9d Original Hartlepool . . 20a 6d Eden Main 18s 6d lees 20s 3d Ships at market, 58 ; sold, 51 ; unsold, 7 ; at sea, 75. FOREIGN MAIL PACKET LIST. In the following table B signifies that letters are despatches toy evening mails from London, and M by morning mails : 1 Despatch Port of Next DESraiATIOXS. : of mailg Despatch, maildue t TirtraliaftN. Zealand, via Southm. Jan. 19 E Southam. Jan. J9. Ditto, via Marseilles Dec. 26 E Jan. 13. Ditte, via Panama Jan. 2 .M - Southam Lrnrti, Buenos Ayrcs, and Monte Video Jlin 9(M'Soutnam. Jan. 4. Dltte, byFTench packet laii. 2'f(Ej 22: Cape Vcrds, by J-razil packet. . . . Jan. 9 Mj Southam. J .h- 4. U. of O. iipe, JSatal, Ascensuii, St. He'ena, and Mauritius fan. 9 E China, Pena!ig,(kSinga.,viaSoulii. Jan. 4 ,M Ditts, viaMirseiU'-s Oec. 20 iE Falkland Islands Jan. 9 M m-ait-ir, viaSoutluimptoa iDec.i7,M 1 M 6 10 3 6 M 80 1 S 2 ao 6 1 20 6 1 1 20 80 1 10 1 3 East Lovell tEastWheaLRuseell(Tavhi, .Great Laxey, Limited . . (Great South Tolgua 'rGt. Wheal Yor (Helston; fflrenrill mered'B-Joot (Hingston Downs IMargaret (Uny Lelant) . . jMarke Valley Mwyndy Iron Ore 'Sck fiftnn SA1 IN. Wheal Basset (Iliogan) 4.4.0 I 'North Wheal Crofty. . . . 2.18.0 I 2 LProsper United 7.L6. 2 providence (Uny IIant) 10.6.7 24 South Caradon (St. Cleer) 1J 300 B. WhealFTances;niogan; 18.18J 18 Htray park Tin Croft rvigra and Crogau (L ). . . 'West Basset (Iliogan) . . . West Caradon (Liskeard) West Chiverton fWestSeton Wheal Basset (Iliogan) . . Wheal Culler (Re.lruth). WhealMaryAnn(Menhe.) Wheal Seton Wheal Twlawney fLisk.) FOREIGN MINES. Alamillos Limited all I 1 Aiiglo-Bracilian Gold(L.) Nlvstraliaa Brazil Land and Mining. JCape Copper (Limited). . Capula 8Uver Limited) . . fhontaleiGold ftSUver(L) fCobre Copper jCopiapo Limited; Don Pedro, N. Del Rey. . East Del Rey (Limited)., ffortuna (Um.) ueuenu Kapunda (Limited) Linares (Lunited) Lusitanlan (Limited).... Maricnlta '. iPontgibaud Silver, &c. (Port Philip Santa Barbara Gold.Lim. pcotttsh Australian, Lim I all i si.oonnaeiiiey, I United 1 16 48 j United Mexican (Lim.).. ',28.28i u Vallanzasca Gold (Lim.). , ) dis Vancouver Coal (Lim.). 6 31 Worthing (Limited) ... all J Yndanamutana (Lim. I..1 all 11 15 16 8 ' 10 68 135 5.17.0 7 Jdia par 1 i 1J pm 1.13 I dia 3,1 I J dia 0 I 1 16 1 n 2 14a. j I dis pm dis s 1 pm 2Jdid 4 OBLIGATIONS. S ;Yrs 4 all I 76 20 aU 75 100 all - 100 all I 100 all 7 20 all 75 00 all 1 20 all 60 100 all 5 4 all : 40 100 all I 20 all I 90 20 all ; W 20 all I 99 20 all I 94 At Railways. Closing Frioe. 1' Smt Luxembourg, 5p.c. Do. do. HaTana&Matanzas. 7 ., Do. 1866 100 Las. ft Fribrg, is. 95 6 20 1 Northern of France. 8 100 Ott. (Smyr. to Aiding 20 Paris ft Lyona.New.3 .. 100 !ReclfeftS.F.'Peru)Jly'67 6 Boy al Swedish 6 tSagua La Grande 7 20 S.Autn.ftLom.Ven.S 20 Southern of France. 3 20 South Italian S 20 I Weat AN. W.France S 1?! lit business done. 4 83 97 m 70 12 92 sf Pi m 5 Hi 87 86 100 13 SO l 94 2 S7 9 m 6 12i x to 110 S3 kg 1 ONS. 66 58 I 102 103 llOi i dis i pm si ii 1 68 72 45 55 102 103 lOSt 106 107 1061 J J ! t I 18) 19 13 85 87 66 53 50 54 50 62 37 40 ?2 24 105 106 1061 pm 1 pm 100 102 91 93 12 121 ii 12I 83 92 81 S4 1 H dis 102 103 92 94 86 90 61 62 C1J 82 85 99 101 97 98 1 01 iU E9 100 99 BANES AffraandMaaterm.Lim.i 25 Albion 15 Alliance (Limited) 25 Anglo Austrian o And KfTDtian f Lira. ) . . 20 Anglo Italian 'Limited).. 20 Asiatic Banking Cor.N.S 10 Australasia ail Bank of Brit. Columbia all Do. New issued at 2 p 6 Bank of Egypt all 8ank of London 10 Bank of Otago (Limited 10 8k. of Queensland (Lim. 26 Bk.of Victoria, Australia 25 Bank of New Zealand . . 10 Barned's Bank (Limited) 19 Brazil Uiiift Portuguese (f. 10 Brit, and Califor. (Lim.( 7 British North America. all Chart. Bank of India, &c all Chart. Merc, of India, ft'- all City 10 Colonial 96 Commerc. Bank of India andtheE.,inc.byR.Ch. f Consolidated Bank 4 Delhi ft Lon. Back (Lira. 26 East Ixindon (Lim.) 6 Kasfcurn Exchange (Lim. 6 English A American (LM 6 En fflish Joint Stock L. M 10 Eig., Scottish, f:Aus.(L. all Kagusn and aweaisn u. zo European Bank (Limited 15 Hindustan. China. Japan Imperial Bank (Limited 2o Imperia.' Ottoman 10 Ionian all Dp. New 6 Land M. Bk. of India (L.) 4 Lon. , Mexico, audS. Ame. 20 Lon. Bank of Scot. (Lim. . J 3 Lon. and Brazilian (Lim. , 45 i o. New 7 Lon. B. Ayres ft R. Plate 40,iss.atlpiE 10 Do. do. do. 7 Lond. Char, of Australia ah London and County 20 London Joint Stock 15 London and So' African all Lon. and So" West. (Lim. 20 Do. do. New... 20 London ftVenezuela (L.) 12 London and Westminste 20 Merchant Bank(Lhnitod 1 25 Mercantile Exchange(L. 12 Metrop. and Prov. (Lim. 20 Midland Bank (Limited) 20 National of Australia ... 4 Nat. of Liverpool (Lim) 10 Nat Prov. of England. . 42 Do. 2d and Sd issue.. 12 National Ban 30 Do. New 30 New South Wales all New Zealand (Limited).. 1 North Western 7 Orient. Bank Corporation all Provincial Bankg. Corp. 10 Do. do 10 Provincial of Ireland 25 Do. do. New all Scinde, PunJ., and Delhi 10 South Australia all Standard Brit. S. Africa. 25 Do. do. issued at 6 pm 10 Union of Australia all Union of Ireland (Lim.) ! 22 Union of London I. 15 -dia 1 11 9 dia 1 7 6 dia 4 pm 10 S lis 10 8 dis 63 66 12 14 29 81 dis 6 4 dU 20 15 1U 37 39 7 S pm 2 1 dis 3 ! li! 46 43 15 17 S3 35 14 16 !8 40 J 3 ? 2 1 dis 3 1 d 8 7 6 dis dia 14 16 lSf xd I. TO -IM dis ! 5 pna 0i dis 3 1 dia 1 dis 8 dis 2 2 15 13 dis 2 2 dis 7 9 pr. i 1 2 pm 1 2 pm 20 21 j 63 65 43 44 12 13 4 2 di 10 7 dh 94 96 14 16 9 7 lis 9 S lis 8 2 dia 1 2 pm par 2 pm 67 69 44 46 dis h pm 42 43 6 6 ds dia S3 85 26 SS 14 12 dis 7 5 dia 49 60 10 3 dia 1 44 45 STOCK LISTS. ENGLISH rrvn. Three per Cent. Consols, 89j 90 89 90. Ditto ior Account, 89. Thrtw oer ifeats. Reduced, 88 9. New Three per CenU., &9 8 9. Exchequer Bills, 1,000, 4 per Cent, 6 10 pm. Exchequer Bills, 500, 4 per Cent., 6 10 pm. gichequer Billa, 100 and 20?, 4 per Cent., 6 10 pm. India Stock, 6 par Hem., July, U8 , 107 J J. India Bonds, 4 per Cent., .',006, 25 pm. FOREIGN FUNDI'. Fonr-and-a-Half per Cent. Brazilian, 1863, 624. Five per Cent. Brazilian, 1S65, A t., Dec. 28, 70f L Six per Cent. Chilian, A, lOOj. Ditto ditto, B, 97. bet en per Cent. Egyptian, 83 4J. Seven per Cent. Egyptian, Second Issue, 83. Seven per Cent Egyptian, 1S64, 6i S. Seven per Cent. Egyptian, 1864, 100 Bonds, 34. Seven per Cent Egyptian Gov. Railway Debentures, 85 . Five per Cent Greek. 1824-25, ex Coupons origiiuuij attached, Acct., Dec. 28, 13f. Three per Cent Mexican, Acct., Dec. 28, 13. Five per Cent. Peruvian, 1865, Acct, Doc. 28, 70. .our-and a-Half per Cent. Peruvian, 186. Acct, Dec. 28, 71. Three per Cent Portuguese, 185-67-69-6t'-0'2, ana 05, Acct, Dec. 2S. 43 4. Five per Cent Russian, 1822, 87. Fire per Cent Ruaaian, 162, 86. Five per Cent. Russian Anglo-Dutch, 1866, 10 paid, 1 pm. Tiueper Cent Spanish New Oef., Acct., Dec. 23, 32. Three per Cent Spanish Passive, Acct., Dec. 2a, 20J . Six per Cent. Turkish, 1864, Acct, Dec. 2. 78. Six per Cent Turkish, 1858, Acct, Dtc. 28, 57 . Six per tent. Turkish, 1862. Acct., Dec. 28, 59 . Six per Cent Turkish, 1862, 100 Bonds. 59 6. Five per Cent. Turkish, 1S65, Acct., Dec. 28, 33 2. Four per Cent. Turkish Guaranteed. 99. Two-aud-a-Half per Cent. Dutch, ex 12 GuiL. 57. Five par Cent Italian. 1861, ex 25fr., Acct, Dec. 28, 35 6. -yyiRTH BROS fc MANUFACTURERS. "yjyiRTH BROS.' Carved Oak FURNITURE. W IRTH BROS., CARVERS to the TRADE. W IRTH BROS.' PARQUET FLOORINGS. W IRTH BROS.' FANCY ARTICLES FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS 162, REGENT-STREET, LONDON. SILVER FIR FURNITURE, by HOWARD and SONS. The nobility and gentry are respectfully INVITED to INSPECT the FURNITURE MADE by HOWARD and SONS of thia elegant wood : being manufactured by steam power, although of the best powible quality, tha price la moderate. 26 and 27. Bernera-street Oxford-street. 1:1 AS Y CHAIRS and SOFAS by HOWARD J and SONS Owing to tke Increasing demand for theae goods, for which Howard and Sons have so high a reputation, additional ipace has been devoted to them in their warehouses, 26 and 27, Bernera-streot. Oxford-street, both material and workmanship employed being of the very beat quality. Howard and Sous solicit ao inspection of their new CHALET CHAIRS, an indispensable luxury in every drawing-room. NBW WORK BY THE AUTHOR raTTT"' juat maiiv , ... , . '"n v n . X By the Author of '.; i1 A fj Hurst and BS'e. 1 81 A,a'l W . ""-tfv. 3W Cn,l. "Aim "Thisstorv is well worth ' . Uwn,' su I amusemenf -Athemaum W " U,t utIlr ihZ 5, i" " The Interest of this -tory Is 50 enthn. ' ao admirable that the beef ,Jn ralll? nd it, n lime well bestowed that is JQS g im Hurst and Blackett, Publishers, is, dreat K?4 " t ii'(,r. .i p h RTsy-f ri'ir-- By the Author of " No Church M BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, and BED-ROOM FURNITURE An ILLUSTRATED CATALOOUE, with prices, of 1,000 articles of BED-ROOM FURNITURE, sent free by post) on application to FILMER and SON, Upholaterera, 31, 32. and 28, Berners-street, London, W. ; and 34 aad 36, Charles-street, Oxford-street. W. HIGH WATER AT LONDON-BR1D8E THIS DAT. Horning 4-13 i Afternoon 4-41 FARROW and JACKSON, the Original Manufacturers ot WROUGHT-IRON WINE BINS, Kegia-tered Cellular Bins, Machines, Tools, and utensils for the Wtne and Spirit Trade, No. 18, Great Tower-street, City, and 3, Hay-market, where they solicit an inspection of cellars titted with every variety f wine bins. French wine bins at 15s. par 100 bottles. xd DOCKS. StockVEast and West India. . . . I 100 I 131 10 General Floating 1 6 Stock. St Katharine 1 100 67 100 5D0.D0.Deben.8tk.4pr.ct; aU ; Stock.'Surrey Commercial.... I 100 , MISCELLANEOUS. 134 69 x 4 xd AMERICAN GOVERNMENT SECURITTKS AND RAILWAYS. lD-HaOalcut.)ACeylou, via South. : Jan." 4 W Devonp'rt ioutham. Jan. 3. Dec. So. Seutham s Southam. Dec. 29. voutham. Jan. 3. Dec. 28. Ditto MVr-LiVi " ,,'"la"Jonrwrc. z( m -outuitu;. ytt. Malta Etrvi- X, rau- J t- ' D;t::.v-3oulh.iDoc.M poutham Dec. . M&"": Sllii outhamVW S DTewfoundland. .... Dec. 26(E) Jan. 13. J.rtusal ,ian5:E Cork Jan- 2- i ito, hy prl vate shl p to "(ViioVto'. ' ' M ; 1 3oilthani . J an. 4. 'LtlttO Ditto to I iRhon Dec ' .'I Vnited Statef, Can via, CaU-1 ' "verpool j iornia, ac, j jmk.. vec. z (i5) rnrb Ditto, oy United 8tas racket Deo. 20 K I cork Ditto, Ditto., uammore ucc. Ei Cork THrto PV tanaaiaii pava ...,uec. s l-ondon .ImUcsdr raciuc p.ctJUnitcd States 6-20 1882 4s. 6d.i p.Ct.'L'o lS00j4S. WL -ij.ct.'Do 1874; n I Virginia States Sterl. 6t 3. Do. State 4a. 6d. j p. wi. (Atlantic A- G.W. N. Y. I sec. (1 mortgage) 80. , I Do. do. 2 do. 1281, , i Do. Penn. 1 do. "77 .. 'Do. Con.Mort.Bonds lOOpd. Erie Shs. 1 00 dol. all paid 4 s 6d. ''ri,. unit Pnnvprt Rnds SterL 7p ct. iixia 1 Mort, 1867 ...j . I LDo. 2 do. 1S63 ! po. 3 do. 1S8S ' m Do. 4 do ; n " mo- 6 d r 6p.ct.aiiiDoisCeutral , . - .lS75;4s. 2d. 82 1 n m no 1875 4s. 6d.l 70 ..."..."Do. $100 Shas. aU pd. 78 Jan. 2. 7p ct.iMar. Cincinnati Buds 1 68 o a . 1 -.Jon 1 PS ........ D p.ct. oiiouijuui ofuimi, 1000 m 721 71 71i 6s 70 48 60 41 42i 65 70 65 70 63 08 41 42 46 47 69 70 S4 E Ion .inn ' Do.SinkingFund 1882. . t ,(indond ilec. 28. ! Bn.ct. ff.A-vn?t . 1, fnndi 'Rslaa dJ - ind flondurasi 1 and Mexico. V, (via New York: J8 Tliernn.d ernn-da (via Halifax. Jan. 2 M1 ioutham. Dec 29 Jan. 2 (SI Moutham. Dec 2d Jan. 12 E I Cork I Jan! 10" Dec. 2;E , Cork Jau. i. 65 70 7D.ctHlo. An ntnlr ftiTirlllWfi : Do inO 1ri Ahln '! 7 p ct.(Panoma 2d Mort. 1872. SterL.' 101 103 v ourrensyi. c.Bda, 1 mort 4a, 6d. m Do. do. 2 terL.' 87 !D- do. 60 doL Stare.. .. 32 Anglo-AmericanTele. (L.) Anglo-Mexican Mint . . Atlantic Telegraph Atlantic Telegraph 8 p.c. Australian Agricultural. Austrln. M. L S Fin. (L.J BaugparahTea Estates, L Berlin Waterworks BoIckow Vaughan (Lim.; Bombay Gas (Limited) . . Do. 3d issue Do. New British American Land . . British Colo. Steam-hip Brit. & Irish Mag.TeL . .. British Indian Tea (Lim.) British Shipowners. Canada Agcy.AesdCtatiou Canada Company Can. Loan and Invest. (L. ) China Steam ShipCoaLL City of Lon. Real Propy. City of Milan improv.,L D City of Moscow Gas (L). ity Offices (Limited) . . Commercial Union Ins. Com. of African Mer. (L. Consolidated Disct (L) Continental Union Gas.. Coutre ctCorporation L.1 Copper Miners Pref., 7 CreditFoncier 01 m , CrCdit Fonc. of Mauris.. Crystal Palace Do. Preference Do. 6 p. c. Perpet. Deben Oarjeeung (Limitea) .. Discount Corporation(L Eastern Assam Tea (Lm East Indian Financial . EI. Irrign. and Canal . Ebbw Vale Egyptian Com. and Trad. Klectnc roiegiapn Ena. 4 Austrln. Copper. Eng. and Foreign Credit EngUsU ana scot, m arme Fair bairn engineering Financial Discount . . . Fare Street Warehouse , Gellivara Gen.Cre'i andFin.of Lon. Genrh Steam Navigation Home and Colon. Assur. Hong Kong and Oh. Gas Hudson's Bay Humber Ironworks ImperialLandCoMarseil Imp.Mer. Credit Associa. Indian Carrying (um.) . . Internationa Contract Int. Finan. Society:Lim. Internation. Land Credit Italian Irrigation Canal Do.6p.c.Bds. red.70is.90 Joint-Stock Disct. (Lim.; Land Securities Limit.) London African lTraaing London and Cal Mar. fl.. Lon. Dist TeL (Limited; Lon. Finan. Assoc. (Lim. ' Do. New, issued at 4 pm Lon. Gen. Omnibus Co. . Lon. and Glas.E and I.S Lon. , It. , and Adr. St. ( L London Mercan. Dis. IL. Inion Provinc. Marine Madras brig. & Canal. Do Marine Investment (L Maur. L. Cro. & Asten. (L Med. Exten. TeL (Lim.). Mill wall Freehold Land Milwall Ironworks Natal Ld.and Colonla. Co. NationalDisconn tCo. (L. ) DoNewisaat5Dm21tooav National Provin. Marine National St. NavigatfL.) Nerb. Coal and Iron (I.. Do. New NewZea. Trust and Loan North Assam Tea (Lim. N.B.Australasian (Lim.) N . ti. and Mercantile 1. N va Scotia G. and. L. ,L Do. do itowzonu J-ea umueii . Ocean Marine Insurance Oriental Commercial (L, Oriental Financial Oriental Gas (Lim.) Do. New Oriental Inland Steam. . Otago aud Southland In., Ottoman Company L) Ottoman Fi nan. Associa. Ottoman Gas (Limited..; Overend.GurncjitCo.,!..' I'anama.N.Z itAust.RM' Do. do I Peel River Iud Ar Min.1 Peuin. A Oriental Steam Do. New i QuebradaLamLM. &Rail Rhymuey Iron. Do. New tiio Jan. Improvements. Do. do. Rio de Janeiro Gas (L. Royal Mail Steam .'. Scot. Aust. Investment.. Silver Indi-rubberWorka Smith, Knight, and Co. . Societ6 Financ. d'Egypte S. African Mort. Invest... South Australian Land . Submarine Telegraph . . Dm. Scrip Telegraph Con.andMain. Thames fe Mer. Mar. Ins. Trinidad Petroleum 'L Trust A Agency of AustL Fr. & Loan Co. of U.Can United Kinsdom TeL... Universal Marine Insur. I Upper Assam Tea (Lim.) iVun Diemen's Land VleeroyEgit;Mort Loan I Warrant Finance West India & Paadc.3 uu. an aU 100 100 20i 6 5 aU all 3 44 45 100 18 n 6s. all g 10 n 8 M fall all 15 5 8 21 12J 10 all 8 10 100 100 100 14 20 a 15 23 9 100 2 74 6 5 10 12 20 6 14 6 all all 25 10 15 11 10 5 6 all all 10 5 10 6 all 25 15 all 25 171 10 2 16 all ei 2 all 17i '1 6 30 6 4 5 3 100 i all 1 4 6 7 11 all 1 all 2 I 16J I I 37 I 70 17 i 6 161 151 42 75 18 i dis 4 dis 12 1 dis 1 pm 4 4J 5 3$ C dis 23 94 dis Si dis 7i 1 dis 1 dis 94 lis 21 dis 6 dis dis 9i Si lis 13 12ilis i dis i pm 1 dis par dis 4 dis dia 10 41 dis 4 dis 38 110 110 4 dis 13 dis 5 Hfc 74 lis 5 .lis 12 dis 4 dis 138 1 S dis 7 dis 1 dis 6 5 4J 5 36 107 107 15 7 i 6 IS 4i 133 i 5 9 21 35 i i i pm dis 11 dis 27 31 dis 9 16 lis 7J dis dis i dis dis 2 dis 3 dia 8 60 dis 3 dis 6 dis 3 dia 1 16 dis pm 3i 21 dis 136i 31 i 1 dis 1 pm If ofa 18 44 dis i dis 3 12 dis 8 iis 3 dis 9 9 pm st 4 pm 2 2 dig 16 13 dia 1 dis 4 pm I dis 4 pm i I pm 5 3 dia 40 50 15 16 -dis 44 34 dis 14 16 pm 10 par 1 1 8 dis 61 pm 2 0 dis 20 all all all 100 all 45 a 1 all all all gg all 66 100 15 20 10 6 all 100 all 15 2 Si 1 5 all 5 Si 2P aU 10 & 2 4 dis 7 8 3i 4 37 40 62 64 10 12 pm; 1 1 25 27 7 8 18 20 I 7 5 dis 20 21 94 97 120 125 7 6 dia H 44 dis S3 35 50 60 i i 1 l,dis 3 4 pm dia i pm 1 j dis 14 2 34 2 dis dis 84 94 74 75 9 7 dia 4 dia 20J 131 x d BIRTHS. BRACK. On the 21st inst, at Down End, Fareham, Hants, the . wife of Francis E. Brace, Esq., of Catistleld, of a daughter. Crookb. On the 19th Inst., at the Curragh Camp, the wife of the Rev. Milward Crooke, Chaplain to the Forces, of a daughter. H an n a v. On the 19th inst., at Portrush. Ireland, the wife of Edmund A. Hanuay, Esq., captain Antrim Militia Artillery, of a son. Hewliss. On the 21st inst., at Leatherhead, Mrs. Hewlins, of a son. Mactcrk. On the 20th Inst, at Ryeland-hUl, South Cave, the wife of O. G. Macturk, Esq., of a son. M'Avor. On the 21st inst., at 56, Arthur-road, Holloway, the wiit v . jj. ji 4., paymaster Jl.., or a daughter. MOHIPRMNY. On the 23d inst., at The Parsonage, Hampstead, the wife of Captain J. R. Blackweli Monypenny, East Kent Militia, of a son, stillborn. Nockolps. On the 20th inst., at Saffron Walden, Mrs. Martin .iockokh, 01 a son. Tdnks. On the 19th inst., at Addlestone, Surrey, the wife of George G. Tunks, Esq., of a daughter. WICKS. On the 21st Inst., the wife of Spencer Wicks, Esq., of Eatdown Park, Lewisham, of a sou aud heir. Wilsok. On the 20th inst, at Brighton, the wife of Charles Turvillo Wilson, Esq,, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. BrjRMDGE Lea. On the22d inst, at St. Martln's-in-the-Fields, by the Rev. Mr. Cooper, Mr. Alfred Burridge, of King William-street, Strand, to Emma, daughter of the late Mr. James Lea, of Abingdon, Berks. Flbmejg Mathers. On the 20th inst., at Particle, near Glasgow, by the Rev. Thomaa Graham, M.A., Martyr's Church, Joseph Macnaughtan Fleming. M.D., H.U.'s Indian army, to Catherine Rennie, eldeai daughter of Alexander Mathers, JSaq., secretary Clydesdale Bank, Glasgow. GlLPW Gibbs. On the 25th inst. at Christ Church, Newgate-street, by the Rev. Michael Oibbs, vicar, William Gilpin Esq., of PaleweU Lodge, East Sheen, Surrey, treasurer of Chrisfs Hospital, to Charlotte, the elder daughter of the late vjiuLw, U14., aiaeruiau 01 l.onuon. HJOODJ3 Crossb. On the 20th inst. . at Pawlett by the Rev G. L. Langdou, rector of St Paul's Cray, Kent, and domestic chaplain to Viscount Sydney, assisted by the father or the bride, the Rev. Joseph Higgins, eldest son of William Higgins, Esq., of NeUghernes, India, to Margaret Alice, third daughter of the Rev. J. D. Oland Crosse, vicar of Pawlett, Somerset. HCOHKS Waller. On the 22d Inst, at St. John's Church Notting -hill, Richard H. Hughes, Esq. of Hatton-garden, to """u""i rienencs waner, Jaq., of Turnham- green. Martin Faclls. On the -22d inst, at Westminster Chapel, by T ; mmuu, assisieu oy tne Kev. lnumas James, Charles Trice Martin, Esq., to Ellen, youngest daughter of T K. Faulls, Esq., of London. MoRLEY-WiUiiNS.-On the 20th inst, at All Saints', Nottingham by the Rev. E. Giles, Joseph John, eldest son of Thomas jioiicj, tjsh., 01 Asnoourne, to Kmina Francis, only child of John Wilkins, Esq., Nottingham. UnwiCK-BEEBBA-On the 20th inst, at St. John's Church, wiCii,riiUiju, u;r me jvev. Auan namsay, M.A., Edward, fourth son of the late William Uiwick, Esq., of Clapham-comm n to Hannah Stephens, only child of the late Captaiu Robert M. Beebeo, of H.M.'s 94th Regiment. Williams-Cart. -On the 0th inst, at St. John's Church, Paddmgton, by the Rev. Dr. Goulburn, Dean of Norwich Prter Bowey Williams, Esq., 5, Bank-buildings, City, sou of the late Rev. P. L. Williams, A.M., rector of Llunsannan, North Wales, to Katharine, youngest daughter of W H Gary Esq., late of Woodford, Essex. WILLSON Palmir. On the 22d inst, at St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Rev. George Eastman, B.D., Tnomaa Manatil WilLson, E3q., of Darkes Lodge, South Mimms Mid llese . and of 14, Norland square, Notting-hilL to Sarah Palmer, of Cosham Park, Hants, widow of the Rev. Henry Palmer late of Loruuy Court, Bucks, and of Cosham Park. No cards. DEATHS. ABBOTT. On the 21st Inst., at 5, Wemyss-place, Edinburgh, James Aruott, Esq., of Ltithneld, Kincardiaeshire. Bocrchier. On the 23d inst, at Eournemouth, of consump- N W BOO SERIOUS and HUMOROUS. MRS OriPIIiUT,, .T: Now ready, at all tha tlJZ -(,VEL A D O N N i la.3 By Mrs. OLIPHaNT a.k. . H r, "'Madonna Mary' overflow, with ,1 m" v " writer's fancy and hamour '-Ath-n,,, " WfcL Madonna Mary' display, Vl.r, r. ' '"-. " ' Madonna frv 1. . I r thBlt Hurst and BUckett. Publishers, 13 r;r,( 1 ' ; -Zio NEW 50V BL RT r IrTrr Jja A "woTiWS. aTV HTr-adyCAMPRKrr tEIir Hurat and Blackett. Pu d-shr, 14 ' .. ""'St hnhlUk CHOICE GIKT-BiXJK. ROSES and HOLLY '.r w,rU ...... ,,. . " Superbly bound In cloth, extra -i ... 'V -mlr..,,, In Turkey morocco. 21s. " ' J"u 4't edia Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo Now read, dam By CHARTED in . ... r,,n,l,,n " ""Pm ai,,. , - "Ml. TUB MOSI APPROPRIATE CHRISTMAS GIFT-BOOK. This Day, with beautiful floriated borders, cloth elegant, lJa, 6d., LJONGS of the NATIVITY; kj being Christmas Carols, ancient and modern. Including several never before given in any collection, with the Music of the more popular. Edited by W. H. HUSK, Librarian to the Sacred Harmonic Society. London : Johu Caniden Hotten, 74 and 75, Piccadilly, and all booksellers. A BEAUTIFUL BOOK TO ILLUMINATE." THE CHEAPEST AND BEST GIFT NOW BEING USED. This Day, 7s. 6d., blue cloth, with gold cross, 8. 6d. In antique, crimson edges. PRESENTATION PRAYER BOOK ; exquisitely ornamented with Outline Illuminations from Old ML'sals. The full price is 18s., but copies may be obtained for a short time at the above low rates. The Illuminations are from the " Hours of Anne of Brittany," aud the volume ia used by art students as a text-book of delicate aad beautiful design. London : John Camden Hotten, 74 and 75. Piccadilly. NEW BOOK BY THR ENGLISH GU8TAVE DORIA COMPANION TO THR " HATCHKF THROWERS.'' Ready This Day, price 7s. 6L coloured, 5s. plain, LEGENDS of SAVAGE LIFE. The new work by JAMES GREENWOOD, the famous Amateur Casual, with numerous inimitably droll Illustrations by ER5RST Griskt ; coloured after the original drawings. Readers who found amusement in " The Hatchet Throwers ' will not regret any acquaintance they may form with thia comical work. The pictares are amongst the most surprising which have come from this artist's pencil. London : John Camden Hotten, 74 and 75, Piccadilly. J uat published, crown -to 7Z - -1 SELECTION troi . Late Rev. SAJJ1 fr e' Rector ofStowlangtoft, formerly J. and C. Mozley. rj, PaternoMM-m. ."otleae Oxford, and 877. Strand J ' f..rt.' AMAIKL K ETCHINGS SUlTABf.? tri ' ao ready, ,v., ,th - 'UimMa AIKI liA.MJ and FAIRIES by R. A. A. and other M t ' rected, and lmprovt-d. London : Sampson Low. Sim, Ludgatc-hilL author nn'l Santa Mm,.. H THE NEW ARTIST. Thia Eay, in 4to., cloth gilt, 7a fid.. 5a. plain, ATCHET THROWERS. Bt JAMES GREENWOOD. With 36 Illustrations after tha inimitably-grotesque Drawings of Ernest Grisbt. Comprises the Astonishing Adventures of Three Ancient Mariners 1 he Brothers Brass, of Bristol, Mr. Curker, and Mungo Midge. London : John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly ; and all booksellers and railways. Now ready , Is . - v w n b n i l Ii f v , ' 1 ,, C"NTKNT ' The Claverings. 'With an illustration C1r- xv ftB Mdaic'ln viennIVI- CriD The Uw of Libel. Sketchrs from Pontresfna. Canning and the Anti-Jacobin. The Village 011 the Cliff. With -in rihutMM Chap. XVlH.TheAb.,ay,,.1u,ritr-1',B' -S-1-- rnuine to the Rescue Training. Reminiscences of an Kngiiah Cadet tn i Mrs. Kaiherine s Lantern. By W j, rhac-v ' Musio Ualls versus the Dranu MfiW Smith Kluer, and Co.. 85, Carnbil). l,'n,.ioi,n,.i OM.AlA H F,,- lvt-.... ' .. " "'--' I A K Parliamentary Reform: Labour Couingtaii-j K,,i and Capital. ToeatricaJ Li Ths Marstons, Chapters Atheatand JrSL PlliiuN.nhv In U,ii.,. 19AA 1 . . St. Katharine's HospitaL I MmistrlulV?, 4,1. "' VTL TheCromwellian Settlement of Ireland. A Day's Fishing In the Bush, rn i-i-t-:,.-j IM.MEN3B FUN FOR EVERYBODY. "A book to enjoy and laugh over." "A complete collection, at an exceedingly mod rate price, of the highly amusing comic pictures, designed by Robert Seymour, the well-known illustrator of the ' Pickwick Papers.'" This Day, in 4 to, a handsome volume, half morocco, 12s., EYMOUR'S SKETCHES; the Book of Cockney SprTt3, Whims, and Oddities. Com plete set uf the ISO humorous illustrations. A reissue of the famous p.ctorial comicalities which were so popular 30 years ago. The volume is admirably adapted for a talde hook, aud the pictures will doubtless again meet with that popularity which was extended towards them when the artist projected with Mr. Dickens the famous " Pickwick Papers.'' London : John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly, and all booksellers. Reissue on toned paprr, W w fa i rVTEDIO-POLLITO. from 5T aLfo lf FERN AN CABALLKRO. with '. llUett Clark : the Special CHRISTMAS SUPV1 KM v LONDON CHRONICLE. Also, prootshceteoftlw for framinc, id. post free. South Loudon Newspapers Company, 15J, Soutawrf-hr road, S. E s NEARLY 3,000 RIDDLES and 10.000 PUNS. WHY IS A WIDE-AWAKE HAT SO v v CALLED? Perhaps you will say, "because it never had a nap, and never wants one," but see PUXIANA, or Thoughts Wise and Other-Wise, described below. AN AWFULLY JOLLY BOOK FOR PARTI BS. It will bo the most popular of all the amusing books issued thia year. On toned paper, choicely printed, cloth silt, 7a. 6d.; cloth gilt, with Illustration in Colours by G. Dore, Ss. 6d.. PUN I ANA ; or, Thoughts Wise and Other-Wise. The Best Book of Riddles and Puns ever formed. Collected and Edited by the Hon. HUGH ROWLEY. With nearly 100 exquisitely Fanciful Drawings. 11 contains nearly 3,000 of the best riddles, and about twice ewppers, catalogues, SO, in r.iu'!i-h ilini (uw guages. as well as Lithography and l!u Slanittaufa claas Account-book. Work. S ... r L M tion, Johu Edward Bourchier. onlv child nf T 7X SSSr"5L?TBJi.5 eu.eTe.u- Thomas Bourchier. K.C.B., and of his widow: JanX Z&XZlZ luc 01 au lne London : John Camden Hotten, 74 anil 75, Piccadilly. of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, aged twenty-two Chapjian.-Ou the 20th inst., at 33, Abbey-road, St Joun's-wood, Frank, the infant son of Mr. Frank Chapman a -cdo iu month. J Corliss. On the T2th inst, at Hull, Caroline, widow of Mr W llliam Corlass. DG-,7nte-20thinst' William Thomas, the elder son of Mr year m ' Kichuiolil-road, Dalston, in his fifteenth EwSi7?inTKthe 20,th inst" at Walton-terrace, Aylesbury, Woodfleld Thomas Duncombe Eagles, Esq., aKed flfty-tive. Elmslet On the 20th inst, at Derby, William Elmslev Bad Q.C of Darley HaU near Matlock, judge of the Derby'county Court, aged sixty-nine. Grkes. On the SOth inst., at Prestwich Park, near Manchester, Emma, daughter of the late Johu Green, Esq., Church Hall near Accnngton. ' - ' H hRJ?" the,22d. inal' ? ReiSat. za, the wife of Thomas Hart, Esq., solicitor, Ruigate. Hi0aIxth,0 20t,inst- Florence, Fannv, the wife of Mr William Holman Hunt. . 01 air. jArna?S0Kthe)l0th,9t-; at 10- Barkham-terrace. Lambeth-road, Sarah widow of Mr. Richard Jackson, formerly of sStor aUd CouutJ,-terraCl!. iS Kent-road, e Kmneahr! fi U Gh"W Joha l?a 1 2l8t inst" Mr Jo8hu Lar8e. of The Brunswick, Lpper Norwood, aged fifty-one. tKi"r tbT at Tnsley-hill, Wandsworth, Mr. George Moss Lewin, of Horselydown, in his forty-third year irw,2,'?' Jnst at Brighton. Maria, the wife of ventj e?ght Echols, formerly of Battersea, aged 81"eSibley1St ,nat" " Ho1 Turnham-green, Why did Du ChaiUu get so angry when he was chaffed about the Gorilla? Inform us why a black man out for a holii'ay i3 like a bandy-legged Emperor? Why is a Chrysalis like a hot roll? To the latter you will doubtless remark. "Because it's the grub that makes the butter fly ! But you will save your own time and ours too by looking into PUNIANA j or, Thoughts Wise and Other-Wise, described above. NEW BOOK OF POPULAR HUMOUR. This Day, beautifully printed on toned paper, 8a. 6d.. WI T and H U M O U Poems by the " Autocrat of the Breakfast-Tahip " A volume of delightfully humorous poems, very similar to the mirthful verses of Tom Hood. Readers will not be disaDDointed R. with this work. London John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly. " THE 'TOM BROWN" OF WINCHESTER SCHOOL." This Day, crown svo., handsomely bound, price 7a. 6d.. UCHOOL LIFE at WINCHESTER COLLEGE ; Junior. Kent A Small but very rommiKliniis K: ..h-k ': situate within aboiu half-a-nnleitf the li the North Knit Railway, wikk'li s ippi Cannon-street and Lhariny-croaa, iui InMuvdiiiii Sh'Il. ESSRS. RUSH WORTH. J.1RVIS. ABBOTT arr uistrui'twi U sniKjitut'e fiw ?jUE AUCTION, at the Mart, on FKIBA) Jan THE HOLLIES. 1 very ilt slrabk mm. utii Prei li Id fi. ' situate in the pleasant village of -ton-. .1 sun ti'M wrj .: position, with 'gravelly ut starlit kiU-a mil'' tn m tifie ' ! hlthe Station, arid about t o mlle frnn !hf t.-'-m r '1 The house contains six b tA-p n. ilrawins m! the requisite ottices. aiul itmtergrouiul tellura?e rounded by Its on tastefuBy !;i.u out )le.isur. Kr'.iiii-" . productive vegetal le isink-u .uta. ti. l. acres, and :commindin very delightful Vwws ff . land adjoining and the river rinmes. There jo; and stable, and another ImiMioft, uite.i fur 1 cottage. The purchaser might h- n.' 'mni."ii!i i -i;i furniture and other effects at .1 iralnwiou ii bsiwt May be viewed by cards, to ho ulituuieit t the 22, Savile-row, Regent-street. W . uid N'n 1 -Cornhill, EC., of whom patticulara inaj Messrs. Hawk, Willmot, and Stofel, SOlici'nrn, - -Sonthwark: and ( Messrs. VI Murray. Sea, a I solicitors, 11, Birchin-lane, Grosvenor -square. An Excellent T..wn Mansi..i ra-t. held direct from the Marquis id Wfstininswr ' ' ' 23 years unexpired, at, mX$ 100 per aaMM 'mi' possession .. . ESSRS. RUSH w uKTn, u v - ABBOTT are instructed to snooon AUCTION", at th-ir Great Knoni, --. mviio 1 --on TUESDAY. Jan. t. at cue fortw -' .. The valuable and very DesiraMe 1'N . No. a, Grosvenor-3inare. at ffie wnkr fii' ' street. In addition to the tftraetinna J 1 iior-siuare, this house rommands (ruraanemw Grosvenor-street a view of Hyde-park, irrtp instant only a- tew paces, a to - expended in a new r,.r. whereby the r-n ;! . have been heightened, and th mansii'ii The Reminlscencea of a Winchester the occupation .f a n. : - ' ; I bouse with a han.isotnc sune .i re. e,n. ...- - , By the Author of the " Log of the Water Lily." contains 10 bed chambers and ..Ireltu' r'""u; ' .;It, With numerous Illustrations, exquisitely coloured after the , some drawing-rooms, all cpramiiiGat!itf; v. ,,, original Drawings. distinct sraircase, entrance h.H. This book does for Winchester what "Tom Brown's School I library, and gentleman's morning-room, nu Days" did for Rigby explains the every-day life, peculiar, merit office. The stabling is newly haUMV customs, fiigging, troubles, pleasures, &c, of lads in their coUege ot four stalls and a carriage ftoase, iB wrc career at William of Wykeham's great pubUc school ! lng-r.joms over. Immediate possession ui w London : John Camden Hotten. 7 and 75, Piccadilly 1 pletion of the purchase, thus !itfnnfin(E M , i n.,. .,.,noH.T, .lnt.LT the ni,r'. ach'ni; - ., "A BOOK WHICH WILL DELIGHT AM. I " .i ,JUi..htr ol.taimM t "l ", jrZr-CTi i""i pages oso, price 7s. tkl. onl WJium-BUAKllS: Their HISTi wuu Anecuoies 01 famous Taverns and Remarkable tator. May be viewed, and particulars pbtafned j 1 , , mly, I 5, Charles-street, Grosvenor .uare -iii'l ! ORY-i Jarvis, and Abbott. S -aviie n.w, hi'eiii - markuKiA tnange-aliey, Lorniii'.i, r... By JACOB LARWOOD and JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN. rrom tne l imes. " Tt la nr,t fat. nn r . in Bankruptcy, aged eighty-two. Slatbb. On the 20th inst., at Croydon, Misa Elizabeth SUter aged eighty-one. ' TOESER -On the 20th inst., at Clifton Cottage, Ryd?, the Infant i au.i m nuur noiaen itirner, 31., late of the Sth the King 3; Regiment. 1 maliciously inclined, we could not in the present Instance pick thinrrn,,?:1. Hu" Plnms. because the gP0od I ti.n mM , , . JO!"' wnoiesaie depreua- . . v. 4 iiiiuc columns. London : John Camden Hotten. 74 and 75, Piccadilly. (CHANDELIERS in Bronze and Ormolu f or Sg & f1 2SS Dor6 Uie British public u Th n wf EL. i CHEAPNESS. "-The Times. Tht?."bllc a 'ndebted to Mr. Hotten for starting this Six penny Edition of Sir Walter Sxott's Novels." South Devon. -The Ashtoti Estate. n top r' " ' able if'reehold Manorial Property m .m character, comprising uearly the 1 V(rItl,a , domain of about 1.500 aefces in a ring beautiful valley of the I'eign. situate ... '.t city of lixeter, eight tram NVwtou Abbot, and 40 from Plymouth, and which mm farms, with suitable homesteads, 01 api , tenantry, with woods and plantation-. mien auu nie pr pei 1 j ... is bounded, lhe rental 1111 :'""'. ctl is .e.i-e.. tmounts t" '" - h ji xd X d V7 DINING-ROOM and LIBRARY. Candelabra, Moderato 'amps, in Kronze, ormolu, China, and Glass, statuettes in Parian, Vases, Ac, in a Show-room erected expressly for these articles. OsLER, 45, Oxford-street, W. OSLER'S CRYSTAL GLASS CHANDELIERS. Wall Lights and Lustres for gas and candles, Table Glass, etc. Glass Dinner Services for 12 persons, from .. 7 15 0 Glass Dessert Services for 12 persona, from . . 2 0 0 All articles marked In plain figures. Ornamental Glass, English and Foreign, suitable for presents Mess, Export, and Furnishing Orders promptly executed London : Show Rooms, 45, Oxford-street, W. Birmingham : Manufactory' and Show Rooms, Broad-atreet Established 1S07. TUCKER and SON'S GASELIERS, Hall Lights, Brackets, and other Gas Fittings in ormolu, bronze and crystal glass. A large and varied stock. Prices attached hi plain figures. This season's NEW DESIGNS are completed iew uue an. 1 two year oni patterns denoted 1t takes the Initiative in brhurlno. teTrS w' ..' VUD" n?w. 1 complete and unabridged, in clear type, and on goo I paper at vSaSf&SJTl. ! The World-wide Novels of Sir WAI tfp rvTr i L' Complete and 1 unabridged mSSS& author made hi, and his fame in cover with prTraTtU118 n u V:?L-ORTfl' ,colete for sixpence. Ti- ,,KOY cplete for sixpence. WAVER LEY, complete for sixpence r,rYMiNBi "ipieie tor sixpence, f TH R iiVf on?4 v' comPlete lor sixpence. iVAf?5? QUAE?ri c,mPlt te 'or sixpence. TOP PiRATh0n,pIet, r '"Pence. PHE PIRATE, complete for sixpence. Sof'Seh!1 reputa'on' ffi London : John Camden Hotten, 74 and 75 Pic,-tiii 1 n resectable bgggj XughouUhe ZAm portion of the property whi erv i1vhiii;iI Uvea atllOU exclusive of the woods and plantation mere .u-e several very - . ,1, ,,, mansion with good society n J -makes the estate exceedingl) Blisibti -- ESSRS. KtawuRtB, M IRftftTT firs !ii8tructe,l by the no ,, tl. for SALE, by AUCTION, at Pratt 1 .y - . , .u. in February next, '11 one lot. and. if row lots unless in the meantime an aiwt for the whole estate by Private CngjcI: 1'. : The above very Valuable KKHKH' " 1 -' " J the following capital farms. vU.. tyun " v Teign, Skiddw, Blachforde, v.-ht-" " ' itt , .. Lower Barton, Higher. Middle oi l Parks, Peun's, Imbercoaihe, BoHnwii well's; Ashton Mills, two publte-hoin occupations, cottages, ftc; also trK ' ''.. George Teign. with the roa!tn- -n : i " . ia rruKk ,.r,.,ln, in ' mail ''ll- 1 mines are being worked on adjuiiuilM l! tttce. The Teign Valley Railway passes through the estate, with .' ... rt; ,n iliw tick-Pi. :lt. -f npr r-pnt. tf tl,.. th-.t-L-.I r.;. T.,. I 1 M t SJ W T VD TTT XTTim r.. ! book, per book nitTfc uw.r;bl 'itttK 1U NOP CKehlS fLIDS. ! and modernised. -Show-rooms ,26, Edwards-street, Wumore-1 persons who have mmmMtSS very many I SdS y sin'th KsiV. aoliifilPr. ' . rpCCKER SON'S VILLA OAsEjiSi' fS!. Sg-. - X and other Gas Fittings. An assortment nf New and Ele- ' SWINBURNE. 6s. Ly ALGERNON CHARLES !Bat gant Patterns, in various styles, and of medium sizes, designed 1 C'HASTELARD : T!vl f awrx-r.T No. 1, llvde park -uuaro. - The I especially for viBas, &c., combine exquisite taste with sound- ESSAYS ou BLAKE theARTTST iA BLRa E. 73. by i;ioi.iw..o,i, M.-.rmr. . 1 ness, utility, and economy. Warranty given. Trices in plain : ROSETTTS CKITloisM onTVBrRxW!?,'.. .. ' Porcektfn, a Pair 1 ! Marbli figures. Inspect Tucker ana Son's Show-rooms, 26. Edwards- Loudon: John Camden Hott -rf 1 Mi ' 3ii-8J- Pictures, tiite "Id I'.roii-. street, Wigmore-street. P01 tman-souafie. W. Mannfacrnv i '4 and Piccadilly mh.k., ,.th..r it... W. - n - l-,celkin-.i'l- r.iif.- Arundel Works, near Temple-bar, W.C itactorv Established 48 years 1 I'lHL armest, the Lightest, and the moat A Elegant Covering for a Bed is the EIDER DOWN QUILT made by HEAL and SON, price fiom 23s. to six guineas,' Their Goose Down Quilt is also very warm and comlortahlp rM-i. fr.TM, lru t,. Jfij Ti.ta ,.f ci-, , I i . ' v ii , j b ,'v- "vo " f"1-" "-e uy post the lar tnal ileal ai d . n s Illustrated Catalogue of Bedsteads and Bed Room Furniture, and priced list of Bedding, also sent frw free; on application to 196, 197, 198, Tottenham-court-road, Tkl JJL1 . - ... I ; his d"3urda7S Tennyson before I " A noble book." Pull Sft.ll E A JSSl . JEJli? I S O.N-D O R E. Price 21a- Miii'i mmm: DoVeet. Ol.isa, and ElSSRS. RrSH"'iv ABBOTT will SELL, by . MPS M ' Just , Ul' llN'UD.H ,r;in 0. and "oil".' Executors, , . , -r An Elegant DRAWI.NG-Kh.u t... crimS'Ui reps with gold star, , w ,.ir,,..i $0 laid tables, large glasses, .-i'an.le. : ' board, -et of .lining tables. -"aii" ""V , .1,, s.UK cant" " . Brussels and Axmiustcr carpets, ther betlstaaii feather neos a ; wanirooes, enevaianu louei -- In ha an.l ,l..nttil! rlClWtlll ' TLLUSTRATED BOOKS -Hippwav j . May V viewed the m.m2t t. ibhH'' both in cloth and m..r rVTi rS?5ftZ5 s WORKS, .1 nt Mocj, "hir,,rth l .rVlS. Alio and 19, Change-alley, Cornhill, r.. TURKEY CAR PETS. Beat Quality only A Single Carpet at Wholesale Price. Purehaai-Q will save 20 ner cent, hv annlvlno. . yMu uum m tium and mi.roccfi. mi.l .11 ti,. in Z-TLZTZ: . vi mmlmmW at thoMongP' OPDoaita trt. .tnmti. in the count) M mmumy 1 above a(W different sues to select from sent post tree. street. Strand, in the count) Prmtoj, Tuesday, Dec, io, W"

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