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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1845
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4 ft 1 t TUB FTFtPIB ITSCM. tar UAli.1, w, - A T TKII DDLL1KB If A - ja xs - Jkl alas. w sraasu ..rww., " 7 - , mres.a.san u - nami. rate or ADVBrnanw - ,, ar IOVA1I. II ITT T II 1 g " ' MPAKB, atAILY W . - ;. 3bu;m bag VkAflri LMENT a a ta axeiee the r4" 99 ADVU - - ! ' TWinB wsaa. "rv New - Torsi "Weekly Ermine FfMtt ATTVv" re ANAL As. Br wrmer P fe.rx?.. .t Um - A - r T rack - . - Mla lt to the imbosher of a Bewswapes at pay ,W.iTBt" tAu - jctaaa. tf wnaec by kismetf." savitbi aetcaw la tb m - mlee ana. aaa S?7fTr rotaa - am - le I" CITY NOTICES. .pXTEJUITEJUE i va to THK MA VI IB. ALDER - r wawoummonalty OP THE CITT OP NEW TATE BKIi:' . not .otic. I hereby rivea - thatby rtMPI WH theCoirmwrfthB.nki - f Prxnd by they will offer for M by Buboe earnon, oh TUreDAY, th Slst JuuiT, 1W5, at U o'clock It boob, at tbe Mer chants EreJsaae, ' . . . f - Toe following valaebl Real Estate . s AirgelorerfgrmmAoB too Westerly Bid of Bearer at, at tbeeoreerof iirusoversu The five story marble Croat building a No 14 Will The erteneiTe pretnieei kaown as Noa 1 18 and 1H BrnaA - waT aadar leaae UH nay im, iow. at m.nwi fw, e. aniiaarr ana and eemesMats. The e uwy store kaowa as No SI Liberty it, oa the anraerof Uttiaureeast. Th. kou. aad let. knowa as No 34 Beekmaa tL - The house aad tot with stable ta the rear, kaowa as No an Whits street. oathe aorth easterly curaer of CoorUaad Tbe aneaisee kaowa aa No 54 Chatham st. Th. m. m i in. kaowa as No 56 Chatham St. . The premises kaowa aj No 73,17, IT; ChathametraeL aa - dor leaae till Mas 1st, lntti, at aaaaal crooad rent ca f7W, wiU eoveaaat that the lessee pay nil eases aad assesanenu, aad that the ceo treaailduif be paid tor lothe leasee by ap - araiseawatat the erpiration of tbe lease. Taa areajiiee kaowa as No S WUIhun street, trader lease till May 1st, 104a, at aaaaal fruoad real of ita ui tha lauee aa all Uxes aad aewe - aseatsaadthat lea days be allowed for the rssaoral of mldiee. . Three lets ea the aortherly aide of Cbarltoa st, Washinftoa it, aad W est St. . Tbroe UA om Le westcriy sldeof Washiartoast, Chvltoa at. aad kaaf st Elevaalou oa soatbeasierly eoraerof Bowery aad 13th ftstrattiw - rorty - toaf lots oa the Week of fjoead booaded by Goerck Ud Maafia streets, aad Bhriaftoaaad Soutoo treete - Pnorbxaoa tha aorta easterly corner of Third areeue aad Thirtieth street. . Three hoadicd sad thlrteea mlaable lots af land siraate Oa tha Fifth aad 8ii;h aveaoes and the iloooilnfdsle Road aad ea Thirty afth Thirty stith Thirty seventh. Thirty - aiath. Fortieth, Forty - first, Forty - seeood and forty - third treeta. . Terms of sale. Tea per ceat. of the parehase money aad tha aoctioe ses oa the day nf sale. Thirty per ceat. oa the delivery of tbe deeds. The Balaam may remala oa huad aad mortcage for five years (rata May aext with lntc - rest at six per rent, per annua payable seial - aaaually Tbe deedt for the properly raath of Thirleeoth street, will be ready hr delivery 150i Mareh nett, aad the deeds for the balaeca ea the Mh May. except tbe lots oa Charitrm aad Washinetoa streets, posaeaskia of which Will be delivered 10th July asst. Uthorrapnlcaaapaofthe premises wUlba ready la a few days and may be had at this office. By order of tha CommiMtoaen of the Blnklnf Fund. D. I. Wa.LXAMiKN, Comptroller. . Comptmllar'sOmee. ( Dee. ), 1844. i ' K0 tai) COBPORATION WOTXCE. Publle aottee la hereby rtvra to tbe owner or owners, occupant or DC eapaata of all Houses and Lots, Improved or a aim proved Lands, aflerted thereby, that the fotlowlnc Awesameais have been completed by the Assessors, and are Indeed ia the Blreet CnaimtM toner's Office fur exajulnatioa by all persons taterested. vix: For bulldtnr a Sewer la Rivhtften "treet, from the wexterfr aide of HberilT street to the Eat River, embreclnf leu oa both sides of Rivinguia street betweea the Bowery and ftlaafta street. Also lots oa the southerly side of Riviar - toa street, betweea Manfia street and the East River. Also lota on both sides of Chryttie, Forsyth, Eldridge, AUea, Orchard. Lndlow. Essex. Norfolk. Suffolk. ClinUia. AUor - aey, tre, Pitt, Willett. Hheriff, Columbia. Caanna, lewis ad Goerck straeta. betweea Uemaeey aad etaaton streeu. Also lots oa both sides or MnarAo and 1 smpaias streeu, ne twaea Rivtaetoa aad Delancev s tresis. All Bemoan whose Intereau ar affected by th above earned AseeaameaU, and who are opposed to the same, or itber of them, are requested to their abjections. In writtuf, ta the naderaicned, at th Street Commissi oeer'i Office, wlthla thirty days rrom uie dale oi inia notice. . . BAMl EL B. IKJCtiUTY, Street Cosnailsaioner, aad Uhilrmsa of th Assessors. treat Commtaaloaer's Ctince, I Jan. 14. IM4S. js!4 let COnPOBATIOI NOTICE - Publie notice Is hereby given ta th owner or owners, occupant or oc - eupenuof all Houses aad Ix.u, Improved or unimproved Leads, aoecied thereby, that the following Assessmenu have beea - completed by the Aueasora, and are lodred la th Street Commissioner's Office for examination by all mn iiaaa inasrasled. vix: For flirt mg the westerly sidewalks of Broadway, between Slat and ld street, embracing hiu rm tha westerly tide of Broadway, between 81st and 23d streeu. Also, tbe sidewalks of 18th street, betweea B mail way and the 5th Avau,mbraetnclouon both sides of 18th street, betweea Bmedwar aad lb Sth Avenue. Also, the southerly side walk f iuth street, usiweea the 4th Avenue end Irving Itsm,snbracinglotsB th southerly side of 9Mh street, betweea the 4tu Avenne end Irving Place. Also, the southerly sidewalk of KM street, between the 3d and 3d Avenues, embracing tou ea the southerly side of 3d street. between the 3d and 3d Avenues. Also, the southerly siile - walk of Uth street, between fie 1st Avenne aad Aveno A emhraalna lott oa the southerly side of llth street, be tweea 1st Avenue and Avenue A. Also, the sidewalks nf 7th street, betweea Avenues C. at D., embracing lou oa both ides of lh street, between Avenues C. and D. - All parsons whose intereau ar a fleeted by th above named Assessmeau, and who ar opposed to th same, or either of them, ar rrqnested to present their objections. In writing, to tha undersigned, at the Street Commissioner's Ufbca.wUhin thirty days from tne date or this notice. . . SAMUEL i. DOUGHTY, Street Commissioner, . . ' and Chairman of th Assessors. Street Commissioner's Office, , Jan. 7th, 1845. ja7 lot PIER AT THE I IMIT OF PERRY STREET NORTH BIVER. COKPOtUTIOM1 JfOTICR. Public notice is hereby given lo all tha proprietors of the bulkhead aad water privilege along the North or Hudson stiver, extend lag from Peiry street to half tha distance betweea Perrv und Hammoad streets, an extending from Perry ttieat to half the distance betweea Perry and Charles street, tnat tna mayor, a mermen ana tmmnnaity at toe city of New York, have determined upon buildings pier ia th river aforesaid, to extend from the present balk bead about two hundred and fifteen feet into said river, and ta be thirty feet wide ; the same to be commeaced ea or before tbaarst day of April aext, and built aeeor.dng to a plan and s pacification now oa fiie la th Street Commissioner's offic ; and notice is hereby given to the proprietors aforesaid, that they am required on or before the expiration of six weeks from th data of this notice aad advertisement to signify in writing, to tha Sueel Commissioner, their laieatkm lo join In building th said pier aa aforesaid, and to contribute their respective proportions of the expense of building the seme, or aot tojoia ia building the same, and act to contribute theu - saaaaedva nrotwrtioas. of the expense thereof, aa they may Tl - f - i exjiedieat ; aad notice is hereby further given that it aay person r persons being owner or owners el. or interest d la. th bulkhead aloreaaid, hall refus or eglect to com ply with the directions aforesaid, and shall not bear ar dis charge his, her, or tnair nroparuoaat nart or parts oi tn ex naaua oi boudins th afurasaid oter. he. ah, or ther will thereby all right or Interest in th said pier, aad the wharfage ariaiag there from, agreeably to the act of th La luuatar tar such cases made ana preridea. B AML EL 8. DOLGUTV.eUostComajiliiloaer, iBtreet Commissioner's Orhoa, I New York, Dec 14th 1844. t din - dew INTEREST OX CITT STOCK. The Interest M. on the Public stocXs of tbe city ol New York, due end payable February 1st, 1815, will be paid on that day by Cornelius W. Lawrence. Esq., Chamherlatn of the city, at his office, la the Bank of the State nf New York. The iaterest oa tbe TEMPORARY WATER LOANS of lbs city, due as above, will also be paid by C XV. Law rence, Kaqn Chamberlain, at bit omce as aloresajii. Th traaafer Books will be closed on Saturday, Jaa. llth at 3 o'elnek. P. M. tT For the axscommodfioa of Stockholders, transfers will b permitted during the close of th Books, to uk ef - HCI ta nrst nay Of in moa in toi rowing. D. D. WlLUAM. - WN.Comptrolmr.. Comptroller's otnee, New York, Jan. 4th, 1844. Ja7 lot OrrKB or Receives r Taxes, fOid Alma House). Park. nn AXES FOR IMA. Pursuaat to th act " for M ta Collection of Taxes la the city of New York, p d April I Bin, 1843," public Bock - at hereby given, that attics itM Tax bow remaining unpaid shall be paid to ma, at aay ochc oa r before th fleenth day of February next, aa addition of oae per ceat will be charged ; aad a further addition f ea per seat will be charged oa all saeh taxes re - anaiatnc uapaid a th futeeath da of March next. Ta puss at law requiring tbe uses to be paid to the Re - eervar eaty. (ta rdfice of Ward Collector having beea abol - lthad.) all tboae who eaa matt it convenieal lo pay their taiaa cany, wiu una ugreauy to weir aevaatag la no so, thareby avaiding tha crowd and delay which will aeceaaart - ly oecar for several days previous to th per centage being barge. Tbe Tax Bills may be obtained oa application at the of Be. Utnc Bears iron e a ernes, A. at., until a o'clock, r. M - . . . , u. i. air.Bcri r - ii, ja4 tMarl Receiver of Taxes Txl'BL.IC NOTICE la hereby giTa, that th X towiBg propoaiunaa have Been presented to the CVam ana Coaracll. aad that all permas laiemted ta either a Ihmrm, aad epprwed tbereso, are reqneswd tn present their oataeooas la wnoag. to we aaaaarawweo, at an, no. i II. n aaavarda. aa or befnee lb Stub day nf Jaaaarv. la SUM: For eoaslrawlliig sewer la Bread street, with the Biuaaaary eglverts aad aaoslTlag baalas. aad af a anfficlent nmrln to cam on th surface water that at present inun date ta said street, Irnaa th East itvrr to Exehaag street, aad far raUlsg the low portions of Broad street, from Pearl aa Pxebaaea atmas. aaa to trs suffi cleat fa eight for th war ; for regelating SMi street, betweea tha Eighth and Aialaasemaihaveanee. BAMCEL S. IXIt'OIfTY, Strael OaeasaUsiee fltM.t ' - ' - llrnea. 1 N'w York. Jaa. f, 1845. i JalO Iflt atTiORPOR ATIOTV NOT ICE. Public aotire I hambv eima to tha owner or owners, occupant or or cupaau of all housas aad Iota, Improved or unimproved laadsaifartsd thereby, that the following assessmenu hav bsea eomplefd by Ins aaaessors, aad ara lodged la tha Hire t Cocnminioosr"s offlc for sismintlio by ail persons lawrested, via : For ftaggiag tbe aidewalk of West street, ktwea Leroy aad tVurow streeu. embraeiag lots oa tbe easterly atOa West street, betweea Lror aad Barrow streets. All para raw whose Intereau are nneeted by th above as - imanu. aad who are oppoerd tola same, er either of them, ar rqasted to psessnl their ohieetioas ia wrtung. ta uaderrrgaed. at the Street Commln.oasr's otBos; wlihia talrty days ma t?ie svate of mis notice. a, AM C EL B. DOUGHTY, ftrwi Cnmmlsrkaaer aad Chalrma of that Asseiec ava tract Commlaaloaeir's Omce, Jan. It). I'm. lot xtTIIRCIXAR NORTH RIVER 8TK AM COTTON L rsvK - 'W. Ta. sabeerttMra aaviac beea appni Ageauof ta "Mrs nroa rrxaa Cotro - fully la form ship own aaa shippers al tXaoa, that they have aemmiBced tbe Pfeaatag of Cottoa at the tarye and comaaodVjas Fir Proca'Wamboaas, Noa. 55 Wast aad 90 Waaaugwa atreeta, sear th font of Rector" street, Nurth Bivar. and eolleit a eaare of their atuoaua. MrimaBta.Oaptalaa. aad ship ewaars ar rsanectniny la artiea wwuiaaii aa ta oneratkia of taa Pien. Tha greaseat car aad aueauoa will a paid Sarsraswfur evwy ducilsooa sf erchaadla asanr h aUMCKHcaii s (jo. Hw Vara. JaarawryTUs, WHS. rrraa,tU.sU. ba tsd at the ahonew aouca. Ja7 Ml. ti v - , lnu.v. axe W Toas Casaa Heaap 90 Onuhot - 50 - CCN DOUSabtolma 3 to OoUs iiotb's brat qaaiily Fa aaa t Cards 4 Bale Wool . " jroi Bashes l.lnsasl ,., 4otl BoMHasaa - Flax, just aaeatvad pw Terea," aad realeakMstostaiparrkiiiri try UiCxU at CO... oeU 9W - nwtlaaa I - UUrd laarsts. SSI COPARTNERSHIP. - THE Una of Darlioa. Va P.U A ti Uaa - ay els - sol red by Banal esaaaeat Euher aar - partecr aaay Mde the baiiinai af the ana. . u - Nw Vort,JaaxryM. 1 - 45. john . davison. - . , REUBEN VAN rtXT, ; . JOHN A. CRPM. RICHARD B. IKYCUXCK, it. , j4 tw JGliX VAK IXEX ... mTOTICE b knT lim, thai the oaomieW bara. Xf parravat lo the pmriawas of the Revtae4 Buiatee of the Stale of New Yor. ftrmtr4 liana4 aartaatshia, aaiter theaaate or Ana of CRL'M. DUYCKJ.VCal . VAX DOMES : that the seaenl aatara of the i nine to be aaaa aax4 ie a reaeri eealiaf ta Dry GmU, oa their a era ee ibi that Jolia A. tam. arhere - nde ia tbe city et Hew Vnck, Richard B. bayrklaefc, it - , who raeidet ta the city of Brooklra. ud Joha Vaa Itarea, arhoaauaska the city of Kew York, are tbe menil smru a. aa Joha B. DaTieoa. who fmWm ia the eltr of ew rk, ia .Sew Jerr. ana Keabea Vaa Pelt, who roioM la Kiizabethanra. Rew Jener. are the raerial narlaera. aad that Ibe nia Joha B. Osrieoa hath enotribnted the sua of tent ttewaad dot lara,aaa I he nu) Beahea Vaa Pelt tbe an of eijht thotuaad doilan, a capital lowuJs tbe aam - aioa aaicK, ia eaa aetaaiiy aau. aad that tbe eatf pn aerahia is to coaiineace oa the thira aaT of Jmaaary, A - D. IMS, aaa to tenaiaate oa the Am ear of Jaaxur. JL V, 1848. Ualadtbiildaay of Junvy. W45. - JOHN B. DAVISOX. Btil'BEN VAN PELT. - JOHN A. CBITM. j BK HASD B DL'TCKKCK,Jr, jttCt' - ' JOHN VAN DOB EX. TT rIITF.n PAKXNKHSIIIl'. ia. B A sirred have formed a limited partaerahip poraoant to mm DBoviaiaas oi i iiie i. lmmm a fart !L of mm annw rhatiues the aim or Arm under which each partaerahip is to be conducted is LEE A. CAriE tbe Kaaenl aatare ot the business In tailed to be traaiacted is the wholesala dry (ooiis buslnes. la the city of New Turk - William H. Lre. of the city of New York, aad Watsoa E. Case, of the same city, are the snieral partoers, aad Amos K - Eeo. of the eitv of New Vorfc. and Joha Jay Phelps, of we same ctrr. are the soeeial naruiers : ana as saca, a each contrtbated tea thousand dollam to the commoa stock. as capital. 8 iid partnership commences this day aad will terminate oa the first day of January, A - D. 1830. new utx, January ' VIIXIAM. H. LEE, W TdON E. CASE, AMOS B. ENO, JOHN JAY PHELP8. "IfaTOXICE la hereby riven, that the unocntcned sllr ji VES1;ER l.YMAN, MABUfJIS L - CONVERSE, bAMEL POMROY. ALEXANDER H. POMROY aad HENRY EN Y. have formed limited partnership par - suaat lo tha Brovuaoaaof Title 1st. Part 3d. Chapter 4th, of the Revised rtumtes of the State of New York, under the till hi Limned Partawrshin. thai said arutDCTshlp te to be conducted airier the nam. or firm of Lyman, fJonrersa and Pomr.iv. that tbe ceneral nature of tha banness m ne transacted is tbe lmpartinc and general dealing ra Dry Good oa their owe aocouat aad oa commissioa, that the said Sylvester Lymaa, Marquis L. Coaverse aad Daniel Pmiroysm tne ceneral partaera, aaa in sain Aiexanoer II. Pommv and Henry Keaey. are the snecial partners ia - Irreated ia id partnerahip.that tbe said Sylvester Lymaa, Marquis L. Coo verse and Daniel Pommy reside respective - Iv ia the city of Kew York, and the said Alexander 11. Pnmroyand Henry keoey.respectfullv leairlein Ibe city of Hartford in tbe Slam of Connecticut, that ibe said Alexan der H. Pomroy, special partner has contributed to the capital commoa stock the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars, la cash aetaaiiy paid, and tbe said Henry Keaey, special partner hath contributed to the capital or common stock the sets of Tea Thousand DWUrs la cash actually paid, that the said paxaeiship as to commence oa tbe day of th date hereof and will t - rmiaataoa th 1st day of February, 1848. Daudat th City of New York, the 1st day of January, 1644. jsj 4 BYLVE8TER LYMAN, MARUUH L. CONVERSE, DANIEL POMROY, ALEXANDER H. POMROY, HENRY KENEY. Lyman. Converse At D. Pomroy. have taken the store No. Liberty street, between Broadway and Nassau, where they will be daily opening an entire new stock of Foreign and Itamestic Dry Goods, to which they respectfully lavite we atieauoa of ouyera. TOT1CE ia berebv riven, that the undenif ned have renewed a tlte liinilad DartneniiiD heretorore existinr between them. which would by as own limitatioa expire oa tlie nnt day of Jano - uarr, one thounnd eiybt hundred and ftTtT - tive, the said re - wedpsrtnenhia will be conducted under the firm ol n A Lnl r. u uui il' ,u; - - . i i t I ... trainactedbr the aaid renewed partnership is dealing lr) and ear - rr.iif on a wKntexale Dry Goods bonnes, and Ua purr - brae and vemring of Merchatidiae in tlie city of New York. The general pertnerx interested in said renewed partnership are the undersigned Nathaniel N. Habted and Joseph Brokaw, who severally reside in the city of New York, and the special partner interested therein, is the undenirned Caleb O. Halsled, who abo reside in the asis enrol New York, and who has contributed to tbe common atnrk of said renewti limited partnerthtp. at the torrmtiou thereof, the sum of twenty thousand dollari in ear - h ; that such renewed, partnership wtlleoTmienceon the hist day at January ,one thmnanaeirht bandredand forty - five, and W'll tennnisteon the first rlar of Jannnrr. one thousand eight hundred and fony - eighu A - I org. MB laxemDer, iMt. W A TH A.'V 1 t.I. N, II Aunai, BKVMVAW. cB145t CALEB O. HAIjSTED. r iTiiTF.r PARTNERSHIP. Tbe nnder - j signed, Wellington Clapp, Wiliiam Kent nndCeoree Merrill, have this day formed a limited partnership nnder aad according to part second, chapter fourth, title first of the Revised Buitntesof the stile of New York, and notice is hereby given that the name or firm nnder which snch part nerabip ia to be enndncted. is CLAPP It KENT: that the general aalnreof the business Intended to be transacted by the aaui partnenmtp la toe ary goods joornrnr nnsiness, ana ihe purebaee and sale of merchandise generally ; that the names of all the general partners interested in the said part nenhipare Wellington Clapp and William Kent, both nf whom reside In th city of New York ; that the only special partner interested therein is tieorge Merrill, and that he also resiilcis In the city of New York ; thtt the amount of capital which tbe said Oeorge Merrltt as such special pattnerhas intubated to the common stork of the said partnership u twenty thousand dollars in ehh : and that the said partnership Is to commence thU thirtieth dny of December, one thousand els' - 1 hundred anil forty four, and i m terminate oa the thirty first day of December which will be in the year one tbonsaad eight bnmlred and forty seven. Dated New York, December :m, 144 WELLINGTON CLAPP, WILLIAM KENT, d31 w CEO. M EBB ITT. "fT iniTFD PArirJEIDIHir The iiuiler - JLi signed have fi - rmed a Limited Partnership, pursuant the provisions of Title I, Chapter 4, Part 3of the Revised Sutntes: the general nature of tlie business to be transact ed is that of the wholesale Dry Goods business, in the City or New York. Much raxtnership Is to commence on the 1st day of March, 1B41, and to terminate on the 1st day nl Jau - ary, 1845. The business of the Partnership is to be conducted under the name or firm of CUMMINS, COLLINS A. BAM AN. Edward Ferguson, of the city of New York, is tbe apecial partner, and as such has contributed to the common stock of the partnership, as capital, in cash, the sum of twenty - five thousand dollars. Thomas A. Cummins, Charles B.Collins and Geonre C T. Seaman, also of the ity of New York, are the geueral partners. New 1 ork, March 1st, 1841. EDWARD FERGrSON, THOMAS A. CUMMINS, CH ARLES B. COLLINS, GEO. C. T. SEAMAN, The undcrxizned have renewed the above Limited Part nership and continued It according to the provisions of Title , coupler 4, Tart x of the Kented statutes, upon the above mentioned terms. The renewed partnership to commence on the first day of January, eighteen hundred and forty - five, and terminate on the first day of January eighteen hundred nn lorry eignt. New York, December 38th, 1944. EDWARD FERfJrSOV, THOMAS A. CUMMINS, CHARLES B. COLLINS, dJOAw GEO. C. T. SEAMAN. "kJ"OTICE. The undersigned have this day formed a ll limited oartnership. nnder the provisions of Tart 2nd hapter 4ih Title 1st ol the ttevtseii eutates oi tne Pnte or New ork. The name or nrm under which snch partner hip is to be conducted, te " VAN ARSDALE k. WAR - NOCK." The general nature of the business intended to be trans acted, is the dealing in and rarrylne on a general Dry Goods andCommisskja business, and in the purchase and vending of all sons af merchandise and property in the city of New X ora, in said sate ot new v nrx. The ceneral nartnera interested in raid nartnershtn ara the undersigned William Van Arsdale and James M War - nock, both of whom reside in aaid city of New York, and that Robert Kellv is the only special partner Interested In said partnership, and that he also resides in the said city nf New York. Tne amount ol capital wnicn tne said ttobert Kellv. aa auch unecial oartner. has contributed to the com mon stock, is Twenty - five Thousand Dollars in cash. Said partnership commences this firth day of December. In the year 1844, and is to terminate on the first day of January, in tne year late. New York, December sth. leu. WILLIAM VA! ARSDALE, JAMES" M. WARNOCK, del Aw ROBERT KELLY. DISSOLUTION. The Oopartoershlp heretofore listing aader th firm af LAWRENCE at PHELPS, la ihU day dissolved by mutual eoaeeat Tbe affairs of th firm will be settled by attber of the subxegtbsra. New York, Jaaaary 1st I8. , ALEXANDER M. LAWRENCE, GEORGE A. r HELPS. - T40PARTNERSHIP. The subscribers have this w, i day f vwed a copartnership under toe nrm ol CHAM BERLAINA - PHELPS, and wl'l continue the business of the late firm of Lawrence it Phelps, at KM Front st New York, January 1st lets - . WM. CHAMBERLAIN, ja9 GEO. PHELPS. MR. ROBERT II. JIAYEB retires from the firm of Trarv. M.iver and Irwin. The Ctinartrrership existing under tuat name is thereby with mutual coneeet dissolved. Frederick Tracy and Junes Irwin are fully authorized to settle th business, and nee the Bam of the firm in liquida te only i clgtwa r iir, e mui. ROBERT H. MAYER, JAMES IRWIN. I FREDERICK TR ACT AN l JT AlvTES TR - t W I !. have aeoeiated with them John MotL Tbev will continue to don Wholesale and Retail Foreign and Do mestic Dry Good business under Ihe nrm M THACY, IR v in at uu at tee out sua iu aiaioea tane near oroaa way. jut im at thank his friends and customers for the very liberal patronage he has an long received from them. He Is happy ta inform them, and the public, that he ha. now on hand a large assortment ot every description a fashionable cabinet furniture, manufactured from the chot rest materials, la the most approved fashion, by tbe beat wnrkmea m th city. Citizens and rs wishing any kind ot furniture, are Invited to call and examine the stock Is his extensive ware - moms, where they may be sun) of findings large aad splendid aaaortment of Furniture, warranted for quality aad taaaaahl venal to any made u orser, aaa aot at pn mvarvanrihasctaaloM. - V Laaies aaa asmtieaasa reaaatag wax aa inaseiiy. ayseaamg their orders to the senscrtber lor aay acscnptioa at turai lure, aad remittlnc the moeev. or a draft payable ta am may rely oa having their orders as (Slthlly fulfilled la all era pec Is. as If - war Beraaaaliy attended to lb Barchas. tlonde piurhaied at hut ware - rooms for Dusporlalton, carauiuy iMied aad shipped a. order. VNia auxxaiilj, ino. n wwwiy, ell Oppoall Trinity Fhareb Yard. mEA AND CASSIA I0U0 half chesu 500 61b. and JL Ulaboxsa Young Hyena Tea luoeneau 100 halfdo sMfrib. and 131b. boxes Hysoa Val cha - u and halfeheiu llvvm Skia and Twaakar SuO half chesu 10011 61b aad 131b boxes 3U cases, csnU - wr. Gnapnwdev and lmrral 35 ehesu 750 half chesu tj boxes Bone hong, PtrwchOBg X baircbesu Caper nosscbaag, rrramrUIng aa nt of extra na. aaa, aapvujr, good aad urdiaary mli ties . t - "i0 eaae 500 asatu G J14 ' l, for sal by - - - B. T. Front st CJILK HANDKERCHIEFS A large assort tTy aaent various qualities aad styles. Also liaail aad atniaaau naauserciueia. ror Mle by LAWRENCE TRIMBLE. It CO. ml 3 Beaver atreet WIN DOW SHADI.S Is grralrarie. and very ,0eimk4peiurae. A fewcasesnf aa eatlrely aew pe tiers, aeasanag 43 lacbaa In city trade, for ..! CIIAit riVVII I I jal3 '" ' 31 Ptai TntPER MUSLIN A few uses of a verv aW, JL rail at) le for tha retaM .trsrw rnaats well selected. so wnpeaiag aaa ror aau vv 4 ' ' CII A8. CARVTLLK. 31 Piae at RANDIES Tal aad brow a, a firas aawnaarrM, mtmtm nT.rtra are nao euaiuv. ia wron aaa rrasi saw by JliHN DUNCAN at SON, 407 Braadwav. betweea Walker aad Uapewanl au. AP4RASH B wlitiaa. xl) do bieacbed J Sbjwiiags, par kur, ra.La bs Euaa, traaa Bt - rVaava, M BnlTTT at JOHNrTTON. tS r,r - rt. (UNN IIE.tlP 100 baiee of siiperior quaiiiy, vary Bl RRrTT At JOHNSTON, SS PiaasC ' Also, ICO bales vrater - rotasd Aaaorirea Heap. J4 B OTTLE AND TIALS all kiada, for eai aaubsrterers pries by ; . .. , - H. at BCUItUr EOjn as rt.r., UIJ . I - fx rrosrt street. NANKIN CHAW BR AY 8 tVweak i by - . LAW&iCE. TRJMBLB at (XX, ! CJ Beavarsuawt a A at at It to .... : 0 ; v - . ar tz r: VOL: XLIIL FOR S.1LE OR TO LET. noowa TO - LET WHhm - wltnoMlmsrrd aa Uaa N.w Five Stery Bnck Hoaae. ha. 475 Peasi street, near Cnaiham, oa very lanxoaable lerma elerences exenanred. ytin 2w IIOl'SK ttIC tsALK. ibe subscriber ol fers fsr sale, II asolked far before the 1st February, , the premises, occupied by bim No. 4 - 1 Broome at. i aey coastst of a two story hooas faithfully built, aad lot 25 fort by lil feet with brick stable la the rear, aad carriage way to Crosby street. The whole ia perfect order, aad tar easell family aiiauipiaaaid for com fort aad convenience of silaatioa. being la the aauchboarhood of a good market. the rail road, aad wlthla a reasonable walking distance from business. - f, - 4XX) may reaiaia ea bond and raortgare at six per cent peraauonu. . - . - , . - - Application robe made eejy at 90 Wall atreet, where par - mi is to view lb properrr.eaa be obtained Jal3 1w F - fjOONr.N BMAVPy. Pit Wall w. FOR HALF,. Tbe three story brick basemeut f - I and reeled for gOjU pr - r annum. The lot ia isj met by baif the block. Tbe rronnd rent Is S30 per year, till IRS - t, after that (75 per year for 31 years. The fine three story brick base meat boas and lot ia He No. 377 Third street, in fine order throng hoot, a ad rented lor S350peraannm. The lot is 2S feet, by half tbe block. A vacant lot oa the east - side of Irving Place, betweea 18ib and 19th streeu, 3exJ07 feet. For terms apply to a ; BTJRRJTT at JOHNSTCN, No. S3 Pine st. FOR RILE The three story brick Hoaae, with attic. No. 1 1 University place, between Sth aad Iuth streeu. 11 baa only beea occupied fur M Veers, was painted and put in complete order last summer, for the present occupant, and Is replete with every convenience. The bat U 85 feet front bv 108 feet deen. and la held aader lease from Trustees of Sailor's Snug Harbor, nt a rent of fliou per annum, mr ten years, and subject to the usual renewals. For terms aad pei mission to see the premises, ap ply to., FERGUSON Jr. WALKER, - - oi vviiuam au np - eiaira. Also for rale, the Teases of three lots, corner of Caion place and 15th street each 38 fet 9 Inches front, by Ud ft deep, end two lou ia tee aim pie oa 16 th street, betweea 9th and 10th avenues. j. - .fiiw sV A BEAI Tll'tli UltN lHI' f DENCE FOR SALE. The House aad 13 ncres oi A land, situate ia Yorktowa, Weslchealer county, Ave miles from the landing at Peekxkill, Is offered for sale, a bar! gain, by the owner. The House ia of tbe cottage style, ind contains three parlors or sitting rooms, dining room, eight bed rooms, kitchen, cellar, pantries, milk room, ice house, ate. ax, and was built in 1843. It is beautifully al mated pen tbe main road from the Hudson River to Lak Maho - pac. soniersuiwa, rutnam, ate l ne Deignnornoou u very healthy - There are two stores and a meeting house within one quarter of a mile from the bouse. The farm conxisu o, (bur fields, aa orchard, beau trial lawn, ace, Tbe grounds are laid out into a vegetable aad fancy garden. Sarvaral hundred choice (full trees have been r in ted within two years, aad are In a thriving condition. There an npoa the premi ses a wood house, wash house, grape arbor, barn, etc ate. never failing stream of spring water meanders through three of the fields, and forms a Ashing pond in th rear of the house. It is just fifty miles from the city, aad ia a desirable place for a summer residence, having beea fitted np great expense. The advantages of communication with tnecity are greater man rrom any ot me river towns Between New York and PeekskllL th river team boats all stopping Cauldwell'a Landing, Immediately opposite Peckskill. is very publicly located, the travel to Uake Hahopae, ana the sleamboat and freight sloops, being constant. For further information apply to tvSO WM. 6. BOGGS, 85 Pine st. Is. Y. WESTCHESTER COI72VT Y FARM FOR S ALE. A very desirable farm situated one mile from the Depot of the New York and Harlem Rail Road, at White I'lalns, containing ou acres including 14 acres wono, with plum, peach, and apple orchards, end requisite buildings : would make aconvenient and beautiful country resi dence lor a penoa having business to attend to ia the city. For irjip ot premises ana parucuiars apply m ' ji3lm ABRAHAM BELL fc 60S. 117 Fulton st SALE OF THE MAIN LINE OF THK PUBLIC WORKS OF PENNSYLVANIA. THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL AND . RAILROAD CO.TIPANY. TIIE undersigned Commissioners named m th Act of Assembly, passed 39th day of April, 1844, entitled "An act to reduce the State Debt and to irenrpornte the Pennsylvania Can .1 and Railroad Company," hereby give not re, that a majority of Ihe Electors of ibe Commonweath having decided in favor of a sale of the Main Line of the Public Works, in pursuance of the provisions of the said act they will attend at the Merchnnu' Exchange in the city of Philadel phia, on Monday, Ihe 3f)th day of January next at 10 o'clock, A. and there offer for sale the Slock of Ihe Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad C - ompany, oa the follow ing terms and conditions, lo wit: Tbe Railroad leading from Philadelphia lo Columbia, and the Eastern Division of the Pennsylvania Canal extending from Columbia to iu junction with tbe Juniata Division nl Imuran's Island : the Juniata Division extending from Duncan's Island tn Hollidaysbnrg, the Portage Railroad from Hollidtysbargto Johnstown, aad the Western Division of the Pennsylvania Cnnal from Johnstown to Pittsburgh : also, the Bridie over the Susquehanna river at Duncan's Island, together with all the surplus water power of said Canals, all offices, toll houses, water stations, workshops, locomotives, cars, trucks, stationary engines. fuel on oi .nd, horses, and implemenU, and all the esute real and personal purchased and owned by the Common wealth for tbe use ot the said canals and roads, will be otter - for sale for the mm of Twenty Millions of Dollars, w hich sum shall form the Capital Stock of the Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad Company, divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, - uakmg vuu.miushares. tire share will be aoid by public outcry lo ihe highest bidder, at a price not lesa than iiiNi. ami tne purcnaaer anaii nave ine privilege or casing ny nnmher of ahares not exceeding 1000. There shall be paid to the Commissioners at the time of purchase in lawful money or certificates of loan or certificates of indebtedness of the Commonwealth, any premium or advance above Ihe par value id' the shares purchased, and if the bid do not exceed the par value, then lb purchaser shall nay o in money, or certificate or loan, on account and in part ot th price of each share, and if any purchTtser shall full to pay, the commissioners shall resell the Block purchased hy him, and ba shall be liable for any loss which the Commonwealth may sustain by reason of his non - compliance with the stipulations, and 5 per cent additional on ibe amount thereof ; and snch public sale shall be continued for six consecutive days or lunger. If the Commissioners shall judge it advixa bis. A book shall be opened after said trahlie tale In which all those who were purchasers thereat shall be first allowed to subscribe for the stock purchased by them, aad should the stock not have been all sold at the public sale, subscriptloas will be received lor the remainder at such price as may ne fixed by the commissioners, which price shall not be high er than tha highest price, nor lower than th lowest price bid at the sale. And if 150,000 (hares should aot be sold or subscribed as above, the commissioners will procure and open books at tbe Merchants' Exchauge iu the city of Phila - dolphia for subscription to the stock of the Philadelphia Ca - aai aaa Kallmaa company, tn which books, purchasers at tne puDiicsaie snail sun have a preterenct in subscribing : and in case there should be more shares subscribed than there are shares created by this act such excess shall a stricxea on from those shares subscribed without purchase ; so as to secure to the persons or bodies corporate who pur chased shares, the whole number purchaned by them as aforesaid. And any amounts paid by purchasers shall be refunded in ease 150,000 shares shall not hav been subscri bed within four months from the time the bonks of sub scription shall have been first opened. Ai.d when 150.000 snares shall nave been subscribed, the araooat at tn sub scriptions shall be paid in money or certificate nf loan of tne commonwealth, within yu days alter nolle given by tbe commissioners. Thomas P. Cope, RobertTrland, Benj. W, Richrsrds, Jacob E. liagert, John Stallman, Isaac VV. Norris, Joel K. Mann, Dinner Denny, John Kerr, Heary Ftaaery, George Harrison. Thomas C. RockhUl, Fred. Fraley, . . Alex. Cuuimings, Augustine Stevenson, Thouies McCully, Philip Dougherty, William Darlington, Keab Jraxer. Henry WeUh, nl5UxJ0 aMABINET FIHMTIRE. ClIAIUs "L Uphalstery, Feather Beds, Cnrled Hair, Curled Corn Husks and Moss Mattresses. Birch Beds, etc. The suhscri ber Is now prepared to execute orders to any extent of the above aamed articles, and sol lei u th patronage of the trade, snippers ana numiiea, wun connaenc. - - llEALi tl, MAJ.tUMr AND CUMFUKT. Beds. Mattresses and Pillows made from CORN nUSKB. have long been regarded by the most eminent physicians as the best article that could possibly be used byasthamtlcaad consumptive persons, but the difficulty of separating the coarser from th more delicate fibre haa prevented their being brought Into general aw. This hindrance has now been overcome by an invention of machinery calculated tn produce the article In a manufactured slate resembling th tnest curled hair, being equally as light as feathers, and at the same urn th most economical article 01 bedding now in use. ........ The subscriber asks particular attention to his assortment of Mattresses aad Pillows already made up, asalao tha much celebrated BIRCH BEDS. This article has almost entirely taken tne place of straw at tha cast for under beds. Iu clewlines, durability aad .iir,Ty HiBlliaya u h gecemi notice. j. nuua 1. ai, ji - , iirj Deesmaa st, se!7 one door below Pearl st N. Y. SI HM'H I PTION RECEIVED FOR TilE following Valuable Periodicals for 1845. 1. The Civil Engineer and Architecu Journal, of the Arts. Sciences. Public Works, Railways. Steam Navigation. Mining and Machinery, (5 per annum. Monthly. - 3. Tbe Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful knowledge. Monthly. 3 per aaaum. New Seriea. 3. Chambers's Ertisburgh Journal, New Series, $3 50 per Miuuni, a ja vajaearsa 4. Polvtechnie Review and Aiagaxin oracicnce, Litera ture, aad the Fine Arts, 5. Tlte Saturday Magazine, Monthly 6. The Mechmies Mngnxin. 7. Tbe Pictorial Sunday Book, Monthly. 8. Tbe Pictorial Old England, Mauthlr. 9. The Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature, Monthly. 10. Knight's Weekly Volumes, for all readers, pans 1 to 19, received. II. The Abbotaf.rrd Editsoa of th Waverly Movelx, Pub - lUhed Semi - iooothty. uiJH.unai.uni.,. . importer 01 xjigusD book., eic, jalS - - ' - - I & Broad way. It. w. qriTsow & Co., linWTaXS A.HII DEALER) IN WINES, Irawbrn fJrdials, rrraa - aUeatate - No.57 Liberty street betweea Broadway aa4 Nassau atreet Oder f sal for families and to tb trade, la casks, Boxes and demijohns. hut me and Claret vt inn. naraac, t junan aaa chat eau, Lafitte, Burgundy, Champaign, Muscat and Hock W inea. Good aad fin old Madeiras, Shames, sweet and dry Part. LlrUoa aad whiw Malaaaey. . - Jamaica Rum. Holland Gin, Otard aad CHa tenet Cognac Brandies, Paris aad real Amsterdam Cordials, Abaynthe,, avu - arbwaaeer, ate ate. All of tb beat quality, low prices and terms rasa. Jy3 RECENTLY PUBLISIIEB Tbe Cr mi rial Uittoryof the EoU.;b Goaernasecit ; froaa tha first Massacre nf th Iruh, to lb Poiwaing of ta Chins. By Eagene Regaaoit Traaslaled from tha Preach by aa Americaa, . - We haye receive a cony of this work got u la a hand some strle. aad from a look lata its nrm w Jo aot besl - aate mrauk it beside the aaemorr of Ireland bv O'CoaaolL who aver would be poa .eased of the criminal hi - torynf bloody Eng'aad i.houid be possenea of tne books. 1 ne one showing in lnlari!dspraerivd npoa the Irish, the other exteadieg tb vkrw to her destreexiora all ntf la earth - tve ara coaanelled I roan waai 01 aoaaw tare wears w oaati sereaaiesrxraeaa we had a. lac aad box wjl make aa fa oar next Weaatiiue sr hop. aaunbers of oaa - sefcdors v. ill run Clinton HalL N aaaa a street, aad feraeak tbernaelve with Copies." : , , r . J. 8. KEDF1ELB,' Cliabjo Hall. i r1" 1 . , - fr. - H. ARNOLD 4c CO., Na. SS Plae - aU, Jro oseg fog sai tb followiag - . AMERICAN GOOTsS. - HOClaesMoarsirg and Half Mon ra tag Fria ts ) a Lew praosd dark Fancy Prints - 74 do light - - aW : . , Si do eHaflo Color Plata - 1 5 do Ltght (Jnaare Printed Plaid Hdkfli - 7 J, a ma Has. 'a - - 30 at Caitka, Cotlnaiaaa, aad TwUla, la taacy stnaa aad ptaios . ' - 30 do Plaid aad Sanaa Tares 3a do law Keamararv leans 300 do Satusetta, comprauag a rt rarity af ttjWs aaa quaiiue Sa ' W" Black aad Faaey Caslrrarre 35 do Lawarleed Black aad Mixt Cbltba ' - SAW do Blaa. atUck, Ftoeae aaa Cade Mixt TarUUd - v.. t; - HaekMiism BRITISH WHITE AvOODS. A lartwsmreuaial of Cassariaw, Jaaaiaeta, Carck slaav ra. Book aad Sa isa Mualiaa, Mailt, t aacy empea. a - . Plaids. Ate.. Ate, Itc. ' - - tal. I JOii LA As 4JA. Heavy J IsrriUM ad Urn., Urilllnn - fiwle hrs Lansr,1!. - , 1 siani aL Lr jaM ' Tto. 6 BMvarsuwat. - - ' ! r . i - t ' of $1 . a i . - ! .fa; - . NEW YORK. FRIDAY. JANUARY.17. 1845;, TO THE LADIES BALL COSTT3IE.' rPHE subscriber haviag compieled his srraageaneaU far JL lb fall trade, hm prepared to oner extraordinary ia) dacemeriu for tbe porcfau of rich ntaey EMBROIDERED DREM&BS, a large quantity of which ha, aaaa laaaivrd by secant arrivals, aad are naimi inn4 li i Irrnnr - vettyof aosiga. Ta tiilnwiag wiil give an idea ef toe low prices at which they are otfered : 7 . CORONATION KOBES from S3 5A oauxl price $5. Extra Rich do so - 8. New patterns fcacy AeTie Work from 3 Rich OrgaadisM and Tarletaa Muslin, worked ia "colors (Ingram) warranted fast t& M Tartotaa MaaUas, frara 3s per yard 8 - 4 Orgaadi do . fie asaai pric 10s t - 4 BwLs Mnstlns, of beautiful texture, ftotn 31 M Oraaadw Maslias, la art eawvaUiaa shades Aueataoaualsoiavllsd to th slock of IntXntx' Waisu ad Robes. EMBROIDERED WAISTS from 3a do Robes with waists, from S3 30 do very rich U0 do aad Revler, - 7 00 A sueeeasloa of new eooda, ia Capes, under Handkerchiefs, Collars, will be offered vsry cheap. - Cambric Handkerchiefs Oiildrea's Tape Borders, from Gd - Rertrrsand Embroiders, do LADIES TAPE BORDERS, from 1 do Reviere, from 8s to Embroidered, from 3. to IjO do do and Musique IN THE LACE DEPARTMENT wiH te round - Rich black Lac Tor flounces, i aad yard wmss, at fl 50 Ct per yard usual price 4 sad 6 Rich black Brussels aad Thread Laces Fiench Point Merhlin. Valencieaaes Bruseels sad English Thread Lace Imitation Regency, French Point Aleneoa Persia a Thread, Canton and Me line Laces aad Edgings, every width ... 1000 dox Lisle Edgings, at (Is per doa Squa" and demi Veils, of every style aad quality, from upwards . WINTER HOSIERY Ladies' and Children's Patent Merino VesU do do rllk aa do do Merino Boss do do Cashniere do do Black A! pacha do dot Rich Bilk , d do Open work and Embroidered I lose Gentlemen's Merino, Lamb's Wool, Silk and other Vests, Drawers, lie. - BARGAINS. I 500 doa Trimmer", rta at 4s usual price 8s Remnanuof In vnm and Edgings at half priea . ! 50 doz best Kit Gloves, slightly soiled, 3s per pair 500(1 yards black and colored Fringes at half price d!3 . - PETER ROBERTS, No. 373 Broadway. OIIN BROWlti, 103 Chatham - st., has for sale I Plata Taggers Tut Corset Laeers, Scissors, . Boot Laeers, Thimbles, Bone Buttons, Tapes, - - Knitting Pins, . Ivory Combs, . Button Moulds, - Bone Eyelets, Gas Wicks, Pack Pins, Side Combs, Spool Cotton, . Hair Pins, Wei ting Cord, ' Wooden Pocket Cemba, Black Silk Cord, Bed Lace, bkein Sewing Silk, Quality Binding, Suspenders, Bodkins, Braids, . . Shoe Ribbons, Pound Pins, Galloons, Ilsoks and Eyes, Horn Combs, Buy Bindings, Eyelet Machines, Black Pins, French Working Cotton, Ferrlu, Shears, Metallic Eyelets," Thread, i .otton Slide Garten, Sewing Silk, Needles. Bobbins, Elastic Garters, . Pearl Buttons, I Amp Wicks, Boot Cord, " Knitting Cotton, Coat Cords, Cottoa Balls, Whalebone, ' Worsted Binding, Stllletos, Button Rings, Imitation Coral Beads. sli T ATtHEKCE, TBmBLE V CNu.43Ilen, ver street have on hand aad offer for sal 30 bales Indigo blue Denims do extra heavy do do do do do heavy Croton do, 30 inch log cabin and twilled Cottonades ' snperfine 4 - 4 Anthor.y Brown Sheetings 4 4 Coventry MTg Co. do do 5 - 4 Albion Co 30 do rialnfield 5 4 bra Sheetings do 10 eases Negro Kerseys, all wool. 3 - 4 wld 50 hales do do cotton and wool, do 5 cases Indigo blue BatineU 60 do Oxford Mixtures, medium and low qualities do black, drab. Cadet mixt fee fine flg'd black and printed striped do black and common mixt Cassirriere medium wool Mack Cloths f;ood 3 4 undressed fulled Cloths ow and medium Kentucky Jeans do do do do do 36 bales heavy Olive Fustian 30 do Lonsdale Ca, Nankins 50 do M.allorv Co. do 70 cases cotton Flag Hitkfs, various sixes. se14 BLEECKER it OOTIIOUT have for sale, at the Iran Colonade buildings. Cliff, corner of Joha st full assortment of the following articles : bwedlsh Bar Iron, nut a nd square. jsngusa, am rounj, flat and square. American, do do do Russian, tie ' last P. S.I. Old Sabl. Norwegian, do Braziers and Hpike Rods, or all sizes . Hnrsenalland Nutrods, do Burden's Patent Horse Shoes, also, shoe shapes ol various qualities. Band, Meroil ana Hoop iron, rrom 4 to 3 inches, inclusive. Bend, Pipe Box, Oval and Half round Iron. Burden's Pressed Boat and Ship Spikes, Axle arms. Plough Mouldt. polished Cart ud Wagon Boxes, of all sizes. Sleigh and Cutter Chocs, finished Axles. Crow Bars. Springs snd Spring 8 tec I, witirantcd. Cast steel nl Naylor's and Sanderson s manufacture. . English Hoop L Blistered Steel, also American. German, Shear and Machinery Steel, Ate d13 GODFREY PATTISON & CO., 19 William street have received by the late arrivals a full as sortment of the following desirable Fall Goods, viz : cases cashmere d'fccosse, tne newest ana most nunioav - able styles, from high to low. Mnnssellne da Lnlne, a very lnrye assortment 6 - 4 Alapaecas, do printed Velveu printed figured Parisiennes rich Chene Chusans, a handsome assortment j Chamelion Lustres rich Affrhans, Scindes, Japanese and Cudaharg 1 Ginghams, thereat Earltton make Spitalfield Silk Hdkfs, all qualities 1 British Corah Hdkfs 1 printed Ole Bull and Presidential Hdkfs 1 Silk and Cotton Hdkfs. do Broehe Shawls 1 Woolen Shawls, finest qualities ; fancy high eol'd Chene stripe, Arontlala checks, and fin Plaid Shawls ' Chene Damask Shawls, EUsler, Jalyiml, and other lancy styles ' very fine fancy dress Silk Shawls ' Gimps, fancy colors, black and bugle ' . Bullion 3 - 4 to 1 lneh; coi'd blk loop and drab 1 fancy Fringes, a full assorunent, do Gala Plaids 1 Linen Threads, a great variety. el 8 RrtandiesH GiB. Wines. Ace "fMriLGER cV CO., NO. 151 FRONT STREET, JkM. offer for sale, on reasonable terms BRANDY J.J. Dunuy, la bf. pipes and quarter casks; Otard Dupuy at Co, Cognac, vintages of 1843 ana loso, aark ana pale ; also, some very old pal Maelorv's Cognac in bbls. HOLLAND GIN Anchor Brand, a high flavored superior article, in pipe. PORT WINES In quarter casks and barrel of different grndesand prices ; also, Keal Juice In qr. casks. BHERRIES Cortes' Brand, pale, gold and brown, la quar ter caaxs. MADEIRA In pipes, hbds. and suartercasks CHAMP AG N E ReoaudiB, Bollinger At Co' Sillery do 1839, in qnaru ana pinu. RHENISH WINES Hock heimer, Sndeshelmer. Johan - nesberger aad Marawntuner of dinerent vla - tages. BORDEAUX CLARETS St Jullen, Margaux Medoe, Chateaa Leovllle, Chateau Laotte, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Ducru. Also Burgundy Wines, red and white of verv superior auailtr. CORDIALS Anisette, Curacoa, StoauacbiUer, Kirachwaa - eerand Msraachmo. CETTE WINES From the house of Louis Koester A Co. Graves, la hhds. and half ditto; Madeira and Port la qr. casks ; Muscat in qr. casks and ind. bbls.; St Julien la hhds. and boxes. The greater put of the above in titled to debenture. n26 jrrxja.aj, gji. - sjstiiirj rt J ar etc. 1800 bags Sicily Sumac, Ingham At Co' bread. 1310 " Prime SieilyUnseed. 100 cases Calabria Liquorice Paste, Laboria brand. 50 " Sicily " Polixxa 2M boxes Maccarrmi. 79 hag Canary Seed. 400 boxes Shelled Almonds. S00 bags Son - Shelled Almonds. 354 " Washed Walnun. 80 " Filberts, 90(0 lbs Corkwood. . 16 cases large and small Norma 15 casks Brown Cream of Tartar. S.5 boxes Lemona 50 " Orsages. received per ship Bharoa, from Pa lermn, ana tor sale at 20 Broaii st jaa bauuiax at i.iv i,i.niTi. - a pi YRUS W. FIELD, Jfett Burl ing slip, ofArs tor w sal w nting rapers, a complete asaortraaab news paper axiu reams, au sizes ana quaiiu Book paper 1 - 300 " " Envelopt 759 " " " Tisane " 300 "various", M Hanging " Assorted qualities. Hardware paper IjOBrearn assorted sizes Drngjrisu' 500 " bloe, 450 reams white Hatters' 400 " various qualities Cover " 600 5' all colors aad da Wrapping " 6000 straw wrapping Do 10.000, ' "rag Binders' Boards 50,000 lb rxiedlurn, royal aad doobl cap nonaei - - xw gro brawn w rolls . Do S - iO " wlut flat Do ar l"iO " blue and white Bandbox " " 4j.000IfaaS4xaad3ax3S All of which will be sold oa ta aaost reasoashle ots lo suit purchase - dlt IRISH POTA TOES. The subscribers are la dai ja. ly expecutionnf reeeirin' surislies of the best analitv f Irish Pautosa, ft family rue. They have been carefully alerted of the best kind, and having been shipped dry, will no donbt nun nut in fine order. Those desirous of procuring a sapplv for the winter of the best Potatoes, can depend npoa thorn. Soma of them are put up in hhds of 10 a iu namneia. very nmable for sending out or tne city. Orders left with them, will be attended to, and the Pota toes eeat to any part of the city la nch quantity as requir w - .y 10 An,. UL1.I. as anr.s. d?3 117 Faltnast Premium Store. iTtOrTnOY - KRVKRa, 341 Bmadway. re aL7 spertfuirr invtta the Dahlic to call at their store aad examine the richest aad aaost extensive avnrtment to b awina ia this enantry, of BRONZF.O AND OBMOI.C CHANDELIER S. CENTRE. MANTI.E. SOLAR, BRACKET and READING LAMPS, CANDELABRA, GIRAND"JLES. BRACKET BRANCHES and CANDLE - eiicKS, lneverv varietr of pattern. CABIN SOLAR I AMPS it., n mnera article nnrn Uarty eraraW lor rvu - keta and steamhoata. nM.iiuf.Bie m tnsupamcatyrertmsrjornoB wtnesrsmca rfvrwiBrv mdhmr nJ l,rt 'mmjk an fK. mVIr hi this eitv. aaey caa with honest pride refer to no less than SIX GOLD aaa rot. K SILVER MEDALS. awarded to the Bxaaalactii - rera wiuii tbe lest an ea years, for the great it v - irtety and beantr of aattteraa aad the unrivalled llatsh of their wars, taey teceiveal a GOLD and rii LVfia at the recent Fairof tbe Aatrrtcaa Instirate. after having ta ken Ihe GOLD MEDAL at th. P.h eg I8J nd also TWO GOLD MEDALS, at the late Exhibition In Bosloa every article sou by CA K. ia warranted to what tbev lercseeat, and thow who wish to aMaia firs class gnods,ai a Brie onea paid for auch as are of a wry Inferior quality, are requested to favor local with a call before parrhaaiag slaewbere. K7A lioeral siecotint ta Chucbea aad Hotels. . For sale e above - aeamfnllir mWiwI Mmrmtat rsTEA TRAYS, TABLE CUTLERY, rich PORCELAIN, PAPIER MACHKasvi other FANCY GOODS. - a7 - HAttDWAKE AND CLOTH F - aEjllS reaaw) - Mi36 inch, l to Mat las. psrreeta. ao i - LM v SSts OS la.. do . ' 309 do S0t3 aW. 9 to Aw Ik. - do M da KrA As Mto Wtba. ao ' ' - - 109 do SlrS wo . as la ea aha. oe 'I w IDsM do - - W ta Sb Has. do 1 in do yiiAO do a 1 Hm, ' do ' M do 3x4w ao 40 ts a lea. ao SO aa di - ao) an 'MaKdlts W F aaaa ia aata to saw reech - m, kv 31 4.TRC8 W. F1ELH, 9 BornafsIiB. I TJALSA3I CAPIVI Ifthalf beta Farm, for eal by X a x U.U. BCamSXUS afOVV'LU, . Faa 14Z Croat th . jn IN BANKRUPTCY. DISTRICT COURT OF THE 17. STATES FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK, Diyidends, IN the aaaxtar e JOHN L ROGERS, a Bankrupt Decree dated October 37th. 1843. ParsuaattoaaOnamofCoan, this day made in the aiore - said BMtter, notice Is hereby given, thai a dividead will be declared out of the assets ol" the estate f said bankrupt which have beea redneed to aaoney (to be paid at such time hereafter as the Court may direct) and ail persons hi lnter - eat are hereby required (pursnaat to aaid order.) to file their proofs f oat for a aarucr.aane ia fad dividend. Before Thursday, the twenty - third day 'January, 1845. Aad that no creditor be allowed 10 participate ia such distribution who fails to file his proof of debt according to law, ba for the day last aforesaid. WM. COVENTRY TI. WADDELL, ' Official or General Assignee, Dated this 9th day of Jacuary, 1845. JalO lot IN th matter of CHARLES ST. JOHN, a bankrupt Decree dated December ICth 1843. Pursuant loan order of Court this day aside ia the aforesaid matter, notice U hereby given, that a dividend will be declared out of the asseu of the estate of said bankrupt which have beea reduced to money, (to be paid at such usne hereafter aa tbe Court may direct) and all persons in ialerert are hereey required I pursuant to said order,) to file their proof of debt for a participation ia said dividead, before Thursday, tbe twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that o creditor be allowed to participate ia such dutribatha who fails to tile his proof of debt according to law, before day last aforesaid. WM. COVENTRY H WADDELL, Ofbcial or General Assignee. Daled Ibis 9th day of Jaanary, loti JalO lot IN th matter of EBENEZER BALDWIN, Jua.,abaak rapt Decree dated December 16th, 1843. Pursuant 10 an oriier of Court this day made la the aforesaid matter, notice is hereby given, that a dividend will be declared out of the asseu of the estate of aaid bankrupt which have beea reduced tn money (to be paid at snch time hereafter as tbe Court amy direct) and all persons in inter est are hereby required (pursuant to aaid order,) to file their proofs of debt for a participation ia said dividend, before Thursday, the twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that no creditor be allowed to participate in such distribution who fails to file his proofof debt according to law, before the day last aforesaid. WM. COVENTRY H. WADDELL, Official or Geaeral Asaienee. Dated this 9th day of January, 1845, JalO lot IN the matter of LUCIUS P. STARR, a bankrupt Decree dated December 10th, 1842. I'nrsuant to an order of Court, this day made in the afore said matter, notice U hereby given, that a dividend will be declared out of tbe asaeu of the estate of said bankrupt which have beea redneed to money, (to be paid at suchtime hereafter as the Court may direct) and all persons in interest are hereby required (pursuant to said order.) to file their proofs of debt for a participation in aaid dividend, before Thursday, the twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that no creditor be allowed to participate In such distribution who falls to file his proof of debt according to law, before the day last aloreaaid. WM. COVENTRY H. WADDELL, Official or General Assignee. Dated this 9th day of January, 1845. jalO lot IN the matter of WARREN P. ALDEN, a bankrupt - Decree dated December 39th, 1843. Pursuant to an order of Court this day made In the aforesaid matter, notice is hereby given, that a dividend will be declared out of the asseu of the estate of said bankrupt which have been reduced to money (to be paid at such time hereafter aa tb Court may direct) and all persona in interest are hereby required (pursuant to said order.) to file their proof of debt for a participation in said dividend, be fore Thursday, the twenty - tnlrd day of January, ifJ45. And that no creditor he allowed to participate In such distribution who fails tn file his proof of debt according to law, before the day last aforesaid. WM. COVENTRY n WADDELL, ,. Official or General Assignee. Dated this 9th day of January, 1845. jalOlOt ""N the matter of JOHN F. MACKIE, a bankmpL - De cree ntna uecemner J it, lotx. Pursuant to an order of Court this day made In the afore said matter, notice Is hereby given, that a dividend will be declared out of the asseu of the estate of said bankrupt. which have been reduced to money (tn he paid at such time hereafter as the Court may direct,) and all persons in Interest are hereby required (pursuant to said order.) to file their proofs of debt fur a part.clpatlon In said dividends before Thursday, the twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that no creditor be allowed to participate In such distribution who tails tn file his proof of , dubt according to law, before tn oay lastaioresata. IVM. IAJV ENTRY H. WAIWKLL, Official or General Assignee. Dated thli 9th day of January, 1845. jalO lot - IN the matter of GEORGE OAKLEY, bankrupt De I cree dated December 3 lit 1843. Pursuant to an order of Court this day made in the afore said matter, notice is hereby clveo, that a dividend will be declared ont nf the assets of the estate of said bankrupt which have been reduced to money, (to be paid at such time nereatter as tneuourt may aireei,) ami nil persons in interests re hereby required (pursuant to said order) tn file their proofs of debt for a participation in said dividend, before Thursday, the twvuy - ihirrl day of January, 1815. And that no creditor be allowed tn participate In such distribution who fails to file his proofof debt according to law, be fore me aay last aioresaia. WM. sjuvniN l I 11. WAUIIISLb, Official or General Assignee. Dated this 9th day of January, 1815. JalO lot rN the matter of AMOS HOGINS, a bankrupt Decree L dated January 14th, 1843. - Pursuant to an order of Court this day made In the afore said matter, notice is hereby given, that a dividend will be declared out of the asseu of tbe estate of aaid bankrupt wuico have been reduced to money, (to be paid at such time hereafter as the Court may direct) and all persons in Interest are hereby required (pursuant to said order) to file their prools ot debt lor a peiticlpation in said dividend, be fore Thursday, the twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that no creditor be allowed to participate in such distribu tion; who fails to file bis proof of debt according to law, be fore ID day last aforesaid. , WM. COVENTRY II. WADDELL, Official or General Assignee. Dated th'u 9th day of January, 1845. jalOlOt N the matter of JOSEPH M. MeJIMSEY, a bankrupt L Decree dated January - .list 184.1. rnrxuant to an order of Court this day made in the afore said matter, notice is hereby given, that a dividead will be declared out of the asseu of the estate of said bankrupt which have been reduced to money ito be paid at such time hereafter as the Court may direct and all persons in merest are hereby required (pursuant losaid order) tn file their proofs of debt for a participation in said dividend, before Thursday, the twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that no creditor be niiowea to panic 1 pate in sucn atstnnution who falls to file hU proofof debt according to law, before the day last aforesaid. W lit. KfKJ v CiS 1 c x 1 - 1. irailMLliL, Official or General Assignee. Dated this 9th day of January, 1845. . JalOlOt IN the matter of WILLIAM K. WHITE, a bankrupt Decree dated January 37th. 184X Pursuant to an order or court this aay made in tha afore said matter, notice it hereby given, tnat a aivioena win ne declared oat ol the asseu of the esute of said bankrupt which have beea reduced to aaoney, (to be paid at snch time hereafter as the Court may direct) aad all persons In interest are hereby reiuired (pursnaat to said order) to file their proofs of debt for a participation In said dividend, be fore Thursday, the twenty tnira aay 01 January, imj. Ana that no creditor be allowed to participate In such distrihu lion who fails to file his proof of debt according to law, be fore tbe day last aforesaid. IYX tUVb.ll&l XI. VVALrUXjLOJ, . Official or General Assignee. Dated this 9th day of January, 1845. jalO lOt IN the matter of HENRY w. KNEE LAND, a bankrupt Decree dated April SSth, 1843. F iirxuant to a n order of Court thrt day made la tbe afore said matter, notice is hereby gives, that a dividead will be declared out of the assets 01 ine estate 01 sara Bankrupt, which have been reduced to money (to be paid atsucb tim hereafter as the Court may direct) aad all persons in iaterest are hereby required (pursuant to said order,) to file their nronfsfnr debt for a participation In said dividend, be fore Thursday, th twenty - third day of January, 1845. And that no creditor oe niiowea 10 participate in ucu uia tnbntlon who fails to file his proof of debt according to law. before the day butt aforesaid. 11 Bk. lAlimiifti n niifriijij, Official or General AsMcnee. Dated thli 9th day of January. 1845. Jain lOt """BARCLAY LIYIsnaiwiHi w una JO atreet, ortW for sale - EartttoB and Chene tringuama, www atyioa Chene Damask Ginghams, very rich Chene Cravat Hdkfs Menterth'i Turkey Twilled Bandana ndkfs Madras and Verona Hdkfs, choice patterns Dark ground Gingham Hdkfs Linea Sheetingx 5 4, tWt, 10 4, 11 aad 13 - 4 bleached . Linen Cambric Hdkfs Linea 7 - 8 aad 4 - 4, of superior quality Damask Table Linea and Diaper . i Towela, red and blue bordered Velveteens, superior black - ' Carpeting, nemp twilled and Baizes Osnarmrgs, Tailors' Canvas, brown Ttbl Cloth English Navy Sail Duck ' 404 hhds aad tlerret Cardenas Molasses . - : 300 bags prime Rio Coffee 300 qr casks "Harris A Sons" Port Wise 150 do do and bbls Sicily Madeira 100 hhds and pipes choice Madeira Wine SO half pipe "Oottdard" pale and cold Brandy 3 do do "Hennessy" colored do 3 puncheons OM Scotch Whiskey - - 37 bbls Old Peach Brandy 100 casks London Brown Ptont, la quarts aad pinU 54 d Pal Edinburgh Ale, a do 80 eases solid Liquorice Paste la do Sheathing Copper. I8a34oa , ' 140 bales Trieste Rags, SPfF sepIS TTNION HALArTIANDER BOOK "A FES, mj Th only Book naas yea anvawa, wauca as awyoaa ail diiubt complately preof agaiaet the action of fire, entirely free from dampness, aad strong enough to eadnre the fieeU nf tallin. from the second or third story of a building, is Gar ter's Salamander Safe, which to constructed so as to combine two perfect Iron Seles, one within the other, each Safe being made entirely ot wrought iron bars and plate iron, and tb sides lined with the most perfect smar - eonduettng and in - desu actable eutwt - ince - Each Safe bos a door eeenved by the detector lock, and whea complete, the outer Bale aaost be completely destroyed before th Inner can be at all exposed to tbe heat - A full supply of tb above Safes, (toga ther with a cheaper kind for t", with good locks,) conxtaauy oa hand, aad "Vy" 1 MACKIE A LFTVERITT. 107 Water rt ISuira Pntent Coal A sh Sifter. - s, - s. slIfTH Afll. MAI, and 35 Stem streesl H. Y. air. BCLA has taftsiv improved tb above article, by wbath Use Machine ta enabled to siA asae la a great deal leas time tbaa ever. Taos who have aought 1. it attached by applying. , Manufacturer, also, of Scales of all varieties also Sugar ail Mills net aa Improved I aaa. GF.nyr n niBDWAut - iuu - i t . u; 151 Front .tteorner of Maidea laac, l avajustre - coived per Leda, from Aatwsjrp. aa invtfc of best quality Gertnaa Hatdvraes,axmsistlngof - 180 doa cheap bawd saw nvea, Sj incnea. - bert aaailry do 44 asm S iBCbea. 3lal " Cabinet and tber files, a full aiaia line lit l a " Wood saw blades 30 biebaa, setaad filed 100 do do 30 do do with clue teeth. M m do do 53 do KM " Flyer, aad catting nippers front 4 to 8 inches SO Parallel Vices a vary nae artlcM Ifwdoaea beat qanliry Sheep oaeara !8 and 13 laches, Aaaertcaa aanavas. SOS Bail Braces rot which tbey efler for rale ea reawma - ble Ursoa, aad ia lots tosait parebssera. - jal TWINES IOS boles lw.ivud tna lb amnnfaetnerrs, embtarif all etaes. tmm to SS lbs per eoiew. wf BrM Bort, claaaa, IdeiTaag nd dH Neat Twine, for sale by . . - BURRITT A JOHNSTON. S3 Plne - eC . Also 20 bss Eacliak aad AaMneaa Brwwra 8he Tarwad. Ill tn 1 l ao , laxtiuil , 4 - jUietZy Itrolher Sc Co., - No. 13 Joww rraser. Nrw Yoax. Am Ne. afi FrxToB nun. Baeoatva. OrieiawJ iatvaawara aaat area raassratactnrera wf irjsrearalae IW.ic iJaana. Abm, maaafaginim aad dealer, aa taamred tar - ubaae Lataa.Sular I juaa. Glnasiaaea, Hall 1 aaapa Bad Laaieras. Astral and &dor Muubra. Chimal aad Laaap Claan.of all bade. Lesp Wick. Pure eperss OU, Carsr pbBd Msrsinr flaiili all nf - trhlrh lis nfrisfil a - hnls A A On a ed in to ale aaa lotsii, ba low ptxe log oaaa. ea XTEW FRENCH OOOrS OPENED BT AN IHE HIBMHIUEllS. silks aad mode piaia bareges Pekia do Ecoaastfat ombre do Keyptiaa piaixi do Chine medallion do Striped medailloa brocha Second Baoaintisrg do Black colored watered ao PVm htrds eeossals Plaid silk saawis . Watered bareges, entirely sew, nrst tmporutuoa. Rich printed btUxorinsa, aew designs One case or' Duehe - se a . (Means bareges, aape - rior texture, 5 cases aew styles de Iain Eartnraad'd ssrlataaa aaaa - liB. Fine emb'd French avuslia Emb'd eawbaaer shawls Eaib'dM.D.Laine do Printed baker do Plaid and striped do do do acarfa Rainbow silk shawl . do do scarfs do do cravats . r Plaia do 1 Black satins aad taflettas Fancy cravats ' - Arc - ea - del era vau aad silks Sua shades aad pamaoU Ban and smrses irerieene aad ehevaliere men camellca mantillas Do do cardinals Do do scarfs Pink, blue, straw. Irleelc lilac Borgbes scolree scarf Two eases of superior long shawls, the richest patterns that have been Imported, of every color. Also two cases of very fine square shawls, of rich colors aad aew styles. "stria EtaibroirleriP. Paris emb'd collars marie Hemstitched L C cambric no do do racaet do do do . picot do do do amili do do do riaoa do do manchettes do do hdkfs do do dresses Tap borders Paria emb'd capea do do g aim pes, picot do do do rachel do do sleeve do do eanexouf Childrens' bdkfs Riviere stitched hdkfk Heaisoicaed lawa hdkfk Riviere, nrasic, collars aad cutis, for moarnixur la music hdkfs Tare Cases of K.ld. Clssvea, or a new. strrznion m ticuiMv, ml. case of dark I Demi long white ki do black I Quarter long whit m do - while Owe case light kid Two cases of r en tremens' single and double stitched Groves, of assorted colore, which, with a large stock of other goods, ara offered for sale oa the most reasonable terms, either wholesale or retail, by aug!4 JAMES BECK At CO.. 359 Broadway. Dundee raitft ther heary sixatple awoouu, BURR ITT Ac JOHNSTON, No. 33 Pin street, oppeaite the Custom House, oiler for sale the follow Ing seasonable giorls, ia qunnuiiea 10 suit purchasers, on liberal terms. its) Bales 46 Inch Calcutta Gunny Cloth, SI lbs per yard 100 do 44 " Dundee d. S do UK) do 44 do Barring, lia li do do Si a) Pieces 44 - Bcnagnucoke do - Russia do " Kentucky do .1: 100 do 44 do do 200 do 44 44 1 3 ply 1000 Coils " Manilla Hemp Rope. 1000 do - tientucky ao " Russia and Jute Hemp Rop 3U0 do 5000 Lbs: nemp Baling nvine 30 Balea Common Brown Shoe Thread 1 80 do 86 inch Brown aad White Salt Sacking do 84 do S4 do - Linen Osnaburgh " do Bear Ducks " White - , do " Burlap " Heavy Burlap " Brown Sheeting - " White and Cream colored Imi tatioa Russia Sheeting. H : to 13 - 4 Barnsley SheeUngs " Blenched Dowlas At Crequillas M Grain Sacking Canvass Padding, No I a 6 Twilled HempOarpeU Negre Bbuakeu. English A Amer'n Ribbon bound Whitney Blankeu Rose Blankeu Blue and Brown Pilot Cloths Ilea vv Printed Tweeds do 37 do 4 - 4 40 and 43 do do 45 4 - 4 to 40 4 - 4 a 42 40 25 a 27 20 a 40 34 4 - 4 8 - 1 a 9 - 4 - 9a 13 - 4 , 9 a 13 - 4 6 - 4 do do do do do do do do do do do rto 34 Bridport Seine, Herring and Gill Ntt Twines, 5 a 36 lbs per dozen English aad American Sail Twine SO do 300 Pieces do - SootcL " Cloth 3 Bales Brown and White Saddle Tie Cloth 50 do Linen Floor Cloths, 5 6 and 8 yards wid 50 do do da 45 a 72 inch wid 10 Cases do Bockram and Improved Canvass 10 do 97 Inch White Navy Linen . . 5 do Carolina Indigo 100 Bales Dew Rolled American Hemp in ao ttussia wuius 5 do' - do Bleached Narrow Linea, J" First Preniiam of I - liaud Peaiutuiaxtip. gA OLBSTIITII'S WRITING AND BOOK - laT KEEPING ACADEMY. IPOBrondivay.oppojlte John street Open Day and Evening for the reception of pupils (old aad young) and the sale of the "Genu of Pcnmrxnalii p," volume universally spoken of by the Press as being the moat wonderful achievement of the Pen, as well as the best "Self Guide" to Penmanship In all lt hnnches ever offer to tbe public The wsrk is a large quarto (13 by 15 Inches.) elegantly bound la doth and gilt Paica Ftvx Doli.abs. Call and see It Mr. G. will commence his Winter Classes for Instruction' Mercantile and Epistolary Writing and Double Entry Uoek - kecplnir, . on Monday, January Sth, at his Rooms, 189 Broadway, where he shall be most happy ta meet all Ihe Good Citizens and Bad Writers la Gotham, guaranteeing to all in only Ten Easy and Intereatirat ExercI.ea, aa elegant well - formed aad graceful style of Callgraphy, wnicn tuey win not lose in ineir luture pracuce. terms, Fivk Dollars, Including sutionery, payable at the commencement. Ladies' hours from 11 tn 1 o'clock daily. Gentlemen at the other hours of the d jy and evening. See Circulars at the Academy. 1'rivale Instruction given. From the Courier A Enq ilrer, July 27ih, 1814. '"Goldsbtith's Gist or PcKasasHir The Chirogra phic art is much more important to mankind than it is gen erally considered, ana Mr. tioidstntth may very well claim be considered at iu bead. The volume before ns exhibiu more taste aad Ingenuity, and higher proofs of manual dexterity, than we have ever seen before. (New York Evening Post It Is a collection of samples of plain and ornamental pen manship of surprising beauty, and executed crakEicr. cali'xo, and compriswg the most graceful and varied combinations." INew York Express. "Goldsmith's Gia s or PxaaaasBtr." We have seen the original, as executed by his own hand, and a more beamuul, and indeed a more wonilerlul display of the power of that little instrument which hat I - en said to lie atoEI FOTkHT tui the isCtD, ' we never witnessed before." je.9 is TO !tl AKE JELLY BLANC MANGE ANU CHARLOTTE DE RUSSE. TO MAKE TABLE JELLY use at least two ounces of Cooper's Refined Amer ican Isinglass, (which is better adapted for the purpose than the Russian, and dot s a it cost one quarter so much,) soik it in cold water for .wo hours, drain off that water. then take two quarts or et Id water, put In It Ine whites ot three eggs, (a little beaten.) oa and a half pounds of white tngar, one pint of Madeiia w,ne, the Juice of three good 8led lemons, and the peel of one, a stick of cinnamin or other spice to suit the taste, add the isinglass, stir all tbe ingredients well together while coldjthen boll the whole mass for lour or five minutes, ana then pour it through a Jelly bag, when It may be put into glasses or moulds, snd when eoid. will be ht for use. The moulds should be nrst wet with a little while of egg and water, just before the jelly Is put la them, in order to make it easy to turn them out on plates. The Jelly Bag Is made of flannel 6 or 10 inches across the opening, and about half a yard deep narrowing to a pointat tb.ebotl .rn. The liquid that runs through first should be poured back in the Jell y Bag until ifruns through clear. Other liquids made from preserves, maybe jellied by using the same proportion of the Isinglass. BkASc Manas may be made by at least one ounce of Isinglass, previously soaked In oold water, f" 'wo quarts of milk or cream ; the peel of two lemons, sugar and spice to suit the taste, bring the whole to a boiling heat strain it and when nearly cool, snr it well to mix the cream that will rice while cooling, pour it in moulds, and when perfectly cold, it may be lumed out and will be then ready for use. The moa Ids should be first wet with cold water, which will prevent It from sticking to them. CusSLorrc ns Rcssx Put one ounce of the Cooper's Isinglass, (previously soaked in cold water,) with a Vanilla bean into a half a pint of milk, neat it over a slow fire, aad when tne Isinglass la dissolved, strain it and when about milk warm add four eggs beaten up very 11 - ht and half a Douad of white sugar : take three pints of sweet cream, and after whipping it all up very light, add it to the egg, and ivinEiua, siirriuE i aui uie time. Fut it in moulds as soon as mixed, with sponge cake cut thin at the bottom and side. To Rinax Liorjoas Dissolve two ounces in one quart of Cuter, beer, or vv ine, (it annum not He boiled, though warm cd sufficient to dissolve it.) put it when dissolved into a bar rel of the Honor, where it should be well stirred, and wben clear, racked off. It should be pot into Cider as soon as It Is draws from the press, and should be racked as soon as it rs clear ; It It be not racked off at a proper time, a fi ted air will form and cause tne sediment to mingle again with the whole BUias. The Isinrlass may be had at the principal retail groceries ana aruggtait o uie city. ja 13 MTT AN I' FACT CHER OF CLOTHINU AT if JR. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. H.LEOPOLD, for merly Merchant Tailor In Paria, would respectfully inform tbe public that he ha made extensive additions to his for mer business, and is now prepared to furnish Clothing at a holesale aad retail, at prices (tor cash) lower than any other establishment la the city ; and having bad twenty years experience tn the boslBee,he flatters himself that in beauty of workmanship he can compete with any. Shirts also made ia th Americaa aad French fashion, ia a superior style, and at unprecedented low price. Person buying clothing would do well to call and exam - Ine his stork before purchaavng elsewhere, as he feels confident that If they examine ihe quality and prices of his goods, ne can give tne utmost sausracuon. H. LEOPOLD, 101 William street Kew York. The retail trade he will sell at the following low nriees: Eitn fine Mack dress and frock coats from $6 00 to $13 00 Fin Mack and fancy colored beaver cloth overcoats ... ' 13 00 to SO 00 Fin blarJt ami colored cassirriere pants... 3 00 to 7 00 Beautilnl black aad colored fancy aad vet - vet vests....... . t to SOO Splendid black and colored silk vests 1 to 3 50 Alee, circular and half circular cloth cloaks. Ate. a15 FxlEmOI SOFA REDTEAIS. N. atcGKAWS PATENT EX TENSION SOFA. This article is : adapted to the circomstaaeea and wests of both rich and poor. Inas amca aa It snake aa spieadjrl a SoU a any lady or geBtl - naaa could dctlre for their parlor, aad yet In a moment It caa be converted into a comfortable and convenient btd. For the beauty, entity, and cuavealenc of the above fJora, tbe Inventor haa beea awarded as pre miom at Lue various tVtrs where It baa beea exhibited, one gold medal, three surer nsedaia. and six diieomaa. All orrsons wishing lo Hirchaxe either Soma. Sofa Bed steads, Reclining or Office Chair, are resnecn'ally invited to call at 463 Broadway, and exnrsine th above articles and jwlee of their aieria tor themaeivea. N. B. Also, Dr. Bean's Patent RocklBf Chairs, which hav elicited the adotiratloa of all who have sued these. They ma upoa castors, and yet mck with Ih greaseat ease. 4S3 Broadway, u9jr? second door above Grand street NEW YORK, AND SAC4JERTII1S WHITE LEAD CO V.PAN Y Tb ubscnbw i bow iwceiviog a full assortment of While Lead manumctured at the above aamed establishment and Is prepared to aapply painters aad dealers on the aioat favorable terms. Pare White Lead, grcmad ta oil, casks of 350 to IS) Iba. do do ko kegs 35 te Hm Eras .do do caslnt too to fioa do do do . keg 35 to lot) No. 1 do - da eaek aad kegs, asajri4 No. 9 d do do do da Par Dry W'hil Lead, assorted sited easki Extra do do do ao No. 1 tto 4o do do an JAMES Mcdl.LOl'GH 77 Wall at "nEPPER, PlNE.ITOfS ITNEIiSi :x.asv xors, cst 10 bag heavy Sumatra S.IO do Jeasalca rimea Sue bales and brie 3eva 5casfcs Na I Nulaaags 350 case aad Subaaai Caesia all tha above a ta ebectura. 500 bags Rare Ginger 50 cawn Ginger Preaerve SO case finawt euality Manilla Indigo SOcenma ao Carsecas do Htcnesafine - - Java aW " - fa - b W - - Maexaa - ao - lono awg. Awe old Java Coffee; LXsj ws Maailla do 9U0 do Sumatra dor, 3S0 bales Mocha do lo casks Dutch Haider, fi bales Manilla Hesrap WilhagoasdasarsrtraatofTeas. Fie sale by 114 - 4tT. ItTCfiLUrr Front rt 1NLOBS BENZOIN lf'oas, fie sal by II. bl. SCUIEFFELLN Ar. FOWIJ3. jsll ' - ' - - - ' ' 143 Ftoat street STE AltlNE 100 - barrei first quality be eai by jaa) JOMNwON BROlHagfl, 81 Water st kt p - a NO. 25 PINE STREET. WINE Madeira, of various brands, for sale by aOO CENTER A CO - 30 Old slip. "VTELLOTV iTIETAL. A few easel 36 oa, for sal M. by V.TIBBETS,S!3 Water M. 439 Y iTataJBGE A sarwrior tot for sai. . . JsLal ad SAMUEL W. DEWEY T F - alst "W" INSEElr 4000 UusbeU of superior qualitf Odessa MS seed tor sale by hicks At n. alO - PlOl'I'iui; In nam prime St Domingo for sale by ja - jtittraMun. Uktri'Huis, 81 tti r It.O. 1 cases Sonth Carolina indigo for aale by 4 BURRITT A JOHNSTON, S3 Piae st fNlOB ACCO 14 boxes Florida Leaf for sale by - Aa. ja CENTER A CO, SO Old Stlp. n OLD LEAF AND FOI L. for sale by 11. M. oCullirr ELLN At IWLtk, 143 Front atreet jaI3 Tl USS1A HEJIP - 50 tons first quality St Pctrrv Ja.v burgh claaa Hemp, for sale ia lou to suit purchasers. by lit. n.9 at cu. jaio kilLPlUTE QUININE 1000 ozs. for sale by ZJ H. M. SCHILFFELLN A FOWLER, Jail 143 Front street PUIiV. BIIEI 50 eases E. J - for sale by . H. M. SCU1EFFELLN A FOWLER, jail 143 Front atreet ar INSKHafflOO bushel, landing and for sale at 36 Broad street by BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON. RUSSIA FLAX 3D Ions ot first quality et re lobars, g and 13 head Flax, for sale in lou to suit pur - chaws by HICKS A CO. JalO IPEB CA R R. SAT A 50 kegs, for sale br C5 H. M, SCUU1FFEUN A FOWLER, jiii 143 Front street SALT PETR E 100 kegs Boston refined, for sale by H. M. BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER, jail ' - - - 143 Front street RUSSIA ISINGLASS insbeeUof prune quaiirv received per Geneva, from St Petersburg, and for sale Z1 - by H1LSER A CO., 151 Front st. 590O GALLONS best Bleached Fall Strain SpetatOti. for sale sow hy - . J. v. 1 llillr - r - s 3 Water st BLUE. VITROL 50 bhls Salem, for sale by H. M. oCHIEFFELlN A FOWLER. 11 143 Front street WOOL 3 JO bales l unwashed Donskoy Wool ; 150 do washed Smyrna do. For sale by J10 HICKS A CO. GLUE - 1U0 bbls low priced (;iue. fur sale by H. M. BCHIEFFELIN A FOW1 LER. J" 143 Front street. MANNA 8 case, large flake ; 8 do email e nee of Lemon, for sale at 36 Broad sir. c r Lemon, for sale at 36 Broad street by Ja7 BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON. WJIITR WAX - 40 bales Caba White Wax, land - lag and for sal by ' . dlt MOSES TAYLOR, 44 South st SA,ii'?I SKINS 10 cks Pitman's superior Roans and Splits, pef Sea, for sale bv dll BL BK1TT A JOHNSTON. H pin, ,att. g C.Ti sJLIjELLACc 50 cases, for sale by , W H. SI. BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER, . J?ii " 143 Front street CALCINED " cases Kngli.h, for aula by U. M. SCUIEFFELLN A FOWLER, Ja, 142 Front .Ueet. CANDLKS. 1000 boxes Troy Mould, Spermaceuaad Patent Wax Candles, received and for sale by . 1' N. COMSTOCK, 191 Front street MA CCAHON I SOO bexes landing and for sale at 36 Broad street by J7 BARC1.AY A LIVINGSTON.' CICKSILVKH - 90 flasks, for sale bv 1L 11. SCHIEFFKI.IN a - mivr.vp Ja" 142 Front street. SWAN C.IN In pipes, for sale hy PARIS R. POMEROY58 Pearl street . jalj Between Broad street and Coenles slip. PUISSIATE POTA 1M lilOO lbs, for anieny - U. JL BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER, jH 149. Front atreet SCWAC 1000 bags Ingham A Co. Brand landing from ship Sharon, from Palermo, and for sale at 36 Broad st, by BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON. Ja7 Ol L. Prime Oils of every description used fur burning or machinery, for sale in lots tn suit by Ja7 N. COMSTOCK, 191 Front street ALCOHOL 100 bbls 8n7a, for sale by H. M. BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER, jH ' . 142 Front street. INDIGO Manilla, fur sale bv II. M. BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER. JI1 142 Front street. TTiMHXtfe.LLA CLOTH! Indigo blue bottom. A tor sale by LAWRENCE, TRIM RLE A CO, t3 Beaver street ja!4 IJ ATH BKICK. 15,003 very superior Scourinv aa di Brick, for sale nt a low prce bv ja3 SAMUEL THOMPSON, 273 Pearl street S,?EBH OIL 100 barrels winter bleached for sale by JOHNSON, BROTHERS. 81 Water st 19 11THALE OIL 150 barrels winter bleached for i sale by jn9 JOHNSON. BROTHERS, 81 Water st A L.tlflXDS 100 kales Languedoc ; 30 bales soft shell jrss, lanmng ann tor sale oy ja9 CHAMBERLAIN A PHELPS. 103 Fnmtst. nn.RTAlIIC ACID Kidder's and Baltimore, for ja. saicuy xt. ai. & tuwiiEH, j13 142 Front street fr e. ANDVEKONA HDKFS A few ja ev cjees lur sale at manufacturers prices, by j"!3 CII AS. CARVILLE, 31 Finest CJgTSS bTU V rnd just receited and for sale by I jaa IlllArfcK at CO., 151 Front st I W9 EAf" Jl'ItEPOHT - 25 qr casks, of superior i9 tftfTilu wiKmi, erwM.M..! . J.i HILGLR A CO., lot rront st, cor Maiden lane. A RC'OLS AND LICORICE 10 casks Red Ar - XltV C 'l i ; 50 cases Calabria Licorice Paste ; 30 cases Sicily uo. r 01 aaio oy joil CHAMBERLA.IN A PHELPS. 103 Front st. CiOKUKD SKI UTS A few cases of a new and J very superior fabric, from the N. Y. Mills, this day te - ceivea ana lor sale by CUA3. CARVILLE, i JO 31 Pine street rfVH AMI A iN E WIN E 350 baskets Chamortene J Wine, of the Anchor Brand, in pints and quarts, for aieny ranis K. riJ.iIEUUy, 5H rcarl it, jal I Between Broad atreet and enemies slip. flJt4 - V4IAN I LIE cOO lbs luk maker's and JL Painter's, tea sale by H. M. BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER, Jail 143 Front street 1JED LEAD LITIVARCK 300 kegs New Ja.v Lngiand oiass Co a make, 'or sale by H. M. SCUlErFELLV A FOWLER", jail 143 Front street B I'SSIA ISINGLASS In sheets, of prime auall a ty, juntreceived per Geneva from St Petersbureb,tbr sate ny llll.t.trl at cu , ait ui rront street CJPANISII RROWN AND YELLOW OCHRE 50 bbls Baltimore, for sale by H. M. BCHIEFFELIN A FOWLER, 143 Front street jail sfKLO SCOTCH WHISKY In demijohns of I, wjr x, j ana sgnuons, a very eaotee arncie. for sale by FARlo R. POMEROY, 5S Pearl st , jal4 Between Broad street and Cnentie slip. xThLD WINES Madeira, Sherry and Port Wines, in VF demijohns ana bottles, for sale by - PARIS K POMEROY, 58 Pearl street ja!4 between Broad street and Coenties slip. ARAN E INE OR EXTRACT OF FRENCH MADDER, 30 casks just received from Marseille, for sale by 115 MOSES TAYLOR. 44 South t ALlIO.tS too boxes shelled Almonds; 300 bags soft shelled Almond : 300 bogt washed Walnuts, just received and tor sale at so lirnaa street try Ja7 DAItULAI SC. 1,11 LM.5HI.1. "H SBANDY Otard, Dupuy A Co. Brandy, pale and MM dark, la half pipes and quarter casks, for sale by PARIS R. POMEROY, 58 Pearl street jail Between Broad street ami Coenties slip. A - !EH PUINT& Two, three and four color Xv - fn. ed Prints, new and desirable styles, jtit received an for sale by CHAS. CARVILLE, piu 31 Pine street CJIIEHRY WINES In hbds and q sailer casks. pale and brown, for sale try PARIS R. POMERY, 58 Pearl st, ja!4 Between Broad street and Coenties slip. "tn1 CRN IT t; HE PRINTS, in great variety, eom - JX ' prising two, three and nre colored, also extra tall Chintz, new styles, bow opening and foe sale by jalO - CHAS. CARVILLR, 31 Piae street. 1 1ETTE it a kEI RA. la quarter casks, from the ty Bouse of Louis aioeater at uo. on head, and for sal by IllLGEIt at LV 151 Front street eor. of Maiden Lane. d34 iALD OTARD, IHTPI7Y A CO. pale and dark Brandy, ajr in 1 demijohns of 1.9, Sand S gallons, for sale by PARIS u, rOMEKOY, vr rear! st, Betweea Broad street and Coenties .lip. jal 4 ATaLD JA.TIAIt'A RCiTI la demijohn f 1,3,3 vLF and 5 gallons, ttar sale by PARIS R. lOMEROY. 58 Pearl st, jal 4 Between Broad street and Coenties slip. mZ LEIGHSJust received aa adrlitioaal supply of one 9 and two borse sleighs, which will be sold very low at the Repository of las undersigned. No. 44U Broadway. dI3 ISAAC MIX. Jr. DOitXESTICS A general aaaortment of Domestic Goods, consisting of Ginghams, Checks, Paper Mas tics, Kentucky Jeans, Sheetings, low prtcM mats, uottloa adea. Cotton Handkerenikrs, bow oe nana aaa hbt sale By jo3 8. T. JONES. A Co, 13 Piae and 15 Naaaan. af - 4 ALA PLAIDS 7 - S and6 - 4Chints Gala Plaids. a jf caaice aasortraeal of fatteres, now laacling aad for sal by S. T. JONES A CO 13 Piae and 15 Nassaa sat 4 ALT EiroE PAPER Ouarto Post u peruse " and extra auperflM, Octavo Poat dodo do, blue aad w bite, lor sate ny dd CYRUS W. FIELD, 9 Burling slip. JP1 ANCLE S Troy. Mould, Sperm and patent Candies, svr 01 au LbC usual aiaea, receive an Irar by d37 N. COMSTOCK, 191 Front st ATA I LS Bleached IV'in - er W bale aad Lard Oils, for sale w iu uerces ana ooia, oy rH7 N. COMSTOCK. 181 Front st T'RF.SIII POTATOES FOR 8ALE - l(iO0 BL' swDeis bow lanmng rrom snip Coois Philippe, from uavrw, appiy ..ra at rrer to nortB niver or so j FOX A UVINGSTON. 33 Bread at Hil V.NISlI WINES Hackbeimer, Radeliimer Job.iwila; raet and Ma rubra ner of diflereai VlwMea. inm ine aeaw ih Ureaei At t5oa, Gelseabeisner. for law by rtiiAca as .J 101 rarml ar. I) A K i RON 5o0 loos, coaaprtsing full Mortiueat jsuav et, Amwieaa, Ken new, owednb aad Raasa Irea. for sale by BLEECKER A OOTflOL'T. jai J Ilia, corner of Jih turn. T ffOxlHE AIIOR I itON - at5 tnwiof supwiurqasli - jaJBL ty, tor sai ia auts a snit purcoasers, nv . BLEECKER A OOTHOLT. jal5 Cliff, corner of Joha street TfOaP IRON 100 toas EaglUh ami Aaaerkaa Irea, MJL of aucervr quality, aad embractag every sic ; awn very thia, saade expressly for trunk and luck annufeeiar. ror sat ay otax rvca at iiutT. - 15 Clilt enrner of .mh arreet aTAIL AND CANDLES - A geaeral aaannroeat of w jr prime oil, sperm, fellow and ermposltlon candles, rav cer' ed and be cam ay ni.tsjajs - iir; &, jal 191 Froet at TbTOCGAT DE PROVENCE Juat ; received Jsni from Paris, a fresh supply nf Preach Nougat of e perrox quality, r.a - aaiw ay me passage. arm seawun wwj tties. at lUOaiPBON A WELLCR'w ralaaaaa. sl5 335. S37 aad 713 Broadway. PURE Jl ICE PObt r WINE ba awaner casfcsof very safaHlor pau. aice Port Wine, viatagv bow landing from brig Merida, Fepper. naas, Oporto, nd for aal by ALEX. SOi.TAC. 91 Wall - at. vii HIKll i OLIVE Ft ST14NS fwraaleby. JB M. . . . LAWRENCE, TRIMRLK A int. jnlw ti3 Ueavef street TntJ XlCJalAfb for ani. Ly BS LAWRX.NCE. TEIMBLE & CO - jale (UBcavag street it it ed to of 1 ' i J THE E VESINQ POST. The M , dlle Dattcla ChAarcat New Pool orfice Reraarkau CBOtca. The CoUt - giate Kcformed Etatch Church ia the oldest organized Christian Church in the Uni ted Sates, except tbe Church of the Pilgrims, which came over ia the May Flower, 'and waa eetabllaborj at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620. ' The houses ef worship built by them, previous to the building of tbe Middle Dutch Church, were small temporary build - in j shortly alter the settlement, the Church in the fort, (now the Eattery) bain in 1612, and the old Church tn Garden atreet, built in 1991. The Middle Dutch was commenced in 1737, aod was opened lar worebip in 1723. It is ihe oldest church edifice in the city, and h. stood during several successive jt, nerationa, and amidst a variety of changes in government, taneui - e. nod arwiatw. It is even now one of tbe most substantial public buildings in this city, aad without some revolution in nature, w ill probably last forages. Originally a was without galleries, and the pulpit was in the east aide of the building, after the fashion of the, ancient churches. During the revolution, while the British had possession ol this city, was desecrated by the hireling, of the tyrant to the profane rjurpores of a riding school! But, after the evacuation, it was repaired and purified, and the wor ship of God recommenced under more favorable auspices, and has been continued untd the present time. The increasing - business of ihe lower nart nf th. city having driven tbe inhabitants and kuinlies worshipping in this church to the upper pan of the city, has beea found netreseaiy to erect other churches for iheir accommodation, Ia dcing mis they have only followed the example of ether Christians, wbo, under similar circumstance, have removed tlicir pla ces of worship, viz :the - German Reformed and Associate Churches on Nassau streets; the Friends Meeting House on Liberty street ; the French Church on Pine street : the two Presbyterian Churches on Cedar street, and those on Dey, Murray and Wall streets ; ine Ltuicii Lauren on exchange i'lnce; tne neiornv Church and the First Unitarian Church on Chambers street ; tbe Episcopal Church on Ann street ; the Baptist Church on Gold street : and, at this time, Grace Church on Broadway, ana the Church of the L'niled Brethren on Fulton street, ere in process ol removal. The Nrw Post Ottick. The post office depart ment last summer, leased the Middle Dutch Church lor seven yea's, at the moderate suns ot tfoOul pei annum. Tbe property s estimated by the Con.tston be worth J0,U0O. .The building has been altered and fitted np in a very handsome and convenient manner, under the direction of our noalmaster. Col. Graham, and will be opened the hitter part of this or I . : r .i . i i' . t . . toe wujuiua "i wc next iiiuutu, log tlie transaction business. It may be interesting lo some ol yout readers to have a brief description of the location and the arrangement of our new post ortice, lor we now have one of which we caa speak in the higheEt terms of praise. I he post omce is situated on a spacious lot, bounded by Liberty - street on the north ; on the east by buildings on Liberty and Cedar streets : on tbe south by Cedar street ; and on the west by fias - au street. he lot which contains a large number of vaults belonging to the congregation of the Middle Dutch Church, is surrounded by strong iron railing, and iron railings are built around the veults which protect the tomb stones from being deUced or injured bj wanton or sacrilegious hands. There is a large gateway on Cedar street, which opena ih Iron l ol the orfice, in which there are three doors leading to tlie " box delivery." On the front of the office a large and handsome portico, supported by pillars has been erected for the protection of those who have business at the box deliverv. On Naseau street there are six gates which a fiord entrance to the box delivery, general delivery, ladies window, mail carriers door and window, iiewsiiarK - r deliverv and editors boxes. A handsome verandah with gru windows extends the whole length of the building on Nassau street, which ailords protection from the inclemency of the weather te all who have business at the windows, without excluding; the lieht trnm the post office. On the east side there is a covered passage enclosed in gla&s, which leads to the orrices o! the cashier, postmaster, transcript orfice, city despatch office, and for the eutrance ol" the clerks. The main building is ot stone, exceedingly plain, but substantial, ihe architecture having no claim to ornament or beauty. It has been recently tuinled. and is a tol erably good imitation of granite. Its dimensions are one hundred feet by seventy - five, exclusive of the tower and the two wings which have been added for the reception of tbe mails. The tower, which i aooui one nunarea reel lugti. contains a clock, ano an alarm bell weighing 2000 lbs., placed there by ta corporation ot the city. The roof originally shingled is now covered with metal, which renders the exte rior ot tbe omce nearly hre pool. On enterins the front of the orfice vcu fiurl a ana - eioua hall with a marble floor, in which are nlanerl two large stoves, the pipes of which passing into drums, warm ako the Postmaster's and Cashier 'a offices in the second story. Here isa range of letter ....... . .v ....... i & . tl L. n V. .1. 11. 11 , .11 V, 1UC llOll, 11 U 1 U - bering three thousand two hundred and twenty - six, from which there are five places ot delivery. Over the centre of the boxes, there is a fine clock which HAVe evn,n ,Ha wKIa lnl. ..r ,1.. 1...II ....... runs 5io days, made by A. D. Crane. uch an imposing; array of boxes shows at once the vast amount of business done in this office, especially wnen we luxe into consideration tnat tnere are nineteen mail letter carriers, who deliver their letters two or three times a day, besides twelve persons ein ployed in dehverine tlie City Despatch letters. In entering the office on the left of Die Box Deliv ery, we approach the Assorting Department, where the letters are separated and delivered to their respective departments, viz : those which belong to the General Delivery, the boxes, the ladies, and the earner. There are opposite the General Delivery window. Iwn lawa trianmilor .lnlialiatinal ).,.., ... 1. i .. I. 5 npon T. piVot - soTs' to face"ffie delivery - one rnntaina the letter, from A in I .nA ,U. A,h.r , . ." .............. to Z. in theae aloliahetiral Imxea are nlneerl nil lei. ters which do not belongtothe "box delivery," to tlie '""ies, or are taken out by the carriers, fhev are r,,r,n, ,eh .. , .Mr.prl m .innr. .nrl sons whose residence is not known by the carriers. ;u tueee windows are aepositea also tlie letters lor the mails, through apertures made for the purpose. Next to this is a separate department for the ladies' window, at which no one is permitted either to receive or deposits letters but ladies. The carriers' door and deliverv is next to this, at which tbev attend on Sundays for the delivery of their letters. Adjoining this is the Newspaper Delivery, and the editors' ooxes, to wnicn iney nave access at ail limes, both by day and by night. Next to these, and in the centre of the building, there is two long ranges of boxes placed on tchles, extending nearly tlie whole length of the office in wliicu the mail letters are distributed prior to their being mailed, and opposite to them are eight large tables which are appropriated to the assorline and making; up of the mails. Here is a partition separating the letter from the newspaper distribution. Also on the other side ot the omct are three circular tables, surrounded with frame work on which three tier ot mail bags may be suspended tor the reception of newspapers as they are distributed at the tables. In front of the box delivery are two large tables on wbich the letters are examined and the rates corrected, previous to then being deposited in the boxes. At the north end of the building, a portico is erected to shelter the mails which are received and de livered at a large door in the basement of the tower, on either of which there are two wings containing tire proof rooms, where the mails are securely deposited until they are taken into the office tor distribution. On the east side there are several rooms enclosed in glass, one oi wbich is devoted to the use of the City Despatch Carriers, another as a wash room and two entrances, one tor the clerks ol tlie office, and another to the cashier's and poeunaster's rooms in the second Btorv. which are anuroached bv a epiral stair case. In the south end of the building are several hue rooms, which are occupied as the cashier's office, containing a large iron safe inserted in tbe massive wall, which is four feet thick ; adjoining this is the postmaster's room lor public busiuess, which communicates with his private room, where is also the magnetic telegraph, oy which intelligence is cop eyed to and from Ine Branch Post Ofl.ce in Chatham srjoare, and also to his residence in Kighlh street, which is about two miles from tbe office. ' The west side ot the second story has a large room where all letters are rated, stamped, and made ready to be mailed. Ther are also next to this two roc mo devoted to the nielit clerks, adjoining which is one for the use of the letter mail carriers, and is approached from their lower office bv a stair cage, bv which means tbe carriers are kept distinct from the other parts of the office to which they have no ac cese. At Ihe north end of the office, and where the ouloit former) stood, there is erected an elevated tnattorui. enrirrled bv an iron raibnff. and ia arrornached hv . oanasome nigm 01 staire irurn tne lerier department ; tins is intended for the station cf the chief clerk, who from his seat can oversee everything that is going on, and o one can enter or leave the office without bis knowledge. North of this, in the tower, is a fine room tor the use. 01 ine cruel clerk, w here a register is kc4 of the arrival and departure of ail the mails. Above the door of the entrance to this room is placed a clock of superior and exquisite workmanship, made by A. V. Crane, winch runs thkzx hlkdssd axd Sk - varnTT - FrvT. dats. In the arch above tbe clock stands in a niche an exauisitelr carved American eagle, bexripg aloft the national motto, E JPlliuiiijs leftist. .. - t The second storv of the east aide of ihe bniMine ia also separated from tbe office bv a wooden and a lass partition, and is divided into several rooms, one of wutca at occupiea oy me uity jjeepaicn earner, and ia apcroached by a spiral stair case from their icwer office j the next rs the "Transciirt Office," which is furnished with a large iron safe, inserted in the wall of the building, tor the safe - keeping of the post bill ana imager 1 pi docks belonging 10 uie omce 1 tuc bei yond this ia the stairway which lead lo the caahier's and poet ni aster a otticea. . Aa light is aidesiaeratum ui the 1 oat ittnee, ana tor the want ol which ibe ck - rksbave heretofore suffered in all tbe places occupied in this city, a spariiius sky - iignt, nny live ny miern irri, nas oeea couetiucicu ia the ccilnur and roof of the building, which gives ample light lor ilie trenaaclioa of the busineas ol the o trice. . - 1 - . it may be added lhat Crotorr water is brought into each end of the building, and ia turauabed with hose and pipes, thut any fire which might occur could be extinguished by the night clerks in a few minutes. , tvery thing which couk! be done lor tue aaieiy 01 tne building has been accomplished, and every part ha been lilted up with a view 10 facilitate the buat - ness of the office and aflbid aauetactioo to the com munity. . I have thus given a brief description of tlie aew post office that your readers, and the public wbo are interested msy know what has been done for their accommodation, as well to bear my teaUroooy to the admirable manner in wuica every part ol it baa been arranged. There are some change wbich experience will no doubt anagest lo the pol roaster, and which be will ultimately be compelled to make. One cf these ts tlie removal of Ibe acwatpeTdersirtment from the letter ottice. I he opening of snail bags and the diecritraiion of newapapera necessarily create much dust and coriuaton. and it is almost uuooasible to keep an office clean where this is doae ; and beside, those laatsive circular t tames fog the hording of he mail bagr, derogate from ihe order and cieaule aen of an office where letters are mailed aid delivered, A seiatrate apartment, for nrwsianrrs is indis pensable m our city office, aad especially as it will be but a abort time after the cheap system of postage is established, that the incieaae 01 btiainesa will be oath as to - reader it peer at nr to have thi eatirr building for the letter office. If th lease would pey. nut M, a hue newspajier tunc eeuld be erected at lit tle expense at the east side cl Ihe building, which wyrt a sky ugh! in the root, would aflord ample light tor the business of tbe office. - - '. - LCMAKki. It haa beea ioeg a subject of eovnplainl that the accuirunodaiioaa ot ihe poat office in mis tut have not been what the people had a right te ornianci Of ihe derailment. From the davs when it waa kew in William atreet, through all ii different phase, ia o ia - in it it. cue - A in the 'he 36, a s tie eaaieaxkeBnaaf tBBtsStaalai oVr 7: ? - wda, it ba. liewaa diagrwr let'J". The Lxchaug waa an iacoaveaieat, a. hesUiliy, dark, dtixtgeon - iookmg plaor, where w Waal cjsary to have lamps tbrruaiagra JJ tbA stay f and tlte Rotunda, with all it aradaee, waa mj(l and nrwuitable for this biannesa, berobeing located beyond the business bound, of tbe city, jjaahataac "tion reqnired a branch office down town, to sua - airt which the merchants aabmitlrd to aa orroea aad odiou tax of two cwata oaeach letHTJ - fai adtU.. tioa to thr - s inconveniences, tbe delay winch oc - ' raired,necessnuily, in the disrribntioa and tranmrrta - tiosj of their tenets trrrra the Kotuoda, eararelally ahia and ateamboat letfers, waa a srricra drawback apou uheir brreineas, of which they have loaf coanpkijaBo. but could obtain no redress. Every man of hnnnaasl kn - rvrs thai the onneinai ofTif - e svherw the nuiU M received, and the letter distribrxred, shoo Id be ia the centre of bisstaeea. and that hrannhea ahonU x tabhshed in the apper part of tbe city fog. meceav. nience of the people, without any additiotul fxpenat. This desideratum, we are harniar tn aav. as now, .te. be realized by this new arrangeiweat, arid great credit ia due to the Postmaster Geatrral for canseat - ng to, and to our Dosimaste for earrvinr into .fte ertci a perfect and completa manner, this important unprovemeat. . ..a j. . . . oome pemons have comoiained that so Bxach ex. pease has been incurred in fitting ap thai aew office, inasmuch as the property does not belong to the foy. mmeot ; but were they actrattinted with the terms which thl ha lid ins tn oimiaauL shew wwaiU he satisfied that tbey are much be iter for lac avassuxseat than if they bad purchased it. . . ....... tri tree, wnen it is recollected that the revenue or be New York Post office re ahont one miih of the whole revenue of the post office dcTxxrtrneat u. that United States, besides the large amount of buaiaeae fone in it. on which no commissions are received. will not be a ffQbiect of complaint that we hat now a post office fitted up in Borxr degree cemmra. 'urate with its business, and the revenue collected ia Everv poet office which we have had heretofore was a disgrace to our noble city, but we now have which for durability, convenience and even el iance, is worthy of the commercial emporium. . , The merchants of Philadelphia and Boston, nnder. finding their own interest, when they erected thii .i - iiaiurea, mane provuuoa tor - ine accoenoicKiauoai the poet olHce: but in tha erecooa of ear nerchants' exchanre. this waa entirely averlooked. H.ld Suitable oflir - e Keen nrerarerl in lhat huiMina (ibe only legitimate place for the principal Doet office) a city.) ot had any suitable place beea foand dowat aiwn, , the present postmaster geaeral arotlld have jomplied with the jietition of the merchants which was presented to him in 18 - 11 ; and had there beea a oetmaster at that time who renii tha ariahe aad convenience fof the roerckanta, he woald have lavoreu uirir petitioa io aDoiifti ue oflioua two aent ax. and the delivery of steamboat and ah In lettera at branch office for dietribntion. In conarquence of this, the merchant have sunrped this inoooveBJessca ind submitted to this odious tax, which ao w'subt would have been continued bad it not been for tha perseverance and energy of Col. Graham, hi presattur this subject upon the consideration of the poetirMBtef general. This is another benefit conierred by Joha Tyler's despised administration, which the mer chants of this city will not soon forget. 'Honor to whom honor is due" is the motto of - : - - BETA. - i INIARINE LIST. Spokes. . . !'. Ann. from Hartfor (oi Fhilad. Jaa 15. Fit. Eastward of Fire Island. Lueonla. 31 ds fin Rotterdam for NOrleans. Dm 14th. let lou 36 34. . . Jane. 48 us fin Philadelphia for Montevideo, Dm L Ut If. Ioeg 35. . i Eastern Porta. ., - . FkaaxroBT. Jaa 1 1 Sl'd Grand Turk. Nichols. Cnha Osecla, 1'ierc, do ; Gecrga A William, McGralh, do j Co. luinuia, nrey, rt 1 org. . . , roBTiarro, Jaa 1 - Sld, Julia, HIU, NTork. Cl d Cltlxea, Bibber, Cuba, ("LorcssTia, Jaa 13 Ar Excel, Cemdea for NYork, , - Romm, Jan 15 Ar Venice, Sailer, NO leans Beknr, in the Bay, Sabaitls, Cox, from ApdrarlcoU i ilsu a bark nnknewn. - - r. - Cld, President, Rich, Bstseterie, Guad ; Lapland, (new. if Rostsn, 545 10 - ftMh Ions) Glover, and Columbus, Coma. NYork!"1 ' 1aioPMB Bradley, Bal timer ; File ad, rteeosa, PanvrarxTowK, Jan 11 Ar Martha,' Bnow, XOrlaass w 3osion she anchored near Truro, aad we uaawqwaetls' ssisted Into this harlior by a buai's craw seat from tha cat. trr Hamilton ; Gaxella, Allen, fin Mobile for Bostoaj brig Osage, Howe, Savaaaah, for do. Sid, 13th, all Uie above and returned ar night except Mat. tb, it being a thick snow storm wind SE. Th foot boot aad stocking attached (before aseBtlsa? marked L. C. baa beea identified aa thai of Mr. - Laoaawa. Clark, of Harwich, aged 38 year, who was lott overboard from Mine, off Kara Point Nov. 13th ; he has left a wHa aad ix children. Also the body that was washed ashore baeaj if Truro, shout Iuth ult baa beea Identified as Mr. Joseph. Howes, ef Chslheutsred 10, tost overboard from Turk, (fat Philadelphia lor Boston) off Sac Point Nov. SSth, ba haa iert a wife and two ctiiluren. , Eihiabtowb, Jaa 11 Ar Richmond, Taylor, N Tort for Portland. ., - . at 13th. Montano, Dill, and Sarah Ripley. Bortoa. aUppa. bannock for Boston ; and all bemad East sld 14th. Ar 14th, lole. Wateoa. N York for Parti aad aad kastpwrt. In port, eve. Radius and Mary Jan, having returned. . Holmc Holc, Jan 13 Ar Anna Reynolds, Phlla fog 3osioa: Pearl, Ryder, do lor do; CiBderella. Oolerrian.Wasb - legion, NC. for do. John oinsanoaw. which sailed that ning, returned In consequence of tbe wind corning Eata4 Uiickaaow atorat. The other lhat sld thi aseraing, pre - itably went info Euganown. I4tb Ar BoloaHMi Dallas. Peterson, Rait for Fall River, in dlslteaa, having sprung leak llth Ust cargo, SSOtont bloom tron - proceed flret wind. Also, ar Albert Black, Boaloa for N Vorfc. Sld Ala ma, Anna Reynolds, Old Colony, Pearl, Manama, Joba Slmnnms, and 'Cinderella wind NNW In port lis at, tiol Salms and Albert. 15tb At Marias, TvaBstha,. Rw Janeiro, Nov 93d, for Boston. Bpobs nothing. Herald, Holbrook, Norfolk for Plymouth; Union, Rydw, Fredks'bg for Boston; Joseph, Eldrture, Alexandria, for do; Coral, Andrews, Thoinastoo, for N York; St Thomas, , N York for Baston; Atlantic Cook, Norfolk for do, with leas of Jib - boom; TarqulB. Pslae, do for dt North Star. Waasla - W. Ball for Both; Acnva, Huwea, fm Pbllada for Boatea, Taa ihov remain In port this morning; also bark Sol Bait., Bad! brig Albert; 11 AM, North America, Bradbury, rm Maehtaa lor NYork sprung a leak oa Monday night off Cap Oae, and lost some tails; saw a sch on shore b miles aorth Chatham light called her tb Mary, of Portland, which alld - from here some day alnce saw bar yesterday; Andll'wiaaa Perry, fin ThomasioB for NYork. t'RovipxMc. Jan 14 Ar Moms Eddy, Blivsn. mors.' Sld Ana, Rngers, Charleston. iMwroxT. jaa 13 ArRInxt Inirle. N xota ror nov. Sld 14th, Gen Cobb, Hammond, Wlndles. , SoatberxA Porte. 1 1 PuiLADELrau, Jaa 16 Ar Euphratla. Biirtia, Liverpool Eliot, Baker, Boston; Patriot Eldridge, NYork. Chi Bam - inohun Roy, Cutis, NOrleans. . Baltihosi, Jan 15 Ar Coqutm,(Br8aM,Dewassar, via Savaaaah; Vulture, Small; Cornelia, Kllbom, aad Dal - pfat Cook, Newbury port Vlueen, bray, rmvieence; .neaa - peake, Post, and A F Myrtck, Cathrart, If York Cld Ed - ward, Dearborn. NOrlaaaa; Contmcrc. Dorotbey, Bosleav Sld Mary, Uufrio, Port Spats, Trta; Buaaa, Laaiaafraaa. Kingston. Ja ; Ariel, Hopkias, Falmouth, Ja j Nn brag. Davia, Mobile - , Joa Batch, Parker, aod Eagle, Feeseedew, Boston ; Sarah Ellxabeth, Hooper, Caps iiayhaa; Mary Cook, Newburj - port WismnoToi, NC Jaa 9 Ar Myers, Fowler, Wlndle. Cld Balloon. Sweetser, and Heary, Bart do. 1 Cbisliitos, Jaa II Ar sch Oaly Boa, Moor, Atrnka - t fs. La. Cld. bark Aalta. Fcseaadra, Boatoa ; Br ch' Eclinse. Ball. Br West Indie. But ship Bollivaa. Walks. NYoik; brigs Edward, Bulkier, do) Gorge Yauaa, eaa Moses. Loveland. dot Bwedisb nng craai frue - e una. Jacobson, CopenhageB: sens Lauder. NOrUaas; Mawf - Catherlne, Baltimore. . Savavnan. Jan 11 AT Fenny, idtj t.rowier, uverpooi: Napoleo. Col II as, Bath. Bid Sterling, Saunders, aad Oro - ruocto, (Br) Cronk, Uverpool. . 1 bT. Mills, Jaa 7 At Detroit, vera cms; iiarroa, oar - teat St Lncie; Spnnoa, Stark, Bad BUIow. Lawraaos, Tt York. Cld Minaiaalppl. Hanaea; Alaneoa, aewsaaa, aaa LRtchardaoa, Park. NYork. t Est Win. Dec 37 Ar brigs Aaa Ellxa, Pork, NYork for Tampa Bay; rjauison, do for Newport Flo; Billow, ao sot Newport do;; sen Excnangs, '. aeuogg, nanesios; aiooa Eliza, Jane, NYork. , . ' 2bth Sld brig Pleiades for Havana. - MoaiL. Jaa 7 Ar Brilliant (Br) Burr, and Jasna MefBst Br) Morrietax, Deaaerara; BappahaBBOtk, Draaamead, New - York; JohnDunlap f hoale.'aad A labs ma, Wklusrore, aWt ion; Enamianndas, Lambert, Portamouth : Lucreila, Rea, I'nrvidence - , Talleyrand, Tripe; Havana; Philea mroptst' St Thomas. - f Cld Cordova, Horse. .taarxeUles, Cld Sth, B II Cbaasa Welcb, Genoa. Nrw Oxi.xixs, Jan 7 Ar Chateaubriand, (Pr rLabord,', Bordeaux; ljimportfBr ArmstroBg. Liverpool; Ceacordia. Dorr; Rarilan, Adams, and Cygnt Heard, Bosloa; Gsaeva. Goodrich. NYork: Leontin. Brel Ariaana. Brsruea: Hia - . doo, Procter, and Vic tot ia. Hartshorn, Rio Janeiro; War - .. wick, weeks; Georgians, (nr) nugaes, ana MaaMoa, net - ; ler, Kingsion, Ja; A bei crumble, (Br) Leatrel, Desserara; Ten Brother, Robinaon, Ivica; Dasbier, Baker, Camrwachyi, Pacific, f mith. Matanxas. Exlio, Robinaoa, Turks laOaad. Below coming up, 4 ships, name unkaowa. ... .t Cld Clinton. Mansoa. and Eanelle, Taylor, Boatoa; Ba - . thaw, Myers, do; Rixenzi, Clark Richmond; Bt Lswreara. Chare, Liverpool; Uualco, Harding, Gibrallau, Odd Fellow,, rciungii, n j org. . . .. l orrlcn Impintjaua. ' - 1 1) m.a Loaooie Bhlp Quebec 4 pkft B AhsH 199 freodhne A co 1 Caa king A u 1 JiBulh A ee 1 Th Bryce 1 1 Sir Monk 1 i w Cbrlaloa 1 Aicaay ajedical cotlias I Mr Pardy 1 D Appietoa 1 F Tom A aoa 1 Carey A. Hart 1 H Shaw 1 Siaaford. Swords A co 1 Jaa LrfUna, 4 Wright Sturae Ai yiiaw 1 J W Raynoaa 1 A Rose . 4 A Biniager A sow 1 Bowm A co 15 pip win G Mayer A oh casks brandy F Browning A co 9 pkgs B Frt - t day 4 E M Garner S H Cobea 9 sieo A eo 9 6 Bald - ' a ia 4 L At B Curtis 3 W Father M Levy A Bolhr - 4t ' H Grittm 3 Chandler, Howard A eo 5 M J Umutqaww 4 1 Ptoa A ec6 Wiley A Pataass 4B A A Paai. IOI - . Morewood A co 35 B E Staala 94 T A HallMay T U I . 1 rarhell Tbeioa Rockwall IDS CnmasiBg A Mala 4 D ; A ComatockS Gould A Atwatar 9 J A L'aderwood , Nevin A co 4) Allen , Hasea A eo 1 19 Hoad'r.f A Phelps a Cha Vys 10 twretow. Pop A eo 109 B Barslow Ac eo 5 Bnrrttt A Jobaaua 979 lone chalk Cria ill. Mia turn As go 13 bag 15 bale 97 cks 9chesi 83 caa nags 99 , bhdsWO bis to order. . . . . LivsarooL bhip St Georg 33 pkgs Wolf A Bboa 76 C B Habbard 31 WIcfal starpea A Shaw Ig lagotcWey Boisteau A co 7 R N Foster SmilA Wright A eo 7 Jaa r LaAVrta 9 cks 10 eavlls Hunt Woodward A Cowaat IT , pkgs nail Bros At eo 39 Ricbardsoa A Waatna C S BUI a Clarb 4 BAG Crook 4 Was Watt 7 L Ataabery as I en 41 J A J Smart Aco 1 Lock hart Gibson Aeo SEJte - 1 kins 1 E HaatAStoae A eo 99 Ret Bros A eo IS Wolf A GilHwpm 17 Mackte A LaverlU 33 Tracy ADea 9 b co i RoMvelt A Psyaon 39 B T Jones - $9 BulMrfield , Bros A co 4 A W Spies A eo S3 I A J Petri AJas M Weed 1 M Arm roeg A co 3 J A D Wyeaoff a ea) ' cable Henry A Swaa 45 bra coal D Hgdca 9 akga Fr - , Iuho At Walker 17 fiughea Ward A co 19 CM .osevali 909 ii H Bali; 14 Patna A taart I isals A Be - r bias, 31 Gurioa HoDges A CO 3 Cleveland A Maaoa; 1 ataam J aing A Jonraeay; 15 Allea lia zee A eo - , 5 Jacob Reee Aaaa . 33 J MeCeu A cat 9ck 39avil C P waryor 4Bkg A R Va 1 nest bmioob a rbeipa;i waua at unary 1 1 Loaaaa; j 13 t'UBimingt, Maia A Co 33 do 34 anvila Coraell Bros 97 pks E J 1 noma 14 Mehee A Co 19 H Fcreuas S Bird A Giltiiea 37 R KhsgslaBd A Co 1 J Vaa hm 30 1 J See - deraoa II Bate A Coat 4 E W Kamberaras Mat too f pig iroe Wllaoa a Browa 50 do B Crook wa kdi do 99 1 cks CA W Sbwaas A Co r3 bdm Fgtawtea A Barttarlw lUt ' bara DM WitaeaACo 11 am Huaebtaaaaa A Irnaa y 4475 bxs Phelps, Dodge A Co 30 pks W Ihauacay A Boa 9 I atctaognua at I corrper at xiga s ja as bbbw et u B Moorewood A Co 39 Jos A Eaa 1 A Lsauau - d mf par bottom 13 balsa tSaa - vtl. 14 clwia bdl 38 bkts 39 n 39 cks 49 craaat 30 kg Ball to twg. Savasa Bark Jacob B Wale 9379 liBSatings Dtrdla A , , Cbwslary 36 do snaetat 65V7 de 49 bbls raiaiaw IS ecar - ranu xw aata. worn 48 do Bags 147 baas ltaaaawd r7 at. sex woe to oroer. ! basasa Imii HeBrt 19 pkp T GnrBtriaJ 1 nasi at BWrwita 35 F TboraaaKifceB 3 C Akaalwldt - - 9 Bwisswr As Mecke 13 Boarry d'lvram a run a a taa 11 x. ran,i ....aadt S (J Giaaamx 8 J Memef 571 flaehe A ta - kart a L Stralias 9CGarbe 30aicaA Kruger 9 A Andrew 19 H Haraer 3 C T fJageraora I fj r llsarsa . 33 SchuuiagM A Heaacbea 1 tcbuebaiet Favr A eo 1 J C Erneapaucb Roger A ee 4 Garewer, Celby A co 9 CoehiBB 9) B Braadee I T Dwaay 9 Kksasm A Brothers 5b KobBstatmal C'CW VrnwexsA - M Btk - A r A Molmaw W t fuewojS Taserei A Blsia 11 t; sa I kewwcirecr. . 1 r, Ct. As Bar - Brig Eolas 138 bag slasata ja O .' Laorw Kearanltb, Ikaigat A 9bk Hem land A A. ptnwan - 97(A) m cad coppc 3i tea ngnuarirae I bti ae - , an W i HmJ. . ' . . ,, . .. . ,, - 4 leaBetie ItaarfAllerarw. .' - .'i' BavsawAw Brtf Excel 119 bal cottoa Prntretd A TU 1 . moa 19 H foil A to SOI Cahoaase, Kiay Aco 104 A j aacaaiea JS ar . r.ew - w iin. m a E At R R Graves 35 Gbreawey, Jitary 9 lanre larassbsx. . ' - - V) tiaiArasAU . LA AAD P A s E Jaa rweel - '" v.4 lnm our awaulacimy a lull satady of Class at 11 aaa; color, black, blaa. Grass, Otaagr, fPlak aad Y,us. - w. , i . ''w ream White Eaamelujw saner, tea t platw. t prlnliagof vry paimr quaUiy. For sal ia qaaaaiMS U salt aad a iiowal diacoant aid to tb uaee. jij. DAYLU FELT A lLr , M fta! t - .1 . i ii I

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