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The New York Age from New York, New York • Page 8

The New York Age from New York, New York • Page 8

The New York Agei
New York, New York
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I i 1 i 1 1 li i Hi If li: PACE EIGHT News of Greater New York KanHattaa and the Bronx Mn. Mary Henderson of 145 West 135th itreet is visiting relatives in Newborn, N. Cr JMrs. Lucy Dutton of 18 East 69th is spending a' few weeks in Atlantic City, a guest of the Hotel Ridley. anil Mrs.

C. V. Freeman of Jack hnvitlc, are irend in New York and were callers at 1 he Age of Dr.J Norman Lassiter of Newport, was in New York on bus inesv last week and called The Age Office. Maude" Jones, for the past year has resided in St. Allans.

has turned to New.Yorl, and is residing at 223 West 137th stret. J. S. Shanklin. principal of the Port Eoval Agricultural School of Burton, S.

is vifiting ia New York and was caller at The Age office. Lawrence L. Whalcy. of he secretary treasurer's office of Howard University, is visiting friends in New York and was a caller at The Age office. The Rev.

W. Spencer Carpenter of Buffalo, former pastor of Bridge Street A. M. E. Church, Brooklyn, visited friends in New York and Brooklyn last week.

He returned to Buffalo Friday. Mrs. Mary B. Talbert of Buffalo, the president of the Federation of Colored Women's Cluhs, was a visitor in Harlem last week, and called at The Age office in company with Mrs. Helen Cur lis.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Horlbeck of 326 West 52nd street, have as their guest their aunt, Mrs. Elitcth Nell, and sister, Elbabeth Horlbeck of Charleston.

S. and a friend. Miss L. B. Maund it Macon, Ga.

Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Corbin of 208 West 142nd street spent part of Jheir vacation in Detroit, Mich, guests of (he Rev. and Mrs.

Everard W. Daniel, formerly of St. Philip's P. E. Church, New York City.

tBLEEKS SCHOOL B)aelanln, Deeeemeklnfl, PelUenmaWnf Brasilia. Oradlne. ana Mlllnler. Individual Inetruetlon In very Depart ment. AnupHj foe BuaiiMaa a Mama Uee.

I1 Wee 1Ui t. Moenmoelde 7220 11S 11S W. 128th IT. 8ept2i 3m i J. H.

Hubert executive secretary of the New York Urban League, will ad drew the Christian Endeavor Society of Grace Congregational Chrch. 179 West 137th street, on Sunday afternoon, September 24, at 6.30 o'clock. The soloist ill be Miss Perkins of the New York TVtian raffil office. Mrs. Georae S.

Williams of Savannah, president of the Women's Federation of Georgia, is the guest of her sister in law. Mrs. Merrick Miller of 02 Edgecombe avenue. Mrs. Williams, with her nv.iwr.

Mrs. Miller, who has been' snondinc the Summer with her daughter in law and grandchildren, will leave in a few days for Savannah. At St. Mark's Lyceum, Sunday afternoon, September 24, at 4 o'clock, a special musical program will be rendered hy Miss Lydia Mason, pianist, and Mrs. Bertha Tate Bailey, soprano.

The occasion will be in the nature of a tes timonial for Miss prior to her leaving for Fisk University where she holds a scholarship from the Fisk So ciety of Greater New ork. SHAW STUDENTS. ENTERTAIN. of the outstanding social affairs of the' season wai given by a group of students and local alumni of Shaw Cm versity, Raleigh on Friday evrn tng, September 15, at the Ivime of Mrs. E.

McEacWn, 298 Clifton place, Brooklyn. Music and dancing were indulged in hy the guest, and a delicious collation cf sandwiches, cake, cream, punch, and cigars and cigarettes was served. The committee which had the entertainment in charge consisted of Messrs. J. S.

Rriwser, W. Johnson. K. Dia ond. R.

PigfoH. J. W. Parker. S.

PrIV. J. V7 Evans, R. D. Ransom and Betmie W.

Morten, jr. The affair gave the opportunity for many former school friends to renew their friendship here, and. was thoroughly enjoyed by all present Those of the invited guests present included Miss Gertrude Hodge, Miss Annistine Griffin, Miss Mattte Gardner, Misa Minda Jackson, Miss Francis Berry, Miss Helen Smith, Miss M. I. the Misses Addell and Aydlette Morton, Miss Ruth Rcid.

Miss C. H. Thompson, the Misses V. and B. Worms' ley, Miss Sadie Mclntyre.

Miss Ma Brown, Miss Grace E. Do Villus. Miss Virginia Shands, Miss Virginia Oakes; Mrs. Flossie Cowans, Mrs, Willa Berry, MrV Ethel Jones, Mrs. Anneta Red, Minerva Quick, Mrs.

B. W. Mor ton. Mrtr T. Moore; Mr.

and Mrs, J. H. Jackson; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mc Millan; Hayse Maynor, V.

Byert, F. Tompson, H. C. Branch, George Morton, C. L.

Hedges. UNIVERSAL NIORO ALL1ANOB TO HOLD MlkTlNO SUNDAY Two big and important meetings 'will be held Sunday under the auspices of the Universal Negro Alliance at Palace Ca sino. 135th street, near Madison avenue. Tpe first will be held in the afternoon at 3 clock and the second at 8 r. The J.

W. If. Eason will preside. Congressman Martin Ansorge and James Weldon Johnson ha been invited speak on the Dyer Anti Lynching Bill' Addresses also will be delivered on the Ku Klux Klan and other organ regarded as a menace. All arc Invited.

Admission free. New 429 Sept. 2 HONOR MENTION FOR Patrolman Edward H. Green of the 38th Precinct, stationed at the West 135th street station, is die first Negro police officer to be awarded departments recognition for meritorious coirauct in general orders issued by Police Com missioner Richard E. Enright.

In General Orders, No. 33, issued September 18, Otlicer Green is cited by Commit4 sioncr Enright. as follows: "Edward H. Green, Shield No. 1310, 38h Precinct, arrested two or three holdup men.

At about 11.55 a. Feb ruary 4, 1922, three men held up and robbed a man in the hallway of premises 59 West 139th street. Shortly after the crime was committed a small boy in formed the policeman of the incident, and pointed out the three men wio committed the crime. Patrolman Green hailed an automobile, pursued, and as he approached the men they fled, entering premises 20 West 138th street. The patrolman followed, and placed two of the men under arrest, the third roan having cscaped A revolver was tjken from one of the prisoners." Oflicer Green is now on vacation, ravine left on Tuesday, September 19.

for a two weeks' stay, at Amityville, Long IJ 31 BUMS Officer George Richardson, one of the colored officers of the 38th Precinct, distinguished himself on Saturday morning, September 16, when he arrested single handed, three Italians whom he apprehended as they were trying to make an entry into the cellar of a drug atore at 2098 Fifth avenue, southwest corner 129th street. On duty at 137th street and tilth avenue. Officer Richardson was found by Harry Gross of 2 West 138th street, who is employed as night switchboard operator in die apartment house build ing in which it located the drug store, and told that three suspicious char acters wer prowling around the build ing. Hastening to the scene, the flfh cer saw the men trying to jimmy their way into the cellar, using a pair of large pliers a Stilson wrench, a two foot jimmy, illuminating their work with a large flashlight. When they saw the policeman ap proaching the three men ran to an automobile which was in waiting and attempt! to make a getaway.

Rich ardr'iv a tall fine looking fbllaw, showed his nerve by immediately jump' ing to the running, board of the ma chine and putting the three men under arrest. These men, who gave their names and. adresscs as Frank Falcaro, 2409 Beaumont avenue. Anthony Di Fran cisco, 23t5 I.prilUrd place, and Joseph Bcrnava, 2274 Washington avenue, all of the Bronx, were held in $5,000 bail (or examination on Wednesday, Sep tember 20, under charges of attempted burglary and unlawful possession of Manhattan Y. W.

C. All Y. W. A. member are remind ed of the membership meeting and rally to be held September 25th, at 8:30 p.

m. This will be an opportune time for those members who have not already done so to renew their membership. The September Qub members were hostesses and entertainers at the mem bership social on Friday evening, Sep, tembcr 15. This was. the first social of the season, and was a well attended and enjoyable affair.

Robert Wv Bagnall of the N. A. A. C. will speak at the opening Sun day service of the Branch, Sunday afternoon.

October 1. at 4 o'clock. A Colonial Partv will hr riven hv the September Club on the evenins of uctoner Members ot the club will dress colonial costumes, and rend er a program in keeping with the Colon lal Fersod. Mrs. Trotter Wilson of 231 West jfreotu a taithfi member rtf the Hrancii and an interested worker of the March Club, has gone South.

because of poor health, to spend the winter with her daughter in Lynch Durg, vs. The Branch is srralcfu for masazines sent by Mis Lida G. Jacobs from Bedford Hills. N. Y.

Mist Rosalie Pinckney, instructor in ewing, spent an interesting week' in Boston after successful summer ichnol sesion at Columbia Lmvcrsitv. All classes! in the educational de parcmerrt of the Branch will begin Oc tober 2. Classes in the physical department re open October 16. Visitor, during the past week were Mrt. Mary Alice Meven of Marshall Texas; Mrt.

G. Martin, Mrs. H. Mann, and Master 'irhr1a. Jr.

Mrs. J. E. Tolbert. Mrs.

Justine Potter. Miss Lotioia Williams, Mrt. Samuel Bcasely and Mmc. M. I Win ncltl, all of Pouglikeepsic, N.

Mrs. John H. Hayes and Tohn Hayes. Jr, of Asburv Tark, N. Miss Emily V.

Watts. Brooklyn; Miss Amelia Rabnuin of Dostum Mr. ahA Mrs. Lawrence L. Whalcy and daughter ni vvasnington, u.

Mrs. Barnctt, Colitmbuj, Mrt. Zora B. Williams of Lot Angles, and Miss Gladys M. Weeden of East Providence.

Bacharch to Play Bronx Gianta Sunday The New York Bacharach Ciants will play the Bronx Giants a double header at Broun Field. Westchester and Elder avenues. The Bronx, on Sunday, September 24. The first game will start promptly at 2 p. m.

S.Gonzalez Co, York's Leading Colored Jewelry A'l Work Done on Premises And Fully Guaranteed Lenox Ave. 3rno New York City THB'NEW YORK AOS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1333. Rev. Bolden' a Wife Died September 18 The death of Mrt. Medore E.

Bolden occurred at her lata reiidence, 105 West 130th street, on Monday, September. 18, at 12 o'clock noon, after several months of continued ill health, A native New York City, Mrt. Bolden was In her 44th Siie was the wife el the Kev. Kicnara Manuel Bolden, founder and chief pastor of the First Emmanuel Church, and her death came lust at the period of the ceViration of the ninth anniversary of the founding of that religious organization. Mrs.

Bolden had been an active worker wjth her husband in building up this work, and mikSi of its success was due to her untiring teal an ability. Mr. Bolden was graduated from public schools. of New York City in 1892, from Livingstone College. Salisbury, N.

in 1896, and from the New York Conservatory of Music, graduat ingfrnm the latter institution as a pianist in 1892. At the age of 13 she was organist for Mother A'. M. E. Zion Church, then located at West 10th and Bleecker streets, and her musical ability has hern one of the most important ele ments in fostering the work established in 130th street by her tiusband.

Finishing the normal course at Liv ingstone in 1896. she tuught in the normal school at Elizabeth City, N. 1897. going back to her alma mater in 1898 99 as teacher of music and kindergarten. On June 5, 1899, she wis married to the Rev.

Richard Manuel Bolden. then a student at Livingstone, and came with him to New York City ten yeart later, when he became pastor of Mother A. M. E. Zion Cmrch.

which was then lo cated in West ttreet, where they remained for four yeart. The body lav in ttate during all of Wednesday in the main auditorium of First Emmanuel Church, 105 West 130th street, and funeral tervices were held at tame place on Thursday at noon, con ducted by the Rev. J. W. Brown of Mother A.

M. E. Zion Church, Rev. George W. Hinton of Congregational Church, Corona, Rev.

George H. Sims of Union Baptist Church, Rev. William Hogant of First Emmanuel Church, and ov'iers. Besides the widower, the deceased i survived by her mother, Mrs. Joseph Purnell Baxter of Philadelphia, who as at her bedside when death came, a sister, Mrs.

George Bennett of Philadelphia. one niece, three nephewi and a number of distant relatives. In paying tribute to his dead wife, Rev. Bolden declared that she waa the most faithful woman lie had ever met. She never resented anything he said, never miarrcled with him or opposed him in anything.

She was always calm and peaceful not only with her husband, but with all who knew her. SBe was vt obedient child, never gave her mother a cross word, and was noted among a wide circle for her tiospitable nature. St. Mark'a M. E.

Cbarcn. On Sunday September 17. the morn. ing and evening tcrvicet of St. Mark's M.

E. Church were attended by large The pastor, Dr. Brooks, wat the tpeaker at the morn ing tervice and delivered a power ful trrmon. Text, St. Luke, 11th chap ter and 1st verse.

Dr. Brook' sermon was the third of a series of sermons which began Sunday, September' 3. Theme "I ord teach us 10 pray. In the evening, Rev. G.

N. Phelps of eedsville, N. and Rev. Lomax of North Carolina, both member of the M. E.

conference, were the pulpit guest of Dr. Brooks. Rev. Phelps preached a brief but forceful sermon from let Corinthians, 13th chapter. Rev Lomax made an able address and led the congregation in tinging "Bye and Bye and bince Jesus came into heart." The Sunday school wat well attended and the collection A large audi ence wat in attendance at the Fall opening of the Lyceum.

An excellent program, wat rendered. The Epwonh League was largely attended and a creditable program rendered by the Junior Epworth League. Mis Yoncay was in charge. There was a large gathering of men at the meeting of the Brotherhood Bible Class. The class was ably addressed by itl Luther B.

Jones. Dinner was served in the Church House by Class. Xo 3, Mrs.Minnie L. Dyer tji charge. "At both the morning and evening services, the cbooir un der Jackson rendered appropriate selections.

Union Biptut Cbhrch. On Tuesday, evening of lats week a sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr. Wm. Gray of Savannah, Ga.

Subject, "The New Commandment." On Friday evening the prayer service under the direction of Deacon Wm. Harrison was largely attended. 'Sunday the choir under W. A. Calhoun was out in large Pastor Sims delivered a message from the luhject, "A Sound Mind." Thii wat especially to the B.

Y. who turned out in a body under Pre W. H. Lloyd, for their annual lermon. aermnn aaa Hrrlarerf bv mm rf ihe sermon wat declared by tome of those who heard it to be among, the best ever delivered by our pastor, for V.A..

K. wall prepared. At 2 p. the Sunday school under Superintendent Johnson showed quite an increase in attendance and offering At 4:30 p. Ihe Young People' Society had their twentieth annual program.

Among the persons taking part from, New Kochellc and oihe towns, was A. Carey, president of the Siinday scliool and B. Y. P. t' auxiliary, to the New England State Con vcniion.

At 4 p. our pastor delivered a sermon at the Metropolitan' Haptist Church at their, communion, service, with Rev. Charles Brown in charge. In tlie. cvenipR' the1 Kev.

Wm. Gray WOULD YOU LIKE TO TEACH IN NEW YORK Correspondence md other courses rr siiecess tn the New York City Examination fur teacher offered liy perls. now rurnilrir Tor January exaininsllnne. lor full inroniialiun rend ef addressiMl siainped envelope in HOWARD OAY rMiblle Bchael 80 Manhattan Interviews uiilv liy apH)lniinenl Phone Auduhen 0M3. epW3 Harlem Rapid letter Service MulllgreghlnO Typawrltlnf Foldlna Addeeaalnt Mall In in large er email auantitiae Phone Mornlnalda TBS7 Suit 10S BftNIVB BUILDING S0B 8EVBNTM AVI NIW VORR CITY near ISBth Btreet Eeptia 3m rava ut tin menage, Subject, "The Power of thi Gospel, At the (Iota the ittmoti'ihe patter mad an ippeit.

A number came tip but only two united with the church, The offering for the day amounted to $261.64. 'i I 3T BR29KLYN Mrt. John Thorogood of Bridgetown, NvJ, wat the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ludlow Werner on Saturday.

Mrt. Carrie C. Fortuiv hat returned to her home in Brooklyn greatly improved from a pleasant visit to her ton, Dr. F. W.

Fortune in Philadelphia. She alto visited her niece, Mist Rose Brown and other friendt in Atlantic City. Mra. Jaaei O. Trimble Entertaini.

On Sunday' afternoon, September 17, Mr. James G. Trimble, of 503 Vander ll't fcvenue, entertained mhonor of Mrt." H. T. Noel.

The affair was at tended by tome of New York and Brooklyn' most prominent families, and was one 'of the outstanding social, affairs, of the season. Among present were Mr. William H. Smith, Mr. and Mr.

William Pogue, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pogue, Dr. and 'Mrs. Charles H.

Roberts, Dr. and Mrs. L. Delsarte, Mr. and Mrs.

Ludlow Werner. Mr. and Mr. Lester Walton, the Rev. and Mrs, v.

i it I siwyn, kit. ana name nane, mr. ana Mr. William Mr. and Mrt.

i rinrUi V(nnr Ar tr Lharie, ti. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. J.

B. rwrrson, aim Mrs. Lnnsiopncr j. I Uudley, Misset Horabti Pogue and Mwbel Smith, Mm. Montero.

Mrs. Eva Mrs. Maria Holhrook, Mis Anna Hawlay, Carrie Fortune, Mr. Kate Lansing, Freddie Miller, Mr. and M.ri.' Harper and Mrs.

Blanche Wright. Dr. Carpenter Entertained. The Rev. W.

Spencer Carpenter, former pauor of Bridge Street A. M. Church, Booklyn, N. was highly enterained on Wednesday evennig. September 13, at the home of Geo.

W. Billups. 278 Pulaski ttreet, Booklyn, by the Carpenter Club which wis organised in honor of Rev. W. Spencer Carpenter in 1922.

and of which Billupt is president. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Gem. YY.


WarraN, D. D. Paatae Thnrndar Ereolntl. September 21, 1022 At a'claak UNOtB AUSPIOtS OF SfOTION 14 Mra. Mlargarat Jaknaen, Oaptaln 1 ArtlaU aoroaai rt M' lytla nu iii.iii; nraiirr Tenor Cnntnlto Btriion iw apaaarina mis.

H. Water, Georgia Kerry, m. Murks M. E. rhiirrh, X.

Y. City Mother Zion Church. M. Y. f.lty i jij Foi UUORIPTTOH a 2S MMa at w.

ltsWIWt(t RWHf MJllt ir WHERE, TO GO TO CHURCH MOUNT OLIVST BAPTIST CHUROH, 1W Itl vVaat Sari atraal, between 6tn and Tlh avenue. Rev. William P. Hayes. D.

Paaior. Preachint service every fiundiy it II a. and p. m. ud diy trriool it i p.

Sundays. Communion services on aet ond nunday ia every niontb It a P. m. H. Y.

P. li. Llter ry ineeia every wedneidty at p. m. weekly friyer Meeiuir on rioy Hund Moaiiay' evening every montn! Jwcaa Missmniry 8otieiy Wu every rveninf as i p.

nr. i uigm. isuurB at miuq tott. WALK) MaWOMAL BAPTIST OHUHOH, 31 41 tut Tatnd at.

t)r. J. u. tliislinell, nuniater. Sesidence, 1 it w.

liiulo bl. Sunday gervirei Morninr Vtordnp It a. ni. Lveruiif Worahip a in. Bible achool a.

m. Sunday school .20 a. m. Young prayer Meetn Noaday, I p. a.

Ulll In tliallih ttiblo, Wadnei day, 8 p. ni. Preai nint both tervice every Auriday. All are welcome. Residence phone Harlem 11014.

THB ST. PAUL BAPTIST OMUAOH, Hi West Jtn tllrtml, ew ora city. bun diy Service! II A. and a p. m.

Sunday School, to ilt Y. M. B. T. P.

li. service Wednesday nlant a Jo. General I'riyer Meeting Friday nlllitt, 1:10 P. M. Sunrise Meeilnr.

Sunday, to I A. M. Cunvoninl Melin( Iriuay nighit before tbetbird Sunday In um month. Public Meeiine of Tne Mission try Circle, third 4 It I p. M.

communion third Muki.ij evenm. Ilev. H. Arthur Booker. Pastor.

Hrmilenrs til Wesi Jnd meet. Phone MuriuukSiue 37 1 ABBVBSINIAN BAPTIST OHUBOH, S4J 44 West 40ih Betsvcen 7iu ind aih ivet. sundiy Services it a. m. tud T.JO p.

m. Holy Communion ever, lint Sunday at tt a rn sunuay Srhool, I 3D p. m. Sundiy Morning fnd Priyer meeting, a. Tuesday I p.

in. MiMlonary ociety, priyer and priite service, Thursoiy, I p. B. V. p.

muticil and literary proinni, Friday 4 p. Huh way md ricdees society p. feneral prayer meeting. Rev. A.

cliyion Poseell. P. Pallor. Hildence, tT Wet IL. fbone AudutKin ItVi.

THB METROPOLITAN BAPTIST QHUROH. HUM ana to lit. W. W. Bmwii, psaior.

Sunday school, 1:30 Preernmii II a. m. B. Y. P.

p. m. Preathinf SB. ui Praver meellntt. Fridiv evwiilik it a o'clock.

Communion service, thud Sundiy In eietl month II O'clock p. 111. nieelU nnt Mondiy evening eai month. a I wf. aw.

vv 63i street, trw lork tily, Mcv. Oto. H. blma. Pastor.

Order ol eericeaeun day. 1 1 1. 111., rood inflnr by the choir. An eninutiasuc aernion uj inn iaaiur. Sunaay, p.

m. bunday School under supeiviaion 01 our nuprriiiiciiociu, eir. W. H. Johnson.

Sunday p. eaivlce the end In end month, bunday, p. Missionary i.irole the 4iu hunaay 111 eacu muniu. bunuav. 1:10 p.

ni. 11. 1. r. u.

unncr the airectwn of W. H. Lloyd. Sunday, n. ..111.

Praise uervitea. lunowrn wiih pood sins me by the choir led by pror. v. A. i.ainuun oraiiii.s anu i iu A soiii atirriaa sermon ny 1110 naalor.

1' Tuesday. I P. l.uerary aim aoclaliilna. riday u. Praise service.

ST. MARK MBTMODiaT BPI8O0PAL OHUROH, SJrd near tifhtb ew York city, pitior, wtlliaiu II. Urookt, D. I). Ilosldence, iJ7 W.

Urd at. 1'reaih lnf tt a. ni. inn hi. i ra.ver Mi elinsi Friday evenlnr it 1:30 and omiiiav niorL inr at 0 of look.

Sunday trJiool It I p. m. Lyeenm, Sunday 11 4 n. nt: TMlrtday evenmr at a o'clock. Junior League Friday it 4 p.

hi. Clashes Kpworth Leaitiie sunuay at p. 111 Tuesday end: Wednesday evriiliir at aud Sunday It I p. ih. Holy second Sunday eveuiua ui cu uiuiiui Welcome lu all.

SALIM MtTHOOIBT BPIBOOPAL OHUROH Weft 1 13rd it. 1 lie Her. rrediT I1J1 Aalmry. Cullen Pallor. ITewUinr it II ai in.

md 1:41 p. Simdavs. Sunday 1:30 p. n. w.

miis, gupei intendenl. Men i Bible Class. 30 lo 4 p. Bev. J.

B. Coleman, liistrorlor. Lveetim, 4 p. Punday. io p.

m. Thursdayi; i.edre W. Allen. Preaident r.porth Leaeue. 6 p.

m. Sundays: j. Jeffries, ITnident. vOliaw. Monday, Tueaday mrT Wedr.esrtty niirht.

and it I p. Sundays. Prayer meeilna, Frl day nurhi. Broiherhood every Tuesday nirht. W.

H. Harleaton. rreiment. Holy communion first bunday lo each morih. All are welcome.

V. rimmiHia boom rurnlahet oe ta IK to ratpectabli working peopU all n'e'' Mitchell. After 6 o'clock, it) W. S2d itrtat. beptv urinaria reemt to let.

Kloa airy rooms Jiih tiiilll wllh elaotr jcliy tn balh i bant. Oood location and hlf a block frnm trolley. Mrs. Lousla I'ennewall, Million trrt, Moiilnlair, N. J.

Waannltgtn Neatly firnltvwl room tor mianian. All linproemenu, convenient to trtnilt Uu, call atter p. til. Mr. Uookt.

Unfurnlane fcaaament front for tMpectabla worRluf person onijr. jh tilth itreet. OOM AND BOARD WANTKD WMUi Aii elderly lady would like room end boird with quiet family. tarmt. Communlctte with Mrs.

Butler, el Oatet avenue, Brooklyn. N. Y. IN MtMOMAM Mrt. nobrrt Lee, 101 W.

unih Mreet. paused away Friday, Seplemher It, it SO after an Illness of one wertc. Mr. wan born In I'rlnee Fd mrd Islind fifty yearn m. tier rly life ipent In finston.

Mast. For the past eleven vmi 'lie ban nude her hnma In Yora fllv. A hinbsnil. llohrt hre nsueliiers, Mrs. Nnrmtn Cotton, Mii.

Turnrr Lsvlnn. Miss Minerva fce. and one son fioberi Lee, ur vive her. OBITUANV Edear Riy Oiiuviv, yminrest son nf, rtirle tf. nnd Annie J.

(ly r.wnv. died Tuesilsv evenlnr Ceptrmber 1. ieJ it fier i brief Illness, at the age of thlrty twu. He wi emplnved bv the Fut of New Ynik everl ver In the ver in the omen or re win rermiiy nppnintrn rasniexJ in tne Brooklyn anne. lie wis mtimer Aiinuiiiies P.

i.tiiinli mrt nrkrt seruwi for crerl i enrii. He a member of the alnas County pepuMinn Club for i nr fven years; served linninilileeniiin. rtllrlrt leider. elerk of the polls and was a prominent poliiii'iin hi disirlet. He leaves berenveil rlnlher.

Fl'her. Ulster, relillves. flnanrre. ind a bo of friend! to mourn their loss. Warrick; B.

McConkev, K. E. Fassett, Walker, E. Sealy. F.

King. J. John ton. F. R.

Rayford, L. I. Johnson, A. Tlarnes, M. Pradon.

M. Mason, 11 M. M. Merriwcather, I. Jack ion; Missel M.

Washington, M. Har vey, D. Sutton, M. F. Gardner Messrs.

Johnny Meyer; Edward Moles Charles Williams. Thomai Lawrence Dead. Thomas Lawrence a seaman steward, ot.142. Duffield street, Brooklyn, hus band of Mrs. Georgia Lawrence, and father of.

Estelle Thomey, died Sep. Maton, Scholirship Student Fisk rniveralty rinnie vene pe Knigm 0 CI NTS Mr. Daiay Tiptay acceippenlit, rTaeane MOTHER A. M. B.

HON OHUNOH. I St. IM. I3lti st. Hev.

J. w. Broin. I) Tutor, Ptikomee. 16S w.

I. am Sunday servirea Preariunr, Ha ni' nd 1 41 p. in. baptmui and conunnn ion every second Sunday, p. ni g.

p. Oj. b. Hendeiaoa, supriiitenont! I. c.

Price Lyceum. 4 p. ni. Varritk C. E.

.6:10 p. in. Claiael every luendav t.p.. a n.aa.n.a b. in iiicv.iua rriua evenlnr.

nnnnnnnnu ana aisiernood nrl and third Itmrjday eveninRt, Brniherbood in. w. taein Junior in deavpr svery Fridiy afternoon 4 p. ui Paator' ollire houra at church to to 1. PIkiim Audubon 038.

Seal Free. All welcome. RUSH MEMORIAL A. M. B.

ZION CHURCN. t0 Vvetl laalh hev. u. M. Oliver, If Pastor.

Hesldence 117 W. 141 SI. Anarltnent to. Phone. Audubon hint Sundiy Services llnly Conmiunion every p.iiij, i'.

rcaiiun as II a aod 1 p. m. btinday School, p. m. Rush Literary and Historical Aiso eiatlon.

Sunday 4 30 m. Thursday evening at I p. m. Vaiirk E. Society, 0:30 p.

m. Clau Tuesday. p. Priyer Meeting, Friday I p. m.

All ire cordially welcome. FLEET STREET MEMORIAL FIRST M. E. ZION OHUROH, 311 344 Undue street, Brooklyn, hev. W.

C. Brown, I) li pastor Pirtonaee, 347 Bridie it. Sunday eervlcea. prearhliie to 45 I. m.

and 7 45 p. in. Holy Communlnn every third Sunday 3 p. in. Sunday Sihool m.

Frank A. Pay, Superintendent. Varrlrk E. 0:30 p. ni.

lit" oireline every Wednesday evenine; Prayer Merlin every Friday evenina. I'aitor a phone. Nevms Silt. Seat Free. All are cordtalgy welcome.

MEMORIAL A. M. B. ZION CHUROH 174 New alain Yonkers. hev.

R. b. Oden, I A. Pastor, riranmre. 31 New Mud I Sunday services: II a.

preachln; 10 45 Sunday Schrol; a p. preacnina; 7 p. C. fc. Tuesday aveninr, clam: Friady prayer meetin; Holy Communion, nrst eunday a O'clock; Brotherbood lat aud 3rd Sundays I 4 oeiork p.

ra. Piator' poon 4470 W. bee. la no lyr. OAACB OONCRCOATIONAL OHUROH V.

O. A. 1TB W. 137th St Rif A. O.

earner, paater. Services: Sunday. Public V101 ship and Piearhinr at II Church School it I p. Y. I.

S. C. Forum 4:10 p. m. Tuesday Praver md learner club mretmra 11 7:4 p.

nt. Wednesday, Woman 1 Aid ai .1 West linih' street 11 a p. ni. Thursday, Drama l.eaine at a Edeernmb avenue et 8:30 p. ni.

Saturday, Unur rehearsal it W. C. A. 11 T.00 p. m.

NAZARCNB CONGREGATIONAL OHUROH ilnniulionalj Herkimer alieet and Troy evenue. U. HE.NHY PHOCTOB. pistor. Sundiy services; preachinr it I.

Bible School 0:45 a. In. Youna; People's Conkieaa, 7 P. mid week Biectlnr, Wednesdiy, a p. m.

Seoul Hoys evnm ind Uirls, Friday fternnon. Open cburchi Paslori oilice hours, to to 1 1. 111. 1 and 3 lo 4 p. telephone lieratur itoi.

to ream ehurrh rrom Nanhattan lake Sunvcly 10 Nevms ttreut, Brooklyn, and change to Fulbin or lurfacn car for Troy avenue, within one block of church. ST. JAMBS PRIbBYTKRIAN OHUROH, tt 61 West 1 37111 Aew York Lily Hev. Frank Ilydcr, It. Piaior fcervlres each Sutiday ilttrinr 1 010 wili be ea follows: II a.

111., avrniun; 1 Sunday school; 4 p. 111. Ui uiliHruood 7 p. in. christian tndoavor; a p.

111., sermon Wednesday, a p. 111. Lecture and prayer service, Wednesday 4 p. m. Junior Fiuieavor Friday, 111.

boys' Athlotic AsiMirialloll, lUptleiu and Coiniiiiiiilon or Ihe I ord a Supper at 8 p. the first Sun clay of each month. iiiois and Siranir eis are ursreil lo attend all of tlirao service. Manse, 800 W. 137th si.

Telephone, Aiidubun 7054.. Church plume, naririu f. I Bethel A. I. Ohueeh.

tl Weat 182nd itreat. Rev. M. W. Thornton.

h. D. hesidenre (I West 1 31 itreet i.hurrh services ilurln Aurust lam Prayer meeilnr 10.41 a. m. Preie'hint servire.

babbaih Khool, 9 a. m. A. c. Leaiim 6 p.

m. tvenlna services 7:4 p. m. Holy Communion First Sunday evry month. Cuit hieetmes Tuesday mg tit.

Public mreiina nd entertainineiits, Thuraday nlgnia. Prayer meetines Friday nighia. tove least last Friday until in luoutb. HELP WANTED MALE VOUB OPFORTUNITV WAMTEU rTan Md Wooded Ainarlcan jlegroe with a vision unrt also an tncllnilloa to rl above tb menial at atiittaui Mtnii ar In Htttttn cltlet, lr a conierclil project nntneed Lv and Amarlcan Itaaro Hint and nuilneM men. Compoii lullon IU be In proportion oblliry to irraip tb ftnportanru ot the position aod Onanclil re pouiihflHy or the partial selected.

Addraat, Ovaraa Trading. Wall Street, Mew Veri Wanted to waller! at one. Fare paid to and from place. Alexander employ 144 Wett i4ih BL, Morn. meni Atency, Wanted at anoe experienced mm for viuioiiiermr inn repiiring rurnnure, write or call in peron.

Thomas mi ley, Ftyeite itreet Blnehimpton, Y. ir HELP WANTED FEMALE Woman wanted for aeneral house respectable wurklng persons only. St I W. i asm pireei. Wanted Tvnlst end reneril nmrr at temuiii.

Apply. 10 ltiilriad.plire corner Mechinle. phone. New liorfielle tins. Lamp Shade Worker a experienced on snull or" lure silk shades.

M. S. Koch. Mff. 10 F.isi 93rd street.

If you want a job go lo the Mild fervlee Aeenry (log Madison avenue 132nd Itreet. luve four hour Jobs 110 a week. Sundiy work reference, mlth. Seplie lt Phone Audubon 3602 THE PLACEMENT BUREAU TOR COLORED GRADUATE MORSES Mra. ADAH B.

THOM6, ft. Lleefleae 317 Weit 138th Street' New York City (ember 51 at favannah, Ca, where he was spending his. vacation, after onjy three days' The body wa brought to Brooklyn and funeral servioes were held at 3 19 Bridge street on Thursday, September 14, the Rev. W. C.

Brown of Fleet Street Church, officiating. Aibland Place Branch. Breoklvn. A two day conference for all board awarded a scholarship for next ycar'i and committee members and secretaries work. kMist Alget Crawford of Poof the various Branches of the Brook ono.

a udent at Cheyney, spent lyn Young Women' Christian Asioci few days at Ashland Place as tn ation will be held Thursday and Fri guest "of MUe Royster. day September 28 and 29th. at the Har 'j Registration ia now open for fall riet Judson V. W. C.

residence, evening classes in miliiiicry, beginning 50 Kevins street. Addresses upon sub and advanced dressmaking and tiowcr jecu or vital importance will be made by prominent national Y. W. C. A.

worker and their themes and the discussion period Will include tronsidera tion of the industrial problems, laws affecting women, our educational gram, program for girls' elubsr foreign work, leadership, and the Association purpose. Valuable prize for the Better Baby Contest, to be held October 13. 14, 15, have been contributed by business firms of city. Every child entered in the GEORGES. D0WELL CARPENTER and BUILDER AiseeatMna Raw arid Old Jebe at Phane Harlem S8S2 77 West 131st Street lulytt lm pi PAY HIGHEST CASH PRICES For Postage Stamps Used or Unused Wanted Collediom, lots and accumulations on 'and off letters, es pcoially of the West Indic, South and Central Americas, Liberia, etc.

Call, write or phone Jenkins Bryan, 2376 7th avenue, New York City Phone 3730 Audubon. Webb Draper Agency IB ROW LOCATED AT asa.VVael BSrd pear Sir, Ave. Have position open for well trained southern help in all capacities, Private families 5ur specialities. References Beit wagci 'and condition. Cornelia A.

Chrittianii, Prop. Telephone Circle 2713. Harlem 74M TAI HOME COOKING iTlXCj? 800M SESTAUBANI 8CUsMAv. S4UrxAv. MEW YORK CITY Augl9 4m 1, 59 I35U! St.

We guarantee to cut jour Coal and Gai Bill 'a aalf. If you want your place heated Steam, Water or Ga, Tin tmitbe and Soofera. Tar and gravel Soda Water FounUina and Coffee Urni constructed and No Job Too Small. No Job Too LarfO. MIGHT AND DAY SERVICE.

Plumblnf in all it parte a ipecialty. PHONE S607 HARLEK C. DAVIS Matter Mechanic. UNDER Umoailna Foe Mlra Notary Publlo W. DAVID BROWN HIQH.

CAAOK UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER' Prompt Service Night and Day Mortuary, Chapel and Ware Room 231S SEVENTH AVENUE Near 136th Strait Telephone Mormngalda 1535 PhonaBuehv.ickS7B ALLKM DILLARD UNDERTAKER EMBALMER PROMPT SEBVICE l'AY NIGHT CHAPEL AND MORTUARY 163 OUllsiC ST. BR WOKU N. JAMAICA IKAfltH: S3 ALLEN ST W. A WILSON, Manlier. Tel.

Jamaica $371 Mar. 3m. lis Jt, ANNOUNOMIMT ar. Brnart MaaOanald, MaeOaiwId. Surgeon Dentin the Removal at hia aw annetinaae SOI Waat ISSUl Street, Oerner Satanui Avenue New Verk Olty, Telephone Auiul ten BS74 IMypRMATIOW WANTED.

Anyone knowing of the whereabouti of John ''Henry Miller, formerly 0f High ttreet, Brooklyn, and Mrs, Tbeophilut Stewart, both property owntn at East Northport, Long Mind, are asked to communicate with Mrs! Nannie Abernathy, 124 Hurboat Boult vard, Jamaica, Long Island, or phone S210 Jamaica. POR BALI Family tiouea, r'uyvesnat lleirhtt it.c. lion, rnonn i Bsili. Mimni r. pirquet Boors, ill pew plumhiiie.

Clock frm two of Broomyn foremn fypieogiiea. Owner 479 A Hancock sltei Lrooklyn. Bargain A ready buyer, J. Coy four room Bunkalow. rlednntv) witer, a lre plot, near Mation.

M. y. Aire. no w. 13Mb fit.

Pee Sale or Rant Two family haute with two (2) reome and bain in attic brlnelne 75 dollars per month Irin, Reiionihle, Mra. M. A. Butler, J.H Pres. col Plate, ptalnfleld, N.

i. FOR SALE At I One Family i Hoiiae. It his ill tmrovements porchet, bolh ereened In uh a n.r raiden md chlrken run in the liaik rooms. Prlre $4,000. Arply H.

Moore 4 (nth alreet, Corona. BLUE. SERGE The Beat mad 84 Inch wide weritae aarge, foe men and women. Prloe en request foe tamplaa t. t.

MADISON B3S OOLUMBIA STREET Cambeld, Meaa. EeptS lt contest will receive a gift and then will be special prizes for the childrea rated highest by the doctors. Among the new residents at Ah land. I'lace are Miss Clara Vanry, teacher; NJiss Elizabeth Boring ol Charleston, S. and Miss Katie Boddy of Hillbtirn, K.

who are attending school in this city. Miss Anna Royster left this week l.r I Chcvncv Institute where the has been making. 4 1 Association expressed ympathy to Mis pfhee work er and club leader, and tq her. family, upon the death of her brother, Edgar 1 Gatsaway. Among recent visitors the build ing were Mist Elsie Taylor, executive tecretary, Newark V.

W. and her sister; and Mist Adele Ruff.a, National Y. W. C. lecretary.

DR. ALBERT S. REED AnnouBcei The removal of hia office' from 314 Weet SJnd jtreet, to 127 Weit 130 ttreet, (St. tuke'i Building) Telephone 5015 Mornlngiide. Houri 11 to 1.

5 to 7 p. m. Residence 129 Eait Hayea avenue Corona. Telephone Havemeyer 1349. JuneJ cen.

Dr. James A Banks formerly at 213 Weit 137th Street. Surgeon DentUt. Now at 223 WEST U8th STREET Ten Yean With Dr. D.

C. White Mew York Telephone 0929 Audubon Jiily sm 1,0 lost even tiiarnnieed lo lull, ran be made for the patient twem.foue aiuei pi'. tlee to pn for free idvice. Ballr A. M.

1 r. Claa aaaaaa FRIO nStentists Northeast Corner of 125th St Lenox Ave. Sarinmr BtUlaa aa4 All Cut AI the isaae Brakeii Plateat Hrpetreal WaJIL Yea WaJi 1 IF DON'T THE EYESIGHT SPECIALIST BELIABLE AND REASONABLE EYES EXAMINED FREE 531 LENOX AVE. OPfOSlTlk UAKLEM hOSHTA TAKLR5 WHIN DIATH OOOURS AND AN BCONOM. tOAi, PUNCRAL IB 0B8IRE0 CAla, IJP PHONB 8230 AUDUBON H.

ADOLPH HOWELL 107 W. 116th Bt, Maw Veel Ramaine Bhlppeel Te All Parte of the Wo. ie Alvrata Open Lady Atlandam PHONB 0483 MORN. J. WESLEY LANE Undertaker Embalmer OPIN ALL NIOHT.

PUNCRO. PARLOR AND CHAPAL fMI Lady In Atlandano. Prampl Service Modarate Rata 11 W. ISSrd Bt. Near Lenoi Ave.

WHY NOT GET THE BEST? It Costs NoMore. Broadway Auto School Benjamin F.rThomas, Prop. 213 WEST 5Trd ST. N. V.


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