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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 13, 1921
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THE UEW - YORK ACE, SATURDAY, AUGUST U, 1921. WITH OUR GIRLS By Russell J X z. I ft - St. Philip's Church Group : Votes To Cease Functioning Chapter of St. Andrew Brotherhood Suspends Its Activities Because of Parish . Disturbances and Disagreements .! MSHSSSSSiasMSV " ' Further evidence of the' reign of dissatisfaction in St. Philip's P. E. Church, West 134th street, New York City, under what is alleged to be the autocratic 'domination of the rector, the Key. Dr. llutcheii9 C. Bishop, intimations of which were first brought out ,by defeat for reelection of several vestrymen, and more lately by "' the summary removal of the curate, the Kev. Everard W. Daniel, is found in action taken by the St. Philip's Chapter of the Brother. hood of St. Andrew at its meeting on Tuesday evening, August 2nd; - . . - The. Clapt?.r .Y1 t0 crase t0 f"" - '1'011 anfl teby passes - outtf existence as an active, energetic church auxiliary organization - k ..... . .. , ....... . ,, i i - . . i . n 1 announced by omcers 01 - me body that this action is a sequel to llie various parish disturbances which be - in willi the liabter vestry elections of 1920, when one of the members ol the vestry, Mr. McNichots, was defeated ; for reelection because lie had antagon - . ied the rector, it was charged. In the 19'l balloting for members of the vestry loard, tiirte of the vestrymen, uppos - rd to be friendly to McNiiiwls, were !' supplanted by others, it is alleged, who " would be more amenable to the rector g I Svishei. These men? Clarence Koliin - ion. Knoch W. Newton and J. Applrton 1 Manson, were members of the Brother - hood. Saw the Rector. ' Their defeat caused a feeling in the Chapter that a great wrong was bciiiR Hnne .and manv of them are reported io have approached the rector concern m it. According to iniormanon re - trived. - these men were told that the "defeated vestrymen were in sympathy with McNichols. McNichots had op - pord raisin the rector', salary, from MWO to $5510, the increase coming after rentals had been raised on the i 135th street properties, and it is alleged that this attitude caused his defeat. ' Much criticism arose as a result of me - thods alleged to have been used in bringing about McN'ichol'i defeat in 1920, and this was intensified when similar methods were in evidence in 1921 to get rid of three men. Samuel E. Adonis of 224 West 134lh street, Manhattan, and Luther Daniel Dul'orte of Hi West ". 134th street, have both submitted sworn affidavits to the effect that they voted .against these men as. a result of J "personal requests made by parties who ' clamed to be acting in behalf of Rector E Bishop. . s ' The affidavit sworn to by Mr. Adonis JT declared that his vote was solicited P - o overcome an alleged movement pro - ? jected by McNichols that had as its i; object the retirement of Rector Bishop. This affidavit reads as tollows: Affidavit by Samuel E. Adonis. . "I SAMUFX K. ADONIS, do solemnly awear and declare that on the Wednesday night of Holy Week last yrrr jRrt - fv called at my residence, 220 W.'f.Buv street, nd told me tt il aH fteerrgiven a list of the naTrrcTTtf the - members of St. Philip's Church, yr i who live in my district and asked to J see them and explain that there waj a ' movement started by Mr. McNichols to ,f have Dr. Bishop retired from the ree - y Jorship, and to ask u to prevent this ; , injustice being done the rector by at - S. ' tending the election of vestrymen on '. Easter Monday and voting for men who p would support Dr. Bishop. . "He said that they had the names of about 100 members of the parish to ' canvass and invited me to attend a meeting at Mr. Clarke's house. I did ' , not attend the meeting, but on Easter '. .., Monday I attended the election and ': ' was handed the ballot ly someone at " the door, and as I passed Mr. Bolin, be look the ballot from me looked at it and told me it was all right, and so I i" ; Voted it. 1 (Signed "SAMUEL E. ADONIS." r: - ) "Subscribed and sworn to before me, : "this 8th day of June, 1921. I. '(Signed) "JOSEPH L. TR1TCHARD. t ' "M.,r - PM;, K.w VnrL Cn - (2) fa g jow?rfoefrepaM6ms M The affidavit submitted by Mr. Du - Torte declared that ho bad been canvassed by a Kcv. Mr. Swan prior to the selections of 19JU and Wl, the statement bring made that men antag - istic to Rector Bishop were to be sup planted. The affiant swears that be acceded to this request at both elections. , . . , Tin - Christian Practices. It appears that a feeling was aroused among the men of St. Andrews that teps should be taken to prevent rc - cur.Hrnce of what they termed mi - Christian practices at future elections. And this feeling was intensified when at the first meeting of the new vestry a resolution was introduced asking that the Kev. Mr. Daniels be requested to. resign as curate. Efforts to overcome tins. antaEonism to Curate Danlcliibe - is w.wium ..., mi, . presment contemplated rrs.gning irom. the Chapter at its June meeting. They were dissuaded, however, and with hope of laying the situation. Rec or Bishop was invited to atteno the July meet - MR. :. ln Die meantime IRE new iok a.e of June 24th carried a news story concerning conditions in . St. Philip's. When the rector put in his appearance at the July meeting,, he .charged the Brothcrhcxt wkh responsibility for'the article published in Thk A;h. lie said that the men of the Chapter were causing the trouble, that be as rector knew hi; power and did not intend bring dictated to by anyone. That he had been in many tights during his thirty - seven years as rector and had always won out, and saw no reason why he. would not win now. . fc Deny Fomenting of Trouble.'' A'fter delivering this declaration, it reported, Dr. Bishop left the room, saying he had another meeting to; attend, and al" stating that while - be would be, willing to discuss the affair with individuals at any time, he would not speak to a group of men again. "He allowed no opportunity' for a reply. The men of the Chapter were - surprised at the charges made by Rector Bishop, as they claim to have had' no fcmiwledEe of The, Aae article prior to pit&L publication and 'they denied all, re sponsibility for the fomenting ot trowle. Accordingly, at a meeting held, on Tuesday evening, August 2nd, the St. Philip's Chapter of the Brotherhood of St, Andrew unanimously derided to tiispend its work in St. Philip's parih. The rector's attitude, they say, has made it impossible for them to receive Conmmunion at his hands, and it is declared that many men and - women of the parish have walked out of ' the church on discovering that the rector would be the celebrant at Holy Communion. ESTABLISHED 33 YEARS MRS. IDA WH1TU - DUNCAN HAIR WORKER - 19 Pteseott St, Jersey City, IT. J. Wigs, Braids, Bangs, Pompadours, Tarnsformatiom, Combings, made' op to any style. 8ealp Treatment, Shampooing. Hair Dressing, Face Massage. Manicuring. Colored peoples comblagi bought Lessont taught . bait work. Diplomat. (bmpaonatfM'efinessoA (Coiirtmy of The Newark Kvriilnt News.) Mrs. Brooks Gregory, Social Service Worker, Died I July 26 Superintendent of Working Girls' Home, N. Y. City, and Identified With Number of Racial Welfare Movements Special to The New York - Age. Newark, N. J. Mrs. Musette tirooks Gregory of 172 North Eleventh street, a prominent volunteer social service worker in New Vork City and New Jersey, died on Tuesday, July 26th, alter an illne Inch lasted more man a year, at Mount McGregor, N. Y, wfirrc she had been taken for treatment. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brooks of 1842 Thirteenth street. Northwest. Washington, where she was born forty - four yean ago, and was the wife of Eugene M. Greg ory, counsellor - at - law, of this city, a Harvard graduate and member of the bar of New Jersey and New York. Mrs. Gregory had been identified for years wkh movement for the uplift of her rare, and up to the time of her illness had served as superintendent - of the - Working Girls' Home, New York City, under the direction of Mrs. Haley I - 'iske of that city, a wealthy philanthropist Interest ed .in welfare of the Negroes.. Mrw ijregory was aiso superinirnaem oi ine colored mission of the Diocesan Anxil - iary of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City. Raised in Washington, D. G, Mrs. Gregory was. lefore her marriage. rlerk to the supervising principal of the i liirteenlh District, Washington schools, and was also for several i ears a supervisor of first - year work in the public schools of the Dutrict of Columbia. The funeral was held from her parents' home, Washington, on Friday, July 29th, and it was largely attended. Rev. Thomas J. Brown, rector of St. Luke's P. E, Church, officiated, assisted by Rev. W. V; Tunnel! and Rev. F. A. Bennett. , Dr. Tunnrll performed the marriage( ceremony for Prof. Gregory and Miss - Brooks, and arose from sick bed to1 take. part m the ;fnheral STvices. Resolutions adopted by lift "Newark branch' .N,. A.f.A.iR. wete read by Shelby J. - Davidson. . - Saautiful flora! tribute were snt by :M ;Ha1ey .Fiike - of New' York, th( 6 New Jersey Slate Federation of Women's Cubs, 1h NYwarir branch N.' A. A. ' P., the Phyllis Wheatlej Club of Newark. the Brownies of Washington and scores of friends. Interment was in Wood - lawn cemetery. Members of the family present at her bedside at the time of her death were her husband and her mother. Other surviving members of her family are her father, her brothers, Eugene and Everett Brooks oi Washington, and her sister, Mrs. Robert Marshall of Saratoga Springs, M, Y. .... In addition to the special Interests, Mrs. Gregory was a director of the Music School Settlement, New York, and during, her illness was re - elected vice - president of the Newark Branch of the National Association for the Advanremritjof Colored People. She wax? secretaV if tbe State' Federation of Colored' iMimen's Clubs, was also interested ia.the New York Federation, and waj jtt'lAlive' member of suffrage orwnftfiUOrf !"' 6ft fbsnrifll the struggle lor the kallot - 'fofwown. Many special activities were taken up Mrs. Gregory, during the World War both in this city and New York. She served on the reception committee and as assistant Vhairman of the women's committee of the Soldiers' Day cele hration here April 27, 1918, was a mem ber of the Mayor's committee to wel come home - coming soldiers in New York, and served on the 37rth Infantry wenare League ot Mew lork. PROGRAM ARRANGED FOR NATIONAL MEDICAL ASS'N (Special to The New York Age) Orange, N. J. The twenty - third annual session of the National Medical Association 'will be held in Louisvii'e, Ky., August 23 to 26th, inclusive. The local committee of arrangements is composed of the professional and busi ness men ot tne city, ana an aggressive, Jjdies' auxiliary. Kentucky is noted . for hospitality and the 'people .of Louisville are determined this year to surpass all previous records. ' The program committee of the National Medical Association has been putting forth unusual efforts to make the scientific sessions and the clinics the most attractive, interesting and instructive that have ever been presented. Paper dealing with nil phases of medicine, surgery, dentistry and pharmacy wllj be read by ' seiner of the most representative men of various sections. ... Interesting1 clinics 'in medicine and surgery under the) direction of Dr. J. E. Perry, Kansas City, Mo chairman of - the committee on clinics, will be held at the Red Cross Hospital and the Louisville City Hospital. Clinics in diseases of the eye. ear, nose and throat will be under the direction of Dr. Jno. O. Plummer, Raleigh, N. C, and Dr. 11. R., Smith, of Chicago, 111, Dr. C. W, Dorsey of Louisville, Ky., and Dr. W. F. Clark of Opelika, Ala,, will have charge of th; dental section. The feature of the section will be a clinic each day by the Inlay Unit. The demonstration which will be given by this Unit has required nearly two years of constant planning and work. It was prepared for the .National Dental Association meeting, but was secured instead for the National Medical Asset - b i kaiOh TEN YOUR HAIR .4 ! BEFORE USINfl AflU USilfe. 'Not Hiiw uui iron nut do It Willi (Kina - no - more) tt graataat hair tralfhiemni preparation on (artH Klnk - no - mor wilt atnufhien the klnklut kind OI hair. 1'blnk atwut it prowlr. Hon that all you nave to do la to aunlr it pn tha hair and with a litis combine the hair Mcomi atralfht, not to ttav lor. one day or one week, but to laec from IX to eight months. Water nor enythui! else will make it kink again after it ku Been etralghtoned. Klnk - no - njore h, wonder - worker. So nwrveiouaiy doea it do Us work that one can hardly bellev. their own ye. It worki Ilk. maglo and la unique bacmuae there la not another preparation in. the world like It. 1 0tXr a reward ot $100 tor any head of half that Klnk - no - more will not etralghteoT Klnk - no - more la a'vegetable compound. It la perfectly - harmleee and will not Injure the acalp nor hair. But It will toD It from fallina - out; positively removes dandruff: promotes a luxuriant growth of healthy hair and Krepa It aoft and glossy, itcrticmber, Klnk - no - more Is oH under a guarantee to do all that la claimed for It or money refunded, I will aend to any one on receipt of (lot a regular alia box of Klnk - no - more nough to straighten from one to two hernia of hair. When. ordering; aend rag. latered letter, postal money order or ex - prsa money order. Liberal Inducement! offered to agenls. Write today for ape - clal terms. Enclose 1 cent atatop for reply. Agents wanted everywhere. Aitrireua Prof. L. V. Bhelton. 107 Prn.. How beautiful, with baby curls, Are modern maids the bobbed hair girls! Their winsome smiles and baby looks For us are Nature's picture books. Their dear Mammas upon them gaze With wonderment. Yea, for their ways Are strange compared with those of yore, When maids in braids their long locks wore. O lovely maids of lovely styles, How changeful art your moods and wiles. WITH OUR GIRLS SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th IN PUINF1ELD, N. J. JJ0 t. M. DKAR PALS: Well, at l:tt I know a few of you and ant very happy indeed to make your acquaintances. brownie , you are darling and "Smile?" couldn't have had a better name. Of all good sports, "Hill" you are the best. Not many would have come so far in the rain to attend our merlins. 1 am so sorry that the rain kept every one from turning out. Mete's hoping that we have better luck at our next meeting. It will be held on Saturday, August 20th at 3 30 c clock. Don t forget. New Jersey girls. Let's all try to he present. Take either the union trolley or tne New Jersey Central to P'ainlield. Those who take the trolley will get off at the trolley station. Tliere will be some girls with blue and white badges to meet you at both places. Say, girls, I just can't wait until the day comes. We will try to mike things pleasant for all jj( you. I do hope to much that we can set together and organize. Well, sis ters, I'll close with lots of love to all. Don t forget, Saturdav, August 20th, ;n Plainficld at 3:30, Don't get discouraged if you are a little laic, We will meet you just the tame. "RED" Platnneld, N. J. DARLING GIRLS: 1 know that yon thought I had forgotten all about you, but I haven't . I have been away and just got back.. , I certainly did mist The Age while I was gone, and most of all missed reading your letters. I think Russell's pictures are just fine, "Bobbie," 1 bet you made a pretty good guess when you said, you bet I was just as ugly as yourself. Girls, I am preparing to go back to school again. "Bobbie". I would like to tee yon very much. The next time I write 1 will tend in my (naps. Listen, girls, let all of ns try to get at least one subscriber for The New Vork Age. to. - e can help to carry the Age on. Well, love to all of the nelw members! ' " BOB Buckholtt, Texas. DliAREST GIRLS: How was the meeting Saturday? I wat unable to attend, but I hope to the next time. "Petrovna." there it more than one street in Elizabeth that begin with a "W". "Pit - a - Pat," were you on the picnic August 11 to Verona Lake? Welcome to our column 'Tatty". 1 have not had my - photo" taken, but hope to soon. What has happened to yon. "May"? Why you don't write? Bye. Bye. ' EliMbeth, N. I ' 'THAW - DEAR GIRLS: Jutt a few lines to tell you we had a wonderful time in Newark. Although we were few in number we had loads of fun. "Brownie" and "Smiles" met ni l"PrA anit nivtetf "Rrownie is itist as sweet as can be. Girls, I wi;h you all rnuirf niei nir. mnes ana Brown ie" were so entertaining. They made" - nl.ii Int In, It . f . 1 r I W A it full of it. Ske ia so Ffarfchv. SI is just about at big as a minute. She l... lL Ut M - ei lni That - ' ti ra ir ltd . C I aigtiiV asi llttii Oh. there 1 go. Say. "Plt - a - Pat " were ynu at tne meetingr tiiat naij say, Mrhqt hannetieil tr vml lertev e - irla' m.Mv ..rr . " . - "j r Were you afraid of the rain? Alright I hope to - meet you in Plainfield, Say ciation. Arrangements have been made for special Pullman cars from Philadelphia, Richmond, Va., Atlanta, Ga and Raleigh, N. C. Peduced rates on the certificate plan will prevail on & roads except from New England points. Par ties trotn tins section can purcnase ticekts from New York. The ladies of Louisville have ar - l ranged a series of "stags" which will take care of the entire time of the visiting ladies. Governor Morrow will w.lcome the visiting delegates on behalf of the State. Dr. I. Garland Pcnn of Cincinnati will deliver an address on the opening vglit. Dr. J A. Mul - lowney, the new president of Mcharry Medical College, will be a speaker at one of the sessions. A public health meeting under the direction of Dr. R. C. Brown of the United States Public Health Service will be held on Thursday evening. Reception to the visiting delegates will be held on Friday even - inn at Jefferson Armory, and the con vention will close with a trip to Mam moth Cave. ' Dr. W. G. Alexander, general secretary. 14 Webster place, Orange.. N. - J. will give any information about the con - 1 vention that may be desired, Liberia Bishop Visits Philadelphia. Philadelphia. fV - The Rt. Rev. The - ophilus Momolu Gardiner, suffragan bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Liberia, Africa, visited Philadelphia, as the guest of the rector wardens and vestry of the church !of Sl John the Divine, 57th and Pearl streets, Philadelphia. ' The bishop arrived at West Phila delphia station abou' 5 p. m. Saturday and was met by - the rector of ' the Parish, Kev. J. D.a totta Harewood. Early Sunday monring he adminis tered the Holy Communion to a goodly number of the communicants of St. John the Divine and preached to a crowded church at the 11 a. m. servce. ' In the Pro - Cathedral, the biilmn' preached at 5 p. m. Ten priests, In - ! eluding the Rev. Dr. Richardson, the dean, were present at this service Im - 1 mediately after 'the bishop and clergy we're entertained by the Rev, Dr. Richardson. , , At the Hotel Dale, Broad and Cath - arinc streets, the vestry of the Church, No. Time a - YOU re Dcautiiui wun vaoy cuns. "Brownie" and "Smiles" I gut home 0. K. at 9:30 P. M. good time, eh? Girls, they certainly have a nice Y. W. C A. in Newark. They have a lovely secretary. Wish you all could have been with us. Girls, I could say more, hut space will not permit so will ring off. With lots of love to all. "BILL" Ridgewood, N. .1. DEAR GIRLS: Hasn't the weather been dreadful "Ethel." I coulnd't gel to the "V" Suu - day. You tee 1 live away down town on the east side and just when 1 started why it was just pouring, so it. was about 5 :30 when 1 . did get up town. I am awfully sorry. I am sending in the only snap that I have, "Ethel," have vou a telephone number? If to give it to me so I can call vou tip. Mine is Plaza 3405 "BUSTER" New York City. DEAREST GIRLS: Here I am for the second time. . 1 guess you think that I have forsaken you, but I have not. I was waiting on i friend of mine. She said the would write next week. Well, I said The), Most Dis covery of the. age If you want long, hair ui - REGIhlALL COCOA' BALM arita'i Grtittit lilr tftwer It clears the hair of dandruff, stops itching, stopi the hair from falling out or breaking off, feedt the roots and puis new fife lo it, Every box fully guaranteed. Wt C Botm Kt. frWrtOBWeri WutmpovJeUyUc. Vranns Oil too. 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Though lips may speak and eyes may gac, Naught will I say of you but praise. have cnangea. Ana, DODbed hair pirli tl I. ,C.t T ...... n . . . II. 1111 J"ui. ,nn.Ki v, j hin I. ter give you one of im !ins iu will neip you. bo ncrc i y . We, as a future organu.ifion ft,,, growing strong. Must learn to do right anI - m t, wrong. For there Is nothing g'wer in fn world. Than an organization am - n; tP c j. orrd girls. We must keep our banvr hi ah. That this column may : uv v.Migf. ana never aic. We are now traveling up the roaj success, Each one going upward in dj S best. Now, girls, let the name , - ,f fw w. gan nation be written The highest on the wall. . K ..A a. I.. r. , stand, Uiviaed we tall. I also inclose twrnh ... "Brownie". I am still waitinir in i. - from you. "Happiness' I rt vc irom tne aouiii. uppor c t eether. I have a nlan U til to the editor and get my ni write me your address? 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