Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 13, 1957 · Page 45
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 45

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 45
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Wednesday Evening, November 13, 1957, RIP KIRBY Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Twenty-on* PII7 SIRENE SUP YOU THE BARON'S WALLET. RIP? ' YES, JIM. NOW' WE'VE GOT TO FIND A PLACE WHERE WE CAN 6O THROUSH IT... HERE'S THE COMBINATION TO THE SAFE SO ALL WE HAVE TO PO IS GET THE MAP BEFORE NAPIR MISSES HIS BILLFOLP. MICKEY FINN W-WELL,THEY'LL KNOW „ SOMETHIN' IS UP, W-WON'T T-THE STORAGE PEOPLE SOREVHEV-W-WHEM THEY PONT ARE SOIN'TO BE SURPRISED / BNP YOU THERE IN THE W-WHENSTELL'EMI'M ^ M-MORNING? THROUGH TOMORROW -A-AND WHY! N-NO-I'M ALWAYS \ W-WMEN ARE YOU GONE BEFORE THEY FIGURIN'ON COIN GET THERE, PHIL! i-i LOCKED THE DOORA TO BE THERE -T-TC SO-AH-EVEKVmiNS 1 B-BACK UP WILL SEEM THE SAME/ E-EVERYTOING ->s U-USUAI! -^ .you SAY! O-OKAY! I-I'Ll P-PICK YOU UP -ATTWJU.VE! I-l'LLHAVETOGET AJ.ITTLE REST, PHIL -S-SO IT PROBABLY WON'T BE BEFORE NOON! KERRY DRAKE 1607 BACK A EARLY, SAHARA/.. THOUGHT I'D STOP KERRY DRAKE/ PRAKE.. UH..6OES WITH MY FRIEND, MINDY MALONE/ REX MORGAN, M. D. MRS. BAETON ? THIS IS PR. MORSAN/ MISS PRESCOTT TELLS ME YOU'VE CAN- CEUED YOUR APPOiNTMENT ,' IM AFRAID THAT YOUR PIET WAY OF LOSING WEIGHT IS OLP-FASHK3NEP....THAT I'VE BEEN STARVING MY BOP/ TISSUES,PR. MORGAN! PROFESSOR BORRIGARP EVEN TOLP ME I WAS RUINING MY HEALTH ON YOUR DIET .' IN FACT, PR. MORGAN....I'VE" FELT LIKE A NEW WOMAN SINCE I'VE BEETTUhPER. % PROFESSOR BORRIGARP'S CAR6 .' -^ • HAVE YOU LOST ANY WEIGHT? THE PROFESSOR. DOESN'T *t_ PERMIT HIS PATIENTS TO GET/ ON A SCALE UNTIL WE'VE _S BEEN ON HIS PROGRAM X FOR. THREE MONTHS .' \ _. -~~ -^ **^^ EMMY LOU "You know that school beauty contest Hugh's, judging tomorrov/? Well, I'm winning it tonight!" GRIN AND BEAR IT *... And to proper))' plact tht blame for the failure of our progrum I thai) demand to know who thought up thil tflttllH* MM in HN first ptece!" Just Laika SANTIAGO, Chile (•UP) - Un- amused civil and military authorities today were looking for the practical joker who parachuted a dog into a Santiago suburb Sunday, touching off a rash of reports that Sputnik II had ejected its canine passenger over Chile. Police took custody of the para- •»•»•.•-*_•_•-•-• ••" WhenYou FeelTense CheW a stick of refreshing, delicious Wrigley's Spearmint. Pleasant chewing helps you feel relaxed chute and the dog, which was unharmed by the drop. Canal Survey Scheduled WASHINGTON (UP)—A special technical staff has been appointed to advise the House Merchant Marine Committee on the question of enlarging the Panama Canal or building a second canal in Central America. Committee Chairman Herbert C. Bonner (D-N.C.) said he appointed the six-man staff because the present canal is "ap preaching obsolesence." REPORTS HIT-BUN Ronald Roller, 1537 Erie avenue, reported to city police Tuesday that his 1949 model car, parked on Fourteenth street south of Broadway, had been struck and badly damaged by a hit-and-run • j driver during the morning. BUZ SAWYER ASHI KICKS IORKA-S RIFLE ASIDE, TAKES HIS PISTOL VOU'RE NOT OtK9, ZORKA! JUST ft SHOULDER WOUNPi Be striking in stripes (Suits), and keep your budget in focus, Bailey's EAGLE MARY WORTH A FIANCE' »5 USUALLY INSURANCE THAT A DATE WILL REMAIN IMPERSONAL!-. -NOT ALWAYS USUALLY/ . . READY. MISS I'M REALLY x, HAPPY TO CHARLIE / MKETYOU! EVEMIM6!...rMTDMIO >*^\ STEP IN A MINUTE! Dl POLO-AND J CAN PLAINLY/ THERE'S SOMEBODY SEE I'VE COME TO THE RIGHT,/ 1 WANT YOU TO KNOW ADORES5LH»2». _X -.-JUST 50 THERE'S NO MIliUNDtRSTANOINfi LITTLE ABNER ( AH IS EXHAUSTED.'/ I AH BIN AT THIS NEARLV f A- AM'ALLAHGOTB 8 BACHELORS NEEDS THAR'S FIVE, . ALL LUMPEP TOGETHER.?' JUST ' DO THET MEAN VO' '—>v GENMOLM EM WOULD ALL \ NANCY THEY SURE DRESSED ME UP FANCY" FOR THIS .SHOW I. HAVE' NINE STARCHED PETTICOATS UNDER THIS —&iz:*s/j=- •&l/SWHIii£fLs ACT 2 t* COME, NANCV— YOU'RE ONI NEXT \ I sa^- I CAN'T WALK --- /AY FEET AREN'T TOUCHING 'THE FLOOR STRICTLY BUSINESS "Fra,nkly, it was better when he was late every morning!" STRICTLY RICHTER 10JT. *ING FEATURES £YNDICATe...Iix-. WORLD EIGHTS "Go right on with your painting. I don't want to misa this TV show." CUTIES IHJ want acme-that are easy to throw at my husband. I'm. left-handed." DOTTY DRIPPLE poms soiue TO THE DRUS STORE/; GRANDMA KEEPIN' TIME AN' TAPPIN MY FEET WITH TH' MUSIC YEAH,TAKE IT AWAY/ I'M TIRED OF HEARIN' IT// ...HAS CAUSED MET'WEAR OUT TOO MANY BLOOMIN'f SHOES HERE LATELY/'/-^ ARE YA SURE YOU WANT US T' TAKE YOUK NICE RECORD PLAYER OVER T' TH' SHACK?

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