Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1962 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1962
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SWIDAY, JUNE 24, 19fi2 Grooming Trees For Christmas Keeps Cass Growers Occupied Although it is several, months away,' at.-least one Cass county farmer is thinking of Christmas, However, his thoughts of Christmas take OR a little different meaning.. ' For Ned Hutchinson, of rural route 1, Logansport, who raises Christmas trees, his busy ..time is now. The., summer months, keep Hutchinson and, other Christmas tree growers busy pruning, trimming and shaping the,trees. It is vitally important that Christmas trees have a perfect shape. 'HUTCHINSON states, "We are going for quality. Christmas' trees will need to have 'good quality in order to sell readily and we believe people are willing to pay a better price for a nicer tree." Ned feels that that ..little extra care for each tree will, in the final analysis, prove beneficial, both financially and for a better product. Hutchinson has ten acres planted in Scotch pine. The farm is located on Indiana 17 at the junction of Road 250 North. The growing of Christmas trees can be a complicated venture. There is more to it than planting tree seedlings and watching them grow. SOME OF THE important factors that help make a nice tree include favorable soil, weed competition, shearing and insect control. ! Most of Hutchinson's trees are growing on Metea loamy, fine, sand soil which is one of the best soil types for growing good,trees. Fine textured dark soils such as Crosby or Brookston silt, loams provide less favorable growing conditions." Sandy soils do not encourage such vigorous grass anil sod competition as 'to the silt. loam soils. Tall grass can destroy the shape of the lower whorl of branches. On Christmas tree's, the lower \vhorl is vitally important to the entire shape of the tree. .ON SANDY "soil the trees grow normally bushier and not so tall and stringy, thereby requiring less shearing to develop a desirably shaped tree. . Soil so sandy and droughty that it wind-blows and grows no natural cover, grows the best Christmas trees. It is good land use and conservation practice to plant pine trees on this -kind of soil. There is little or no seed • bed preparation cost as for, grain or grass crops. Smith Family To Visit With Son For Two Weeks OLIVE BETHEL-Mr.. and Mrs. Srnest Smith and daughter Jane Anne,~ arrived home Tuesday even : ng after a- two weeks vacation with their son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. James Allen Smith and children, .Lisa arid James Allen Jr. at Menlo Park, California. On :heir return trip they stopped off 'or a visit with her brother, and lis family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard .andis and family at Tucson, Arizona. David Swick, called on Lester White Jr., Fletcher and Andrew iVhite, Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Helen Bright and Mr. Waier Schuppman of Fort Wayne ind Mrs. Jean Riley and sons of >ake Manitou spent Sunday with heir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Riley. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Marsh spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. !!za Ball near Burkett. ' The .Rev. and Mrs. Carl Overr lolser; Mrs. Byron Kindig, and Airs. Chaiiefe White attended the amp rive eting at Anderson, Thursday. '. . ' . Mrs. Walter ; Safford and Mrs. Adda Sanders, took Lowell Saf- : ord, David Bowen, Steve'Slay- baugh and Douglas Moore, ,to Youth Temperance Council at Porler Cave near Paragon, Indiana SHAPING TREE—Ned Hutchinson, left is shown trimming a Christmas tree in order to get the A pine tree planting seems to be natures most attractive place for young hardwood trees to grow In the ten acres at Hutchinson's, which is nearly six years old, a very noticable influx ol elms, sycamore, maple and mulberry trees are crowding in on the Christmas trees. He has found that mowing in the rows once or twice each year keeps weed competition fairly well in check. The first two or •three years he could ride on a-small tractor with a rotary mower ^attachment. 'Now, however, in the fifth and sixth year, as Ihe trees grow wider in the whorl area, Hutchinson finds that a walking mower is more satisfactory. NOW, AT THIS time of year, while, the new growth is still soft and the terminal buds have set on, is the proper time to shear to train the growing tree into a desirable shape. Ned finds that no two trees are identical, so each tree calls for specific treatment. "This takes time. There is a lot of work to it, Ned states, but we are going to, try to come up next Christmas' With some nice trees." Other Cass county Christmas tree^grow^rs .that, are finding the month of June a busy time on best possible shape. This shaping helps make the tree more attractive. 24 Hr. Color Film Service Kodacolor—Ectachrome—Kodachrome Joe Vivians Fotoshop 10 W. lindon Ave. Dial 1332 Dr. Leo Cahalan - Dr. Joe Closson CAHALAN ANIMAL HOSPITAL RFD 4, Logansporf-% Mile North on SR 25 Ph. 2751 Chronicle Printing Co. CLEAN ROWS— As an added help in insuring that the Christmas trees will be properly shaped, Hutchinson mows the iindcr- ..growth at least once a year. Photos, by ..Chris Held):. ...-,-. , Christmas tree farms include Don Pownell, Dr. Michael Adamski and Paul Scherrer, all of Jefferson township; Verne Fry, Noble township; Dwight Smith, Bethlehem township and J. T. Powlen, QALITY PRINTING IS NOT EXPENSIVE Harrison township. LIKE THE toy and clothing industries, which start production for Christmas many months in advance, Christmas tree farmers begin early too, but with one slight exception — their production starts several years ahead of the dale of December 25. It takes several years to grow a Christmas tree that will become a joy for small children awaiting good old Santa Glaus. I And. it takes a lot of hard work to see lhat those children will not I be disappointed on Christmas Day — for what would Christmas be 'like without a Christmas tree? BONUS BUYS-MONDAY-TUESDAY ONLY SMOKED PORK CHOPS 1C 79 C NO. 1-THICK SLICE SLICED BACON 2 89 C OUR OWN-GUARANTEED FRESH POTATO SALAD MACARONI SALAD BAKED BEANS . . . IB. 39 OUR OWN HAM SALAD Ib. 59c CALIFORNIA CANTALOUPES LARGE . . . SIZE 29* RAY'S WITH $5.00 PURCHASE OR MORE MILK I.G.A. POTATO CHIPS 3 Crtns TWIN PACK .00 49* WE ISSUE MONEY ORDERS STORE HOURS OAIIY 8 a. tn. to 6 p. m. Fridays 8,a. m. to 9:30 p. m. BEER AND WINE-TO CARRY OUT Car Ransacked Don Williamson, Walton, reported to'police late Friday that someone had ransacked his car .while it was parked at the Second anc Melbourne lot. Missing were raincoat, a pair of shoes a T-shirl and a pencil case. Virginia ICinsey, of 4 East Mildred, reported her purse with $2 was stolen -Friday -evening from Lord's dress shop where she is employed. . ' Let's Talk Cars Many motorists, .about to trade in their used cars, wince when the salesman quotes them an allowance figure. They fail to realize he is only quoting, not setting, the market price. Starting out to estimate a trade- in deal, most B. H«ndritk>eMi dealers use one of the popular price guides tor a general indication of ^wholesale or retail prices. These are figures obtained from auctions and sales reports across . the country and represent an approximate, average ol values. They are never a substitute, for the specific valuation a dealer puts on a car from/ihis day-to-day knowledge of what it will bring' on his own lot. Isn't it plainly evident, then, that the real tised car price setter is the- cautious used car shopper who looks long and hard before he lays out his hard earned money? What he is prepared to pay for a particular model in a jjiven condition is that -cat's true market value. Excepting a really lop condition used car sold by a .dealer . with a reputation 'for quality, this true - market price' is a standard and uniform figure, common to all dealers. It logically follows, because profit and loss economics is a hard master, that a dealer offering you more for your car than its true market value, MUST shortchange you somewhere else if he is to survive economically. That is why a wise 'buyer buys only from a dealer whose reputation will stand investigation and whose customers testify to Ihe value and satisfaction he delivers. Hendrickspn Motor Sales 419 S. Third Phone 5151 where they will spend the week. Mr. -and Mrs. Richard Coplen and daughters Pat and Nancy and Mrs. Stella Smith of Akron, attended the funeral 1 -services Saturday for Mrs. Smith's sister, Mrs. Maude Savage of Orlando, Florida at Indianapolis.; Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Wilson called on Mr. and Mrs. Orville J. Nickels, Thursday evening. Mrs. Dewey Merley called Monday and Tuesday on her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs.. E. E. Moon- shower and their house guest Mrs. Meta Schmidt of Chicago. Jane ; Anne . and Jeffrey Allen Butts of North Webster, were week end guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Keasey. Mr. and Mrs.'Dewey Wilson called on Mr.-and Mrs, .Donald Harvey and children Monday. Mr. and-Mrs. Delbert-Null: of near Talma, called Wednesday evening on Mr. arid Mrs. Orville J. Nickels. Miss Nancy Copleri is on vacation this week and is visiting with Miss Nancy Nichols at Fort Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kuhn and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tombaugh of Mentone, are going lo be week end guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tombaugh and son at Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Gleiv Hatfield and daughter Joyce and his mother, Mrs. Clara Hatfield of Akroh, spent' Monday evening with his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hatfield and son Paul near North Manchester. Mrs. Elva Hutchinson of Athens spent from Monday until Wednesday with her son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Hulchinson at Mishawaka. Mr. .and Mrs." Lester Eber and children of Jonesboro, Tom Hat- [ield and his fiancee Miss Caroi Lambert of Laketon, enjoyed a cookout .Sunday .afternoon, and evening al the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hatfield and daughter Joyce. Miss Martha Coplen of Indianapolis, spent (he week end with her family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard loplen and .daughters, Pat and Nancy. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Peters and daughters of Silver Lake, called on the White brothers Andrew and Fletcher and Lester While Jr., Monday afternoon. Mrs. Fred Keasey spent Wednesday night with .her daughter, Mrs. John Meredith and daughter Merrianne at Fort Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burlingham and daughter Marie of Hamlet, Indiana and Mrs. Jeanette Hutton of near Grand Junction, Michigan, spent Thursday with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Orville .1. Nickels. Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Rager and family and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Halfield and daughler Joyce, PUBLIC SALE GOING BUSINESS-KESTAURANT-GROCERY Located at Star City, Indiana SATURDAY,JU'N £30,1962 Beginning Promptly At 1:00 p.m. (CDT) BUILDING—Two story brick building 24' x 76' with gas heater, electric water system. Up'stairs could be made into living quarters. In rear of building another cement block building 12' x 20'. Size of lot is approx. 26' x 140'. • RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT-Antique walnut back bar with large mirror; oak counter bar with, 10 stools; 4 cu. ft. ice cream freezer; Coca-Cola cooler; complete set of silverware; cups and dishes; antique walnut wall,case to match back bar; 12 ice cream chairs with 4 porcelain lop tables; 20" electric fan; 20" window fan; 30 gal. White gas hot water heater; Anets french fryer with stand; Magic Chef grille stove with 2 gas burners; french fry cutler; work table; Philco 11 cu, ft. refrigerator; single sink; 3 burner coffee warmer; steam table; baby high chair; hall tree. GROCERY EQUIPMENT—10 cu. ft meat refrigerator display case with unit; Hussman 7 cu. ft. display vegetable freezer; Blizzard meat case less unit; electric meat grinder; computing Goble Stimpson scale; meat cuber; Hobart meat slicer, electric; paper rack" with string;, wall,shelves; wall glass case; (2) 4.ft. floor show cases; (1) 6 ft. floor show, case; cash register; Burroughs adding machine; several shelves of grocery supplies. Ligioner walk-in cooler 7' x 6' with unit, meat block and counter and many other items too numerous to mention. REALTORS NOTE:. The above will be offered for sale as a complete unit with building.or will sell individually, to be announced day of sale. TERMS: CASH..or..-.it aboue is purchased as a unit 1/3 down, balance with bankable note. Nothing lo be removed unlil settled for. Not responsible for accidents. I RENE WASH BURN, OWNER ('Stock) Realtor — Herman C, Wuethrich—Francesville, Ind. Phone 567-9611 TERMS: CASH or if .above is purchased as a unit ! /z down, spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rager and daughter Lisa ai IForl Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coplen and daughler Martha, spent Sunday aflermion will) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coplen and daughters at Silver Lakd. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Perry of Berkley, Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. 0. 0. Card!, Charles and Eleanor and Miss Pally Cliffton of Char-, lesion, Wo>t Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Dowe; Swick, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Swick and son, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swick and three children both of Bilrketl, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tombaugh of Mcnlonc, Mr. and Mrs. 'Dale Swick of Carbondale, Illinois, Mr. and Mrs. Lester. White of near Talma, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Anclin and five children of Milford. Mrs. Irvin McHallon, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kuhn and Mr. and Mrs. Jay Swick enjoyed a community dinner Sunday with their molhor, rMs. Louise Swick a( Akron. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Summu and two grandchildren of Silver Lake. Card of Thanks We wish lo (hank everyone for kindnesses and sympathy extended in (he illness and death of our father, Dock Perdue. Keith Perdue and Family Barbara. Steward and Family PUBLIC AUCTION WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 — 1 p.m. Sharp HEEBIE'S PLACE , Corner of Main and Logan Kewanna, Indiana LISTING—Two 36x38 pedestal Formica tables, six 36x42 pedestal Formica tables, 30 chrome chairs sturdy 4-leg (red), 10 chrome stools 24" (red), four 36 oy 72 folding tables formica lops, 24 maple barrel back chair;; (like new), 8 foot double duty meat case, with unit, meiit trays, 22" grill Magic Chef (gas),-National Cash Register, Magic Chef french fryer (35 Ib.) (gas), 34" Magic Chef gas range 6 burner, one 15 ft. counter, one 12 ft. counter, one 1C ft. counter, triple sink, fifty-four 9" plates, forty-eight 6", plates, fifty-eight 4" salad dishes, fifteen 7" plates, sundae dishes, relish dishes, 15 sugar dispensers, malt dispensers, 1 food chopper, 1 food grinder, 1 commercial can opener, 1 oak dining room table (1 with leaves), 6 oak straight chairs, 1 Norge oil heater, 9 folding chairs, 6 chrome wall coat racks, 2 show cases 60 by 22 by 38" (66 long—22 deep—38 high);new style, 1 show case (4 ft. long—22 in. wide—36 in. high), 4 burner Cory electric coffee maker with 4 coffee pols, glass pie case 31 in. long 12 in. wide 19 In. high, 8 hole with 2 compartment steamlable (gas), two 2-hole toaster, soup kitchen (complete), Lazy Susan syrup (for syrup), triple sink with 2 drain bpards, 2 canopies, Kelvinalor apartment size refrigerator, work table with shelves and 3 in. lop, several odd tables, and cupboards, and shelves, Dearborn air conditioner-(with water circulator),, several .ran skillets of all ; sizes,'aluminum cookware of all kinds, 18 napkin holders, 3 new-grill stones, 1 doz. malt glasses (new) 22 CMS., 2'/£ dozen malt .glasses (22 ozs.), several dozen stainless silverware, salt arid pepper shakers, ketchup dispensers, ash trays, creamers, several dishes, bowls, plates, cups and saucers, 100 water glasses, cafe curtains and rods, two grill weights, knives and utensils, 275 gal. oil burner, furnace blower. Keith Berkshire Terms: Cash Your Friendly Auctioneer Not Rcspo.isible for Accidents ,, Conducted by BERKSHIRE'S Phone 3197 1/ogansport, Indiana * Distributors * Brokers * Liquidators * Auctioneers * Eastgate Plaza Thtie Pricts Effective at Your Local Kroger Stores Only thru Wednesday Night t . Lean, Tender, Bone/ess Outdoor Grilling Type Pork Roast KROGER HAS LOW FOOD PRICES Ruth Lyons' 50-50 Club Special As Advertised on WLWi-Televiiion Spotlight Instant Coffee $1.07. 10-ounco Jar 1 Instant Folgers Coffee 30/ Off Label SI .09 10-ounco Jar I I With the Coupon Kroger Catsup 2 Lean and Tender for Broiling OF frying Pork Steak tatmore Brand Ideal For Outdoor Grilling Early Week

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