Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1962
Page 11
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SUNDAY, JUNE 24,1962 THE PHABOS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPOKT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN Coalition Government In Office After 4-Hour Ceremony Saturday VIENTIANE, Laos (AP)-A 19- man coalition government pledged to put Laos on the road of neutrality took office in four hours of ceremonies Saturday. Immediately after neutralist Premier Prince Souvanna Phou- ma pledged to restore peace in the war-riddled jungle .kingdom, it was indicated his pro-Communist half j brolher would be left in temporary charge of the government Sunday. The 62-year-old Souvanna is taking off for Cambodia enroute to Paris to attend a wedding — his daughter's — 'and his balrtrother Prince Souphanouvong of the Pa- thet Lao is one of two deputy premiers. Souphanouvong has 10 years' seniority over the other deputy premier, anti-Communist Gen. Phoumi Nosavan, and Information Minister Phoumi Vongvichit of the Pathet Lao said, the "elder" would take over. Under the coalition, agreement, however, Gen. Phoumi will have. a veto over all major decisions in the defense, interior and foreign affairs ministries. Phoumi is the holdover military strongman 'of the retiring .government, The triumvirate of, factions — represened by four anti-Communists, 11 neutralists and four pro- Communists — embarked on the experiment of a. united national government after 7 a /4 years of off- and-on civil war, more than 13 months of oft j broken cease-fire and H days of haggling over details of thd installation, The cabinet will meet for the first time Sunday. cloflieslities •^jT ~TT"~ *—£—•* ^ ;// "^ IPlLneed GAS DRYER! No other dryer can match the speed of a Gas Clothes Dryer. It's the one that will dry your clothes as fast as your automatic washer washes them. its Better! Because a Gas Dryer dries faster, it is better for drying woolens . . . especially blankets. Towels come out fluffier, too. Remember, speedy drying gives clothes longer life. You can dry your clothes for just about a penny a load with a Gas Clothes Dryer. This is only about one-fourth as much as it costs to operate other kinds of dryers. Let us prove a GAS DRYER is the one for you! G A S C In an inauguaral speech preening his'cabinet to King Savang athana, Souvanna pledged •• to mplement the'cease-fire of May 1961, and vowed to permit no oreign interference in Laos.. Laos will demand withdrawl.of 11 foreign forces, he said—an ac- already promised in the g'reement made at Geneva by the oviet Union, United States, North /iet Nam, .Red, China and oher nterested powers. State Traffic Toll Is Rising By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Indiana's, weekend traffic toll ose to five deaths. Saturday as IB third multiple-death crash of •ie week occurred. Paul L. Smith, 27, and Robert C, Alward, 34, both of Kingman, 'ere killed when the motorcycle ley were riding hit a guard rail n a curve on U. S. 136 almost mile west of Covington, throw, ng 'both off. State police said mith apparently lost control at igh speed. Ralph R. Millspaugh, 32, Terre !aute, was killed as his oar went ut of control and hit a parked ar on the west side of Indiana^ lis near the junction of U. S, 36 nd U. S. 40 early Saturday. Police believed Mlllspaugh's oar •as hit from behind by. another ar and arrested Max E. Miller, 6, Clayton, an hour and a half aier on preliminary charges o'f eaving an accident scene and eckless homicide. Miller .gave a statement saying JiHspaugh had tried to crowd im out at several stoplights, but enied that his car hi • Mills- •augh's. Graver Kisor, 44, Charlestown, fas crushed to death under his wn car in an accident on an inopened stretch of Interstate 65 in which he had been working jght miles south of Columbus. Fellow workers said he hac [riven up the superhighway to check on a roller he had been iperating as an employe of Fisher Construction Co. Coming down a hill on his re- urn trip, he apparently hit a pile )f gravel in the partly completes road. His car catapulted onto a >ridge, sliding on its left side, inally throwing him out, then •oiling onto him. It. was Bartholomew County's 1th traffic death this year, com- lared with 13 in all of last year, Robert L. Prrbe, 23, Ardmore, vas a Friday night victim, killec n a collision near South Bend, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Burton, 37, CenterviHe, was killed in a Uvo :ar crash > near Clinton, Tenn. ^riday. Her husband, Nelson, anc heir two sons were hurt. The driver of the other car Villiam E. Hollman, Baltimore tfd., was charged with ma slaughter and drunken'driving. om/ran i/ NORTHERN INDIANA PU1LIC SIRVICI COMPANY Form New Lutheran Church DETROIT (AP)—American Lu- heran Church history will be made here next week. Four bodies of the Church, in-. eluding the >254 j millipn-member Jnited Lutheran Church;of Aiiier- ica', 'will' merge to form the new Lutheran;',Church in America.-, The, merger,, to.,be carried, out at a constituting convention, will create a single church of an estimated 3.2 .million members, or about, one-third of the 'nation's Lutherans. ... -.> . .'-.. i The merging, groups 'say this will make them the sixth .largest Protestant .church- .body in the United', Stales..'; ..;. , •'. Joining together in,.the "climax to six years of merger 1 .'discussions will be .the United Lutheran CHurch, American . Evangelical Luthern Church, Augustana ,Lu theran Church, and Finnish Evan gelical-Lutheran Church-rSuomi Synod. . - , ' . : Merger will'be effected over -a period 'from .Thursday • through next Sunday. in ceremonies at Cobo.' Hall';following the closing conventions'; of'/the' ifour/. groups. Th!e conventions start- Monday/ A••• thousand official''-'delegate's and several thousand Visitors' are expected. Cobo Hall's,.big arena is, to .be turned .into a' sanctuary for Communion .service. There:,will be a large' altar, 'at .one end of the rrena. ...... The Rev. Dr. Malvin H. Lundeen of_ Minneapolis, president of SPECIFIC. DATE A specific; date was set for the observance of Thanksgiving Day as a legal holiday in the United States on/Dec. 26', ' 1941; " when President , Franklin • Hoqsevelt designated • the, fourth Thursday in. November as the date of its observance. the Auguslana Evangelical Lutheran Church and chairman of the Joint Commission on Lutheran Unity, will preside over the constituting convention. ; .;• :" Lutheranism in. the' United States :.'has abou 8>/z million ; ad- hefens,"., including the-Lutheran ChurchJMissouri Synod, with % million- members and the Wisconsin Synpd and several so-called splinter groups. These are not'in- volved in the merger. A spokesman* for the Lutheran social .service's of Michigan.,said nationality '.backgrounds.O largely distinguish between the; various ch'urch bodies!' He. said' there are np major differences, in doctrine.'. Augustana:, Lutheran, is Swedish, American; Evangelical.is .Danish arid .United- Lutheran - of German origin. •' .'. .'..'..•'" $200 Taken During Downtown Break-In thieves broke into'the Timberlake store in downtown Logansport Friday flight, taking $200 in. cash, frpnvaiash register.-', 1 ':.., •„ . Tom Fiscel,: an: employe reported the. loss;;lp city police on opening the 'store, at 8 a.m. 'Saturday. ,'..CaptV James Steinman, who in-, vestigated, reported- the thieves h'ad gained entry by scaling a fire escape- to a third story window/. '. The window, and two. doors were .forced to make way to the first'floor store spaces..''. "'•'. •VG.rqver Timberlake;. owner of the establishment at 31.4'Fourth ,St/, said apparently ho other'mer- chandise had'been, taken. Investi- •gating officers were ab'le'to .obtain one-:--footprint' believed.. to 'have been left ; ^by one of the thieves. Nehru Assails U.S. Stand On Indian Foreigrt Affairs NEW DELHI, :|lndia . CAP,). — Prime' Minister"Pandit Jawaha^-, lal Nehru /asserted; Saturday the United States and Bntiin-.,"have always adopted an anttlndian attitude -.-on,almost .ill -matters thai- have been' of: passionate interest to: -US;'"; ." -..', - -.- ", " .'..•• Winding up"debate bri.foreign, affairs in . Parliament, Nehru '.bit terly assail-ed U.S.. stands on Go a; India's, dispute with'Pakistan over Kashmir, and the possible; Indian /purchase of MIG jet fighters .from Moscow. He drew vigorous applause arid a unanimous, vote of confidence. . . • Good 1 will fpr the United States, built- up over the years, is in danger of being "washed-away" by such, actions as U.N, Ambassador Adlai Stevenson's speech on Goa lest December, Nehru said. Stevenson criticized, India -for using force in seizing Goa from The'speech "hurt us, annoyed s, jirritated us and angered ui>," Vehru, heatedly declared. "It 1 had nothing to do with the acts;" he' added. ' ' . Now, some members , of the J.N. Security Council, Nehru con- inued.— obviously meaning• the Jnited States among others — want to tell-us what to do .about <ashmir, not realizing that Kashmir is flesh-of our 'flesh arid bone if our bone," The United States supported a Security Council resolution urg- ng India and Pakistan to K May Be Putting Pressure On East Europe To Aid Russ BUGHABiEST, Romania (AP)(Premier Nikita Khrushchev may be putting pressure on East-Europeans to tighten their belts and help the Soviets get more to eat and be.better clothed. TJicre was speculation to this effect Saturday among Western diplomats here, as a consequence of Khrushchev's series of visits to the Bast European satellites. Khrushchev is at present in Romania. ;v Last month he was in Bulgaria. He is scheduled to visit Czechoslovakia, and Hungary later this yeai. Officially his visits have been described as friendship trips. As things are now,, 'Czechoslovaks, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians enjoy ,a highec-standard of storing than the average Soviet citizen. While Khrushchev has had to raise prices of meat .and dairy products and there are. food queues in-'Moscow, food supplies True Life Adventures HEEDLESS HERPS KM THS PAST, MLJMSETZS Of BISOM THE NOKTTH TO A SET COURSE, BUF S FAL-OES 1)«TO TKA^IE 'Fl'KES ANT? OTHERS, HEEPUESSU/ PRESSISKS are comparatively better in Hun- ;ary and Bomania. While Soviet clothing is shoddy, monotonous and expensive, Czechs'and Pdles are dressing in Western style and are as well shod as the average Frenchman or German. There have been no official disclosures of the nature of Khrushchev's talks here. Diplomats here said it may be that Khrushchev expects the Easi European satellites to spreac around he wealth. Romania, for example, may b'e asked to send^more of its agricultural products and <meat to the Soviet Union. At the moment large quanities of Romanian food are being sol< in Western Europe in exchange for modern machinery, wth which Gheorghiu-Dej is trying to builc up heavy industry and improve the living standards of his own people.. If Romania continues sell ing to the West and also has to ship more to Russia, this means the Romanian people may have less to eat this year than in 1960 and 1961. Khrushchev may be making sim ilar demands on Czechoslovaakia Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, Western diplomats say they be lieve there was some discussion along these lines at a recent meet ing of East Bloc economic chief in Moscow and that Khrushchev' personal visits to satellites, were designed to soften the blow. Khrushchev took life easy Sat urday along Romania's Black Se, coast, a sunny new playgrouni for East Europeans. He visitec the.'.tourist resort of Mamaia ant Eforia and planned to rest unt returning to Buchares Sunday tc make a major address. PREDICTED PLUTO Existence of 'the planet Plutc was foretold by mathematician before it actually was 'discovered It was an object of search fo many years in accordance wit predictions by Dr. Percival Low ell and actual discovery • wa, made in 1930. A conservative., grayish shade called Army green has replace! olive drab for Army uniforms. EASY-SPIN RECOIL STARTER ROTARY MOWERS 19" CUT RECOIL STARTER Briggi and Straiten Engine • 214'H. P.—M" Cut—^Recoil ,'. , . . ..,, 3 H. P. 35" Cut—Ricoil ., . 214 H. P. 22" Cut—Rtcoil ... 3 H. P. 25" Cut-R«coil ... Chrome Handles. Steel Baies "The diddenbob's hitting thfl . doodle-fadjit, an' thai hoopdoodle's flapdoodle is cousin the trouble! Any more questions?" princely state. A Soviet veto killed the proposal, Friday and Stevenson assailed the Russians' frequent use of the veto. He .asserted the Western powers failed to recognize the fact of what he called Pakistan's aggression and Kashmir's accession to India. said were pressure tactics—obviously from the United States and Brita.n—to keep India from buying Soviet MIG fighters. He said there had been no decision and no negotiations with the Soviets on the MIGs but India will decide the question regardless of "threats that aid will be lessened or hat it will not come." Then Nehru turned to what he GRANTS BDtlNGS YOU Dependable Savings SJOo* tfa FOLDING ALUMINUM CHAISE, 2 MATCHING CHAIRS A cinch to set up, easy to move about, st,ore in minimum space! Stay-bright frames of 1" Alcoa aluminum tubing . . . High-strentrth polypropylene webbing in popular green and adjusts from sitting to reclining positions. VACATION SPECIALS STYROFOAM ICE BUCKET Holds ice 24 hours ...... 57c V-i GAL. INSULATED JUG Hamilton,Sketch Brand 3,, PC. LUGGAGE SET Blue, grey or whit DpOR CANOPY All metal 48" wide COUPON Chuck-Wagon CHARCOAL CHILDREN'S SWIMMING POOL 2 ring, 10"x52" CHILDREN'S LAWN CHAIRS Red, green or yellow RECORD ALBUMS 33'/3 L.P. Record!! . 20" POWER MOWER 3 HP Briggs-Stra-ltan Motor COUPON 13 PC. Zebco ROD & REEL SET COUPON pilNNERWEARSET Reg. 16.88 3 Patterns To Choose | >nom SET I Coupon good Juna 25 & 26 Coupon good Juno 25 & 26 COUPON Ladies NYLON HOSE M&M CANDY Reg.79elfa. 2 IBS 1.00 620-120-127 Black and White 60 Gauge 15 Denier 100% Nylon, Self Seam Coupon good Junt 25 * 26 Coupon good Jurt* 25 A 26 BA&TGATE PLAZA

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