Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1895
Page 4
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IF fif. I' John Gray's CORNER ON Embroideries. Special sale for tbe next ten days. Mont beautiful designs ever ''"brought to Logansport, In Irish Points, English and Scotch Effects, "OulooQg and Double Edges. Ladles you will be pleased if yon and see them. State National Bant Logansport, Indiana. CAPITAL $200,000 i. V. JOIIKHON, PHKS. S. w. CLJJW , * icx Puns M. T. HKiTiiui.NK, CABIUKTI. — pntKCTOIIS.— J. F. Johnson S. W. Cilery, .T. T. Elliott, W. M, Elliott, W. II. Snider. Buy and sell Government Bonds. Loan money ou perHona.1 security nod collaterals. Issue special c«r- tifloates of deposit bearing 3 per cent when left one year; 2 per cent per annaiu when deposited 0 months. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults o' this bank for the deposit of deeds, insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, rented at from ff to $15 per year HOYT'S Sure Cure Tor Piles. DAILY JOURNAL Poblbhed arerr day In the wee* (except Monday) bj the LOOAMPOBT JODBKAL Co. rnOOBFORATKD. W. 8. WRI6HT A. HABJJY -. C. W. GHAVB3 8. B BOYZB PKKUDIHT, TIG* PBBWDMKT. - 8JCB1TXBT. TBUBDBIB Price per Annum Price per Month Se.oo • eo THE OFFICIAL FAFKB OF THE CUT. [Entered M Meond-elut matter at tbe Logaiu- pohfoit Office. yebtuarr 8, 1SW-1 SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH. 2. THE friends of Mrs Maj brick, tbe American woman who IB serving * life sentei ce In an English prison for tbe murder of her husband, are again showing- activity In their efforts to eecure her release. Tne story ol tbe sensational trial is known to all. It was with the greatest difficulty that the English government .'vtBl^jper- suaded to commute her deathjjtftnteiice to imprisonment for il/e and tafl;hproo secretary shows no dia position:', to eecure her pardon. Tbero-h^Se:b"«en grave doubts as 10 her ' ahown that her husband was totbouse of ar.-coi,', which is ^.the poison with which it WBB charged she killed him. The charge of ihe judge to the jury was also considered prejudicial against the accused woman. There is not, however, so much sentiment for womou accueod of crime in England as in this country. Yet in Illinois a few weeks ago a woman was sentenced to death for tbe murder of her husband and a woman was hanged in one of the southern stateb a few months ago for murder. Highest of afl in livening Power.~f Latest U. S. Gov't Report ABSOLUTELY PURE ; adt31oied 1 PI>K DOMIMI DttfGE. A BncccMfBl Hup Given by the Swell LolaB CJBb. One of the moat pleasantof the iraur dancei tbat have this ien*r>n been glTen by the Lotus Club, was 'hat of last night at the Murdoclc hoii-l. Tne iweet music of the Ellte_M indolln orchestra'* artists was enough 10 oauxe the laggard ftet of age to ,»bake, and the result may be lmaglned. ; when It Is considered tbat only youth was represented at the dance. The "Pink Domlco" feature was a most pleasant part of the. evening's entertainment, ' £«'one but members wearing dominoes were allowed on the lloor until tbe dominoes were ro moved, when there were many genu» Ine surprises by which muci merriment was occasioned. K'egant refreshments were served Tosre was a cmrbsr a. out of.towners present. A NETT "WAYEBIY TALE. Liiuiirrr CKNTKII.O., Feb. 15,1SW. Towhfni lr. rniiy cimorn: I moatlifliirtliyrpcomniflnd "Hoyt's Sure Cure for Kiwi" to all wlio miner from this anuovlns 4l,wme, I siillereu wlih Hllesfor ye(ir», and t'k'd Tarlousrpincdlf-i. none ot wi.lcli iiltord>-d more than temporary roller Anont six months «co I procured one i iibs ot lloyt's 8 TB Cure lor tiles and nswl It iiccoMU'K to directions two weeks, lit the er.d ot wlilcli time tlie ulcers dlaa' jteiiroil and have not .slnie-ieturned. I bellovn the cure Is wmplete. , D. 3. MIRKS, >'or Sale by Ben Fisher. Lake Erie & Western, Peru Union SUtlon, Thronch tlckt-is sold to points In Ihe United atRtexiiio Caniidii. SOUTH.; Arrive. No. SI Indliiniipotls Ex., D ho. 23 Mill. * Kxiirccs S ....... 11 :28 n m Mo. 25 Toledo K> ures.s. S ...... No. W Kvenlng >:.\|jrf>na S...- 8:10 p m No 161 Lowil >'rel(ilntt .......... ••••IS p ra NOttTII. Arrive. No 20 Sfnll .t Express S ...... 10:12 u m Jio. Bllli-hUHiiCltyD* ....... 4;.'tt)pm No240ftroltKX!'rfSHS ....... 9:56 pin No. ia> AccQinnioiiutioTi ^t-- D. Dnlljr, ri. I>iillJ i-TWpt Sunday, •No ffi il> os not run north ot Pt« u Sundiiys. tBuns MotuliijS, Wednesdays i'Uduys itud Sun- ttKons Monday, Tuesday, Thursdny mid Sntur- Uiilor; denot connections nt BloomliiKton nnd fwirln t»r p< Int.i west, xnuttiwostnnd northwest. Dlrf<t coiinetiloni made a' Lima, Fosiorla, f remont or t-iincnsk) lor nil points «iint. Imiii«IUitt< connections nt Tl|>lon with trains •n&lnln Llnnfiiul I. * M C. Dlv., for nil puluta North, sfouili, fas-. tuid.West for tickcin. niffSiiiidceii*r«l Informntlon cnll a\ THUS. t'OLLKN, TIcHpt ^geiit L. E. * W. K'y Kw, Indiana. C. ,. Dep»rt, 7:00«ra 11 -A 5 ft ra 825 p m IVpnrt. 10:22a m 4:-lopm 7:00 nm A SPECIAL from Nashua, N. H , says: "Should the New Hampshire senators agree with the lower branch .this Slate wl;l have the most unique liquor law of any In the Union. The judiciary committee of the House favorably reported the bill Introduced by Representative I'lerco. It provide! that the board of mayor and aldermen In each city shall regulate the amount of the fine imposed by the police court jus Uce for the sale of liquor, and limits the number of times a dealer can be fined each year to ten. There is no question but that ihe bill will pass tbe House. By its provisions the sale of liquor is not legalized; the floes, which practically amount to iEslallments on a licenEe fee, being; collected through the channels of tbe police court " An Kxtntu Divide*! A partition was yesterday made of the eaiate of the late Jacob ALber. Tne widow and infant child receiving the Broadway property, and tbo farm east of town going to a son, John Alber, jr. Girls anil Women fur Clerks. "I don't want an> in my cilice; can't. depend on thorn; they are always giv« log out when most -needed," says a business man, Zoa-Phora (Woman's Friend) cures sick and nervous headache and periodic troubles, making women strong- and reliable. Sold by B. F. Keesllng and Coulson & Co. Mr. Mayer is cleaning ihe brick work of Otto's store, and^ during the process It was necesssary to show samples on the edge of sidewalk. Some of his competitors sent two delegations of policemen to notify Olio that he was infringing upon their rights. The WJft o/^^«»h»» C x With the Children .L«»,v«« • Pre*oo»blr • MilppT H«Me. Mri. Jdnath%¥ Gbx wife of a well known'farmej^livlng » short distance north of $§w"W»verly, ll la reported, has.left her home, taking with her tbeir two daughters. The husband itya he does not know where they are it present,' alnd' is DOW preparing to aell the household effects at auction, the sale to -take place March 13th. The separation occurred one day last week, and according to the husband's story there had been no trouble before the departure of his wife and children. He claims that he returned from work to find tha home deserted. From a letter Remits written by Rev. J. Gunderman, of DiaojOndale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While 1 was pastor of the Baptist church at Rives Jane- lion she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding la grippe. Terrible paroxsms of coughing would last hours with little interruption &nd it seemtd as if she could not survive them. A. friend recommended Dr. K.iog'3 Naw Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory In results." Trial bottles free at B, F. Riesling's drug store. Regular size 50c, and $1. Harry Frank's FREE COCST DE CASTELLANE'S relatives have arrived In this country to witness bis marriage to Miss Anna Gould. It seems that tbe Count, although by no means ae rich as Miss Gould, is yot a wealthy man and his father, who is one of the richest men in France, will give him a million francs as a wedding present. This will probably be sufflnlont for the Count to foot the expenses of the honeymoon without making an early demand on his bride's purse. Open Day and Evening DR. BUCHANAN, tbe wife murderer, has been refused a new trial by the New York Court of Appeals, and will undoubtedly suffer the extreme penalty for his most atrocious c 'ime. He divorced his wife to marry a woman with money, poisoned her in cold blood, and within three weeks of her death remarried his first wife. His sensational trial was B long one, and there was never any reason (0 doubt his guilt. OQ Monday night Prof. Pitzlin and his class will give a clever exhibition of boxing, calisthenlc exercises and athletic sports. At the conclusion of the performance Prof. PUzlin, and t Prof. Staley of Chicago will glve"'an eight-round contest for points, Marquis of Queensbury rules This will be a very fine entertainment at the Opera House, Monday night. A Hale anil Hupp/ Old Age May ba Insured to ladles using Zoa- Phora at the critl3nl period of change of Ufa. Sold by B F. Keesllng and Coulson & Co, STANDARD YARD AND POUND. Sealed In tho VCiiUs of rnrlliimont and In Honor of ihe Ladle*. The reception tendered the Logansport ladles at Flanegln & CrUmond's hardware store on Market street, yesterday, 'was a most pleasant affair. The rooms were crowded with lady visitors from the opening to tbe close of the reception. A delectable lunch was in constant preparation and con. sumption, the Majestic range being used in the speedy baking of fluffy biscuits and warm drinks. A regular "musicalprogram was an enjoyable feature, and tbe most courteous treatment was accorded the feminine guests by •'the-affable attendants. Great February Clearance Sale! Will eclipse any previous sale known. We calculate to out-do any ' attempted in our career of over 30 years. We must reduce stock to make room for large order placed with our factory at New York. The people of this community never were invited to such a Sweeping, ?ul Covering Record Breaking, Genuine Money Saving Event as this, Every Winter Suit, Overcoat and Ulster Must go no matter how large the loss to us. We have never misrepresented facts and the people kiow it. Gome and be convinced and avail yourself of the greatest Clothing Slaughter sa'e ever known. HARRY FRANK, TO BE, SURE* LOGrANSPORT. DELPHI. FLORA. NEW YORK. HAVE YOU CATARRH? 616 BROADWAY. Welcome To Al 1 , THK dem \nd is to be nmde .of Congress to appropriate $100 ( ;00.0 as a prize to the inventor, before '1900, of an air ship that can be propelled at a speed of not less than thirty miles an hour and be cap> ble of carrjlng freight and passengers. It Is claimed tbat scientists in experiments at .the Smithsonian Institute have disproved the old view tbat It Is impossible to Invent a mRCbine to DRvlgaie the air. W ANTED. n7ANTi:r»—An lntell'm>ntactiveirjin orladj to f» travel for reliable boa«e with expenses paid. 04l«r; f6ut>. idranccroent for fnlthrul and suc- eNoful w rk. Ke'erence. Tnckweself nd<ir«w«>d •tiuni.rd envelope, ifctel&iy, lock Drawer P. CcMmrx * H1tNT.«—Men of prod uppearance and busl- A new nblllt) can rn»ke J2S we^k'T. Addrtu Mutual int eotnieat Co., 10 E. Mih at. NewYork. S ATJSMAN WANTED to sell the Vapid Dlsn Vastier to the wdol-.ol* find retail tra e, Wuhm HIM! ft)*- the dl.<hPS 'n 2 mlnu'e-s with ••tw.mngthenriners, $75 Hweeknrd errwnn Ipcr poult ion: no tmid *ork; cun maktf $100 a Week AOdreaa W. P, Hamiou & Co., Clerk No. 14, Colnnhua, Ohio. THREE thou»aud workmen are employed by the German government In making cartridges and other ammunition. This teems to contradict' the statement of the German Minister of War that the government U at present pacific. While the Germans are talking peace they are evidently preparing for war, as forts along the boun- darles have been new!y equipped. AFTER an unu»ualiy bard fight by his counsel MorgacGeld. the train robber, haa beei convicted and sentenced to eighteen years In the penitentiary. Searcy, hi* pal. and whose evidence against Morgacfidld had much to do with securing his conviction, will cow be placed on trial. the VCiiUs of rnrlliimont ioil Every Twnnty Yearn. . The originals of our yard measure and pound weight—-otlierxvise, the British standard of weisrhts and measures—are sealed or walled up in the sides of the house of parliament at London. The cavity in the wall in which these precious standards are preserved somewhat resembles a tomb, and can be opened only by tearing away the wall. The two articles which are therein so safelj r cased are both of metal. The yard measure is of bronze in the shape of a bar, thirty-eight inches in length', thirty-six sections, or one yard, having 1 been marked off upon it with, some finely scaled instrument. The weig-ht standard is a cube of platinum, weig-h- ing 1 exactly sixteen ounces. Weighty as it is, it is scarcely more that* an inch.in extent on either side, and, if sold for the metal there is fn it, would bring 1 nearly two hundred dollars. Once every twenty years the walls inclosing 1 these standards ..arc torn away for the purpose of removing 1 tbe two "pieces of metal and comparing their length and weight with the official standards in use by the bureau of weights and measures. These comparisons are made under the .supervision of the president of the . London board of trade and several other officials appointed by the queen's government. Extremely delicate and elaborate apparatus for making 1 these comparisons are used, and if the units in-use by the bureau referred to have been, changed or deviate in the least from the standards with which they were compared twenty years before, they are immediately chanjred, so as to conform with the original bronze and platinum types. The ceremony of "comparing 1 the standards" was last made "in April, 1S93. After the comparison Tiad been made and no variations detected they were acrain walled up with,.ihe understanding that they would not agrun be disturbed until April, 1912.—Philadelphia Press. —January S, the anniversary of 'the defeat of the British army under Gen. Packenham before the'City of N« w Orleans, is a legal holiday in Louisiana. Chance* AKHIUHI O. S. Wblte. O. S. WnltB, formerly an agent here toe the Prudential Life Insurance company and who is wanted by the company's superintendent at Dan. vllle, Illinois, is said to hare been at Eokomo last Sunday, and be Is now believed to be at Cincinnati. The superintendent states that he will not press White's proseu- tion if the latter will pay $40 and return a gold watch, alleged to be the property of the superintendent's wife. An Old Landmark Torn Dawn. ••The Preachers'Home,"an old log cabin on the farm now owned by A. J. Ryan In Clinton township, has been torn down. An old landmark was the rough,but comfortable house, built In 1860 by David Stumbaugh. sr. It was called tha • 'Preachers' Home" because of the /act that tbe old time circuit riders made It tbelr stopping place. .The old log struciures are one by one giving way to the more com. fortable modern homes. The old fire placed are torn down and the gas itove U enthroned. —Boo, the exclamation used, to frighten children, is .a corruption of Boh, the name of .a famous Gothic gen-. eraL It has been -used as a terror word for many ccnturiei. Observance of Lent. Services will daily be held, as is the custom, in the Episcopalian, Catholic and Lutheran churches during the Lenten seaion. Society's pleasures will be dropped for tbe time, and so far as is possible tbe devoted members of the churches named will fait, do penance and perform deeds of charity. Junior* Enieruin Senior*. . At the home of E. T Parker of No. 312 West Broadway the Junior class of the high school very gracefully enter talned the Seniors in return for the pleasant treatment accorded them by the members of tbe latter class some time ago. Light refreshments were served, and cards acd dancing were tbe amusements. Fornoff s orchestra farcieSed- music for the pleasant affair. ,. . A Coming Weddiox. William Died rick and Mt§g Ida Gray, a daughter of Mr. and Mra. Matthew iiray of Clinton township, will be married at the home of the young lady's parents, Wednesday evening, Mvch 6th. The prospective groom,!• a well known young farmer of Clinton township, and Miss Gray Is a most popular and engaging young lady. . fi»t the C«*b. Charles A. Myers has been paid In cash his judgment for $2,500 by. the Pan Handle railroad company. Then Bead This. Fart of tbe Teutimony of One Day. January 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— ;">EAB SIB—I must have some more Petroleum Balm; I osn't get along without It. It IB the best for catarrh of anything I have ever tried. I had a thumping In my head over a year. Tbat was tho first thing that stopped it. ilnce I began using the Balm '. hare not felt It at all, BO I am recom mending it highly. Address MRS NORA DAVIS, Box 20, Adams Mass. GARKETT, Ind., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— The sample of Petroleum Balm and Emollient you sent me has done me great good. My throat is batter than for six months before. I enclose pay for another box of each. Mns. CHAS. SIMMONS. CARTHAGE, Ind., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— Please send me two dozen bottles of your Petroleum Balm. I think I shall have no trouble In selling It as It has done my husband more good In one week than all the medicine he has used In years. MRS. CHAKLES WILKIKSON. HANDSOMS, Va., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— DEAR SIR—I received the Petroleum Balm all right. Enclosed please find 30 cents for a box. It'* the only thing that does my leg any good. Five months ago my leg broke out with a burning ulcer, and our family doctor has tended it all the time, but it dally gr,ew worse, with no ease of life. Tour medicine is all that I can get that eases It. I think it will be sufficient to cure It I shall try to be of all tbe use 10 you I cao in gelling your medicine. Respectfully yours, L. JOINER. HARPEK, Mo., Jan. 15, 1895. Colman Bros &Co.:— DEAR -IRS—My husband has be«n troubled with catarrh In the head for twelve years and bat tried several remedies, but received no benefit from them. He bought a box of your Pa- troloum Balm some time ago and has not used more than half of it and thinks he is well I would very much like to take the agency and think I can help myself and you too, by doing so. Fleaie let me hear from you at once. Respectfully, MRS. W. D. McCLAnr. We could fill this whole column with such testimonials all written in one day. During next week you can get a free sample of tha. remedies at the drug stores of B. F. Beetling or John Coulson. Kbll B.»» «»t Mixed. The mall bags meant for Twelve Mile and Fulton were exchanged one day recently, and the mistake was not discovered for some time. , BIG EXCITEMENT LY TOWS A Very I'romluoul I/«dj* of l>ort Sninioted to Have Kloped Great excitement prevailed at the corner of Market and Fourth streets. One of our well-known society ladies left her husband Friday morning at 9 a. m. telllnff tim she was going to do some shopping and ictecded to return in a short lime. When the husband returned home to dinner he found his wife bad not returned Tho poor man t-taid away from hits businees awaiting tti« return of his wife, but the lady seemed to be lost; she did not make ' her appearasco. While the excitement was at its height, the husband had intended to atk police assistance, a cab was driven to the unfortunate man's home acd out c&me his wife overloaded with" heavy packages. "My dear, she said, "excuse me for having delayed you oo long but I have been waiting to be waited on from 9 o'clock this morning until now,j5 o'clock, at the great New York bankrupt tale. I bought two beautiful suits for our dear boys; a nice suit and spring overcoat for your. self, dear hubfry, and think of it! all for a ten-dollar bill." 1 00 1 03 Real Kutatr TrmanftT*. Lint ot transfers of real ectate in Cast count) reported by Frank H. wipperman. abstractor ot titles, conveyancer and notary pnbllc, Insurance 1 and loan azent, titles to real -tn»\n examine* and directive titles perfected. Uonej to loan rt lowest rates. Office 205 Fourth atreet dJroeUr opposite tue Court noose entranc*, transport Indiana. John W- Laj'ne to A. C. and J. C. Barron lots 13, j4 and 19 Lajne's ndd to B yal Ceui«r ......... . ........ ..... — ................ * Marr E. Shnnhg. et al. to Tlion. McCre* und 2-«swQrnwqra»Jnwqr sw qr »»c 0, Deer Creek tp ..... _ ..................... Elle Hoberwon w Arthur A. Byre UUa In sec M Ml«ml to ...... - ........ :. ............ N. A. n<*k o Jo», W. Jones lot 1S1 west end adu ........ ............... ----- ......... ..... Mary MantiikHtjEdnln and .-IdnefAp- pipgiit* wi,*- ne qr eec 22 B'"One tp ........ A A. HyreU. Erie Robi-itnau pt ne qr «nd nw qr sec SJ) Mluml tp .................. Win. A. RUHSHI TO wiu. S. List wl& se <jrtecil,.iaclclon tp ............. .......... Auim B. (ii^or^et) C. E. Kvani lot 14 McComb's and Beclder add to Koyal Center ................... _ ....... ...... — ...... S7o 00 Lno A 'mm toGco. H. Chei ej 43) 12 a in Plensa'it. Hill add Mt Hope ..... ..... 13000 00 Barne' Zimmerman TO Theo. H Darts Iotp.T..r. Johnson's ado.... ........ _... 26500 J. W KlsiIertoJao.es Dice wl£ sw «r we lit Boone ti. ................... - ...... - <800 00 Wra. H*r ess to Calvin Harness el^ se qr sec/ jr-Hrn-on tp_ .................. ------- MOO 00 bTinCnSSCOU!^ to Jus. Gor lU lot * ginith's-dd to city .......... ----- .......... 259 05 K«,tdc Kenntdy V> Jlarr X BrllMn«ll 10U74 West End add ....................... — 225 00 FernanooC Kfgler 10 Jam«i L.SpnnKie _ nw qr ne qr src 11 n««r Creek tp ......... JWj <J> 19 mortgages filed aggregating — ..... — H876 Z6 It 00 1W CO ^ 4000 *• (WOrtAN'S FRIEND.) is tbe BEST REMEDY* for GIRL, WIFE, MOTHER. d John Coolwn. ,,-J

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