The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on January 29, 1904 · Page 16
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 16

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1904
Page 16
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THE mDIAKAPOLIS OTWS, FRIDAY, JAOTJAUT 29, 1904, 16 7 rmrl (Irvtfi siVn Plc ' th Quality you've - 'oril isiOTfJ ,b0UKht her for the past five years at '13c a yard; can't get any more, and to close this out. Saturdays price will be... - lie r I brand, 42 and 45 inches wide, a yard.... 12 Vic n First turn to the market page Cotton lfatts for the prlee ot bale cotton, then consider this unusual proposition: 6 - or. Batts. heretofore 7c each, one case to .be closed out Saturday atl - .. . - .3c 7V rtrinr Special prices are now quoted olgCT JOCPJ for several favorite brands f f Children r XO ear Sonp. amorg theiln Wild Violet,' 3 cakes for.. ....12c AVriutley'a White Clover Honey Soap,. J cakes. .21c Kirk's Juvenile Soap, t cakes for.. SOc An excellent quality of Spanish Castile Soap, 3 cakes i 25c Roger and Gallett's Amande Soap, a cake. 1IC Old Ilrown Windsor Sosp. 2 cakes for..., ...15c Dr. Palmer's Almond Meal 21c Children's Winter Coats, In - sizes 2 to 6 years, garments recently selling at from $6.50" ' .' to $9.75 each, choice $3.75 A few Norfolk Reefers, in 8 and 10 - year sizes. while they last, choice . $1.7 - 5 All the finer Coats for children, J15.00 to $22.50 U garments. In 2 to 10 - year sizes, choice - ...89.75 1 Little Poke - Bonnets, In colors to match coats. ..VTic i j Pink or Blue Taffeta Bonnets, pretty styles for early spring:. ...$1.25 fg - i gm - f m, Preparations for spring arrivals' con - tlnue. Read of reductions: Imported P. , D. Corsets, $6.00 black ones, in sizes 18, 19, 20. a and 25; . white C. P., $3.75 quality, in sizes 18. 21. 22, 24 and 32;' L.a Qrecque Belt, In black, $3.50 quality, in sizes ' 20 to 30; choice of any ..i. ... ... - $!. 50 ' i Warner's ' Rust - proof Corsets, sizes 18, IS, 23, 24, 25 ':, and 2C, the dollar kind, Saturday...... SOc r iL y Numerous Coats for women and W - ' CJCli for misses in blue, brown, black and mode, a few ijn military effect, others with velvet trimmed cape collars, garments recently selling - at $10.00 and $12.00 each, choice $5.95 A few - misses' Coats of zlbeline. In red. blue and gray, with cuffs and stitched collar of black broadcloth, made with loose back and brass buttons $10.00 Coats. 26 Inches long $3.95 C A c.. Pick of winter's stock, waists Sf?irttVatt of woo, crepe, albatross, Scotch flannel, Bedford Cord and novelty fab - rlcs, former prices up to $7.50. choice $3.76 Mercerized and Silk Vesting Waists, plain and fancy ' styles, mostly In white or light colors, a few of t figured challls, recent prices up to $6.75, choice $2.95 $3.50 Shirtwaists of vesting, plain white and figured, not every size, choice.. $1.95 jr , YVf c rtr Women's black fleeced Cotton lym wCGr Stocking; regularly 60c a pair, Saturday, 3 pairs for $1.00, single pairs...... 35e Children's black Cashmere Stockings, 85o quall'y 25c; ; Fleeced Cotton Underwear for women. 25c gar ments ...L lOc GIohJcs Women's Silk and Wool Underwear, white, pink or blue vests or tights, regular $1.75 garments, nearly all sizes 81. OO Ty P f n J I ri r A "Pisi men, $3.00 Umbrellas,, s moreitar wltn hom handles 2S - inch size. 8 - rib frames, to close out. nineteen, choice...... $2. OO Fancy knit Golf Gloves for boys, a very choice quality, for......'.........25c Women's two - clasp Cashmere Gloves, in mode or1 gray, regular $1.00 kind.... .SOc MicS Hats .v ssr it - s: some such as sold earlier at from 95c to ,$2.00 each, choice 38c OtheVs, Including headwear. which until recently was selling from $2.00 to $3.00, a few styles suitable for v young women, choice 57c EFFECT OF VORK DOHE BY ANTI - SALOON LEAGUE FEWER SALOON LICENSES ARE NOW BEING GRANTED. ' - - - . ! ' - ;"! ; J RECORD IN BROWN COUNTY Hi H A.gn1s for Quetrt Quality .Shoes vS. res ts. uo. Indiana's Greatest 2 tstr ibut rV of T y Goods S - . ' Agents'for The , Man an ' Shoes The statistics on the number of liquor licenses in Indian for 1903 which are being sent to State Statistician ' Johnson will show an appreciable decrease In - the number of licenses issued by the counties in the rural districts. Fifty counties have reported. Mr. Johnson attributes this decrease to the work of the Anti - Saloon League, which all over the State has been carrying on a relentless war against the "gin - shops." In Benton county. Mr. Johnson's home, the decrease in the 1iquor licenses issued has been heavy. The State j Statistician gives it as his impression. however, that the number of licenses - in ; the cities has been larger "than - usual though, he can not verify that statement until his figures are all compiled. ( Brown county , reports that no liquor license was issued last year. None has been tissued there since - 1J98. Mr. Johnson, intl - i mates that the hills of Brown county j are so high and wild and the people have such a profound knowledge of the corn j and stills that liquor licenses would be , a surperfluity. i l Take county at 'the last report of the j department of statistics hnd one saloon i for every 173 people and Hendricks one j saloon for every 5,233 souls. There are : more saloons In Lake "county and fewer in Hendricks per capita than in the other Indiana counties. Marion county at the ilast report had one saloon for e.ery 353 people. Suit Against Gundelflnger Estate.' t Dr. Benno M. ; Gundelflnger has brought Suit Against - Mrs. Sarah L. Gundelflnger, executrix of the estate or Max Gundel - c.finger, who died in October, 1901,'. The plaintiff asks $12,000 for services renaerea his father, the decedent, during four years preceding his death. - The estate of Max Gundelflnger is estimated at $150,000. OUR DIAAIONDS ARS AMERICAN CUT Thy ar brought Into this country in th rouKh and lire therefore ADMITTED rilEK OF DUTIKS. ALL foreign cut Mnnes are subject to 10 per cent, duties. Yt can and will save you money in diamonds. juIinsCWallCQSori Indiana's Leading Jewelers 12 East Washington Street. m ransm Cloak7 House' 249 Alsss. Avenae. Saturday Specials CLOTH COATS $10.00 Tour choice of our $10. 00 to $1&00 CoatH . - . Tour choice of our $18.50 to $40.00 Coats . $4.48 One lot Tan and Castor $10.00 Coats, choice $3.98 TAILOR SUITS Your choice of our $25.00 to $33.00 Suits - $15.00 WALKING SKIRTS Big line W , values for $3.98 Big line Walking Skirts. $10.00 2,49 Mass. Avenue. f Nrit Door to KelUr's. LEO SULLIVAN,, Mtr. ARABIAN FAIR OPEIIS ATSHORTRIDGETO - NIGHT DANCING WILL FOLLOW A VAUDEVILLE PERFORMANCE. A BABY CONTEST TO MORROW I amjhow!ng iom very fine RINGS in - Didmond and Pearls . that are open for your inspection. Prices from $25.00 to $600.00 Each CARL L. ROST, DUmosi Mfch.t 1 XortU llllnola Strt. The Claypool is Just opposite me. Wo Offer: Tipton Canning Co. All lm porta n and minor details for the Arabian Fair to be held at the Short - ridge High School to - night and to - morrow - have been completed, and the tired but' happy and enthusiastic seniors are viewing their work with a great deal of pride. The halls have been turned into a typical Oriental scene and In addition the walls are decorated with the senior class oolojrs of old gold and black. Various colored electric lights are on the walls and .the floors have been freshly, waxed in preparation for the dancing, which will be. as in the past years, the leading feature of the entertainment. i The dancing will be in the lower hall; on .Uve - stairway balcony and on the second floor. , An orchestra will furnish the music. Thedanclng will begin at the close of the vaudeville performance about :S0 and 'wfll continue tihtll about 11 o'clock. The vaudeville performance promises to be the most Interesting ever held at the North Side, school. Op to - morrow night, j instead of vaudeville, there will be an Arabian wedding. , ; The Baby Show. i On to - morrow afternoon a baby show,; under the direction of Miss Laura Don - j nan, of the faculty,, will be the feature. Any. baby, either, of whose parents Is u graduate of 8hortridge and who is unden four years of age, is eligible to enter the! contest. The best all - round baby will be! voted on and receive a blue ribbon. The babies who are already entered are Dorothy Virginia Vales, John McCullough, Jr., Klizabeth Kolmer. Henry Churchman, Jr., William Jungclaus Jr., "Nathaniel Alexander Owings, Leora Martha Floyd. Gertrude Llewellyn Hereth, Lydla Jameson, Philip Brown. Margaret Schleicher. Richard Gordon Griffith. Dorothy Carvin. Eugene Buehler, Adolph Seldenstlcker, Jr., William Hall. Jr.. and ".the babies of Herbert Boss. Charles Moore. Coroner Tutowller. James Sutherland. " "A. W. Hewitt and Sanford Coons. A number of other entries are expected before1; to - rhor - row afternoon. This is the first time in the history of Shortrldge that sucf an affair has been held and Mia Donnjn is anxious to Jiave as many children enter as possible. . ' , - Many : Booths. i j There will be many booths,1 among which are the young men's booth, faculty's booth, candy booth, punch1 booth, needlework booths hot drinks booth, 'Correspondence booth and the fortune - telling booth. The amusements will be many and varied. Onei of the leading ones will be the cave of Mohammed, in the;bas? - ment. This entertainment will be strictly in charge of the freshman class. Ghosts' and goblins In large numbers will 'overrun the lower regions. In connection with the cave will be' the Arabian beauty and the twentieth century cupld. The Arabian caliphate, a burhso,ue.on the civil government trials, will also be a feature. The stage hands are In charge of Edward Hunnlc'ut and the etctrle effects in j t barpe of Orestes Caldwell. He has also i'ui up Hit id extra ujtnis m ine nan. Harvey B. - Stout, a cousin of President. Walter PrlU - hard. of the senior class, is In absolute direction of the ' various amusements. j The object of (the fair Is to get money for the class present left annually by the fwnior classes. This year the swiilors will have to hustle to beat the proceed of last year's, class. The 1H03 pupils cleared, enough to present the school with an entirely new cylinder press for use In the school's 0ily publication, the Echo. This year all the advertising matter was printed by this press. . The pupils have been unilr little expense, as the business men of the city have been generous, and a large amount is expected to be cleared - Little; Stories of Daily Life "Why, I think it's perfectly lovely." "I don't, and I Just won't wear it again. This is only the second time I've had it on, and I positively can't bear It." , I "It's too bad you feel so about it, for I am sure your prejudice is unwarranted. Oh, Just see! It's a perfect match for my dress." ... The two women! standing at the head of the stairs, glanced at each other, and then the 'same' idea seemed to come to both. A whispered conversation, a nervous giggle or two, and then: "That will be Just lovely: but we must never tell not for the world! Itj would be awful to have it known." iWhen the two women appeared in. the rooms below a few moments, later one was wearing a hat that attracted immediate attention and compliment, so perfectly did it harmonize with : her handsome gown. And the other woman, when she noted the favor the hat was enjoying, possibly experienced some sense of : chagrin for was it not the dainty bit of millinery that she had despised and rejected? But a trade's a trade, and both can hardly be expected to gain. ! An "ttnti" Is commonly supposed to understand the art of kicking, but when he is taken away from his accustomed city life to the. wilds of Wyoming or. Arkansas, he seems to lose his aggressiveness and to become an easy mark. $' Will S. Wlckard and George and Will Murray and John R. Allen, ali of this city, are down in Arkansas, near Bradley lake. It is given out that they were dowrfthere on business, but there is a suspicion of a deep - laid political plot. One suggestion heard hereabouts is that "Bob" Metzger, machine .candidate for county chairman, got Wickard and the Murrays to invite Allen to go with them on a hunting trip and to keep him away until after the vote of the Second ward had been cast at the primaries for reorganization. The - fate of John R. Allen while hunting ducks on Bradley lake appears to confirm the theory of a political plot. The news from Bradley lake contains nothing at all about the man that furnished Mr. Allen the gun. "Mr. Allen concluded he would ara after ducks to - day." say the message from Bradley lake, Arkansas, - so " Will and George Murray took him out. The first shot he made at a big mallard left him in this position (the accompanving eketch from life, made by W. 8. Wickard. could not be reproduced). Will Murray happened to be near and got him out. The gun kicked him out of the boat, but he clung to the side of it with 'his legs. As I write this we are drying him out. ' pncFEnncD stock iion - Taxabla. Non - Assessable. dividends Payabla Scml - , Annually. Common Stock l'rv rorred fc - took Assets v S'.jrplu I Sii.OOA 00 15. 00 11.102 43 Particulars on Application. C? in n i d rs 2 n 1 irtict Got j 4 Cast r.Iarkot Street True Reformers Large Installation. The Order of True Reformers has made elaborate arrangements for a public , Installation at Allen chapel to - night, at which 105 officers will be installed. The a!Talr Is under the direction tf .W. S. Henry, chief of the Indiana department. An address of welcome will be delivered by the Rev. H. E. Stewart, and a response by the Rev. Charles WllliAms. An address will be made by the Rev. James M. Townsend on "Negro Enterprises." and one on "Advantages of Race Protection." by the Rev. - J. - F. Walker. The Jnst.nnation will be, conducted by the Kv. J. T. Ch reenter, of Washington. O. C, who Js department general of the order. Reire. - ntatives of the seven fountains Undoes) of - .ihe city will respond. There w iU also be music and recitation. . MIDWINTER EXCtBSIOX TARES f 5 T New Orleam, Mobile and Penitaeola via Pennsylvania Short L.lnea. Account Msrdl. Gras Festi Titles. February 9 to IB Inclusive, excursion tickets to New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola will be sold via. Pennsylvania Short Lines. Fares, time of trains, etc.. furnished by ticket agents. Indianapolis offices, 48 W. Washington st. and, Union station. For particulars address 1 Vf. W. RfCHARDSON. ASS't O. P. A. o Fast Time to Vetrolt via rake Erie Western and Wabash Roads. i Leave Indianapolis 12:20 p. m. Arrlv Detroit 8:10 p. m. - 1 ( Feed your horse Janes's dustlesa oats. , Como Diamond The' diamond never wears out. It has never diminished in value. It Is a good investment. I keep a large stock loose and mounted. - ; J.P. MULLALLY, a SAlST 23 Monument Place. IN THE CLAYPOOL. H ii To - Morrow the Grand Wind Sal of Winter Cloaks and Suits The Cloak, Suit and Fur House. Up i i - rot ot Cloaks, $12.50, 510.00 and 517.50, choice to closej 1 Lot Suits, up to $16.50, to close out for, 4 ..!.. ,. ro alterations, All Fur Coats now at almost ............ ... New arrivals of Suits and Jackets, the Hussar aiji ites of the season. - .'. .' ; ' - ' - , " 1 j I 1 Lot 1,000 New Covert Jackets, to - morrow, Choice! TO.MORBOW A DAY OF BARGAINS out. ".?2.4 , 94.D8 ........J4 Price the Eton, the favor - ....95.00 ON WASHINGTON STREET. CLAYPOOL HOTEL. wig and Masqnerile TrioniiEgs masks, such ooligan, Yel - Bin ladies' and All popular ; sorts!, I'ofi as Tramps, Happy I low Kids; .Hew thing gents' masks. 1 A lkrcre variety of Braids, Laces, Fringes, etc., Cos - . tume Bells, gilt and s Dunce Caps. Dude Musical Pipes. V3LENTINES New ExttusWel N4vltUa. Tally and Dinner Cards, Favors, a large colJe"ctioiii Again we received FLINCH, the most popular Urd each. . : 1 .j CHARLES IV3AYE THE GIFT STORE. ilver Spangles. Canes, . Large game. Special CO. 29 and 31 W. Washington St. Do You Need Carvers? TABLE CUTLERY ; Of erery daaerlptlon and quality. Jewel Steel Easges aad Beating Stores LILLY & STALNAKER; 114 - 116 - 118 K. tVushlncton 8C : We are now making special low prices n Carriages, Surreys. Phaetons, Ruatboulk and Deliver y Wagons. See as before you say. Tho El. T. COIIDE COPA'Y 231 - 237 W. Washington St. PStBBoaMlliiJaillWyiBIIWgBII V.L. DOUGLAS $3.50 SHOES 'o2 A trUl will mrinet ttat W. L. DoJl shoot axs Us but U Vim woild. INDIAKAPOLIS STORE 2 E. VTashlnsfon St. Reduction Sale of - - Raincoats $35 Cot no - r J18 2Q Coatt ootr $1 $18 Coati sow $12 PaulHoKrauss - - 44 E. Wuniagtoa St. Co 7, QBB! j3 - t Bali OLD GRANGER STORE 338 West Wabhlngton Street WANT ADS. ONE CENT A WORD. STREET DEPARTMENT WORK. Tho Total. Expenditures for tho Year 1903 was $56,380.37. During the year 1903 the street department of the. city erovernment spent 556, - 8S0.S7 and 5194.43 of money appropriated remained unexpended. George, II. Herplck. street comrntssloner, who m'akes the report, succeeded Wllllara It Evans when the administration changed last .October. The work of the street department is not confined to the streets. It extends to sewers, bridge, fountains and wells. During the year $3t.9i.42 was paid to the street repair gahsr. which in the course of its work scattered I2.4i9 loads of gravel and cleaned 2,35 city blocks, besides doing numerous; other jobs, accounted for. The street repairs made by this department cost $3.4y7.14. t 1 he pnj - roll of the bridge eanar amount ed - to J7.2W.19i These menvbullt 206 new foot bridges, eighty - three culverts and twenty larger bridges. These structures are scattered all over the city.' In addition numerous repairs were made on almost skil of thebridges in the corporation limits. The S"Cr gang pay roll amounted to J10.733.0H. This force cleaned l.fiuS catch basins in jibe year, besides making a large number' Of minor repairs which cost $913X6. On tho different fountains and wells the. street department spent $444.31. Midyear Graduation In County School. The first midyear graduation exercises ever held In school of the Marion county system ; occurred yesterday afternoon at Norwood. Six colored students of that school whd have finished the work j of the eight grades received diplomas entitling them to enter high school. They are Cora Crowdus, Naomi Hardrlck. LUllab Kdelen, Mae French. La wis - Wagoner and Henry MiUiken. All will begin the high school work i next week. 1 ' : . . - V.. . v Pokagon .Home Association. 1 The Pokagon IIome Association, composed of members of the Pokagon Tribe. No. 23C. Improved Order of Red Men. of this city, has incorporated with a capital of $5,000. The tribe will erect a. building part of which will serve as a. meeting pbvee for' the fraternity. The directors of the association are Fred C. Reichertt Charles Seitz, George McKIbbons. Charl"1 I. Alien, Leonard M. Quill. Oeorge O. jMultb. and Charles , A - , lieicaerU All EXTRAORDINARY SALE OF WHITER CLOTHING - i CONTINUATION Or OUR nd of Season's Factory Sale The goods in this sale are the entire surplus stock brought here from our factory, and are ' j being sold at less than actual cost to manufacture. The, greatest values in men's and boys garments ever heard of. During this sale TWO DolIflrS have the purchasing power of FlYB Dollars, You'll get many times your - money's worth of wear and comfort out of these splendid garments. , . ; Judge for Yourself the Real .Value, of Them. 1 mi All - Wool Fancy Cheviot Belt Overcoats JIEH'S BELT OVERCOATS .00 YOUNG LIEH'S BELT OVERCOATS .00 BOYS' BELT OVERCOATS GO k ) J U k Errs SUITS All Nsw Patterns CltS.OO ;(S - iiLon SUITS CHILDREN'S Doubla - Brea tad Style. GO 0 MEN'S STRIPED WORSTED PflHTS O - J .00 Splendid Bargains la All Depnrtrnonts SHIRTS Children's Ofercoats. O - fl .GO UHDERWEAR Small Sizes Onlv. . U Stiff Bosom - Si and S1.25 Valuas, 5 Small Sizes Only, whiter caps, n qs her's 1X3 Birr, coca ia mu, U tut O Stiff Bosom. . SOo - and 75a Values, 2G' Nsflllosa - Ele - gant Patterns, 35 East Washington, Cor. Delaware St. FleeoeLlned and Ribbed all abadesf this season's fresh goods, S51 FANCY WOOL UNDERWEAR,' 7S1 1 . - t . : i at sir j CATIJ - : M T iO !. ' I: THE mm 14 - qt Gray Grsntk Dish Pan, worth 60o, cuMo - morrow j Hoosisr BrsDd i Lsnndr Sosp, It Three o. bars . . . Choice 3 Table Sirup, a gal. Finest Make Pure Kettle tteaaerea fara, a ttoand New Cream CheaseJ 5 - aonnd Backet ! Fin est Make Lard, ti - merrewl. j. ..U Large Fresh Bias, dszea . 1: New Clean Eke penad.J. J... Larg e Cape Coa Ctanber - riea, te - tnorreqt New White CloTer Boney, te - morrew.i box . . I . . . . I am RDAY lOc 45c ... Sc 4 c Bargains the Same Trade at Our Nearest Store. . ' - - .1 i' Everythlag Guaranteed er Your Court Money House J. STEWART, Prop. If to 1 lorry, Phooi I - - - 1C41. 11 Baek. Grocery Co, - , - ! i' - (I M n 27;rforth:iH nois Street i price A reduction away to - morrowj' In Skirts and Furs. Items. ). J j i f i o r - t . . . . - f r.our nunarea iFur JCeck Scarfs to select from at One - fourth the rearular - I i. if I - pnee. . 1.1 "ohey Scarfs go at Seal and" $5 00 $1.60. Neck Scarfs that 112.50, to - morrow, I, J2 Fur Scarfs In Isabella Fox and Mar tens, was iia.00 and j20.0O, choice. 15.00. wu t jtou i t ur scans to ciose ai less than half Jackets, Suits, Read these few pubs sold at JIO.OO and PS. $1.00. 11.25.1 .60, OS and 52.50. Six J35.0d Seal Obatts left your choice at iiz.w, to cio.e ! 1 - ii LADIES' . 1 "HI $12.60 Suits at I 71 SUITS to - morrow; $15.00 Suits at $5.00 to - jmokrow; $20.00 Suits. choice at $6.50 to - morrow. Ladies Jacftefs Hare to sell thetn come and s - et one at $2.00..$ia00 . JadJieuj, to - morrow. $2.50. Choice 'of any Jacket In the house at $5.00; worth ,$20.0ii j : Walking; Skirts llaC $1.98, $2.00. $2.50. $3.00 and $160. See them. A full line! Of iibrfls's Skirts In eta - mlnes. serges. Broadcloth and voiles, - at ridlculcwialr tow prices to - morrow THE i . i "ii AWeFit7 .i the 7, 4 ef t cDClBL WGD! r J LJ kJ LJ r r rr for a broad assertionl It is not necessary to pay a big price because you are s a big man. You'll flnd a big - Tot of comfort in our big sizes. Also biff reductions this week in tho heavy weiRhts Staley's Wool Underwear, 1ere f 1.00, are C5c a. garment. 3 SATURDAY IA REDUCTIONS V.'ILL CE REACHED lb Everything Goes. Nothing held in reserve. - - the best Cloth Coats, Fnnnw;n lot rT) SI7.00 $14 y LJ ' if Choice of . ; 1 ' TO 1 MISSES' M CIIILDREH'S GLOMS This department will.spon be a thing of the pakt, hence the last, and greatest deep; price cutting will take place tomorrow, Saturday. One. of the best selling Coaips . of the season which sold readily at $20.00, will be cleared at Tki Ealsnsi Craiu:!! CsTrn to CQ.OO, GG.OO, CC.C3 Imi ' 17 0 IMmvj, Suit a - n Closli Go, 124 lcsf lcc!'!r!Tfc3 w,rcc! SWEEPING CLEARANCE OF STYLISH! COATS : Our imperative rule of opening each season with an entirely nw stock in every department, demands a clearance quick and complete of every gr ment noFw on our rickSj no matter how severe the loss. j (! AN EXTRAORDINARY, T.'Q U E Y - S A V IT3 SALC Coats worth $20.00, Cr P $18.00 and $16.50, now; Wsl - "J Coals worth $30.00, - C'T? ; $25.00 and $22.00, now - w L O Coats worth $12.00, 07 FZ(ti $10.00 and $8.00, now . . J Coats worth $15.00, 3P' T (Th $13.50 and $11.00, now OiViicUil The Suit Prjoes have suffered about the same severe Prloe - Prsinln 3 Note Carefully Our Number: i 124 West Washington Ct. twt i; a ivrr tci tt t tu crw it r: - c? 11 ii m 1U) J 1L VJJ JLIIl IMMENSE , PRICE - CUTTING SALE j 03T I I Anlrf VMtTf uUtifty Vkfrtr'rn J IV inftr WE ARE DETERMINED TO CLEAR OUT I - VEY WINTER GAREhiT we have in the house to make! rorsrn for our new, spring goods, and WE ARE 'DOING JT by selling them regardless oC value or cost. An unequale - i opportunity to secure high - class merchandise at alniost , a nominal figure. If you call you will be convinced. At the corner iiaM. yivc. an u t Pennsylvania Street 1.' Tho - Hews Publishes - Twice as Many Paid (Want); Ads 3 as; All the; Other City Papers Combine J Before lii vepfory 4T. - ffOff' r Women's Winter Wearables ; About 300 Cloth Coats, 250 Tiilored Suits, 300 Drcs and ' ViVkirg Skirts, 400 Silk, French Flannel and Vesting Waists; 150 Children's Coats, 100 Fur Coats, 150' Fur Scarfs, go on - a!e to - morrow (Saturday) at tremendous reductions. '::' :: :: :: ;: .' :i :: J 1000. Taqor - made Suits, were n.M and S: - .:0. 'S14.SO. Tollor - mad? Suits, were ir,.'J) and .t'. - )Sr.00. .Cloth Coat", latest ahapef. were J10.CJ M t'.ZX. 8T.JiO. Cloth Coat, aatin - lineil throughout, - w're f.S.Cj and J16.50 t . . .. ' SIO.OO. Cloth Coata, 130 to select frora, were VJiO and g0..O. Prep and Walking Skirts, were lOM. i SIO.OO. Dreas and "Walking Skirts, wore 'i'KJ enl $la... ; : S3S.OO. - Nearseal Coatn. were 5CT.50. 92H.HO. Kearsal Coats, nutria beaver collar - .d revere, were $15.00. ; R3.1.00. Krimnier Fur Coats, were ' S625.70. rerrlan Lamb Coats, were Sir. - SIOO.OO Otter Coats, were tlTT.GX - Off on all Silk, Wool and Cctton .WNts.. - Al Off on all Childrn'a Costs. I - ; " - ' - . v INOIANAPOUS L L, "J I - ' .uur. ii - 1', . . - - :: i - : :,'l ,'t! - 1 if 4 - v

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