Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 13, 1957 · Page 40
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 40

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 40
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana; Pharos-Tribune Truman Says: "Demos Had Missile Program NEW YORK (UP) — Former President Truman said today, that under his administration "we had a guided missile program" but when the Republicans came into power "the whole program was dropped." help you knock their heads together." The former President made the statements in a brief, walking news conference as he went from- his hotel to the home of his son-in- law, Clifton Daniel, for breakfast. Asked whether the Eisenhower He said the missile program • ; administration was to blame for was inaugurated "about the time a United States lag in missiles the Germans were bombing London" and that he brought in K. T. Keller, a former president of the Chrysler Corp., lo coordinate the Air Force, Navy and Army missile programs. Truman said he told his own "missiles czar" that if the service rivals "don't come together, I'll A'OTICK TO PHOSPJSCTIVE JUJJDUU.S Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Gtilvestoii. ladlami, Lh« town hall, Gal vest on, Indiana, until 7:30 p. m., C. S. T., on the 27th day of November. 1957, for furishlng all labor and materials for the construction of .sewers and sewage treatment plant, at which time and place all bids will Be publicly opened and read aloud. Any bids received after the designated time will bo returned unopened. Bids will be received on the following separate contract divisions: Contract Division "A"—Inter' cepting- sewer and appurtenances Contract Division "B"—So way e treatment plant, and appurtenances Drawing^ and specifications are on file in the office of the clerk-treasurer of Gal vest on, Indiana, town hall, Galveston, Indiana, or they may be obtained t'rorn Boyd £. Pholos, Inc., Kn- ^tr.eers, 1000 Washington street, Michigan Ctty, Indiana, upon the deposit of twenty-fivo " dollars (§25.00) for Contract . Division "A" and twenty-five dollars (SL'5,00) for Contract Division "K" for each set of documents. A refund of twenty dollars (20.0)0) for each set of documents will be made to each bicl- ler submitting a bid with - bid deposit to the Town of Galveston, if the contract documents are returned in good condition within .en* (10) days following receipt oC bids. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) will bo refunded for each of all other sets of documents that are returned in good condition within twenty (20) days following the receipt of bids. " , Proposals shall be properly and completely executed on the proposal form furnished to bidders, ind proposals shall be aecom- janled with an executed non- illusion affidavit and a signed bidder's questionnaire Form 96-A as provided the .bidder with the proposal forms. Proposals must be accompanied by a certified check, cashier's check, or a satisfactory bid bond in the amount of not less than five per cent (5(&) of the bidder's total bid price endorsed to the undersigned, aa a £ruaran*:ee that the successful bidder w!M enter into a contract with -this Town of Galveston, Indiana to construct the proposed work and give the required bonds. The contractor awarded the work, will be required to furnish an acceptance performance bond in the sum of one-hundred per cent (100%) of the contract price, running to the Town of Galveston, Indiana, insuring- the faithful performance of the contract. Funds for the construction of the project are to be derived in part from the proceeds from the nale of Sewer He venue Bonds and In part from a Federal Grant. Award of contract will bo made contingent upon the sale of the bonds and the receipt of the Fed- oral Grant within one-hundred and twenty (120) days following the date of signing of the tentative contract. • The Town of Galveston reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any informalities in bidding, or to award any division or part of the work separ- BOARD OF TOWN TRUSTEES TOWN OF GALVESTON. INDIANA By: Ray. Attebury President, Board of Trustees By: Jean Taylor Town Clerk-Treasurer Town of Galveston, Indiana 6-13 LOW COST RADIANT HEAT! Only $74.95 $7.50 down, $5 per month These exclusive Duo-Therm features keep your fuel oil costs down and your heating comfort up when you haT>e a Duo-Therm Radiant Circulator on the job: 1; Duo-Therm's Dual Chamber ' •oriMr mixes air and fuel oil in just the right proportions so that you get more beat Jnta every drop of oil. 3. Sf»<lol Wont* Stopper if boilt right into every Duo- Therm, helps keep the heat from flying up lie flue . . . gets more heat into the room. 3, tonki-work grill is especially designed to increase radiant beating efficiency, 4. nng*rHp control dial assure* you worklcss, (Unless heat! Coma in for Easy Term* 31 5 Fourth St. Dial 2762 and satellite developments, Truman said "That's where the blame belongs." He was told that a New York newspaper (The News) had.said in a,n editorial that Truman had no right to criticize Eisenhower, as there had-been no missile program under his own administration. "That's crazy," Truman said. The former President also said! he had not been contacted by the Eisenhower administration in regard to the forthcoming meeting of the North Atlantic Treasy Organization heads of state in Paris-. There had been speculation in Washington that perhaps a new attempt would be made to henl the Eisenhower-Truman rift to bring about bipartisan unity in dealing with Russia's scientific challenge. Truman would make no comment on Adlai Stevenson',; acceptance, of an advisory role in connection with the Dec. 16 Paris meeting. Asked whether he would accept a position in the meetings if invited, Truman said: "We'll cross that bridge when we come 'to it." Warns Against Power Of Big Soviet Navy Christmas Seal Sale Work Begins Cass county's annual Christmas Seal salis got underway Tuesday night when members of the county " iis Association stuffed a- envelopes to be sent to city 'residents. . An equal number have been prepared for mailing to township residents. Mrs. Eileen Huston, executive secretary of the association-, said the seals probably would be mailed i navy, Wright said, is this: Thursday and would be delivered' "The isolation of North America ' PARIS (UP).—A top American admiral warned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization today that the Russians are building their navy for the sole purpose of destroying the Western Alliance, fcdm. Jerauld Wright, supreme sea communications and "therefore our ability to support each other,' he said. U.S. Air Force Gen. Thomas Power, supreme commander of NATO's Strategic Air Command, told newsmen Tuesday that at all Wednesday Evening, November 13, 1957. It's No Secret... Allied commander of NATO forces j times there were some SAC in the Atlantic, expressed his views in a speech before a gathering of 180 members of parliament the Atlantic, expressed his ] bombers in the air ready to strike back at any aggression. He strongly intimated, although he did not from the 15 NATO countries. 4say so explicitly, that the planes The single aim of the Soviet Friday. Sfrom Europe, 'the defeat of NATO The county's quota for this year'at sea and therefore tie destruc- has been set at $6,500. The moneyltion of our alliance." is used to provide free chest X- ; Second Largest Navy rays, pa.tch tests for school chil- The Amerlcan adrniral de ii vere d other services of the association. "ENOUGH'S ENOUGH" CHICAGO (UP)—A destroyer se man of cockleshll proportions is gtting his team up over being arrested by the shore patrol. John Kennelly, who's only 5 feet 2 inches tall, has been arrested by au- thoritees 14 times on charges of impersonating a sailor. Deaths in News By UNITED PRESS PALO AiLTO, Calif. — Maxwell McGaughey Hamilton, 60, former chief of the Far Eastern'Division of the fitatc Department, died at his home here Tuesday. Hamilton, a career diplomat, retired from the State Department jn 1952. He was a key aide of Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Secretary of State George C. Marshall. NEW YORK — Charles Weill, 77, president of Charles Weill, Inc., resident buyers, died Tuesday in a New York hospital after a short illness. His company buys for mere than 100 retail stores throughout the country. TRENTON, N.J. — Louis Sanford Rice, a retired director of the De Laval Steam Turbine Co. and the oldest living graduate of Northwestern University, died Tuesday. He would have been 95 today. legislators, whose meeting here is simply that of an adyhiory group, just a day after they had" been reassured by an American Air Force general about the ready retaliatory striking power of Allied nuclear air power. "''The Russians are building a navy which has risen from seventh •place in 1945 to second place in number today, and firiit place in new construction,". Wright said. "It is a .navy larger than all other navies of the world combined except the U. S. Navy. It contains the • largest submarine fleet the world has ever.known in peacetime." Wright did not cite any figures, but NATO sources .said the Russians now have 500 submarines, a number that is incressing at the rate of 75 to 100 a year. "A clear inference to me is that the Soviets in building this fleet do not visualize a short war," Wright said. SAC Bombers Ready He said that as long as any war goes on, NATO must maintain control of the Atlantic. "One sure way to bring an ultimate defeat would be to lose our carry nuclear bombs when they go aloft. Power said other planes on the ground were maintained in a 24- hour state of "take-off readiness.' Air crews sleep ' next to their planes at night, he said. He said that 15 minutes after an attack warning the- ground planes could be in. the air and on their way. "pending court appear- began serving 30-day jail Jailed for Posing As Police Officers TOLEDO, Ohio (UP)^-Two Fort Wayne, Ind., men who posed as police officers and stopped motorists on ,y.S. .24 to demand cash bonds ances" sentences today in Toledo's workhouse. •They are Robert C. Keck, 38, and Lewis A. Rogers, 27, who were convicted on charges of impersonating an officer and carrying concealed weapons. Keck also was fined $1B5 and Rogers $100 in a Defiance County justice of the peace court. Patrol officers said the two used a jeep station wagon with flasher lights to halt drivers, who thought they were being arrested. Keck said he had used the-station wagon to transport children to and from kindergarten in Fort Wayne. Read the Classified Ads WAR DS • MONTOOMCNV WARD 412 C. 'BROADWAY PHONE 4193 I shopped! I compared! I'm convinced! Limited time only I LOWEST PRICE EVER ! 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