Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1962
Page 9
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SUNDAY, JUNE 24,1962 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE NINE Know Several Important factors That Go Into fence Building MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. . A neat, well-planned fence will add much to the appearance of your properly, while a shabby, dilapidated fence can make the best home look rundown. A fence will do more than outline your property. It can enhance your, architecture, give privacy, provide shade, serve as a windbreak, keep youngsters and pets in (or out) or it can be simply decorative. You can let your imagination run wild when you design your fence. But whatever type you put up, certain rules apply. One-Third Length Use 4x4s for fence posts. Sink the post one-third its length. Thus, if you want 6 feet above ground, have 3 feet below ground. Keep the diameter of the hole as close to the size of the post as possible. If the soil is loose, set the post in concrete. Otherwise pack the soil in tightly around the post. Provide 'a few inches of sand and gravel at the drainage. base to provide If the fence has a gate, the posts for this should be set in concrete regardless of the soil. Stringers Connect Stringers connect the- posts lop and bottom and are generally made of 2x4s, You can nail them directly to the posts or you can notch the posts and inset the stringers. Use aluminum or galvanized BUILDING ONE-THIRD OF POST'S 1ENGTH SHOULD BE BELOW. GROUND DONT DIG POSTHOLES TOO WIDE PUT PRESERVATIVE ON BURIED SECTION SET,GATE POSTS IN CONCRETE nails. Treat the posts, especially the part below ground, with a wood preservative. If you use the penta-type preservative you can treat the entire fence before painting. Botlom rails, the lower parts of pickets, surface that will be nailed—all these should be painted before installation. They will be missed otherwise. Precut fencing can be obtained in many lumber yards in a variety of styles. Precut pickets, if that's the type of fence you .intend to have, can also be obtained there. Interesting Variation An interesting variation on the picket fence can be achieved by using two widths of .pickets and alternating them. ' If you want privacy, put up a regular board fence. Put up posts and stringers and then put up Ix6s, Ix8s, or larger boards that are flush 'with the ground and even with the tops of the posts. You can make this more decora- ;ive and cover the cracks at the same time by covering joints with strips of 1x2 lumber. A brick retaining wall can serve as the foundation for a simple ;wo-rail fence. Rails can be nailed .0 posts or fastened with screws or carriage bolts. Keep your fence painted. Check for sagging posts. Replace rotted ?arts. Remember that your fence ,s exposed to wind and weather. It needs care. Carrier Have you wondered what it would cost to install Central Air Conditioning in your home? Probably much less than you expect. If you have wondered, please clip out and answer the following questions. Then mail them 1o us at the address below. With this information we can give you a close approximate cost of a quiet, economical system that will assure complete comfort throughout your entire home. What is the glass area of your house (sq. ft.): East Windows South Windows West Windows North Windows ! Do you have storm windows or thermopane? . . .. What is'the floor area of your house (sq. ft.)? How is your house constructed? (Underline). • Frame, Light Masoriry, Heavy Masonry, One Story, Two Story, Split Level Is your house insulated? Ceiling (yes,, no) Side .Walls (yes or no) What type heating system do you have? (underline) -Forced Warm Air, Gravity Warm Air, Hot Water or Steam. WEEDERS GUIDE FOR THE LAUNDRY Drip-dry materials — in clothes, bedspreads, table linen, curtains and the like — are a real boon to homemakers but there's NAME 1 j ADDRESS | TEL. ; NO. ONE PAINT DOES IT! MAKES ALL OTHER HOUSE PAINTS OBSOLETE! NO PRIMER NEEDED! »-Proof Peel-Proof Stain-Proof Mildew-Proof **•«•«••** Stays on Hard to Paint Surfaces SAVE Money Labor • Time • Paint Reg. $7.95 Gal. SALE PRICE SAVE97c $6.98 STORE HOURS Mon. - Fri. - 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday -7:30 AM Till Noon ITH and S, PHONE 3066 the problem of sloppiness and unsightliness of that drip-drip-drip in laundries, bathrooms and kitchens. Now a kitchen manufacturer has come up with an answer—a trim drip-dry cabinet that matches other laundry and kitchen cabinets and lets drip-dries dry in privacy! This compact wood cabinet can be installed in a small space in laundry, kitchen or bath; it accommodates dresses, suits, blouses, hosiery or large articles on its adjustable hanger rods. The door is louvered for ventilation and a removable drip pan catch es all the water..The cabinet can also be installed with a drain trap to permit water to flow rectly into a drain pipe. A small, oval flower bed beside our house is a memorial to a big |X>plar tree, three large-size blisters and a broken ax handle. The ailing tree had been removed the week before we moved in. A big, raw stump about three inches above the ground remained as an eyesore. So we set out, to cut it below ground level/The job was tough and took many hours, This type of chore has been simplified. Arborisls and landscape contractors have a grinding machine now that pulverizes stumps, to a depth adequate for planting a grass cover or flowers that don't send down deep roots. The grinder is a wheel with stubby, strong teeth. The rapidly spinning wheel is moved slowly over the- stump and the teeth do the work. * * * Tomatoes 'are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. They will thrive in ordinary garden soil il provided enough water and a bit of, plant food. Keep the weeds down nearby. If you want nicer- appearing fruit, keep the vines staked. If your tomatoes have a tend ency to crack, you probably will do better with one of several varieties that are more crael resistant. These include Cardinal Hybrid, Fireball, Crack Proof Pritchard, Perfection Hybrid 'and Glamor. For the small garden, it i: hardly worthwhile growing your own seedlings when you may buy a dozen or 15 plants for so little We planted seeds one year bu vowed never again. It was too much trouble. • » * By now, you should have plant ed your lettuce, broccoli, carrots There is a hopeful word for hose fighting the devastating )utch elm disease. Dale M. Norris, University of Wisconsin en pears to be "a highly effective control agent with commercial jotenti'al.'.' This chemical;is implanted in the vascular system o£ the elm and is carried through the >ranches and into the bark tissue. The chemical thus, kills bark jeetles, which spread the disease- causing fungus. Bird lovers also will be encouraged by Shell 3562, which Morris reported reduces the :hreat to bird life, endangered ay sprays containing DDT. "With systemics," he said, "we can confine the chemical to the tree . '. • without contaminat Ihe area. From the standpoint ol bird life, this would be better, al- beets and other so-called cool weather vegetables. You may make second plantings of these items 'almost as late as mid summer for fall harvesting. Wait until all danger of fros has passed before planting more tender vegetables. Plant severa varieties of corn with varyini maturity dates for a fresh sup ply over a longer period, or stag ger plantings of the same kind ON ROOF UPKEEP ABESTO Designer Writes Guide Bock omologist, says a chemical called Shell systemic 3562 ap- Interior designer Michael rreer's wittily written 1 book, "Inide Design," just published, iyes the average woman an easy ;uide ,to good decorating that ~ias' long been' needed. '. . The amateur : decorator who has iiirtured nothing but confusion ,t such terminology as.boiserie, hinoiserie, tromp Toeil, baroque, ococo, tole, will 'find simple ex- >lanations that more than suffice whether she lives in a one-room apartment or nd white or though there could be a hazard to the sapsuckers The' chemical is being tested this spring, according to the magazine, American Tree Farmer & Forestry Digest. Norris cautioned that chemicals such as Shell 3562 are preventatives and that sanitation is still vital. This means DESTROY ALL DEAD ELM WOOD. Potted plants are precious to householders but horticulturisl Louis P. Politi of the New York Botanical Garden advises, "Take all those exotic types ... and throw them in the garbage can.' Further, he recommends heaving out old potted plants and replacing them with vigorous, young, new specimens. Remember also, he says, thai plants get spring fever, just like people, after all that dry heat o: indoor living during the winter and should be repotted. Of every $10 invested in plant ing, he said,' $9 should be for proper soil. Otherwise, he ex plained, "it makes no difference what fertilizer you put on it, wha vitamins you put'into it . . ' DIFFERENT TYPES OF GUTTERING If you 'are planning to instal new gutters and downspouts know, the types that, are available There are two principal type made. One is half round in shape and is called eaves trough. Th' other is square in cross section with a formed front fact. This is called K-gutter Ogee or Box Gut ter. The style of gutter to be usec s dependent upon 'the architectur al design of .the 1 house and person al preference. Style K-gutter is generally usec when the edge of.the roof is flusl with the side of the building,or i Lhe roof edge, extends as an eave and is closed at the bottom anc finished with a facia board. On;.houses where the edge of the roof extends beyond the side of. the building' and the overhang is left open, half round gutter is used. Generally, round downspouts or conductor pipe is used with, eaves trough and the square pipe is used, with K-gutter. CARTER'S a mansion. Black color illustration accompanies every category in he book from galloons to chandelier's. • , ' ; Although text and photographs do, stress a formality that does not exist in every home, the ideas expressed and portrayed may be usefully applied- to other >silua- ions and. furnishings, contemporary or antique. , . Greer finds that outdoors wher t comes to ten-aces, porches am jalconies that 1 "only basements and garrets receive shorter shrift as repositories "of cast-off things. "A terrace should be consider ed an additional room which requires and sometimes deserves more maintenance and care than any other. It must be a p^rojectioi of'the personality of the interior.' He suggests creating a na tural ceiling for a terrace, ant likes printed canvas. Ter races shouldn't be neglected in winter and stone flower baskets statuary, fountains, plants am trees not harmed by the coli hould be left on your terrace < uring the, winter whether you ye in the city or country. The weathering of terra cotta statuary to the mellow crmnbliness of lassical ruins" is part of "the ook," just as metals which'turn gray or green as they weather. He likes trellises in the French tyle, laths no more than an inch and a half wide and half-inch hick, lacy and light "without courting collapse." He believes here is a greater proportion of jadly designed metal furniture han any other. Green champions some causes ike the blending of floral pat erns,' saying that "nothing prevents anyone from tastefully us- ng several floral patterns in the same place as long as there is enough difference in color and scale to establish their difference at a glance. Florals may be M'inted, woven, painted, carved or embossed, he points out, bul roses shouldn't be "the size ol bowling balls." A home needs "one decorative object which you love outrageous- y, which you may have spent far more for than you can afford," it can be anything, he says, from a painting or a bust, inkwell, rug or vase. But if you start a collection, it should have a practical purpose. After-dinner coffee cup and saucers of different designs, shapes, colors and patterns makes a good col lection, giving people something Fix Up Your Home This Summer every type ... let our We have floor coverings of trained staff help you select the right color ... the right type ... the right design for the room you'll use it in. Call For Estimate Partridge Floor Coverings 509 E. Market Phone 3905 CONCRETE BLOCK PLANT, INC. LOGANSPORT PLANT 4 miles west on Hwy. 24 PHONE 3267 Montioello Yard ' Phone JUstice 583-7811 YOU TOO CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN Include Zinn Manufacturing Co. Built-in Cabinets in your new horn* or remodeling plans. • Custom Bank Fixtures • Kitchen Cabinets • Restaurant Fixtures I Dealers for: Tappan Appliances Hotpoint Appliances Magic Chef Appliances Formica ZINN MANUFACTURING CO. Flora, Ind. George Burnham (Salesman) Phone 967-4177 Phone 967-4384 WANT IT CHEAPER? OR WANT IT FOR TOP QUALITY AT THE LOWEST COST DURABLE HOME BUILD A Built On Your Lot. . .ANYWHERE NO DOWN PAYMENT For free Information Mail This Coupon Name Phone Address .....'..' City ........ Lot Location Lot Size DURABLE HOMES 408 N. Washington Ph. GL 7-6694 Kokomo, Ind. o tii.lk about. He likes pairs rather than single; coffee tables, lamps, jeriekes, sofas, chandeliers, and even architectural emtellish- neniii, such as arches. He; suggests that rugs have borders, curtains be lined, preferably nterlined (as with flannel) to )rocluce opulant folds. He thinks vallpaper should be selected not sy tie six.e of the room but by what happens in it—with the jold, brilliant patterns reserved : or rooms in which you do not spend, loo much time. Yellow wood floors are hideous, he says, and 1 he suggests staining and waxing them, the darker, the bettsr. The most elegant floor of all, he says, is a mirror-polished jet-black floor. A long coffee table merely serves to barricade people on the sofa during parties, Greer sayir. It's much better to have two small ones, he declares. Bcgus or suspect antique originals ;ire less valuable and less to be desired than faithful reproductions; of the real thing, he says. "What a blessing that accurate reproductions are entirely socially acceptable," says Greer, recognizing that there just aren't enough antiques in the world'.to go around, even if everyone could afioi'd them. • 'aieer is a past president of the National Society of Interior Designers. Is your home only HALF- CLEAN? This spring when you do your houseclecming .. make sure- the other half is clean, tc;ol Have your heating system cleaned by... HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 5th and' E. Market Phone 3887 ASPHALT FREE ESTIMATES PROMPT SE RVICE STREETS - ROADS - PARKIN S AREAS - DRIVEWAYS ENGINEERING ASPHALT CORP. Phone 5506 or 2657 WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH STEEL • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Bui t Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Channel ;• Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plahs FARMERS: Bring your plow points, or corn ptanttr runners in for repairs. If ifs made of steel we can furnish It for you. LOGANSPOFT METAL CULVERT COMPANY 220 Hanna St. Dial 5157

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