Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1962
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA l' PAY, JUNE ft, 1962 Owfrfoor Electrical Work Takes Know-How and Blend of Safely MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. With the addition of electrical outlets, living outdoors can be almost as convenient as living in• doors. The simplest form of outdoor 'connection is .running an extension 'cord from indoors, This is temporary, often inconvenient and sometimes dangerous. Simplest Form The simplest form of permanent .outdoor connection can be had by simply fishing wires through the wall from indoors and mounting a receptacle on an outside wall. Cut a hole in an outside wall to fit an outlet box. Bring wires through from an inside outlet or the fuse box. Be certain to remove the fuse for this circuit before working. Hook up box and receptacle 'as you would for all indoor connection, except that you must provide a waterproof, rubber lined coyer• plate. Screw on caps offer convenience and safety. Surface Box If you do not wish to cut a hole, or if the outside wall is too difficult to cut through, install PLANNING TO REMODEL YOUR • BATH • KITCHEN Oj? HEATING SYSTEM CALL US FOR ESTIMATE H. R DIETZE Plumbing & Heating Retidentiaf-Commarekil =^i Industrial M t. Phone 34O9 _i «25 I** St. HOWTOGO UNDERGROUND WITH OUTDOOR WIRE FOR PROTECTION. I USE SPECIAL UNDERGROUND CORD ONLY a surface mounted box. In .this case the entire box must be waterproof. The disadvantage of the house wall outlet is its limited use. At any distance from the house you are again forced to use extension cords. Underground Job Underground wiring is preferable. With the development of new types of wire that do not need enclosures, this becomes simpler than ever. Before, 'all wires placed underground had to be • lead- sheathed or run through conduit. The newer neoprene covered wire is accepted by the Underwriters Laboratories and by most local codes. Dig a narrow trench about a foot deep. Place 2 or 3 inches of sand or fine gravel in the bottom. Run the wire on top of this and replace the soil. If this is in an area where there might be digging, place a board over the top of the wire with some earth in between. Run Through Conduit The wire must be run through conduit wherever it is brought up through the ground or passed through a wall. Bend the conduit in an L shape so that the wire enters it horizontally and comes up vertically. Use weatherproof fittings, If the wire rims on past the fixture, continue it through another piece of conduit. Do not attempt to double back QUALITY ^ QUANTITY * SERVICE Free Estimates On Your Order Radio Dispatched Ready-Mix Fleet PHONE 3420 HEDDE 2 Mi. West On U. S. 24 AT WHOLESALE PRICES TYPICAL PRICES Pre-Hung Aluminum Combination Doors $26.95 Heavy 1" thick.- Complete with hardware. PREMIUM FRAMING LUMBER 2x4 119.00M 2x6 119.00M, 2x8 124.00M 2x10 , 130.00M, 2x12 - 135.00M CEILING TILE 12x12 Painted Edge . lie sq. ft. 12xil2 Aceoustar 1'Sc sq. ft. Thick Butt Shingles-215 Ib 6.95 sq. Lock Shingles-220 Ib 7.75 sq. Seal Down Shingles—215 Ib. . 8.50 sq. PLYWOOD 1/4" AD 4x8 (Interior) 2.82 W AD 4x8 (Interior) 4.75 %" AC 4x8 (Exterior) 4.3B 5/16" CD 4x8 (Shooting) 2.54 14" CD 4x8 (Shea-ting), ; 3.58 VON TOBEL'S WINAMAC Ph. 946-3144 MONiriCELLO Phone 583-5125 through the same conduit, Do not make splices below ground. The fixtures can be free-standing 'affairs anywhere in yard (if so, reinforce the conduit with concrete where it comes out of the ground), or can be fastened to the side of another' building such as the garage or be mounted on a pole. The safest thing to do when planning outside wiring is to plan on a separately fused circuit. If you are not sure of yourself, an electrician will assist you. It's a good idea too to have an indoor switch (this can be at the fuse box) to turn off all power outside. Plan Family Room For Diverse Uses No one family room plan can be used for everyone since every house isn't the same — and the family room must be built in the available space. And, the family room should be designed for the members of the family who will be using it. If there are several children in the family, the room should have plenty of storage space for games, toys and. should be able to take hard wear. Mom and Dad also should have a vote in the new family room plan. If mom is interested in flowers for example, include a spot for her displays. Dad may need a corner of the family room for a desk and filing cabinet, which also could be used by the youngsters for homework and hobby activities. Here'sThe Answer By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures QUESTION: I have just bought a second-hand electric power tool without a motor'. I have been doing some reading about motors, but am a little confused by such terms as universal, split-phase and capacitor, Oan .you tell me something about them-'and what kind I should get?. ANSWER: ' Since you did not mention ,the type and size of power tool, no specific answer is possible. But, this general information should'be of assistance to you. A universal motor operates on either alternating or direct current. Usually, it is built in the housing of small portable power tools. And'since the machine you bought came without a motor, it's unlikely you have any need for a universal motor. Split-phase and capacitor motors are for alternating current, the type in most homes. Where there is no great starting load, >as with a drill press, a split-phase is fine. Where the starting load is considerable, then the capacitor is recommended. There are other things involved with motors, such as the horsepower, motor speed, pulleys and belts, all of which play a part in efficiency of operation. For that reason, you should seek the advice of the dealer where you purchase the motor. Before you see him, write down the kind and size of power tool and any other information on its name plate. This data will enable him to have all the necessary details to assist you in making a decision. * * * (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) If basement is flooded, slay out of it. Only a few inches of water may reach the furnace ignition line introducing enough electrical current in the water to electrocute you. If a backup in a waste tine is the problem, don't run water from any part of the house until you're sure it won't add to the backup. NEXT WINTER Enjoy wonder fuT"waTr m? h Around the Clock with modern ; Mueller Climdtrol GAS HEAT Mueller ClimtUro] Caa Heat brings fresh, wonderful warmtb to every room . . . evtrv •minute of your winter day. No cold floors . .. Irritating drafts or "cold pockets," Just constant, uniform warmth that kwps your home «nuff . . .. k«pu > your family healthy. Call your heating contractor for more details, and free estimate. BAKER SPECIALTY AND SUPPLY CO., INC. DISTRIBUTORS GARAGES!; COMPLETELY ERECTED 2 CAR SIZE 995 $ Price based on level ground Nothing Down - 5 Years To Pay NO PAYMENTS Til OCTOBER MID STATE BUILDERS LAFAYETTE BRANCH Call Collect HA 8-8795-Nites call SH 2-7498 200 South 4th St., Lafayette, Ind. We Do Remodeling—Also Room Additions Brand-New Panels and Doors Improve Home Today's accent on casual living has inspired the modern housewife to seek easy-to-clean-and- maintain homebuilding products which will make her day's work easier and shorter. Housewives agrees that the most difficult and time-consuming phase of home-cleaning is caring for walls and doors. Kitchen walls are especially difficult to maintain, and usually require re-painting or re-finishing every two years. After extensive research and product testing, a leading wood products manufacturer has now It Pays to Know 'Basics' Of Plumbing The difference between a "flood" and a "puddle on (he floor" can be just a matter of knowing what to do until the plumber comes. Immediate action by the homeowner who has learned certain basic facts about the. plumbing system can save the home owner money on repairs, and result in'minimal or no damage to furnishings, walls and' floors. Know Your Plumbing 0 Have someone who knows the various components of yout heating, water supply, and drainage systems accompany you through your home. Let him point out the location, and briefly describe for function of each major component. • Make up a list describing the location of each shutoff valve and control. Tag each valve or control with a description of its function. Number each tag to correspond with information on youi list. • Post the list in a readily- accessible place. • Determine what problem! you can handle without a plumber. Minor adjustments such as a leaky faucet or a simple stoppage in the kitchen can often be made by the home owner. • Keep the. names and phone numbers of two reliable plumbers handy near the telephone plus the names and numbers of a furnace repairman, electrician, and the local gas company. Emergency Action • Turn off the main supply line valve if leaking is serious, or when you can't locate specific point of leakage. In many cases, more water may be leaking than is apparent. • If the leak is located near fixtures in bathroom, kitchen, or basement, use shut-off valve for that section of the water line affected. This will enable use ol other lines. f DONT LET THE BATHROOM DRIVE. YOU CRATY; REMODEL IT AND I HAVE A DAISY- developed a new line of prefin- shed plywood, paneling and matching flush doors with the warmth and beauty of expensive land-rubbed wood. Tests by a leading independent laboratory prove that their beautiful grain finishes.will not scuff, fade or stain and can be washed or cleaned with any common de- argent. The paneling and doors are protected by a lough vinyl surface that stays beautiful for the life of the home. Modern decorative effects are easily achieved with this new product. For example, a kitchen can be completely paneled with this stain-resistant paneling, and doors—to make maintenance even simpler — may be obtained with matching or contrasting finishes. Also, cabinets and other built- ins can be constructed of the same ec>/nomical, washable plywood so that the entire kitcherl becomes a pleasure to keep sparkling rather than a dreaded chore. A quick wipe with a dampened sponge or cloth whisks dust and grime away. The housewife has more time for less disparing household chores. Tests prove the tough finishes are impervious to stains from all ordinary household compounds. Dirty finger marks'On walls and doors, once the scourge of many housewives, are easily wiped clean. Plywood paneling and matching flush doors are available in five grained finishes: Oriental Pecan, Arabian Sandalwood, Temple Walnut, Sable Walnut, and Vermont Cherry. Paneling also is available in three natural woods: Casual California Redwood, Cascade Hemlock and Mountain Larch. The paneling is manufactured in standard 4'x8' and 4'xlO'x 1 /4" panels with or without random plank V-grooves; %" and other thicknesses are available for cabinet work and special construction. The panels can either be installed by the home handyman with either glue or nails. Matching flush doors for the five grained finishes are available in the Simpson Seven-Eleven ceiling height line as well as standard sizes. ON THE BOUSE By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures From various sources come these bits of information of interest to the home owner: Realtors feel that the uncertain condition of the stock market will have a dampening effect on the home buying attitudes of.(he high income groups, but point out that about 80 per cent of the, nation's families do not own stocks in corporations. Should the insides of enclosed porches be painted with exterior or interior paints and enamels? It depends on whether the area to be painted is subject to extremes in temperature. An unheated porch, in a section of the country where the temperature drops considerably in the winter, should be painted with exterior finishes. Interior paints, used under such conditions, are subject to cracking and peeling. Builders of basementless homes built on concrete slabs are showing considerable interest in a new method of installing hardwood strip floors over concrete without the use of wood sub-floors. The PLUMBINGtHEATING )5 SUiST - EASYPARKING <J>>W 3658 ALaW DON SCHMIDT New Low Termites- Damage Is Costly Although blind and brainless, the termite is an engineering genius. This migrant, pin-sized insecl is so shrewd (hat man's mosl modern construction practices fail to halt his attacks on wood anc other cellulose material used in building. The termite seeks out wood anc infests it; probing through the ground to penetrate the mosi minute of foundation cracks. Despite increased use of ce menfs and metal in foundation construction, termite damage con tinues to climb. Losses by ler mite damage are second only to fire losses — amounting to 25( million dollars a year, or more than $685,000 a day, according to figures released. (ediniqu i involves (he use of a double 3; yer of one by two inch wooden joards, nailed together with H 11 oisture barrier of polyethylene film between them. The el • dire heat industry feels :hat insi alion is a vital part of he comf iete comfort package and spends a.-: much time selling insu- ation s\, selling electric heat. Universi 7 of Minnesota tests show th-it insulation raises wall ;empera::ires from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 67 degrees, while storm w idows raise glass surface tempera:ires about 15 degrees. To ken) a hot water healer in jood condition, the householder should (|ien tlie valve al the bottom of the water healer tank every (:'o or three months. A bucketft of hot water should be drained >ut each time. This helps to remote accumulated scale and sedimenl. E. W. Foss, rural safety specialist a I Cornell University, feels that mo '3 complete records would enable ; better job to be done in preventing residential tires. He lliinks 111 is could be done if belter records ; 'ere available from either or both insurance companies and the fire services. W xrthermakers For Year Round Comfort • Heating • Cooling El<n;tronic Air Cleaners Automatic Humidifiers md Delmmidificrs Tho Comfort of Your Home fi Our '^orccfirn. You ran BUY Camfeirt for your Homti ... Poblibly for much leu lion You fhirk. let Ul T«ll ' ou HO'V MUSH IKS. SHAW'S A« COIJD'ITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Our tocommandal-iorl "30 yri. Expin [onca; 20 yrt. in thi bush in; OIJ»i.t Firm of Our Kind: in Log import." Din! 711 S. «th mm Attention, iuildiers! Get a Horse! Aboard this "horso" outdoor chores just melt awayl Choice of 22 attachments make light of every lawn and garden job. Come in for your free test-ride. ALL-PURPOSE SUBURBAN TRACTOR LAWN & GARDEN SUPPLY North on Michigan Road DO YOU ICNOWl/OU CAN SAVE 30 % on all GENERAL ELECTRIC Central Heating «nd Air Conditioning EQUIPMENT 1 ' Call Today For Estimates M OORE «"d f«RIMMINS '"<• A. ANAGE ik. \0 WMWTE 6rh & Michigan Ave. Phon* 4426 on everything yc u need lor a complete inew kitchein SEE OUR DISIPLAYS if CUSTOM BUIU CABINETS if BUILT IN OVENS AND RANGES if HOODS if GARBAGE DISPOSERS if KITCHEN SINKS if BUILT IN RADIOS AND INTER-COMS. GET OUR PRICES ' BEFORE YOU BUY . . . ON COMPLETE KITCHENS OR ANY PARTS! YOU WISH. FREE ESTIMATE'S ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATIONS LOGANSPORT DISTRIBUTORS PHONE 3124

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