Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 13, 1957 · Page 33
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 33

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 33
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Wednesday Evening, November 13, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune .-Nin« New Cadillac Goes on Display Here Today The 1958 Cadillac has a new look *f luxury, both inside and out. Accounting for this 1958 look are a new "going away" tail fin, the four headlamp system, sweeping low lines, a dramatically different over-all profile and the finest interiors ever offered by Cadillac.' The new models go on display today at Myers-McCain Oldsmobile-Cadillac, Inc. in Logansport, according to James M. Roche, Cadillac general manager and vice president of General Motors. Included in the 12 models is a new extended deck sedan in the popular 62 Series. The big engineering news for Cadillac in 1858 involves suspension advances. These advances result in better and softer ride and improved control and handling. The basic factor in the improved suspension is the use of four-link rear suspension on all models. By using this new linkage, the Cadil- Biarritz convertible and Eldorado Seville Coupe retain their own distinctive styling, inside and out The Biarritz features ei.jfht Cape Buffalo grain and metallic finish leathers. The Seville interiors are available in both Oape Buffalo grain leather and in combinations of leather and crest cloth which Is made from nylon faced material with lurex metallic thread. Several distinctive refinements are made to the Fleetwood BO Special Sedan for 1958. Among the exterior features which distinguish this model is an extruded aluminum shield across the lower rear quarter panel. The grooved effect of this molding is carried around to the rear deck also where it runs between the two back-up lights inset in the deck. ' Other distinguishing 60 Special features are a wide stainless steel rocker sill molding which covers 1958 CADILLAC MAKES DEBUT leader Tuesday night criticized the The American fanner has been ,. . , 1 1 --betrayed" by Presidents Hard- administration's farm policies, but|. ng ^^^ * nd Eisenhower b e- predicted improvement after I960]cause "the short lived campaign USlIiX LJILS I1CW iiurvdj^c, me WM**" rULMJr SJil Jiiii/iui-iig TT.iii^-ii ^-u TI-»U lac is adaptable to either coil j the lower edge of the doors and spring suspension, which is stand "--' - 1 J KI»J«, u^ „*„ ard, or optional air suspension. Styling-wise, Cadillac presents a long, sleek appearance. Responsible for this broad-shouldered, longer look are the unique new grille which is inset with jewel-like protrusions, a longer hood, wider and longer fenders, the addition of rear ventipane 'windows in four- door models and.ths new "going away" tail fin. The extended deck sedan is a companion oar to the 62 sedan, •with, more trunk room and an additional 8.5 inches in over-all length. Like all other closed models, with the exception of the eight- passenger Hmousines, this new model is a hardtop. Again this year the Eldorado vertical chromed blades which are added to the rear bumper on. either side of the license pla:e opening. The 60 Special, too, attains new heights of interior luxuriousness. There are 13' interior combinations with this model including three wool broadcloth options in a strikingly handsome biscuit and button combination. A visual walk around the 1958 Cadillac shows these important changes: — A hood which is 5.3. inches longer than in 1957. — Front fenders are both wider NOTICE TO BIDDERS Kotice Is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners ol Cass County, Indiana, will up until the hour ot 10:00 A.M., C. S. T., December 2. 1857, receive sealed bids in the Auditor' and longer and include a crown molding as well as a side molding. The fenders are wider to house the true four headlamp system, standard on all mcdels. The four leadlarnp system was shown to ;he public for the first time on the Motorama Eldorado Brougham of Office In s the court House, Logansport, Indiana, livering for furnishing and de- juvsiniii the following listed Hems requisitioned by the Cass County Highway Supervisor for the repair and maintenance of Cos» County Road and Bridges lot the year 195S, to-wlt: (All equipment and supplies to be furnished as needed) 1. 5,000 feet or less ot sewer pipe, corrogated metal, all sizes 2. 15,000 ijquare feet or less of corrugated steel bridge flooring, various lengths and 7-10-]ji K&uges, galvanized and non-galvanized. 4 50,000 cubic "yards or less gravel, dipped, screened, or crushed subject to the order of tlm Board of Commissioners, price ner yard to include stripping. Quality to be subject' to "the approval of the High-way Supervisor. Location to be anyplace in Cass Countv, Bidder shall state whether gravel is stripped or unstrlpped. 4u. 10,000 cubic yards pea gravel F. O. B. pit. 5. 12.000 tons or less crushed limestone, all grades. The long, low design.of the 1958 Cadillac !s easily apparent in this Sedan de Ville.' High-lighting this styling are .the dramatic tail fins which give a feeling of grace and faction to the car's appearance. Another new feature for the 1958 Cadillac is the rear, ventipane (ICV) windows. These ventipanes improve rear passenger visibility and add length to the car's appearance. The "long, broad shouldered" look is apparent >n all 1958 Cadillac models now making their debut throughout the country. 11956. — the massive grille is typically Cadillac but includes a liberal sprinkling of jew<:l-like protrusions which command attention and underline the broad-shouldered look. — The most significant change in the middle body portion of the 1958 Cadillac is the addition of Predicts Better Farm Program After I960 ST. PATH,, Minn. (UP)— A farm to abundance and humanity." 'for those who have the courage and determination to hang on." M.W. Thatcher, general manager of the Fanners Union Grain Terminal Assn., said that-the Russian ' challenge to America's leadership in food production poses a greater threat to U.S. world influence than -the Soviet satellites. Another speaker at the Minnesota Farmers Union convention, promises" of these presidents were destroyed by the rulers of big business, he said. | American food production should i be guided by three principles, I Thatcher said, plenty for the world, parity of income for farmers, and peace. ! The tide against farm families has turned, he said, and_there is "every reason, to expect improve- Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-jment after 1960, for those who Minn.), said a "peace food ad-'have the courage and determina- ministrator" should be appointed' tion to hang on." at the While House level. Such a manually operated rear ventipane windows in all four-door models other than the Series 7(>. — The final touch to the 1958 silhouette is the distinctive tail fin. As on the Brougham this fin sets off the sweeping low lines and adds to the feeling.of length. •post would find use for our surplus food a;s a "force for freedom abroad," he said, as well as resolve conflicts among the many government agencies concerned with the subject. Thatcher said "it took Sputnik to inaicner sam u LOOK, opiums 10 s£msa g,:. and slices awaken, the smug, self-sufficient! . lrtr ,_ h tt mak . BROILED LIVER AND.. . . CHICAGO—Bacon or onion usually accompanies liver when its served as the main dish. But for a change in taste, such meats as Canadi.an bacon, bologna, pork of smoked leaders of our political and business life to the fact that our world leadership has been challenged. "But how long will it take Washington to shift its thinking in agriculture . from dollars and scarcity shoulder butt make perfect accompaniments. MISSILE PKOM-Edwm L.Welsl (above) of Mew York was named special counsel, in charge of the Senate Preparedness subcommittee's inquiry into the missile and satellite programs. The appointment was made by Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex.), chairman of the subcommittee. say Pvtr~Albert K. Kahalekula, « combat trainee from Wailuku, Hawaii, has the longest iniddl* name in the army. The K. stand* for Kahekilikuiikalewaokameha- meha. SAY THAT AGAIN FORT CARSON, Colo. (UP)— Army officials at Fort Carson Read the Classified Ads Big Carrier In Hunt for Missing Plane HONOLULU (UP)— A fleet ot 16 ships, spearheaded by the mighty carrier Philippine Sea, resumed their "vacuum cleaner" sweep of the Pacific today in search of a missing Pan American Stratoclipper. The plane vanished Friday with 44 persons' aboard while flying from San Francisco to Honolulu. No trace of it has been seen; The 16 ships were stationed 15 miles apart in a 200-mile line. 3. ~ib tons or less structural steel, They sailed slowly down the last 0 known route of the missing luxury airliner. At the same time, helicopters and jets from the Philippine Sea flew overhead, their pilots scanning every inch of the ocean for a life raft or for wreckage. The. . Coast . Guar.d and Pan American officials said the search •will continue indefinitely. It has already covered an area larger than the state of California and Washington combined; or less limesione, an sittuca. 6 25 000 F. B. M. or less bridge plank, oalt, Plain or creosoted bo three' (Sfinches ' thick, _.. (16) feet long, width six Inches or more. Plank to sound In every respect. 1 600,000 gallons or less ot bituminous material to meet Indiana, State Highway specifications. Detailed specifications may be obtained from the Auditor, Cass County. 8. 300 yards or less of ready mixed cement, delivered in Cass 9° U Gra'der blades for Adams, Huber, Gallon and Caterpillar power graders, in. 25 sets or less of malntainer "and Burcli of seal-King: less oj blades for Adams Malntalners. 11. 25 sets or 'less 12 60,000 Gallons or sasollne, recular grade 13 4,000 gallons or less Diesel Fuel, Medium. Brado 14. 5,000 gallons or • less oli to meet A. (Supplement 1 tions. P. I. M. S. level) speclflca- 15°"l°,2o6 pounds or less greases, various grades 1C 200 gallons or less ot commercial alcohol anti-treeze 17. ISO Kalians or less permanent iinti-freezo In cans IS. 400 gallons sprav selective specifications bidder. :zu in ii«.jto , gallons or less of wee3 jr non-selectlvt:, be given by IT. rnfiii iwuie* <*"u ..—. — •• —- •-This Item Includes shovels, plcku, axes, scythes, handles, bidder 'shall designate mattocks, ect. Tho OH his bid the amount OH nlS UJ«l till; ,»...«....discount on this class purchase. 2i) Repair pans and accessories for motor trucks and tractors the bidder shall designate on his bid the "amount of discount EVllE? roTle a veT, all si.es ar,d pleted. types. Tn the above, bidder to — s..ate discount from 11st P r j' ;B and fflve examples. The likldur shall include if any, for Peru Board of Works Opens Bids on Power Plant Piping Project PERU—The Board of Works opened six bids Tuesday for power plant piping in thd electric utility expansion program. The-bids were referred to the consulting engineers and Ralph Kerns, utilities manager, who will make their report later. Bidders included L.' M. Marcum Co., Marshall, Mi., $423,432; Oberle-Jordre Co., Inc., Cincinnati, $451,451, both with a completion date of 52 weeks; and the Pittsburg Piping and Equipment Co;, Pittsburgh, $458,150, ' 36 weeks. Also Power Service Corp., Minneapolis, $521,880, completion date of 40 weeks and the Winger Construction Co., Inc., Ottumwa, Iowa, $486,000, 38 weeks. 'A bid from the C. A. Hopper Co., Madison, Wis., was disqualified because 'the non-collusion affidavit on the bid was not com- mp. In las bid the charge, removinn old . t ' rtl ; als antl mounting new ones, any mileage charge-. _ 22. Storage batteries, group 1 and 2 for truck, tractor, and graders. Bidders to state number ot plates and ampere rating. 23. 200 tons .or less salt suitable for road base stabilization 24. 50 tons or less calcium chloride In bags. All bids are to be submitted on forms prescribed by the State Board of Accounts. Said forms are available at the office of the County Auditor. All bids are to be accompanied - bv the bidders good faith certi fled check or bid ;u open ki^ on the water expansion program at 10 a. m. next Tuesday, November 19th. A letter from the Police Department seeking a wage increase was accepted by the Board and will be referred' to the city council. The policemen claim that the council gave an eight per cent increase in salaries to the Utilities Department due to the rising cost of living, which they felt affected them as well. of bond in the bid the »ub- amount of 10% The 'Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated this 12th day of November, 1!>5 . , , Board of Commissioners Cass County , of ass ou Randolph G. Lannlng, Bras. Delbert. E. Smith, Sec. Fred H. Moss, Mom. ATTEST: Richard TV. Gohl Auditor Ca»» County SUHPHJSE AI/TAMONT, 111. (UP)— Otto Mall has again found a place in the sun—but he had to wreck his car to do it. Mall's .sunglasses, missing for "more than a year, were found under the seat of his car when he traded it in after a recent accident. Clear heads agree: Calvurt toffM k»tt»rl m «uums H., N.T.C. msm HINDU WWSW*K nw>M% Calvert Reserve entirely new Cadillvo classic in styling, luxury and performance* Seldom in Cadillac history has there been an announcement as significant as the message you are now reading. For .this is the announcement that introduces .the magnificent new 1958 Cadillac—the finest and most advanced motor car ever to bear the celebrated Cadillac name. Certainly, one glance at its extraordinary grace and symmetry will tell you instantly that this is motordom's masterpiece in styling. Its new sweep and stature, its remarkable new rear fender design, its dazzling new grille and four- headlamp system, and its tasteful use of chrome and color... all mark it as a singularly beautiful and majestic automotive creation: Surelyrfione look at its. marvelous new. Fleetwood coachcrafting will convince ycn^ that this is motordom's masterpiece in luxury. There are exciting new fabrics and leathers ... wondrous new beauty of appointments.. .'.and a whole host of new passenger conveniences. And, unquestionably, a single journey behind tHe wheel will reveal why this is motordom's masterpiece in performance. There is a spectacular new nigh-performance engine . . . wonderful- new balance and ease of handling .... an even smoother, more responsive transmission ... and, as an option at extra cost* the marvel of Cadillac air suspension. It's all new—it's all wonderful—and it's all : waiting for you today in our showroom. We urge you to see and drive the 1958 Cadillac . at your earliest convenience. VISIT YOUR AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER MYERS-McCAIN OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC, Inc. Phone 4400 .- Logansport, Indiana * Broadway at Tbir

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