The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on October 14, 1947 · Page 2
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 2

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE 8 i COMItKVATIVI RESIGNS LONDON. Oct. 14 CP Clifford GloMnp, Conservative M P. for Howdenshlre, Torkrhirt,, Monday announced hit resignation because of lllhealth. Gtossop. who la 47, won the 1945 general election !n a three - way contest against Labor and Liberal candidate CITY FEARS TYPHOID AS FLOODS RISE Scientists Spray Ico On Hurricane 111 mum UV2.1 UXlhrKnhh TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 14 (AD While the toll of homeless people roue and more flood damage wai reported from Florida's storms, tight - lipped s - lentlsts made experiment Monday at 30,000 feet, snraylne - dry Ire In a thin line over - the itorm clouds. North Carolina weather expert aid today the centre of the hurricane wan moving out to sea and lashing the coant with high winds and abnormal tide. T CONPf.NSCD OrMt lo (toil a imoI. Delicious In sauces and casserole dishes. NIW IAST.TO.OPIN TIN - "TFZ 1 ' I! Sure It's delicious, when von nana H wun utnada Lorn Starch and it will be farourite with the whole family. The quality of Canada Corn Starch It the reaion for its popularity with housewives from Coat to Coast. When your recipe calls for Corn Starch be sura to use Canada Cora Starch, its dependable quality ensures excellent results. Alt UtMifteiunn tCnmm Brand C Syrup eei 5 SDnallllliiniiEri&iliiB t, An electric heater with h't proper guard li enjoyable, pleasant, often necossoryf Without this protection, it it an implement f danger. With the proper, planned protection afforded by the independent Order of Foresters, your life can be pleaiant, ' secure, with the pretpect of many happy year ahead. Without thli protection, you may become a liability to thoie you love bet . . . through ikkneu or accident, death or the Inability to support yourself In your old age I The Independent Order of Foresters offers you carefully, planned and complete life protection and health benefits, plus extras which are vitally Important to you and your loved , ones. Ana, as Well, bv baeominn a mam. ber of the I.O.F, you participate In a program of mutual helpfulness and , friendship ... you become a member of an enterprising end progressive organ nation which hos or oast racord of rapid development and promises a future of lively growth and expansion. , Investigate today I You cannot afford i to Ignore the Immense possibilities for security and friendship offered by i the I.O.F. Smrt 1K74 A SnJ ltmnmrt OrgmmizmlUn W A Stighktmrty Frmitrnal ferrety. TUP INDEPENDENT ORDER OF WRITE OR TELEPHONE FOR FREE BOOKLET TODAY! THOMAS SMITH. Provincial Manager 520 Terente Ceneral Trusts Bldg. Winnipeg TsUphene I) 042 Mil KM I ""Lj . 1 1 With hundreds ef pictures and plies ef data te study, the ecien. tists had ne quick results te claim fer their dry.lee ' experl. mentg. The flight of three air force planes Into the storm 500 miles due east of St Augustine. Fla was termed a success as far as Mon 'day's plan was concerned, but there was no Immediate indication that it turned the clouds Into rain or snow.. Scientists flying with the opera Hon emphasized it was not a hurri cane - busting Job, but rather a quest of Information as to possible ways to dissipate storms In the future. The project carried a high degree of responsibility due to possibility of criticism In the event of storm damage occurring after the experiments. Meanwhile, rising flood waters created grave problems of health and housing for parts of the lower Florida east coast lashed by the storm's torrential rains Saturday, At leant 12,000 persons were re ported homeless In the towns of Hialeah and Miami Springs with many other parts of Dade county under water and homes evacuated. Flood damage In the Miami sec tion was placed at 14,500,000. The hard - hit resort city ef Fort Lauderdale estimated Its flood damage In "tens ef millions ef dollars." Hundreds lined up there te receive Inoculations against typhoid fever,1 " ' The small cltrus - growlnr community of Davie, eight miles from Fort Lauderdale, was virtually a sea. None ot its more tnan i,uuu residents had attempted to venture back. Water was reported still rising In the rich Everglades farm lands where Commissioner of Agriculture Nathan Mayo placedcrop damage at between $15,000,000 and $20,000,000. '(. .4 - f xv( - ; . t f i ' - r IV ; s - : i 9 ,0 U.S.a,LLU?FClL Man - Eli :Plcn ifeffo 5c:rh AS YOU UK! ITi This new "halt and half" dreu. sporting a hemline tc please everyone in spots - is Holly wood's answer to the skirt length problem. Film Actress Bsrbsrs Bates models the garment which may or may not please, according to where you're standing. GUELPH, Oct. 14 (CP) A gift of 2,500 tulip bulbs from the Dutch .government was forwarded here to be planted In the newly - dediceted Colonel John McCrae Memorial Park In gratitude for the kindness shown dutch troops stationed In Cuelph during World War II. By AMERICAN INSTITUTE . ef PUBLIC OPINION PRINCETON, NJ, Oet 13 The Truman Administration faces a serious problem I winning full public support for the Marshall Plan. " ' " " The problem grows out of lack of public familiarity with (1) the plan Itself, and (21 the situation In Europe which the plan la - designed to meet. . Proof of the existence of the problem Is that Americans who are the most familiar 'with the Mar shall Plan give It a favorable vote. Those not familiar with It give It an unfavorable vote when the plan is explained to them in terms of lending money to help European countries. The first hurdle which the State Department faces la that only about halt the voters of the nation say they have heard or read of the Marshall plan. From coast - to - coast interviewers for the Institute asked voters: "Have yeu heard er read about the Marshall Plant" The vote: Yes 49ft No 91 Those who have heard of the plan were then asked the question: ' "What Is you understanding af the purpose ef the plan?" , A great deal of vagueness and confusion in the public mind la revealed In the answers to that question. About one in nve gave an essentially correct definition that is, a plan for European recovery which supplements self - help on the part of European countries with needed assistance from us. When all who had heard of It were asked: "What Is yeu repelnlen of the plant" it was'foud that most of . them ' had a favorable opinion In general, the proportion of favorable answers being Ugliest among the best - Informed. But when the plan is explained in terms of extending Joans for billions of dollars to certain Euro - peon countries. In order to help them to get back on their feet, voters with little previous knowledge about the plan express unfavorable views. On the basis ef this evidence. It would appear that the support given by the public to Secretary Marshall's key Item of foreign policy will depend almost en. tirely on hew the government, J the preea and other mass media explain the plan during the next few weeka and months to thee who have little or ne familiarity with It new. This' is indicated In answers to the following question: . "Would yeu favor or oppose lending western European countries like England, Prance, Hot - land and Norway about I billion dollars a year fer S er 4 years te improve conditions and help te get buslnese going In these countries?" The vote by the various groups follows. Note how the favorable vote drops and Use e: ;a - 'Uosi rises according to degree of ItUormaUon of ttse voter. 'ev. Op ns)M tkVRPTBaMS M Until ftta e Mft IS 14 IS Aw wit Mir YmfiM wms okaat pteo .. S4 TkoOT vtw ea t kaow ' S t u I Ua M SS . S4 10 (wens OaairrlsM SmnMI Undir Trtstintnt LOS ANGELES. Oct 14 AP Relatives of Louise Overell, acquitted last week with George (Bud) Gollum on charges of murdering her parents, disclosed Monday that she had been taken to a sanitarium and is under treatment of a, psy ehlatrtst. 10 Down 10 Months To Pay J JVo Iattrttt Jfe Cutfimg Ckargn x MITCH ELL - COPi ltd. "The Mease of Dignified Credit" 0OO Dt.Jzzz'S : C: - ::;j s . 1 . I I criA::::: Hours DanVt S smsv to I miMiiHMiM;iii"iHittiiir,"tff i 1 1 ru ! 1 i"i,H' S ' lie - mill IHIIIIMIIIIII Cieef III llliliiViTfuJJ W. A. McKni . ,. Oraggtrt ".' r 1S1 BIteroteak Bl, Ph. NISI SU Weskariaster Ave, Ph. SS Stt SSS Aeadeair M, Ph. SOS ISO PHOBIA GROWS IN U.S. U.S. May Urge Canada To Restore "Red" Ban ly PETER INCUS (Fran Tht Tribune Wtihlnstna Bunsv) WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 Nothing Whatever has been said about It of' flclally, but Washington observers would not be surprised if the U.S. government let Canada know, di rectly or Indirectly, that it would like to see the Dominion restore the wartime ban on the Communist party. Nevfie Blocs , . ... ... .. , . . . i. Set. fo Argus Confederation ST. JOHN'S, Nnd.,',Oct. 14 (CP) With, the Natiorial Assembly called to meet again tomorrow, observers speculated today that Its., twin job of determining whether Newfoundland Is self - supporting and of recommending a new form or forms of government for the island will be finished In a month or two. Most of the contentious matters have been disposed of and the only matter left likely to cause a row Is believed to be the submission of terms of possible confederation with Canada. Terms under which Newfound land might enter confederation as a 10th province will be submitted to the convention after the Cana dian Federal by - election in Fred' ericton, Oct. 20. Although most membsrs wers elsctsd with open minds en whst forms of future government would be recommended for the ballot paper In the national referendum, two distinct opposing bloos have appeared within the convention.' , N .... , 4 One consists . of the supporters of federal Union who believe con federation would protect' Newfoundland from the shock of econ omic storms which blew her responsible government away In 1934. They numher ess than half of the convention members. The other group favors restor ation of responsible government, pointing to the fart that - New foundland now has accumulated surpluses since 1941 totalling $28, - 000.000. Gene Kelly Tries Out New Step, Breaks Ankle HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 14 (AP Gene Kelly, actor and dancer, slipped, fell, and fractured his right ankle while experimenting at home on an Idea for a dance rou tine. He has been rehearsing with Judy Garland for a picture on which, shooting was to .start in three weeks. Film Actor Leroy Mason Dies from Heart Attack HOLLYWOOD. Oct. 14 AP Leroy. Mason, 44, who had been a Dim actor for 28 years, collapsed on Republic Studio set Monday and died a rew hours later of a heart ailment There Is widssprsad talk hsre Of some sort of concerted, Pan - American action against Com. munlsm, about which the U.S. has a steadily - Increasing phobia. The VS. through the Taft - Hart ley labor law, is trying to eliminate Communists from union leadership; through the "loyalty check" It is weeding them (and a number ol apparently Innocent by - standers) out of the civil service; through the restrictions It placed on a United Nations correspondent of the Pgrtt Communist newspaper Hu - matilte it has shown - it considers Communism a barrier to normal dvllrigtits. . - . . Undoubtedly, most Washington officials would like to see the other American countries .follow suit. Some have said unof ficuuiy tney are seriously aiarmea aoout ue growth of a Soviet "fifth column' throushout the hemisphere. They say Communist "cella" are Increas ingly active all tne way irom Can ada to Chile end Argentina. U Is understood the real fear of many officials is that a Communist fifth column might paralyze other American nations In case ol an emergency which is a poute way of saying a U. - Russian war Borne of them reportedly believe that the present strength of Communists In . Canada and the Latin - American countries seriously weakens the effective, nsss ef the Canada - U.B. and U.B.Pan American defence . agreements, , In any event, the supposed Comintern plot uncovered In Chile where two Yugoslav diplomats were charged' with being . Instruments of Communist penetration - has given Washington a sizeable case of the red jitters. Lord Passfield, Famed Fabian Socialist, Dies LIPHOOK. Hants., England. Oct. 14 (AP) Lord Passfield (Sidney Webb), economist and internationally known writer on Soviet Rus sia, died Monday, he was 8. A cabinet member In the Ram say MecDonald Labor government of 1929, Webb was known as the "Grand Old Man" of the Fabian Society, an organization of Socialist intellectuals to which Prime Minis ter Attlee and other members of tht present government belong. Society was shaken in 1892 when poor unknown Sidney Webb mar ried society girl Beatrire Potter. Years later when against his own wish he became Lord rassfielfl to strengthen Labor representation In the House of Lords, his wife flatly revised to share the honors of her husband's title. - They were known as "Lord Passfield and Mrs. Webb." A.F.L Teamsters End Express Strike NEW YORK, Oct. 14 (AP) Some 4,000 A.F.L. teamsters re turned to their jobs today, ending a crippling 28 - day strike against the Railway Express Agency which had tied up the company's air and rail shipments throughout the met ropolltao area. ' After agreeing to submit their wage - hours differences to an emer gency mediation board, the atriklng employees faced the task of clear ing nearly SOO.OOO strike - stagnated shipments in metropolitan storage sheds. The company lifted Its embargo of air express shipments in and out of La Guardia field and Newark airport but relaxation on embar goes on Inbound rail express ship ments will be more gradual. Ban of LP. P. Asked SASKATOON, Oct, 14 (CP) A resolution asking the federal gov ernment to ban the Labor Progressive party and its "Communist affil iates in Canada was passed By more than 300 delegates represent ing 186 Ukrainian Catholic parishes in sasKatcmwan at a weee - ena convention of the Ukrainian Catho lic Brotherhood and the Ukrainian Catholic Youth. .y. 1 - i aK' - . - :. ft v J s . w from tSsiLV Iecr - rrr New ZeoJand Trembles WEUJNGTON, Oct 14 (AP) - Enrthquake shocks continuing for two hours were felt Monday night In many areas of New Zealand's south inland. There were no reports of casualties. . Five villages were destroyed by an earthquate near Blrjand In the province of Khorasan, East Iran. A delayed dispatch said 210 bodies have been recovered from the ruins. - sff, At teething time, Steedmsn's help to keep the little system regulsr. Used by m others the world over tor more uua too years, m jmr ruaB" run pww.i - . t tu.i lka IimJmii a Cm - BtM 07 429 Stv eaa Bsptiste St., Montreal ntif rxJff sml AT 0 You Can Nov Buy Your To) To ELECTRIC WASHER 1 Ml mm The Bendix performance will amaze you. You'll have the work - free waahinsr that's been thrilling lucky Bendix owners for nine whole years! It washes, rinses, damp drys, cleans itself, drains itself, shuts Itself off all by itself! You don't even put your hands'in water! Come in let . us show you how Bendix sets you free on washdays! TERMS AS LOW AS $31 50 DOWN S1 320 KRIHONTH " e .vfa POWER DLDG. SHOWROOMS PORTAGE AT VAU Gil All PHONE 904321

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