Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1962 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1962
Page 15
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Friday Evening, June 22, 1962. Reapportionment In Demo Platform INDIANAPOLIS (UPD-Indiana. Democrats - received a uniquely brief 1962 platform at their state convention today which included a recommendation that the 1963 Legislature enact legislative reap- portionmcnt on a population basis. The 1,200-word platform follow the predicted form on . the top issue of reapportionment. The Democratic version is in contrast with that approved by the Repub licans three days ago which called for adoption of the so-called federal plan. The federal plan calls for a population basis for realignment in the House and a geographical basis in the Senate. "We recommend (he enactment of a law for the immediate reapportionment of the legislature by the next General Assembly in accordance with the mandate of our Constitution," the platform said. "We favor the use o'f the federal decennial census as the basis of the enumeration for the reapportionment ,.. and urge the enactment of a statute to attain that end." ' The platform did not specifically mention "right to work," a 1957 controversial law which has been fought by Democrats and supported by Republicans through all the campaigns since its enactment. Urges Law Repeal But it reaffirmed the party's position that "all working men and women have the right to join unions of their own choosing, and we affirm our position that free, unrestricted collective bargaining, including the right to bargain for maximum union security provisions allowable under federal law, is the American democratic way of settlement of disputes and urge repeal of any law that prohibits this objective." On other issues, the platform said: —"We'pledge continued support to Indiana's institutions of higher learning," —"We are opposed to the use of prison labor in open competition with free industry and free wage earners." —"The needs of our mentally ill and retarded should be met to the degree commensurate with the ability of modern medicine and science to provide the care. We pledge a maximum effort to secure funds and personnel to meet those responsibilities." —"We favor the enactment of legislation to simplify the procedure for registration of voters to" eliminate 'the possible loss of voting rights." —"We pledge participation in programs established by our federal government to improve the .lives of our'senior citizens." —"We will maintain the fiscal soundness o'f our. stale ...government. This requires the courage to resist spending money we cannot afford. This demands a will- ingness to tell the truth to the people and let them judge the extent to which they are willing to pay the bills for that which should te done." Expand Road Program —"We shall maintain and advance the physical facilities which the state provides ... its citizens. This includes extending and improving our highways, remodeling and adding ,to our hospital facilities and renovating and modernizing our penal institutions." —"We advocate that the state assume a larger share 6f local school costs in order to relieve the local property tax . ..that the minimum salary schedule for teachers be improved 1 to a level commensurate with salaries in other professions." —"We favor the broadening of the powers of'our''cities and towns to strengthen local self-government." —"We pledge to 'continue fighting for the civil rights o'f all peo- Everett Greathouse, Rochester Man, Dies ROCHESTER - Everett Greathouse, 64, a former Rochester cafe operator, died Thursday evening at his home in Nashville, Ind. He .was a former Fulton county farmer.. Funeral rites and burial will be held from the Bonds funeral home in Nashville. pie, until such rights are assured in. the fields of employment, education, and public conveniences. We .advocate adding -to the civil rights acts of the. state sufficient penalties ' and adequate funds to insure their enforcement" ' — "We'reaffirm our support of rural electric arid telephone membership corporations, which havp done an outstanding job of, bringing service to rural areas," Stocks Inch Up NEW YORK OUPD- Stocks inched up from their lows toward noon today after a fairly sharp first-hour selloff. Heavy selling, which hit nearly all sections of the list, pushed the high-speed ticker 10 minutes'be- hind floor .transactions :at one point.-Volume then slacked for a while but came back with renewed vigor as "flash "prices" I showed many issues reversing 1 their downward trend. U.S. TEMPERATURES NEW YORK (UPI)-The lowest temperature reported to the Weather Bureau today was 33 degrees at Drummond, Mont. The highest Thursday was 113 at Blythe, Calif. COLBUKN BOY DROWNS ALBION, Ind. (UPI)-A Fort Wayne State School, resident, Richard Saubert, 15, Colburn, drowned Thursday while swimming in a .lake' at the Chain-0- Lakes State Park during a v school Congress Faces Logjam WASHINGTON (-UPI) - Congress today faced one of its worst mid-summer logjams in recent years. At least a dozen key measures with a June 30 deadline were snagged in the legislative pipeline. While Congress fiddled, t h e huge complex of federal government burned at both ends. . On the spending end, federal agencies were running out of money to pay their bills because of a feud between the House and Senate Appropriations Committees that has blocked action on all money bills. On the revenue end, the Seriate still had to pass a bill cutting travel taxes, but extending $4 billion in federal excise and corporate income taxes before they automatically expire at midnight June 30. Other congressional news: Cooper — A Senate judiciary subcommittee resumes hearings today on the controversial nomination of Irving Ben Cooper to •the federal district court in New York City's southern district. Cooper will testify in answer to representatives of the American Bar Association 'and the-bar association of New York City who opposed Cooper on grounds that his long service in a city court demonstrated that he lacked judicial temperament, Eisenhower — Former President Bwight D.. Eisenhower will meet with Republican leaders today in a series of political conferences. Tonight he will address a GOP fund raising dinner where 5ie is expected to deliver a "hard hitting.'attack on new frontier domestic policy." The $100-a,-plate You Can Save a FISTFUL at MANN'S THIS WEEK! NEW ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES ON ALL USED CARS 3 TRUCKS 1961 CORVAIR 1 700 station wagon, automatic, transmission, radio, heater, white tires, full equipped, sharp. 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Dirksen said he was'"astounded his kind of pressure should come out of the woodwork" of the Agriculture Department. Earlier, Agriculture Secretary )rviHe L. Freeman denied that lis department was trying to 'intimidate" the two senators. Sen. Karl Mundt, S.D., and Carl lurtis, Neb., disclosed Thursday hat the department had searched ts files of correspondence with he senators since 1953. They said he- action was "unusual and rep- ehensible" and designed to.find material that might be embarrass ng to them. Rep., Charles Halleck, R-Ind., eader of the GOP in the House, aid the incident would ''shock he conscience of the people in his country who believe in fair Logansport, Indiana; Ph.»ros-Tribune Fifteen Wait JFK Policy On Quernoy, Matsu WASHINGTON (UPI) - Presi dent Kennedy appeared today to be facing the necessity soon' to define more clearly his policy toward the Chinese Nationalist islands o'f. Quemoy and Matsu. That was the view in diplomatic.'quarters Mowing the White House ^statement of '''concern" over a large-scale buildup o'f Chinese Communist military forces along a 150-mile strip 'of the Fu- kien ..Province coastline -opposite Quemoy and Matsu. i The two islands are within five miles of .Red territory. The Nationalist stronghold of Generalissimo . Kai-shek is more than 100 miles farther east of Formosa-. Administration officials reported at least three new Chinese Communist.divisions have moved into the coastal area. They speculated that the -Peking regime might be preparing for an assault on Quemoy and Malsu. Strategically Worthless Kennedy said during the 1960 presidential campaign that such an assault would face the new administration with a "key decision." He described Quemoy and Matsu as "indefensible" and strategically worthless and said he intended to see that "not a single American dies on those islands." At the same .time, however, he adopted President Eisenhower's position tliat he would favor fighting for the islands if a Communist attack on them was part of an assault on Formosa and the Pescadores, which the United States is committed to defend. The United States was reported to have been seeking a renewal of Chaing Kai-shek's earlier com- mittment (hat he would not attempt to attack the Red mainland without the approval of the United States. First Considered Defensive Administration officials at first assessed the new Red buildup as a defensive maneuver stemming from fears that Ohaing would attempt an invasion at this time of near famine and unrest on the mainland. However) when more information cwiie in on the disposition of the forces! and it was learned that .the. Reds also had sent about 300 planesi into Fukien, Washington tx»2anj to consider the possibility ttiatthe buildup was for offensive raiher than defensive purposes. It w.is virtually certain that Kennedy iit his next news confep- ence-ipossJbly next week—would be ask«*d for clarification of his policy, -an Quemoy and Mafeu. The ijdminislration, which went to some length to publicize the Communist buildup, thus finds itself iri 1he position of having made it certain the President will have to deal with the issue. 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I Highly reliable sources said the sand4:'.own battle flags of the famed Legionnaires are coming down and virtually all its officers and men will have left the territory before the independence referendum July 1. , The .sources said. Legionnaires were ciis mantling the museum of battle relics at Sidi-Bel-Abbes, its headquarters since 18.84, for ship_- ment to new Legion headquarters near Marseilles, France. ' Sidi-Bel-A'bbes is just 48 miles south of the western port city of Oran, chief stronghold of Secret- Army Organization. (OAS) die- hardu who refuse to accept truce terms worked out' by OAS leaders iird Algerian Nationalists in Algieni. Som>5 of the leaders and members of the OAS, which was formed in a vain attempt to keep Algeria French through terror, are Legion deserters. Those in Oran presumably hoped they would get help from the Legionnaires at Sidi • Bel- Abbes M they resorted to their threat to make a final stand from "fortified" positions. Last Monday, Col. Roger Vaillant, commander of Sidi-Bel-Abbes, warned the Europeans that the Idgbn never would support the O.^S. For that he was called a "traitor" by the 25,000 Europeans who live in the town that has grown up around the fort. Nevertheless, the removal of the !>ginnaires seemed to reflect official anxiety that some more memters of the Legion might go over "a the OAS. The Oran leaders of the OAS said Thursday night they would announce sometime today whether they would resume tticir scorched earth campaign. Fcnrm Bureau Items BETHLEHEM The atmual ice cream social will be held ,it the Bethlehem township Farm Bureau meeting on Wednesday, June 27 starting at 8 p.m. at this Metea school. Heirbeil Gillen will have charge of devotions and a discussion will be he!d on legislative problems. A home talent contest will be featured for entertainment. Each family is asked to bring a pie or cake'and table service. _ * Those serving on the committee include Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Howard, Mr, and Mrs. Harry Frushour, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Kupe, Mr. anci Mrs. Don Hamon, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rodgers and Me. and Mrs. Albert Shoup. ; TV/0 GIRLS MURDERED MORHIS PLAINS, N.J. (UPI) — An 15-year-old ex-Marine wt- dervrent questioning today in the 'bludgwn slaying of two hig6 school, cheerleaders whose bodies •wens found in an isolated lovers- lane, I The youth, whom police said was an acquaintance of the dead girlii, -was being questioned at the state police barracks in nearby, Morristoivn where 50 .other teenagers wore interrogated Thursday night and early today. \ Morris County prosecutor Frank; IJcerbo said no charges had bee:i filed against the youthi wham he identified as an ex-Marine. The, bsdies of the girls, Noreen Buckley, 17, and Margaret An-n Kenmsdy, 15, were found fully- clotted Thursday in a densely wocdisd 'section, of this 'New York City .wlmrb on a road leading to a deserited estate. MOMS VAG MORE LONTON CUPI) - Mom nags more'than dad and tends to pick on h'jr teen-age' son more than on htir daughter, according to art opinion '.survey of 16,000 students made all 500 British schools.

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