The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on December 22, 1932 · Page 34
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December 22, 1932

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 34

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1932
Page 34
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SHORESMAN'S "PARADISE' FOUND ;if txt rrXTJjfm'KT'KT c'tvydt? mom a vc 7 - b f V Boot, B re echej.f Of Equestrian Balls, Clubs for Golfer - Cooking Kits for Camper .Reels, Artificial Biait for Fishermen: Are Sample of What Is Offered. f Men's furnishing stores are offering ftuggestlcna for Christmas gifts which wCl make any sportsman's heart glow with appreciation. . - ' - - i - s The equestrian especially can shop with pleasure among the boots, saddles.; spurs, t. breeches, polo, mallets,' glovee and jackets on display. There are styles to suit every, taste and the displays feature all up - to - date ac - cjeuttemeataU. - o - - mXivi'i a - , . For those enamored of golf there U wide range of clubs, balls and a variety, of i costumes to suit the most particular. Tees and golf balls In handy containers are. also being shown. Jackets of suede, with or without sleeves, are in several colors. One particularly useful garment Is a golf shirt make of waterproof material, designed to keep the player snug and dry during the showers he often encounters. - . Cooking kits, canteens, hand axes, hunting knives, sewing kits, binoculars, knapsacks, flashlights and first - aid kits are prominent in the cases holding, camper's supplies. Buyers bare laid in a large supply CHRISTMAS IN XOG CABIN DAYS "RESEMBLED "ROMAN HOLIDAY" ' . ' - 'Christmas in log cabin days in Indiana took on something of the character of a Roman holiday. - According to Mrs. Rachel Perry, who celebrated her "ninety - sixth birthday last Friday, the celebration lasted a week In the r 1 . MUS. RAGHZX PZBJtT. fit olden days, start ing Cbristmaa eve and lasting through New Year's night. Presents and Christmas trees were not common 1 tn those days.' she said, hut feasts of savory food, good fellowship general visiting and merry making were in order.a , "We had plenty of turkey tn those days, though little money." laughed Mrs. Perry, as she reminisced of Christrnases of her girlhood days. "Wild turkeys were plentiful, and the : men would bring in plenty for Christmas. We had venison, too, for 'deer roamed the woods. Such glorious Christmas dinners as we had. i not one but many, for we went from home to home, visiting during the Christmas season. AS the neighbors and relatives got together and had a general good time. The. men folk laid off work and hn - ted and visited. ; We would go sleighing on the old wagons on runners. Xiry were hi? homemade sleds made to haul logs from the woods. We'd have the t'.z fireplace blaring, and In the evenings we'd art around and crack asts, slcf and plX tmr. JnmT We had tt those days!" ; : ' r tltltUat Chief ' Spert, - Thm meals were cooked over open Eres, and Mrs. Perry Una of the little trca three - legi - ed stoor on which the tif coffee pot sst .and under which rcaU . were plied. She said that hi iatr years, after she was married and live 1 in her own home in the country tn I'arzxn county, sleighing was the tZiet sport of the winter. - . - . - J - r T?g usd to p2e into the little old tlsh and go to church or to socials at to see the neiThbors'just like they Juirp In automobiles today, and with a tut horse we made pretty good speed." Mrs. Perry's grandfather waa ; a ttti huEter, she said, cperatlng a ftezlxa house," ae'ing to the com LZM f?!i trifl Tt 1 1 n rl I the " title of lranter ," which meant guarding children of the neighborhood against Indiana. ' The Indians used to steal children of the seUlers when I was little," she said. "A lot of the older men were appointed hunters to keep guard when the younger men were In the WOOdS."' if' - . " - Mrs. Perry lives with her son. W. C. Perry, 22 Wheeler street, and she has two daughters, Mrs. Mary A. Kirk - hoff , todianapolls, and Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Eterenson, Pueblo, Colo. Mrs. Perry, oddly enough, waa Rachel Perry before her marriage, ner fathers name as well as her husband's being Perry She hse one brother living. Richard Perry, who la past eighty years cf fid ftl CTtg fa flTfT eyrwrjli THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1932. illlEORDS GREATER VARIETY OF GIFTS THAN EVER t All Al APA ;. IV BUTLER UNIVERSITY GIRLS TO HEAD ACTIVITIES OF DELTA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER THIS YEAR PLEASED BY $1, COSTS, OFFENDER S00P1SER CHRISMS JOYS III OLDEN DAYS RECALLED Women at AJtenheim Tell of Treet. Popcorn Candy. FOUR SHORTRIDGE JUNIORS ON STUDENT CO - OPERATIVE COUNCIL Win at Central State Unsafe, Catch in That Sentence It $10 Court Feee. Say Superintendent. V't. NEARLY VZ00O PATOTS SOME CASES OFTEN. MORE ORANGES SPECIAL TREAT HOSPiTA L IS SET OUT , . . . r " - " ; ' Tb (urgent need far additional Ufes; for " jttitdeptrtmeni - of men, toany vards of hkh are omcrovded at present, t urged to the annual report cf Um, board of trustees and au - ertntendent' cf the - Central State Hospital mad to Oorernor JUrry .O. Leslie by Dr. Uax A. Eahr, saperin - tendcr.t. " Tbs report m for the fiscal - . a a . . - eh a 4A4 - cY?8 sincerely , desire.". ; Dr. Bahr said Jthat - euiUdent fund wiU te made - available by tn next teneraU asmnoiy to mass posauie tee, erecuon t at least ci two new cottages,. inereDJ making possible th demolition of the ncrth wings of the building for the department of men. We feel it cror duty to again can attention to the unserviceable) condition cf this building and (he constant dread and anxiety to aU duricar ita continued use. Ho appropriation is asted for the re pair of this building - huYlew of - the fact that any. extensive repairs would prove only a sorry make - shift In an endeavor to corrects the Insanitary end dilapidated condition. ; ,' - - The overcrowding will be mitigated somewhat with the completion of cot - tare No. 2; the"rrport said. - - '. Tns usual and ordinary repair . w f mm wwwv w. wi to mf' 'mmt i replacement and repair of equipment and the purchase of new equipment and ' materials," the .' report added "Every effort has been made to main tain st high standard of. routine m every department and all possible Improvements have - been made. Tie T4ah tv - Hnf rnit. th thee has been a steady Sncrease. In the treated at the hosnitaL The average number of patients' present dally fat the fiscal year 1930 was 1.S35.922. This increaaea to m uku kw 1931, sud, in, the fiscal orear . ending September 30. 1832, stood at 1.731.051. At the beginning of the fiscal year of 1931 .1.731 persons were confined at the Institution, and this number had been Increased to 1,777 at the close of the fiscal year of 1931. Three XiuiMirru ua um persons wen u - mlttel In 1931, while only 551 were auuuvoa n uw iim jikm jr. il V' - Valaed - at S23U.I2I47. ; ew ' - .wit gAyiel iejyj tuwu an eaw w ber - SO 1932, was valued at $2,, - continued In i his report, "we entered the. eighth year with . the malaria August 15, 1924, until September 30. 319 - pauents were ireatea wun malaria. - - ' Most of these cases were general paralytics. A malaria - treated group comprised other types of neuro syphilis.' - such as locomotor ataxia, psychosis wlth cerebral ayphda. and patients with asymptomatic neuro - ayphls,t . ' - . In 'order to demonstrate the therapeutic vai of malaria in the treat tnent of general paralysis,' our pa tients received malaria only and were Have you ever analyzed the value of a used car? Do you realize you can buy any one of these line units of assured transportation at a fraction ol TENTRAL BUICK 120 W. NORTH ST. LI. 1995 optm rvx. t F U..: SUN.. 2 r. M - .1 ft - "71 Klrkpalrlck Photo. Activities of the Butler University Chapter of Delta Delta Delta Sorority will be headed this year by this group of girls who have been chosen as the officers. In the picture they are. left to right. Mlas Mary Harvey, president; Miss Avanelle Brenneman. chaplain: Mli Catherine But, marshal; Miss Dorothy Bruce, house manager, and Miss Marjorie Carr. treasurer. j not followed up by any other specific treatment. In this way a most valuable material for clinical and anatomical research has accumulated, which shows clearly that it is the malaria treatment which brings about the serological 1 and the clinical Improvement, and not the specific anti - luetic treatment with which the malaria treatment is followed up so frequently" Members of the board of trustees of the institution are E. D. Donnell. Indianapolis, president; Wallace O. Lee. Indianapolis, vice - president; Charles B. Jenkins, Noblesville, treasurer, and Miss Mae B, Helmer, Terre Haute, secretary.. of fishing rods, creels, reels, lines, artificial baits, boots, raincoats everything, in fact, that a fishermsn could possibly need. If he is a sportsman, the stores have already solved your gift problems, and you can rest assured that he will be able to use whatever you may select from them. especially interesting this year because of the very low price tags and the compact fittings and the smart swagger leather. Most of the kits are sippered for speed and neatness: they are unquestionably the finest gift obtainable for fastidious travelers. You can find flat tie cases, collar cases and dressing kits cf this good - looking light tan leather, all for modest price that will make you cheer and go back for more. A new wrinkle in outdoor wear is Traveling kits of ostrich leather, are i the English drape sweater. It comes in manv shades and Is knitted to fit tight around the body so that the shoulder width Is accentuated giving a very athletic look to the wearer. The neck is of the turtle style their original cost, and get practically the same service as H gave when new? Our cars are rigidly inspected and we invite comparison of prices, plus conditio;!, by the most exacting buyer. A demonstration will convince you ASSURED TRANSPORTATION CENTRAL BUICK BY DAILY BARGAIN 1927 Chevrolet Coupe. $45 1931 LaSalle coupe, w. w . .$375 1931 Buick coupe. 31 - 6&S.. 595 1931 Buick sedan. 31 - 7.. 575 1931 Chevrolet coupe, radio. 275 1931 Pontiac coach 325 1931 Olds coupe 445 1930 Viking sedan, w.w.... 345 1926 Buick sedan 1929 Buick sedan, w 1929 Packard sedan. 1928 Cadillac sedan. 1928 Hudson coupe.. 1927 Reo brougham.. 1927 Whippet sedan. 1926 Packard sedan. .1295 . 395 . 373 . 110 . 75 80 . 75 60 fill! SACKS' XM AS SALE of W W 1 tA ok - - uuason Black ftnUh e peneet; motor in woa - derfai e o a 4 1 1 too : iood PonUac numtns esr: sood tlret . appooraace uk new; S3S - p I 50 urea. Sale price S250. Down 75 Down Essex '39 Sunbeam de fui eooco. ThU cor pvrftct conditMw Appearance Ilka new: S223 Willys - Knitfht j '31 coup, de luxe model. BoauUIul paint ' 1 ?. 40 Dco - n 100 yob. appoaranco per - Down feet; merhanvealty A - l S475 BEST USED CAR BARGAINS IN CITY. Ford 30 tudor $185 Plnntfuth '30 sedan 195 Oldsrqqblle '29 coupe 1&5 Oierrolet '31 coupe 245 Cberrolet '33 coach 395 Ford '79 tudor S100 Chevrolet 2a aedan 125 Chrrler 72 roadster 95 Chevrolet '29 pbaeton S5 Ford M aodan 1:5 AND MANY OTHERS TOW DOWN PAYMENTS EASY TERMS - TRADES SACHS BROS. AUTO CO. 309 NORTH CAPITOL AVE. OPEN EVENINGS FORDS FORDS FORDS " 1933 PRICES FORD V - 8 TUDOR $435 THIRTY - DAY OUARANTXE rord radar. 31 S3 rord eoMoo, il 735 rord sedan. '31 375 rorS V - S londard coup rord v - s d lux coup rord caorvoioi coup Ookland 'SO tporl coup DeSote aodao. 3J Oraham - Pala "19 riyaaouth aedan. '13 Stud.bak.r CocfinaDdr adaa BpoM Bftod!. w . . aoonUd. TKCCKB rord pni mtt ji Ford pickup. 31 cost Irak. '2S... TERMS TRADES COMMERCIAL CREDIT CO. 723 - 7i2& VIRGINIA AVE. S4SO 34S SAZ IIS ISO 71 125 There win be a rindinc la this e of SI and coat." Many have beard that quotation from a Judge. The rather hackneyed quotation ts often to be heard not only In the municipal courts bat tn the higher criminal eoarta. the Juvenile court and tn the courts of many ue - ' tlees of the peace. The recipient of the fine of 11 and coats, ordinarily much pleased wtth having been "let off" so lightly, usually promisee the Judge be win not trouble the court further. Purse in hand he aecompenlea the the office of the court clerk and there learna. pernana to bis dis may, that he has not escaped so lightly after aU. The costs tn various cases differ OTdlnarDj $1 and costs may be inter preted to mean a grand total of 111. the costs being 110. Ten dollars is usually the cost price of misdemeanors such as assault and battery, petit larceny, trespass and a host of the smaller Infract J on of the law which are brought to the attention of the courts. Only recently, a man appeared before a judge to answer a charge of having been publicly intoxicated! The offender put up a rather strong defense and probably would have been set free If he could have proved that he was Intoxicated while in his own home or not in a public place. The Judge tn pronouncing sentence said: "Well, this time I am going to give you a break. I am going to give you the minimum in this instance. I think you are tullty. but I think you are a fairly decent Individual The finding will be $10 and coaU." Your honor. - said the defendant's attorney. "I know this man. Have known him for a ktng time. He has a family to support and works all the time. Can you not give him a suspended sentence?" The defendant, apparently unaware as to the mothre for this request, looked rather blankly at the attorney and the Judge. The Judge refused the attorneys requeat. When the defendant reached the clerk's office he reellaed why his attorney was attempting to have the Judgment suspended. The costs were 130. Few persons arrested for violations of liquor laws realise that the costs In the case triple the fine In several Instances. Walks i sx. see cw. TRXNTON Mo . December T2 (AP Walter Thomas has lugged a mail pouch 1 12.000 mllea. he esUmatea. tn the twenty - seven - ears he has been a man carrier. His dally tn:(i to fourteen miles and he estimated he has carried 945.000 pounds of mail over those miles. Ford ltll SMS ris Tador . M MS J44 JS 3S iss 3 . . as The Jingle of sleigh be 0a Xa the crisp air: the arrtral of the sleigh, loaded with happy visitors who have come to spend the day: joyoos ertse of - Cnrtstmaa gtm Christmas gtftr Both a setting waa typical cf Christmas morning sixty or seventy yean ago, as recalled by two of the older residents cf the ctty. "1 tell yoo, Christmas was a great day when I was a Bttie girt." explained Mrs. Susy OramBng. of the Altrchetm. who as a child Bved tn Birmingham. Boone county. Kentucky. The children were always up by o'clock so they could see whet Santa Claue bad put tn their yarn stockings, hung by the tree the night beiore. And the tree, itself 1 It was beautiful, an lighted wtth randlea and strung with popcorn. We a hears had an the molaaaee candy we wanted on that day. and aocaetlmee somebody would bring in some store candy from Cincinnati. "The children would go around a3 I over town yelling "Christmas gtftt Nobody ever said 'Merry Chrtotmas tn I those daya. And the Christmas dln - , nerl There would be quail and tor - : key and plum podding! XX was a i feast. I teD you. TTeeecti? Oh, usually things to wear. And then there were always oranges. They were a treat, for we never had them except at Christmas time." Another elderly woman living at the AKenbetm. who ie Just a few month this side of eighty members Christmas as It I orated tn Indlanapoua more than a j half a century ago. i "On Christmas eve an the rhurche ' always had their entertalnmenta." she said. "And Christmas day was one of fun snd vialUng We used to go ice skatinc at the Broad Cut (on the canal at New York street) earry to the morning Sometimes we re - 1 ceived skates as presents that day. "Our tree. I remember." she went , on to explain, "were always deco - l rated wtth popcorn and cranberrWs and Dttle candle. On of the finest ' gifts I ever metved when I was a little girl was a pah of earrtngv I waa so proud of them! My ears were pierced when I waa about three years i old "Maybe people today have as hap - i py a time at Christmas as they used to. but I doubt tt. We didn't hare so many places to go hi those, daya. ! and the things we did seemed to ; mean more. Yea. air. Christmas was a great time when I waa a chad. "Say. we're going to' have a good time this year, though. We're going to have partlea and ectertainznenta. and I dont know what an. Wtth an the plans we've made wefe going to be plenty busy the next week or two," everY USED Car a - GIft in C T rOXWORTHT vvc - rr to 4 Oeoerti Mer rord It 30 Tudor rorS ISM Cabttotel . . rord V - S Mai De Uu rord 1S31 Tudor rord It 10 rordar Bdn Ford 1B30 Coup. Ford It JO SMdtUr rord It TV Comix . rord 11 D Lax Ford 1S31 ObrtoiM Ford It 31 fllandtrd Cou Ford 1S30 Tuoooy 720 North rOV Meridian Bt " USED CAR VALUE! Wvtck ISM Do Um Rllcl 1S3S CMM Cbovroio ISM ChTToWt 1 t?t Covoo mrrretai ltTt rwk Owitk ItJl CmJi 0vrrr04 1S7S Cosh 17 CikrMat . . . ltM KMtUr rord isae Coo Ford ISM Coupe ford ltJl VtctorU rord ltll Twdo rord 1SJJ Todor . . . - Ford KM Cobrtoiet COoe . Ford 111 Todor Ford !tJ0 Koodater Ford JtJI Fordr Ford ltJt Vlrtri Ford ltM Cob. 1V11 Coop. De Li Roodrwr. Jmm Ford ISM COweo Ford ISM K bom Ford mi Do Vmma Ford ISM For dot tell ei ISM Ford ltj 1 TW torso Ford v - e irji Ford 1J I Oooe rord ltll V - To ltM Vfl35S ' . o y - - im se wilmeth Lo.f Inc bo ttroo. W IDSE - V MOTORS. flc V PRFFMT. PRESENTS SMS . Ml . 1 . rrs . 1H . M . 1M . m . oe . M4 . . 1JS . M : J?J . it) . vt . MS . . 4T . . n . J . JO . re . x . 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A - l rord, 12 vt - ton rartrap. rord. 122 ra rwra cpe. Cterrolet 12 Tudor.'.. rord. 12 Tudor.. Kaaa. 171 rmh. MarmoQ. 1221 roce.... rxs d, lJ ox.......4 rwd, 12 Wfcpet, ur The cars are tn the pnk of rondaino. Oa3 tqs for CHRYSLER ltzt Jordan coupe ItTS roc lis bus rpa, good Urea and coo HI IK rord Tador. good tea. 1 lrtl ChrraWr n sedaa 114 129 Whippet roups 1M 129 rtrtaowCj roan 1TI 12S Cbrraler 73 sedaa ITS 1929 Aubarn sedaa ISS 19M Dodge bus tn was coops 244 ltM Cher covpe. wire vfefe. 779 1929 Baick etd. aedaa 299 129 De Bote sport roadster. 2)9 1929 Oirrsier gS aedaa ... t 1929 Otd sport sedaa. CASH AT mi 1IM CsrrsW 19?9 Dodg 1923 129 C23Ti - - 71 1923 DefioU i mi sk 2 - rr 19M Qraler 77 ltll CQda tpV se 1921 Cbrrar eeeae 1222 ractard Ds Lea I 1911 Mod. CtarOsr t 1929 do zczn c7z V, 21 r n aft 2 2ft tft 2ft 2 TERMS TJLADT OrTCt I P. M. SMITH & MOORE XL 237 20 Llonths to ; Pay 222 241 tn .rpa. 222 sr. w. 222 . v - U all ..... 422 V - CIS 272 sad. m 222. C22 C. H. 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