Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1962 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1962
Page 7
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LOGAMSPOH PUBLIC Friday Evening, June 22, 1962.. ANN LANDERS Poodle's Case of Nerves Gives Marriage the Shakes . Dear Ann Landers: My mother- in-law went to Europe for a month's vacation. She left Lady Astor, her toy poodle, with us. This is what I'm writing about. That mutt is ruining our marriage. When we go out for the evening we have to hire someone to sit with her because she's not accustomed to staying alone. My wife is afraid the dog will have a heart attack if she cries too much. Last night Lady Astor didn't eat her supper and my wife became worried. She held the dog in her arms for about an hour. When she put her down, the crying started. Finally my wife took her in bed with us. When the dog came into the bed I left. I am now bunking on an army cot in the back hall. My wife claims that Lady Astor is as clean as any human and that I am unreasonable. She said she'd accept your verdict if I'd let her see this letter before I mailed it. She just checked the facts and said "O.K." What do you say?-DOG'S LIFE Dear Life: I say your wife and Lady Astor should take the army cot and you should be back in your own bed. » * « Dear Ann Landers: You'll say I'm a dirty rat and you are right, but I'm willing to take the verbal lashing if you'll" point a way out of this mess. I'm 23 years old and trying to get through law school. I've been going with a girl I'll call Debbie for three years. She is 21, not very good-looking, but she comes from a well-to-do family. I was her first serious sweetheart and I hope you can read between the lines when I say serious. I hate to sound like a cad but everything that happened between us was as much her idea as mine. She is putting real pressure on PULASKI COUNTY EXTENSION NEWS Mu Epsilon Toaslmistress club will meet on Monday, June 25, at 7 p.m., in Miller's Cafe. This will be a dinner meeting. Anyone having guests or wishing to cancel should call Dottie Sledman or Vel- raa Freeman by Saturday 4 p.m. At this meeting dues for the coming year must be paid. The County 4-H Home Economics Judging contest will be held Thursday, June 28 in the Winamac Christian Church. All 4-H boys and girls wishing to judge in Foods, Clothing, Food Preservation, Home Furnishings, Crafts, or Electric should be on hand by 1 p.m. Leaders will meet at noon to arrange classes and prepare for the contest. A joint meeting of 4-H leaders and Fair Board members will be held on June 27 at 8 p.m. in the 4-H Building on the Fairgrounds. Hoosier Vote WASHINGTON (UPD—Rep. J. Edward Roitsh was the only Indiana Democrat who voted with the majority Thursday as the House "killed the administration farm bill by sending it back to committee. The seven Hoosier Republicans voted for tije motion to return the bill to committee. Democratic Reps. John Brademas and Winfield Denlon voted against the motion and Rep. Ray Madden was paired against it. me to get married. Her parents are pushing for a wedding, too. In fact, they want to buy us a bungalow and furnish it. Her father has offered to help me financially so I can -devote all my time to studying! It's the kind of a set-up most fellows would grab, but I'm not sure I want to marry this girl. Do I owe her marriage? I hope you'll say no, but' I'm .betting you'll say yes—WANT OUT , Dear Out: Well, don't bet your law library. Bub—because I'm saying no. If all you can say about the girl is "she's fair looking and comes from a well-to-do family," your blood pressure is much too low to consider marriage. It would be an injustice to the girl. Recently I received a rash of angry letters because I 'said, "Most fellows will take all.they can get, plus what they talk a girl into." It's guys.like you, who keep the average up. * * * ; Dear Ann Landers: I'nr glad you sympathized with folks who have trouble sleeping. So often thoughtless people poke fun at 'in-; somniacs. They don't realize the agony of turning and tossing— being dog-tired and unable to sleep. No one who has:ever dragged his exhausted body out of. bed in the morning,.to face a day's work would ever joke about it. ,' , . Through the years I've'tried'a; variety of remedies to make sleep ; come—hot milk, warm, baths, eye- shades, soft music. Some gimmicks worked for/ a while, then' wore themselves out. My friends tell me the pills, which can be obtained without a prescription are guaranteed to be harmlees. Do you recommend them?—BAG PACKED Dear Bags: I recommend re pills. The most "harmless" pill can be dangerous if taken in large quantities. Sleeplessness is a medical problem and should be dealt with by a doctor. Arc you tempted, in smoko because the crowd does? I! so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Teenage Smoking," enclosing with your request 10 cents in coin and a long, sell-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will bo glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care o[ this newspaper enclosing a stamped, sell-addressed envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. Q.""I am 5 "feet i'oji'inches tall and weigh 128 pounds. How much underweight am'I?'' A. You should '• weigh about 155 pounds. Q, "I am. 14 years 'old,: 5 feet inches: tall and Weight 112 pounds. ; My.—bust jmeasur.es 35 inches,, waist 23 and hips 3iVi. Am I overweight, and do. you think I 'should" take' waist-slimming exercises?" ; . : . A. You .are .not. overweight. Your weight is just right and if you took any - mpre away from your waist you would have none left. : Q. '"I am 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weigh 108 .pounds., I am seeing a. doctor 'regularly,-to gain weight, but I am .afraid I will gain it all in 'the wrong places, my stomach and waist, I'.would like to develop my bust'and'round my hips. What shall! do?" Av You would, be wise to take abdominal and waist-slimming ex-: ercises . while .you ..gain weight. The extra pounds will fill out the bust, and you would profit by exercises ..to increase the bust- line; also, hip exercises 'would be helpful. The following is 'a good one for the, hips. Stand tall with the hands on the hips. Bend the left knee up 5-Day Forecast By United Press International Northern 3rd Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK^ Temperatures will average 2 to 5 degrees above normal. Normal highs 79 to 86. Normal lows 59 to 64. Only minor day-to-day changes in temperatures, Rainfall variable, ranging from one-fourth inch to one inch. Chance of scattered thundershowers mostly afternoons or eve. nings during five days. ' Central & South Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK: Temperatures will average 4 degrees above normal. Normal highs 84 to 88. Normal lows 62 to 66. Slow warming trend flhrough the weekend, then little change. Precipitation- will average about three- fourths of an inch. Chance of scattered thundershowers most days but most likely Sunday through Tuesday. JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Exercise Suggested While Trying to Put on Weight PU'LASKI 4-H YOUTH SELECTED COUNCIL LEADER WINAMAC - Herb Hiatt, Van Buren township, was elected- to the 1863 State Junior 4-H Leaders Council at the recent conference. Eight delegates from Pulaski County attended the conference held June 12-15 at DePauw University in Greencastle. This stale- wide Kiwanis sponsored event is held annually. Four of the local delegates were sponsored by Kiwanis, 2 by the Junior Leaders organization and 2 by local 4-H club donations. John Roth, Indian Creek township, was a member of the 1982 Council and helped conduct the conference. He presided' during one of the general sessions at which the theme "Unity" was developed. John instructed one ol the classes held during the conference. His topic was "You as an American Citizen." In addition to instruction and presiding, John was a member of the committees to plan and carry out vespers and the picnic. Home Agent, Mrs. Mary Powers, served as Dean of Girls during the conference and as a consultant to' the Battleground district delegates during their district meetings. She assisted with Registration, Evaluation, and the Starlight Serenade committees. ' The Pulaski county delegates, in addition to Herb and John, were Doug Evans, White Post township, who was elected the first alternate Council member from t)e district, Jean Roth, Indian Creek, Don Knebel, Van Buren, Judy Good, Indian Creek, Steve Nicolas, Jefferson, Rosemary Perry, Harrison, Linda Peter, Indian Creek. Both Jean and Linda received nominations for,Council but Mary Joyce Bombich of Lake County was elected. This exercise is good (or the hips. in front of you, toe pointing toward the floor. Straighten the knee as you extend the ,left leg back, toe pointed. Again bend and stretch back with left leg. After a while, do~£he same with the right leg.,If you cannot keep your balance, place your hand on the wall or the back of a chair to steady yourself. Q. "I have a hysterectomy a few years ago. Please tell, me, do all these wrinkles and lines and all this nervousness I have developed have 'anything to do with this operation?" A. Many women have this operation without the symptoms you mention. However, if you talk to your doctor, he might give you hormones or other medication. Q. "What about diet after the baby arrives?" A. Simply eat a well-balanced diet as you would at any other time. Of course, if you became fat during pregnancy, you will need to restrict your daily calorie intake. Also, if you are nursing your child, you will need more liquids and milk and more food than you would otherwise. If you would like to have my booklet called, "Your Bust," which gives .you many suggestions as to bust development and preservation, send 10 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Did You Know You Need a Little Iodine Every Day?" (Released by The Register. and Tribune Syndicate, 19152) CHURCHILL PLANS HOLIDAY LONDON: (DPI) — Sir Winston Churchill will leave for .a two- week holiday in Monte Carlo next Tuesday, according to his friends here. They said the British statesman was feeling well arid looking forward to the trip. True Life Adventures •-' BOTTJ-BNOSE DOUPH1N 2A1-P SW1MS A'-J-VTTLB AHSAt? Of MOTHER AS'HE , WHEW SHE MUST ; WSE " SHE - NUPOe© JUNIOR. UP ' TO THE ...•FOR HIS BREATH OP '•FRESH AITS. Camden Unit Installs New '62 Officers CAMDEN-Mrs. Ruth . Myers conducted the candlelight installation of the following'new officers at the recent meeting of the Y.L.C.W. held in the Lutheran church. Installed as president was Mary Lou Johnson; vice-president, Stella John; secretary, Helen Trash, and treasurer, Joan Dittman. Members responded to roll call with "Something I do in my leisure time." Mrs. Evelyn Sanderson reviewed the lesson, "Liesure, That Recreates." HD Choral Several from here sang at the Annual Home Demonstration Chorus and Choral group session at the Purdue Hall of Music. Auxiliary Meets . Forty-six of forty-nine units of the Second District American' Legion Auxiliary were represented at a meeting held here recently. WSCS Meets Mesdames Esla Carter and Norma Frye entertained the WSCS of the Methodist church. Mrs. Carter is the new president and presided over the short business meeting and named committees. Marjorie Sieber, Jacque Frye and Nelle Quinn will oerve on the hostess committee in July. Baptist Missionary Fifteen members of the Baptist Missionary Society met recently in the home of Mrs. Ruth Sisson for their June meeting. Berean Class Meets Members of the Berean Class of the Lower Deer Creek church held a picnic dinner at the Frankfort park last Sunday after the worship hour. The picnic was held in honor of the high school graduates: Richard Maxwell, Joe Babb and Larry Bailey. Personals Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Yerkes of Mississippi are? spending the summer in Camden. Rev. Lawrence Tedrow was re- Special Judge For School Case ROCHESTER — The judge of the Wabash Circuit Court, Judge John Beauchamp, has been selected special judge to. hear the suit in which the formation of the Fulton County Community School Corporation is challenged by six residents of Union, Richland and Newcastle townships. Defendants in the action are the Rochester Community Schools, its trustees, the trustees and school officials of Richland, Union and Newcastle townships and the interim board of, the new corporation. Although Judge Frederick Rakestraw of Fulton circuit court had originally been named as a defendant, the plaintiffs have agreed to remove his name from the list of defendants. The plaintiffs seek an injunction to halt the formation of the new corporation on July 1. The plaintiffs are John Harris, Clyde Mosher and Marvin Rife, of Union township; Kenneth Bilterling and Don Hart, Richland; and Lyman Dawson, Newcastle. .assigned to the Methodist churches of Clymers and Camden, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith have moved to Royal Center to reside with Mrs. Smith's mother. Guests Sunday evening at dinner with the Paul Oylei-s were Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Fisher of Lafayette and Mr. and Mrs. James Bray and 1 their daughter. Women of the Lower Deer Creek church's Fellowship class met recently with Mrs. Florence Cripe, the president. Sharon Spitler spent. the past week at the home of Delbert Appleton and family in Lafayette. Rev. and Mrs. Dolar Ritchey are attending the annual conference of the Brethren churches in Ocean Grove, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hartman and Mr. and Mrs. John Frye entertained the Merry Makers Class of the Methodist church at a cookout at French Post park recently. Mrs. Harold Trapp spent the past weekend with Mrs. Delia Rogers at Monon. Logansport, Indiana, liharos-Tribuna Seven CROSSWORD PUZZLE *"•"«•'<>V«l.rd.-iy.|.u«l. ACROSS, 1-Potty quarrel 5-Residue 8-Word of sorrow I2-Plnta.il duck 13-By way of 14-GulI-llke bird 16-Slmtan 18-Peruscs 18-Larsa bird 19-Kote of sca.lt 20-Cultlvated land 21-A continent Cabbr.) Z3-Symbol for silver 24- Condescend* Ing Jcoks 26-Waver In opinion 28-Plkce In line 29-Mlo talk 30-Possessiv* pronoun 32-Commm)lsU 33-Posseased 34-GIrl's .name 35-JDutch town 36-Temporary bed "•37-Heal* ' SB-Regulation -iO-Lean-to ll-Oollege . decree • (abbr.) 43-Symbol for tellurium -14-Vegetable 45-ExIst 47-Number 49-Chlcf artery Bl-DI slant 62-Announco- ments fiG-Youngaters 66-Mature 57-A]lowarioe for waste DOWN 1-Former Russian ruler 2-Urued on 3-TolJ 4-Symbol for Iron 5-Declare« 6-Country of Asia. 7-FoEscs»ed 8-Near 9-Confoderate- general 10-Movubl* part of motor Il-Serencly comfortable . IG-Unusual 17-Superclllous person 20-Marshes 22-Symbol for Bold 2G-»owny duck 26-Parcnt (colloq.) 37-Pieco of cut lumber . SS-KxSst 29-Shlp channel 31-Ethloplan title 33-Garden tool 3-l-Fat about Hie kidneys : 30-Tldy 37-SwIni!I« 39-Gufd("B low note 40-Brlst:o» 41-VCSBl) 42-Girl'.i name 46-Polson 46-Formerly •<S-Goai CO-South American wood Gorrol 51-Pr«uosltion .. 63-Pronoun 44-ShlpH prison E4-That thing I 2 3 36 13 21 U 10 Eietr. by United future S}'ndlc«t«, Inc. 33. n COOK'S TOUR By JEANNE LESEM NEW YORK (UPI) — The 6.5 billion hot dogs we eat in one year would reach the moon and back, then circle the world five times, says the American. Meat Institute. Even so, we're not the world's leading sausage eaters. The Germans eat more on a per capita basis, says* the Visking Co.* the nation's largest manufacturer ,of cellulose casings for sausages. Favorite sausages in Germany include weisswurst, or. white wurst, liverwurst, bratwurst — made of pork, and kassler liverwurst, made of pork and liverwurst. Most German sausages are made of veal or pork or a combination of these two, of tongue and ham, or liver, and seasoned with garlic, onions, pepper and olives. American hot dogs generally are 60 per cent beef, 40 per cent pork, and spicy. Kosher hot dogs ed with garlic. English and Russian sausages are also beef or pork or a combination of the two. Italy and Heidelberg, Germany, prefer pork. Viennese frankfurters, called debrizener, are colored bright red with paprika. There's even a meatless sausage, sogoa, at the El Musky Bazaar in. Cairo. Sogoa are made of rice, onions and herbs, stuffed into a casing, poached in beef stock, then grilled in hot oil. According to the meat institute,' sausages are among our most ancient foods. .They were common in China and Babylon 4,000 years ago. They've been found in the burial mounds of ancient Ur, in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and in prehistoric cliff dwellings in the American southwest. Greek sausage, oryae, was the subject of a play by Epicharmus, and even the Spartans, whose are all b jef, and heavily season- name is synonymous with stern living awl frugality, developed.'a special siiusage that remains traditional ior Christmas in modern Spain, Scotland and France. . The Spartans made a game of sausage dating, says the institute. They lung skewered sausages from cluj room ceilings and bit them of!, the way children, bite apples on a string at Hallowe'en. American Indians made sausage-like cakes of mixed, chopped dried be<jt with dried berries. Early sausage makers used only, nature:', casings, the cleaned internal o:rgans of meat animals. These ar<j elastic, digestible and virtually moisture-proof. The mtat institute says natural casings .11 till are used widely, but they are less popular than manmade cellulose, fibrous or plastic casings, which are more uniform, flexible and easier to handle. 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