Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 105
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 105

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 105
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE TWENTY-ONE Contract Bridge By OSWALD JACOBY TAKE-OUT LEADS TO SLAUGHTER Written for NBA Service EAST looked at his collection of trash and held his breath when his partner made a business double of the two-heart contract. Fortunately, he held his breath long enough to pass. West opened the king of trumps znd continued with the queen. De- WORK ON NEW SCHOOL NORTH 11 V A7 5 * .1 103 + AK WEST (D) EAST AA5 A 10 8 42 VKQ.T10 VIM 3 « AK65-1 *Q8 *J9 + 7632 SOUTH A J7 V 982 »972 + Q 108 51 No one vulnerable West North East South 1 * Double Pass 1 V 1 N.T. ? V Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead — V K COW TO JUMP MOON? Few Things Impossible In New Satellite Era I don't happen, it seems, then there will be occasion For surprise. Herd 'Round World' come-true story to anybody in escape the Detroit law—new m»«l- this world 50 years ago, you'd e ls every year. Shut your eyes have been classified as a fairy-' an( j see ; t now tale believer. • Un . ger and lower satellites c-v- And for that matter, who- would j er y year. Get your new space have thought, when the first: platform, with the push - button By DOC QUIGG ' United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)—Reflections of a man who has never seen. a ! flying saucer, purple cow, or pie in the sky but is braced for anything: "Fairy tales may come true—it and call it "the herd shot 'round i could happen to you..." Frank the world." . horseless carriage putt - putted down the cobblestones in Great Grandpa's day that it would metamorphose by 1957 into a huge gleaming palace of meial and glass, with automatic transmis- The joke that blossomed right si °". air-cushion shock absorbers, j after Sputnik -II went a.oll was '00-horsupower motor, ?n: : a gravity-overcomer. Now! At your dealer's! Next year's spaceship— with photno propulsion! Now you c;»i have your way. Dear, and never grow o'.d— ju<: t:-avr'. : -'m speed of light in the new Coma- lose Mark XIV and time will s'and 'still for you! Ul 1.1^1 UJJUIIIIIY II WCIIL aiulL VVda ---- --.-- , ~ ---- ---.-that the Russians had plans to lle box on tlle dashboard through | They'll probably even have con- place a lot of small cows in a j whicl1 l' ou ccmld hear Elvls Pres ' I verlible models, fleet of satellites circling the .earth ' Iev clarer took that trick with the ace, cashed dummy's ace and king of clubs and led a spade to his pack. West grabbed the ace, played another trump and then led a low diamond. East played the queen and returned the suit, so that eventually South was 'down four tricks plus the hundred honors. North and South blamed each other for the tragedy and have asked me to assess the blame. South contended that his one- Sinatra never could have dreamed how right the words were rJiat opened his big hit song of a few years back. But nciw ... if a satellite cow doesn't jump,over the moon, soon, while little dogs laugh in Iheir orbits and flying dishes run away with flying spoons—if such things Workmen prepare to pour concrete lor the foundation of the new addition to Washington grade school. Standing on lop of the wooden form is J. C. Farrell, Lafayette, construction superintendent. Below, Buford McDanicl, Kokomo, plumbing superintendent, front, and Holly Jones, Logansport, receive instruc. tions. About half the foundation has been poured and the remainder will be completed next w«ek. Science May Soon Squeeze Sugar From Waste Paper MADISON, Wis. (UP)—Loggers and papermakers may soon supply "pine sugar" and sugar made trom waste paper and sawdust to sweeten foods. The Sulphite Pulp Manufacturers' Research League at Aippleton, Wis., today announced a laboratory method to extract edible heart response to the double was (sugars from spent sulphite liquor all right and that North should j" not have raised him with only response. The weaker your hand three hearts. He a'.so contended ' that North should have run to two spades. North's contention was that South should bid two clubs in response to the take-out double and should have run to three clubs after the double of two hearts. -the waste product in the paper making industry. And the National Forest Products Laboratory here reported it •has "nearly completed" experiments to make use of wood shavings at sawmills and plywood •p.lants for sugar manufacture. There is a high sugar content in al! tc,ees, but from the time of the early settlers to the present, only the maple tree has been tapped commercially. the more it is your duty to make your normal response to a takeout double. However, I must also eive North . ., . , , a mu. bla m . North really did £«•, % e ^ " »»«*** now use t'he sulphite sugar as a "digestor" to produce yeat. In Canada, the sugar is. allowed to ferment and produce industrial alcohol. This jape may someday turn out to hold as much truth as wordplay. Herdii of cattle already have flown through the air, as matter of routine international commerce, and without missing a cud chew, on commercial airliners equipped as freight transports. I{ vou had tried to sell that one as may- mi)es awav? I can be put up quickly for sudden Convertible Snuccrs? ( showers— fo meteors, that is. Never mind the auto. Take El- [ - vis Presley alone. Chances are ; that if you had asked Great Grandpa to env:?ion ihe likes 'j him, the old gentlemen would have had a cjnnip ion en the 1 .•;•:.•;: Anyhow, now that the spaceship is here, the auto soon should retire into history with the horse. But the spaceship industry cannot HOME LIFE EXPECTANCY The Federal Housing Administration estimates that homes in the $15,000 to $25,000 price range should provide satisfactory living for at least two generations. The FHA estimate was based on normal upkeep and modernization. Burnettsville BURWETTSWLLE — Those from Burnettsville attending the Achievement Day at Monticello Tuesday were Mesdarries Faye Theodore Wisniewski, slate san-' Lowing, Virginia Coffing, Gerald iiary engineer, said that there are ?bout 2,000 gallons ,of spent sul- not have a heart raise and he] should definitely have gotten off sugar content is 2 per cent, he said. I mu.st assess the major blame| Things would be just as bad at to South. His partner had madejtwo hearts if South held a fourth a take-out double and South had baby heart, but two spades could a perfectly satisfactory two-club not be slaughtered. ^UUUIU UCitlJIlVlJ' ilav*= &VI.1.C11 Ull frtlCwfr fV, ,,» I r 4.1 the hook when West doubled. „??""?„'"« sugar out * the Logansport Folks in. Park your ear on our lot 2 blocks south of Ayres Dep't. store at McCrea & Meridian Sts., or stay overnight with us at The Barnes Hotel opposite Union Station. Both under the management of FRANKLIN HILI.IS waste product and onto the grocer's shelf would partially solve Wisniewski's water pollution problems. In the past, the liquor was •dumped into the streams where the fermenting sugar used up oxygen and killed fish. Without the sugar, the liquor , , would be less deadly. The ' Appieton scientists said , , "Americans may be consuming i th < weekend ine Landis, Phyllis Hunt and Jane Barnes, Ruth ReLff, Helen Young, Florence Coble, Vivian Gardiner, Anna Ted'Ford, Nellie Cass, Nora Personelte, Lillie Young and H. Louthain. Mr. and Mrs. Max AJlen and son, Bill, of North Manchester; were Sunday afternoon guests of C. M. Mertz. Mr. and Mrs. Galen Davidson and children were Sunday dinner guests of ,Mrs. Ima Davidson at Idaville. n , .. . r Ir Caro1 He: ">'' ° " eadlee ' may bakery goods, candies. : c'.airy foods, canned goods and , soft drinks that are sweetened ' from trees cut in Wisconsin forests." Although the forest products Jab has developed processes for extracting sugar from the sulphite for industrial purposes, the Appleton experiment is the first to get the sugar in edible form. Two plants in Wisconsin, the Rhinelander Paper Co. and Charmin Paper Co. of Green Bay, MONDAY, NOV 11. We salute a day rededicated to peace and freedom All honor to those who answered our country's calls to arms! May all of us • take inspiration from their devoted service and pledge ourselves to keep America strong and free. WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY NOV 11TH THE SCHMIDT COAL CO. 923W. Broadway ROBERT D. SCHMIDT, Owner Hal 4402 . and Mrs - Mr. • and Mrs. Larry McLeland are spending their honeymoon in Florida. Talmage Davis and niece, of Chicago, were guests of C. M. Mertz recently. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Byrkett, of Marion were Sunday quests of ,Mr. and Mrs. Byrkett 'Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hufford are residing south of Burnettsville after tiheir marriage Friday evening at. the home of Rev. Virden Graham. Mrs. Minnie Alexander has been spending a few days with Mrs. Ethel Michaels of Logansport. dinner Elmer Never refuel a tractor or other motor when it is running or extremely hot. i ECONOMIZE ; ON MEATS BUY IN QUANTITY AND STORE IMA FROZEN FOOD LOCKER 315 Manna St. We have that support for your ACHINGJ BACK J J- f your doctor prescribes a back support—or any support for that matter—bring the] prescription to us.| One of our skilled | technicians will cafe" fully select and personally fit the OTC PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT appropriate for your individual n««d. Filling prescriptions is our business, you know ... »nd that includes support prescriptions. BUSJAHN'S DRUG STORE 308 Fourth EARLY BIRD SHOPPERS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A'P's EARLY WEEK VALUES! A&P's Special Price for Early Week Shoppers This Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Only! A&P's FINEST QUALITY-"SUPER-RIGHT" CUBE SPECIAL MON. THRU WED. ONLY MADE FROM SIRLOIN or ROUND TIP er TOP ROUND MATURED BEEF You'll Save on the Early Week Steak Special Plus THESE PRICES EFFECTIVE ALL WEEK! Strawberry Preserves Kleenex ANN PAGE lOc OFF DEAL -LB. JAR COLORED OR WHITE . . . cheek the flavor! check the price! lor taste«d savings OUR OWN 7IA BACK OUR OWN TEA LB. 29C LJ 59c 400 cow* 25c Juice Oranges 3^79c BATE-TILLED Coffee Cake -,,- 29c FLORIDA—125 SIZE W . LB. CRACKERS FKG. J-LB. . . . BOX Hershey Instant Cocoa Mix Nabisco Potato Chipper* Town House Crackers . . . Sunshine Krispy Crackers. . Chicken 0' Sea Tuna s ™. Herb-Ox Bouillon Gibes . . Kretscjtmer Wheat Germ . . Puffin Biscuits Instant Feis Naptfaa ^ E 32c 45e . BOX «54-oz. no. . CAN *»C PKG. 12-OZ. 2 CANS 25* 77e PURE VEGETABLE dexo Shortening Gerber Baby Food DRAINED 6 JA Rs59c Swift Meats r <« Heinz Ketchup . . . . 2 ££ 47c' Dial Soap . . 3 ~ 77c BABIES Heinz Cucumber Pickles *$£ 25c Scotties ...... 400 COUNT 25c Heinz Soups Peak Dog Food Cut-Rite Wax Paper 125 OWN ML n. 43c 53c MMMMI »00* MTAHH . . . KHCI MM uper J^arkets

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