Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1895
Page 3
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ie Great Are here to stay. We have leased our building for a term of years and will give you an opportunity of attendin a strictly Genuine Sam- o'e Shoe Sale. No concern in the country has the facilities that we nave for offering goodjshoes of all kinds for Barely What The Leather Cost! You can't imagine how cheap they are, you must see 'em. DOQ : C allow yoursulf to be ruu.de a tool off by 'Jenifers who have "nick-imm<jd" a lot of old stock shoes "nH.mple shoes" in order to work them off. We'll not mis.'vprenerit good*. We'll ki't'[> no shoddy gooiln. We'll not try-to fool iiuyoru 1 . "We'll refund your moru>y if dobircj. We'll treat yon riff lit. -OUR- Grand « Opening -WILL BS- Saturday, March 2, We sell dont bay and don't anything but sample Sloes and Slippers. and no one can touch our prices. DAYflND EVE. IS ox of fine C;in<lics to every l,ui'ly caller. Xice Saviofj Bank i'lrr tlic Children, You set 'cm il'yoit buy or not.; We'll guarantee every pair of shoes and slippers j~ou buy of us to be cheaper than you can buy elsewhere or refund your money. Glance at a Few or our Prices and TJion Come and See our Goods, es' finft Dontcolu button d everywhere' lit $2.00 our ees shoes Misses' fine custom made spriuc or opera huel. Bi/.fs 12 lo 2, sold every where at $-. Our price Childa' and warranted Our price heel frhoes Rolicl worth §1.00 93c solid 48c en's (ine nobby dress shoes rfgularl Child's'flne custom made tips or iuo $8. Our price (p \ QQ! pliiu. Regular price $l.7C I70n Our price M priuo Infant's Don^ola button Every pair warratod. Worth lOc. Our price...... $1.38 shoe, lOc Men's fine hand sewed, betrer made. Worth $4.30 Our price Nothing Ladies' fine Viui kid button lac^, hand turned, nobby and f'uie. Made to sell at $3. Our price Boy's calf shoes, solid and good. tton or $1.68 wearers, price. Worth |2.00. Our 98C That's the way the whole stock runs. Don't miss^the Grand Opening. JAMPLE ••HOE The People's Savings Bank. Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. 322 Fourth St., East Side No Alum, Ammonia or Cheap Baking Powders used in the Manufacture of Crystal Pancake Flour. We guarantee its purity. Don't permit your Grocer to substitute an inferior brand for Crystal. Manufactured by MARION, INDIANA Crystal Wheat Flakes are the best. F. W, KINNEY, IVEALEIt IX Fish Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. "STWo dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. fl. E. TRU1X, M. D. Special attention given to Nose, Lung, Llyei •od Chronic DlseJiaM. :, Office and Resilience over State National Bank. Hoots 10 to 12 u. jii., 2 to 4 p. m., and 7 to S p. m. 411 calls promptlj attended. DR F. M. BOZSR'9 DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. : . Wjmwd, Cnsap Cottigfs Fat Sale. Wanted Lots an<t Acres for Sale, Wanted Small Farms For Sule. - 'Waatad B«sla«ji Blocks For Salts.; Wanted to Exchange l'nrn\* tor Cltj Property, it*! Ifdrchamllsi co Tr..de rot Farms. &B33 X. .11. OOItno.V. 3r>r> Block jLogansport, Indiana. would * JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS m cxnu ms, rare AXT» BROAD poors :-.\ TO SUIT ALL HA5B8. MOST PEEIICT 07 PENS, KROEGER & STKAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, C13 Broadway, DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. |MARCH 2. Zoa Phora brings health and happl- ness. Lewis Bunker, hostler at the Vandalia round house, is sick. Fan Handle engineer Mark Ganter it Is said by his friends, Is about to em. bark on a matrimonial venture. The employes of the Pan Handle car shops and repair tracks will ai 1 tend the funeral of their former shop- mate, Oliver W. Tuttle tbia after, noon. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, cf Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She -d- ritt*-ladie* to try a fifty cent bottle. A Crowning Success. C E. DcV.is. editor of the Cooperville (Mloh ) Observer, is a worthy example of what ptich and energy, with keen business propensities, will accomplish.- In a conversation with jour correspondent, Mr. DeVos said: "I was born in Keene, Canada, in 1855. In 1857, I migrated with my parents to Pelle,,Iowa, received aeom . moc school education, crifted into the printing 1 business, and removed to Battle Creek, Mich,, where I became foreman in the large printing house of Gag-e & Son. I recently purchased ihe p-ipjr of which I am now editor. My life work has been very confining and exacting and, as a result, my health gave out and I broke down with nervous exhaustion and sleeplessness. I was in such a condition tbat I could not sleep until completely worn out, mv appetite failed me and I had to choke down what little I did eat. About two months ago my alten,tion was directed to 0r. Wheeler's Nerve Yitalizor and I concluded to try it. It had a wonderful effecton me; in a few- nights I was able to get all the sleep needed, my appetite returned and became as ravenous as a woll's, my weight increased twelve pounds, my mind became clear ana active, in fact, I was restored to health and I look and feel an entirely different man " Inquiry and observation has proved Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer to be a truly wonderful cure for all nerve troubles, such as nervous prostration, spasms. SL'.S, mental depression, ex.. naxifited vitality,despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. Will Reaidc in Booue Townthlp: It is said ttrat the population of Boone township will be increased during the coming month by eighteen families from Illinois, who have pur» chased land recently In that neighbor* hood. PAX HANDLE TRAES Ten empty freight cars of Pan Handle train No. 84 were derailed at 5 o'clock, yesterday morning at Ford's Crossing. The road was blocked for several hours, and all incoming trains were sent around by the Royal Center cut-off. The cars were not mach damaged, nor was any one hurt. The Pan Handle passenger men are having their measures taken for their summer uniforms. Qjito a number of Pan Handle shop men are suffering with the grip. Several serious cases are reported. It is rumored that the Vandalia will make expensive yard Improvements here during the coming summer. Pan Handle shop employes are talk- in? abjut organizing a crack baseball team, and the best available men are being picked out. 0 E Allison, who sous lime apo resigned his position as yard master for the Pan Hindle at El wood has returned to the city and resides at 1427 North street. As lake navigation is expected t-o open up in a Ce.v weeks the Vandalia has made arrangements for connections with a vessel 10 take the place of the lost Chicora. A now s-witch eoglno to take the place of No. 101, which was scrapped here some time ago will leave the Vandalia shops at Tetrc Haute in a few days and will bo assigned to ibe South Band yards. The differences batwesn the Southern Pacific company and its ergineers have been amicably settled, the engineers having gained nearly all im- portanl, points. Chief Engineer Arthur^deserves most of tbe credit for ihe settlement. MUNYON'S COLD AJiD COCGH CCRES. Did you ever sec one of the famous waterproof Interlined Collars or Cuff* ? It's very easy to tcli, for they arc all marked this wa 11- ura cd to Chrck a Col<l In aF««iv autl Prevent «irlp and Mr. B. F. Keesllng desires us to publish the following 1 extract from a letter of Charles M Gutfeld, of Reedley, Fresno Co , Cal., ae ho handles the remedy referred to and wants his customers to knovr what a splendid medicine it is: "It is wltfi pleasure I tell you that by one day's u=e of Chamberlain's Cou^h remedy I was relieved of a very severe cold. My head was completely stopped up and I could not sleep at night. I can. recommend this reme dy." A cold nearly always starts In the head and" afterwards extends to the throat and lungs. By using this remedy freely as soon as the cold has been contracted It will cure the cold at onoe and prevent it from extending to the lungs. A. 1'rize IViimine Mart-. S. S. Cragan of Washington township, tne well-known horse breeder, has just arrived from Bloomlngton, 111., and brought with him a team of Percheron mires, one of them a prize winner, having take^i first premium last season at the Indiana and Illinois State Fairs; also got third place- at the World's Fair. The mares weigh 3,550 pounds. • As overheard by our reporter: "John, please get some sugar at B.ack's; he gives more for the mouey than the other dealers; to economize we must be careful to get our money's worth of everything — and Oh! John, don't forget to stop at Ben Fisher's drugstore for a bottle ol Brant's Balsam; ll only costs a quarter and it cured my cough so quickly before. I have confidence in it, basides it's economical to use; ^he bottles are extra large., while the dose is only a half teaspcoaful. Get Brant'e of Ben Fi=her. . Given up Fernando C. Kegley, the Tipton township man who has bad so much trouble o* a family nature, has sold the forty acre farm, where all bis bat- tlea were fought, to John Sprinkle, and Is now circulating among; his friends for recommendations to a position at Long Cliff hosplta 1 . Arnica Salve. '/be best salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price SS^cents per boy, For sale by B. F, Keeping. Beirare of Olntmeutw for Catarrh Thai Contain Mcrcary. As mercury will sorely aestroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should n^vtjr be us-d except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage thf y will ilo LJ ten fold to the eood yon can pos«l- blj derive from them. Hall's Catarrli Cars man- ulacturedbylf. J. ChenwtCo.. Tol-xio. 0.. contains no mttcorj, and is taken tntemaUy, acting directly upon tb6 blood and tnucoiu i surface* ot• toe vystem. In buyutg Hall's Cataizh Core bo PUTS yoat*t the genuine. It is taken interaaUr and made in Toledo, Ohio, t» F. J. Cheaer & Co Twtlmonlals ."ree. tM~9o\d by irmjIsU, price ISe. ptz hottta. Chamberlain's Bya and Skin Ointment Is UDeq nailed for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore ^Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bite^ Chronic So;re Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale by drnggisu at 25 cents per box. TO HOBflKOWJmtS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy con. dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powdem , ieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving Dew life to M old or aver-worked horse, 25 cnti per pndnp. For §•]« i.i,,.. , „ kVuliJ.. ,41cJ.f f... Colds lead to coughs, coughs to prlp, pneumonia aod consumption; therefore, it Is all important to check a cold before it reaches the lungs, Muuyon's Cold Cure will postiively break a cold I Inside of twenty-four hours if taken as soon aa the cold manifests itself. Wnen tba cold reaches the lunga or bronchial tubes tbe Cou£h Cure should ba used alternately every half hour with the Co : d Cure. Tte Cold Cure is guaranteed to prevent pneumonia If used ic the beginning of a cold. Pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs cia be coa;rolled by the use of tb'jse two cures. Toe Coug'h Cure positively cures bronchitis, tickling in tbe throat, hoarseness, loss of voice, soreness of che^t, dilfijult" iu breathing, hacking couph and all pulmona.r.y diseases ivnere the lun^s ara not too far decomposed or covered with tubercles. [f you are alUnfj, s'.ep Into the near- f-s'. dnijr siore and fjo'» si 25o vial o.' omj of Munyoti's Ramedies ITo mat- ier wQ-it vuur dl-ei-e or h'nv miiny doctors h :ve failud lo euro, U will give you n-.lier. 'Chose who arc iu (ioubi as to ibe nature of ihoir riijea-e should uddrebS Profe.-^or Muqyur), 1506 Arch stecot; f.'iilH.f'c.l|).';i'i, ijivioi full Symptoms of tbelr .ili-ea-f. l'r<ifv?^or- Monyou will ciirf'uliy li'HL'i'i'so i h<- c (at.' nod Rive 'lll, uf hisurtv ce ahrOlutely s-, I'he K.-m-'dtes will be ni)<jrt>s on receipt of relail They are tbe only Interlined Collars ,Tnd CulTs, ar,d arc made ot" linen, covered \vitu waterproof "Cl-:r,LULOlD." They'll stand right by you day in and day out.audthcvaroail marked this\s-ay ^^ " TRAD? Tbe lirst cost is the only cost, for tlicy keep clean a loug tiir.c, a:;d when soiled you can clean l!:cin iu a minute by simply wiping off with a wet doth -that y the kind marked this wiy TRADf These collars and cuffs will ev.tlas' six linen ones. 1 The •\ve::i\- <. .'-.'-3 laundry trials a:id laundry L .....--J-.O chr.fcd neck nud co willing i:owu if you get a coMar marked l!:is wav TRAOf you iho ben I'-et of char sent, 10 price. Fiincriil <if iHiwr IV. Tudle. To,, t,.,., n ,.-i of it,,; i«ie Oliver W. Tuule will "febeld Saturday, at2 p.m > from the residence, tbe Rev. D P. Put. oam officiating. Tbe lotcrmont will be made at Ml. Hopo cemetery. Ask your dealer first, and lake notb- i^^that bus r.ot above tnn'.c jr.ui'ii, if \'<'t;i dc^ii'G pcrfc'ct s:iti^f;:L s lion. Ail otliers ara iniitalio::s :i'j;;-:,.(cly. If you ca::'t f.i;;l c;-;!.':rs or c;iffs '..•::'.n;cd this \vcy, v;q \vill &c;;il you a • iir.pie posip::xl CLJ rcccijit oi" price. t' ..;'.i::rs, :.S cl:,. csc'.i. Ciii'.V. 5'J els. pair, Giv; vour ; : i"o c:id say \vhei!;er staud- «;i or turned-down collar is w.-iuicd. '"!••! r. CELLULOJD COMPANY, i•.•!•..CO 3ro.~.i!wtis-, K1!\V YOElLv. Hmr n Ttiru U'touiiitllsm. -UtAUO, COOM Co., Orecon, Nov. 10, IS .03 I wj-n LO inform you of the preat £00d Otiao.b8rlalne Pain Balm . hag done my wife, Sho has been troubled wUh i htsumatism ot the^arms and hands r or six months, and has tried many remedies prescribed fortbatcomplaint, but found no relief until she used this Pain Balm; one bottle of wbich has completely cured her. I take pleasure in recommending it s/or that trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Buliord, Fifty cent and ifl boules for sale by B. F. Ktesting, F .-eight business on tbe VVabash U reported to bo heavier than it has been for a year. The fiiin Cluii Si-on 1 , C3 The Bridpe City Gun Club's first shoot Thur-rday resulted as follows: FIKST MATCH, TWKNTV-riVK 11IUU8. R. R. Hiiyus 1R A. SlOfiilliiin 12 C w. Thnniiis ...IS Tht'O Snniplii f.. ..15 0 I,. Tli()in:i.s 9 L.W, P]|llii« C SECOND MATCH, T1ITKKS HlliBS. R B. H.'lJ-l'S - IS A, Moynibiin 10 C. W. Tliotiiiis I 1* I.. W. PJIlint » In the fallof 1S9S a eon ot Mr. X. A. McFarland.a prominent) merchant of Live Oak, Suiter Co., Cal., was taken with a very teavy cold. The pains In hie chest were so severe taat he had 1 spasms and was threatened with pneumonia. His father gave him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough. Remedy which broke up the cough and cured him. Mr. MeFar;and says whenever his children have croup be Invariably gives them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and it always cures them. He considers it the best cough remedy in the market. For e«le by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. Jerry Clewell, injector repairer of the Pan Handle car shops, Is down with the grip. PISO'S CURE FOR Ulie Best Cough sJ^^^lp.l JTastes Good. Use In Oroc.1 Isold family, and to get it. Undoubtedly it is ttie I presume we have used over one hundred bottles of Piso'a Cure for Consumption in my am. continually advising others I ever used.—"W. C. MILTENBEEGER, Clarion, Pa., Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Core for Consumption, and never, have any com-, plaints.—E. SHOEET, Postmaster, Slaorey, Kansas, Dec. 21st. 1894.

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